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Facebook is really two companies for the price of one: A really nifty, visionary, we’re-going-to-change-the-world innovator and a mind-numbingly technocratic/grind-it-out money-making machine.社交网站Facebook有两张面孔:一张是时髦且富有远见、志在改变世界的创新者;另一张则是单调乏味技术专家式加埋头苦干的赚钱机器。Let’s take the second first. The company reported full-year earnings Wednesday, and by any measure Facebook is an impressive business. Largely by selling ads that run on cell phones, Facebook’s 2014 revenue increased 58% to .5 billion. The company earned almost billion. Nearly 900 million people used Facebook daily during December.我们先来看看Facebook的后一张面孔。上周三,该公司公布了全年营收,不论以何种标准来衡量,其业绩都相当不错。2014年,Facebook的营收增长58%,达到125亿美元,主要来自移动端广告销售。Facebook2014年净利润将近30亿美元。截至去年12月,每天有近9亿人使用Facebook。Unless your exceedingly interested in the intricacies of advertising technology, there’s almost nothing interesting about how Facebook makes money. Listening to a discussion of its financial results is a forced march through the muddy fields of organic impressions, increasing velocity of advertising efficiency, right-hand rails, and the like. In discussing Facebook’s desire to be a good partner to software developers, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to the company’s efforts at building a “cross-platform platform.” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, piped in that “our ultimate goal is to be the critical business partner to our clients.”除非你对复杂难懂的广告技术非常感兴趣,否则,Facebook的盈利模式听起来相当无趣。听人讨论其财务业绩,简直好比在泥地里强行推进,令人痛苦不堪,耳边充斥着各种术语:有机曝光次数、广告投放率递增速度、右侧栏,凡此种种,不一而足。谈到Facebook希望成为软件开发者很好的合作伙伴,公司创始人兼首席执行官马克o扎克伯格称,Facebook正努力建设“跨平台平台”。Facebook首席运营官谢丽尔o桑德伯格插话道:“我们的最终目标,是成为客户的关键商业伙伴。”Yawn-inducing, perhaps, but powerful too. Facebook now gets nearly 70% of its revenue from mobile devices, up from nothing a few short years ago. Considering its rapid growth, it is astounding that revenue from ads that run on desktop computers re only growing at a 1% clip for Facebook. It’s worth repeating: Not very long ago desktop ads were all that Facebook had. Facebook also has a balance sheet nearly as big as its 2014 revenues: It ended the year with .2 billion in cash.这种话或许令人大打哈欠,但却富有感染力。Facebook目前近70%的收入来自移动设备端,而就在短短几年前,移动端收入几乎为零。相较于其高速增长,Facebook台式电脑端广告营收的增速仅1%,不由得令人震惊。值得一提的是,就在不久前,Facebook几乎全部收入都来自电脑端广告。Facebook当前资产负债表上的现金规模几乎可媲美其2014全年营收:截至2014年底,该公司坐拥112亿美元现金。But wait, wasn’t there something about a vision and making the world safe for something other than efficient mobile ad units?等等,除了高效的移动广告单元外,Facebook不是还有个要使世界变得更安全的愿景吗?Indeed. Zuckerberg did something unique for an investor earnings call: He shared a three-, five-, and 10-year vision for his company. The three-year vision includes creating better services for people and, critically, businesses while growing Facebook’s “community.” The five-year plan envisions making businesses of WhatsApp and Messenger, an acquisition and a separate messaging app, respectively. The 10-year plan involves Zuckerberg’s goal of helping every person in the world obtain an Internet connection (through his Internet.org project) and then plopping them down into a virtual-reality world stemming from Facebook’s Oculus VR purchase.没错,扎克伯格做了件在投资者收益电话会议上极为罕见的事:他分享了Facebook的三年、五年以及十年愿景。其三年愿景包括,为人们以及(最重要的是)企业提供更好的务,同时使Facebook的“社区”不断发展。五年计划是使WhatsApp和Messenger两款应用分别实现商业化。十年计划则包括:使全球所有人都能连上互联网(通过扎克伯格的Internet.org项目),并使他们进入Facebook收购的Oculus VR创造的虚拟现实世界。It’s the kind of stuff that only a company that’s printing money from its gigantic audience can afford to think about.这样的愿景,只有拥有海量用户、日进斗金的公司才敢有。Toward the end of the earnings call an investor asked Zuckerberg if it made sense to spending so much money to provide Internet connections to customers who wouldn’t generate sufficient revenue for Facebook to recoup the investment. Why, the analyst asked, does this matter to investors? Zuckerberg’s response neatly summed up his thinking about Facebook. “It matters to the kind of investors that we want to have because we’re a mission-focused company,” Zuckerberg said. “Part of the sub-text of your question is that if we were only focused on making money we’d simply focus on selling more ads in the U.S. But that’s not the only thing we think about here.”收益电话会议接近尾声时,有一位投资者问扎克伯格,斥巨资帮助那些不能给Facebook带来足够收入的客户接入互联网,以至于收不回本,这样做是否合理?该分析师问道,这同投资者有什么关系?扎克伯格的回答,很好地概括了他对Facebook的想法。他说道:“对于我们想要吸引的投资者来说,这一点很重要,因为我们是一家专注于使命的企业。你提的问题的潜台词是,如果我们只关心赚钱,我们会专注于在美国卖出更多广告。但我们并不仅关心赚钱。”At Facebook FB 0.61% , they certainly think about making money. Indeed, when you make so much of it you also can think about creative ways to make even more, even if the payout is way off into the future.不过,Facebook肯定有琢磨赚钱的事。确实,当你大赚特赚时,你可以想些有创意的方式来赚更多的钱,哪怕回报要很久以后才能看到。(财富中文网) /201502/358727

