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襄阳市第三人民医院是三甲医院吗枣阳妇幼保健院割包皮价格Good old tap water will go a long way toward washing pesticide residues off your fruit and vegetables, but “getting it down to zero is not feasible, ever,” said Dave Stone, a toxicologist who is the director of theNational Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. While washing can reduce pesticide residues on the surface, it cannot eliminate pesticides that are absorbed by the roots into the very tissue of the fruit or vegetable.美国国家农药信息中心(National Pesticide Information Center,由俄勒冈州立大学[Oregon State University]和美国国家环境保护局[Environmental Protection Agency]合作建立)主任、毒理学家戴夫·斯通(Dave Stone)表示,使用质量较好的普通自来水洗涤蔬菜和水果对清除其上的残留农药大有助益,但“要想把它们洗得一点不剩是不可能的”。虽然清洗可以减少蔬果表面的农药残留,但这样做并无法清除被根部吸收进入到蔬菜或水果内部组织中的农药。Scrubbing with a vegetable brush helps, Dr. Stone said, but using a store-bought veggie wash might not: A 2000 study by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station found that rinsing lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes under tap water for 60 seconds worked just as well as using a commercial vegetable wash to significantly reduce pesticide residues. Using a veggie wash might even backfire, Dr. Stone said, because detergent residue could be added to fruits with porous outer layers.斯通士还说,使用蔬菜清洁刷来刷洗蔬果也有一定的帮助,但使用从商店买来的蔬果清洗剂却可能没有这样的效果:2000年康涅狄格州农业试验站(Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station)的一项研究发现,在自来水下清洗生菜、草莓和西红柿60秒与使用市售蔬果清洗剂一样可以有效地显著减少农药残留。斯通士说,使用蔬果清洗剂甚至还可能适得其反,因为洗涤剂有可能会残留在水果多孔的外层中。The best way to wash is to place the fruit or vegetable in a colander and run water over it, rather than just dunk it in a bowl. “The force of the running water will drive off residues,” Dr. Stone said. Peeling also helps get rid of pesticide residues in the skin.清洗蔬菜或水果的最佳方法是将它们放在滤器里用流水冲洗,而不是简单地将它们泡在盆子里。“流水的力量可以冲掉农药残留,”斯通士说。削皮也有助于去除蔬果外皮上的农药残留。The Environmental Working Group’s so-called Dirty Dozen and the Consumer Reports Always Buy Organic list, both of which are based on data from the federal Department of Agriculture, which tests fruits and vegetables after they have been washed, include items deemed to have relatively higher pesticide loads. Both lists include strawberries, nectarines and American-grown apples. If you’re considering buying organic, you might put these items at the top of your list.美国农业部(Department of Agriculture)对经过清洗的蔬菜和水果(包括被认为带有较多农药的品种)进行了检测,在这些数据的基础上,美国环境工作组(Environmental Working Group)提出了“12种受污染食品(Dirty Dozen)”,《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)也列出了若干种“必选买有机产品(Always Buy Organic)”的食品。草莓、油桃和美国出产的苹果均同时名列上述两份“黑名单”之中。如果你考虑购买有机食品,不妨把这几样放在购物清单的首要位置。 /201508/395607襄州区人民医院治疗尿道炎多少钱 China has about one billion waste cell phones, with the recovery rate being only about 2 percent, reported jjckb.cn.据《经济参考网》报道,我国约有10亿部废弃手机,回收率不足2%。A man surnamed Fang in Shanghai recently sold two old cell phones at the price of six yuan (about 1 US dollar) to a recycling store. The two phones had cost him nearly 2,000 yuan (about 291 dollars).近日,上海一位姓方的男士以6元的价格(折合约1美元)将两台旧手机卖给了一家回收店。而这两台手机在他买的时候花了他将近2000元(折合约291美元)。;It is as cheap as recyclable rubbish, but I have no choice as there is no use for me;, said Fang.方先生说道;“这就像回收的垃圾一样便宜,但是我没有别的选择,因为我用不到了。”Many would rather keep their waste cellphones instead of recycling them, as the old gadgets are not worth very much.由于旧手机不太值钱,许多人宁愿留着自己的废弃手机,也不愿将其回收处理。According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, 560m cellphones were sold on the Chinese mainland in 2016.根据中国信息通信研究院公布的数据,2016年,中国大陆手机市场出货量5.6亿部。It is predicted that the number of new phones is equal to the number of waste ones, and 400m to 500m will be replaced per year.据推测,销售多少新机就会产生多少旧机,每年被淘汰的手机数量将达4亿至5亿部。;The recovery rate in China is only 1% to 2%, much lower than Western countries, so we still need to educate people. People are also afraid of information disclosure if they sell their waste cellphones to recycle stores,; said Zheng Fujiang, president of an online recycling company.某互联网回收企业总裁郑甫江表示:“我国手机回收率只有1%到2%,远低于西方国家,因此我们仍需培养人们的回收意识。人们还担心将废弃手机卖给回收店会导致信息泄露。” /201703/495664China#39;s very first high-speed commuter train officially came off the production line of China Railway Rolling Stock Corp Qingdao Sifang Co.我国首列市域动车组列车近日在中车青岛四方机车车辆股份有限公司正式下线。