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上饶腋下脱毛哪家好上饶哪家医院去眼袋好A Chinese documentary critical of the country#39;s dense smog has made waves online, but could augur positive economic benefits.批评中国浓重雾霾的纪录片《穹顶之下》在网络上引发了多轮讨论热潮。不过,该片还可能预示着积极的经济影响。The absence of negative ramifications for Under the Dome#39;s producer, Chai Jing, has been widely interpreted as a sign of greater official tolerance for discussion of China#39;s devastating pollution problems. Government censors have permitted the 104-minute film to stream on major internet portals while Chen Jining, environmental protection minister, said on Sunday he had texted Ms Chai to thank her for a film ;worthy of admiration;. Indeed, it is being compared to Rachel Carson#39;s seminal work #39;Silent Spring,#39; widely regarded as educating a generation of Americans in the 1960s about the importance of protecting the natural environment.《穹顶之下》制作者柴静并未因此受到处理,这一现象已被广泛解读为中国官方对污染问题相关讨论将持更宽容态度。目前,中国政府的审查机关允许这部时长104分钟的影片在主要互联网门户网站上在线播放。此外,中国环保部长陈吉宁周日曾表示,他已给柴静发过短信,感谢她制作了一部“值得敬佩”的影片。事实上,这部纪录片正在被与雷切尔#8226;卡森(Rachel Carson)的开创性著作《寂静的春天》(Silent Spring)相提并论。后者曾被广泛视为在1960年代教育了一代美国人,让他们认识到了保护自然环境的重要性。But Zhiwei Zhang, chief China economist at Deutsche Bank, argues that the could also have macro implications, both in terms of environmental regulation and protection as well as the media sector: “It was reported by Xinhua that the Minister of Environment Protection personally texted Chai Jing to thank her for the effort. This suggests to us that the government will likely take environmental protection more seriously, rebalancing the economy from merely concentrating on an investment-intensive model.德意志(Deutsche Bank)首席中国问题经济学家张智威称,该视频还可能在宏观层面产生影响,这种影响不仅涉及环境监管和保护方面,还包括媒体部门。他说:“据新华社报道,环保部长曾以个人名义给柴静发短信,赞扬她的努力。这一点暗示我们,中国政府可能会更严肃地对待环保问题,令经济摆脱投资密集型增长模式。“Another important implication is the potential benefits of reforms in China. The media sector has been heavily regulated with little space for independent producers like Chai Jing. The popularity of her shows that there is significant room for productivity growth if the government allows more private investment to enter sectors currently monopolized by the SOEs. As monopolized sectors are typically service oriented, such reform would channel more investment into environmental-friendly business, and help to contain pollution.“另一个重要影响是,它可能为中国改革带来潜在好处。在中国,媒体部门始终受到严格监管,柴静这样的独立制作人没有什么发挥的空间。她的视频的热播,表明政府只要允许更多私人投资进入目前被国企垄断的部门,就能为提高生产率创造巨大空间。由于垄断部门通常是务业的,这种改革将把更多投资导向对环境有益的企业,从而有助于遏制污染。”Before getting ahead of ourselves, the steps - particular in the latter scenario - are likely to be small. Ms Jing financed the film herself and it aly seems like the authorities are clamping down discussion of the film. As the FT reported earlier, the official Xinhua News Agency has deleted at least two original articles on the documentary from its website, including one about the environment minister#39;s praise for the film.不过,对此也不要高兴得太早了,上述影响的显现可能会十分缓慢——尤其是在后一个方面。事实上,柴静这部影片是她自筹资金制作的。此外,似乎当局正在打压对该片的讨论。正如英国《金融时报》此前报道的,中国官方的新华社(Xinhua)已从其网站上删除了至少两篇有关该纪录片的原创报道,其中一篇还曾提到环保部长对该片的赞扬。Whatever is going on behind the scenes, however, nobody can deny the severity of the pollution issue in China - not least the officials in Beijing this week for the NPC meeting.不过,不论幕后发生了什么,没人能够否认中国污染问题的严重性——本周参加人大会议的北京官员也同样不能否认这一点。 /201503/362667上饶市立医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 1. Given the current state of the economy, many people are choosing to double up with a roommate to help share expenses。考虑到现在的经济形势,很多人都选择找一个室友来分摊房租。 /201507/384769Chinese cuisine is known for its taste and philosophical and aesthetic qualities. It is closely tied to the development of the 5 000-year-old Chinese civilization. It is also related to the development of tourism in China-well known scenic spots are associated with well-known dishes named after the spots. There is for example“fried Yellow River carp with sweet and sour sauce; of Shandong,and“Hupao vegetarian ham; and“West Lake water shield soup; of Hangzhou。中国的菜肴因其味道可口并具有哲学和美学品质而闻名。这是与中国五千年的文明发展息息相关的。这还与中国旅游业的发展相联系—著名的景点都有以景点命名的知名菜肴。例如,山东的“糖醋黄河鲤鱼”,杭州的“虎跑素火腿”和“西湖药菜汤”。Chinese cuisine devotes meticulous attention to the color,smell,taste,shape,sound and vessel of food.“Sound; refers to the crispiness of food,especially for such dishes as Sichuan#39;s“sizzling rice crust with three delicacies.”When a steaming hot sauce made of shrimp and other delicacies is poured on freshly fried rice crust, a sizzling sound will be heard which signals kinds of containers,and dishes. happiness to the Chinese.“Vessel”refers to the different such as porcelain,pottery and silverware,for different tables。中国菜肴十分注意食物的色、香、味、形、声、器。“声”指的是食物松脆程度,尤其是四川的“三鲜锅巴”等菜肴。当由虾子和其他鲜美食品煮成的热酱浇在刚炸出来的锅巴上时,就可以听到吱吱的声音,这对于中国人来说象征着幸福。“器”指的是不同种类的盛放器皿,例如瓷器、陶器以及银器,它们适用于不同的桌子和菜肴。Chinese food can be classified into six categories:中国食品可以分为下列六大类:1. Local dishes.1.地方莱肴This refers to a class of dishes with very strong local flavors that came into existence in line with local products,climate and customs. Among the most well known local dishes are“sea cucumber braised with scallion; of Shandong,“hot and spicy hot pot; of Sichuan.这一类指的是带有浓厚地方风味的菜肴,它们是伴随着当地的农产品、气候以及习俗而产生的。其中最出名的地方菜肴就是山东的“葱烧海参”和四川的“香辣火锅”。2. Royal dishes.2.宫廷菜肴These used to be prepared by the imperial kitchen for emperors and empresses. Usually,they are fancifully named and exquisitely prepared with the best ingredients. Among the most famous are“all birds pay court to the phoenix; and “swastika-shaped braised pork slices.”这些菜肴过去是由御膳房为皇帝和皇后烹制的。它们通常都有神奇的名称并且选用最好的配料精心制作而成。其中最有名的就是“百鸟朝凤”以及“万字扣肉”。3. Family dishes.3.家族菜肴These used to be reserved for high-ranking bureaucrats and celebrities.But they were subsequently adopted by ordinary people. Among the most famous family dishes are Confucian-style and Tan-family style. In addition,“Dongpo Pork;“diced chicken stir-fried with chili and peanuts; are also popular dishes.