The Moto X Pure Edition is not just the best giant Android smartphone or the best Android phone for the money. It is the best Android phone.Moto X纯净版不只是最伟大的安卓智能机,也是性价比最高的安卓机,是最棒的安卓机。It#39;s everything a great smartphone should be: It#39;s thin, beautiful, fast, has a battery that will get you through the day, it has an awesome 5.7-inch display, a great camera, a super-fast turbo-charging battery. But there are three things that make the Moto X Pure Edition particularly special and worthy of the ;best ever; recognition.它具有每一部优秀智能机必备的特点:超薄,美观,运行速度快,电池续航给力,它有个5.7寸显示屏,像素高,超高速涡轮增压电池。但是Moto X纯净版有三点特殊之处,这也使它成为有史以来最棒的安卓机。1.It is the most customizable phone on the market1.市场上最佳可定制手机Smartphones are deeply personal items. More than any other smartphone maker, Motorola gets how important it is to tailor its smartphones to its customers.智能机是非常个人的物品。托罗拉公司比任何手机制造商都清楚为顾客量身定制手机的重要性。Like Motorola#39;s two previous Moto X phones, the Pure Edition comes in a huge variety of colors and materials. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, including grippy silicone models in a dozen colors, multiple wood grains and differently styled leather backs. Motorola#39;s software is also personal. It#39;s mostly Android with just a few welcome tweaks that make your phone your own. It even comes with an increasingly rare SD card slot, allowing customers to cheaply add storage to their devices and avoid the single biggest ripoff from cell phone companies.与之前两部Moto X一样,纯净版也有多种颜色材质各不相同,多种选择包括12种不同颜色的流行硅胶款,多重木纹款以及不同风格的皮革款。托罗拉的软件也十分个人化。大多数为安卓软件,只有几个受欢迎的系统微调,这使你的手机十分个性化。 它甚至还有一个越来越罕见的SD卡插槽,使消费者增加手机存储并避免手机公司简单大型盗窃。2.It will work on any carrier2.适用于任何运营商The Moto X Pure Edition will only be offered unlocked and without a contract, meaning you won#39;t be able to buy a subsidized Moto X directly from your carrier. But it will work on any of the four nationwide cell phone companies. You can use the same exact phone on Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) or Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) networks. If T-Mobile is offering you a great deal in October, and Verizon gives you a better offer in November, you can switch with no strings attached.Moto X纯净版无锁无合约,意味着你不需要从运营商那里直接购买Moto X。但是,Moto X适用于美国四大主流运营商中的任何一个,Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) 或Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) 。如果T-Mobile十月有优惠,Verizon十一月有优惠,你可以毫无限制的自由转换。3.It costs just 93.售价399美元What makes Motorola#39;s new phone really stand out is the price. The Moto X Pure Edition costs about 0 less than the similarly sized Apple (AAPL, Tech30) iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At 9, the Moto X Pure Edition is not only the best Android smartphone but the best phone deal as well.托罗拉这部新手机最大的亮点在于价格。Moto X纯净版比苹果规模相似的iPhone 6 Plus和三星Galaxy Note 5便宜约350美元。至于399美元,Moto X纯净版不仅是最棒的安卓智能机,还是性价比最高的手机。 /201509/399165

Apple could be testing a technology called Li-Fi, according to code found within iOS 9.1.根据从iOS 9.1系统中发现的代码来判断,苹果公司可能正在测试一种名为LiFi的新技术。Li-Fi was invented by Harald Haas, a researcher at Edinburgh University, and has since been worked on by a number of companies.LiFi技术是由爱丁堡大学的研究员Harald Haas发明的,现在已经被多家公司所采用。The technology is around 100 times faster than Wi-Fi — with speeds of around 224 gigabits per second — because it uses the light spectrum to transmit data.这项技术的传输速度比WiFi快100倍,可以达到每秒224GB,这主要是因为它使用了光谱来传输数据。It#39;s unclear how Apple intends to use the technology or whether it will make it into the rumoured iPhone 7.目前还不清楚苹果将如何使用这项技术或者是否会将该技术应用于iPhone 7中。There is currently no technology on the market that uses Li-Fi, so there is little to compare it to. However, one use could be talking to other devices within the same room, such as the Apple TV. The high data speeds mean a film could be sent from an iPhone to the TV within seconds, y to stream. (This is just speculation, though — it#39;s still early days for the technology.)现在市面上还没有使用LiFi的技术,因此不存在可比性。其中一种应用方案是在同一房间内的设备间通讯比如iPhone与Apple TV之间的通讯。它的高速数据传输能力意味着将一部影片从iPhone传输到电视可能只要几秒钟就行了。(这只是人们的一种猜测,这项技术还处于早期研发阶段。)Apple filed for a patent in 2013 that talked about an ;optical modulation using an image sensor; that used the iPhone#39;s camera to transmit data via light, a technology that could be used with Li-Fi.苹果在2013年提交了一份专利申请,涉及到“一种使用图像感应器的光模块”,它可以利用iPhone的摄像头通过光来传输数据,这种技术可能用到了LiFi技术。 /201601/423655

  In a sign of the political mood in Taiwan, the top free application in Apple’s App Store there for much of last week wasn’t a mobile game or a social network, but a tool of protest.上周很大一部分时间里,苹果应用商店在台湾排名最高的免费应用不是手机游戏,也不是社交网络应用,而是一款抗议工具。这是台湾政治氛围的一个标志。Named Bingdela — after a Taiwanese phrase associated with overturning a table in rage — the software allows users to check whether food or drink products are associated with Ting Hsin International, a conglomerate that last year was the center of a food safety scandal involving its cooking oil.该应用名为“冰的啦”,在闽南语里意为愤怒地掀桌。用户可以用它来查看食物或饮料产品是否与顶新国际有关联。这家企业集团去年爆发了涉及食用油的食品安全丑闻。Though the app first appeared last year, downloads spiked during the past week after a court in Taiwan ruled that the chairman of Ting Hsin was not guilty of a charge accusing him of violating Taiwan’s food safety law — even though his company knowingly imported products intended for animal feed and used them to make low-quality oil. The app’s creator, Sky Lin, said it had gotten the bulk of its 260,000 downloads during the past two weeks.虽然该应用最早发布是在去年,但是上周,在台湾法院裁定顶新集团主席违反台湾食品安全法的罪名不成立之后,它的下载量出现了飙升。顶新集团明知进口的这种油品是用于生产动物饲料的,却仍用它们来生产劣质油。该应用的开发者林亮宇(Sky Lin)表示,它已经被下载26万次,大量下载出现在过去两周。“People couldn’t find a place to vent their anger, and that’s where our product came in to play a role,” said Mr. Lin, who added that he originally made the app not for profit or self-promotion, but instead out of raw political anger.“人们找不到地方发泄愤怒,而这也正是我们的产品的用武之地,”林先生说。他最初开发这个应用不是为了赚钱,也不是想宣传自己,而是出于政治上的强烈愤慨。