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But whats really amazing,is this distortions also explain.但真正神奇的是这类变形也可解释that mysterious force discovered by Newton so many years ago.牛顿多年前所发现的神秘作用力Gravity is the warping of spacetime.重力就是时空扭曲的结果Now,curving space and time may sound tricky wrap your head around.and galaxies.时空扭曲 听来可能玄得让人摸不着头绪 但一点都不玄Imagine a boat locked on the straight course across the flat surface of a lake.想象一艘船锁定直线航道 正准备渡过平坦的湖面A lake that stretches away... Forever.一座永远无限延伸的湖The flat lake is like undistorted spacetime.平坦的湖面就如同未扭曲的时空Now imagine a giant hole appears beneath the lake.现在想象湖面下出现一个大洞and water begins to drain away.湖水开始排掉The lake has become distorted,just as spacetime is by a planet.湖面因此扭曲 就如时空因行星扭曲一样The effect would be to drag the boat towards the hole...此作用会将船向洞里拉so that it begins to curve around it.因此船开始绕着洞周围航行Even though the boat is still being driven in a straight line.即使船本身仍设定在直线航行And its exactly that same effect a massive star or planet has.on spacetime.这种作用就相当于 巨大恒星或行星 对时空产生的作用It causes spacetime to distort around it,pulling things towards it.时空会在星体四周产生扭曲 把物体拉向星体And thats why things fall to earth:Gravity.因此物体才会坠落地球 就是因为重力201601/422765Maintain this speed, and Ill be across in 20 minutes and reach the other side before it goes dark.按这个速度 不等天黑 我20分钟内就能到对岸了Okay, getting quite close towards the shoreline now.好了 我接近河岸了Nice work.Much nicer than I ever imagined it would,you know, really nice,steady breeze.太好了 进展比我想象中的 要好多了 真的很不错 风力稳定But theres no brake on this thing.The only way to stop is to take a dive.但是我的降落伞没有刹车 要停下来就只能靠俯冲了Its getting darker now.This wouldnt be a bad place to make a bit of camp.天色更暗了 在这里野营 应该不错Im amongst the trees, so Ive got firewood.我周围都是树 这样就有木头生火了Im also Im a little bit higher than the actual lake,这里地势也比实际湖面略高where all the cold air is gonna sink down to.Get this down.Okay, time to start digging.冷空气会下沉到那边去 把这个放下来 好了 要开挖了What I want to do is just dig a snow trench.我想挖一个雪沟Its really more like a coffin.When the sun drops, temperatures can plummet, and dramatically.其实它更像个雪棺材 太阳下山后 气温会大幅骤降Branches and snow on top will insulate you against the worst of that,树枝和雪会把你和外界的恶劣气候隔绝开and help you survive the night.The last thing Ill need -- you see this?这样帮你挨过夜晚 我需要的最后一样东西 看到了吗Its like a gutter where all the cold air in the shelter will run down here.它像一个水槽 所有遮蔽渠里的冷空气都会下沉到这里It actually makes a massive difference.Eskimos supplement their diet with fish.它能起到的作用很大 爱斯基人以鱼果腹Im gonna try my luck in this lake,if I can get to it.if I can get to it.如果能打穿冰面 我也想碰碰运气 看能否抓到鱼 希望能捕到鱼Most of the ice on this lake is gonna be super-thick, at least a meter,but Im quite near this outflow.这里大部分的冰 都非常厚重 至少有一米厚 但我离这片水面很近The ice is gonna be thinner, I should be able to get through.这里就会薄一些 应该能凿穿201601/422378原味人文风情:Contemporary Dance How-To15个搞笑动作跳出优美现代舞Hi, my name is Eric Wilkerson, but my friends call me Contemporary Eric. Today, Im gonna teach you how to do a contemporary dance. There are 15 moves that are in every contemporary dance. You can put these steps together in any sequence to songs such as Adele, Ani DiFranco, and Frou Frou, and you too can be a contemporary choreographer.嗨,我的名字是Eric Wilkerson,但我的朋友们叫我现代艾瑞克。今天,我要教你怎么跳现代舞。每套现代舞中有十五个动作。你可以将这些舞步组合以任何顺序组合在一起,配上像是Adele、Ani DiFranco(美国歌手)、和Frou Frou(英国乐团)的歌,你也可以成为一名现代舞编舞者。Helping me today is my assistant, Bich. Say hello, Bich.今天帮我忙的是我的助理,小剑人。说哈喽,小剑人。Okay. Now lets get started on learning the 15 steps.好的,现在开始学习那十五个动作。1. The Knee1. 膝盖Where you have a very serious conversation with your knee, and then you put it down because you realize you shouldnt be doing that.