这些过去是由高级官员和名人所享用的。但是最终还是进人了寻常百姓家。最有名的家族菜肴莫过于孔府菜和谭府菜。,此外,“东坡肉”和“宫爆鸡丁”也是深受欢迎的菜肴。4. Ethnic food.4.民族食品These originated in minority-inhabited areas,and became popular nationwide. Famous ethnic dishes include roast beef,“sliced mutton hot pot; and shashliks.这些指的是发源于少数民族居住地区并风靡全国的食品。出名的民族菜肴包括烧牛肉、羊肉火锅以及烤肉串。5. Vegetarian food.5.素食Because most monks eat vegetarian food,it is also known as“monastery dishes.”There are a wide variety of flavors. These dishes are often cooked in such a way as to look and taste exactly like meat and fish.由于大多数僧人都吃素食,因此这也被称为“斋饭”。它有各种各样的风味。这些菜肴的烹饪方式经常使其看上去、吃起来就仿佛是肉和鱼一样。6. Medicinal dishes, or food therapy.6.药膳或食疗The Chinese believe that mixing tonics with food adds flavor to the food and is good for health. Famed medicinal dishes include“lily decoction with chicken; and “porridge with lotus seeds and lily.”中国人认为将补药和食物放在一起既可以丰富食物的味道又有益于健康。有名的药膳包括“百合鸡汤”和“莲子百合粥”。Chinese Food-Eight Regional Variations中国的八大地方菜系The late Chairman Mao once remarked that China#39;s greatest contributions to the world are traditional Chinese medicines and Chinese food. To testify to the popularity of Chinese food,a piece of Western humor has it that the happiest man in the world is one who earns an American salary,lives in an English house,is married to a Japanese woman and eats Chinese food!毛主席生前曾经说过,中国对世界的最大贡献就在于传统中药和中国食品。有一则西方幽默可以明中国食品的受欢迎程度:世界上最幸福的人就是拿美国的薪水、住英国的房子、娶日本老婆、吃中国食物的人!Gourmets agree that Chinese cuisine is the only one that combines all the qualities of others. Some say French food is good for the flavor, Greek food for the smell,and Japanese for the ritual. But Chinese food has all these qualities and more.美食家一致认为中国的菜肴是唯一结合了其他国家菜肴优点的。有些人说法国菜的优点在于口味,希腊菜的优点在于香味,日本菜的优点在于礼节。但是中国菜除了所有这些长处还有别的优点。Chinese cuisine has a number of different genres,but the most influential and typical known by the public are the“Eight Cuisines;.These are as follows:Shandong Cuisine,Sichuan Cuisine,Guangdong Cuisine,Fujian Cuisine,Jiangsu Cuisine,thejiang Cuisine,Hunan Cuisine,and Anhui Cuisine .The essential factors that establish the form of a genre are complex and include history,cooking features,geography, climate,resources and life styles. Cuisines from different reqions are so distinctive that sometimes despite the fact that two areas are geographical neighbors their styles are completely alien.中国的菜肴拥有许多种不同的流派,但是最具影响力并且最为公众所熟悉的就是“八大菜系”。它们是:鲁菜、川菜、粤菜、闽菜、苏菜、浙菜、湘菜以及徽菜。确定一种流派形式的关键要素十分复杂,而且包括历史、烹调特征、地理、气候、资源以及生活方式。不同地区的菜肴各具特色,因此尽管有时两个地区相互毗邻,但是它们的风格完全不同。Shandong Cuisine鲁菜This is the local flavor of Jinan City and Jiaodong Peninsula derived from the use of shallots and garlic. Both restaurant chefs and housewives are expert in cooking seafood,soups, meat and offal. The recipes are those that once delighted the royal court and were served to the emperor. The typical can indude many delicate dishes such as:这是济南市和胶东半岛的地方风味,它使用葱和蒜。饭店厨师和家庭主妇都是烹制海鲜、汤、肉和内脏的行家。这些菜谱曾经取悦了皇家并且由皇帝享用。它的特色菜单包括许多精美的菜肴,例如:Braised abalone一一smooth,delicate, fresh and savory.红烧鲍鱼—光滑、精美、新鲜、美味。Sweet and Sour Carp-with crisp exterior and tender fish interior,a little sweet and sour.糖醋鲤鱼—外表松脆,里面鲜嫩,微甜、微酸。;Eight Immortals Crossing Sea Teasing Arhats; This is a starter before a celebration feast. It is luxurious and traditionally uses its eight main ingredients: fin,sea cucumber,abalone,asparagus,prawns and ham. The stock is flavored with fish#39;s swimming bladder and fish bones. These symbolize the eight immortals and the Arhats are symbolized by the inclusion of chicken breast.八仙过海闹罗汉—这是喜庆宴会的第一道菜。这道菜十分豪华,它传统上使用八种主要配料:鱼翅、海参、鲍鱼、芦笋、对虾以及火腿食料要用鱼缥和鱼骨来调味。这些象征着八仙,而罗汉(相当于佛教中的圣徒)则用鸡脯来象征。Guangdong Cuisine粤菜Guangdong cuisine takes fine and rare ingredients and is cooked with fished skills and in a dainty style. It emphasizes a flavor which is clear but not light, refreshing but not common,tender but not crude. In summer and autumn it pursues clarity and in winter and spring, a little more substance. The sauteed dishes always rely upon exquisite presentation involving excellent cutting and carving skills. Typical here can embody these following characteristics:粤菜采用了精美、珍稀的配料,而且采用了精致、爽口的烹调技巧。粤菜强调口味清爽但不清淡,提神但不落俗套,鲜嫩但不粗糙。在夏季与秋季,粤菜追求的是清爽;而在冬季和春季则比较注重实质。炒菜经常采用精美的外表,这就需要精湛的切菜技巧。它的特色菜单包括以下这些特征:Chrysanthemum fish-chefs with adept cutting techniques shape the fish like chrysanthemums,each individual morsel being convenient to enjoy with either chopsticks or forks.菊花鱼—拥有高超切菜功夫的厨师将鱼做成菊花形状,每一片鱼都十分便于用筷子或又子食用。Braised snake porridge-of rare meat of cobra,grimalkin,and pullet,braised elaborately,also called“Dragon and tiger contending;(Long Hu Dou).烩蛇粥—选用珍贵的眼镜蛇肉、雌猫肉、仔鸡肉进行烩制,它也被称作“龙虎耳一”。Roast suckling pig-a famed dish with rather long history,golden and crisp exterior, and tender meat inside,with dense aroma.烤乳猪—这是一道拥有悠久历史的名菜,它外面是金黄色的松脆外壳,里面则是粉嫩的肉,香气浓郁。Fujian Cuisine闽菜Fujian cuisine has four distinctive features, that is,fine cutting techniques,various soups,unique seasonings, and exquisite cooking. Chefs can always cut the thin jellyfish into three pieces and into very thin th. And thanks to the abundant resources of marine products,the soup of this cuisine genre has its freshness and keeps its own savor with ease. The seasonings add sweet and sour flavors to the dishes. To add to its appeal the food is served in or on elegant bowls or plates.闽菜有四个与众不同的特征,这就是精美的切菜技巧、各种汤菜、独特的作料以及精湛的烹饪。厨师总是能够将薄薄的海蜚切成三片,然后再切成非常细的丝。而且由于当地海产品资源丰富,因此该菜系的汤菜十分鲜美,而且很容易保持其本身的香味。作料则让菜肴具有甜味和酸味。食物是用雅致的碗或盘子盛放的,这增加了它的吸引力。Appealing dishes are countless,so we can only enumerate some of them:由于诱人的菜肴难以一一列举,因此我们只举出几道菜肴:Fried golden bamboo shoot with chicken mince-every 100g of winter bamboo shoots will be cut into 500一600 strips with the same length and bth. Then they can blend with the very small pieces of chicken.鸡茸金丝笋—每一百克冬笋要切成500至600片,并且长度和宽度相等。然后将它们与非常小的鸡肉混合在一起。Buddha jumping over the wall-the most famous and classical dish,which has a long history since the Qing Dynasty.佛跳墙—这是最有名、最经典的一道菜,它起源于清朝,历史悠久。