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Analysts examining the effect of the oil price’s precipitous decline on companies should spare a thought for stripper well operators, the mom-and-pop businesses that coax the last trickles of crude from long-ago drilled holes.那些研究油价大幅下挫对企业影响的分析人士们,应该关注一下那些低产油井(stripper well)运营商们了,他们一般都是小作坊式经营,做的就是从很久以前钻探的油井中采出最后一批原油。Although tiny in isolation — the average stripper well yields less than 2 b/d — there are more than 400,000 such wells in the US supplying about 11 per cent of US oil production. They produced 700,000 barrels per day in 2012, the latest year for which data are available — as much as the Opec member Qatar, according to data from the Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission.尽管它们各自分散,而且不成规模(平均日产量不到2桶),但在美国有超过40万口这样的油井,占美国石油产量的11%左右。根据州际油气协定委员会(Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission)的最新数据,2012年这些低产井的日产量为70万桶,与石油输出国组织(Opec,简称:欧佩克)成员国卡塔尔的产量相当。Now, with the price of US crude below per barrel — down 46 per cent from levels six months ago — some operators plan to idle their stripper wells. Widesp closures could help balance the oversupplied global oil market and stabilise prices.如今,随着美国油价跌破每桶60美元,较6个月前下跌46%,一些运营商已计划把他们的低产井闲置起来。大量这类油井关闭,可能有助于平衡供应过度的全球石油市场并稳定油价。Melvin Moran, whose company owns stripper wells in Oklahoma, said it costs thousands of dollars a year to keep one pumping.梅尔文#8226;莫兰(Melvin Moran)的公司拥有俄克拉荷马州的低产井,他表示,每年需要数千美元来维持一口低产井的运营。Mark Thomas has two companies that operate 100 stripper wells in Arkansas state with total production of 300 b/d. “Some of those will be shut in, probably within 90 days,” he said last week.马克#8226;托马斯(Mark Thomas)有两家公司,在阿肯色州运营着100口低产井,总产量为每日300桶。他上周表示:“一些油井可能会在90天内被关闭。”Mr Thomas said it now costs “in the “high s” per barrel to lift oil from the ground. The Lion Oil refinery near his wells in El Dorado, Arkansas last week offered per barrel for extra heavy crude and .25 for sweet crude. This suggests razor-thin profit margins for local producers.托马斯表示,现在石油开采成本在每桶“近40美元”。在他位于阿肯色州埃尔多拉多的油井附近的炼油厂Lion Oil,上周对超重原油的报价为每桶41美元,轻质原油为52.25美元。这表明当地产油商的利润率极薄。Oil analysts have been focused on new investment, such as shale drilling, as they handicap which producers will cut back. They say that because stripper wells’ expenditures are mainly operating costs such as electricity and maintenance, their owners are less sensitive to oil prices than companies exploring for oil.石油分析师们表示,由于低产井的出主要为运营成本,例如电力和维护,相对于石油勘探企业,这些油井的所有者对于油价不那么敏感。Operators will decide “whether they really want or need the cash flow,” said Trisha Curtis of the Energy Policy Research Foundation in Washington. Like bigger producers, stripper well operators need to be convinced lower prices will persist before idling production, said Michael Wittner, oil analyst at Société Générale. Simply shutting a well can cost several thousands dollars, so some wells will keep flowing, he said.华盛顿能源政策研究基金会( Energy Policy Research Foundation)的特丽莎#8226;柯蒂斯(Trisha Curtis)表示,运营商们将决定“它们是否真的需要现金流。”兴业(Société Générale)石油分析师迈克尔#8226;威特纳(Michael Wittner)表示,与规模较大的生产商一样,低产井运营商只有确信油价将长期低迷,才会闲置产能。