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Sunni insurgents made new territorial gains in northern Iraq yesterday although their push towards Baghdad appeared to slow amid mounting resistance from Shia militias.伊拉克逊尼派叛军昨日继续在北部地区攻城掠地,不过由于遭遇什叶派民兵日益强烈的抵抗,他们向巴格达的推进速度似乎有所放缓。Insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) moved northwest into the town of Tal Afar, near the Syrian border, and said they had taken control of the town’s airport, which would be the fifth airport seized by the militants since Iraq’s second-largest city fell to them last Monday.来自“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)的叛乱分子沿着西北方向推进至靠近叙利亚边境的泰勒阿费尔Tal Afar),并声称已经控制了当地机场,这可能是他们自上周一攻占伊拉克第二大城市以来占领的第五座机场。The new advances by Isis came as tens of thousands of Iraqi volunteers and Shia militia started to move north from Baghdad as the government sought to wrest back towns over-run by Sunni insurgents.在Isis继续向巴格达推进之际,数万名伊拉克志愿者和什叶派民兵开始从巴格达向北移动,因为政府寻求夺回被逊尼派叛军占据的城镇。The fast-changing military movements raised the prospect of a stalemate, with insurgents meeting little resistance in Sunni areas but facing strong opposition as they approach the capital. However, the increasing activity also raises the chances of a full-blown sectarian conflict in the country.快速变化的军事动态加大了伊拉克陷入僵局的可能性,叛军在逊尼派地区几乎没有遭遇多少抵抗,但在逼近巴格达途中遭到强烈的抵抗。然而,武装冲突愈演愈烈也加大了这个国家陷入全面教派冲突的可能性。A suicide bomb killed 14 and injured more at a busy market in the centre of Baghdad yesterday. Even as the militantsadvance towards the capital slowed, the city has been placed on a war footing.昨日,巴格达市中心一个繁忙的市场发生了一起自杀性炸弹袭击事件,导致14人丧生,还有多人受伤。即便Isis向巴格达的推进速度有所放缓,但该市已经进入了战争状态。Isis posted images on Twitter purporting to show the execution of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers, inflaming passions among the Shia community, although the pictures could not be verified.Isis在Twitter上发布了据称是处决数百名伊拉克士兵的图片,点燃了什叶派民众进行反击的热情,尽管这些图片的真实性还有待考。Amid rising sectarian tensions in Baghdad, there were many as yet unsubstantiated rumours of reprisals against Sunni Muslims.随着巴格达的宗派紧张关系加剧,有关对逊尼派穆斯林展开报复的谣言四起。Young men have been flooding into recruitment centres in the capital and other Shia-年轻人响应伊拉克最高宗教领袖“大阿雅图拉席斯塔尼Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani)参加政府军、但保持克制避免加剧教派分裂的号召,大量涌入巴格达和卡巴拉等其他以什叶派人口为主的城市的征兵中心。什叶派的主要政客们正在请求选民们拿起武器。majority cities, such as Karbala, as they heed a call from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country’s most senior cleric, to enlist in the state’s security forces but to refrain from inflaming sectarian divisions. Leading Shia politicians are imploring their constituents to take up arms.在西方就伊拉克缘何发生新的暴力冲突展开激烈辩论之际,英国前首相托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)反驳了伊拉克当前叛乱应归咎于美英入侵的说法。他辩称,此次危机是西方未能干涉叙利亚的“可以预见到”的结果。Amid fierce debates in the west about what prompted the new violence, Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, has rejected suggestions that the US-UK Iraq invasion was to blame for the current insurgency in Iraq, arguing that the crisis was the “predictableresult of the west’s failure to intervene in Syria.布莱尔在自己网站上的一篇文章中再次呼吁在整个中东地区对极端武装分子展开军事行动,他写道:“我们必须让自己抛开‘我们’导致了这种局面的观念。这不是我们导致的。”Renewing his call for military action against extremist fighters across the Middle East, Mr Blair wrote in an essay on his website: “We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that ‘wehave caused this. We haven’t.”美国周六在海湾地区部署了一艘航空母舰,总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)正在权衡是否发起空袭,以期阻止逊尼派叛军的推进。华盛顿的辩论在很大程度上因党派立场产生分歧——共和党人敦促奥巴马进行干涉,而许多民主党人依然不愿美国在伊拉克采取新的军事行动。来 /201406/306054。