Dongbi dragon pearl-it chooses materials from the rare longyan trees of thousand year#39;s history in Kaiyuan Temple in Auanzhou,the delicate scent is rather catching.东壁龙珠—它选用泉州开元寺中有着上千年历史的珍稀龙眼树上的龙眼,它那柔和的清香十分诱人。;Fried Xi Shi#39;s tongue; is made from the locally produced Fujian mussel. According to the legend of the concubine,Xi Shi,of the king of the state of Wu was thrown in the sea tied to a huge stone by the wife of Gou Jian,the king of Yue who destroyed Wu,to prevent her husband being seduced by her beauty. In the area of the sea where she sank, a special breed of mussel appeared and this was said to be Xi Shi#39;s tongue.炒西施舌选用当地出产的福建海蚌制成。传说越国国王勾践灭了吴国之后,吴国国王的妃子西施被勾践的妻子绑在一块大石头上面投人大海,以防止自己的丈夫被西施的美貌所勾引。在她沉入的海中出现了一种品种特殊的海蚌,据说这就是西施的舌头。Anhui Cuisine徽菜It is mainly composed of local flavors of Huizhou and other areas along the Yangtze River and the Huai River. Among the dishes on the hui cuisine ,you will find fried or quick-fled dishes than those that are braised. People here are indined to add ham as seasoning and sugar candy to enrich the freshness and are quite accomplished in the art of cooking。它主要由徽州以及长江和淮河沿岸地区的地方风味组成。在徽菜菜单上,人们会发现油煎或爆炒的菜肴要比煮的菜肴少。当地人倾向于将火腿用作作料并用冰糖提鲜,而且在烹饪艺术上十分精湛。Among these delicacies,some of the traditional ones are eye-catching:在这些美食中,有些传统美食十分抢眼:;Braised turtle with ham;-the oldest dish using the special ;Mati turtle;. The delightful taste of this dish has inspired poets。火腿炖甲鱼—这是最古老的一道菜,它选用特殊的马蹄鳖。这道菜令人愉悦的口味激起过文人墨客的诗兴。;Fuliji grilled chicken; the cooking technique was derived from Dezhou braised chicken of Shandong Province,with improvement of the technique by chefs at Fuliji. The grilled chicken is golden and tempting,and the meat is so well cooked that it falls easily from the bone.符离集烧鸡—它的烹饪技巧来自于山东省的德州扒鸡,并由符离集的厨师对其技巧进行了改进。烧鸡呈金黄色并且十分诱人,鸡肉的烹饪十分精湛,因此很容易从骨头上剥离。Jiangsu Cuisine苏菜Jiangsu cuisine developed from the local recipes of Yangzhou,Suzhou and Nanjing. Its main cooking techniques are braising and stewing,thereby preserving the original flavor and sauce. The elegant color,novel sculpts, with salt and sweet taste will soothe your stomach. The Jiangsu cuisine has several branches,including Shanghai cuisine,Nanjing cuisine is known for its duck recipes,Suxi cuisine with flowery hue,etc. the most highly recommended courses are:苏莱是从扬州、苏州以及南京的当地菜谱发展而来的。它主要的烹制手法是煮和炖,因此保持了原汁原味。精美的颜色、新奇的造型、再加上注重咸味和甜味,因此定能让您大快朵颐。苏菜分为几个分,其中包括上海菜、因鸭肴而闻名的南京菜、色斑斓的苏锡菜等,强烈推荐下面几道菜:Three sets of ducks-an interlinking dish,that is to put pigeon into wild duck, then put the wild duck into a fowl duck. When stewed,the fowl duck is tender, the wild one crisp,and the little pigeon delicate!三套鸭—这道菜是一个连环套,要把鸽子放在野鸭里面,然后把野鸭放进家鸭里面‘。当菜炖好之后,家鸭鲜嫩、野鸭松嫩、小鸽子则味道鲜美。Boiled dry th of Tofu-thanks to the exquisite skills of chefs,the tofu can be cut into very thin ths which have chances to absorb the savor of soup.When chicken pieces added to the soup,the dish is called“chicken dry th;;likewise,when shrimp added,it makes“shrimp dry th;.大煮干丝—由于厨师技艺的精湛,豆腐可以切成非常细的丝,因而有机会将汤的味道吸收进去。当把鸡块加到汤里时,菜肴便被称作“鸡汁干丝”;同理,如果将虾子加进去的话,它便成了“虾汁干丝”。Lion#39;s head braised with crab-powder there is a metaphor in the dish name. In actual fact the Lion#39;s head is a conglomeration of meat that is shaped like a sunflower and resembles a lion#39;s head. It can be braised in a clear soup,or be red-cooked in a dense soup. A seasoning of crab powder enhances the flavor.清炖蟹粉狮子头—这道菜的名字是形象的说法。实际上,这个狮子头是用肉聚在一起做成向日葵的外形,而且这和狮子头十分相似。它既可以放在清汤里炖也可以放在浓汤里红烧。如果加人蟹粉作调料的话则可以让味道更棒。Zhejiang Cuisine浙菜As Zhejiang cuisine consists of hundreds of small delicacies from its main tities,it takes in Hangzhou#39;s fineness and diversification,Ningbo#39;s softness and origfinality, and Shaoxing#39;s pastoral interests. Hangzhou,once the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty(1127一1279),it is customary to endow cuisine with dainty place-names. The chief techniques of cooking lie in the methods used such as frying,quicking,stir一ing,braising,and steaming thus rendering the dishes both salubrious and savory.由于浙菜包含了几大城市中数百道小吃,因此它有杭州菜的精致和多样、宁波菜的清鲜和原汁原味以及绍兴菜的田园魅力。杭州曾经是南宋(1127一1279)的首都,当地菜肴通常以秀美的地名命名。烹饪的主要技巧在于所使用的方法,例如炸、爆炒、炒、炖、煮,因此使菜肴既有助于健康又美味可口。West-lake braised fish in vinegar-a traditional delicacy in Hangzhou. It is said that there was once a boy who made his living by fishing. When he fell ill his sister-in-law fished for him and braised the fish she caught with a marinade of vinegar and sugar. He was said to have made an immediate recovery after eating it.The boy#39;s story aroused the attention of the emperor and the recipe has been used ever since.西湖醋鱼一这是杭州的一道传统美食。据说,曾经有一个男孩以为生外当他生病时,他的嫂嫂便为他,然后将捕来的鱼放到糖醋汁中炖。据说他吃了以后立刻病就痊愈了。这位男孩的故事引起了皇帝的注意,从此以后这道菜谱便沿用至今。Shelled shrimps cooked in Longjing tea-as the Longjing tea is taken as the best tea in Hangzhou,which is reputed for greenness,fragrance,pure taste and elegant looks,when the living shrimps are stir-fried in the longjing,the dish sends a refreshing aroma and is quite delicious.龙井虾仁—由于龙井茶是杭州最好的茶叶,并且因为其绿、香、纯以及美妙的外观而闻名。当把活虾剥壳后与龙井茶一起翻炒的时候,这道菜便散发出沁人的香味并且极为可口。Sichuan Cuisine川菜This combinesthe cuisines from Chengdu and Chongqing. From as early as the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911),books had systematically recorded a total of 38 cooking methods,such as scalding,baking,mixing,and stewing,etc. It features pungent seasonings which were famed as“Three Peppers;(Chinese prickly ash,pepper and hot pepper ),“three aroma;(shallot, ginger,and garlic),“Seven Tastes ;(sweet,sour, tingling,spicy,bitter,piquant, and salfir),and“Eight Flavors”(fish-flavored,sour with spice,pepper-tingling,odd flavor, tingling with spice,red spicy oily,ginger sauce,and home cooking ).川菜包括成都和重庆的菜肴。从清代起(1644一1911),就有书籍系统地记录了总共38种烹饪方法例如烫、烘、和、炖等。它的特点就在于使用了辛辣的作料,这些佐料是“三椒”(辣椒、胡椒、花椒),“三味”(葱、姜、蒜),“七味”(甜、酸、麻、香、苦、辣、咸),“八味”(鱼香、酸辣、椒麻、怪味、麻辣、红油、姜汁、家常)。