The power of social media as an implement of political expression is well known. But Mr. Lin’s product shows how apps can be specifically designed to solve more complicated problems of protests. In this case, widesp calls for boycotts of Ting Hsin’s products proved difficult because the conglomerate has several subsidiaries and sells its oil to other companies for use in their products.作为一种政治表达工具,社交媒体的力量是众所周知的。但林先生的产品显示了应用可以专门设计用来解决抗议活动中的一些更复杂的问题。在这个案例中,虽然人们广泛呼吁要抵制顶新的产品,但事实明要做到这一点相当困难,因为该集团拥有多家分公司,而且还销售食用油给其他企业用于生产不同品牌的产品。The ability to tackle more complex problems gives people the ability to do more in situations where regulators or governments do not do their jobs effectively, according to Mr. Lin.林先生认为,遇到监管机构或政府不能有效地做好本职工作的情况,为公众提供可以解决更复杂问题的工具,就赋予了他们做更多事情的能力。“There are structural issues creating these types of food safety problems in Taiwan. It’s a deeper issue with Taiwanese law and government. It’s not an isolated case. We have seen it happen again and again,” he said.“台湾有一些结构性弊端造成了这种食品安全问题。这是台湾法律和政府的一个深层问题。它不是一个孤立事件。我们看到这种事情在接二连三地发生,”他说。Mr. Lin said he expected more of this type of protest to come to the fore in Taiwan as activists gain stronger programming abilities. He and his team, who normally work on an app that is a guide to Taiwan’s bars, were able to create the protest app in just two weeks, mostly by reusing code they had aly developed.林先生表示,随着活动人士的编程能力日益增强,他预计台湾会涌现出更多的这类抗议软件。他和团队的本职工作是经营一个台湾酒吧指南应用。他们主要通过回用以前代码的方式,在短短两周内开发出了这个抗议应用。The most labor-intensive part, according to Mr. Lin, was researching the products linked to Ting Hsin and photographing them to assemble a graphical database of items that should be flagged. Friends pitched in to provide other photos and research.林先生说,在整个项目中,人力需求最密集的部分是研究哪些产品和顶新集团有关联,然后给它们拍照,输入到一个可疑产品的图形数据库中。朋友们热心地为团队提供了其他一些照片和研究结果。With the app now doing well, a new question facing Mr. Lin is whether to fund it.这个应用现在表现不错,但林先生面临着如何为其提供资金的新问题。“The second day after it happened, I was contacted by an advertising agent, and they argued that we’ll need advertising if we want long-term development. But for me personally, I don’t want to see ads when using this app,” he said.“发布后的第二天,有一家广告代理联系我,说如果我们想长期发展的话,就需要投放广告。但在我个人来说,我不希望在使用这个应用的时候看到广告,”他说。Offers for sponsorships have also come in, but Mr. Lin said those, too, were problematic, because large sums from different organizations or companies could ultimately compromise the fairness of the app down the line.也有一些赞助商表示愿意提供资金,但林先生认为这样做也会有问题,因为来自不同组织或公司的大笔资金最终可能会产生影响,危及应用的公平性。Mr. Lin is still trying to figure out what to do with Bingdela. Some have suggested that his team should add other brands that have had past issues, but he said that for now he was still trying to figure out how to round up funding.林先生仍在考虑“冰的啦”的未来。有些人认为,他的团队应该把过去有过丑闻的其他品牌也添加进来,但他表示,目前他仍在考虑获得资金的方式。“We have received a lot of encouragement, some of which actually were quite touching. It gave me the motivation to do more. My wife said, ‘That’s not your expertise.’ I think Taiwan needs such a platform to do this, whether it be the government or a nongovernment entity. We need this to fundamentally fix some damages caused by economic development,” he said.“我们收到了大量鼓励,有些的确相当感人。这让我有了做更多事情的动力。我太太说,‘这不是你的专长。’我觉得台湾需要有这样一个平台来做这个,无论是政府还是非政府机构。我们需要这个来从根本上修复经济发展带来的一些损害,”他说。 /201512/416122

  Samsung, LG and Google have pledged to provide monthly security updates for smartphones running the Android operating system.三星、LG和谷歌已经承诺每月都对使用安卓操作系统的智能手机进行安全升级。In July, a major bug was discovered in the software that could let hijackers access data on up to a billion phones. Manufacturers have been slow to roll out a fix because many variations of Android are widely used.七月份,安卓软件出现故障,黑客可利用该故障获取数十亿手机上的数据。由于各种版本的安卓系统得到广泛的应用,制造商未能及时推出解决方案。One Android expert said it was ;about time; phone makers issued security fixes more quickly. Android has been working to patch a vulnerability, known as Stagefright, which could let hackers access a phone#39;s data simply by sending somebody a message.一名安卓系统专家表示,生产商发布修补程序只是时间问题。安卓系统一直在修补名为Stagefright的漏洞,黑客可凭借该漏洞向用户发送视频信息即可窃取手机数据。;My guess is that this is the single largest software update the world has ever seen,; said Adrian Ludwig, Android#39;s lead engineer for security, at hacking conference Black Hat.安卓首席安全工程师在黑帽安全技术大会上表示:“我认为这是世界上需要更新的最大的软件。”LG, Samsung and Google have all said a number of their handsets will get the fix, with further updates every month.LG、三星以及谷歌也表示他们的很多手机每个月都会更新以修补漏洞。Android is an open source operating system, with the software freely available for phone manufacturers to modify and use on their handsets.安卓是一种开源式的操作系统,手机厂商可以免费将软件安装在生产的手机上。The Google-led project does provide security fixes for the software, but phone manufacturers are responsible for sending the updates to their devices. Some phones running old versions of Android are no longer updated by the manufacturer. Many companies also deploy customised versions of Android which take time to get the updates.谷歌公司领导的该项目确实为软件提供修补程序,但是需要手机厂商将更新程序发送至其生产的设备。一些手机运营较老版本的安卓系统,手机厂商已不再为此类手机提供修补程序。很多公司配置的是定做的安卓系统,融合更新程序,仍须一段时间。Apple and BlackBerry can patch security problems more quickly because they develop both the software and the hardware for their devices. BlackBerry#39;s software is reviewed by mobile networks before being sent to handsets, while Apple can push updates to its phones whenever it wants.苹果公司以及黑莓公司能够更快的修复安全问题,因为这两家公司不仅生产设备的软件,还生产设备的硬件。黑莓公司将软件发送至手机时,会经过手机网络的审查,而苹果公司可以随时对手机进行更新。;The very nature of Android is that manufacturers add their own software on top, so there have been delays in software roll-outs,; said Jack Parsons, editor of Android Magazine.安卓杂志编辑 Jack Parsons表示:“安卓系统的一个特点是,生产商最后才安装软件,因此软件交付会有推迟。”;In the US it#39;s even worse because mobile carriers often add their own software too. There#39;s no real villain here, that#39;s just how the system works. But there will always be security concerns with software, so it#39;s right that some of the manufacturers are stepping up to deal with this now.;在美国,情况更糟糕,因为手机用户经常添加自己的软件。其实没有真正的坏人,关键是系统运作的方式。但软件的安全问题会一直存在。因此,厂商逐步解决这个问题,是正确的选择。 /201508/392222。

