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This way, I want you to move, to follow me now.到这边来,我想要你移动,现在跟着我。Follow you now.现在跟着你。For the first time in two days, Yako is on edge in an instant.亚科2天以来第一次瞬间到了边缘。Just behind the scene. He knows we are here, and he can hear us. Aha.别看后方。他知道我们在这里,他听的到我们。啊哈。It’s difficult, because what you see is business.是有点困难,因为你看到的是一次狩猎。Yeap.Just stay there.对啊。就呆在那里。Yeap. I will do exactly what he tells us.对啊。我会按照他告诉我们的去做。Go go go, He’s still watching us.加油加油,他还在看着我们。But the young leaves a massive, and normally they are reluctant to leave their area, because this is his area.但年轻的离开了一只巨大的,通常他们都不愿离开他们的区域,因为这是他的领地。Ahm, it’s more he can hear us and see the movement.对,这是他能听到,看到动作。Anyway from here, this is his area, he’s not gonna leave it.反正在这里,这是他的领地,他是不会离开的。So I can we should all leave.所以我想我们都应该马上离开。201307/246745。

Technology firms科技公司Status shift地位逆转Investors have unfriended some high-tech stars投资者对一些高科技明星公司的态度已不再友好GOOGLE splashed out an undisclosed sum of money on April 14th to buy Titan Aerospace, whose solar-powered drones it plans to use to help deliver wireless internet access to remote parts of the world. Like Googles new drones, which can reach impressive heights, tech shares soared in the early part of this year. Then in March a sell-off began that battered the stocks of many Silicon Valley stars. The tech-heavy NASDAQ stockmarket index steadied somewhat early this week, and shares in older tech firms like HP and IBM, which are traded on the main market, have done well. But investors and companies are still jittery.4月14日,谷歌投出一笔数额尚未公开的资金用以收购泰坦航空,计划借助后者的太阳能无人机来为世界上偏远地区提供无线网络接入务。就像谷歌的新无人机能攀爬到惊人高度,今年年初科技股价格出现了激增。接着在3月份股价开始出现下跌,这打击了许多硅谷明星企业的股票。本周早些时候,以科技股著称的纳斯达克股票市场指数比较稳定,像惠普和IBM这种在主板交易的老牌科技公司的股票表现不错。但投资者和企业仍然战战兢兢。Those worried that a new internet bubble pumped up by wild dreams and unabashed greed is now deflating will be watching closely to see whether tech firms latest results give further cause for alarm. On April 15th Yahoo published its quarterly earnings, which showed a tiny increase in revenue after excluding the cost of fees paid to its partner websites. Its shares rose on the news. Google was due to report its results the next day, after The Economistwent to press.有些人担心,由狂野的梦想和毫不掩饰的贪婪所催生的新一轮网络泡沫正在破裂,这些人将密切关注科技公司最近的经营结果是否会进一步引起恐慌。4月15日,雅虎发布了季度收益,数字中显示出,剔除掉付给合作网站的费用后,其收入有着微幅增长。消息发布后雅虎股价有所上涨。4月16日本刊付印后,谷歌也应该发布了其经营结果。It is not just web firms whose performance is under the microscope. Shares in biotech companies, which adapt and exploit processes found in living organisms to create drugs and other useful products, have also taken a beating. Having risen by 60% last year, the NASDAQ biotech index has fallen by 18% since the middle of March. On April 4th alone investors pulled 372m out of the multi-billion-dollar iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology exchange-traded fund—the biggest one-day withdrawal since the funds creation in 2001.并非只有网络公司的表现被置于了显微镜下。那些利用活体器官中发现的突起来生产药物或其他有用产品的生物技术公司,其股票也已遭受了打击。纳斯达克生物技术指数去年上涨了60%,但今年自3月中旬以来已经下跌了18%。4月4日,个体的投资者们从拥有几十亿美元的iShares纳斯达克生物技术交易所交易基金中撤出了3.72亿美元,这是自2001年改基金成立以来最大的单日撤资。