Delicious dishes:美味菜肴:Stir-fried tofu with minced beef in spicy bean sauce-A real feast of tender bean curd,minced beef, pepper and bean sauce. It is said that it was made by a pock-marked but ingenious woman. Hence the name Ma Po Tofu(pock-marked woman#39;s bean curd).麻婆豆腐—这是用嫩豆腐、碎牛肉、辣椒以及豆酱做成的一道真正的美食。据说它是由一位麻脸但却极具创造天赋的妇女做成的,因此起名叫麻婆豆腐。;lamp-shadow beef;-the beef is cut in very thin sheet. When a piece is car-ried,it looks like translucent paper, slippery and reddish. When put under the lamp or light,a red shadow will appear.灯影牛肉—它将牛肉切成非常薄的片状。当拿起一片牛肉时,看上去就像一张半透明的纸一样,十分光滑并且略带红色。当把它拿到灯光下时,就会出现红色的阴影。;Lung pieces by the couple;-a quite popular in Chengdu. It got the name because the dish was ever sold be a couple and today it remains the original savor, tender meat,tingling and spicy.夫妻肺片—这道菜在成都相当受欢迎。它这个名称的由来是因为这道菜曾经由一对夫妻卖的,今天它依然保留了原先的味道,肉嫩、麻辣。;Gong bao ji ding;-This is a tender chicken dish,tender as the meat is quickly fried. Flavored with peanuts,this is tasty and very popular.宫爆鸡丁—这道菜使用了嫩鸡肉,因为它是快速煎炸而成的。加了花生之后它便十分可口了,而且深受青睐。Hunan Cuisine湘菜Hunan cuisine lays a stress on the use of oil,dense color, and techniques that produce crispness,softness and tenderness as well as the savory flavors and spices. Stewed fins,fried fresh cabbage with chestnuts,Dong Anzi chicken,immortal chicken with five elements,are of the highest reputation. Chairman Mao, together with other leaders praised the Hunan cuisine in 1958.湘菜强调油重、色浓,而且所采用的手艺使菜肴具有脆、软、嫩的特点并有可口的香味和辣味。红艰鱼翅、板栗烧菜心、东安仔鸡、五元神仙鸡都是最出名的菜肴。毛主席以及其他领导人在1958年都对湖南菜给予了赞誉。;Stewed fins;-it had been famous during the Qing Dynasty. Choice fins,chickens,pork are stewed in chicken soup and sauce,tasting really fresh and mellow.红偎鱼翅—它闻名于清朝。它选用鱼翅、鸡肉、猪肉放在鸡汤和酱油中偎制而成,品尝起来极为鲜美醇香。;Immortal chicken with five elements;-a dish made by putting five elements,litchi,longyan,red dates,lotus seeds,and medlar, into the body of a chicken,then to braise. The taste is rather peculiar and it is said to have the effect of strengthening the constitution.五元神仙鸡—指将五种要素,荔枝、龙眼、红枣、莲子以及拘祀放入一只鸡的体内,然后开始炖鸡。它的味道十分独特而且据说能够强身健体。Other Cuisines其他菜肴There are also other delicious cuisines such as Beijing cuisine,Dongbei cuisine,Uygur cuisine and Hubei cuisine. As the capital of China,Beijing always offers a vast variety of dishes from all over the country. Consequently,no matter where you visit, there will be fascinating food that you can enjoy.在其他地方也有美味,例如北京菜、东北菜、维吾尔菜以及湖北菜。北京作为中国的首都,总是能让人们品尝到全国各地的各种菜肴。因此,无论您前往哪个地方,都可以享受到美味的食物。Chinese Medicinal Cuisine中国的药膳Chinese medicinal cuisine is a long standing tradition.Early records show that it was in use as far back as the Han Dynasty(206 一220 ).Through continual improvement during the succeeding dynasties,it has developed into a practical science of nutrition. This is not a simple combination of food and traditional medicine, but it is a distinctive cuisine made from food and medicinal ingredients following the theory of Chinese medicine.中国的药膳拥有悠久的传统。早期的记录显示,早在汉朝(公元前206至公元220年)人们就开始用药膳。通过以后各朝各代的不断改良,药膳已经发展成一门实用的营养科学。这并不是简单地将食物和传统药物相混合,而是按照中医理论将食物和药物成分制作成与众不同的菜肴。This not only became the means of health-preservation among the people of China,but also sp abroad,especially popular in Southeast Asia.There is a wide choice of foods that are used in many different.ways to promote health.It is estimated that there are more than 600 different kinds of resources ranging from cereals fruits,vegetables , meats and marine products. Many of these will be unfamiliar to foreigners;however all are quite precious and effective in the field of medicinal food.Many different ingredients are used to add to the appeal as well as to strengthen effects of the cuisine. Wine,sugar, oil,sah, vinegar and honey,and other commonly used items such as almonds,mandarin orange,or peanuts,all are utilized in the cooking process.这不仅成为中国人保养的一种方式,而且还走出了国门;它在东南亚尤其受欢迎。为了增进健康,可以选择多种多样的食物并使用不同的烹制方法。据估计,有600多种不同种类的资源可供选用,它们包括谷物、水果、蔬菜、肉类以及海产品。这些资源中有许多对于外国人来说很陌生,但是所有这些在药膳领域都十分珍贵并卓有功效。药膳使用了许多不同的配料来增加其吸引力并加强菜肴的药效。酒、糖、油、盐、醋、蜜以及其他常用的材料,例如杏仁、芦柑或是花生,所有这些都在烹饪过程中得以使用。According to its respective functions,medicinal cuisine is classified under four categories:health-protection dishes,prevention dishes,healing dishes and thera-peutic dishes.根据其各自的功用,药膳分为四类:保健菜肴、防病菜肴、康复菜肴以及治疗菜肴。Health-protection dishes refer to reinforcement of required nutritional food correspondingly to maintain the organic health. A soup of pumpkin and almond can help lose weight;soup of angelica and carp can add beauty; and ginseng congee can give more strength.保健菜肴指为了保持机体健康相应加强所需营养的食物。一份南瓜杏仁汤有助于减肥,当归鲤鱼汤则可以美容,而人参粥则可以增强体力。Prevention dishes build resistance to potential ailments.“Mung bean soup; is considered helpful as a guard against heat stroke in summer. Lotus seeds,lily, yam,chestnuts,and pears can assist in the prevention of dryness in autumn and a strengthening of resistance to cold in winter.防病菜肴增强了对可能患上疾病的抵抗力。人们认为绿豆汤在夏天有助于预防中暑。莲子、百合、山药、核桃以及桃子在秋天可以有助于防止干燥,并在冬季增强对感冒的抵抗力。Healing dishes are the medicinal food for rehabilitation after severe illness.“Broiled sheep#39;s heart with rose; or“braised mutton with angelica; will help to rebuild a healthy constitution.康复菜肴指用于重病之后帮助康复的药膳。玫瑰烤羊心或当归炖羊肉则有助于恢复健康的体质。Therapeutic dishes aim at the specific pathology.“Fried potatoes with vinegar; can adjust the organ and restrain hypertension and carp soup with Tuckahoe may enrich the strength of blood plasma albumen to help reduce swelling.治疗菜肴的目的是为了治疗特定的疾病。醋馏土豆可以调解器官并抑制高血压,而获荃鲤鱼汤则可以增强血浆蛋白的能力并有助于消肿。 /201506/378789上饶蒜头鼻矫正价格

