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淮安妇科专科医院淮安市第一人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱淮安市少女人流 And so somebody comes up to Kirby, and they say, ;oh my god, is that Gayle King?; And Kirbys like, ;Uh-huh. Shes my mom.;有人走到卡比面前,对卡比说:“我的天啊,那是盖尔·金吗?”卡比说:“嗯,她是我妈妈。”And so the person says, ;Oh my god, does it mean, like, you know Oprah Winfrey?;然后这个人说:“哦,我的天啊,那就是说,你认识奥普拉·温弗瑞?”And Kirby says, ;Sort of.;卡比说:“认识一点。”I said, ;sort of? You sort of know me?; Well, I have photographic proof. I have pictures which I can e-mail to you all of Kirby riding horsey with me on all fours. So, I more than sort-of know Kirby Bumpus. And Im so happy to be here, just happy that I finally, after four years, get to see her room. Theres really nowhere else Id rather be, because Im so proud of Kirby, who graduates today with two degrees, one in human bio and the other in psychology. Love you, Kirby Cakes! Thats how well I know her. I can call her Cakes.我说:“认识一点?你跟我只认识一点?”我有照片为。我甚至可以把所有卡比和我一起骑马的照片用邮件发给你们。因此我不仅仅只是有点认识卡比·鹏思。我非常高兴来到这里,因为四年来我终于能有机会看看她的寝室。说实话,我没有更想要去的地方,因为我为卡比感到自豪,她今天就要毕业了,并且获得了人类生物学和心理学的双学位。我爱你,卡比甜心!看看我跟她多熟。我可以叫她甜心。And so proud of her mother and father, who helped her get through this time, and her brother, Will. I really had nothing to do with her graduating from Stanford, but every time anybodys asked me in the past couple of weeks what I was doing, I would say, ;Im getting y to go to Stanford.;我也为她的父母感到骄傲,他们在这期间给了她很大帮助,还有她的哥哥威尔。卡比在这儿上大学的四年中,我对她真的没有什么帮助。但是在最近过去的几周里,每当有人问我在做什么时,我都会说:“我正准备去斯坦福。” /201311/264319Hi. Im Dr. John Barrasso, ed States Senator for Wyoming.Let me tell you a story about a family in my home state.Andy Johnson is 32, he works as a welder. He and his wife Katie have four kids and they live out in the country. They have a few cows and some horses.Two years ago, the Johnsons wanted to build a small pond in their front yard.They got their plan approved by the state, and used the pond to provide water for their animals.They thought it was a beautiful addition to the dry landscape.The pond attracts birds and other animals that make our state a special place to live.Everything was fine until the Johnsons got a visit from the ed States Environmental Protection Agency.Even though the state of Wyoming had approved the pond, the federal government had not.The Johnsons now face fines of more than ,000 every day, until they remove the pond.This is whats happened to government in America. Its gotten so aggressive, so inflexible, and so unyielding – and seemingly for so little purpose.And its going to get worse.The Obama administration is seizing new authority to control what it calls Waters of the ed States.This includes things like irrigation ditches, isolated ponds – even low points in the landscape where water might collect after a heavy rain.The consequences of this new federal authority will be severe.Local land-use decisions will now be driven by Washington bureaucrats.And this new water rule is just one of the thousands of regulations that Washington is churning out.In the final 15 months of the Obama administration, Washington bureaucrats are working overtime, to finalize new rules on everything from prairie puddles to power plants.Just this week, the White House released a new ozone rule that will increase electricity costs and decrease reliability.In this administrations race to control more of what Americans do every day, it has lost all perspective.The rules are based on ideology, rather than practicality.The result is an explosion of expensive regulations and new federal requirements on hardworking families.Washingtons assault on Andy Johnson in Wyoming could soon be repeated all across the country.The Obama administration has issued more than 2,500 new regulations in the past six years.Complying with these regulations is expected to cost our economy a staggering 0 billion.People will be forced to spend millions of hours filling out the paperwork.You might ask, what do Americans get for all this time and money?One of EPAs rules on power plants would cost as much as ,400 for every in direct benefits.This imbalance is a big reason why Americans wages have been stagnant since President Obama took office.The costs of these regulations