Other firms developing novel technologies have suffered sagging share prices, too. Tesla Motors, whose snazzy electric vehicles are a must-have in Silicon Valley, had a 350% run-up in its shares last year. This year they kept rising, reaching 240 in mid-March, by which time the market capitalisation of Tesla, which sold only 23,000 cars last year, was more than half that of GM, which sold almost 10m. They then started to slip, and on April 15th they closed at 194, as investors continued to debate the wisdom of the firms plans to invest 5 billion in a huge battery-making factory.其他发展新科技的公司同样遭遇了股价低迷。特斯拉汽车公司生产的时髦电动汽车是硅谷的必备品,去年该公司的股价上涨了350%,今年其股价仍保持上涨势头,截至3月中旬已达每股240美元,当时,特斯拉公司的市值超过了通用汽车市值的一半—前者去年仅销售了23,000辆汽车,而后者去年销售了近1000万辆。但接着特斯拉的股价开始下滑,4月15日时跌至每股194美元左右,原因在于投资者们不断争论该公司向一家大型电池生产企业投资50亿美元的计划是否够聪明。The shares of social-media companies have been especially badly hit, faring worse than both the NASDAQ and the broader Samp;P 500 index. This partly reflects concern over their ability to keep growing. Twitter has seen its share price fall from a high of just over 73 in December to around 46, as investors have fretted about falling advertising rates and levels of user engagement at the firm.社交媒体公司的股价受到了特别严重的打击,比纳斯达克指数和覆盖面更广的标准普尔500指数都要更糟。这部分反映了市场对这些公司能力的关注在持续增加。由于投资者已对其广告价格和用户参与水平的下降表示担忧,Twitter的股价从12月的73美元多的的高峰跌落到46美元左右。Say you want a revolution你说你想带来一场革命Questions have also been raised about Facebooks ability to keep growing strongly. “Social networks promised marketers a revolution, but what they have delivered is just boring traditional ads,” argues Nate Elliott of Forrester, a research outfit. That judgment may be a little harsh, but Facebook is certainly casting around for new sources of revenue. Among other things, it is trying to become a “Facebank” that offers services such as electronic money and international payments: it was reported this week that the firm was seeking a licence for such activities in Ireland.投资者同样在质疑Facebook保持强劲增长的能力。市场调研机构福雷斯特公司的内特·艾略特质疑道:“社交网络曾向卖家们承诺会带来一场革命,但它们所提供的只是乏味的传统广告。”这一论断可能有点刺耳,但Facebook确实正在寻找新的收入来源。除了其他手段,Facebook正在努力成为一家能提供诸如电子货币和国际付相关务的“脸谱”,据报道,本周该公司正在争取获得在爱尔兰从事这类活动的许可。Shares in some Asian web companies, such as Tencent of China, have fallen, too. But the news is not all bad. Yahoo, which has a stake in Alibaba, a giant e-commerce company, reported that the Chinese firms revenue soared in the last quarter of 2013. Alibaba is planning to list its shares in America this year.诸如中国的腾讯等一些亚洲网络公司的股票也在下跌,但情况并没那么坏。在电商巨头阿里巴巴中持有股份的雅虎发表报告说,2013年最后一个季度中,中国公司的收入有显著增长。今年阿里巴巴正在计划在美国上市。There are plenty of other tech firms queuing to stage an IPO. Those looking for evidence of a bubble should keep an eye on upcoming listings for firms such as Box, a business founded in 2005 that has made a name for itself in online file-sharing and storage. Like Twitter it has significant revenues, but is not yet in profit. They should also keep a close eye on venture capitalists. American funds raised almost 9 billion in the first quarter of the year, the most since the last quarter of 2007. But plenty of venture money is now pouring into me-too firms and deals with crazy price tags. Recent events may have taken some air out of a tech bubble in the public markets, but financiers are still busy pumping one up behind the scenes.还有其他许多家科技公司正在排队等待IPO。那些寻找泡沫据的人应该留意一下像Box这种即将上市的公司。Box像Twitter一样,有着巨额的收入,但尚未实现可观的利润。那些人还应该密切关注风险投资家的动向。今年第一季度,美国各基金筹措了近90亿美元,是自2007年最后一季度以来的最大值。但是现在大量的风险资金正在涌向山寨公司,并挂出疯狂的价码。近期的一些时间可能已经把公开市场的科技泡沫中抽出了一些空气,但金融家们仍在幕后忙着给这些泡沫注气。 /201404/293870。

