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2018年11月20日 19:38:40

重庆市人民医院鼻炎治疗的价格Record numbers of young Japanese do not have boyfriends or girlfriends, and many do not want one, according to a survey by the country#39;s government.根据日本政府的一项调查,没有男友或女友的日本年轻人的数量创下历史新高,而且许多人不想交男女朋友Sixty-one percent of unmarried men aged 18 and 34 do not have a partner, nor do half of unmarried women the same age.18岁到34岁之间的未婚男性中有61%没有女朋友,同年龄段的未婚女性也有半数没有男友。The numbers have increased since the previous survey in 2005.自2005年的上一次调查以来,日本单身人士的数量一直在增加。Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world ; and its population is on course to shrink dramatically by the middle of the century.日本是全世界生育率最低的国家之一,到本世纪中叶前日本人口将急剧减少。So every five years the government carries out a detailed survey of attitudes to sex and marriage.因此每五年日本政府都会对人们对于性和婚姻的态度进行一次详细的调查。The latest found that 61% of unmarried men aged 18 to 34 have no girlfriend, and half of women the same age have no boyfriend ; a record high.最新调查发现,18岁到34岁的未婚男性有61%没有女友,同年龄段的半数未婚女性也没有男友,创下了历史新高。More than a quarter of the men and 23% of the women said they were not even looking.超过四分之一的男性和23%的女性说他们甚至都不想找对象。Some cited a shortage of money, others a belief that it is impossible to find a good partner once they had passed the age of 25.有些人说是因为缺钱,其他人认为一旦过了25岁想找到一个好对象是不可能的。Many of the women also said single life suited them better than how they imagined marriage would be.许多女性还说,和她们想象的婚姻生活相比,单身生活更适合自己。The survey also found that more than quarter of unmarried men and women between 35 and 39 years old said they had never had sex.调查还发现,35岁到39岁的未婚男性和女性有超过四分之一说他们从未有过性生活。 /201112/162999资阳市妇幼保健院鼻甲肥大怎么样SHI MINGSHENG, NPC deputy and abbot of the Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.;Every citizen should care about politics and have the consciousness of responsibility as well as love for our compatriots. And a monk should, also.;“每个公民都要关心政治,而责任意识、大局意识,同胞情怀,和尚也同样应该有”。ZHENG HUIQIANG, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice-president of Tongji University.;In China, some 30 percent of young urbanites live off their parents, and more than 65 percent of urban families face the problem of NEET (not currently engaged in education, employment or training ).;“我国城市中有30%的年轻人靠啃老生活,65%以上的家庭存在啃老问题。”CAI YAOJUN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy chief engineer of the Changjiang Survey, Planning, Design and Research Institute under the Changjiang Water Resources Commission.;Reform is not to add to or reduce a ministry, but to see how much the people can benefit and how much progress it can bring to society.;“改革不是多一个或少一个部,要看人民得什么好处、社会进步多少。” /201303/230093成都中山医院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好