An unmanned Russian cargo vessel successfully docked with the International Space Station Sunday morning, breaking a string of failed attempts to resupply the station.俄罗斯的“进步M-28M”号无人货运飞船星期天早晨与国际空间站成功对接。之前向空间站运送物资的俄罗斯“进步号”飞船和美国“龙”飞船先后发生事故。The Progress delivered more than three tons of food, fuel and supplies to the orbiting outpost.“进步M-28M”号这次向空间站运送了三吨多食物、燃料和物资。Officials said although the previous supply launches had failed, the ISS was not in immediate danger of running out of supplies.有关官员说,虽然之前的运送失败,但空间站并未出现物资短缺。U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Gennady Pakalka and Mikhail Kornienko are currently living and working on the ISS.目前空间站里有三名宇航员,他们是美国宇航员斯科特克里,俄罗斯宇航员帕达尔卡和科尔尼延科。Three more astronauts are scheduled to join them later this month.7月晚些时候将有另外三名宇航员前往空间站。来 /201507/384112。

The Asia Society announced on Tuesday that Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister of Australia, would lead a new research institute it has created that specializes in Asian issues and policy making, a reflection of Asias increasing global influence.亚洲协会(Asia Society)周二宣布,澳大利亚前总理陆克Kevin Rudd)将领导协会创立一家专注于亚洲事务和决策的新研究机构。这反映了亚洲日益增长的国际影响力。Mr. Rudd, 57, a longtime statesman, Asia scholar and a fluent Mandarin speaker, will become the first president of the Asia Society Policy Institute in January. His appointment was announced six months after the Asia Society formally launched the institute, which it has described as ;a new kind of think tank on the rise of Asia.;57岁的陆克文曾长期从政,是一名亚洲问题学者,普通话流利。他将于明年1月成为亚洲协会政策研究所(Asia Society Policy Institute)的首任负责人。他的任命是在亚洲协会正式成立该机构六个月后宣布的。亚洲协会称其为“旨在关注亚洲崛起的新型智库”。Based in New York and Washington, the institute has sought to establish itself as a hub for research and analysis on Asia, which accounts for 60 percent of the worlds population and is projected to account for more than half of global economic output by 2050.研究所设在纽约和华盛顿,希望能成为亚洲研究和分析的一个中心。亚洲拥有世0%的人口,其经济产出预计将050年超过世界总量的一半。Josette Sheeran, president of the Asia Society, said in an announcement that Mr. Rudd is ;the ideal choice to lead the Asia Society Policy Institute at this historic moment.;亚洲协会会长施静Josette Sheeran)在通告中称,陆克文是“在此历史时刻领导亚洲协会政策研究所的理想人选”。Mr. Rudd is a senior fellow at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard, where he has been working on a research project on ed States-China relations over the next decade.陆克文目前是哈佛大学贝尔福科学与国际事务研究中心(Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard)的高级研究员。在该中心,他一直进行的是一个有关中美未来十年关系的项目。Mr. Rudd was Australias 26th prime minister, serving from 2007 to 2010, then foreign minister from 2010 to 2012, and prime minister again in 2013.陆克文曾是澳大利亚第26任总理,任期从2007年到2010年010012年期间,他出任了澳大利亚外长,后来又013年再度短暂出任总理。He has been internationally recognized as one of the founders of the G20 group of nations and as an early advocate of aggressive efforts to combat climate change.他是国际公认0国集G20)发起人之一,还一早期倡导大力抗击气候变化。His Labor Partys hold on power in Australia was upended by internal disputes and voter weariness. The party suffered a stinging loss a year ago to a conservative opposition coalition led by Tony Abbott, a former seminarian and Rhodes scholar who replaced Mr. Rudd.在澳大利亚,他领导的工党(Labor Party)的执政地位被内部纷争和选民的不满推翻。一年前,该党遭遇重创,败给了前神学院学生、罗德学者托尼·阿特(Tony Abbott)领导的反对党联盟。阿特继而取代了陆克文成为总理。The Asia Society was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd.亚洲协会由约翰·D·洛克菲勒三世(John D. Rockefeller 3rd)956年创办。来 /201410/337226。