Have you ever noticed that while its pretty easy to tell your dog is sick, its much harder to know how your cat or bird are feeling?你有没有注意到发现是否生病很容易,但想知道猫或鸟的感受就比较难了。Well, before you start asking your dog why it cant be more stoic like animals half its size, its probably worth considering each animals place in the food chain.在你问“为什么不能比身材不及它一半的动物更坚强”之前,应该思考一下在食物链中的位置。You see, the lower down the food chain you are, the more important it is for you to hide any sign of illness.要知道,在食物链的位置越低,隐藏疾病的任何征兆就越重要。Obvious illness or pain function as red flags for predators. You may as well wear a sign saying, “Easy meal, guys. Come and get me.”明显的疾病或疼痛对食肉动物来说是危险的信号。就好像你身上有这样的标语“容易到手的午餐,伙计们,快来吃我吧”。Now, even small dogs are genetically programmed to function like predators, which makes sense considering they are close relatives of wolves.现在,即使是很小的也由基因决定了是肉食动物。所以把看作狼的近亲也是有道理的。And birds–you can probably figure out why the only way youd find out your bird is sick is when it dies.至于鸟类,也许能知道它是否生病的唯一途径就是死亡。The situation with cats, as compared to dogs and birds, is much more interesting.而猫的情况与和鸟相比,就更有趣了。On the one hand, cats are predators, but on the other, theyre small enough to be prey.一方面,猫是食肉动物;另一方面,它们身材矮小很容易被捕食。So how can you tell if your smaller pets need medical attention?所以你要怎样判断宠物需要医药治疗呢?For one thing, trust your hunches.首先,相信预感。No one knows your pets like you do, so if you notice even very subtle changes in habits and behavior, you may want to have a vet look them over.没有人比你更了解你的宠物。当你注意到它们生活习惯上尽管是非常微小的变化,也要请兽医对其进行检查。For a cat, other signs of illness might be that it has stopped grooming, is losing weight, vocalizing more or less than usual, or missing the litter box.而猫生病的其它征兆,可能就是精神不振,食欲不佳等症状。 201407/313965。

Euro-zone economies欧元区经济Mirabile dictu说也奇怪A recovery at last, but no revelation终于有所复苏,但是也不出乎意料Aug 17th 2013 |From the print editionTHE prayed-for recovery in the euro area has finally come to pass. After a dismal 18 months in recession, euro-zone GDP rose by 0.3% (an annualised rate of 1.1%) in the second quarter from its level in early 2013. That outcome was a bit stronger than expected, although the outlook for growth remains weak.欧元区祈求已久的复苏终于来了。经历了十八个月低沉的衰退之后,相比2013年第一季度,欧元区的GDP在第二季度增加了0.3%(年化增长率为1.1%)。这个表现强于预期,尽管增长的前景仍然堪忧。The upturn was led by Germany, whose GDP increased by 0.7%. France did surprisingly well, with output up by 0.5%. There was also some encouraging news from southern Europe. Output continued to fall in Italy and Spain but the rate of decline slackened to 0.2% and 0.1% respectively. And there was a sharp rebound in Portugal, which has suffered a deep recession: its GDP grew by 1.1%.这次回升由德国主导,其GDP增长了0.7%。法国的表现有点出乎意料,增长了0.5%之多。南欧也有好消息。尽管意大利和西班牙的GDP继续下滑,但是各自只下滑了0.2%和0.1%。而葡萄牙则有一个剧烈的反弹,之前经历了很严重的衰退,而现在GDP增长了1.1%。The pickup still leaves GDP across the euro area 0.7% lower than a year ago. The output declines since the second quarter of 2012 have been biggest in tiny Cyprus, where GDP is down by 5.2%, and in Greece, where it has fallen by 4.6%. Despite its performance in the second quarter, the Portuguese economy is 2% smaller than a year ago.欧元区经过此次回暖之后,GDP总量仍然比去年低0.7%。自去年二季度到现在衰退最严重的是小国塞浦路斯,GDP下降了5.2%,而希腊也下降了4.6%。尽管葡萄牙这次表现不错,但是其经济总量与一年前相比也缩小了2%。