  I am not sure how comfortable i am with computerized lifts.我不确定在计算机化的电梯里能有多舒适。She`s a bit elevator-wary.她有点警惕电梯故障。Don`t they make you feel claustrophobic?它们不会让你感到幽闭恐惧吗?How exactly does an elevator work?电梯究竟如何运作的?It looks like this one is out of order.看起来这部电梯发生故障了。we`re packed like sardines in here.我们这里像沙丁鱼罐头一样挤成一堆。Everyone stay calm!大家都保持冷静。we have to try not to panic.我们要试着别惊慌。Looks like we`re going to be stuck in here for a while.看起来我们要被困在这里一段时间了。Have you called for help yet?你呼救了吗?Can`t we force the doors open?我们不能强行打开电梯门吗?Let`t just sit tight.让我们耐心等待吧。It`s probably safer to wait it out.也许耐心等待故障清除会更安全。Just take a deep breath and relax.做做深呼吸,放松一下。Have you tried the ;door open; button?你试过按开门键吗?Try tapping the door with a key,the sound travels really far.试试用钥匙轻拍电梯门,声音会传得更远。Don`t worry,we`ll be out in no time.别担心,我们马上就能出去。Just remember,elevators have cameras---let`s not do anything stupid.只需要记着,电梯里有摄像头,别做傻事。 /201501/351910

  Sebastian Thrun, former head of the Google X — the advanced projects lab set up to make big bets on the future — knows all about technological ambition. Driverless cars, high-altitude balloons providing internet access and contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels were all products that flowered under his leadership.谷歌(Google)成立先进项目实验室Google X是为了对未来进行重大的。该实验室前负责人塞巴斯蒂安#8226;特伦(Sebastian Thrun)深谙什么才是科技雄心。无人驾驶汽车、提供互联网接入的高空轻气球以及监测血糖水平的隐形眼镜,都曾是他领导的研发项目。But when it comes to the Android operating system for mobile devices, Mr Thrun says this is not the time for Google to pursue bold new visions. With smartphone wars well advanced, he believes it is now all about smaller incremental advances, as Apple and Google slug it out for global advantage.但对于面向移动设备的Android操作系统,特伦说,现在不是谷歌追求大胆新愿景的时候。随着智能手机的竞争不断深化,随着苹果(Apple)和谷歌激烈争夺全球优势,他认为,现在的关键在于小步快跑。“You can have great visions, but change takes implementation, it takes small steps,” Mr Thrun said last week, after watching the opening presentation at Google I/O, the group’s annual technology showcase event. “What I saw was Android playing out, Android getting into the mature phase.”在看过上周谷歌年度科技展示大会(Google I/O)的开幕演讲后,特伦说:“你可以有伟大的愿景,但改变需要执行,需要走小步……我看到的是Android正在竭尽全力,正在进入成熟阶段。”Sameer Iyengar, a former Google employee who is now a co-founder of app maker Beautylish, questioned whether Google was being bold enough in laying out its tech vision: “The thought leadership is maybe absent, compared to where it was in the past,” he suggested.谷歌前员工、现为应用(app)制造商Beautylish联合创始人的萨米尔#8226;延加(Sameer Iyengar),质疑谷歌在阐述其科技愿景方面有足够的胆略:“与过去相比,思想领导力可能相对缺乏,”他提出。However, he credited Google with taking a lead in at least one area: machine learning — a form of artificial intelligence that the company says is being used to enhance its mobile software and make apps on Android work better.然而,他认为值得肯定的是,谷歌至少在一个领域保持领先地位:机器学习。该公司称,这种人工智能正被用于增强移动设备软件,并使Android平台上的应用更好运行。Applications of AI were among the most eye-catching demonstrations at last week’s event, underlining Google’s aims of using its massive computing base and advanced algorithms to make its services far more relevant and useful.人工智能的应用是上周大会上最受关注的演示之一,凸显谷歌的目标,即利用庞大计算能力和先进算法,使其务更具相关性和有用性。On at least one measure, Android has been a spectacular success. Conceived by Google as a defensive strategy to ensure its internet services were not locked out of mobile handsets by companies such as Apple or Microsoft, the software has turned into the dominant smartphone platform, accounting for about 80 per cent of the market worldwide.至少从一个方面衡量,Android已经是一个巨大的成功。当初谷歌研发Android系统是作为一种防御性策略,目的是确保其互联网务不被苹果或者微软(Microsoft)等公司的移动设备挡在门外。如今该软件已成为占主导地位的智能手机平台,占全球市场约80%的份额。But there is a hard slog ahead. With a disparate group of handset makers in the Android camp, the platform has struggled to match the more polished set of services and hardware that Apple has built around the iPhone, such as Apple Pay and, more recently, Watch.但前方的路也很艰难。由于Android阵营包括形形色色的手机制造商,该平台一直难以赶上苹果围绕iPhone打造的、更为精致的务和硬件,如Apple Pay以及最近的苹果手表(Apple Watch)。Also, to make money, Google needs to reinforce the prominent position of its own services at a time when the open-source Android world threatens to break apart. Hardware makers, ranging from Amazon to Xiaomi, are now looking to use Android as a platform for their own app stores and services — displacing Google.此外,为了创收,谷歌需要在开放源的Android世界有分裂危险之际,加强自身务的突出地位。从亚马逊(Amazon)到小米(Xiaomi),很多硬件制造商正希望利用Android作为自己应用商店和务的平台,取代谷歌。“They have to make sure Android doesn’t just degenerate into low-end devices and fragmentation,” says Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, the tech research firm.