are real.They are significant to our economy, to good-paying jobs, and to the ability of Americans to live freely.Thats why Republicans are fighting so hard.The White Houses cynical response is that only polluters would oppose these new environmental rules. Im fortunate to live in Wyoming, one of the most beautiful, pristine places in the world.We protect fiercely our open spaces, our clean air, and water.At the same time, the entire country benefits from our responsible and reliable production of American energy.Weve proven you can have both.The Obama administration long ago left this reasonable objective in the dust.What the administration wont tell you is that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress oppose many of these regulations – including the new rules on Waters of the ed States.Senators Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin – all Democrats – joined us to change these water regulations.Yet, commonsense changes to all this rulemaking are being blocked by the president and the liberal Democrat leaders in the Congress.Even the courts have dealt the Obama administration serious setbacks to its regulatory rampage.But by the time the courts finally act, the damage is aly done – those jobs are gone, and communities suffer.The head of the EPA bragged that it didnt matter if the Obama administration lost in court – because the rules had aly been in effect for three years.Thats outrageous.Meanwhile, the fines against Andy Johnson continue to pile up, and could exceed million.His family cannot afford to fight anymore.Just like the Johnsons in Wyoming, the American people cant afford the overreach and the near-constant onslaught of new Washington regulations.This fall, Republicans will put legislation on the presidents desk to rein in runaway regulations. He will have to choose between big government and hardworking Americans.Weve aly made our choice.Thanks for listening.201510/403025淮安避孕上环去哪家好

楚州区中医院体检多少钱Good morning. 大家早上好。Earlier this week, the Republican House of Representatives chose to shut down a government they dont like over a health care law they dont like. 本周早些时候,众议院共和党人以对医保法不满为由让政府关闭。And Ive talked a lot about the real-world consequences of this shutdown in recent days-the services disrupted; the benefits delayed; the public servants kicked off the job without pay.而且我最近也谈到了这种现状对现实生活产生的很多影响,包括公共务的终止、福利的延迟发放、公职人员因停薪而被迫离开工作岗位等等。But today, I want to let the Americans dealing with those real-world consequences have their say. 但今天,我希望通过应对这些现实生活中连锁反应的美国人民来表达自己的意见。And these are just a few of the many heartbreaking letters Ive gotten from them in the past couple weeks-including more than 30,000 over the past few days.以下是我最近几个星期收到的大量令人心酸信件中的几份,这样的信在最近几天就超过了3万封。Kelly Mumper lives in rural Alabama. 凯利?姆普尔生活在亚拉巴马州乡村。She works in early education, and has three children of her own in the Marines. 她的职业是一名幼儿园教师,而她的三个孩子都在海军陆战队役。Heres what she wrote to me on Wednesday.这是她周三写给我的信。“Our Head Start agency…was forced to stop providing services on October 1st for over 770 children, and 175 staff were furloughed. “10月1日我们的幼儿园被迫停止了770个孩子的课程,175名员工被迫休假。I am extremely concerned for the welfare of these children. 我十分关心这些孩子们的福利问题。There are parents who work and who attend school. 孩子们的家长也来到学校做工作。Where are they leaving their children…is it a safe environment…are getting the food that they receive at their Head Start program?”他们想知道,他们把孩子送到这里来,这里能否给孩子们一个安全的环境,孩子们是否能得到学前教育计划规定的食物?”On the day Julia Prudens application to buy a home for her and her special needs children was approved by the USDAs rural development direct loan program, she wrote me from Minot, North Dakota.在茱莉亚?普雷登为她和残障孩子提交的购房申请被农业部农村发展直接贷款计划批准的当天,北达科他州的米诺特市的她写信给我。“We put in an offer to purchase a home this weekend,“我们这周末提交了购房申请,and it was accepted…if funding does not go through, our chances of the American Dream down the drain…申请被批准…如果贷款没有了,我们实现美国梦的机会也就随即破灭…We have worked really hard to get our credit to be acceptable to purchase a home…我们都非常勤劳地工作才争取到买房子的信用资格…if it werent for the direct lending program provided by the USDA, we would not qualify to buy the home we found.”如果没有农业部提供的直接贷款计划,我们是没有条件自己买房的。”These are just two of the many letters Ive received from people who work hard; try to make ends meet; try to do right by their families. 