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片名:世界末日 This Is the End 又名 末世喜剧 | 大明星世界末日类别:动作 | 喜剧地区:美国主演:塞斯·罗根 | 乔纳·希尔 | 詹姆斯·弗兰科 | 杰伊·巴鲁切尔导演:埃文·戈登伯格 | 塞斯·罗根编剧:塞斯·罗根 | 杰森·斯通 | 埃文·戈德堡上映日期:美国?2013年6月12日剧情:故事讲述了烂仔帮好兄弟一齐来到詹姆斯·弗兰科家中开末日狂欢派对,没想到一切关于末日的猜想都应验了。本片中各路明星均以现实身份登场。While attending a party at James Francos house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.Seth, I have the best week I ever planned, James Franco’s having a giant party, Oh my god, if I dont fuck Michael Sara tonight, I’m gonna blow my brains out. What?Fucking pills, 110 pounds, hairless, harry has a huge cock, Don’t fucking touch my bump, bitch.It’s a weird face,Oh, so hot.What did you just fucking blow on me?Don’t worry, it’s just heroin. Are you shitting me?I was just kidding, it’s cocaine, but that’s still very bad. What the fuck?Come on, get in the house. Seth, It’s too late for you, you’re aly in the hole. Get the fuck off me, pleaseThe sheriff’s office is urging people to stay in their homes right now, Seagull’s deal, Crum Hoff’s dead, Michael Sara’s dead, In a bed?It’s aly going crazy out the kais, I’m not leaving ok? I’m a victim, where I was a kid, I’m in teddies, the bullies held me down, the kiddy fuck me. We’re actors, we pretend to be hard, man, we are softer than baby shit. Helicopter, We’re gonna be fine.Oh, you ok?No, I’m not ok, fuck your house, Franco.We should stay in here, fortify this bitch and take him to with all the booty shit we have. We got 12 bottles of water, 56 beers, there’s a half pound sara diesel, one ounce chums, CT crunch, one milky way, Can I have the milky way, No you can’t have the milky way, it’s my special food, I like it.I want some of the milky way, I wil be pretty bummed if I don’t at least get a bite of the milky way. What the hell?Oh my god. Ah…I’m watching, show it up.Give me whatever that you have to drink.There are six of us, you can not rob us, I’m not fucking around. Give her the drinks. Her money just stole all of our shit. Please you come up here, things have gone crazy out here. I’m sorry, we just don’t know you man, you could be like a looter or a rapist or teddy fucker, I’m not a rapist, You weren’t a teddy fucker?Listen, If you want me to teddy fuck you, I will, so good, you’ll love it, help me out here. /201307/247207

But its not Alexander that shes favouring, because the Greek letters beside her tell us that this is the coin of King Lysimachus.但她出观在这里并非要保佑亚历山大,因为她旁边的希腊字母表明,这是利西马科斯的银币。Lysimachus had been one of Alexanders generals and companions.利西马科斯曾是亚历山大麾下的一名将军,也是他的朋友。He ruled Thrace from Alexanders death until his own death in 281 .他在亚历山大死后统治着色雷斯,直到公元前281年去世。So why didnt Lysimachus mint a coin that showed himself?利西马科斯从未铸造过带自己头像的硬币,The answer is quite simple:hes trying in this coin to appropriate the glory and the authority of his predecessor.他选择赞美前任统治者的荣耀与权威。这是一种对英雄形象的操纵,几乎可以算身份盗窃。Alexander died in his early thirties, and his empire quickly disintegrated into a confusion of shifting territories under competing warlords-Lysimachus was just one of these.亚历山大30出头便英年早逝,他的帝国迅速瓦解,手下统治各块领地的将领开始了激烈的斗争,利西马科斯只是其中之一。All of the war lords claimed that they were the true heirs of Alexander, and many of them minted coins with his image on them to prove it.所有的将领都声称自己才是亚历山大的真正继承者,很多人都铸造了带有亚历山大头像的货币来明这一点。This was a struggle fought out not just on the battlefield but on the coinage.这不仅是战场上的战争,也是货币上的战争。Its a textbook early example of a timeless political ploy:这是一种永恒的政治手段:harnessing the authority and the glamour of a great leader of the past to boost yourself in the present.利用以前某位统治者的威仪与荣耀往现任统治者脸上贴金。Dead reputations are usually more stable and more manageable than living ones.已故者的名望更稳固,也更容易操控。Since the Second World War, for example, Churchill and de Gaulle have been claimed by British and French political leaders of all hues when it suited the days agenda.例如,二战以后,英国和法国的政治家,不管属于什么政治派别,只要情况有利,就会援引丘吉尔和戴高乐。But in democratic societies, this is a high-risk strategy, as Andrew Marr, the political commentator, points out。但政治员兼广播主持安德鲁马尔指出,在民主社会,这种行为的风险很大。201410/337848

