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赣州注射丰丰唇价格赣州胎记医院排名You scored. You convinced your boss to let you telecommute. Or you started your own business. Or you#39;re a freelancer. And now, you#39;re not getting anything done. Fortunately, VideoJug is here to provide you with a Guide To Working At Home.你成功了,你说了老板让你在家中远程工作。或者你开创了自己的生意。或者你是自由工作者。现在,一切都没有准备好。幸运的是,VideoJug为你提供了家中工作指引。Step 1: Get Up And Get Dressed!1.起床穿衣It#39;s hard to get your work on when you#39;re still in bed. Get up, get in the shower, and get dressed. You#39;re at home, so you don#39;t have to dress up, but putting on clothes helps you feel professional, and hopefully, will keep you from going back to bed! Some people can work in PJs with no problem, but clearly, you#39;re not one of them, so avoid temptation to let yourself go!在床上很难完成工作。起床,淋浴,穿衣。你在家中工作,所以不必精心打扮,但是穿好衣帮你感觉到比较职业化,而且可以阻止你又躺回床上去!有些人可以穿着睡衣毫无影响地工作,但是很明显,你不是他们中的一员,所以一定要避免诱惑!Step 2: Make A Schedule And Follow It!2.制定时间表You have a calendar. Now use it! Make yourself a schedule and follow it. If you miss a task or time gets away from you, modify your schedule accordingly and stay with it. Schedule in everything from phone calls to free time to ensure that work gets done when it needs to be done.你有一本日历,现在派上用场了!为自己制定一个日程表,并严格遵守。如果有一项任务没有完成,或者外出了,适当做出调整,然后继续坚持。从电话到自由时间都做出安排,确保在需要的时间完成工作。Step 3: Be Strict With Yourself!3.严于律己Now that your boss isn#39;t looking over your shoulder, you have to take responsibility for yourself. Figure out what distracts you from working, and avoid it at all costs. Put your TV in another room. Stay off the couch and work in a proper desk chair.Hire a babysitter to watch your kids. Finish five work tasks before you do a household chore. No one ever said working at home would be easy, but a little self-discipline can make all the difference!尽管老板没有监视着你,你也要负责任。找出会分散你注意力的因素,不惜一切代价避免。把电视机放在另外一个房间。拿走沙发,坐合适的椅子工作。雇佣保姆来看孩子。整理家务之前完成五个工作任务。没有人说过在家中工作很轻松,但是一点点自律可以让一切完全不同!Step 4: Make Yourself Accountable!4.让自己有责任感Set goals for yourself every morning, then assess how you did at the end of every day. Give your boss regular status reports and stay in touch with your co-workers in the office. If you realize you#39;re not pulling the telecommuting thing off, admit it and talk to your boss about going back to the office, or ask for help with managing your workload.每天早上为自己设定目标,在一天结束的时候评估一下完成任务的情况。向老板发送常规状况报告,与办公室同事保持联系。如果你意识到在家工作不能胜任,坦白承认,跟老板商量一下回办公室,或者向别人求助,让他们帮你减轻工作负担。Step 5: Schedule In Downtime!5.安排休息时间Working at home can make you feel cut off. Avoid cabin fever. Schedule time away from home every day, even if it#39;s just a trip to the grocery store. Exercise can clear your head; so can lunch with a friend. Sometimes, you just need to step away,so when you get back to work, you#39;re fresh and y to make it happen.在家中工作会让你感觉与世隔绝。避免幽居病。每天安排一定的时间外出,即使仅仅是去杂货店。运动可以让你头脑清醒,也可以和朋友共进午餐。有时,你只需要走开一下,当你回来工作的时候,你会精神百倍。Thanks for watching How To Work At Home.感谢收看“怎样在家中工作”视频节目。 Article/201211/207301赣州祛斑的价格 江西省赣州做双眼皮多少钱

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