Amsterdam (AFP) - Faced with anincreasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have takento the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking;white; pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.阿姆斯特丹(法新社)——由于隔离教育的不断加剧,荷兰移民小孩走上种族混杂的阿姆斯特丹社区的街道,试图通过这种方式寻找白人同学加入他们学校,从而帮助他们融合。Around 100 schoolchildren Arabs, Turks,Africans, Moroccans accompanied by their parents and teache rs, woreprovocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with ;Is this white enoughfor you?;.大约00名小学生——阿拉伯人,土耳其非洲人和洛哥人;在父母和老师的陪伴下穿着具有挑畔性的耀眼的白T恤,衣上的文字是“这对你来说够白了吗?”Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrantsdaughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearingthe shirts, which have ;All children have the right to integrateMwritten on the back.10岁的荷兰本地人Annelies1岁的移民小孩Aminata自幼儿园起就是朋友,他们也穿上了白T恤,衣背面的文字是“所有孩子都具有融合的权利”。They ;want more white children in theschool to learn about each others cultures,; said Aminata, her smilingface framed by dangling African braids during Fridays protest.他们;想要学校里有更多的白人学生,从而相互学习批次的文化;Aminata说道,在周五的抗议活动中,她面带微笑,系着一条非洲式的辫子;Its important for later,; saidthe blonde-haired Annelies. ;When were grown upwe will have to deal with different cultures, we should aly start learningto live together.;;这对以后是非常重要的;金发的Annelies如此说道;当我们长大时,我们还是得面对不同的文化,所以我们现在就应该学习如何生活在一起;;At the moment theres only one boy inour class who is 100 percent Dutch, although we live in a mixed neighbourhood,its ridiculous,; she said.;目前在我们的课堂里只有一个男生是百分百的荷兰人,尽管我们住在一个种族混扎的社区里,所以这是很荒谬的,;她说。来 /201505/376772。

Eastern European nations reacted with shock and anger to Russia’s decision to abandon South Stream, its bn gas pipeline across the Black Sea into Europe, as shares in some of the companies involved in the project dived.东欧国家对俄罗斯决定放弃穿越黑海进入欧洲00亿美元“南溪South Stream)天然气管道项目表示震惊和气愤。一些参与该项目的公司股价跳水。Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary said they had received no advance warning that Moscow was scrapping South Stream, even though they all had substantial financial and political capital invested in the project. Russia said it would export its gas to a trade hub in Turkey instead.保加利亚、塞尔维亚和匈牙利称,他们没有收到莫斯科方面放弃南溪项目的提前预警,即便他们都对该项目投入了大量财务和政治资本。俄罗斯表示,将把天然气输送到土耳其的一个中转站。South Stream is so far the biggest casualty of the falling-out between Russia and the EU over Moscow’s military involvement in Ukraine.南溪项目成为俄罗斯和欧盟因俄方军事干预乌克兰闹翻以来迄今最大的牺牲品。The project, backed by Russia’s state-controlled gas group Gazprom, was designed to bring Russian gas into Europe bypassing Ukraine. It gained momentum after a series of price disputes between Moscow and Kiev last decade led to supply cuts for some of Gazprom’s European customers.该项目此前得到俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯天然气工业股份公Gazprom)的持,其设计宗旨是绕开乌克兰向欧洲输送俄罗斯天然气。俄乌之间过0年里曾爆发一系列价格纠纷,屡次导致Gazprom的一些欧洲客户天然气供应中断,这一背景曾经增强南溪项目的势头。But there were fears in Brussels that the pipeline would cement Gazprom’s domination of the European gas market. The European Commission insisted other gas suppliers be given access to South Stream, arguing that the idea of Gazprom both supplying the gas and owning the pipeline violated EU competition rules.