他表示,关闭一口油井可能会带来数千美元的损失,因此一些油井将继续运营。But stripper wells “operate on the lower edge of profitability,” according to the IOGCC.但州际油气协定委员会称,低产油井的“利润率处于较低水平”。 /201412/348813Seventeen-year-old Kurt Coleman has garnered an enormous following online by posting selfies and boasting about his good looks.通过自拍和吹嘘自己的美貌,17岁的少年Kurt Coleman已经在网络上拥有了一批追随者。The teenager, from Gold Coast City, Queensland, has become a web sensation with more than 172,000 followers on Facebook and 87,000 followers on Instagram.这位来自昆士兰州黄金海岸市的少年已经成为近期的网络热点,他在Facebook上的粉丝超过17.2万,在Instagram也有8.7万的粉丝。Kurt has compared his pictures to the perfection of a lunar eclipse and jokes that he inspired Beyoncé Knowles#39;s hit Flawless.他自认与月食相比,自己的照片完美无缺,并笑称自己给了碧昂斯的热门歌曲《Flawless》灵感。;I#39;m hot and I love myself,; Kurt said. ;People are really jealous of me, I can understand why, and I#39;ll never change for anyone because I love myself.;“我身材火辣,我爱我自己。”Kurt说道,“人们嫉妒我,我能理解,但我不会因为任何人改变自己,因为我爱我自己。”He also describes himself as the #39;Australian Paris Hilton#39;, whom he idolises because ;she doesn#39;t care about anything, she just does what she wants;.他同时自喻为“澳大利亚版帕里斯·希尔顿”,帕里斯是他的偶像,因为“她不在乎任何事情,只随心所以做自己想做的。”Kurt appears to be revelling in his new-found fame:他似乎陶醉于自己的名气中。I love how my face and name is everywhere right now, that#39;s how I like it. — Kurt Coleman (@KurtJayColeman) April 18, 2014“我喜欢我的照片和名字遍布各地,这是我最喜欢的方式。”——Kurt Colman 2014.4.18When asked to share the secrets of his good looks, Kurt informed Studio 10, ;every week I get a spray-tan and then I wash my hair every day...I just try and look amazing every day;.当问及保持美貌的秘诀时,这位少年告诉Studio 10:“我每周都会用皮肤色素喷雾剂,而且每天洗头……我就是竭尽所能让自己每天看起来光照人。”Kurt is particularly popular in Australia and there are even businesses which sell Kurt Coleman merchandise.Kurt在澳大利亚特别受欢迎,甚至有专门售卖Kurt Coleman商品的业务。The Kurt Coleman Supply Company exists to #39;promote the poster-boy to thousands of youth around the world for being who you are and not caring what anyone else thinks.#39;Kurt Coleman供应公司致力于“向全世界的青少年宣传这位典型少年,由此鼓励人们做自己,不要在乎别人的看法。”;It#39;s so funny, I can#39;t believe it really,; Kurt told MailOnline.Kurt告诉《每日邮报》,“这太搞笑了,我简直不相信这是真的。”;It#39;s ridiculous, they#39;re making money off my face, I#39;m going to get around to getting money out of them.;“这太荒谬了,他们在利用我的脸蛋赚钱,我正打算从他们那儿赚钱呢。”In a manner not dissimilar to Justin Bieber, the social media star polarises opinion. Some admire his beauty and liberating individualism but others lament the popularity of a modern-day Narcissus whose looks have stunted the development of his personality.与Justin Bieber的方式没什么不同,大家对这位社交明星的看法两极分化。有的人欣赏他的美貌和个性解放,其他人则叹息这位“现代版纳西索斯”的名气——外表阻碍了个性发展。(小编注:希腊神话中,美少年纳西索斯(Narcissus)深爱自己的美貌,后因恋上自己在水中的倒影而在死后化做了水仙花。自恋的英语名称正源自这个故事。)#39;Haters#39; regularly confront him in the street and the teenager admits to having been hit many times.这位少年承认,经常在街上碰到讨厌他的人,还被袭击过多次。 /201404/290957When many of us have a little cash to invest, we might buy a mutual fund or a stock — if we don’t blow it on the latest tech gadget. Not the truly wealthy, however. They often put their money in property, art, businesses and other investments that the rest of us can only dream of owning. How this rarified group uses their cash differentiates them from the rest of us — and keeps them in the black。