这只是我收到的众多辛勤工作,勉强维持生活,努力为家庭做贡献人们来信中的两封。Theyre military or military spouses whove seen commissaries closed on their bases. 他们当中有军人和军人家属眼看着基地的供应中心关门。Theyre veterans worried the services theyve earned wont be there.有退伍老兵担忧他们应得的福利不再发放。Theyre business owners whove seen their contracts with the government put on hold, worried theyll have to let people go. 有企业主眼看着他们与政府的合同被束之高阁,还要担忧让员工离职。I want them to know, I the stories you share with me.我希望让你们知道,你们的信我都已经读过。These are our fellow Americans. These are the people who sent us here to serve. 这些都是我们的同胞。他们是选择我们到这里来为人民务的人。And I know that Republicans in the House of Representatives are hearing the same kinds of stories, too.我知道众议院的共和党人也在亲身经历着同样的事情。As I made clear to them this week, theres only one way out of this reckless and damaging shutdown:正如我本周明确表示的一样,对于当前这种不计后果和造成巨大伤害的政府关门现状只有一条出路:pass a budget that funds our government, with no partisan strings attached. 通过没有任何附加条件的预算法案为政府提供资金。The Senate has aly done this. 参议院已经完成了这项工作。And there are enough Republican and Democratic votes in the House of Representatives willing to do the same, and end this shutdown immediately. 而且众议院也有大量共和党人和民主党人同意这么做,以尽快结束这种政府关门现状。But the far right of the Republican Party wont let Speaker John Boehner give that bill a yes-or-no vote.但共和党的极右派分子并不想让约翰?纳议长同意对此进行投票表决。Take that vote. 事不宜迟,Stop this farce. 终止闹剧,End this shutdown now.现在就结束政府关闭吧。The American people dont get to demand ransom in exchange for doing their job. Neither does Congress.美国人民不能为换取他们正常的工作而付勒索赎金。国会也是。They dont get to hold our democracy or our economy hostage over a settled law.他们不能因为一部既定法律就以我们的民主制度或经济发展为要挟。They dont get to kick a child out of Head Start if I dont agree to take her parents health insurance away.他们也不能因为我不同意将孩子们的父母的医疗保险取消就要取消孩子们的学前教育计划。Thats not how our democracy is supposed to work.我们的民主制度不是为了这种结果而存在。Thats why I wont pay a ransom in exchange for reopening the government.因此我不会为换取政府的重新开门而屈去付赎金。And I certainly wont pay a ransom in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.我也绝对不会为换取债务上限的提高而付赎金。For as reckless as a government shutdown is, an economic shutdown that comes with default would be dramatically worse.与这种不计后果的政府关门相比,伴随债务违约而来的整个经济停止运转带来的后果才更加严重。Ill always work with anyone of either party on ways to grow this economy, create new jobs, and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul.我将一如既往的与任何党派的任何人合作,共同推动经济发展,创造就业,为财政的长远发展建立秩序。But not under the shadow of these threats to our economy.但前提是不能威胁到当前经济的发展。Pass a budget. End this government shutdown.通过预算,结束政府关闭。Pay our bills. Prevent an economic shutdown.按期偿还债务,避免经济崩溃。These Americans and millions of others are counting on Congress to do the right thing.美国人和其他成千上万的人都在期待着国会做出正确的选择。And I will do everything I can to make sure they do.我也将继续竭尽所能确保他们做好这件事。Thank you.谢谢大家。 201310/259909淮安前列腺炎的费用 Good morning.早上好。Over the past few days, Ive met with Republicans and Democrats from both houses of Congress in an effort to reopen your government and remove the dangers of default from our economy.在过去的几天里,我会见了国会参众两院的共和党人和民主党人,就如何让政府重新开启及消除美国经济违约的危险进行探讨。Its a positive development that House Republicans have agreed on the need to avoid the economic consequences of not meeting our countrys commitments.众议院共和党人已就避免不能兑现我们国家承诺的经济后果的必要性达成一致,这是一个积极的变化。Because once the debt ceiling is raised, and the shutdown is over, theres a lot we can accomplish together.因为一旦债务上限得以提高、政府关门结束,我们可以一起完成许多事情。Weve created seven and a half million new jobs in the past three and a half years.在过去3年半的时间里,我们创造了750万个新的工作岗位。Now lets create more.现在,让我们创造的更多。Weve cut our deficits in half over the past four years.在过去四年里,我们将美国政府财政赤字削减了一半。Now lets do it in a smarter, balanced way that lets us afford to invest in the things we need to grow.现在,让我们以更明智的平衡方式削减财政赤字,使我们可以投资需要发展的项目吧!The truth is, theres a lot we can agree on.事实上,有许多问题我们都可以达成一致。But one thing we have to agree on is that there is no good reason anyone should keep suffering through this shutdown.不过,我们不得不达成一致的一件事情是,不存在人们应该继续遭受这次政府关门折磨的充分理由。I met with some really innovative small business owners on Friday whove aly lost contracts, lost customers, and put hiring on hold-because the pain of this Republican shutdown has trickled down to their bottom lines.