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FedEx, proud partner of visionaries. Save 10% on ground shipping at FedEx Office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。Its Friday, Oct 29th. Im Natali Del Conte. Its time to get loaded.今天是10月29日,周五,我是Natali Del Conte。是时候了解今天的资讯信息了。Google is pulling the plug on GOOG-411. This was the voice power directory assistance that let you find businesses in the US and Canada. Google was using this to better learn speech to text but now the company says it wants to focus on its mobile search apps that also allows for voice searching. GOOG-411 will shut down on Nov 12th.谷歌透露了其GOOG-411业务的新动向。GOOG-411是一项电话业务,它提供了以语音识别为基础的商业性电话公司咨询务。该业务可在美国和加拿大使用。谷歌的这项业务可以将语音转化为文本,但现在他们将把重心放在手机软件的声控搜索应用上。GOOG-411业务将于11月12日停止务。Facebook launches something called Friendship Pages that lets you see the interaction between yourself and individual friends or between two friends. For instance, what are the posts from Wall to Wall, the events responded to the photos with both people. The pages are alive but not accessible to everyone yet. Also, Im not sure this is a healthy way to stick your nose into other peoples businesses.脸谱网提供友情页面,用户可以看到自己和单个朋友或是两个朋友之间的互动。例如,你的好友在你的帖子下留言,帖子中相关的人,甚至是照片里圈出的人都能接到留言通知。友情页面现在还没有面向所有用户应用。我不确定这项功能是否真的实用。If you are planning on getting a Windows Phone 7 you will be able to your Kindle books on it. Amazon has announced that it will have a mobile Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 that will let you your books and think your places across devices. Amazon aly does have Kindle apps for Android Blackberry and iPhone.如果你购买手机Windows Phone7,你将能通过手机阅读Kindle上的电子书。亚马逊宣布将推出一款应用于Windows Phone7的手机应用,使你能够通过手机读书,地理定位。亚马逊已经陆续推出了应用于安卓,黑莓和iPhone的Kindle应用。Twitter has also announced Windows Phone 7 client. It has all the Twitter functions timeline, suggested users, lists etc. Its available now.微也宣布推出Windows Phone7应用。这款应用将包含微上的所有功能,包括首页的微列表,你可能认识的人等。这款应用现已推出。And T-Mobiles first 4G Phone will hit shelves Nov 3rd. Thats next Wednesday. The myTouch 4G uses HSPA plus 14.4 networking which gives speeds up to 7 mbps. Thats fast, as fast as your home DSL in some cases. The phone also has Wi-Fi chat, a Front-Facing 5-megapixel camera, 720p capture and 1GHz Snap Dragon processor. It costs 9 after mail-in rebate.德国电信公司首款4G手机将于11月3日,也就是下周三开始发售。这款名为MyTouch的4G手机采用了高速分组接入HSPA14.4的技术,上网速度将达到每秒7兆比特。这个速度是很快的,相当于家中的DSL网速。除此之外,这款手机还具备视频聊天功能,配有5百万像素摄像头,720p视频捕捉和1千兆赫Snap Dragon处理器。扣除50美元的邮寄退款折扣后,这款手机售价199美元。And Flickr has gone OpenID. This means youll be able to log into Flickr with your online ID from other companies. For starters this only works with Google so you can log into Flickr with your Google account. Surely Facebook and other mail clients are close behind.网络相簿Flickr提供其他账户登录方式,这就意味着你能够使用其他网络上的账户密码登录网络相簿。目前你还只能用谷歌的账户密码登录网络相簿,稍后脸谱网和其他网站邮箱的账户密码将会陆续加入这项务中。Those are your headlines for today. And that wraps up your week of getting loaded. I see you on Monday. Have a great weekend. Im Natali Del Conte from CNet.com and youve just been loaded.这些就是今天的头条。本周的资讯就是这么多。我们周一再见。周末愉快。