我们中的大多数人有点现金可以做投资时,可能会买个共有基金或者股票——前提是我们不把钱花在最新的科技小物件上。但真正有钱人不会这样。他们会把钱投在房产、艺术领域和生意场,还会做些其他投资,都是些我们梦寐以求的。这一小众群体处理现金的方式和我们有别,也让他们始终有盈余。Take Joshua Coleman, for example. When his family sold their Chicago-based telecom company for 0m in 2004, they didn’t run out and buy something extravagant. Instead, they began seeking advice on ways to save their newfound riches and help them grow。以约书亚·科尔曼为例,2004年他家里以4亿美元把他们总部在芝加哥的电信公司售出时,他们并没把钱花挥霍殆尽掉或是购进奢侈品。相反,他们寻求建议,如何让新得的这笔财富增值。Their quest sparked an idea for Coleman, now 27. In 2011, he launched Momentum Advanced Planning — a firm that connects people to tax, legal and wealth experts. If the business one day sells, he could see a big return, just like his family’s first business.If you think that starting a business is an odd way to invest your money, then you probably aren’t among the ultra-wealthy。科尔曼现年27,当时他们的探索让科尔曼灵机一动心生一计。2011年,他发起了“动量先行计划”,这是家公司,旨在牵线搭桥税收、法律还有财富方面专家。如果哪天开始盈利,他将获利不菲,正如他的家族的第一个公司那样。你要是觉得靠创业来投资不靠谱,那你估计也不会是超级富有的那类。People who have at least m in assets — dubbed ultra high net-worth — invest in stocks and bonds, but they also grow their money by buying companies and investing in unusual securities, such as airline leasing funds. They also own art and cars that they hope will appreciate in value。拥有三千万资产的人士,即高资产值人士,投资股票和债券,但他们也购入公司,投资冷门券,如航空租赁基金让钱生钱利滚利。他们也拥有艺术品和轿车,期望来日增值。“It’s called alpha risk,” said Coleman. “It’s this kind of stuff where there can be a lot of upside。”As for the downside, many of these investments are riskier than traditional investments, so there’s a higher chance of losing a large chunk of change. As well, they’re far less liquid than stocks and it could take months or years for the wealthy to get their money out of an investment。“这被称之为阿尔法风险,”科尔曼说道,“这种风险会有很多转机”。至于不利的那面,这种投资比传统投资风险大得多,所以丧失机会的概率也更高。同样,这种投资流动性小,不及股票,可能需要几个月甚至几年才能把资金从投资中收回。Even if you don’t have millions to invest, though, you can learn a thing or two about how the rich reap returns and apply it your own portfolios。即使你没有好几百万来投资,但至少你多多少少可以学到富人如何获取收益,然后运用到你自己的投资组合中。 /201507/386956

Car buffs love to debate which luxury brand is most prestigious in the cosmos of three-pointed stars, prancing horses and airplane propellers, the last being the symbol denoting current sales champion, BMW.There’s little argument, however, that Audi and its logo of four interlocking circles boast the most momentum and the biggest business bounce of recent years, a trend the German subsidiary of Volkswagen is determined to maintain through 2015. The automaker is tightening its finances ahead of introducing a spate of new models, fuel-saving configurations and a revised design language.Audi says it will cut .5 billion from costs in areas such as purchasing and manufacturing in order to protect profits while spending heavily to expand electric and hybrid drive models, as well as advanced assisted driving and communications