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A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything. 96A: How did you find your apartment?B: You can check on the bulletin boards at school local housing.A: What if I need a roommate?B: There are websites that can hook you up with a roommate.A: How much do apartments cost around here?B: It depends on what you want. Do you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment?A: I just need a one-bedroom apartment.B: That will probably cost you around twelve hundred dollars a month.A: Would you come with me to look at apartments?B: I would be happy to look at apartments with you. 00Men who carry their mobile phone in a trouser pocket or talk on it just an hour a day risk suffering with fertility problems, scientists warn.近日,科学家警告称,习惯将手机放在裤子口袋中的男性,或每天打电话时间超过一小时的男性都面临着不育的风险The quality of sperm among men in Western countries is steadily decreasing, and is considered the factor in 0 per cent of cases in which couples have difficulty conceiving a child. Heat and electromagnetic activity which emanate from a mobile phone are thought to be cook sperm, causing them to die.西方国家男性精子的质量呈逐年下降的趋势,人们认为这是导致0%的夫妻无法生育的罪魁祸首手机发出的热量和电磁波会给精子“升温”,导致其死亡Israeli scientists monitored 1 men attending a fertility clinic a year. The study revealed that men who chatted on the phone more than an hour daily were twice as likely to have low sperm quality as those who spoke less than an hour, while those who talked on the phone as it charged were almost twice as likely to suffer problems.以色列的科学家曾在一年内对1位到一家生殖诊所就诊的男性进行跟踪调查该调查结果显示,每天打电话时间超过1小时的男性的精子质量低下的概率是无此习惯的男性的两倍而充电时打电话的男性患上不育症的几率是其他男性的两倍It also found that 7 per cent of men who kept their phones within inches of their groin had sperm levels that were seriously affected, compared with just per cent of the general population.研究还发现,手机距阴部距离不足英尺的男性中,7%的人的精子质量会受到严重影响,其他人这一几率仅为%,The findings, published in Reproductive BioMedicine, support a long-feared link between dropping male fertility rates and the prevalence of mobile phones.这一研究成果发表在Reproductive BioMedicine上,为长久以来对生育率下降和手机大规模使用间的联系的担忧提供了现实依据Professor Martha Dirnfeld, of the Technion University in Haifa, which carried out the study, said: The sperm levels were down to a number that would make conception difficult. If you are trying a baby and it doesnt happen within a year you might want to think of whether it could be your mobile phone habit that is to blame.以色列理工大学的Martha Dirnfeld教授参与了研究,他说:“精子数量将下降到令女性难以受的水平如果你想要个孩子但一年内却没有任何动静,那么就该想想是不是自己使用手机的习惯出现了问题”The study concludes that men planning to conceive should turn off their devices while charging, or keep it at least inches from the groin.此项研究得出结论称,打算生育儿女的男性应该在充电时关掉手机,把手机放在离阴部英寸之外的地方 1

A: Hello, I'm John Smith in 3. Am I speaking to the apartment manager?B: This is he. How may I help you?A: My window that faces the empty lot is broken.B: I'm sorry to hear that. Why is it broken?A: I can't tell you exactly how it happened.B: Well, tell me what you think might have happened.A: I've got a pretty good idea that it's the kids who live here.B: Why do you think that?A: Next to the broken glass in my living room was a baseball.B: Well, you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out, do you?A: Just bee I went shopping, I saw them in the lot.B: Can you give me a name or two, or a description?A: I have absolutely no idea.B: I'll call a repairman you, but it'll probably take one or two days.A: I could probably get it fixed today, because a friend of mine is a repairman.B: That's okay. But let me see the damage first. I'm coming over.A: The glass is all cleaned up, so come on over. But do I pay this?B: No. I will pay your friend, or I will reimburse you if you pay him.A: That's good news. I was worried you were going to make me pay this.B: You're not at fault. But the kid who did it is.

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