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Choosing the right username for your online dating profile can mean the difference between meeting no one and meeting the love of your life. Here#39;s what works.为在线约会资料选择正确的用户名,你或许会遇到一生的伴侣,否则,说不定依然孑然一人。You Will Need你需要Dating goals约会目标Creativity创意Modesty谦逊Steps步骤STEP 1 Consider gender1.考虑性别Consider the gender you#39;re trying to attract with your dating profile. Women may be more likely to contact someone whose username indicates they#39;re well and cultured, whereas one researcher found that men were less likely to choose someone with such a moniker.考虑你的约会资料希望吸引到的人的性别。女性更有可能联系用户名表明他们学多识,又有教养的人。而一名研究人员发现,男性被这样的用户名吸引的可能性更低。STEP 2 Weigh sexy versus serious2.权衡性感与严肃Choosing a flirty -- but not graphic -- username will get you more hits than going with a plain-sounding one. Both sexes are also attracted to usernames that describe physical attributes.选择调情而不形象的用户名比普通的用户名点击率更高。男性和女性都更容易被描述身体素质的用户名所吸引。STEP 3 Make yourself sound fun3.让自己听上去风趣Make yourself sound like fun; both sexes are more likely to contact members with a playful, friendly username.让你自己听上去风趣一点;男性和女性都更有可能联系有着可爱友好的用户名的人。Spend some time searching dating sites to see what kind of names you#39;d want to learn more about.花费一点时间搜索网上约会网站,看一下哪些名字让你有更深入了解的欲望。STEP 4 Watch the adjectives4.注意形容词Don#39;t use adjectives like ;wild,; ;shy,; or ;zany.; Taken out of context, they can make you sound like too much of an oddball.不要使用“狂野”,“害羞”或“愚蠢”等形容词。如果断章取义的话,这些形容词会让你听上去非常奇怪。STEP 5 Don#39;t typecast yourself5.不要把自己的形象固定Try not to typecast yourself with a username that indicates a niche hobby or interest. It may help you meet like-minded people, but think of all the people who won#39;t pick you just because they don#39;t share that one interest.不要使用表明详细的爱好和兴趣的用户名,以防把形象固定。或许这样可以帮助你遇到志同道合的人,但是想一下那些因为和你没有共同的兴趣爱好而没有选择你的人。STEP 6 Be modest6.谦逊Avoid usernames that indicate you#39;re wealthy. Researchers were surprised to discover that this usually backfires with both sexes: At worst, people think you#39;re lying; at best, they think you#39;re materialistic. Save your showing off, money-wise, for the first date.不要使用炫富的用户名。研究人员很惊讶地发现,无论是男性还是女性,炫富都会事与愿违。最糟糕的情况,人们会认为你在说谎。最好的情况,他们认为你拜金。把炫富和多金留给第一次约会。A bad username is a bigger turnoff to online daters than a bad photo, according to one survey.根据一项调查,网上约会时糟糕的用户名比糟糕的照片更容易遭遇拒绝。 Article/201412/348526。

Disney is in some trouble with the U.S. Department of Labor.迪士尼与美国劳工部有一些麻烦。Two Disney-affiliated resorts in Florida deducted money from employee paychecks for uniform or ;costume; expenses. But those deductions caused some workers#39; hourly rates to fall below the federal minimum wage.佛罗里达州两迪士尼附属度假村从雇员工资中扣除制或装费用。但这些扣除使得一些工人的每小时工资率低于联邦最低薪资。Now the parks have to pay a total of 3.8 million dollars in back wages to more than 16,000 employees.现在,公园向超过16,000名员工付了共380万美元的拖欠工资。The two resorts also didn#39;t pay employees for work done outside their assigned shift hours or keep track of required payroll records.两度假村也不付雇员分配的加班之外工作,或跟踪所需的工资记录。Apparently these problems aren#39;t uncommon. Last year, Life Time Fitness had to pay back almost 1 million dollars in wages to some 15,000 employees after deducting money for uniforms.显然,这些问题并不少见。去年,生活时间健身公司在扣除制钱后,向约15,000名员工偿还近100万美元的工资。An official with the Labor Department hopes the Disney cases set an example for other employers that might be violating labor laws.一名劳动部门的官员希望迪士尼案件为其他可能违反劳动法的雇主树立一个榜样。译文属。 Article/201703/498711。