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔#8226;希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)说:“他们必须确保Android不会就此沦为低端设备和割据状态。”If that were not enough, Google has to deal with the consequences of its own, expansive vision. This has taken Android into a broad array of new markets, from “smart” home appliances to cars. “Where Apple is always very focused on a few product categories, Google wants to be in everything,” says Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research. “It’s hard for Google to keep making meaningful progress across all those different domains and keep up with Apple.”如果这些还不够,谷歌还必须应对其广阔愿景带来的后果。这一愿景已将Android带入了一系列新市场,从“智能”家电到汽车。“苹果永远紧紧聚焦于几种产品类别,而谷歌什么都想涉猎,”Jackdaw Research的简#8226;道森(Jan Dawson)表示。“谷歌很难在所有这些不同领域都不断取得有意义的进展,赶上苹果。”Winning the hearts and minds of app developers — the focus of Google I/O last week, and the rival Apple developer conference next week — has become a key part of the battle. Creating a marketplace where app developers can make money has been at the heart of Apple’s formula for encouraging them to do their best work first for its mobile devices.赢得应用开发者的拥护和持——上周Google I/O大会以及苹果下周的开发者大会的主要焦点——已成为这场竞争的关键部分。创建一个应用开发者能够从中赚钱的市场,一直处于苹果模式的核心,为的是鼓励他们首先尽心尽力为苹果的移动设备开发出最好的应用。But the Android world has been catching up. For most developers, the calculation is now finely balanced. Like many, Mr Iyengar says his app reaches far more people on Android devices but, on an individual basis, iOS customers are more profitable for his company.但是,Android世界在紧紧追赶。对大多数开发者来说,如今两边的份量差不多。和许多人一样,Beautylish的延加称,虽然其应用面向多得多的Android设备用户,但就每个用户而言,iOS用户为其公司带来的利润更多。Google’s Play Store had been gaining ground as a source of income for developers, but the momentum in recent months turned back to Apple. Tero Kuittinen, managing director of Magid Associates, a consultancy, and an adviser to several gaming companies, says app makers were “taken aback” by the shift, which followed the launch of larger iPhones. However, according to at least some industry estimates, the sheer weight of numbers is finally starting to play in Android’s favour — even if Google is not the only beneficiary.谷歌的Play Store作为开发者的收入来源一度取得进展,但最近几个月势头又转回了苹果。咨询公司Magid Associates董事总经理、为几家公司提供咨询的特罗#8226;库伊蒂宁(Tero Kuittinen)说,这一转变是在苹果推出更大的新款iPhone之后发生的,应用制造商对这种转变“大吃一惊”。然而,至少某些行业评估显示,数量优势终于开始有利于Android——即使谷歌不是唯一的受益者。Apple’s App Store accounts for around 45 per cent of the revenue that developers make from apps, compared to 29 per cent for Google’s Play, according to Digi-Capital. But, counting in the income from handsets in China where Google’s apps are blocked — meaning it makes no money — pushes the overall Android share to 52 per cent, Digi-Capital calculates.精品投资Digi-Capital的数据显示,开发者从应用获得的营收中,约45%来自苹果App Store,29%来自谷歌Play Store。但是,根据Digi-Capital的统计,若加上来自中国的手机的收入(谷歌的应用在中国遭封锁,意味着谷歌本身无钱可赚),Android的整体市场份额将升至52%。Last week, matching and trying to surpass Apple was a strong subtext of Google’s pitch to developers. New features included Android Pay, a rival to Apple Pay and a fresh attempt to break into mobile payments after the disappointment of Google Wallet.上周,赶上并试图超越苹果是谷歌传递给开发者的强大潜台词。新的功能包括与Apple Pay竞争的Android Pay,这是自Google Wallet令人失望之后谷歌进军移动付领域的新尝试。A new Google Photos app, with the promise of software that can automatically organise libraries of pictures, also echoed capabilities that are aly offered by Apple.一款承诺可自动整理照片图库的新款谷歌照片应用Google Photos,也呼应了苹果早已提供的功能。But in other areas, Google seemed unprepared. While smartwatches based on last year’s Android Wear technology have been put in the shade by the recent launch of Apple Watch, Google had little new to show off in response. This was a sign that it is surrendering early leadership in wearables to Apple, according to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar Worldpanel.但在其他领域,谷歌似乎毫无准备。虽然近期Apple Watch的推出使基于去年Android Wear技术发布的智能手表相形见绌,但谷歌没有任何新技术作为回应。Kantar Worldpanel分析师卡罗琳娜#8226;米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)表示,这标志着谷歌正向苹果让出可穿戴设备领域的早期领先地位。Yet some of the latest attempts to extend the Android universe clearly play to Google’s strengths. Its new photos app, for instance, offers free storage for an unlimited number of pictures, echoing the launch of Gmail, the company’s free email service, in 2004, although the cost of storage has fallen greatly since then and has become less of a competitive differentiator.然而,最近一些扩展Android世界的尝试显然有助于发挥谷歌的优势。例如,谷歌新的照片应用可提供无限量的免费图片存储,呼应了2004年谷歌推出Gmail免费电子邮件务之举,尽管自那以来存储成本已大幅降低,不再是那么大的竞争差异化工具。Sucking in large volumes of photos also presents a new opportunity for Google to add to its aly substantial mass of data about users. Company executives say they have not made plans to scan the pictures for advertising purposes but make no secret of the fact that a person’s photo library comprises a highly valuable source of information about them.吸收海量的照片也为谷歌提供了新的机遇,可扩大其已拥有的大量用户数据。谷歌高管表示,他们并没有为广告目的而扫描图片的计划,但并不掩饰这样一个事实,即一个人的照片库包含有关他/她的极有价值的信息。Meanwhile, to improve the experience of using Android handsets in emerging markets, where low-end hardware and unreliable networks often hamper performance, Google has announced new ways of using its services offline. These included the ability to view maps and directions while not connected.同时,为了改善在新兴市场中(低端硬件和不稳定的网络经常妨碍性能)使用Android手机的体验,Google发布了离线使用其务的新方法,包括在没有网络连接的情况下查看地图和导航。