上饶地区人民医院做去眼袋手术多少钱MADRID — Guards make sure visitors to the Museo del Prado stay at arm’s length from its masterpieces. But here on a recent morning was José Pedro González running his fingers over one of El Greco’s most famous paintings, “The Nobleman With His Hand on His Chest.” He went back and forth over the nobleman’s eyes, rubbed his beard and eventually reached his hand, tracing the edges of each digit.马德里——在普拉多物馆,保安需确保参观者与画作保持一定距离。不过,最近的一个早晨,何塞·佩德罗·冈萨雷斯(José Pedro González) 把手指放在了画作《手抚胸膛的贵族男人》(The Noble man With His Hand on His Chest)上,这是埃尔·格列柯(El Greco)最著名的作品之一。冈萨雷斯在贵族的双眼上来来回回,挲他的胡子,最终抵达他的手部,感受着每根手指的轮廓。The work, of course, was a copy. But more surprisingly, the copy was in three dimensions so that Mr. González, who is 56 and has been blind since the age of 14, could experience the painting firsthand.当然,这幅画是一件复制品。不过比这件事更令人惊讶的是,这幅画是三维的,正因如此,现年56岁、14岁失明的冈萨雷斯可以亲身感受它。“It’s an unbelievable sensation,” Mr. González said. “I’m feeling this painting down to the detail of each fingernail.”“这种感觉太神奇了,”冈萨雷斯说,“我能感受到他每个指甲盖上的细节。”Mr. González was visiting a small, highly unusual exhibition, “Touching the Prado,” designed to give the blind or those with limited sight an opportunity to create a mental image of a painting by feeling it. The show, which runs through June 28, occupies a side passage of the museum, near a room that contains an original of another work copied for the blind: a version of the Mona Lisa by a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci. Altogether, six 3-D copies are on display, all of them rendering famous works in the Prado. They include Goya’s “The Parasol”; a still life by van der Hamen; “Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan” by Velázquez; and “Noli Me Tangere,” Correggio’s painting of Christ meeting Mary Magdalene.冈萨雷斯参观的是一个规模很小但极不寻常的展览,名为“触摸普拉多”。这个展览为失明者和视障人士提供机会,使他们通过触觉在心中生成作品的图像。展览位于普拉多物馆的一条侧廊内,将持续到今年6月28日。在走廊附近的一个屋子里,陈列着此次展览另一幅展品的原作,即列奥纳多·达·芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)的学生所作的《蒙娜丽莎》。“触摸普拉多”一共展览了六件画作的三维副本,全部来自普拉多的知名馆藏,另外四件是戈雅(Goya)的《阳伞》(The Parasol)、范·德·哈曼(van der Hamen)的静物画、委拉斯奎茲(Velázquez)的《阿波罗在伏尔甘的熔炉》,以及柯雷乔(Correggio)描绘耶稣会见抹大拉玛利亚的作品《别碰我》。The exhibition is one of the most sophisticated yet in efforts to unlock the beauty of the visual arts for those unable to see them. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the National Gallery in London are among several museums that organize activities for blind visitors, including special guided tours, drawing classes, and “touch” workshops, in which blind people can feel sculptures. The Louvre in Paris also has a Tactile Gallery that contains copies of some of its sculptures.这个展览为盲人开启了欣赏视觉艺术之门,是类似尝试的典范之一。其他一些物馆也曾做出相应努力,如举办有特殊引导的参观活动、开展绘画课程和“触觉”工坊等,在“触觉”工坊内,盲人可以触摸雕塑。纽约大都会艺术物馆(The Metropolitan Museum of Art)和伦敦国家美术馆(National Gallery)就在这么做。巴黎的卢浮宫也设有触觉画廊(Tactile Gallery),展出馆内部分雕塑的副本。Other examples include the Museo Nacional de San Carlos, in Mexico City, which was among the pioneers in using collage to reproduce paintings that could be felt by the blind, and the Denver Art Museum, which has been collaborating with Ann Cunningham, an art teacher at the Colorado Center for the Blind, to create tactile art.另有一些物馆利用拼贴画来再现作品,供盲人体验,墨西哥城的圣卡洛斯物馆(Museo Nacional de San Carlos)是此类方法的先行者之一。丹佛艺术物馆(Denver Art Museum)则与科罗拉盲人中心(Colorado Center for the Blind)的艺术老师安·坎宁安(Ann Cunningham)合作,创造触觉艺术。Ms. Cunningham said she had seen “real momentum” recently in making art accessible to the blind. She attributed part of the growing interest in tactile art to the fact that “blind educators figured out that they definitely need to make information more accessible to students” because “as textbooks got more and more heavy on the graphics, all that information that students used to get through text was beginning to pass them by.”坎宁安说,最近在为盲人创作可触艺术时,她找到了“真正的动力”。她将人们对于触觉艺术与日俱增的兴趣部分归结于“盲人教育者发现,他们得让信息变得更容易为学生所接触到”,因为“随着教科书中的图片越来越多,过去学生能够从文字获取的信息,现在接触不到了。”The idea that blind people should touch 3-D print copies of paintings, however, goes significantly further than other efforts to make art accessible, and it represents a costly investment as well as a technological challenge.然而,就为盲人接触艺术提供便利而言,制作画作的三维版本比其他方法意义更大,而且它也意味着高额的投资和技术挑战。In 2011, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, exhibited a more modest version of the Prado’s 3-D method, a downsized copy of one of its masterworks, “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli.2011年,意大利佛罗伦萨的乌菲齐美术馆(Uffizi Gallery)利用普拉多物馆的三维制画法也举办了一个展览,不过规模更小,展品是其馆藏之一、波提切(Botticelli)《维纳斯的诞生》(The Birth of Venus)的缩小版副本。Other Italian museums have followed suit using that method, but without venturing beyond black-and-white copies, according to Fernando Pérez Suescun, the curator of the Prado exhibition, who works in the museum’s education department.费尔南多·佩雷斯·苏埃斯昆(Fernando Pérez Suescun) 是本次普拉多展览的策展人,在普拉多物馆教育部门工作。据他说,其他一些意大利物馆已经对这种方法进行效仿,但没有做出冒险的尝试,展品仅限于黑白版本。“It seemed important to us to add color, because the visually impaired often can still perceive some color,” he said.“对于我们来说,添加颜色似乎很重要,视觉上有障碍的人仍然经常可以感受到一些颜色,”他说。The Prado used a relief printing technique developed by Estudios Durero, a printing company near Bilbao, Spain. Works it has produced also have been displayed in the fine arts museum of Bilbao.普拉多物馆使用的凸版印刷技术来自Estudios Durero,这家印刷企业位于西班牙毕尔巴鄂附近,它制作的作品也在毕尔巴鄂的艺术物馆中展出。Starting with a high-resolution photo of the painting, employees at Durero select textures and features that make sense to enhance for the blind. Next, they create a print, with a special ink, and then use a chemical process to add volume to what would otherwise be a flat reproduction. As part of the chemical process, ultraviolet light is applied to the special ink, so that the print gains a few millimeters of volume while maintaining the colors of the ink, “like if you would add baking powder to a cake,” Mr. Pérez Suescun said.在制作画作的三维版本时,Durero的工作人员首先在一张原画的高分辨率照片上选定利于盲人理解作品的纹理和特征。接下来,他们用特殊的印墨将照片打印。然后,利用化学过程使作品呈现出三维效果,否则,作品就仅仅是二维的。处理过程包括用紫外线照射一种特殊的油墨,从而制作出几毫米高的三维隆起。油墨的颜色并不会因此丢失,“就像在蛋糕加入发酵粉”,佩雷斯·苏埃斯昆说。Each work displayed at the Prado cost about ,680.本次展览的展品单件价值在6680美元左右。