TED演讲视频:南布鲁克斯的环保教师史蒂夫·瑞茨,纽约州的一名教师,在寸草不生的南布鲁克斯刮起一阵环保旋风,他带着他的学生们种植花圃、食物,播撒绿色,还创造了就业!他还把其这一想法推广到其他社区,给人们带来希望。 Article/201701/488742。

我们如何从其他星系寻找行星-甚至是适宜居住的行星?通过观测行星经过恒星形成的阴影, 露西安#65381;沃可薇与开普勒任务新发现了大约1,200个可能的行星系。利用新的技术,他们或许会发现一个拥有适合生命条件的行星。 Article/201502/359646。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!What event was first held in the U.S. in 1909?以下哪个项目1909年于美国首次举行?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it the A, World#39;s Fair; B, National Grandparents Day; C, World Series; or D, National Women#39;s Day?是万国览会、祖父母节、世界职业棒球大赛还是妇女节?You#39;ve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The first National Women#39;s Day was held in 1909. 首次国家妇女节是在1909年举办的。Today it#39;s collaborated worldwide under a different name.现今,全世界都庆祝这一节日,三八国际妇女节。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout. 那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: That name is International Women#39;s Day, celebrated every year on March 8. 每年的三月八日就是国际妇女节。That#39;s when the U.S. commemorates Women#39;s History Month.那是美国历史月开始的日子。To honor these events, we#39;re featuring five international women who#39;ve helped shape our world.为了纪念这一活动,我们列举了对世界有重要影响的5位女性。First, Aung San Suu Kyi, a political leader in Myanmar, a nation also known as Burma. 第一,是昂山素季,她是一位缅甸政治家。She spent much of her life under house arrest for trying to bring democracy to Myanmar.她一生中大部分的时间都被软禁着,因为她想将民主带到缅甸。She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 and a seat in Myanmar’s government in 2012.她在1991年获得诺贝尔和平奖,并于2012年在缅甸政府获得一席之位。 /201503/365525。

In the Admonitions scroll we find that a lady ought never to exploit the manners or weaknesses of her man. The only time that a lady should put herself before the emperor is to protect him from danger. Another scene in the scroll illustrates a true event, when a ferocious black bear escaped from its enclosure, during a show put on for the emperor and the ladies of his harem. In this particular scene we first see two harem ladies, running away from the wild beast but looking back in horror. We next see the emperor seated, frozen with shock, and in front of him the valiant lady, who has not run away but has rushed to place herself between the emperor and the bear, which is leaping at her, snarling fiercely. But the emperor is safe. This, the picture tells us, is the kind of self-sacrifice we need and expect from our great ladies.《女史箴图》告诉我们,女性绝不能凌驾于丈夫之上。只有在保护身陷危难的皇帝之时,女性才能站到他的前面。画卷中的另一幅画描述了一个真实事件:在一次宫廷表演中,一头凶猛的熊逃脱了控制,两位妃子转身就逃,同时惊恐地回头张望。皇帝吓呆了,坐在椅子上动弹不得, 而他身前站着一位勇敢的女性,她挡住皇帝,熊愤怒咆哮着向她扑去, 皇帝则脱离了险境。画卷告诉我们,伟大的女性应做出这种自我牺牲。This scroll became the prized possession of many emperors, who may have found it to be a useful aid in subduing troublesome wives and mistresses, but who also admired its sheer beauty, and used the act of collecting this precious masterpiece as a way of showing just how culturally astute and powerful they were. We can know exactly whose courts it was viewed in, because each imperial ruler has left their mark on it, in the form of a stamp carefully placed in the blank spaces around the paintings and the calligraphy. Some of the previous owners have also added their own comments to the scroll. 《女史箴图》曾为数位皇帝珍藏。他们也许认为它能帮助他们降伏后宫悍妇,但同时,他们也欣赏画卷的艺术价值,用收藏来表现自己的艺术素养与权势。每位帝王都在画卷空白处盖上了自己的印章,因此我们准确地知道到底有谁欣赏过它。还有些收藏者在画上题字。 Article/201502/358808。