  If you find yourself feeling worn out, break free of those doldrums and give you back your pep.如果你觉得自己非常疲惫,根据下面的建议摆脱困扰,重新焕发充沛精力!You Will Need你需要Quick exercises快速锻炼10-minute walk10分钟的步行Motivational music激励性的音乐Healthy snacks健康的零食Happy friends快乐的朋友Specially designed desk lamp (optional)特别设计的台灯(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Get moving1.运动Get moving with some quick exercises like jumping jacks or push-ups wherever you are. Bursts of activity will increase your heart rate and blood flow to your brain for a quick pick-me-up.运动起来,快速做一些运动,比如开合跳,俯卧撑,无论在哪里都可以。运动量的增加会迅速提高心率和大脑的血液流动。STEP 2 Go for a quick walk2.快速步行Take time to head for a quick 10-minute walk in the sunshine. The sights and sounds of nature can elevate your mood and the Vitamin D from sunlight can give you a boost of energy.花点时间到阳光下步行10分钟。自然界的光线和声音可以提高你的情绪,阳光中的维生素D可以让你焕发精力。Consider purchasing specially designed desk lamps that simulate sunlight and boost mood and energy even during the grayest winter days.考虑购买特别设计的模仿阳光的台灯,即使在最灰暗的冬季也可以提高情绪和精力。STEP 3 Motivate with music3.用音乐激励自己Flip on some motivational music to get your heart rate up, your mind focused, and your enthusiasm for the day chugging.播放一些激励性的音乐,提高心率,集中注意力,重新焕发。STEP 4 Chow on a healthy snack4.吃一些健康的零食Chow down on a healthy snack like nuts, which contain protein to dilate blood vessels and help with blood flow.吃一些健康的零食,比如坚果,其中含有的蛋白质可以扩张血管,帮助血液流动。Protein also boosts mental alertness and energy, and keeps you from crashing later.蛋白质还可以提高灵敏性,增加精神,防止稍后精神崩溃。STEP 5 Help a friend5.帮助朋友Help a friend in need for that rush of good feeling chemicals called endorphins. You can feel the same high by laughing at a funny ,cartoon, or joke as well.帮助一个亟需帮助的朋友可以产生让你感觉很好的化学物质内啡肽。观看有趣的视频,卡通或笑话时大笑也可以产生同样的效果。STEP 6 Surround yourself with happy people6.置身于快乐的人周围Surround yourself with naturally happy people and hand out a few compliments to feel instantly energized the rest of the day.置身于快乐的人周围,给予别人一些赞扬,可以让你立即感到精力充沛。The Red Bull Energy Drink was founded in 1984, and the drink was an instant success when it hit Austrian markets in 1987.红牛能量饮料于1984年创立,这种饮料于1987年打入奥地利市场时立即获得成功。201411/341218