The museum’s initiative is also testimony to the special status of the blind in Spanish society, thanks to Spain’s national organization for the blind, known by the acronym ONCE (pronounced OHN-say). Founded in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War, the organization was allowed by Gen. Francisco Franco to run a nationwide lottery. In a lottery-obsessed country, ONCE became an economic powerhouse, while guaranteeing employment, mostly as lottery vendors, to almost all of Spain’s blind citizens to this day. The organization collaborated with the Prado for its project, offering advice on how to improve visits for the blind, notably by leaning the 3-D canvases so that they would be easier to touch. Some of the copies were also downsized slightly from the original artwork.展览体现了盲人在西班牙社会中的特殊地位,这主要得益于一个以”ONCE”(发音为OHN-say)缩写著称的西班牙全国盲人组织。1938年西班牙内战期间,该组织经弗朗西斯科·佛朗哥将军(Gen. Francisco Franco)允许,在全国范围内发售票。在这个对票过分热衷的国家里,ONCE成为了强大的经济团体,直至今天仍为几乎所有西班牙盲人提供就业机会,职位大部分为票售卖。本次展览由该组织和普拉多物馆联合举办。ONCE就如何提高参观质量提供建议,比如摆放靠墙式的三维帆布展板,为触摸画作提供便利。此外,一些画作相比于原作在画幅上稍微缩小。“A painting should really be no more than 120 centimeters wide, because that’s how far a person can comfortably reach without having to move,” Mr. Pérez Suescun said. (That’s roughly 47 inches.)“作品一定不要宽于120厘米(约为47英寸),因为这样就可以在不移动的前提下,舒地触摸作品,”佩雷斯·苏埃斯昆说。An audio guide accompanies blind visitors through the special show, but regular visitors are also provided with an audio guide, as well as a mask so they can relate better to what a blind person perceives. “I think it’s great to integrate the blind even as far as making it possible for them to appreciate paintings,” said Carlos Hernández, a 19-year-old student who chose to touch the copies without covering his eyes.参观展览的过程中,音频介绍自始至终陪伴着盲人游客,不过普通游客也可以使用这段介绍,还可以获得一个眼罩,以便更好地体会盲人世界。“我认为让盲人融入进来是很好的,即便只是为他们欣赏艺术提供便利,”19岁的学生卡洛斯·埃尔南德斯(Carlos Hernández)说,他选择不遮挡眼睛触摸作品。Still, Mr. Pérez Suescun said that watching blind visitors discover masterworks was in itself an experience, allowing him to rediscover paintings that he had considered very familiar. “The first question that I got from one of our blind visitors about El Greco’s nobleman was what color were his eyes — and I had to check,” Mr. Pérez Suescun said. “There are really plenty of details to which I had never paid any attention.”佩雷斯·苏埃斯昆也说,观看盲人游客探索优秀作品,本身就是一种经历,这让他重新欣赏原来看似熟悉不过的作品。“我从一位盲人参观者那里得到的有关埃尔·格列柯作品的第一个问题是,他的眼睛是什么颜色——我不得不去确认,”佩雷斯·苏埃斯昆说,“真的有许多细节我之前并没有注意到。”Mr. González had never seen the El Greco portrait of the nobleman, one of the many masterworks in the Prado. But he had visited museums as a child and has continued to do so since going blind, helped by his wife, who describes the paintings to him. “It’s great to look at paintings with my wife and spend time with her, but it’s clearly a big difference when I can discover a painting for myself or have to listen to what she tells me,” he said.冈萨雷斯从未见过埃尔·格列柯的这幅描绘贵族的作品,这是普拉多物馆众多优秀的馆藏之一。不过他小时候参观过物馆,失明之后在妻子的帮助下也仍然继续,他的妻子会把画作形容给他。“在妻子的帮助下去欣赏作品,以及和她共度时光是很美妙的,但显然自己去探索和听她讲给我还是有很大区别的,”他说。Another blind visitor, Andrés Oteo, said touching a 3-D copy “created a clear link between what I feel in my fingers and what is in my mind,” even if there was still room for improvement in terms of defining some textures. On the copy of the Goya painting, he said, “the clothing and the hair felt so similar that I couldn’t distinguish them well.”另一位盲人参观者安德烈斯·奥特奥(Andres Oteo)说,三维展品“在我手指的触觉和我的脑海之间建造了一种清晰的连接”,即便就识别纹理而言,仍有一些改进的空间。针对戈雅的作品,他说,“衣和头发感觉上去很相似,我不是很能分得清。”Mr. Oteo, 56, who went blind from glaucoma 35 years ago, said he had seen the portrait of the nobleman in his youth, but “it’s one thing to more or less remember what it was like and another to be able to touch it in all its details.” He added, “It’s like getting back my eyesight.”56岁的奥特奥35年前因为青光眼失明,他说自己曾在年轻时见过这幅贵族画像,但“能或多或少记住它是一回事,通过触碰感受全部的细节是另外一回事”。他又补充道,“现在,我仿佛重见光明一般。” /201503/367318余干县瑞兰美白针多少钱 Re “Poor Little Rich Women” (Sunday Review, May 17):本文是对《从老公手里领贤妻奖金的曼哈顿小妇人》(5月22日)一文的回应:To the Editor: 致编辑:While Wednesday Martin’s article makes for tantalizing ing, she makes sweeping generalizations about a very small subset of women while implying that her observations apply to all women in a narrow slice of the Upper East Side. It’s more hype than truth. I say this as a longtime denizen of this particular fish pond, myself a highly educated, high-achieving woman married to a successful man and now a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). Glam SAHM? I’ve seen them around, but many of us are not.薇妮斯蒂·马丁(Wednesday Martin)的文章真的很吸引读者,但她的做法完全是以偏概全,用她所看到的一小部分女性的生活来暗示上东区一小片的女性的生活都是这样。这里头假想的成分远大于事实。我是以她所描述的那类人的身份来发表这些言论的,我自己就是一个受过高等教育,成就不错然后嫁给一个成功人士,最终成了居家妈妈(SAHM, stay-at-home mom)的女人。光鲜的居家妈妈们(Glam SAHM)?我周围确实有这种人,但大多数都并非如此。Many of my friends here chose to step out of their high-profile jobs once they started having children because they wanted to be the best moms they could be. Me, too. We married successful men because they are our intellectual peers, not sugar daddies. And we volunteer at our kids’ schools because it gives us a chance to see their smiling faces during the day. Do we run our homes like C.E.O.’s? Yep. But so did my mom in Ohio, with three kids and no help. So did my grandmother in Pennsylvania, with 10 kids and no money.我有很多朋友有了孩子后都选择辞去原来不错的工作,那是因为她们想尽可能地做一个好妈妈。我也是这样。我们嫁给成功的男性,是因为他们和我们在智识上一拍即合,而不是傍大款。我们在孩子的学校做志愿活动是因为能在白天也看到孩子的笑脸。我们像CEO一样经营我们的家庭?没错。但我在俄亥俄州的妈妈也这样,她有三个孩子,而且没人帮她。我在宾夕法尼亚州的外婆也这样,她有十个孩子而且身陷贫困。Women-only nights out? Yes, we have them. We share parenting questions and advice from our uniquely mom perspective. We laugh, too, because between the appendectomies, broken arms, stomach viruses and miscellaneous other brush fires we’re always extinguishing, we need to share laughter with our mom friends. Hardly the gender segregation that Ms. Martin darkly suggests.闺蜜之夜?没错,我们的确会举行这样的活动。我们在一起分享抚养子女时遇到的问题,并用母亲的独特视角提出建议。我们也会大笑,因为在阑尾切除术、骨折的胳膊、胃部病毒和其他各种各样需要我们出场的小麻烦里,我们需要和同为母亲的朋友们分享欢笑。这恐怕不是作者马丁所说的性别隔离。Wife bonuses? In all my years on the Upper East Side, this is news to me. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just suggesting that it is likely far more rare than Ms. Martin would have you believe.贤妻奖金?我在上东区这么多年还从没听说过这种奖金。我不是说肯定没有,只是想提醒一下,贤妻奖金可能比马丁告诉你们的要少见得多。