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Your Excellency, Mr. Maurizio Enrico Luigi Serra, Permanent Representative of Italy to the ed Nations Office in Geneva;Excellencies,Distinguished human rights officials,Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank the European Union and the Italian Government for this commemoration of the World Day against the Death Penalty. Since the General Assembly adopted its first resolution on a moratorium seven years ago, more States acknowledge that the death penalty undermines human dignity. It fails to deter crimes more than other punishments. Abolition – or at least a moratorium – contributes to human rights. The taking of life is too irreversible for one person to inflict on another. We must continue arguing strongly that the death penalty is unjust and incompatible with fundamental human rights. I urge leaders where the death penalty still is used to legally commute or pardon death sentences – and to impose moratoriums on executions. The death penalty has no place in the 21st century. I call on States that have not yet done so to ratify the Second Optional Protocol of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights aiming at abolition of the death penalty. I hope to see many more ratifications during the Protocol’s 25th anniversary this year. The ed Nations will continue working to end this cruel punishment.201505/376833They have an airstrip, they have a canteen,they have hot showers,they have a post office, a tourist shop,a basketball court that doubles as a movie theater. 那儿有停机坪 厨房,热水浴。有邮局,游轮,以及两倍于一个电影院的篮球场。So its a bit different these days,and there are also acres of junk.所以,这些天略有不同,也有成堆的垃圾。I think its a marvelous thing that humans can exist 365 days of the year with hamburgers and hot showers and movie theaters,but it does seem to produce a lot of empty cardboard boxes.我觉得人类一年365天只靠汉堡,热水和影院就能生活简直不可思议。但这似乎确实产生了许多空纸板盒。You can see on the left of this photograph,several square acres of junk waiting to be flown out from the South Pole. 你可以看到在这张照片的左面,有好几平方的垃圾等着从南极点拖走。But there is also a pole at the South Pole,and we got there on foot, unassisted,unsupported, by the hardest route,900 miles in record time,dragging more weight than anyone in history. 但南极也有个极点,我们没有技术持,走最困难的路线,共计900英里而且负重超过史上任何一位考察队员。And if wed stopped there and flown home,which would have been the eminently sensible thing to do,then my talk would end here and it would end something like this. 而如果我们止步于此,折返离开,去做更有意义的事,那我的演讲也就到此为止了。也就不足为奇。If you have the right team around you, the right tools, the right technology,and if you have enough self-belief and enough determination,then anything is possible.但如果你有优秀的团队,适宜的工具 险情的科技,而且,自信满满,意志坚定那一切险阻当不在话下。But then we turned around,and this is where things get interesting. 但那时,我们四周晃了会儿,然后一切变得有趣起来了。High on the Antarctic plateau,over 10,000 feet, its very windy, very cold, very dry, we were exhausted. 在亚特兰地高地,超过10000英尺的地方,寒风凛冽 天寒地燥,我们精疲力竭。Wed covered 35 marathons,we were only halfway,and we had a safety net, of course,of ski planes and satellite phones and live, 24-hour tracking beacons that didnt exist for Scott,but in hindsight,rather than making our lives easier,the safety net actually allowed us to cut things very fine indeed,to sail very close to our absolute limits as human beings. 我们翻阅了35座冰川,但这只是路途一半。但我们肯定有安全措施,我们有雪上飞机和卫星电话。以及24小时时刻待命的后援团,斯科特可没有这些安全措施。但从制高点来看,安全措施并未使我们的生活更好,它确实际上使东西四分五裂。让我们无限接近人类极限。