广元市中心医院扁桃体炎看怎么样好不好重庆爱德华医院耳膜穿孔好吗Despite the time difference between China and Europe, Chinese online businesses were abuzz about Italy#39;s tight defense against Spain in the early hours of Monday morning in the Euro 2012 championship as die-hard football fans stayed up late for the match.周一凌晨,2012年欧洲杯拉开帷幕。尽管中国与欧洲存在时差,但因为许多铁杆球迷都在熬夜观战。在首场比赛中,意大利队对西班牙队采取了密集防守的战术,而许多网络商家这时也在热议这场“恶战”。;The results might determine which national flag we should keep more of in stock,; said Xie Hui, an online vendor on Taobao.com, a popular customer-to-customer site in China.淘宝卖家谢辉(音译)说:“比赛结果很可能就决定着我们应该增加哪个国家国旗的库存。”As fans all over the world celebrate the championship in a great global party, e-commerce retailers are embracing the football spirit, doing a roaring trade in colorful national flags, kits and trophies.全世界球迷都沉浸庆祝欧洲杯的狂欢派对中。电子商务零售商们也充分利用这种“足球精神”,出售各色国旗、球衣以及奖杯,生意做得如火如荼。Xie`s online store is an array of tournament merchandise, ranging from classy to kitschy, and from cheap to cheekily expensive.谢辉的网店经营着大量的比赛商品,从高档品到低劣品,有的很廉价,有的则贵得令人咋舌。The mantra, according to Xie, is: if you cannot get to a Euro 2012 game in person, you can now get a flavor of the world`s top competition via my website.谢辉表示,我们做生意的口号就是:“如果你不能亲临2012欧洲杯比赛现场,在我们的店里,你可以马上感受到这项全球顶级赛事的氛围。;Anything with a number 7 on it is selling like hot cakes,; he said referring to the shirt worn by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.他提到一件葡萄牙球星克里斯蒂亚诺#8226;罗纳尔多所穿的球衣表示:“凡是带有数字7的商品都会大卖特卖。”;Every time we replenish the stock, the next morning we`re sold out by 11 am,; he said.“每次只要我们一进货,第二天上午11点前就会销售一空。”The term ;European Cup; was firmly on Taobao#39;s list of ;hot topics; by Monday, with the search term showing up more than 54,000 times.到本周一为止,“欧洲杯”一直是淘宝上的热门搜索词之一,该词的搜索量达到5.4万次之多。Sales of football kits across the Web have rocketed, as avid fans tend to wear the same jerseys as their favorite teams.铁杆球迷们都想身穿自己喜爱球队的球衣,因此网上的足球队销售额也激增。Kits for the Spanish team have been the biggest seller, with more than 5,000 being sold in the past month, according to Taobao. Sales of German, Italian, French and Portuguese kits all topped 3,000.淘宝上,西班牙队的球衣成为最畅销的产品,过去一个月卖出5000多件。而德国、意大利、法国以及葡萄牙各队球衣的销售数量也都达到3000件之多。It would seem that the beer culture which developed during the 2010 World Cup is set to get even bigger, said football fan Zou Tianliang.球迷邹天亮(音译)表示,似乎人们要把2010年世界杯期间形成的啤酒文化继续发扬光大。Zou is enamored with the beverage and plans to shop online. His enthusiasm stems from an affection for the drink and a desire to get discounted goods online, he said.邹天亮是无酒不欢的人,所以他打算去网购。他表示自己之所以这样热衷网购,除了因为自己喜欢喝酒这点之外,同时也希望在网上买到打折商品。Pinlive, a beer and snacks retailer on Tmall.com, China#39;s biggest business-to-consumer website, saw its beer sales surge as the event drew near.Pinlive是一家在天猫(原淘宝商城)上出售啤酒和零食的网店。赛事临近时,该店的啤酒销量激增。It started a promotion for the tournament two weeks ago by selling beer at discounts of 20 to 30 percent, said Robin Yue, who is responsible for operating Pinlive#39;s online store.据Pinlive网店的负责人罗宾#8226;岳表示,两周前,Pinlive开展了欧洲杯大促销活动,所有出售的啤酒都打出了7-8折的优惠价。He said that Pinlive#39;s beer sales over the past two weeks were up to five times the normal level.他表示,Pinlive过去两周的啤酒销量是平时的五倍。;Beer is an indispensable part of the soccer culture. I might go to the pub for the final,; Zou said.邹天亮说:“啤酒是足球文化不可缺少的一部分。我可能会去酒吧看总决赛。”Foosball, also known as table football, until recently a rarity in China, has grown in popularity among online buyers, including the many bars across the country.而不久前还是稀有商品的桌上足球,现在已经越来越受到广大“网购一族”的青睐,其中也包括很多国内酒吧。Over 20,000 foosball sets were sold on Taobao in May. An online merchant from Guangdong province sold more than 300 sets, priced between 105 and 118 yuan.五月份淘宝共售出2万套桌上足球。一家来自广东的网络商户共售出300多套桌上足球,价格从105元到118元不等。Foosball has become a game-changer for many bars.桌上足球也为许多酒吧扭转了经营局面。;Customer flow has jumped by five times, and most were immediately attracted to the gadgets,; said Zhang Na, sales manager of OMalley#39;s Irish Pub in Shanghai.上海欧玛莉爱尔兰餐厅销售经理张娜(音译)表示:“餐厅客流量增加了五倍,他们大部分人都很快迷上了桌上足球。” /201206/186727渠县人民医院小儿扁桃体肥大好吗巴南涪陵区看鼻窦炎价格

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