我是CNet.com的Natali Del Conte,谢谢收看。FedEx, proud partner of visionaries. Save 10% on ground shipping at FedEx Office over the UPS store. We understand you need a partner who can help you save money.联邦快递,你的最佳商业合作伙伴。联邦快递比UPS节约成本10%。我们了解,你需要的是物美价廉的合作伙伴。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/197049The Strength of Spinach?菠菜的神力?Don: Yaeuml;l, have you ever heard of Popeye the Sailorman? Whenever he is getting beaten up he eats some spinach and becomes really strong. His muscles bulge out and everything.你有听说过大力水手波沛吗?每次他被痛打的时候,他就会吃菠菜,吃完了之后他就变得非常强壮——肌肉凸出,一切的一切,变得好强壮啊!Yaeuml;l: I do burst your bubble Don. But eating spinach has nothing to do with strength.Don,我可就要打破你的幻想了!吃菠菜与变得强壮根本就没什么联系。D: Popeye is a lie?波沛是一个谎言?Y: Not a lie, exactly. See, some time in the 1920s it was reported that a half cup of cooked spinach has thirty-four milligrams of iron, which is a lot. Iron is important because it carries oxygen in the blood. We need oxygen for energy; without enough of it people become weak and tired.确切地说,不是谎言。在上世纪20年代,有报道称,每半杯已烹饪菠菜含有34毫克铁元素,含量相当的高。由于在血液中的运氧功能,铁元素颇为重要。氧是人类的动力之源——一旦缺氧,人类便会变得虚弱、易疲乏。D: So spinach does make you strong, or at least puts extra pep in your step.因而,菠菜确实能让人强壮——至少能积存下多余的精力。Y: Well, it might if it did have much iron. It turns out that the thirty-four milligrams was a typo. A half cup of cooked spinach really has only three point four milligrams of iron. Plus, spinach is actually worse than other iron-containing vegetables because it has a chemical that blocks most of its iron from being absorbed by the blood.But when the typo was published the idea caught on that spinach was a muscle-building vegetable. That’s where the idea for Popeye came from.嗯,如果铁元素的含量很多的时候确实如此。事实明,那34毫克的铁元素是排版的错误——每半杯已烹饪菠菜仅含3.4毫克铁元素。再者,事实上菠菜还不如其他含铁的蔬菜好。原因在于,菠菜含有一种化学物质会大大的阻碍铁元素被血液吸收。但是,当34毫克的“版本”出来的时候,人们就认定了菠菜有助于肌肉的塑成。这就是大力水手波沛的得来呐!D: So now I have to came up with another point.那么也就是说,我得重去找其他的方法啦!Y: Or, how about just being happy with who you are!抑或,就高高兴兴的做你自己!D: Or, maybe Ill learn koradji.或者,我还可以去学巫术!Y: Whatever!这个就要看你自己啦! /201211/208241

Darren, I do love these museum collections when you come behind the scenes and you suddenly feel that you are surrounded by treasures. And its amazing to think that there are new discoveries to be made in here as well.达伦,我真的很喜爱这些物馆收藏,当你来到幕后时,突然感觉自己被财宝包围着。一想到在这里将会有新的发现,也会让人觉得不可思议。Thats right in a way. There are almost too many specimens for the number of experts out there. There is always new stuff to find in collections. You arent necessary to go out to a field and look for dinosaurs. You can just rummage through museum floors. You will find something new.在某种程度上,这是对的。对于众多在外探索的专家而言,标本的数量相对有限。在收集的标本上总会有新发现。你没有必要去野外的遗址寻找恐龙。只要在物馆的地板上仔细翻阅,就会有新的发现。Recently Darren and a colleague did exactly that. They came across a bone which had been lying on a museum shelf since Victorian times. It may look unremarkable but with several unique features, it didnt fit with anything which had been found before. And it was enough for them to describe a new species.最近达伦和一位同事的确这样做了。他们碰到一块骨化石,它自维多利亚时代起就一直躺在物馆的架子上。