这里你和你的膝盖有段非常严肃的对话,然后你放下它,因为你意会到你不该做那事。2. The Pants2. 裤裤Where you pull your pants down, and then you pull them back up really quickly because people are noticing.这里你拉下你的裤子,然后你非常快速地把它们拉上来,因为人们正注意着。3. The Zombie with Emotion3. 有感情的僵尸4. The ;I Just Came out of a Well;4. 我才刚从井爬出来Where you use sign language to tell someone that you just come out of a well and you need help.这里你用手语告诉某人你才刚从一口井爬出来,且你需要帮助。5. The Brat5. 小屁孩Where you act like youre kicking a fire hydrant and then you check to see if anyone notices that youre mad.这里你做得好像你在踢一个消防栓,然后你查看是否有人注意到你在生气。6. The Blind Man6. 盲人Where you pretend youre a blind man playing volleyball, but you dont know when the volleyball is coming.这里你假装你是盲人在打排球,但你不知道排球何时会过来。7. The Pewp7. 便便Where you squat down because you have to poop, but then when it comes it surprises you, so you have to really cool afterward.这里你蹲下,因为你需要便便,但接着当便便来了它让你大吃一惊,所以你必须在之后要真的冷静下来。8. The Elbowless Hug8. 没有手肘的拥抱Where you reach out to give someone a hug as though you dont have any elbows.这里你趋前去给某人一个拥抱,好像你没有任何手肘一样。9. The Bounce9. 跳跳Where you bounce on your heels to keep yourself from crying because youre having a really really bad day.这里你用你的脚跟弹跳来避免自己哭出来,因为你有个非常非常糟糕的一天。10. The ;This is Your Head;10. 这是你的头11. The ;Seriously Get Your Damn Hands off of Me;11. 我说真的把你的脏手拿开As you can see.如你所见。12. The Peekaboo12. 躲猫猫Where you get the audience a quick look at your ;Whoala ha!;这里你让观众快速地看一眼你的“哇啦哈”!13. The Leg13. 腿腿Where you run and jump into a split leap, but then you realize that your right leg was amputated from the knee down, so as you fall, you reach out to the audience for help. And when you get up, you realize that you need to stretch your hip flexor really really bad.这里你跑起来并跳个劈腿跳,然后你理解到你的右腿膝盖以下被截肢了,所以当你跌倒时,你伸向观众寻求帮助。然后当你站起来,你发现你非常非常需要伸展你的臀部屈肌。14. The Magnet14. 磁铁Where all of a sudden your underwear becomes the magnet for someones chest.这里突然你的小裤裤成了某人胸口的磁铁。15. The ;Why is Your Head in My Hand?;15. 为何你的头在我手上?As you can see.如你所见。And every number always finishes with one other move. Its called—Go to Sleep, Bich.每段舞总是以另一个动作做结。它叫做--去睡觉吧,小剑人。Now watch as me and my assistant put these moves together to make a routine. Well put this routine to music and add emotion.现在当我和我的助理将这些动作组在一起变成一段舞时看好。我们会把这段舞配上音乐,并加上情绪。And thats how you do contemporary dance. You can download this song from iTunes in the link below, then you can do your own contemporary dance using the contemporary dance steps. Post links to your in the comment below, and Ill give feedback.那就是你怎么跳现代舞。你可以从下面的链接从iTunes下载这首歌,然后你可以用现代舞舞步编出自己的现代舞。在下面区贴上你的影片链接,我会给回馈。Thanks for watching. Love, Contemporary Eric.感谢收看。爱你们喔,现代艾瑞克。Can I get up?我可以起来了吗?NO!!!不准!!!201503/364720

Summer Book List from Bill Gates这些书,连比尔·盖茨都在读!Every summer, I try to do a little extra ing. Heres a few books I recently that you might enjoy:每个夏天,我都会试着多读一点书。这里是几本我最近读的、你也许会喜欢的书:On Immunity by Eula Biss. She explains the history of vaccination. Why children who dont get vaccinated can even affect those who are vaccinated? Shes a very good writer. I wish I could write as nicely as she writes.Eula Biss 的《免疫力》。她解释了疫苗接种的历史。为什么没有接种疫苗的孩子甚至能影响那些已经接种疫苗的孩子?她是一位非常优秀的作家。我希望我的文笔能和她一样好。Should We Eat Meat? by Vaclav Smil. Its provocative, the way he does the title as though hes passing the responsibility to the er. Well, we know its pretty hard for people to give up meat. There are books that touch on this topic that dont have numbers in them, but, you know, this is Smil, you are gonna get the numbers. You might even get a few sentences in between the numbers.Vaclav Smil 的《我们应该吃肉吗?》。这本书极具争议性,他下标题的方式就好像他在向读者传递这样的责任。好吧,我们知道,对人类来说,要戒掉吃肉很难。