Commuter rails are a service that primarily operates between city centers and suburbs of major metropolises.市域铁路是一种主要在大都市的市中心与郊区之间运行的务。Offering both speed and capacity, commuter rail systems normally cover routes stretching between 50 and 100 kilometers.这种既提供速度、又提供运力的铁路系统,覆盖距离一般在50至100公里。The commuter high-speed train combines the features of high-speed trains with those of subway cars. It is able to satisfy requirements for speed, capacity, public transportation and comfort.市域动车组列车结合了动车组列车与地铁列车的特点,在速度、运力、公共运输与舒适度方面均能满足要求。The new commuter trains are able to run at a maximum speed of 140 km per hour, about four times the speed of subways.新的市域列车最高时速可达140公里,约为地铁时速的四倍。The average speed is around 55 km per hour, though may reach up to 80 when the train is between distant stations.列车平均时速为55公里,不过在相距很远的站点间运行时,其平均时速可达80公里。 /201704/503278老河口第一医院好不好

襄阳医院联系电话襄阳中医院打胎怎么样 In his latest question-and-answer session, the Facebook co-founder answers oddball questions, including one about whether he#39;s secretly a reptile. He also hangs out with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.在最新的问答活动中,脸书联合创始人扎克伯格回答了各种古怪的问题,其中包括关于他是否私底下是只爬行动物。其中还有喜剧演员杰瑞#8226;宋飞来客串。If you let anyone ask you a question, be prepared for doozies.如果你让任何人问你一个问题,做好准备迎接各种怪诞的问题。That#39;s probably how Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg shrugged off a tongue-in-cheek message from a fan who was watching his Tuesday question-and-answer forum on the social network#39;s live service.脸书联合创始人马克#8226;扎克伯格本周二在脸书上进行问答活动视频直播时,一位粉丝提出了一个半开玩笑的问题(即他是不是只蜥蜴),扎克伯格对此满不在乎。;Are the allegations true that you#39;re secretly a lizard?; Zuck . ;I#39;m going to have to go with no. I am not a lizard.;扎克伯格读道:“有人说你私底下是只蜥蜴,这些说法是真的么?” “我得说不是。我不是蜥蜴。”So started an hour in which the 32-year-old head of the world#39;s largest social network discussed his daughter Max, his efforts to build artificial intelligence software, and his broken arm. All told, about 117,000 people around the world tuned in to watch.作为世界上最大社交网络的领导人,在接下来一小时的问答中,32岁的扎克伯格谈到了女儿麦克斯,自己为打造人工智能软件付出的努力,以及骨折的手臂。全球收看该直播的大约有11.7万人。He held the event using Facebook#39;s Live service, which promises to make everyone with a phone and an internet connection the star of their own broadcast. It#39;s become must-have functionality in Silicon Valley, with established companies, like Amazon and Twitter, and startups, such as Meerkat, building and buying live services.他在问答直播中使用的是脸书的Live视频务,该务承诺让每个拥有电话和互联网连接的人成为自己的广播明星。这在硅谷已成为必备功能,亚马逊和推特等老牌公司,以及Meerkat等初创公司都在建设和购买视频直播务。Seinfeld#39;s burning question: What does Zuckerberg do first in the morning? ;You go to the bathroom,; Seinfeld posited.杰瑞#8226;宋飞最引人关注的问题是:扎克伯格早上做的第一件事是什么?杰瑞#8226;宋飞的猜测是:“你先去洗手间。”;No, the first thing I do is look at my phone,; Zuckerberg said matter of factly. And since he#39;s nearsighted and doesn#39;t wear his contacts to bed, Zuckerberg said he has to hold his phone very close to his face. ;I didn#39;t expect to talk about this publicly.;扎克伯格说:“不,我要做的第一件事就是看我的手机”,他实事求是地说。而且扎克伯格说,由于近视而且睡觉时不戴隐形眼镜,他不得不将手机拿得离脸非常近。“我不希望公开谈论这个。”We didn#39;t expect him to either.我们也没想到他会这样说。Zuckerberg#39;s been holding public question-and-answer sessions for more than a year, discussing issues ranging from hate speech to being a new father. (He says being a dad is ;awesome,; though apparently his daughter has been waking him up lately).一年多以来扎克伯格一直举行公开问答活动,讨论的问题范围广泛,包括仇恨言论以及成为新晋爸爸。(他说成为爸爸“非常棒”,尽管他的女儿最近一直吵醒他)。He used the session to address weighty subjects like connecting the world, entrepreneurship and the potential of VR. Zuck also dispelled a rumor that Facebook would charge for its service someday.他利用这种活动来解释“大块头”的话题,如连接世界、创业精神和虚拟现实的潜力。扎克伯格也打破脸书将来会对其务收费的传闻。;Facebook is free. It always has been,; he said. ;We#39;re not going to charge. That#39;s why we#39;re ad-supported.;他说:“脸书是免费的。它一直都免费,我们不打算收费。这就是我们接受广告持的原因。”Zuckerberg also gave an update on his effort to build artificial intelligence software for his home. He can now voice-control the cameras and gates at his house, and he might hold another live session soon to show it off.扎克伯格也披露了他为自己家倾力打造的人工智能软件的进展。他现在可以语音控制监控设备和家门,而且可能很快就会举行另一次视频直播进行展示。In fact, he broke his arm falling off his bike while training for a triathlon.事实上,他在进行铁人三项训练时从自行车上摔下来,导致胳膊骨折。 /201606/449942枣阳市康复医院看男科好不好

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