technology.A big worry, said Rupert Stadler, CEO, is further tightening of global emissions standards, which potentially create vast new costs beyond the sums invested so far in technologies to minimize fossil fuel consumption. “It is far too early to know if the (consumer) market is going to respond” to new fuel-saving technologies, he said.Audi this year introduced the A3 in the U.S., its smallest and lightest vehicle, which helps it comply with average fleet efficiency required by the U.S. At a combined 33 miles per gallon, it’s slightly more fuel efficient than the larger A4 – but it can be ordered with a diesel engine that achieves 43 miles per gallon in city and highway driving.The VW subsidiary in 2011 passed Mercedes-Benz in global unit sales to grab the No. 2 spot among premium brands, behind BMW. This year Audi expects to sell 1.7 million vehicles globally for the first time. But Daimler’s Mercedes unit is pressing hard to regain its position and managed to edge Audi in September by a few thousand cars.Mercedes has concentrated on creating a younger, more dynamic and fluid look to appeal to younger buyers. The German automaker created a small sedan, CLA, that starts at a retail price less than ,000 in the U.S., bringing it within reach of less affluent prospects.Responding to Daimler’s challenge, and with dreams of one day catching BMW, Audi is gearing up to launch new models and an updated design language, hints of which were shown this month at the Paris auto show to mostly positive reviews. Next year, Audi will introduce a new A4, Q7 and R8 supercar in the U.S.The performance of Audi, the biggest profit contributor among VW’s several brands, will be key to VW’s stated goal of passing Toyota as No. 1 in sales worldwide by 2018. But with the rising cost of technology and the resurgence of competition, VW now is making the point publicly that that it intends to maintain profitability.Helping in that effort will be U.S. dealer franchisees of Audi, who are in the midst of spending a collective billion to renovate and spruce up their stores. Audi sales rose 86% in south Orlando since April, according to Automotive News, after Auto Nation spent million on a new dealership.Up-and-coming premium auto franchises like Infiniti and Cadillac GM -2.38% have watched and taken notes from Audi. Studying and imitating aren’t the same as matching, which is what the wannabes have in mind.车迷们很热衷讨论的一件事是,在三叉星(奔驰)、跃马(法拉利)和飞机螺旋桨(宝马)这三个豪华品牌中,谁才是最声名显赫的。就目前而言,宝马(BMW)稳坐豪华品牌销量之王的宝座。但少有争议的一点是,奥迪(Audi)及其环环紧扣的四环标识是近年来增长势头最猛、销售反弹力度最大的品牌。而其母公司大众汽车公司(Volkswagen )则决意要在2015年继续保持这股势不可挡的势头。在推出一系列搭载省油配置及具备全新设计语言的新车型前,奥迪正在大力削减成本,严控财务状况。奥迪表示,在斥巨资开发全新电动及混动车型,以及先进的辅助驾驶和交通技术的同时,还将在采购和生产等领域削减25亿美元的成本,以提高利润率。奥迪首席执行官鲁伯特?施泰德称,公司的一大担忧是,随着全球进一步提高排放标准,可能会让迄今已投入巨资开发、旨在大幅降低油耗的技术成本更高。他说,对全新的省油技术,“现在就看出消费者是否会真正买账实在为时过早”。今年奥迪在美国市场上投放了A3车型。由于它是奥迪家族最小最轻的车,这有助于它达到美国的平均燃油效率要求。它每加仑综合行驶里程为33英里,比体积稍大的A4要省油些——但如果订购柴油引擎版,其城市路况和高速公路综合行驶里程就能达到每加仑43英里。2011年,奥迪的全球销量一举超过梅赛德斯奔驰(Mercedes-Benz),夺得第二的宝座,仅次于宝马。今年奥迪的全球销量则有望首次达到170万辆。但奔驰也毫不示弱,目前正开足马力要夺回自己原有的位置,且9月销量比奥迪要多几千辆。