但欧盟委员会(European Commission)担忧,该管道将巩固Gazprom在欧洲天然气市场的霸主地位。欧盟委员会坚持南溪项目应当允许其他天然气供应商参与输气,称Gazprom既供应天然气又拥有管道的构想违背了欧盟的竞争规则。However, the project was backed by several countries in south-eastern Europe, which saw it as improving their energy security. They also looked forward to earning money from transit fees for Russian gas crossing their territory.然而,该项目得到了欧洲东南部几个国家的持,他们认为这条管道有利于自己的能源安全,也期待获利于俄罗斯天然气的过境运输费。Countries in the region lost another key supply option last year when the rival EU-backed Nabucco project that would have carried gas from Azerbaijan into the heart of Europe was scrapped.去年,南溪项目的竞争者、欧盟持的拟将天然气从阿塞拜疆输往欧洲腹地的纳布科(Nabucco)管道项目被放弃,已经使该地区国家失去一个重要的供应选项。来 /201412/346741。

HOUSTON With oil prices plunging at an ever-quickening rate, producers are beginning to slash the number of drilling rigs around the country.休斯敦——随着油价不断加速暴跌,美国各地的石油生产商开始削减钻机数量。The national rig count had remained surprisingly resilient over recent months even as oil prices dropped by more than 50 percent since June, and it still tops the count of a year ago as domestic production continues to surge.虽然自去月以来,油价跌幅超过50%,但美国钻机的数量在最近几个月里保持了惊人的韧性,仍然高于一年前的数字,而美国石油产量也在继续飙升。But an announcement on Wednesday by Helmerich amp; Payne, the giant contract rig company, that it planned to idle up to 50 rigs over the next month sent shudders through the industry. And that came on top of 11 rigs that it has aly mothballed, meaning that in just a few weeks, its shale drilling activity will be reduced by about 20 percent.但本周三,这个行业泛起了寒意,因为大型钻机承包公司赫尔默里奇和佩Helmerichamp; Payne)宣布,计划于下个月关停最多达50台钻机。之前它已经封存1部钻机,这意味着,在短短几周内,其页岩钻探活动将减少20%。“Low oil prices are increasingly impacting the U.S. land drilling market,the company said in a presentation to a Goldman Sachs energy conference.“低油价对美国陆上钻井市场的影响越来越大,”在高盛(Goldman Sachs)的一个能源会议上,该公司在发言时表示。The announcement was an early indication that the oil industry, with its history of booms and busts, was in the early stages of its latest downturn. Energy companies drop rigs when drilling costs outpace the price they think they will attract, leading to lower production and higher prices. But until the effects ripple through the market, consumers and the broader economy will most likely enjoy the benefits of low gasoline and heating oil prices for at least the next six months, energy experts say.石油行业历来荣衰交替,而该消息是一个早期迹象,表明该行业处于最新一轮衰退的初期阶段。当钻油成本超过能源公司预期的石油价格,他们就会关闭钻机,降低产量,促使价格回升。但在这种影响波及整个市场之前,至少在未来半年内,消费者和其他经济领域可以享受到低价汽油和燃料油的实惠,能源专家表示。As for the industry, the signs of retraction are clear. The nation’s rig count, a barometer of oil exploration and production activity, fell by 26 in the week that ended Jan. 2, following a drop of 16 the week before, according to the Baker Hughes service company.就这个行业而言,萎缩的迹象十分明显。钻机数量是石油勘探和生产活动的晴雨表,贝克休斯(Baker Hughes)务公司的数据显示,在截日的一周里,美国的钻机数量减少6台,之前一周减少了16台。The cuts could eventually be felt in areas where the local economy depends on oil. Each rig represents about 100 jobs, from roughneck field hands to maintenance workers, and the current rig count is down 85, or 5 percent, from a recent peak in late 2014.那些经济依赖石油的地区,最终可能会感觉到这种削减带来的影响。每台钻机提供了大约100个工作岗位,包括从现场操作员到维修工的多个工种。相较于2014年年底的最近一次高峰期,目前的钻机数量减少5台,降幅%。