So it appears that she has allowed a very small sample group to skew her conclusions. Moreover, she has missed out on the rich friendships of the smart, funny, caring neighborhood moms I have been blessed to know.所以,她的结论似乎是被一小部分样本人群带偏了。更重要的是,她没感受到我所享有的与那些聪明、幽默、友爱的邻里妈妈间深厚的友情。LINDA VESTER GREENBERGNew York琳达·韦斯特·格林伯格(Linda Vester Greenberg)纽约To the Editor: 致编辑:Bravo to these women! They have figured out that being there for their kids and running charities is more valuable to them than being a chief executive, working 12 hours a day and hiring nannies as their replacement. (They are the other moms we love to hate.)我要为这些女性喝!她们已经发现陪着孩子、做慈善要比担任行政主管,每天工作12个小时,然后雇一个保姆替她们照顾孩子要好得多(我们比较讨厌这样的母亲)。The most upsetting truth is that we women continue to be our own worst enemies — constantly judging what other mothers choose in order to affirm our own decisions. I realize now that every mother has difference circumstances, options, demands, resources and limits. And we make our choices the best we can for ourselves and the people we love within those parameters. My grandmother used to say, “Your way is not their way.” Women should stand proud of their own choices to construct the lives they want for themselves and their families without judgment or apology. That is the new feminism!最可悲的事情在于我们女性最恶毒的敌人依然是女性自己——不断地通过对其他妈妈们的选择品头论足来说明自己的选择是多么正确。我现在意识到了每个妈妈都面临着不同的境遇和选择,有着不同的需求、资源和限制。在这些因素的控制下,我们都尽可能地为自己和所爱做出最佳的选择。我的祖母过去常说,“你的方式不是他们的方式。”女性为了构建理想中的自己和家庭做出了选择,她们不该为这些选择受到评判或感到歉意,而应为这些选择感到骄傲。这是新一代的女性主义!MICHELE HELOUHamden, Conn.米歇尔·埃洛(Michele Helou)康涅狄格州哈姆登To the Editor: 致编辑:As a fellow social scientist, I applaud Wednesday Martin for her insightful analysis of gender inequality among the elite tribe of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The rich and privileged usually escape the ethnographic eye, leaving them as the unstudied, unquestioned category while the poor and disempowered are subject to the scrutiny of the sociological lens.作为一个社会科学家,我很赞赏薇妮斯蒂·马丁关于上东区精英阶层性别不平等现象的精辟分析。富人和特权阶层通常会逃过实地研究,使他们成为自然的、无可争议的那一群人,而穷人和被剥削者却要遭受社会学透镜的审查。I have long argued that in the interest of fairness, the American Museum of Natural History should add a diorama next to those for its other North American peoples — one depicting various modern tribes of the ed States: “Wall Street man,” “West Coast bobo,” and perhaps now Ms. Martin’s tribe of glamorous, highly educated, nonworking Manhattan moms.我一直认为,为了公平起见,美国自然历史物馆(the American Museum of Natural History)应该在其他北美民族陈列室旁加一个陈列室——用来展示各种美国现代群体:“华尔街男性”、“西海岸中产群体”,或许现在应该加上马丁所说的“迷人的、受过高等教育的、没有工作的曼哈顿妈妈”群体。DALTON CONLEYNew York道尔顿·康利(Dalton Conley)纽约The writer is a professor of social sciences at New York University.作者是纽约大学(New York University)社会科学教授。To the Editor: 致编辑:There is nothing “poor” about these women. Running a home — or two or three — is similar to running a corporation. You must be organized and proactive and follow up on everything. These women have degrees and know they have a choice. They can be their own executive in their home or outside the home. They choose to run their own empire in their home, which revolves around their children. They groom them and do their best to turn out an excellent “product.” They hire people, they fill out paperwork, they are alert about when to file for schools and camps, and they meet with many people to make it all happen.这些女人并没有什么“可怜”的。经营一个家——或者两三个——跟运营一家公司很相似。你必须组织有序、积极地跟进一切。这些女人拥有学历,也有选择的权利。她们既能对内照料家庭也能在外呼风唤雨。她们自己选择了在家中经营自己以子女为中心的帝国。她们培养孩子,并尽全力使其成为一个优秀的“产品”。她们雇佣别人,填写文书,在申请学校和夏令营时变得机警,她们要接触很多人才能实现这一切。I would say give it up for these women! They are honest about and know what they are doing.我想说别再揪着这些女人不放了!她们知道自己在做什么而且并不会对此加以掩饰。ZELDIE C. STUARTDelray Beach, Fla.泽尔蒂·C·斯图尔特(Zeldie C. Stuart)佛罗里达州德尔雷海滩To the Editor: 致编辑:I have no doubt that there are some women exactly as depicted in this article. However, relegating all of them to a “tribe” is an unsubstantiated generalization hardly befitting an anthropologist engaged in a scientific study. Even more unwarranted is Wednesday Martin’s ultimate determination that all educated, wealthy SAHM mothers are “disempowered,” as is her suggestion that women are squandering their talents staying home with their children.我丝毫不怀疑文中描述的这种女人的存在。然而,把他们全部贬为一个“群体”显然是毫无根据的归类,和作者在做科学研究的人类学家的身份极不搭调。更荒谬的是作者薇妮斯蒂·马丁的终极结论:所有受过教育且富有的居家妈妈们都是“没什么权力的”。她认为女人们在家里陪孩子就是对自己才华的暴殄天物。Clout and cash are seemingly synonymous for Ms. Martin. Perhaps that should be the focus of her next anthropological “work”: why people equate power with money. Clearly the women who make the choice to stay at home with their children do not agree. For many of them, it is a privilege to be with their children, and there are plenty of women who would give up all the earning potential in the world to have that opportunity.马丁似乎将影响力和金钱混为一谈了。也许这应该作为她的下一项人类学“研究”:为什么人们会认为权力就是金钱。显然这些选择在家里陪孩子的女人并不这么想。对她们中的很多人来说,权力是能陪伴在孩子身边的机会,而且世界上有很多女人愿意为了这种机会放弃一切可能的收入。TARA KANTORScarsdale, N.Y.塔拉·坎特(Tara Kantor)纽约州斯卡斯代尔To the Editor: 致编辑:Thank goodness we don’t all have anthropologists following us around to document our foibles. I imagine that most of us wouldn’t come off looking much better than these Upper East Side matrons.谢天谢地,我们不都由人类学家来跟着记录我们的弱点。我想我们大部分人都不比这些上东区的主妇好到哪里去。DANIEL REIFMANYad Binyamin, Israel丹尼尔·莱弗曼(Daniel Reifman)以色列雅德本雅明 /201506/379331上饶市第一人民医院口腔美容中心

