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Edict of Nantes is revokedNovember 18,1685, Louis XIV of France revokes the Edict of Nantes, which has protected French Protestants.《南特法令》被撤销 1685年的11月18日,法兰西路易十四国王了宣告保护法国新教的《南特法令》无效。Moby-Dick is 1st publishedNovember 18,1851, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is first published as The Whale by Richard Bentley of London.《莫比-迪克》首版 1851年的11月18日,赫尔曼·梅尔维尔的《莫比-迪克》以《白鲸记》的名字首次由伦敦的神学家理查德·宾利出版发行。Chuck Berry bornNovember 18,1926 , Musician Chuck Berry born in St. Louis, Missouri.查克·巴瑞出生 1926年的11月18日,美国音乐家查克·巴瑞在美国密苏里的圣·路易斯出生。NAFTA is ratifiedNovember 18,1993 , In the ed States, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is ratified by the House of Representatives.北美自由贸易协定被批准 1993年11月18日,在美国,北美自由贸易协定被众议院批准。The Clinton Presidential Center is openedNovember 18,2004 , The Clinton Presidential Center is opened in Little Rock, Arkansas, containing 2 million photographs and 80 million documents.克林顿总统中心开业2004年11月18日,克林顿总统中心在阿肯色州的小岩城开业,含200万照片和80万份文件。 /201011/118547China’s loosening control of renminbi welcomed中国扩大人民币浮动幅度获各方好评China’s decision to loosen some of its currency controls, permitting greater volatility in daily trade from Monday, has been welcomed as an important step towards allowing the renminbi to float freely. 中国决定放松一部分汇率管制,从周一起扩大人民币汇率日浮动幅度。此举受到各方欢迎,被视为迈向最终允许人民币汇率自由浮动的重要一步。From this week, the renminbi will be allowed to rise or fall 1 per cent each day from the daily official rate against the US dollar, double its previous trading range of 0.5 per cent.从本周起,人民币兑美元交易价相对于当日官方中间价的日浮动幅度由0.5%扩大至1%。Analysts still expect the central bank to keep the exchange rate stable in the coming months as a buffer against global economic uncertainty, but the band widening lays the groundwork for a future in which market forces, not the government, shape its value.分析师们预计,中国央行在未来几个月内仍将保持人民币汇率稳定,作为针对全球经济不确定性的缓冲,但扩大浮动幅度之举将为未来由市场力量(而非政府)决定汇率打下基础。Beijing hopes one day to transform the renminbi into a currency that will vie for a place alongside the dollar and the euro on the global stage. Widening the band brings it closer to that goal, although other, and riskier, reforms to open its capital account are needed first.北京方面希望有朝一日实现人民币国际化,使其在全球舞台上与美元和欧元分庭抗礼。扩大浮动幅度意味着中国向这个目标走近了一步,尽管中国仍需推行风险较高的其他改革、放开资本账户。This was an “important step by the People’s Bank of China to increase the flexibility of their currency”, said Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund.国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜#8226;拉加德(Christine Lagarde)表示,此举是“中国央行提高人民币汇率弹性的一个重要步骤”。The US Treasury described the move as “positive for China, the ed States, and the global economy” if implemented properly, but added that “further progress is needed”.美国财政部称,此举如果实施得当的话,将“有利于中国、美国乃至全球经济”,但补充称“有必要取得进一步的进展”。Until now, the mechanics of the Chinese exchange rate have been relatively simple. The central bank has used a trading band since 2005 to guide the renminbi in a “crawling peg” against the dollar. It sets the midpoint of the range in the morning before the market opens, then intervenes throughout the day to keep the currency within the desired bounds.迄今中国汇率形成机制一直相对简单。中国央行自2005年起采用交易区间来引导人民币汇率“爬行盯住”美元。央行在每日早上市场开盘前设定汇率中间价,然后在全天不时干预汇市,以使汇率保持在规定的浮动幅度内。Whatever the daily ups and downs, the renminbi has steadily risen against the dollar, appreciating 5-7 per cent a year, apart from a pause during the global financial crisis.尽管每日有涨有跌,但近年来人民币相对美元稳步走高(年升值幅度达5%至7%),只是在全球金融危机期间暂停了一段时间。With the band widening, the Chinese currency should become harder to predict. But Beijing is not about to relinquish control of the renminbi. Rather, it wants to broaden what it describes as the “the exchange rate formation mechanism”.扩大浮动幅度后,人民币汇率应当变得更难预测。但北京方面并不会很快放弃控制汇率。相反,它希望拓宽其所称的“汇率形成机制”。It wants to use a basket of the currencies of its biggest trading partners – the US dollar, the euro and the yen – as an anchor for the renminbi. In practice, it has relied most on the dollar.它希望参考一篮子主要贸易伙伴的货币(美元、欧元和日元等)来调节人民币汇率。在实践中,人民币汇率对美元依赖程度最大。The wider band will make the shift to a flexible basket-based exchange rate feasible by allowing greater “two-way volatility” against the dollar, said Lu Ting, an economist with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. 美国-美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)经济学家陆挺表示,扩大浮动幅度将允许人民币兑美元汇率出现更大的“双向波动”,使人民币转向基于篮子货币的弹性汇率具有可行性。 /201204/177892

