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The average cost of rehabilitate one seal after the Valdez oil spill in Alaska was ,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively-saved animals were released into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, a killer whale ate them both.  阿拉斯加瓦尔迪兹发生石油泄漏之后,救援每只海豹的平均费用达到8万美元。在一个特殊仪式上,有两只斥资巨大而拯救回来的海豹,在人们的欢呼和掌声中被放回大自然。一分钟之后,它们双双被一头杀人鲸吞入腹中。  Two animal rights protesters were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughter-house in Bonn. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousands of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death.  波恩的两名动物权利保护者正在抗议将猪送到屠宰场的残忍行为的时候,2000头猪从破篱笆里惊慌跑出来,踩死了那两名倒霉的保护者。  (这个这个......着实够倒霉......请童鞋们默哀。)  A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen, shaking frantically with what looked like a wire running from his waist towards the electrical kettle. Intending to jolt him from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood by the back door, breaking his arm in two places. Until that moment, he had been happily listen to his walkman.  一位妇女回到家中,发现她的丈夫在厨房里疯狂地摇晃着,他的腰间貌似有根电线连着电暖壶。为了救他于危难之中,她顺手从门后抄起一个木板向他劈去,而她的丈夫的胳膊被劈成两段。其实他一直在听着随身听。 /201308/254727

At 2 a. m. Mrs. Culkin was convinced that she had heard a prowler in the living-room. Tiptoe down-stairs, she told her husband, ;Don#39; t turn on the lights. Sneak up him before he knows what#39;s happening.;Dutifully Mr. Culkin put on his robe. Just as he reached the bedroom door, his wife added, ;And when you come back, bring me a glass of milk.;半夜两点,科尔肯太太确信听到客厅有贼,便对丈夫说:“别开灯,蹑手蹑脚下楼,别让贼发觉,悄悄靠近他。” 科尔肯先生披上外套,责无旁贷地去捉贼。刚走到卧室门口,他妻子又补充说:“回来时给我捎杯牛奶。” /201303/231760

Last week I chaired a Financial Times conference in London, flew to S#227;o Paulo and did the same there.上周,我在伦敦主持了一场英国《金融时报》的会议,然后飞往圣保罗主持了另一场。Our subject in both was the “millennial generation”, those aged between 18 and 30.两场会议的主题都是“千禧一代”,也就是现在年龄为18至30岁的那一代人。I am not in this age bracket, but the conferences prompted the question: if I were starting my career now, would I prefer to do it in the UK capital or Latin America’s most powerful city?我不是这个年龄段的人,但会议上提出了这个问题:如果现在开始我的职业生涯,我是希望在英国首都还是在那个拉美地区实力最强大的城市开始?For ease on the eye, you would surely choose London. S#227;o Paulo has some greenery, but nothing to compare with London’s parks. While some of London’s suburbs have a brick-and-slate dreariness, S#227;o Paulo’s vast stretch of high rises surely appeals only to the most ardent architectural modernists.从赏心悦目的角度来看,你肯定会选择伦敦。圣保罗也有一些绿化,但与伦敦的公园没法比。虽然伦敦一些郊区有一种砖石建筑的沉闷感,但圣保罗大片的高楼大厦只能吸引那些衷心热爱现代主义建筑的人。Road journeys in both cities are unpredictable. I was told to leave at least an hour for a five-mile taxi ride in S#227;o Paulo. It took 11 minutes, but that was at 7am. One of our mid-morning conference speakers found himself snarled.两座城市的地面交通都不靠谱。有人告诉我,在圣保罗,打车去五英里外的地方需要至少预留一个小时的时间。实际上那段距离只需要11分钟,但那是在早上七点的时候。我们上午会议的一位演讲者就被堵了很长时间。The clatter of helicopters, both morning and evening in S#227;o Paulo (at one point I counted eight immediately overhead), suggests many of the wealthy prefer not to leave these trips to chance.早晨和晚上,圣保罗上空直升机的轰鸣声(我有一次数到头顶上同时有8架直升机)表明,很多富人不愿意让运气决定行程需要多长时间。