奔驰一直致力于打造一种更年轻动感、更流畅的外形来吸引年轻车主。它为美国市场打造了一款较小的车型CLA,零售价不到3万美元,使很多不那么富裕的潜在车主不再对奔驰可望而不可即。作为对奔驰挑战的回应,同时怀揣有朝一日赶超宝马的梦想,奥迪正加速推出新车型及全新的设计语言,本月的巴黎车展上这种设计初露端倪即赢得广泛好评。明年奥迪将在美国市场上推出全新的A4、Q7和R8超跑。作为大众集团旗下最赚钱的品牌,奥迪的业绩对大众号称要在2018年销量力压丰田汽车(Toyota)称霸全球的目标至关重要。但是随着技术开发的成本不断上涨和竞争加剧,大众现在又公开表示要努力保持盈利能力。奥迪在美国的特许经销商将为大众实现这一目标效力,它们已斥资10亿美元重新装修店面,使其焕然一新。据《汽车新闻》(Automotive News)称,在全美汽车租赁公司(Auto Nation)投资2100万美元和奥迪签下新的合作协议后,今年4月以来奥迪在南奥兰多的销量已增长86%。而像英菲尼迪(Infiniti)和凯迪拉克(Cadillac)这样雄心勃勃的厂商则一直密切关注着奥迪的动向并潜心学习。当然,琢磨和模仿跟同台竞技可不是一回事,这是那些胸怀大志的人一向了然于心的。

Turning two sessions proposals into reality can be a long but rewarding process, report He Na and Peng Yining in Beijing.For four years, He Youlin, an educator and deputy to the National People#39;s Congress, repeatedly proposed the relaxation of China#39;s family planning policy.Although the proposal was rejected on several occasions, he continued to raise the issue andeventually achieved his goal.;I just did what an NPC deputy should do, but I received more support and trust than I everexpected,; he said.As the two sessions, the annual meetings of the NPC and the National Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference, open this week, such proposals have come under the spotlight once again.让两会的提案照入现实的过程虽然漫长,但定会收获丰硕的果实。(何娜、彭奕宁于北京报道)教育工作者贺优琳是一名人大代表。整整四年了,每次的人大会议上,他都大力提议放开计划生育政策。虽然他的提案屡次遭拒,但是这份不变的坚持终于促成了国家“单独二孩”政策的出台。他说:“我只不过是做了人大代表应做的事。我所得到的巨大的持和信任,真的是远远超出了我的预期。”而在今年两会上,类似的提案又一次成为了公众瞩目的焦点。人大会议作为最高国家权力机关,掌握着国家重大问题决定权。很多涉及到包括计划生育、劳动教养及医疗安全在内的国家政策方面的改革,最初都是由人大代表们提出的。在过去的十年里,来自人大代表们的提议和建议已经成为一股重要力量,推动着中国政治和经济的变革与发展。贺优琳现任广东省中山市孙中山纪念中学校长,他说:“让一项提案成为现实,绝不是一件能一蹴而就的易事。”在贺优琳宣传放开计划生育政策的头两年,几乎没有得到任何其他人大代表的持。那时,他的声音是孤独的。Reform of various aspects of national policy, including family planning, re-education through labor, and medical security, was originally proposed by members of China#39;s largest decision-making bodies.During the past decade, suggestions and recommendations from deputies have become the driving force behind China#39;s political and economic change.He, principal of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Middle School in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, said turning a proposal into reality isn#39;t an easy or straightforward task.For the first two years of the campaign, his was a lone voice among the deputies.His proposal failed to attract the attention of government departments, and he didn#39;t receive areply. At one point, he was approached with a suggestion that he should shelve his proposal tosave time for more worthwhile endeavors.;Of course, I didn#39;t give up because I knew my proposal was based on facts. I learned about the struggles people faced and the real problems caused by the strict family planning policy during the past three decades. Also, the people I had interviewed were waiting for good news,; He said. ;The situation improved in the following two years when the National Health and Family Planning Commission dispatched staff to meet me and explain its point of view.;He#39;s tireless efforts and perseverance, in tandem with a small number of NPC