Who turns down a long vacation? Known for their work ethic, Swiss citizens appear to be leading the way on European austerity, rejecting a minimum six weeks paid holiday a year.谁会拒绝长假的诱惑呢?一向以职业道德著称的瑞士人如今似乎正在引领欧洲国家财政紧缩的潮流,该国民众刚刚否决了每人每年至少有六周带薪假期的提议。Switzerland counted ballots Sunday for five national referendums, including one pushed by a union to raise the minimum holiday up from four weeks, which is the standard used in Germany, Italy, Russia and other European nations. Some of the nation#39;s 26 cantons (states) also held voting on local measures to deal with everything from demonstrators to prostitutes.瑞士周日就五项政策举行全民公决,其中包括由瑞士工会提出的,将每年的带薪假期由至少四周增加到至少六周的提案,目前,德国、意大利、俄罗斯和其他欧洲国家实行的都是这一标准。瑞士的26个州也就一些本地政策举行表决,涉及范围非常广泛,牵涉人群有示威者也有性工作者。The Swiss heeded warnings from government and business that more vacation would raise labor costs and put the economy at risk. Swiss public broadcaster SSR said two-thirds of voters and all of the cantons had rejected the measure, which required majority approval of all federal and cantonal voters.公投前,瑞士政府和商界都发出了警告,称延长假期将提高劳动力成本,威胁瑞士经济。据瑞士公共广播公司SSR报道,三分之二的选民和所有州都否决了这项提议,而提议要获得通过,就要得到联邦和各州全部选民的多数持。;In rejecting the initiative, citizens have kept a sense of reality,; said Hans-Ulrich Bigler, director of the Swiss Union of Arts and Crafts, which represents around 300,000 businesses. The referendum, he said in a statement, could have added 6 billion francs (.52 billion) a year in labor costs to the Swiss economy, but the vote ;clearly shows that the population continues to focus on individual freedom and responsibility of citizens.;瑞士工艺美术业工会主任汉斯-乌里齐bull;比格勒尔说:;公众否决了这项提议,非常现实。;该工会代表着大约30万家企业。他在声明中说,如果这项提议通过公决,那么每年将增加60亿瑞士法郎 (约合65.2亿美元)的人力成本,但投票结果;清楚地表明,人们不仅关注个人自由,同时也愿意承担公民义务;。Though popular with young people, the referendum on vacation time tested how comfortable the Swiss feel about their traditional safe-haven economy. The nation has fared better than most others in debt-saddled Europe, where the financial sector and governments are being forced to cut spending and pay for expensive bailouts.尽管受到年轻人的欢迎,这次有关假期的公投检验出人们对传统上有;经济安全港;之称的瑞士经济的满意程度。和一些陷入债务危机、财政部门和政府不得不削减开来偿还紧急援助巨款的欧洲国家相比,瑞士的经济情况要好得多。But there may have been too much of a good thing for Switzerland: As international traders leery of other nations#39; financial stability poured money into the safety of Swiss money accounts, the franc jumped in value, putting a dent in Swiss exports and tourism.但对瑞士来说也有坏消息:由于国际贸易者怀疑其他国家的金融稳定性,把太多钱存在瑞士的账户,导致瑞士法郎升值,对瑞士的出口和旅游业造成打击。The Swiss central bank moved in September to put a lid on the currency#39;s rise by setting a target exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per euro, but the Swiss economy is still expected to slow this year, because of turmoil in the global economy and the eurozone#39;s debt crisis.瑞士央行去年9月暂停货币升值,将瑞士法郎与欧元最低比价定为1.20瑞郎对1欧元。但由于受到全球经济低迷和欧债危机的影响,预计今年瑞士的经济还将下滑。 /201203/174905