And it is an exquisite form of torture to exhaust yourself to the point of starvation day after day while dragging a sledge full of food.并且,它是一种细致的折磨方式日复一日,将你拖到饥饿的零界点,使你精疲力竭。而且你是拉着一雪橇满满的食物。For years, Id been writing glib lines in sponsorship proposals about pushing the limits of human endurance,but in reality, that was a very frightening place to be indeed.数年来,我一直以资助顾问的身份撰写关于推动人类极限的油腔滑调的文章。实际上,它确实是个令人畏惧的领域。We had, before wed got to the Pole,two weeks of almost permanent headwind, which slowed us down. 在去南极前,我们,给头顶吹了2周的风,让我们反应迟钝。As a result, wed had several days of eating half rations.结果,好几天我们食欲减半。We had a finite amount of food in the sledges to make this journey,so we were trying to string that out by reducing our intake to half the calories we should have been eating.我们为这次行程在雪橇中准备了足量食物,所以我们通过减少我们的卡路里摄入量至一半 来节省食物。As a result, we both became increasingly hypoglycemic,we had low blood sugar levels day after day.结果,我们 身体机能出现问题,我们日复一日,血糖指数不断降低。and increasingly susceptible to the extreme cold.但对严寒的适应程度却越发的好了。Tarka took this photo of me one evening after Id nearly passed out with hypothermia.在一个晚上,Tarka拍了这张我的照片就在我近乎因为低温昏过去时。We both had repeated bouts of hypothermia, something I hadnt experienced before,and it was very humbling indeed. 我们身体都反复经历低温, 这之前从未有过。这让人颤抖。As much as you might like to think, as I do,that youre the kind of person who doesnt quit,that youll go down swinging,hypothermia doesnt leave you much choice. 就像你们可能会想,我也这么想过,你是不会退缩的人,你会继续探索,低温并不会改变你选择。You become utterly incapacitated.你变得行为无法自主,Its like being a drunk toddler.像醉汉一样。You become pathetic.你变得又笨又可怜。I remember just wanting to lie down and quit.我记得,我当时只想 躺下来。然后退出。It was a peculiar, peculiar feeling,and a real surprise to me to be debilitated to that degree. 这是极为真切的感受。认输的想法 真的令我震惊不已。And then we ran out of food completely,46 miles short of the first of the depots that wed laid on our outward journey.然后我们食物消耗殆尽,离我们倚赖的第一仓库还有46英里远。Wed laid 10 depots of food,literally burying food and fuel, for our return journey the fuel was for a cooker so you could melt snow to get water. 我们拿出10样食物,烧食物与汽油,准备返程,燃油是为炊具准备的 这样你可以把雪变成水。and I was forced to make the decision to call for a resupply flight,a ski plane carrying eight days of food to tide us over that gap. 我不得不呼叫供应飞机,这是带着可以助我们越过那道坎的 8天食物的雪上飞机。They took 12 hours to reach us from the other side of Antarctica.他们用了12小时 从亚特兰地的另一头飞到我们这边。Calling for that plane was one of the toughest decisions of my life.呼叫那趟飞机 是我人生中最艰难的决定之一。201503/366089So, just random contract jobs until所以,我一直在打零工I discovered this company called Odeo,直到我找到了一家叫奥德奥的公司which was run by Evan Williams.它是埃文·威廉姆斯经营的Biz Stone was joining in a few months.比孜·斯通几个月后也加入了进来It was a consumer podcasting company.这是个消费者播客公司I had never written a resume before.我从没有写过简历I had no interest in podcasting whatsoever.我对播客没有兴趣But I was a really good programmer and I wanted但我是个很好的程序设计师to understand the consumer side of the Internet.我想了解互联网关于消费者的一面A lot of what I was doing was in the back end.我做的事情大多在幕后While it would touch my mom and her life,不过却可以接触到我的母亲和她的生活it would be so in an indirect way.这是一种间接性接触My mom may take a taxicab in New York City我母亲可能会在纽约城里坐出租车and may touch my software这就可能会接触到我的软件or buy a ticket to Alcatraz and may touch my software.或是买票去阿尔卡特拉兹时接触到我的软件But it wasnt direct.但它不是直接接触I wanted to learn about being more direct in interaction.我想学一些更多的直接互动的东西So, I went to work with Ev and Biz.所以我去和艾夫与比孜一起工作I quickly learned that我很快就了解到no one else there enjoyed podcasting, either.那里也没有人喜欢播客So, no one was really excited to build the product or所以,没人真正为造出产品或工具而感到兴奋build the tool and they werent consumers of the tool.