周五,我会见了一些真正具有创新精神的小企业主,他们已经失去了合同、失去了客户,不得不推迟招聘人手—因为这次共和党式政府关门带来的阵痛,严重影响了他们的最终利润。Its hurting the very citizens that our government exists to serve.政府关门正在伤害我们政府所务的每位公民。Thats why a growing number of reasonable Republicans say it should end now.正是出于这一理由,越来越多明智的共和党人认为,现在这一切该结束了。And it wouldnt be wise, as some suggest, to just kick the debt ceiling can down the road for a couple months, and flirt with a first-ever intentional default right in the middle of the holiday shopping season.我认为,像一些人建议的那样,只把政府借款授权延长区区数月,在假期购物季节当口,开玩笑地对待有史以来的第一次故意违约是不明智的。Because damage to Americas sterling credit rating wouldnt just cause global markets to go haywire; it would become more expensive for everyone in America to borrow money.因为伤害美国的顶级信用评级,不仅会导致全球市场失去控制;美国人民的借贷成本也会变得更加高昂。Students paying for college.付学费的学生。Newly weds buying a home.购买住房的新婚夫妇。It would amount to a new tax-a Republican default tax-on every family and business in America.这等于向美国每个家庭和企业开征一个新的税种—共和党违约税。It doesnt have to be this way.不是这种方式。Its not supposed to be this way.不应是这种方式。Manufacturing crises to extract massive concessions isnt how our democracy works, and we have to stop it.制造危机来获取重大让步,这不是我们的民主运作的方式,我们要去阻止它。Politics is a battle of ideas, but you advance those ideas through elections and legislation-not extortion.政治是思想的斗争,但是,提出和推动这些思想的方式是选举和立法,而不是勒索和敲诈。I know youre frustrated by what you see in your nations capital right now.我知道,你们对首都华盛顿目前发生的一切倍感懊恼。But because its easy to get lost in or give up on the political back-and-forth, I want you to remember: this is not normal.但是,由于太容易在政治的推来攘去中迷失方向或放弃目标,我希望你们记住:这不正常!Our government is closed for the first time in 17 years.我们的政府17年来首次关闭。A political party is risking default for the first time since the 1700s.一个政党正在冒发生美国建国以来首次违约的风险。This is not normal.这不正常!Thats why we have to put a stop to it. Not only because its dangerous, but because it saps everyones faith in our extraordinary system of self-government.正是这一原因,我们要阻止它。不仅因为它充满危险,还因为它削弱每个人对我们卓越的自治系统的信任。And that hurts us all.这对我们全体都造成伤害。Whether its the work of creating jobs, growing the economy, or getting our fiscal house in order for the long haul, weve got a lot of work to do-and constant brinksmanship doesnt let us do it.不管是创造工作岗位、发展经济,还是为了长期发展而重整我们的财政机构,我们有太多的工作要做,可不断出现的边缘政策却不让我们有所作为。It inflicts real pain on real people.它使人民遭受真真切切的痛苦。It creates spasms of uncertainty for business owners.它给企业主造成一阵又一阵的不确定性。It threatens our nations credit and standing in the world.它威胁我们国家在国际上的信用和地位。And the longer it goes on-the more frequently this brinksmanship is inflicted-the more well see markets react, businesses put off plans to spend and hire, and unemployment claims tick up.这种局面持续得越长—这种边缘政策出现得越频繁—我们就会看到,市场反应越激烈,企业越倾向推迟开和销售计划,失业率越日高一日。The hundreds of thousands of hardworking civil servants who go even longer without pay will worry that they wont be able to cover their bills, and that their own creditworthiness will be ruined for no good reason at all.成千上万勤劳的公务员经历更长的时间拿不到工资,担心他们无法付账单,担心他们自己的信誉毫无理由地遭受伤害。And I want to thank all the neighbors and local business owners whove shown acts of kindness to these Americans who serve their country.我想感谢所有的邻居和当地企业主,他们对为他们国家务的这些美国人表现得如此友好。I ask that same spirit of citizenship from lenders who do business with these folks.我恳求与这些同胞做生意的借贷者表现同样的公民精神。Because theyre being punished enough through no fault of their own.因为这些同胞代人受过、吃够了苦头。So lets pass a budget, put people back to work, and end this Republican shutdown.因此,让我们通过预算、让人们重返工作岗位、结束这场共和党式的政府关门吧。Lets pay our bills, and prevent an economic shutdown.让我们付我们的账单,防止经济关门。Then lets get back to the work of the American people.然后,让我们回到美国人民的工作上吧!Because there is so much else we should be focusing our energies on right now.因为,目前有如此多的其他事情需要我们倾注精力。Weve got to create more jobs, and kids to educate, and an immigration system to fix.我们要创造更多的工作岗位,要教育孩子,要修复移民系统。Weve got more troops to bring home, and a middle class to rebuild, and opportunity to restore.我们要让更多的军人返回故土,要重建中产阶级,要恢复机会。Theres so much America has going for it in this new century.在这个新世纪,美国有如此多的目标需要去实现。And as always, this country works better when we work together.像往常一样,当我们团结一致时,这个国家就会运转得更好。Thank you, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快! 201310/260812淮安市第二人民医院治疗腹胀多少钱

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