The record of the euro-zone economy since the peak reached before the global financial crisis five years ago is even more depressing. Output is 3% lower; in America it is more than 4% higher (see chart). Among the big euro-zone economies only German GDP now exceeds its pre-crisis peak, by 2%. The economies on the periphery of the single-currency club have suffered drastic falls, although Greece is in a league of its own with a shrinkage of 23%.五年前全球金融危机前欧元区的经济达到峰值,从那时到现在的记录更让人失望。工业产出比当时低了3%之多,而美国则高出了4%。在欧元区的经济体中,只有德国现在的GDP总量超过了金融危机前的峰值,比峰值多了2%。欧元区非核心经济体GDP严重下降,虽然只有希腊下降了23%之多。Even with so much lost ground to make up, the medium-term outlook is for a lacklustre recovery in the euro area, which will continue to be held back by its dodgy banks. Forecasters recently surveyed by the European Central Bank expected on average that euro-zone GDP for the whole of 2013 would be 0.6% lower than in 2012; and that it would grow by only 0.9% in 2014. A tepid recovery is unlikely to do much for the unemployed, especially those in southern Europe where joblessness rates are extraordinarily high. The end of the recession will give fresh heart to European leaders, who can (again) proclaim that the worst of the crisis is over. But weak growth will still leave the euro area vulnerable to social and political discontent.尽管经济需要重振雄风,但是欧元区的中长期复苏乏力,这其中运转不佳的是主要原因。欧洲央行最近调查预测欧元区今年的GDP增量为0.6%,低于去年,而明年的增长率也仅为0.9%,微弱的复苏似乎不能使就业状况好转,尤其是在欧洲南部失业率居高不下的国家。衰退的结束会鼓舞欧盟的领导人,但是谁敢说危机结束了呢?疲软的增势仍然让欧元区极易陷入社会不满与政治不满中。 /201308/253041。

Youre out on the golf course one pleasant afternoon.在一个舒适的下午,你站在高尔夫球场上。Your ball is set on the tee.把球在球托上放好,You lean overthe ball.身体倾斜到球的上方,You grip the club just right.握好球杆。Your arms are straight. Your stance perfect. Whoosh!呼地一声!你挥杆了,高尔夫球飞了起来,You swing, and the ball takes off toward the green, sailing in a beautiful arc–almost as if its weightless.奔向绿地,划出一道优美的弧线,轻盈得似乎没有重量。Your impeccable technique certainly has a lot to do with the success of that drive, but you got amajor assist from the little dimples on the golf ball-and theyre the subject of this Moment ofScience.这一杆的成功当然和你完美的技术密不可分,但高尔夫球上的那些小窝也帮了你的大忙,它们就是本期《科学一刻》的主题。Combined with the proper spin, the dimples help keep the ball in the air longer, and heres how.如果加上适当的旋转,这些小窝可以帮助高尔夫球在空中停留更长时间,原因如下。Your picture-perfect swing puts back spin on the ball.你完美的挥杆动作使球向后旋转。The dimples trap a layer of air next to theball, and this layer spins with the ball.球上的小窝吸附了周围薄薄的一层空气,这层空气会与球一块旋转。The air being dragged across the top of the spinning ball moves in the same direction as the airthats rushing past.球所吸附的这层空气转到球的上方时,它的运动方向与周围空气流动方向一致。As the air spinning with the ball comes around the bottom it is moving in theopposite direction from the air on top, and therefore against the onrushing air.而这层空气到球下方的时候,它的运动方向与上方空气相反,因此与周围气流相抵。Consequently itsslower than the air on top.这样就使得下方的空气的速度比上方的要慢。A slow moving air stream has higher pressure than a fast moving air stream.速度慢的气流压强较大,速度快的气流压强较小。So, the higherpressure on the bottom of the ball is going to hold the ball up longer.因此,球底部较高的气压可以把球向上托使它在空中驻留更长时间。The effect of the dimples is so significant that a drive of two-hundred yards hit with a dimpled golf ball, would be shortened with a non-dimpled ball to about one hundred yards.这些小窝的作用是十分重要的,同样的一杆,如果可以把有小窝的高尔夫球击出200码,那它只能把没有小窝的球击出大约100码。 201404/289949。