deputies andmembers of the CPPCC, paid off. In November, the CPC leadership decided to relax the familyplanning policy nationwide. The reform stated that if one member of a couple is an only child,they will be allowed to have a second child.;I consider the committee#39;s change of attitude to be a huge step forward. I#39;ll continue to handin family planning-related proposals this year, because although the policy has been relaxed, inmy opinion the moves don#39;t go far enough. I will call for all limits on the size of families to bethe removed to help relieve the rising problem of labor shortages,; He said.The family planning proposal isn#39;t his only success. Some of his other proposals have alsobeen adopted, such as greater financial input in elementary education.;I am a deputy from the grassroots, so what I say during the two sessions should represent the people, so their voices can be heard. The road to seeing a printed proposal become areality is a bumpy one, but I will continue to travel it. It#39;s rewarding to see people#39;s livesimproving and to know that I have played a part in that improvement,; he said.当时,他的提案总是得不到政府部门的重视与回应。甚至一度还有人建议他暂时搁置计划,腾出时间来做其他更有意义的提案。“我当然没放弃,因为我知道我的提案是有理有据的。我很了解在过去三十年中,严格的计划生育政策给人们的生活带来的困难和问题。还有那些之前我做调查时采访过的人,他们一直都等着我的好消息呢。”贺优琳说,“不过我努力的后两年情况改善了不少,因为国家卫生计生委开始派人同我见面,并且向我解释他们对此事的看法。”在贺优琳的带动下,一小部分大代表和政协委员也开始持他的提案,终于,他们不倦的努力与坚持有了回报。去年11月,国家决定在全国范围内放开计划生育政策,实行“单独二孩”政策,这意味着,只要夫妻双方一人为独生子女,即可生二胎。“我觉得卫生计生委对我的提案的态度转变是一步巨大的飞跃。今年的两会,我将会继续递交有关进一步放开计划生育政策的提案书,因为在我看来,虽然目前的政策已经有了松动,但放开力度还并不够。我会进一步说明,在当今劳动力短缺问题日益严重的情况下,因计划生育所减少的这部分人口将从哪些方面限制社会发展。”然而,计划生育政策的放开并不是贺优琳的唯一值得骄傲的成果,他的其他一些提案也被采纳,比如,要求国家向小学教育注入更多资金。他说:“我是一名来自普通大众的人大代表,所以我在两会上的发言,一定要代表老百姓的心声,这样,政府才能听见他们的诉求。把一纸提案变成实实在在的现实将是一段崎岖的旅程,但我会继续前行。看到人们的生活改善了,知道自己曾经为这改善做出了贡献,一切就都是值得的。”Xie Chuntao, a professor at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, said the motions proposed by NPC deputies and CPPCC members have an obvious effect on the development of social progress and improvements in people#39;s welfare.He said deputies and members devote alot of time and energy every year to visiting people to collect suggestions for proposals and become fully conversant with the problems they face. Once a deputy#39;s round of visits has been concluded, they conduct research and consult the data to compose practical reports that will ensure extensive discussion of hot issues during the two sessions.When formulated, the proposals are sent to the relevant government departments, which are obliged to reply to the deputies and members within a certain period.;Proposals from deputies are the best way of lodging an appeal,; said Sun Chunlong, founding director of the Longyue Charity Foundation, one of China#39;s leading advocates of improved welfare for Kuomintang veterans of World War II.Sun said his efforts to incorporate all surviving KMT veterans into China#39;s social welfare network were in vain until he found an NPC deputy who was willing to propose the issue at the two sessions. ;I tried everything, including sending letters to the government and making appeals via the media, but nothing worked,; Sun said.;Then an NPC deputy from Hong Kong my story on Sina Weibo (China#39;s Twitter-like social networking site) and said he wanted to help.;中共中央党校教授谢春涛认为,人大代表和政协委员提出的议案,对于促进社会进步、增进人民福祉有显著作用。