因为他们不是这个工具的消费者So, we werent building something that we loved to use.所以我们做的东西不是我们喜欢用的东西So, quite an interesting situation which这种怪异的状况allowed for other ideas to bubble up.让很多其他想法冒了出来In late 2005, early 2006,在2005年末和2006年初we all broke up into separate groups.我们分开进入了不同的组We were given an assignment to come up with我们的任务是想出an idea of something youd like to work on.自己想要做的项目The first thing that came to my mind我想到的第一个点子was this idea back in 2000.是在2000年的那个点子But now in 2005-2006, we had the SMS.不过现在已是2005年到2006年,我们有了短信务I could actually send我可以把短信从辛格乐an SMS message from Cingular to Verizon.发到弗莱森电讯That was very, very new to the ed States.这在美国也是特别新的技术I was in love with the technology.我非常喜欢这个技术It degrades gracefully to every single device,它几乎完美地适用于各种设备even the cheapest devices.即使是最便宜的设备也是如此And it has this beautiful constraint of 160 characters.而且一条短信最多只能有160个字It doesnt really work all the time.它并总是有效Its really rough around the edges.它总是艰难地在边缘徘徊I love stuff like that.我喜欢这样的东西So, I brought up this idea,所以我提出了这样的想法;What if we could just use SMS? You could send what如果我们只使用短信息会怎么样?youre doing. It will go out in real time to all the你可以发送你正在做的事,它会立即people who are interested in hearing it. And then,让每个有兴趣听的人都看到,接着it would be archived on the Web. You could also enter它会在网上存档,你还能再网上读到它it from the Web and it would be device-agnostic.而不需要设备持It would be a whole thing. It would be awesome.;它们会变成一个整体,特别棒My two other people in the park,我一起在公园中一个操场we were on a playground,里的两个人said it was a good idea.他们说这是个好想法We presented it to the company. It took about a week.我们将这个想法告诉公司,这花了一周的时间But then, the company finally got behind it.但之后公司终于持它了I was given two weeks and one other programmer我和比兹·斯通手下的另一个程序设计师in Biz Stone to write the software. And we did it.得到了两周时间来编写软件At the end of that two weeks, I wrote the first tweet,两周结束的时候,我发出了第一条推特which was inviting coworkers.来邀请合作者And then, all the Odeo coworkers came on; they loved it.之后,奥德奥所有的合作者都来了And little by little,他们喜欢这个软件we took from that company and我们一点点地从那个公司学习we bought them on the Twitter project还为了推特工程将这些人招买过来until we spun it out as a separate company最后,我们把推特分了出来,成立了新的公司and sold off Odeo.然后出售了奥德奥So, thats how that sort of visualization and early所以,就是这种可视化和想看世界的desire to see the world led into Twitter,年少欲望导致了推特的出现which is still a desire for me.这依然是我的欲望Now we have more and more people using it现在世界上有更多的人all over the world.在使用推特And its even faster to see whats happening在推特上甚至可以更快低看到and whats unfolding in the world.世界在发生着什么But it really comes down to但它确实可以归结为that curiosity about whats happening right对世界正在发生的事情的好奇心now everywhere and really being并且正在成为每个地方the pulse of whats happening right正在发生的事情的脉搏now everywhere and并且可以连接到being able to point to every single medium.每个独立的媒体201503/365341Ten years ago, we busied ourselves with tribute stuff in building with the importance then came 911. In 1991, riches were created in new businesses that never existed, then economic ballon burst. In 81, I had a great job on TV. And in 82, Bosom Buddy was cancelled. In 71, color TV in more living rooms that every showed young Americans still fighting in combat with Vietnam in 61-67 like its being live in the around the world for the very first time. But those images were of the building of the Berlin wall.十年前,正当我们汲汲营营于人生大小事的时候,发生了“9·11”事件;一九九一年,正当各种新兴行业创造出大笔财富,美国经济却陷入了衰退;一九八一年,我当上了电视影集的主角,但影集却在隔年停播;一九七一年,色电视机逐渐普及,但美国人从电视上看到的,却是美军陷入1961-1967年间的越战,就如同电视直播一样。但是那些形象是柏林墙的一部分。