  Like all the objects Ive chosen this week, these creatures speak of the consequences of climate change and human responses to it. They have a story to tell about their owner that stretches far beyond Grave A23.就像本周我选择的其他物品一样,这些陶牛也描述了气候变化和对人类生活产生的相关影响。它们拥有自己的故事,远远超越了这处命名为墓A23的墓葬地。All of the things found in this grave were intended to be useful in another world and, in a way never imagined by the people who placed them there, they are. But theyre useful for us, not for the dead. Because they allow us unique insights into remote societies, their way of death casting light on their way of life, and perhaps even more important, they give us some idea not just of what people did but of what they thought and believed. 这座坟墓中出土的一切物品,当初为了以供墓主来生使用;如今它们的有用之处,却是当年人们放置物品时绝对想象不到的。因为它们是对我们这些活着的人有用,而不是那些死去的前人。因为它们为我们了解那遥远的人类早期社会提供了独特的见解,他们的死亡方式恰恰折射出他们当初的生活方式。也许更重要的是,这些随葬品让我们了解到的,不止是当时人们做了什么,还有他们在想什么,相信什么。Most of what we know about early Egypt, thats Egypt before the pharaohs and the hieroglyphs, is based on burial objects that archaeologists have discovered, objects like these little cows. They come from a time when Egypt was populated only by small farming communities living along the Nile Valley. 早期古埃及是指埃及法老与象形文字出现之前的年代,通常现在我们对那段时期的了解,大部分都来自于这些类似这些小陶牛的考古发掘成果。它们所处的那个年代,古埃及人类们还只是形成规模不大的农耕小村落,零星地散布在尼河罗谷上。Compared to the spectacular gold and tomb ornaments of later Egypt, these little clay cows are a modest thing. Funerals at that point were simpler; they didnt involve embalming or mummifying; that kind of practice wouldnt come for another thousand years. Instead we find a simpler way of burying people.与古埃及晚期壮丽辉煌的黄金与墓饰相比,这些小小的陶牛真是登不上大雅之堂。然而在这个时期,墓葬礼仪通常相对简单,没有涉及到防腐处理或者木乃伊化,这两种习俗还要晚一千年才出现。相对的,根据我们所发现的,当时采用了一种更简单的方式来埋葬死者。201404/288710

  There was a time when babies had a great life. The softness of their skin got them all their mom’s attention. Then one day, fathers discovered a special weapon. From now on, fathers and sons can fight on equal terms. Men can now take revenge and win back their wives. To get their moms back, there is no choice but to fight. Fight for kisses.曾经有一段时间,那时婴儿有着美好的生活。 他们柔软的皮肤使妈妈把所有的心思都花在他们身上。然后有一天,父亲发现了一个特殊的武器(剃须刀,谢谢)。从现在开始,父亲和儿子,可以争取平等的条件 。 男人现在可以采取报复并赢回自己的妻子。婴儿们要赢回他们的妈妈,除了抗争没有其它办法。这是一场争取吻的战役。201402/275632

  Learn some common mood issues that cause trouble sleeping in this Howcast .跟随Howcast这段视频了解一下可能干扰睡眠的几种常见不良情绪。Hi, Im Janet Kennedy. Im a licensed clinical psychologist and sleep specialist in New York City. You can find out more about me and my work on my website, nycsleepdoctor.com. Sleep is really responsive to whats going on in your daily life and your mood is a big factor.大家好,我是Janet Kennedy。我是纽约市一名临床心理学家和睡眠专家。您可以登录我的网站了解关于我和我的工作的详细内容。睡眠与我们的日常生活密切相关,情绪也是一个很大的影响因素。Depression causes sleep problems. It can cause insomnia, it can cause frequent night waking, it can cause nightmares and it can also cause early morning waking. Some forms of depression also cause you to sleep too much. If youre feeling depressed, talk to a therapist or talk to your physician about getting some medication to improve your mood.抑郁会导致睡眠问题。抑郁会造成失眠,夜间频繁醒来,做噩梦,还会让你早上太早醒来。某些形式的抑郁也会造成嗜睡。如果你感觉到压抑,咨询治疗师或外科医生,让他们给你开一些改善情绪的药物。Anxiety and stress also takes a toll on your sleep. Anxiety causes your body to release adrenaline which is a stimulant that keeps you awake at night because adrenaline is designed to keep you awake. Anxiety also causes your mind to race, and those racing thoughts not only make the adrenaline process worse, but they distract you to the point that its very hard to relax.焦虑和压力也会降低睡眠质量。焦虑导致身体释放出肾上腺素,这是一种刺激物,让你夜间保持清醒,因为肾上腺素原本的作用就是让你保持清醒。焦虑还会加快你的思维,这些不断冒出的想法不仅导致肾上腺素更快分泌,还会让你更难放松下来。Worrying about sleep itself is a huge problem. Once people start having difficulty sleeping, they tend to get what we call performance anxiety and in the hours leading up to bedtime they become increasingly stressed and anxious about whether theyre going to be able to sleep. These days, people have a really hard time unplugging, and creating a boundary between work and home. Creating that boundary gives you a chance to unwind and relax, to release all of the stress of the day and quiet your mind.担心睡眠本身也是一个大问题。一旦人们睡眠出现困难,他们很有可能会出现行为焦虑,在快要睡觉的几个小时里,他们感到压力越来越大,越来越担心他们能不能睡得着。这些日子里,人们很难清除障碍,在工作和家庭之间划清界限。划清界限有助于放松,释放白天的所有压力,让思维平静下来。视频听力由。 /201310/259706