上饶治疗狐臭的医院 Over the years, I have written articles about different features that can increase physical attraction, making an individual more handsome or beautiful. I have also discussed how personality can influence judgments of physical attractiveness. Further, I have even shared research demonstrating that the color of clothing, specifically red clothing, increases sex appeal.在过去的几年,我撰写了几篇文章,是关于可以提高身体吸引力,让个人更为英俊或者漂亮的不同特征。我也同样有讨论过人格是怎么影响到别人对于你的吸引力的判断。而且,我甚至分享了一份研究,它明了不同颜色的衣,尤其是红色衣,可以提高魅力。Today, I would like to continue that topic with the exploration of women#39;s footwear. Clearly, many women care about shoes and take great care to shop for them. Until recently, however, it was not known whether such shoe choices had any effect (beyond improving the woman#39;s own self-esteem perhaps). Fortunately, there is now some science to guide women#39;s shoe shopping in the future...今天,我想以对于女性的鞋类的探索继续那个话题。很显然,很多的女性都会在意鞋子,而且会花很多心思去购买合适的。然而,直到最近,对于特定的鞋子的选择是否会有影响才为人所熟知(也许除了提高女性本身的自尊心以外)。幸运的是,现在有一些知识去指导女性对于将来鞋子的购买……The Science of Sexy Shoes性感鞋子的科学奥秘Nicolas Gueguen (2014) explored the effects of women#39;s shoes in a series of four experiments. In all of these experiments, Gueguen dressed a few college-age women in matching outfits (black straight skirt, white long-sleeve shirt, and black suit jacket). He then varied the size of the heel on shoes they wore and had them participate in a series of tasks. For those interested in shoe specifics, here are the details below:尼古拉斯 盖冈(2014)用一系列的四个实验探索女性鞋子的影响。在这所有的实验当中,盖冈让一些女性大学生穿上合身的衣(黑色直裙、白色长袖裙还有黑色西装夹克)。然后,他根据这些女性所穿的鞋上不同尺寸的鞋跟进行分类,其后让她们参与了一系列的任务。对于那些对鞋子的具体情况感兴趣的,以下就是细节:;New, black leather shoes were used: one with flat heels (flat heels condition), a second with 5-cm heels (medium heels condition) and a third with 9-cm heels (high heels condition). They were in fashion and considered to be dress pumps that enveloped the sides of the foot, the heel, and the toes, leaving the ankles and the instep visible. The shoes had neither straps nor laces. In the two conditions with heels, except for the length, precaution was taken to use the same form of heels: the top of the heel was 4.595cm2 and tapered to 1.591.5 cm2 at the bottom.;“实验中用的是新的黑色皮鞋:一种是平底鞋(平底鞋),第二种是5厘米的鞋跟(中跟鞋),第三种是9厘米的鞋跟(高跟鞋)。它们都很时髦,被认为是可以遮盖住脚边、脚跟还有脚趾的礼鞋,仅让别人看见脚踝和脚背。这些鞋子都没有带子或者鞋带。符合这两种情况的鞋子,除了长度之外,也同时采取了特定的措施保持鞋子相同的样式:鞋跟的顶部为4.595平方厘米然后逐渐减少为1.591.5平方厘米的鞋跟底部。”Gueguen (2014) then sent these women out to perform various tasks on the street and measure reactions from random pedestrians. In the first two experiments, the women were asked to solicit participation for various surveys on equal rights and dining preferences. Results indicated that higher heels significantly increased male pedestrians#39; willingness to comply with the survey request (with high heels getting an 82-83% response rate versus flats 42-47%). Unfortunately, however, the shoes were not as persuasive for female pedestrians, who generally responded to the request at a 30-36% rate, regardless of the type of heel worn by the requester.盖冈(2014)随后把这些女性派到街上进行不同的任务,并测量来自于随机的行人的反应。在起初的两个实验中,这些女性被要求去征求一些关于平等权益和餐饮优惠调查的参与。结果指出:更高的鞋跟可以显著地提高男性行人从调查请求的意愿度(穿高跟鞋的得到了82-83%的回复率,相比之下,穿平底鞋的有42-47%)。然而,不幸的是,这些鞋子对于女性行人来说并不那么具有说力,她们回应请求的比率为30-36%,且不论请求者所穿的鞋子的款式。Experiment three measured the effects of high heels on helping behavior. The same group of women were asked to walk around in various shoes, accidentally drop a glove, and see whether someone would tell them. Here again, heel length had an effect on men#39;s helping behavior. Men informed a woman in heels that she dropped her glove 93% of the time, versus 62% for a woman in flats. Here too, the shoes had no effect on other women#39;s helping behavior – who only reported the dropped glove 43-52% of the time.第三个实验测量了高跟鞋对于帮助行为的影响。同一组女性被要求穿着不一样的鞋子,不小心地掉下一只手套,然后观察是否有人会告诉她们。再一次,鞋跟的长度对于男性的帮助行为起着影响。93%的男性告诉了穿鞋高跟鞋的女性掉了她的手套,与此相比,62%的男性告诉了穿平底鞋的女性。这里也亦然,鞋子对于其他女性的帮助行为也同样没有影响。这次仅有43-52%的女性告知掉了的手套。In the final and fourth experiment, the research assistant women were sent into a bar wearing different heel lengths. The experimenter measured how long it took for the women to be approached by men, depending on the shoes that they wore. Men again were swayed by a woman in high heels. The women wearing the highest heel was generally approached by a man around 8 minutes after entering a bar, as opposed to 14 minutes for a woman in flats. Overall then, not only does a woman in high heels appear to be more influential...she is more alluring too.在最终的第四个实验,这些研究助理的大学生女性穿着不同长度的鞋跟被派进了酒吧里。这项实验测量的是穿着不同鞋子的女性要用多长时间会被男性接近。男性再次被穿着高跟的女性所打动了。穿着最高鞋跟的女性一般在进入酒吧8分钟后就会被某个男性靠近,相反的,穿着平底鞋的女性则花费了14分钟。总体而言,穿着高跟鞋的女性不仅仅看起来更具影响力,同样也更迷人。Are High Heels Right for You?高跟鞋是否适合你?The choice of whether or not to wear a sexy, high heeled shoe will depend on your audience. Given the research above, if you want to attract a man, persuade a man, or get his help with something, then you may want to consider a high heel shoe to do the job. Even in a business setting, you may get the agreement of the men in the room with a high heel on.是否选择穿上一双性感的高跟鞋取决于你的拥戴者。鉴于以上的研究,如果你想要吸引、劝说男人、或者想要得到他的帮助,那么你就应该考虑一下以高跟鞋出任这份差事。即使是在商务环境当中,你也会可能因为穿上高跟鞋而获得房间里的男人的青睐。However, it is important to realize that the persuasive effect of high heels does seem to be related to their sex appeal. So, wearing high heels does not seem to influence other women (unless you bond with them over a shared taste in shoes).然而,要认清高跟鞋的具有说力的影响似乎是跟本身的美丽有关系是很重要的。所以,穿高跟鞋并不见得可以影响其他的女性(除非你跟她们拉上关系因为鞋子上共同的偏好)。Furthermore, if you would rather not use sex appeal to influence and get unwanted attention from men, then heels might not be the way to go. Overall though, there does not seem to be a negative effect for wearing high heels from other women, or an overly overt sexual response from men.与此同时,如果你宁可不用魅力变得有影响力,也不想得到男性的不必要的注意力,那么,高跟鞋也许不是解决方法。总的来说,穿着高跟鞋对于其他的女性来说并不存在消极的效果,或者来自于男性的太过于明显的性反应。Therefore, if you are in doubt, you might want some heel for that date, night out, or even business meeting...因此,如果你有疑问,你也许需要一些高跟鞋应付约会,晚出,甚至是商务会议。Conclusion结论No wonder why some women obsess about shoes... Who knew they could be so influential! Not only do they significantly increase the amount of attention a woman gets from men in a bar, but they also make men more complaint to her requests and helpful too. So, if a woman is looking to find love, or just get a man to do something, wearing heels can help!难怪一些女性迷恋于鞋子。她们深知它竟然如此具有影响力。它们不仅仅可以显著地提高一名女性在酒吧里得到男性的注意力程度,还可以让男性对于女性的请求的抱怨增多,令他们更乐意帮忙。因此,如果某位女性想要恋爱,或者仅仅想让一个男的帮忙办事,穿高跟鞋肯定能帮上忙! /201501/353863上饶韩美美容医院口腔科上饶韩美整形美容医院治疗痘痘多少钱



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