“Demand for rigs is falling off the cliff,said Joseph Triepke, a financial analyst and managing director of Oilpro, an industry publishing company. “Exploration and production budgets are down anywhere from 30 to 40 percent and the cuts are happening faster than we thought.”“钻机需求出现了断崖式的减少,”财务分析师、行业出版公司Oilpro的董事总经理约瑟夫·特里普克(Joseph Triepke)说。“无论哪里,勘探与生产预算都削减0%0%,而且削减的速度快于我们的预期。”Mr. Triepke predicted that over the next six months, the big three land drilling companies Helmerich amp; Payne, Nabors Industries and Patterson-UTI Energy are “likely to cut approximately 15,000 jobs out of the 50,000 people they currently employ.”特里普克预测,在未来六个月内,三大陆上钻井公司——赫尔默里奇和佩恩、纳伯斯工业公司(Nabors Industries)和帕特森-UTI能源公司(Patterson-UTI Energy)——“可能削减约1.5万个工作岗位,他们目前雇佣了5万多人。”Aly, day rates that oil companies are willing to pay for rigs have dropped 10 percent, Helmerich amp; Payne said. That is a sign, analysts said, that producers are trying to squeeze costs before they cut revenue-producing output required to pay dividends and the interest on their debts.目前,石油公司愿意付的钻机的日费率已下跌了10%,赫尔默里奇和佩恩公司说。分析师表示,这是一个迹象,表明石油生产商正试图压低成本,然后他们可能就会削减产量了,这些产量带来了营收,需要为之付股息和债务利息。Even with the reductions, though, large-scale layoffs across the industry are not expected, at least not immediately. Producers contract their rigs for as long as three to four years, and many companies have hedges that lock in higher prices than the going market rates. In addition, producers often need to drill simply to retain their leases or keep their revenue up.但是,即便是出现了这样的削减,整个行业可能也不会进行大规模裁员,至少不会立即进行。生产商的钻机使用合同期为三到四年,很多公司都采用对冲手段,锁定了比当下市场价格更高的价格。此外,生产商钻油往往只不过是为了保住租约,或者保持营收在一定水平。Nationwide, the oil industry employs about a million people, including extraction, pipeline construction and refining, and the boom has added about 150,000 industry jobs over the last three years, according to Citi Research.从全国范围来看,石油业雇用了大约一百万人,其中包括开采、管道建设、炼油岗位,在过去三年的繁荣期里,就业岗位增加了5万个,花旗研Citi Research)的资料显示。Industry executives say companies are reluctant to let highly skilled workers go, especially when oil prices are likely to rebound in the next couple of years as global energy demand rises. But rig and fracking crews will inevitably be let go first, they said, since those workers can easily be rehired or replaced when drilling rebounds.业内高管表示,公司不愿裁减技能娴熟的工人,尤其是油价有可能在未来几年随着全球能源需求的回暖而反弹。但是,钻机和水力压裂工作人员首先被裁是不可避免的,他们说,因为钻井活动出现反弹时,很容易就能雇佣到这类工人。Domestic oil production has increased by more than a million barrels a day in each of the last three years. But executives say they believe production may begin to slow near the end of the year as the drilling of new wells declines.在过去三年中,美国国内石油产量每天增加逾一百万桶。但高管们表示,随着新油井钻探活动的减少,产量可能会在接近年底的时候开始降低。On Wednesday, the global Brent benchmark dropped below a barrel for the first time since May , before settling around . The American benchmark rose slightly, to around .上周三,国际基准布伦特原油价格自月以来第一次跌破每0美元,之后在1美元的价格站稳。美国基准小幅上涨至每桶8美元。But producers in some American fields are receiving far less than that. Because of a shortage of pipelines and the distance to major markets, North Dakota’s Bakken shale producers this month so far are selling their crude for as little as a barrel.但美国一些生产商正在以远低于市场的价格出售石油。北达科他州的巴肯页岩生产商由于缺乏管道,和主要市场相距遥远,本月到目前为止,他们出售原油的价格低至每桶34美元。That is why oil executives say the state that rapidly emerged as the nation’s second-biggest producer after Texas could suffer the biggest reversal in investment and output in the coming months.这就是为什么石油公司高管说,在未来数个月,北达科他州可能会在投资和产出上出现最大逆转的原因;之前,该州迅速成为了仅次于德州的全国第二大石油出产州。