They all represent attempts by Google to shift more of the value to its own services rather than embed it in the Android open-source software, says Mr Hilwa — a way to ensure that Google remains at the centre of the Android universe.IDC的希尔瓦说,这些都表明谷歌试图将更多的价值转移到自己的务中,而非嵌入在开放源代码的Android软件中,以此确保谷歌始终处于Android世界的中心。 /201506/378549Lynette Kucsma wants to sell the 21st century’s version of the microwave.The “Foodini”—an automated meal-assembly machine that creates homemade meals faster and more efficiently than human hands—is the first product by Natural Machines, Kucsma’s company.利奈特o库斯玛想要卖“21世纪版的微波炉”。作为他的自然机器公司推出的第一款产品,Foodini自动化食品加工机,能够更快、更高效地制作家常美食。Natural Machines is marketing the Foodini as a 3D food printer. That sort of futuristic branding may scare consumers from the supremely out-there concept. Kucsma’s not worried, though.自然机器公司将Foodini称为一台3D食品打印机。这种颇具未来主义色的品牌定位或许会吓跑一批消费者,不过库斯玛并不担心。“When people first heard about microwaves they didn’t understand the technology, but now 90% of households have microwaves,” she says. “We see the same thing happening with 3D food printing, but on a much faster scale because we adopt technology faster and the technology advances faster.”“当人们第一次听说微波炉时,他们也不理解微波炉的技术原理,但现在90%的家庭都有微波炉,”她说。“我们认为3D食品打印也会经历这样的发展历程,但人们接受3D食品打印的速度要快得多,因为现在我们采用科技的速度,以及科技进步的速度,都比以往更快了。”In reality, the Foodini isn’t a 3D printer, per se. 3D printers generally run at one speed and handle a single ingredient: plastic. The Foodini is programmed similarly, but offers multiple speeds and works with numerous ingredients at the same time. The box-shaped contraption is approximately 17 inches wide, 18 inches high and clocks in at 33 pounds.实际上,Foodini并不是一台严格意义上的3D打印机。3D打印机基本上是按照同一个速度运行的,处理的原材料也只有一种——塑料。Foodini的运行程序和3D打印机类似,但它提供了几种不同的运转速度,并且可以同时处理几种原材料。它的箱型机身大约有17英寸宽,18英寸高,重约33磅。Natural Machines’s first iteration of the Foodini works best for time-consuming projects like pasta, elaborately shaped bs and cookies. Users first select a recipe from the touch screen or send their own to the Internet-connected machine. They then make the individual components of the dish from scratch and put the components into Foodini’s stainless steel ingredient capsules. From there, Foodini whips up dinner.作为自然机器公司的第一代Foodini,它最擅长的就是做那些比较耗时的菜,比如意大利面和需要造型的面包及饼干等。用户首先要从触摸屏上选择一份菜谱,或者也可以把自己喜欢的菜谱发送到这台联网的机器上。用户只需要备好原料,并且将原料放进Foodini的不锈钢原料容器就行了,Foodini会完成制作过程。If the user is making a recipe for ravioli, for instance, the Foodini prints the bottom layer of dough, the filling and the top dough layer in subsequent steps. It reduces a lengthy recipe to two minutes construction time and ensures that no one has to clean a countertop caked with leftover dough and flour.打个比方,如果用户做的是意大利饺子,Foodini会相继“打印”出下层饺子皮、馅料和上层饺子皮。漫长的包饺子过程会缩短至2分钟,用户也不必在事后收拾粘乎乎的面粉案板了。Version 1.0 can’t cook or heat food, but Kucsma expects to add those features in future Foodini models. She also anticipates food companies making y-to-print items, so users can skip the ingredient prep stage entirely.Foodini的1.0版目前还不能烹饪或加热食物,但库斯玛打算在以后的机型上添加这些功能。库斯玛还预计,食品公司以后或将推出各种“打印耗材”,这样一来用户就可以完全跳过准备食材的环节。Foodini will go on sale in the mid-2015. “The demand is so high that we’re thinking about rolling out 1,000 machines for our first run,” says Kucsma. The device costs ,300 and will be available online. Kucsma is initially targeting chefs, but says she’s also been in talks with both corporate retailers and food manufacturers (non-disclosure agreements prevent her from providing company names and details). Kucsma says the food industry is embracing the technology. “They are asking us how this will impact their market and are getting involved quite early to figure out how to get engaged with it.”Foodini将于2015年年中正式上市。库斯玛表示:“市场需求非常高,我们打算首轮推出1000台机器。”每台Foodini的售价为1300美元,消费者可以从网上订购。库斯玛最初瞄准的目标客户是厨师,但她也表示,她目前也在与企业零售商和食品制造商进行接洽(由于保密协议的缘故,她无法提供合作企业的名称和细节)。库斯玛表示,食品行业非常欢迎这项新技术。“他们问我们,这项技术将对市场产生什么样的影响,而且他们都在积极参与这项技术,以便搞清楚能够如何利用它。”She adds that culinary professionals see it as a tool to unlock creativity, not as their replacement. “We’re trying to reinvent food experiences, so what [Kucsma] is doing with using technology to change foods fits right into our wheelhouse,” says New York City caterer Peter Callahan, who has thrown events for President Obama and corporate clients Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Kate Spade. Callahan plans to purchase a Foodini—and he feels the device’s appeal extends beyond the restaurant kitchen. “[Kucsma] is pricing her machine so it can be purchased by a home cook,” he says. “I could see it being in a lot of houses.”她补充道,很多专业厨师都把它当作一种释放创意的工具,而并不认为它会抢走自己的饭碗。纽约宴会美食家彼得o卡拉汉曾经为奥巴马以及拉夫o劳伦、托里o伯奇和凯特o斯派德等企业客户提供过宴席。他说:“我们正在致力于彻底改造食物的体验,所以库斯玛利用科技改造食物的做法,和我们的方向是一样的。”卡拉汉自己也打算购买一台Foodini,他认为这台设备的吸引力并不局限在餐厅的厨房里。“它的定价是普通家庭也能承担得起的,所以我认为它会进入很多普通家庭。”Inventor Alex Lightman has been advising Natural Machines and sees tremendous potential for the hardware to be in any space-crunched cooking space—including airplanes. “People would want to fly on the first airline that uses it because they won’t have to have airline food,” says Lightman. “And ten years from now, if you talk about airline food as a bad thing, people will look at you strange and say that airline food is fabulous.”自然机器公司的顾问,发明家艾利克斯o莱特曼认为,Foodini在一些烹饪空间狭小的场合下拥有广阔的应用前景——比如在飞机上。“人们可能会想要乘坐第一家使用Foodini的航空公司的航班,因为这样他们就不必吃飞机上的食物了。10年后,如果你再说飞机上的食物难吃,人们可能会用奇怪的眼神看着你,对你说飞机上的食物其实很好吃啊。”