它看起来不显眼,但却有几处独一无二的特征,这与之前发现的任何恐龙并不契合。而且这足以让他们来描述一个新物种。About 50 new species of dinosaurs named every year. About 90% of all named dinosaurs have been named since about 1990. If you were to generate a discovery curve of dinosaurs overtime, you would have a curve that shaped like this. And we are currently on the steep upward curve of the graph.每年大概会给50个新物种命名。自上世纪90年代年起,几乎90%的恐龙均被命名。如果你发现的新恐龙来自于更早的时代,那么形状应该是这样的。目前我们的图表是陡峭的上升的曲线。Why do you think there is such a craze for naming new dinosaurs at the moment?你认为在那时为什么会出现给恐龙命名的热潮?Regions of the world have been explored more. They havent been really looked at much beforehand. So places like southern South America, much of the central Asia, parts of Africa and Australia, more and more people are going out to those places, finding new dinosaurs and bringing them back.在世界范围内已经进行探索了许多。他们预先并没有太多依据可以参照。因此在南美南部地区,大多数中亚地区,部分非洲及澳洲地区,越来越多的人来到这些地方,寻找新的恐龙并带回去。原文译文属!201209/199124

If you ever see a sheepdog at work, you might be amazed at how well suited its actions are to the very human concern of keeping a flock of sheep together. Whats more amazing, much of a sheepdogs behavior doesnt have to be trained, but is aly present as a complex set of sheep herding instincts.如果你曾经见过一只工作中的牧羊犬,你可能会被它们矫健的身手震撼。它们像人类一样把一群羊赶到一起,进行看管。更令人震惊的是,大部分牧羊犬的这种行为不是训练出来的,而是出于一种放牧的本能。A scientist who studies ethology, or animal behavior, might ask how prehistoric shepherds first coaxed such useful behavior from their domesticated wolves, the ancestors of todays sheepdogs.一位专门研究动物行为学的科学家可能要问,史前的牧羊人是如何训练他们圈养的狼——现在牧羊犬的祖先——首次去做这种管用的行为呢?As a matter of fact, a sheepdogs herding instinct isnt so different from the natural hunting instincts that all wolves share. For example, when a pack of wolves hunts a herd of caribou, they begin by circling their prey, crouching low if the caribou become too alarmed.事实上,牧羊犬放牧的本性与狼捕猎的本性没有两样。比如,当一群狼在捕猎一群驯鹿的时候,开始时他们会围住猎物,如果驯鹿变得极其警觉,他们便屈膝保持低位。Occasionally, if a caribou bolts, a wolf will jump up and nip at its neck, steering it back toward the herd. These hunting instincts help gather the prey together, making it easier to bring them down when the pack leader jumps in for the kill.有时如果驯鹿逃跑,一只狼会跳上去咬住它的脖子,把它扭回鹿群中。这些捕猎的本能帮助狼群把猎物集中起来。当狼群领袖跳起来扑杀猎物时,捕猎就变简单了。Early shepherds took advantage of these wolf instincts when training their domesticated dogs. The dogs viewed the shepherd as their pack leader, and they controlled the flock of sheep the same way their wolf cousins would control a herd of caribou in the wild always steering the flock toward the shepherd.早期的牧羊人在训练牧羊犬时,就吸取了狼的这些本能。把牧羊人当做领袖,用狼在野外控制驯鹿群同样的方法控制羊群,并把羊群赶向牧羊人。Indeed, its difficult to persuade modern sheepdogs to steer their flock in any other direction. The wild instinct of directing prey toward the pack leader is still too strong. Centuries of selective breeding have refined these instincts to a considerable degree, but the foundation of a sheepdogs behavior comes from the wild.其实,让现代的牧羊犬向任何一个方向去赶羊群都很困难。然而狼群把猎物赶到领袖那里的本能还是很强烈。几个世纪的物种选择已经很大程度上提升了这些本能,而牧羊犬行为的基础却源自荒野捕食。原文译文属!201303/228533

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