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Climate change poses a threat to human health so great that it could undermine all the gains in global development during the past 50 years, an independent international commission reports on Tuesdaytoday.一家独立的国际委员会今日报告称,气候变化对人类健康的影响如此巨大,可能会毁掉过去50年全球发展方面的全部进展。The review, led by experts on medicine and economics at University College London and published in the Lancet, says immediate action is needed to avert the direct health impacts of climate change through heatwaves, other extreme weather events and the sp of infectious diseases — and indirect effects through factors such as forced migration and crop failures.这份评估报告由伦敦大学学院(UCL)的医学和经济学专家牵头完成,发表在《柳叶刀》(Lancet)上。报告表示,需要马上采取行动,以避免热浪、其他极端天气事件和传染性疾病的蔓延对人类健康的直接冲击,以及被迫迁徙和作物歉收等因素对人类健康的间接影响。“Climate change is a medical emergency,” said Hugh Montgomery, director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance and co-chair of the commission. “It thus demands an emergency response, using the technologies available now. Under such circumstances, no doctor would consider a series of annual case discussions and aspirations adequate, yet this is exactly how the global response to climate change is proceeding.”“气候变化是一种医疗紧急情况,”UCL人类健康与表现研究所(IHHP)所长、委员会联合主席休#8226;蒙哥马利(Hugh Montgomery)表示,“因此,它要求使用现有技术进行应急响应。在这种情况下,没有哪位医生会认为一系列的年度病例讨论和抱负是足够的,但这正是目前全球对气候变化的响应方式。”But the authors told a press previewsaid of the report in London on Mondayyesterday that they wanted to avoid issuing another gloom and doom warning about climate change.但报告作者昨日在伦敦举行的报告介绍会上表示,他们想避免发出又一个“末日来临”的气候变化警告。The biggest direct effect of projected climate change is on heatwaves. The number of people dying from extreme heat could increase 12-twelvefold by the end of this century, as a result of global warming combined with increasing numbers living in affected areas, said Georgina Mace, director of the UCL Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research.据预测,气候变化的最大直接影响将是热浪。UCL生物多样性和环境研究中心(Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research)主任乔治娜#8226;梅斯(Georgina Mace)表示,到本世纪末死于极热天气的人数可能会增加12倍,这是全球变暖和越来越多的人居住在受影响地区的叠加效果。 /201506/382733It was not immediately clear what triggered the stampede. The official Xinhua news agency said many of the injured were students.2014年最后一天,人们上海外滩等待新年时,发生了多人死伤的踩踏惨剧。The government said on its official microblog that an inquiry had begun, with city leaders rushing to the scene and to hospitals to visit the injured. An emergency meeting would be held to ensure stepped-up safety measures were taken throughout the city.据中国媒体报道,12月31日夜里23时35分左右,上海著名的旅游聚集区外滩的陈毅广场发生拥挤踩踏,当时人们正在广场上参加新年庆祝活动。根据中国官方的消息,目前事故已经导致36人死亡,47人受伤。Photographs on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, showed densely packed crowds of revellers along the Bund, which is lined with buildings from Shanghai’s pre-communist heyday along the bank of the Huangpu River.伤者已经送往医院救治。中国官方的新华社报道称,伤者中很多是学生。目前尚不清楚造成踩踏事件的具体原因。In some photographs, rescue workers were seen trying to resuscitate victims lying on the pavement while ambulances waited nearby.上海市政府通过其官方微发布称,官方已经成立了工作组,负责伤员抢救和善后处置工作。Authorities had shown some concern about crowd control in the days leading up to New Year’s eve. They recently cancelled an annual 3D laser show on the Bund that last year attracted as many as 300,000 people.微上照片显示,上海外滩人流拥挤,救援人员在现场抢救躺在地上的伤者。At dawn on Thursday, there were still small crowds of revellers trying to find taxis home and workers were clearing up trash strewn around the Bund. There was little sign of the mayhem that had broken out just hours earlier.周四(1月1日)早上,外滩仍有参加跨年的观光客们在广场附近寻找和等待出租车回家,工人们已经在清理广场上的垃圾。 /201501/351613