Now this ten-year grade shows the same ;ying, yang tang;, and Im trying to copyright that, ;ying, yang tang;, copyright, Tom Hanks. It shows the same, ;ying, yang tang;, thank you, on graduation day 2011. You know we all have these devices they can make a permanent record of revolutionary change on the other side of the globe as well as hi-fi dead tribes from Krostan. Fewer and fewer in our country go to bed hungry, but did you see how obesity now effects half of our population? No matter how many bargains we found the local you mart, many of us still struggle to pay the rent and the utilities. Our country is no longer physical, or even it is a illogical world, with our enemies for most of last century but in eleven and a half years, the third millennium around forces being fighting for a few nights with them. Purchasing electrical property, and the work of artists, with mire, as simple as clicking a mouse, and paying lesson a few bucks, which means you may find there is no guarantee in making a living as you choose and discipline.现在这十年也呈现出同样的“ying, yang tang”,“ying, yang tang”,我准备为这个申请汤姆·汉克斯的版权。在2011年的毕业日上他们呈现的是相同的“ying, yang tang”。我们有各种网络通讯技术,可以在地球另一端掀起革命,但也可以在国内制造出充满仇恨的各种部落;食不果腹的美国人愈来愈少,却有一半的人口过胖;不管我们在市场上找到多少实惠的东西,许多人依然要挣扎着去为房租和公用事业设备付费。我们的国家不再健康,甚至有点混乱,上个世纪把大部分时间都用在到处树敌上,跨入新世纪的十一年来,我们的军队却卷入了好几场战事。购买电力设备和艺术品,就像点击鼠标一样简单,上课只需花几美元,这意味着没有任何保障来维持你想要选择的谋生手段。201406/306002

Ive spent the bulk of my time talking about how HP is helping customers build and manage their Extended Enterprise infrastructure. And its probably appropriate that this discussion has taken most of my time, because thats the foundation upon which everything else is built. On top of that, we have added some fascinating electronic-business solutions that help customers use the Internet to re-engineer their business processes or to create entirely new ways of doing business. For example, the China Goods Order System (CGOS) is the first country-wide comprehensive and multifunctional commodity ordering system in China, which is approved by the State Planning Commission and will be managed by the Internal Trade Bureau. The aim for setting up this system is to build up a computerized commodity wholesale market in China, which can provide commodity trade information, offer transaction service and quicken wholesale procedure. The significance of the systems operation lies in introducing an advanced ;network shopping; concept in Chinas commodity trade business.我花了很长的时间介绍惠普如何协助客户建立并管理其扩展型企业基础结构。或许这一介绍占去我大部分时间是合适的,因为这是我们构建一切的基础。在此基础之上,我们增加了某些饶有兴趣的电子业 务解决方案,帮助客户利用互联网重新设计他们的业务程序,或创建全新的经营方式。例如,中国商品订购系统(CGOS)是中国第一家全国性、综合性且多功能性的商品订购系统。该系统经国家计划委员会(译者注:该机构于1998年更名为国家发展计划委员会,又于2003 年改组为国家发展和改革委员会)批准,由国家国内贸易局(译者注:该机构已于2001年被撤销)管理。设立这一系统的目的是为了在中国建立—个计算机化的商品批发市场,以提供商品交易的信息,交易务,从而加快批发的过程。这一系统投入运行的意义在于,将先进的“网络购物;概念引入中国的商品贸易市场。Let me comment briefly on the three solutions you see listed here. Our E-Business software is based on breakthrough technology from HP, something we call the HP Changengine. It was developed in HP Labs. It has good patent protection, and has been used extensively within HP to automate key business processes. The customer need were addressing is this: quite simply, businesses cant change their applications fast enough to keep up with the speed at which they want to change their business processes.这里,我简单地介绍一下所列的三种解决方案。基于惠普的创新技术的电子业务软件——惠普Changengine。它是在惠普的实验室开发出来的,现已获得很好的专利保护,用来自动处理关键性的业务并在惠普内部得到广泛的应用。我们所强调的客户需求的精髓是极其简单,企业无法快速改变其应用程序以跟上业务过程的变化。201410/338729

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