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The man who turned China’s state-owned grain trader Cofco into an integrated agribusiness and led its overseas acquisition spree has been appointed chairman of Sinochem, the Chinese government announced yesterday.中国政府昨日宣布,曾将中国国有谷物交易商中粮集团(COFCO)转型成一家综合性农业企业、并领导该集团进行一系列海外收购的宁高宁,已被任命为中化集团(Sinochem)董事长。Ning Gaoning, who uses the name Frank and enjoys speaking English, oversaw the acquisition of Dutch trading company Nidera and most recently the agricultural arm of struggling Hong Kong-based energy and commodities trader Noble Group.宁高宁使用弗兰克(Frank)这个英文名,喜欢说英语。他曾主导对荷兰交易企业Nidera的收购,而最近的例子则是对来宝集Noble Group)农业部门的收购。来宝集团是一家总部位于香港的能源和大宗商品交易商,目前陷于困境。The deals, which gave Cofco a footprint in Southeast Asia and Latin America, were designed to put the company on a par with those that dominate the world grain trade. These include Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Louis Dreyfus Commodities.这些交易为中粮集团在东南亚和拉美留下了脚印,它们旨在令中粮集团与那些主导全球谷物交易的企业平起平坐。这些企业包括嘉Cargill)、阿彻丹尼尔斯米德兰(Archer Daniels Midland, ADM)、邦Bunge)和路易达Louis Dreyfus Commodities)。In December Mr Ning celebrated his 11th year as head of China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co, or Cofco. During that time he transformed the company from a grains importer and exporter into an integrated food and dairy business that now makes wine and fruit juice and dominates China’s soyabean crushing industry.20152月,宁高宁执掌中粮集团进入第11年。在他掌舵期间,中粮从一家谷物进出口商转型成一家综合性食品和乳品企业。目前,中粮集团还生产葡萄酒和果汁,并主导着中国的大豆榨油产业。Cofco’s international expansion was part of wider strategy to build national champions to compete with western multinationals as well as helping secure more grain directly, reducing China’s reliance on international traders.中粮集团在国际上的扩张是整体战略的一部分,目的是打造国家冠军企业,以便和西方跨国公司竞争,并帮助中国直接获取更多谷物,减少对国际交易商的依赖。But expansion has not come without problems. Nidera suffered a significant loss in its biofuels business because of a rogue trader, while some analysts believe Cofco overpaid for Noble Agri.然而,扩张的过程也不是毫无问题。Nidera曾因一名违规交易员的行为而在生物燃料业务上遭遇大额亏损,而一些分析师认为中粮集团为来宝农Noble Agri)付的价码过高。Mr Ning will also face challenges at Sinochem, the state-owned chemicals and fertiliser group, which is one of the country’s largest iron ore importers.宁高宁在中化集团也将面临多种挑战。中化集团是一家国有的化工和化肥集团,也是中国最大的铁矿石进口商之一。“His new post at the Sinochem showcases the central government’s determination to promote China’s agricultural industry,said Ma Wenfeng, agricultural analyst at Beijing Orient Agriculture Consultancy.北京东方艾格农业咨询有限公司(Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants)的农业分析师马文峰表示:“他在中化集团的新职位显示出中央政府促进中国农业产业发展的决心。”“To improve China’s agricultural production level, it will need to promote the integration of the production of seeds, fertilisers, chemicals and machines.”“要提高中国的农业生产水平,就必须加强种子、化肥、化学品和机械生产的整合。”Mr Ma said Mr Ning was expected to oversee aggressive international and domestic mergers and acquisitions.马文峰表示,预计宁高宁将在国际和国内领导一轮大刀阔斧的并购。来 /201601/421535