有几本提到这个议题且没有数据在其中的书,但,你知道的,这是 Smil,你一定看得到数据。你甚至可能在数据之中看到一些解释。How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff. Being able to understand what youre looking at, and being willing to say, ;Hey, where did that come from? Is that accurate?; Its a quick . Its got a lot of good examples in it. Its a trip to the past even though the basic points it makes are still valid today.Darrell Huff 的《别让统计数字骗了你》。让你能够知道你在看什么,也会让你愿意去问:“嘿,那是从哪里来的?那精确吗?”它是本能很快读完的书。里头有很多好例子。那是趟回到过去的旅行,但它举出的基本观点至今仍然有效。What If? by Randall Munroe. Its a very clever way of getting you to think about very scientific things going on. This idea of when you see a glass half empty, do you mean ;empty,; as in, ;perfect vacuum?; And, you know, all of a sudden there was a glass sitting there, where you put the water on the top and the vacuum on the bottom, or the vacuum on the top and the water on the bottom. This is clever. Those are the kind of questions that somebody with a good mind whos trying to figure out if they really understand—thats a kind of question you should ask yourself.Randall Munroe 的《如果这样,会怎样?》。这是让你去思考发生的科学事物的巧妙方法。当你看到一个半空的杯子,你指的“空”是指“完全真空”吗?然后,你知道,突然就有一个杯子放在那里,在那儿你将水放在上半部,底部是真空,或是上半部是真空,底部是水。这很巧妙。那些是某个有聪明脑袋、试着要探究他们是否真正了解的人会问的问题--那是你们应该问问自己的问题类型。Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. Shes pretty creative and humorous about making fun of herself and revealing her inner thoughts. There was one thing about the dog, where—this is one that I told Melinda to —where the dogs getting confused where theyre moving, and so shes trying to simulate what the dogs thinking. And her dog—maybe its true—its one of the most inept, impossible dogs to ever take care of.Allie Brosh 的《艾莉的夸张人生》。她对于自嘲和吐露内心想法是极有创意且幽默的。书里有件和有关的事情--这是我叫 Melinda(比尔盖兹的妻子)读的一个地方--对他们要搬去哪感到困惑,所以她试着要模拟在想什么。而她的,也许她写得没错,是她照顾过最笨、也最难搞的。And finally, The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. In science, were all kids. I mean, a good scientist is somebody whos redeveloped the chain of reasoning of why we know what we know from scratch many times, just to see where theres holes or alternate possibilities.最后,Richard Dawkins 的《真实世界的神奇魔力》。在科学世界里,我们都是小孩。我的意思是,一个好的科学家是那类人,他会反覆从头重建为何我们了解我们所知的事物背后的推论过程,只为了找到漏洞或其他可能性的存在。It can never hurt to re these things and think through what youre learning. We can observe way more stuff than youd imagine, and weve made more sense out of the stuff we can observe than you can imagine. So, quite a range there in terms of fun to learn, fun to know about. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.重读这些书、思考你学了什么永远没有害处。我们可以观察的事物比你想像的多更多,而我们也已经从所能观察的事物中寻出比你想像中还多的智慧。所以,有满多读来有趣、也值得认识的书籍。 我希望你们和我一样享受它们。201507/383865


Uh four.4-Do you like the effects youre feeling? -Five.-你喜欢现在的感觉吗 -5-Would you like more of what you have received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5-Do you feel high? -Four.-感觉嗨吗 -4And do you feel intoxicated?有醉酒的兴奋感吗Three.3OK great thank you.好了 太好了 谢谢Well come get you out.马上把你弄出来An hour later and it was all over.一个小时后 这些都过去了They had what they needed.他们获得了他们需要的I was left feeling quite affected.只剩下我一直感觉不自然Luckily inside there I wasnt going to operate any machinery.幸运的是 在那儿 我不用操作任何机器I was definitely definitely high.而且真的真的很兴奋In a good way!感觉很好Today in there its different.今天感觉不一样了Everything is stripped away.一切影响因素都排除Everything is gone.一切都没了And what Im left with I think was pure pharmacology.只有纯粹的药理作用重点解释:1. more of 更多的例句:Its all over now so think mo more of it.现在一切都过去了,因此别再去想它了2.strip away 揭掉; 去掉例句:Lets strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.咱们少说漂亮话,多谈实质问题吧。 201508/391275

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