Other large-scale institutions like sports stadiums, transportation hubs and school cafeterias could use it to turn their plastic-tasting offerings into something more gourmet, says Lightman. “Think about someone going to Harvard. If you’re paying that much for tuition, you don’t want to eat crap food.” (Lightman would know; he attended Harvard.莱特曼还表示,其他大型场所和机构也可以用它制作美食,来取代以往味同嚼蜡的产品,比如体育场馆、交通枢纽和学校食堂等等。“比如有人上了哈佛大学,既然你已经交了那么多学费,你肯定不想吃难吃的饭。”(这一点莱特曼一定深有体会,因为他上过哈佛。)Interestingly, Natural Machines is based in Spain. After a career working at several startups and as Microsoft’s public relations manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Kucsma followed her husband to Barcelona when he took a new job in 2009. She formed Natural Machines—and the company now has 20 employees scattered across the globe.有意思的是,自然机器公司实际上是一家西班牙公司。库斯玛在创办该公司之前,曾经在好几家创业公司工作过,并曾担任过微软公司欧洲、非洲及中东地区公共关系经理。2009年,由于她的丈夫在巴赛罗那找到了新工作,她便随丈夫一同搬到巴赛罗那,随后创立了自然机器公司——目前该公司在全球各地已经拥有了20名员工。Some are working for little or no pay. “To date, we’ve been bootstrapping the company,” says Kucsma. The initial 0,000 in capital has come from the founders (Kucsma started the company with its CEO Emilio Sepulveda and entrepreneurs Alex Moreu and Rosa Avellaneda) and from loans. Natural Machines has secured another million in financing and is looking for an additional million from investors. Later this year, Kucsma plans to relocate to Los Angeles to establish a five-person U.S. base for the operation while keeping company offices in Barcelona and China.有些员工领的薪水很低,有些甚至是免费工作。库斯玛表示:“到目前为止,我们的发展完全是自力更生。”该公司80万美元启动资金主要来自创始人的投资(库斯玛与CEO埃米利奥o赛普尔韦达和企业家艾利克斯o墨利欧、罗萨o阿韦亚内达等人共同创办了这家公司)和贷款。现在,自然机器公司已经获得了100万美元投资,并且正在试图从投资者手中再拉来500万美元。今年晚些时候,库斯玛打算在洛杉矶开设一间5人的美国总部,同时继续在巴塞罗那和中国设置办事处。As Kucsma envisions it, one day everyone will be able to tap a button on their smartphones when they head home to tell their Foodini to get to work. By the time the user arrives home, there will be hot, fresh ravioli—or whatever else strikes a user’s fancy—waiting. “We are a food manufacturer, shrunk down for everyone’s personal taste,” she says.在库斯玛的设想中,总有一天,当我们临近下班时,只要在智能手机上轻轻一点,就可以让Foodini替你在厨房里忙活。等到用户回到家里,Foodini已经为你做好了热腾腾的饺子——或是任何能够挑逗用户味蕾的美食。库斯玛说:“我们是一家食品制造商,只不过是专门针对每个人的独特口味。” /201503/364320


  Hewlett-Packard is spinning off its Chinese server business into a joint venture with Tsinghua university, as US hardware makers come under pressure in China.就在美国硬件制造商在华面临种种压力之际,惠普(HP)将其在华务器业务剥离,与清华大学(Tsinghua University)成立了一家合资企业。The Silicon Valley technology group said it would sell a majority stake in the Chinese unit for about .3bn, valuing it at .5bn net of cash and debt.这家硅谷高科技集团表示,将以大约23亿美元的价格,出售在这家在华业务部门持有的多数股股权。以这一价格计算,惠普在华业务部门的估值为45亿美元。The new company will be called HC3 and also include technology assets from the prestigious Chinese research university.新公司将被命名为新华三(H3C),其旗下资产还将包括清华大学这家著名中国研究型大学注入的高科技资产。Meg Whitman, HP’s chief executive who is in the middle of splitting the company in two, said it was a “bold move to win in today’s China”.惠普首席执行官梅格#8226;惠特曼(Meg Whitman)表示,此举是“为在今日中国赢得胜利而采取的大胆举措”。这位首席执行官正在将惠普公司分拆为两家公司。In a statement released ahead of the company’s earnings report, due after the markets close in New York, she said: “The combined company will build upon an extensive and valuable patent portfolio, best-in-class products and customer focus, and Tsinghua’s world-class research capability.”惠普定于在纽约股市收盘后发布财报。在财报前发布的一份声明中,惠特曼表示:“合并后公司所仰仗的基础,将包括丰富而极有价值的专利组合、对产品和客户第一流的关注、以及清华大学的世界级研究能力。”The move comes after US technology companies have faced questions in China about potential links to US spying, after revelations by Edward Snowden purported to show the US National Security Agency tampering with hardware exports.就在惠普最新交易之前,美国高科技企业在中国面临重重质疑,即它们或与美国间谍活动有关联。在此之前,据报道,爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)的爆料曾显示美国国家安全局(NSA)对硬件设备出口的干预活动。HC3 will be the largest player in networking in China and a leader in servers, storage and technology services, HP said. It will have .1bn in annual revenue, adjusted operating profit of 0m and 8,000 employees. The management for the new company has yet to be appointed and the deal is expected to close near the end of 2015.惠普表示,新华三将成为中国网络互连领域的最大商家,并成为务器、存储器及技术务领域的业界龙头。该公司将拥有8000名员工,年收入将达31亿美元,调整后的运营利润为4亿美元。新企业的管理层目前尚未任命,该交易预计将在今年年底时达成。 /201505/376517



  AT dinner with friends recently the conversation turned to things that were stressing us out. Yes, it was one of those moody evenings. But it ended up being upbeat because someone asked the inevitable “I wonder if there’s an app for that” question. And it turns out there are lots of apps to help you think positively or aim at happiness, and we all had fun examining them on our phones.最近与朋友吃晚饭时,讨论的话题变成了让我们疲惫不堪的事情。是的,这又是一个那种闷闷不乐的夜晚。但我们最终变得很开心,因为有人问了一个不可避免的问题,“不知道有没有应用能让我们开心起来”。结果发现有很多应用能够帮助人们积极思考,或以幸福感为目标去努力,我们在手机上试用了这些应用,玩得不亦乐乎。Happify is perhaps the most sophisticated positive vibes app available now. The idea of this free iOS app is to train you into thinking positively and feeling happy by engaging you in various “tracks” with different goals like improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities. By playing through games and activities for a few minutes each day, the aim is to ultimately get into the habit of thinking positively.Happify或许是目前市面上最成熟的改善情绪的应用。这款免费的iOS应用的理念是,通过让你采用不同的“路线”,达到增强自信或者发现新的可能性等目的,从而训练你积极思考,感受幸福的能力。