Everything is in bloom and you should be too. In spring, choose colors and accentuate features that emphasize youth and energy.万物复苏,你也应该生机勃发。在春季,选择强调年轻和活力的色。You Will Need你需要Moisturizer保湿霜Toner调色粉Foundation粉底Blush腮红Eyeliner眼线膏Mascara睫毛膏Lipstick唇膏Steps步骤STEP 1 Apply moisturizer1.涂抹保湿霜Apply your moisturizer first. Work the moisturizer heavily on the dark circles around eyes to get a natural look.首先涂抹保湿霜。眼睛周围的阴影部分多涂抹一点保湿霜,让效果看上去更自然。STEP 2 Put on primer2.涂抹妆前乳Put on primer to even the texture and hide large pores.涂抹妆前乳,让皮肤看上去更均匀细腻,隐藏较大的毛孔。STEP 3 Apply the foundation3.上粉底Apply foundation. Blot away excess moisturizer for an even look.上粉底。吸干多余的保湿霜,让面部看上去更均匀。Find a quality foundation at the store and apply it to the side of your hand to determine your proper matching shade.在商场购买质量比较好的粉底,在手背试用一下,确定合适的底色。STEP 4 Choose blush4.选择腮红Choose a rose or coral-toned blush, applying it on top of your foundation or over the top of a translucent powder.选择玫瑰色或珊瑚色的腮红,涂抹在粉底或透明粉上。STEP 5 Avoid loud contrasts5.避免强烈对比Liven your eyes with blue-hued eye shadow, but in deep pigments so they aren#39;t too loud and don#39;t contrast with delicate features. Greens and yellows will work too, but stick with a light, natural look for spring.用蓝色调,但是要比较深的颜色的眼影使眼睛鲜活起来,而且不至于太大,不会与白皙的面部造成太鲜明的对比。绿色和黄色也可以,但是春天坚持比较浅色自然的造型。Spring is the season of renewal, so adding some color to wake up winter-paled skin signifies freshness and health.春天是万物复苏的季节,所以增添一些色来唤醒冬季苍白的皮肤,代表新生和健康。STEP 6 Use mascara according to hair color6.根据头发颜色选择睫毛膏Stick with brown mascara in the daytime if you#39;re fair-haired, and wear black at night for drama. Made-up lashes and eyes can disappear on dark haired women, so opt for a clear type that accentuates, using a comb-like brush to separate.如果你是金发,白天坚持用棕色睫毛膏,而夜晚参加聚会选择黑色。如果是黑发女性,化妆后的睫毛和眼睛效果不明显,所以选择强调眼睛的产品,使用像梳子一样的睫毛刷。STEP 7 Wear bright lipstick7.选择色明亮的唇膏Wear bright lipstick in the spring that shouts life: red, salmon, coral, or peach. Avoid pink and dark colors. Go out and feel renewed, just like the season.春天选择彰显生命活力的色明亮的唇膏:红色,浅橙色,珊瑚色或桃红色。避免粉红色和暗色系。外出,感受春天般欣欣向荣的气息。The world#39;s first cosmetics were made of copper and other ores and were used by the Egyptians.世界上首套化妆品是由铜和矿粉制成的,由埃及人使用。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/365263。