“Drilling in North Dakota is very expensive and the costs are extremely high,noted Chris Faulkner, chief executive of Breitling Energy, an oil and gas explorer that left North Dakota a year ago to concentrate operations on South Texas. “If you are not in the middle of the sweet spot in the Bakken there is no way you are now going to risk 10 or 11 million dollars on a well.”“在北达科他州钻油非常昂贵,成本极高,”石油和天然气开采公司Breitling Energy的首席执行官克里斯·福克纳(Chris Faulkner)说。一年前,该公司撤离北达科他州,专心在南德克萨斯开展业务。“现在来说,如果你不是站在富含石油的贝肯岩层的中心点上,就绝不能000100万美元在一口油井上冒险。”来 /201501/353636。

Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, delivering a big blow to President Barack Obama’s efforts to sell the Pacific-Rim trade deal to Congress.在民主党总统提名战中领跑的希拉里克林Hillary Clinton)表示反对《跨太平洋伙伴关系TPP)协定,这对美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在国会兜售这项环太平洋贸易协定的努力造成了重大打击。“As of today, I am not in favour of what I have learned about it,Mrs Clinton told PBS television two days after the landmark trade pact was concluded. “I don’t believe it’s going to meet the high bar I have set.”“到目前为止,我对我了解到的内容表示不赞成,”希拉里在这项具有里程碑意义的贸易协定缔结两天后告诉美国公共电视PBS)说,“我不相信它会达到我设定的高标准。”Her position marks a big setback for Mr Obama whose team has spent five years negotiating with Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations that account for 40 per cent of the world economy. Mr Obama wants to get TPP through Congress before he leaves office in January 2017, but Mrs Clinton’s move is an example of how presidential politics will complicate those efforts.她的这一立场标志着奥巴马遭遇了一个重大挫折。奥巴马的团队花费了5年时间来与日本及其他10个环太平洋国家进行谈判,2个国家合计占全球经济产出0%。奥巴马希望在他2017月离任前让TPP协定在国会获得通过,但希拉里此举表明,总统选举政治将让这些努力复杂化。As secretary of state during the first Obama administration, she called TPP a “gold standardtrade agreement. But that was before she launched her presidential campaign, which faces an unexpectedly strong challenge from Bernie Sanders, a self-declared socialist and outspoken opponent of TPP.作为奥巴马首个总统任期内的国务卿,希拉里曾把TPP称为一项“黄金标准”的贸易协定,但那是在她启动总统竞选活动之前。希拉里现在面临着同样竞选总统的伯尼儠德斯(Bernie Sanders)构成的意外强劲的挑战。桑德斯自称为社会主义者,公开反对TPP。Mrs Clinton’s move to oppose TPP the economic backbone of the strategic “pivotto Asia that Mrs Clinton and the Obama national security team were pushing was criticised as a calculated effort to appeal to her party’s progressive base, which is worried about the impact of trade deals on jobs and wages.有人批评希拉里反对TPP之举是经过精心算计的,目的是得民主党内进步派的持,该派担心贸易协定对就业和薪资的影响。TPP是希拉里以及奥巴马的国家安全团队推动的“重心转向亚洲”战略的经济柱。“Forget economics and jobs for a moment. Clinton has just stomped all over most of the national security establishment which came out strongly for TPP as a strategic hedge against China in the Asia Pacific,said Steve Clemons, a politics and national security expert at The Atlantic. “They defined this trade deal as strategically vital for the US and now the former secretary of state has defected from this strategic crowd largely because of pressure on her from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and very possibly the Scranton, Pennsylvania-born, labour-hugging Joe Biden.”“暂时忘了经济和就业吧。希拉里刚刚践踏了国家安全团队的多数成员,这些人曾站出来坚决持TPP,把它作为一个在亚太地区防范中国的战略手段,”《大西洋》月The Atlantic)政治和国家安全专家史蒂夫克莱蒙斯(Steve Clemons)表示,“他们认为这项贸易协定对美国具有极其重要的战略意义——如今,这位前国务卿已背叛这个战略团队,主要是因为她正面临来自伯尼儠德斯、伊丽莎白茠Elizabeth Warren)的压力,而且很可能还面临来自在宾夕法尼亚州斯克兰顿出生、同情劳工的乔拜Joe Biden)的压力。”