Companies looking for hints on how to use social media for recruiting may want to keep an eye on China. 想知道怎么利用社交媒体招聘员工的公司可以留意一下中国的情况。 Unlike in the U.S., where the recruiting industry has a long history that parallels the evolution of businesses and technology, job-search services in China are still developing along with the country#39;s private sector. 美国招聘产业有着悠久的历史,它的发展与企业和科技的演进保持着同步。而中国的招聘务仍在同这个国家的私营部门一起成长。 The explosive growth of Chinese social-networking sites coupled with inadequate recruiting platforms, is driving many companies in China to experiment with new methods such as social media. 由于中国社交网站出现井喷式增长,而招聘平台又显不足,中国很多企业开始试验一些新的招聘手段,如借助社交媒体。 #39;Traditional recruitment processes, as they are understood in the West, only really started to be used in China after 1978, with the gradual liberalizing of China#39;s economy,#39; said Mike Tims, the Asia, Middle East and Africa president at global human-resources consultancy SHL Group Ltd. #39;This has made it easier for China to #39;leapfrog#39; these traditional approaches and embrace new recruitment methods more easily.#39; 全球人力资源咨询公司SHL Group Ltd.的亚洲、中东及非洲部总裁蒂姆斯(Mike Tims)说,直到1978年之后,随着中国经济的逐步自由化,中国才真正开始采用被西方人视为传统招聘程序的那些做法;这让中国可以更为容易地跳过这些传统招聘手段、直接采用新的招聘方法。 At some multinational companies, new ideas on how to use social media in recruiting processes are coming from their Chinese units. 在一些跨国公司,有关在招聘流程中如何使用社交媒体的新创意来自这些公司在中国的子公司。 The China division of auditing and consulting company Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. last September offered a #39;virtual office tour#39; on its career page on Sina Corp.#39;s Weibo, a Twitter-like Web-messaging service. The effort is designed to create a community of potential candidates and build relationships. 去年9月,审计与咨询公司德勤会计师事务所(Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.)的中国子公司在其新浪微的招聘页面上推出了“德勤在线之旅”。此举是为了在潜在求职者中间形成一个圈子并拉近他们与公司的距离。 Set up like a game, the tour starts with a scene at the airport where visitors choose their destination-Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. After visitors #39;fly#39; to the city of their choice and arrive at the local Deloitte virtual office, they can go to various parts of the office such as meeting rooms and talk to employees. At each different location visitors collect a green dot, and the tour is complete when they#39;ve collected six dots. 参与“德勤在线之旅”就像玩,旅程从机场场景开始,游客们在这里选择他们的目的地──北京、上海或香港。在“飞”往选择的城市、抵达德勤在当地的虚拟办公室后,他们可以参观会议室等办公场所,并与德勤员工谈话。在每一个不同的地方,游客都收集到一个绿点,收集满六个绿点之后,这次旅行就算完成了。 So far, about 17,000 people have played this office-tour game, the company said. Other Deloitte member firms around the world now plan to adopt similar approaches, said Arthur Wang, Deloitte China recruitment director. 德勤方面说,目前为止已有大约1.7万人玩过这个在线之旅游戏。德勤中国区招聘总监王文佶(Arthur Wang)说,德勤在世界上的其他子公司现在也打算采用类似方法。 Deloitte China#39;s Weibo career page, launched in 2010, now has more than 48,500 users following it. #39;Some of the followers are very active and they often send us messages and inquiries,#39; Mr. Wang said. That community proved effective when the company recently looked for interns on Weibo. Within hours, it received enough applications to fill the positions. 德勤中国于2010年在新浪微推出招聘页面,目前粉丝已经超过48,500人。王文佶说,有一些粉丝非常活跃,常常向我们发信息、提问题。当德勤在前不久寻找实习生的时候,这个圈子被明是很有效的。数小时之内,德勤就收到了足以填满这些岗位的申请资料。 Around the world, more companies are using social media in recruiting. In an annual global survey of HR professionals compiled by SHL this year, 46% of respondents said social media sites are effective tools for recruiting and reaching quality candidates, up from 36% last year. 在整个世界,招聘过程中使用社交媒体的企业越来越多。SHL今年对全球人力资源专业人士展开的年度调查显示,46%的受访者说社交网站是招聘、接触合格应聘者的有效工具。这个比例高于去年的36%。 The incentive in China to try new recruiting methods also stems from the challenges companies face there. Recruiting experts say online job boards in China often attract a glut of unqualified candidates for well-known companies and none for smaller firms, while there are simply too many headhunters with varying degrees of credibility, making the market chaotic. 在华企业尝试新招聘方法的动机还源自于它们面临的挑战。招聘专家说,在招聘网站上,知名公司常常吸引到大量不合格的应聘者,而小公司则吸引不到应聘者,同时各种资质的猎头实在太多,让市场一片混乱。 #39;In China we are jealous of our HR co-workers in the U.S.,#39; where online recruiting platforms are more mature and can attract qualified candidates, said Willa Wang, talent acquisition director at Lenovo China, the Chinese unit of Hong Kong-based personal computer company Lenovo Group Ltd. 联想中国(Lenovo China)人才招聘主管Willa Wang说,在中国,我们羡慕美国的人力资源同事,美国的网络招聘平台非常成熟,能够吸引合格的人才。联想中国是位于香港的个人电脑生产商联想集团的中国子公司。 Making the environment even tougher, Chinese companies with global ambitions increasingly are looking for the same kind of people as those sought by major Western companies trying to expand in China. 令招聘环境更加严苛的是,意欲进军全球市场的中国公司在越来越多地与努力在华扩大业务的主要西方公司争夺人才。 #39;There is intense competition for what turns out to be a narrow segment that has the skills we are looking for,#39; said Jim Pilarski, the head of HR for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa for hotel chain operator Marriott International Inc. Marriott is looking to hire around 20,000 people in China by 2015 to staff 40 new hotels it plans to build in addition to the current 60. 连锁酒店运营商万豪国际集团(Marriott International Inc.)亚太、中东及非洲人力资源主管皮拉斯基(Jim Pilarski)说,具备我们所要求技能的人并不多,各公司之间对人才的竞争很激烈。万豪计划在2015年前将在华员工数量增至约20万,为在华新开的40家酒店补充人员。万豪目前在华有酒店60家。 In June, Marriott launched a promotional campaign in China using Sina#39;s Weibo. More than 30 of its Chinese hotels made s about them, and shortlisted s were featured on the company#39;s Weibo page. By July, the company had received about 1,000 more applications for Chinese jobs than it does in a normal month, said Bill Lu, Marriott#39;s director of talent acquisition. 今年6月,万豪利用新浪微在华推出了一项宣传推广活动。该公司在中国的30多家酒店制作了自己的视频,并上传到该公司的新浪微账户上。万豪负责人才招聘的主管Bill Lu说,截至7月,公司收到的应聘中国职位的求职信比平时一个月多约1,000份。 Marriott also is planning later this year to launch a social game on Renren-often considered as China#39;s Facebook -that allows users to virtually manage a restaurant as a way of getting more young Chinese people to familiarize themselves with the concept of running a hospitality business. 万豪还计划今年晚些时候在人人网上推出一款社交游戏。用户可以管理虚拟饭店,以便使更多的年轻人了解管理酒店业务的概念。 As more companies are turning to social media for help, some Chinese social networking sites are coming up with new services focused specifically on recruiting. 随着更多的公司转向社交媒体寻求帮助,一些中国社交网站开始推出专门针对招聘的新务。 Sina#39;s Weibo last year launched a service for jobseekers to post #39;micro-resumes.#39; Each micro-resume usually contains the person#39;s brief profile and description of skills and aspirations, within 140 Chinese characters, which say a lot more than 140 English letters. 新浪微去年推出了一项务,求职者可以发布“微简历”。每份微简历通常不得超过140个汉字,包括个人简介、对技能和个人目标的描述。140个汉字比140个英文字母能表达更多的东西。 Lenovo last year held a recruiting campaign using Weibo#39;s micro-resumes. After reviewing all of the 140-character resumes, the company selected and then requested full resumes to start a formal recruiting process. The campaign has led to some hires, said Lenovo#39;s Ms. Wang. 联想去年利用新浪微的微简历务举行了一场招聘活动。在评估了全部微简历后,该公司选出一些简历,并请求职者提供完整简历,以便开始正式招聘流程。联想的Willa Wang说,那次的活动中我们招到了一些人。 Between April and June this year, Lenovo China found about 70 candidates through social media, the company said. While Lenovo#39;s primary social recruiting tool is LinkedIn, Ms. Wang said she also uses Tianji, a Chinese-language professional social networking site that is similar to LinkedIn. 联想中国说,今年4到6月份,该公司通过社交媒体找到了约70个申请者。Willa Wang说,尽管联想中国的主要招聘工具是LinkedIn,她也使用与其类似的中文职业社交网站天际网。 Tianji Chief Executive Derek Ling said the site, which had 10 million users in April, is now adding 500,000 users per month. The company is now in the process of building new systems to allow companies to search and recruit through the site.Mr. Ling expects the online recruiting business in China to grow to be worth billion by 2014 from the current 0 million. 天际网首席执行长林廷翰说,该网站4月份有用户1,000万,目前每月新增用户50万。该公司目前正在构建新系统,新系统能够使公司通过该网站搜索人才并招聘。林廷翰预计,2014年前中国的在线招聘业务规模将从目前的7.5亿美元增至10亿美元。 /201208/193465

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