  Whether youre on a job interview or a first date, follow these simple steps to give the impression that youre quite intelligent – even if youre quite average.无论是求职面试还是初次约会,遵循下面的简单措施,给人留下你非常聪明的印象——即使你实际上很普通。You Will Need你需要A slowed rate of speech放慢语速A smile微笑Simple language简单的语言Dark blue clothing深蓝色装An ability to listen more than talk少说多听的能力A foreign language (optional)一门外语(可选)Conservative dress (optional)保守的装(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Speak deliberately1.说话从容不迫Speak slowly and deliberately. People who do are seen as more informed on the subject theyre expounding on than fast talkers.说话要慢,从容不迫。说话语速慢的人被认为比说话语速快的人更容易解释清楚话题。STEP 2 Smile2.微笑Smile more. In one study, participants who were asked to guess a persons intelligence simply by looking at their picture rated those who were smiling as smarter than those who werent smiling.多微笑。根据一项调查,只通过照片来猜测一个人是否聪明,参与调查者认为微笑的人比不微笑的人更聪明。STEP 3 Use simpler words3.使用简单的语言Dont use an unusual word if a simpler one will suffice. People who use long words unnecessarily can be perceived as less intelligent because it makes them look like theyre trying too hard to sound smart.如果简单的词语足够表达清楚,不要使用不常见的词语。不必要地使用比较长的词语的人被认为不那么聪明,因为这会让人觉得他努力装着比较聪明。If you speak a foreign language, let it be known. Research indicates that people link being multilingual with intelligence.如果你会说一门外语,让他们知道。调查发现,人们经常把多语言和智慧联系在一起。STEP 4 Wear navy blue4.穿海军蓝Wear navy blue. One study indicated that people in dark blue are assumed to be more knowledgeable, successful, and dependable than those wearing other colors.穿海军蓝色的衣。一项调查发现,穿深蓝色装的人被认为比穿其他颜色装的人更加学,成功和独立。Women should dress conservatively at work. Even marginally revealing clothing can make people perceive female employees as less intelligent and competent, according to one study.女性上班时应该穿比较保守的装。根据一项调查,即使稍微有点暴露的装也会让人们认为女性职员的智慧和能力较差。STEP 5 Listen up5.倾听Do more listening than talking. People who do are perceived as being intelligent and interesting by the people who are blathering to them. Remember this proverb: Better to keep quiet and be suspected a fool than to open your mouth and confirm the suspicion.少说多听。这样的人被喋喋不休的人认为比较聪明有趣。记住这个谚语:宁肯保持安静被别人怀疑很傻也好过张开嘴巴实这种怀疑。Did you know?The average American IQ has increased every year for the past 100 years; one expert claims half the population in 1917 would be considered mentally challenged by todays standards!你知道吗?过去100年,美国人的平均智商不断增加。一名专家说,按照今天的标准,1917年有一半的人口被认为存在智障。视频听力译文由。201406/304146



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