China is expanding its role in UN peacekeeping operations overseas at a time when the US is rethinking its global duties.在美国反思其全球责任之际,中国正在扩大其在联合国海外维和行动中的作用。Greater participation in peacekeeping gives more clout at the UN, where western countries often control prominent departmental posts. Some Chinese strategists even believe it will help give China a voice in any eventual settlement to the conflict in Syria, where Beijing has so far stayed on the sidelines.更多地参与维和行动,将在联合国带来更大影响力;目前联合国的重要部门岗位往往由西方国家控制。一些中国战略家甚至认为,它将有助于中国在叙利亚冲突的任何最终解决方案中拥有话语权。北京方面迄今在叙利亚冲突中处于旁观地位。Among the five permanent Security Council members, China is now the largest contributor to peacekeeping forces, deploying about 2,600 of the total 88,000 “blue berets在联合国安理UN Security Council)的五个常任理事国中,中国现在是维和部队的最大贡献国,向8.8万人的“蓝贝雷帽”部队派出约2600人。Beijing pledged last year to raise that number to 8,000. It is in contention to head the UN’s Department of Peacekeeping Operations, which has been dominated by France for many years, according to Foreign Policy magazine.北京方面去年承诺将这一数字增加000人。据《外交政策Foreign Policy)杂志透露,中国还在争取由其派员执掌联合国维和行动部,该部门多年来一直由法国人领导。Beijing sees the sponsoring of peacekeeping missions as “both a responsibility and a chance to lift its international image said Shen Dingli, head of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai. It “boosts China’s global status and is potentially helpful in antiterrorism missions outside China, so it is helpful to protect Chinese investment and people abroad上海复旦大学美国研究中心主任沈丁立表示,在北京方面看来,持维和任务“既是责任,也是提升自身国际形象的机遇”。这么做“提升中国的国际地位,潜在还有助于中国境外的反恐任务,因此有助于保护中国在海外的投资和人员”。Taking the lead could position China for a greater voice in Africa which hosts nine of the UN’s 16 peacekeeping missions and, at some point, the Middle East. Beijing has watched in dismay as violence engulfs a region on which it relies for oil supplies.发挥带头作用可以让中国在非洲具有更大的话语权(联合国目前16个维和任务中,有9个位于非洲),未来某个时间点还有望在中东具有更大话语权。当暴力活动肆虐中国依赖的一个石油供应来源地,北京方面迄今只能沮丧地看着。“If eventually peacekeeping needs to be dispatched, we might see [UN] soldiers in Syria or Yemen,said Victor Gao, a commentator on China’s foreign policy. “The US believes Pax Americana is responsible for world stability but we believe the international security order is assured by the UN.”“如果最终需要派遣维和部队,我们可能会在叙利亚或也门看到(联合国)军人,”中国外交政策员高志Victor Gao)表示。“美国认为世界稳定要归功于美国治下的和平,但我们相信国际安全秩序是由联合国保障的。”China has ploughed money into upgrading its defence technology, investing in fighter jets and ships, while making efforts to recruit tech-savvy graduates as it trims its ranks of uneducated soldiers. But its military remains relatively untested, with no international combat since a border war with Vietnam in 1979.近年中国投入大量资金升级防务技术,投资研发扩充战斗机和军舰,同时努力招聘掌握科技知识的毕业生,裁减未受过教育的军人。但中国军队仍然相对未经检验,979年在中越边境作战以来未曾投入国际交战。Beijing first sent peacekeeping units to a conflict zone in 2013, dispatching troops to Mali. Last year it beefed up its global contribution by sending peacekeepers to guard Chinese-invested oil installations in South Sudan under the UN peacekeeping command. As part of its non-interference policy, China has not participated in US-led actions in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.2013年,北京首次派出维和部队到马里的一个冲突地区执行任务。去年,中国加大了对全球维和的贡献,派出维和部队到南苏丹,在联合国维和指挥下保护该国境内的中资石油设斀?作为其不干涉政策的一部分,中国从未参与美国领导的在阿富汗、伊拉克或其他地方的行动。In July, two Chinese peacekeepers were killed during fighting between government and rebel forces near South Sudan’s oilfields. China’s defence ministry has denied reports that Chinese troops were disorganised or failed to protect aid workers that were attacked and raped.7月,在南苏丹油田附近发生的政府军和叛军之间的战斗中,两名中国维和人员被打死。中国国防部否认有关中国维和部队组织混乱或未能保护遭到袭击和强奸的援助人员的报道。A UN report found they had left their posts, and that there was a disorganised chain of command.联合国的一份报告发现,此前中国维和人员离开了自己的哨位,而且存在指挥链混乱的问题。China has an opportunity to lead internationally in peacekeeping in part because the US is “lukewarmin its interest in contributing peacekeeping troops despite footing the largest share of the peacekeeping budget, according to Zhou Bo, honorary fellow at the Center of China-American Defence Relations at the PLA’s Academy of Military Science.解放军军事科学院中美防务关系研究中心特聘研究员周波称,中国有机会在国际上领导维和行动,部分原因在于美国对于贡献维和部队兴趣不大,尽管美国为维和预算作出最大贡献。来 /201611/479833

The man who killed 84 people in the Bastille Day attack in the French seaside city of Nice had expressed his interest in radical Islam, according to the Paris prosecutor.巴黎检察官表示,在法国海滨城市尼斯国庆日造成84人死亡的那名男子曾经表示,他对激进伊斯兰感兴趣。Francois Molins, who oversees terrorism investigations, said Monday slain attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had showed support for the Islamic State group and searched online for information about the Orlando attack on a gay nightclub.负责调查恐怖袭击事件的法拉西斯·莫林斯星期一说,被警方击毙的嫌疑人布哈勒曾表示持伊斯兰国组织,并在网上寻找有关美国佛罗里达州奥兰多同性恋夜总会击案资料。Molis says Bouhlel also made reconnaissance visits to the beachfront where he used a rented truck to run down dozens of people on Nices main promenade.莫林斯说,布哈勒还在发动袭击行动之前到海滨大道一带做过侦察。他在那一带用租来的卡车撞死了近百人。On Monday, silent tributes were held across France in honor of the victims of the July 14 attack.星期一,法国各地民众为4日恐怖袭击中遇难者静默致哀。Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed as he joined thousands in Nice for a moment of silence.法国总理瓦尔斯在尼斯参加静默仪式的时候受到许多民众的嘲讽。来 /201607/455254

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