谢春涛说,人大代表和政协委员每年会投入很多的时间和精力与群众接触、交谈,为提案收集意见和建议,因此他们往往对很多社会问题了解深刻。在与群众交流之后,他们会通过调查研究、数据采集,撰写实践性很强的提案,用于两会期间深入地讨论这些社会热点问题。”提案撰写完成后需要递送至相关的政府部门,他们将会在规定的时间内对人大代表或者政协委员的提案给出回复。“人大代表的提案是提出上诉的最好的办法。”龙越慈善基金会理事长孙春龙说。他是在中国为国民党抗战老兵谋求社会保障和福利的领头人。孙春龙说,他旨在将中国所有健在的国民党抗战老兵纳入社会保障的努力之前一直没有任何结果。他说:“我试了很多种方法,包括给政府写信,或者通过媒体上诉,不过这些方法都没有成功。”不过后来,在找到一位持他的人大代表后,情况有了改变。这名代表愿意在两会上帮他提出这个议案。“后来,一位来自香港的人大代表在新浪微看到了我的事,说他愿意帮我。”孙春龙说。在孙春龙的协助下,香港的巨商王明刚以人大代表的身份,起草了一份议案,并于2013年的两会递交。议案通过了!四个月后,民政部宣布,将原国民党抗战老兵纳入社会保障范围,虽然放在从前,这是老兵们所享受不到的权利。With Sun#39;s help, Wang Mingang, a business tycoon and NPC deputy, drafted a proposal and presented it at the two sessions in 2013. The proposal was adopted and four months later, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced that all surviving KMT veterans of World War II would beincorporated in the social welfare network, something that had been denied them before.;Deputies have more power and influence than the average person and grassroots organizations,; Sun said. His proposal gained widesp attention and at least five other deputies indicated their support by shelving similar motions. ;When more deputies participate,the possibility of change increases,; he said.Because the new regulation is still thin on details, including the exact monthly allowance to be paid to each veteran, Sun will continue to lobby for amendments. ;I will fly to Beijing during the two sessions and try to talk to more deputies about the issue,; he said.Last year, 99.8 percent of the 5,403 proposals submitted by CPPCC members garnered replies from the related government departments, according to a report published at a CPPCC meeting in February. While 24.2 percent of the proposals have been adopted, 61.7 percent are awaiting further processing. When proposals are not adopted, the departments have to explainthe decision to the deputies involved.According to the NPC secretariat, the quality of the proposals from the 2,987 NPC deputies ishigh. With its relevance to and influence on all the major social aspects of daily life, including people#39;s livelihoods and measures to eliminate corruption, the proposal system has bolstered the powers of the NPC.To ensure that the opinions of different ethnic groups are heard, each of the country#39;s 55 ethnic groups has at least one representative at the meetings. There are 409 deputies from these groups, accounting for 13.69 percent of the total number of delegates, while female deputies account for 23.4 percent and workers and peasants for 13.42 percent. Male Han Chinese representatives account for the remainder.孙春龙说:“相比普通老百姓或者是基层组织,人大代表有更大的权力和影响力。”有了人大代表的帮助,他的提案获得了广泛的关注,至少又有五名代表向他表示,他们愿意暂时搁置其他类似的提案全力持他的这个。对此,他说:“参与的人大代表越多,改革的可能性就越大。”由于目前的政策尚且粗糙,很多细节问题没有来得及处理,这就包括,给每名老兵的月津贴数额等等。宋春龙表示,他将继续努力,争取实现政策的完善。他说:“今年两会时,我会飞到北京去试着跟更多的人大代表谈谈这个问题。”