The 19-year-old, Stephen Sutton, who has raised more than £3.22 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust, was mitted to hospital with breathing difficulties caused by bowel cancer on last Sunday.这位19岁的英国少年斯蒂芬·萨顿,已经为青少年癌症信托机构筹集了超过322万英镑(约3367万元)的善款。上周日,他因为直肠癌引起的呼吸困难被重新送回医院。In April, Stephen touched the hearts of the nation after posting a picture on his Facebook page where he said his #39;last goodbye#39; to his friends and family at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital.今年四月,斯蒂芬在伯明翰伊丽莎白女王医院里拍了一张照片传到了脸书主页上,向他的朋友和家人做最后的“道别”,这深深地触动了英国人民的心灵。Despite being told he would be unlikely to survive more than a few years, he decided to make a 46 part bucket-list of things to do before he dies. Top of his list was to raise £100,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.尽管斯蒂芬被告知他只能再活几年了,他还是决定列一份“遗愿清单”,其中包含了他在死前想要完成的46项事情。“遗愿清单”的第一项就是为青少年癌症信托机构筹款100万英镑。After an internet campaign saw his fundraising target of £1million smashed, he made a mild recovery and was allowed home.在一轮网络宣传过后, 斯蒂芬100万英镑的筹款目标没能实现,但是他的病情缓慢有所好转并且被允许回家了。Three weeks ago, his blog went viral when, with a collapsed lung and believing he was ‘a goner’, the teenager posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed giving his trademark thumbs-up sign. His message touched hearts across the world.三周之前,他的客在网上疯传。随着肺部情况的急剧恶化,斯蒂芬认为自己是一个“将死者”,但是他发布了一张自己在病床上竖起标志性的大拇指的照片。他传达的信息触动了全世界的心灵。Stephen#39;s trademark thumbs-up pose was coined after he sent a message from his hospital bed with the message #39;a final thumbs up from me#39;. Countless celebrities and politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured with Stephen two weeks ago) rallied to help the teenager.在斯蒂芬从病床上传达出“我最后一次竖起大拇指”的信息后,他的标志性竖起大拇指的姿势得到了纷纷响应。无数的名人和政治家团结一致地帮助这个少年,其中包括英国首相卡梅伦(这张与斯蒂芬的合照拍摄于两周之前)。But on Monday night his family posted a message on Facebook which : #39;Unfortunately in the last 24 hours Stephen#39;s condition has deteriorated to where he can no longer communicate through this page himself.但是在周一晚上,他的家人在脸书上发布了消息:“不幸的是,斯蒂芬在过去的24小时内已经持续恶化了,他已经不能亲自通过这个主页与你们交流了。”#39;We appreciate everyone#39;s concern, and for all the love and goodwill sent his way, and indeed ours too, we thank you deeply.#39;“我们感激所有人对他还有对我们一家人一路上的关心、爱与祝愿。我们深深地感激着你们。”Sadly, the British teen with cancer who raised more than £3.22 million for charity died in his sleep Wednesday morning, his mom said.令人难过的是,斯蒂芬的母亲告诉我们,这个筹集了超过322万英镑善款的英国少年已经在周三的清晨在睡梦中永远离去了。“I#39;m deeply saddened to hear that Stephen Sutton has died. His spirit, bravery and fundraising for cancer research were all an inspiration,” Cameron tweeted.卡梅伦在推特网上说:“我听到斯蒂芬·萨顿离世的消息万分悲痛。他勇敢的精神和为癌症研究筹款的行为对我们来说都是一种激励。”“We all know he will never be forgotten, his spirit will live on, in all that he achieved and shared with so many,” his mom wrote on Facebook.”他妈妈在脸书上写道:“我们知道他永远不会被忘记,他的精神将会永存,因为他所实现的目标以及和这么多人分享过的历程。” /201405/298926

Korean Air#39;s CEO has apologized for what he said were the ;foolish actions; of his daughter, an airline executive who delayed a flight because she was not happy with the way she was served macadamia nuts.韩国大韩航空公司总裁赵亮镐为他的女儿、公司副总裁赵贤娥的“愚蠢举动”表示道歉。赵贤娥因不满工作人员提供坚果的程序而迫使一个航班推迟起飞。At a news conference Friday, Cho Yang-ho bowed in a traditional gesture of deep remorse, saying he should have done a better job raising his daughter.赵亮镐在星期五的一个记者会上鞠躬致歉,表示自己应当在教养女儿方面做得更好。Cho Hyun-ah last week became angry after a flight attendant in first class offered her nuts in a packet instead of on a plate. Cho forced the aircraft to return to the gate and kicked the attendant off the plane.上星期,赵贤娥乘坐的航班的乘务员将一袋坚果放在她面前,而没有放在餐盘里送给她。赵贤娥为此怒不可遏,命令飞机返回登机口,并将那名乘务员赶下飞机。The case has prompted widesp outrage in South Korea and forced Cho from all her posts, including as vice president of the family-run airline.此事在韩国引发广泛愤怒,迫使赵贤娥辞去其在家族所有的大韩航空公司内担任的一切职务,包括副总裁一职。A distraught-looking Cho offered her own emotional apology Friday, telling reporters in a voice that was barely audible that she is ;sincerely; sorry for her actions.星期五,面带愧色的赵贤娥表示道歉,她用小得几乎听不到的声音对记者说,她为自己的行为表示真诚的歉意。Following complaints from a civil society group, South Korean authorities have started an investigation into whether Korean Air violated any aviation safety laws.在一个公民组织提出批评后,韩国有关当局开始调查大韩航空是否违反了航空安全法规。 /201412/349411

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