通过每天花几分钟时间玩游戏,参加活动,让你养成积极思考的习惯。Happify, which claims its technique is based on science, starts by asking you some thought-provoking questions about your life and your goals in using the app. Then it recommends some tracks for you, and within a few taps you’ve begun.Happify声称,它的技巧基于科学,它开始会问你一些发人深省的问题,涉及你的生活及使用该应用的目的。然后,它会为你推荐一些路线,轻敲几下屏幕,你就可以开始使用了。Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of your daily life. For example, one may ask you to list things you’re grateful for at home, another will get you to notice positive words in a game where you lose points by clicking on negative words.每一条路线都包括一些小测验、游戏和活动,引导你发现你日常生活中更多积极的方面。例如,你会被要求列出家中令你感激的东西,在游戏中找出正面词汇,如果你点击了负面词汇,就会被扣分。The app also regularly helps you assess your happiness level, that way pointing out how you can feel more positive merely by changing your habits. There’s also a community page in the app where you can see inspirational comments by other users and even upload your own — though you don’t have to use this page.该应用还会定期帮你评估自己的幸福水平,指出如何只通过改变习惯使自己变得更加乐观。你还以在该应用的社区网页上看到很多鼓舞人心的,甚至还可以自己发表,但你也可以不去管它。The app is fun and definitely draws my attention to the happier side of life. Perhaps Happify’s only drawback is that while it’s free to download and use, access to its full range of activities costs a month or a year. It’s also only for iOS devices.这款好玩的应用确实让我注意到生活中比较快乐的一面。用户可以免费下载和使用该应用,但要想参与所有活动需要每月付13美元(约合80人民币)或每年付70美元,这可能是Happify唯一的缺点。而且这款应用仅限iOS设备使用。Other apps use a different route to developing positive thinking habits: repeated affirmation. These apps simply expose you repeatedly to motivational ideas, es and suggestions.其他应用利用另外一种途径培养正面思想的习惯:正向强化。这些应用不断给你灌输激励性的想法、名言和建议。On iOS, Positive Thinking by TapCoder.com is a relatively simple attempt at this kind of app. It uses colorful imagery and very simple controls, and has a list of motivational es and suggestions — everything from “do sports” to “stop thinking ... sit there relaxed.” The app can even pop a motivational notification on your screen automatically at certain times if you choose. It’s extremely basic, and there’s not a huge amount of content but you may find it has some good ideas and it is free.在iOS软件中,Positive Thinking是TapCoder.com在该领域一次相对简单的尝试。这款应用的图像丰富多,操作简单,列出了很多激励性的名言和建议——从“做点运动”到“别想了,坐下歇会儿”。你可以通过设置,使它在特定时间自动弹出鼓励信息。功能非常基础,也没有太多内容,但你或许会发现其中有些好主意,而且它是免费的。On Android the app Positive Thinking by Juniper Islet has a very similar goal, but offers extras like being able to add your own motivational es to its archive and to push es onto an Android widget so you can them without opening the app. It’s also free.在Android系统中,Juniper Islet公司推出的Positive Thinking有着类似的目的,但它还提供其他务,比如用户自己可以在档案库中添加一些激励性名言,还可以将这些名言放在桌面工具里,这样不用打开应用就可以看到它们。这款应用也是免费的。Another approach to thinking positively is to track your moods so you can either notice what makes you feel glum or simply be more aware of when you think positively.另一种积极思考的方式就是记录你的情绪变化,如此一来,就可以发现什么让你感到忧郁,或者更多地注意到自己什么时候会积极思考。The app iMoodJournal on iOS, which costs , is sophisticated and has a great-looking, easy-to-use interface. Through a suite of s and text-entry controls you can make a diary-style note in the app of when you’re feeling positive (or not!), and also add a photo or a selfie.适用于iOS系统的iMoodJournal售价2美元,这款成熟的应用有一个非常漂亮的界面,而且操作简单。你可以通过一套菜单和文本输入控件,以日记的形式记录你什么时候觉得乐观(或者悲观),还可以添加照片或者自拍。When you’ve accumulated enough entries, the app presents some analytics in the form of graphs that show your positivity over time. This could help you plan strategies to be more positive.当你的记录达到一定量后,该应用会以图表的形式分析、展示你这段时间以来好的一面。这可以帮助你制定策略,变得更加积极。The T2 Mood Tracker app is a rough equivalent on Android, and has a few neat extras like letting you enter your own parameters to measure on a sliding scale so you could add very specific sensations or events that are meaningful to your emotional state. It’s free, and is also available for iOS devices.T2情绪跟踪器(T2 Mood Tracker)是一款适用于Android系统的类似应用。该应用有一些非常好的附加务,比如让你设置自己的参数,衡量情绪变化,你可以输入对你的情绪状态有意义的详细感受和事件。这是免费的,iOS设备也能使用。If you prefer a more meditative approach to positive thinking, check out Smiling Mind, a free iOS and Android app. You enter data on how you’re feeling, using a number of slide controls that ask if you’re feeling “stormy” or “calm,” for example. Then you listen to a meditation-like voice track that talks you through different programs.如果你更喜欢用冥想的方法来保持乐观,那就试试Smiling Mind,这款免费的应用适用于iOS和Android设备。例如,该应用会问你是否感到“暴躁”或“平静”,你可以通过滑动控制输入有关自己感觉的数据。然后就可以听一个冥想式的语音,引导你完成不同的练习。Depending on the goal of the program, like breathing control or body awareness, each track asks you to think about your habits or past in different ways. Clearly meditation is a very personal experience, and your mileage may vary, but I found the app fascinating and relaxing.每个练习项目的目的不同,比如气息控制和身体意识;提示语音也会相应引导你以不同方式回想自己的习惯或过去经历。很明显,冥想是一种非常个人化的体验,效果因人而异,但我觉得这款应用非常棒,让我很放松。Quick Call简介其他Reflect+ is a new special effects app for iOS devices that quickly and easily transforms ordinary snaps into magical images by adding a fake reflection effect. It’s as if the subject of the original photo were at the edge of a lake or ocean, or even a sheet of ice or metal. Fun, and just .Reflect+是一款适用于iOS设备的新特效应用,可以通过使用假反射效果,快速、轻松地将一张普通的照片变成神奇的图像,使原始照片中的物体看起来像是在湖边或者海边,甚至是一片冰面或者金属的旁边。这很有趣,只要2美元。 /201412/345441


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