今年二月,一次政协会议发布报告显示:去年,在政协委员提交的共5403份议案中,99.8%的议案获得了有关政府部门的回复;这当中,又有24.2%的议案获得了通过,61.7%的议案等待进一步的处理。一旦议案未获通过,政府部门需要向该委员解释原因。全国人大常委会委员长表示,人大代表提供的2971份议案的质量都很高,对社会生活的方方面面都有涉及或影响。从改善人名生活水平到消除腐败现象,这些议案十分有利地加强了人大的力量和作用。为确保来自少数民族的意见也能够顺利传达,全国55个少数族,每民族至少有一人作为人大代表出席会议。今年的两会,少数民族有409个,占到了总代表数的13.69%;女性代表占到了总数的23.4%;来自一线的工人、农民占到总数的13.42%。Celebrity deputies“明星”代表与“草根”代表;We need to admit that some people question the effect of the deputies and members#39; involvement in the management of the country,; said Xie from the Party school. ;I think that#39;s because a large number of people are unfamiliar with the way the NPC and CPPCC work.Also, some of the media reports on the sessions focus heavily on celebrity deputies andmembers. That results in the voices of grassroots deputies and members not being heard.;Moreover, a very small number of deputies and members use the sessions for their own ends, according to Xie, who urged greater supervision of the deputies and members to ensure that they have correctly discharged their duties. He said the number of deputies and members fromthe grassroots should rise.He, the middle school president, agreed, saying: ;Some deputies are only interested in theirown ambitions and problems, not those of the people. I know a NPC deputy who is the chairman of a business. Instead of handing in proposals about hot social issues, he mainlypromotes and talksabout his business and its products during the meetings.;Chen Gong, a CPPCC member from Beijing, said she collects more than 200 opinions everyyear as a member of the Beijing Dongcheng district committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association, a group mainly composed of people from the world ofcommerce.Chen said all the issues people raise with her, ranging from drain-cover management to foreign policy initiatives, will be sent to the relevant government departments. In her experience, 30 to 50 percent of them are noted or adopted every year, such as her 2012 proposal about the development of Beijing#39;s culture industry, which was adopted and overseen directly by themayor.Chen said she spends a lot of time talking with those she represents and conducting research before drafting each proposal.;I know that my proposals can make a real difference, and so I have to be responsible forthem,; she said. ;I am a representative of the people, and speaking on their behalf is what I do.;“我们要承认,的确有一些人质疑人大代表和政协委员在国家管理当中的参与度和他们所发挥的作用。”中共中央党校教授谢春涛说,“我认为这会因为有相当一部分人不熟悉人大和政协的工作方式。而且,一些关于两会的媒体报道把“明星”人大代表和政协委员当成了焦点,因而无法展示来自基层的代表和委员诉求的传递。”另外,谢春涛说,不排除有少数人大代表和政协委员在利用两会为自己谋求利益,因此,这就意味着代表和委员们也需要接受监督,确保他们正确履行职责。他还表示,来自应当提高来自基层的代表和委员的数量。人大代表、中学校长贺优琳表示同意,他说:“一些代表关心的只是他们自己的利益诉求,不是人民群众的。我知道一个人大代表,他是一家公司的总裁。他的议案不是关于社会热点,反而在会议上为他的企业和产品做宣传。”陈工是来自北京的一名政协委员,她说,作为中国民主建工会(主要构成人员来自商业界)北京市东城区的一员,自己每年都会收集200多条群众意见和建议。陈工说,人们向她提出的所有问题,不管是地下井盖的管理,还是对于外交政策的提议,她都会提交给相关的政府部门。以她的经验,每年有30%-50%的建议会被认可或采纳。2012年,她递交的关于北京文化产业发展的提案就被政府接受了,并由市长亲自监管实施。陈工说,她花了很时间同她所能代表的人们交谈,而且,在递交每份提案之前,都做了研究调查。“我知道,我的这些提案对于改变社会问题有很大的作用,所以我一定要对它们负责。”她说,“我是人民的代表,替人民说话是我的职责。” /201403/278849

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