The Obama administration argues that TPP is the “most progressivetrade deal ever negotiated by the US, pointing to its strict labour and environmental chapters. But the president has faced fierce opposition from environmental groups and labour unions and managed to secure the support of only a few dozen Democrats in his bid for “fast-tracktrade authority earlier this year.奥巴马政府辩称,TPP是美国有史以来谈成的“最进步”的贸易协定,因为该协定有着严格的劳动和环境标准。但奥巴马面临来自环境组织和工会的强烈反对,而且在今年早些时候争取“快车道fast-track)贸易授权的过程中只获得了几十位民主党议员的持。A White House official said that Mrs Clinton had informed Mr Obama before she announced her decision in an interview in Iowa. While her opposition will hurt Mr Obama’s efforts to convince additional Democrats to back TPP, his more immediate problem is the negative reaction from senior Republicans.一位白宫官员表示,希拉里是在爱荷华州接受采访时宣布这一决定的,而之前她已通知奥巴马。尽管她的反对会对奥巴马说更多民主党议员持TPP的努力产生影响,但奥巴马眼下更紧迫的问题是要应对来自共和党高层的负面反应。Orrin Hatch, the powerful chairman of the Senate finance committee and ally of the president in part of his push for TPP, also expressed reservations. He said he was concerned about what the drugs industry sees as weak intellectual property protections for next-generation drugs known as “biologicsand the carving out of the tobacco industry from an investor dispute mechanism.美国参议院财政委员会(Senate Finance Committee)掌握实权的主席奥林哈Orrin Hatch)在持TPP方面是奥巴马的盟友,他也表达了保留意见。哈奇表示,他关切的是,制药业认为被称为“生物制剂”的下一代药物知识产权保护薄弱,还有就是烟草业被排除在投资者争端解决机制之外。“The ed States only has one chance to negotiate, consider and implement the TPP. We have to get it right,said Mr Hatch.哈奇表示:“美国只有一次机会商议、考虑和落实TPP。我们不能犯错。”Speaking in Iowa, Mrs Clinton said she was concerned that TPP did not tackle currency manipulation and that “pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits and patients fewer Her move comes one week after she unveiled a proposal to cut the prohibitive cost of medicines in the US.希拉里在爱荷华州讲话时表示,她关切的是,TPP解决不了汇率操纵问题,以及“制药企业可能会获益更多,而患者获益更少”。就在一周前,她曾公布一项提案,旨在压低美国过高的药价。It was unclear whether her use of the phrase “as of nowin referring to her opposition signalled that she might change her mind in the future.目前还不清楚,她在提到自己的反对意见时使用“到目前为止”的措辞是否意味着她将来可能会改变态度。“Hillary Clinton’s use of an ‘as of nowhinge would be total political disaster for her to shift from her previous pro-TPP position to now anti and then possibly back to pro again,said Mr Clemons.克莱蒙斯表示:“希拉里克林顿使用‘到目前为止’的字眼,对她变原先的‘挺’TPP为现在的‘反’以及接下来可能复‘挺’而言,将是一场彻头彻尾的政治灾难。”来 /201510/402717。

Saudi officials say a suicide bomber has killed two border guards and wounded a third in an attack near the Iraqi border.沙特阿拉伯官员说,在伊拉克边境阿拉尔发生的一次袭击中,一名自杀炸弹杀手炸死了两名边界警卫,炸伤另外一人。The Interior Ministry said the attack early Monday in Arar began with the bomber and another ;terrorist; shooting at a border patrol. The guards returned fire, killing one person. The bomber detonated his explosives.伊拉克内政部说,星期一清晨,这名炸弹杀手和另一名“恐怖分子”向一个边境哨所开射击。警卫予以回击,打死一人。炸弹杀手引爆炸药。There was no immediate claim of responsibility.目前还没有人声称对事件负责。Saudi Arabia has been taking part in the U.S.-led coalition carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.沙特阿拉伯一直在参加美国为首的联军对叙利亚境内伊斯兰国组织的空中打击行动。Since late September, U.S. and Saudi forces, along with those from Jordan, Bahrain and the ed Arab Emirates, have conducted more than 600 airstrikes targeting the militants who took over large areas in Syria and Iraq.去年9月以来,美国、沙特阿拉伯以及约旦、巴林和阿联酋等国对夺取了叙利亚和伊拉克大片地区的极端分子进行了600多次空袭。来 /201501/352202。