London is safer. My S#227;o Paulo hotel receptionist told me to remove my watch before I went out, unless it was a cheap piece of plastic. (I rolled up my sleeves to show would-be assailants that I don’t own any sort of watch.)伦敦更加安全。我在圣保罗的酒店前台建议我在出门之前把手表取下来,除非我戴的是一只廉价的塑料手表。(我把袖子卷起让可能袭击我的人看到,我手腕上没有任何手表。)The statistics say such caution is justified. London had 1.6 murders per 100,000 people in 2009, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. S#227;o Paulo had 10.8 – although the homicide rate in both cities has almost halved since 2003.统计数据表明,这种谨慎是必要的。联合国毒品和犯罪问题办公室(UN Office on Drugs and Crime)数据显示,2009年,伦敦每10万人发生1.6起凶杀案,而圣保罗的这一数字是10.8起——尽管自2003年以来,两座城市的谋杀犯罪率都下降了近一半。In cultural offerings, London’s advantage is overwhelming, but it has had centuries longer to accumulate its riches. Greater S#227;o Paulo has a population of 19m. As Larry Rohter, the veteran New York Times correspondent, points out in his book Brazil on the Rise, in 1870 its population was 31,000. There is some exciting new Brazilian art and the S#227;o Paulo Museum of Art has a fine collection.在文化演出方面,伦敦的优势非常明显,但伦敦之所以文化底蕴更深,是因为它的历史比圣保罗长几个世纪。大圣保罗区有1900万人口。《纽约时报》资深记者拉里#8226;罗特(Larry Rohter)在他的《巴西:一个国家的崛起》(Brazil on the Rise)一书中指出,1870年,大圣保罗的人口还只有3.1万。巴西有一些激动人心的新艺术,圣保罗艺术物馆(S#227;o Paulo Museum of Art)也很不错。The weather: no contest. It was warmer and sunnier last week at the start of S#227;o Paulo’s winter than during London’s fitful summer.天气方面,伦敦不是圣保罗的对手。伦敦在夏天里也是时冷时热,上周刚刚入冬时的圣保罗,都比夏日的伦敦更暖和、更晴朗。What is it like to be young and ambitious in the two cities? Both conferences heard from entrepreneurs and community activists, as well as from policy specialists. The young Brazilians were notably more downbeat than their London counterparts. Bia Granja, co-creator of youPIX, “the largest internet culture festival in Brazil”, complained about the lack of tolerance in the country, saying: “I’ve never seen so much prejudice in my life.”雄心勃勃的年轻人在两座城市的境况如何?两场会议的演讲者中,都有企业家、社区活动人士,以及政策专家。巴西的年轻人明显比伦敦的年轻人更牢骚满腹。“巴西最大的互联网文化社区”youPIX联合创始人比亚#8226;格兰雅(Bia Granja)就抱怨巴西缺乏包容性,他说:“我这辈子就没见识过这么多的偏见。”This pointed to a startling difference between the two conferences: in spite of S#227;o Paulo’s rich racial mix, every speaker and almost every conference delegate was white. The same is true in the city’s upmarket neighbourhoods and restaurants.这让我想起两次会议的一个明显区别:尽管圣保罗种族构成比较丰富,但每一个发言人和几乎所有与会代表都是白人。在这个城市的高档社区和餐馆里,情况也是如此。This is not to oversell the UK capital’s tolerance: shortly after our conference there, an Islamic centre was burnt down in the wake of a soldier being hacked to death in the city’s streets.这并不是说英国首都的包容性值得吹嘘:就在我们的伦敦会议结束后不久,一个伊斯兰中心被烧毁,纵火者是为了报复一名士兵在伦敦街头被砍杀。But the London panels and the delegates were more varied and optimistic. They were more mobile too, including Bobby Kensah, a UK-trained lawyer with an award for his pro bono work, who now lives in Hong Kong, and Rokhaya Diallo, a French anti-racism campaigner who popped over for the day. Ms Diallo was worried about how her English would hold up. It was fine.但伦敦的发言者和代表更加多元化,也更加乐观。他们的移动性也更高,比如在英国接受教育、曾因公益工作获奖的律师鲍比#8226;肯萨(Bobby Kensah),目前生活在香港,法国反种族主义者罗哈亚#8226;迪亚洛(Rokhaya Diallo)那天也到场了。迪亚洛担心自己的英语不利于沟通,结果没事儿。The S#227;o Paulo conference began in English, but most of the Brazilian speakers switched to Portuguese. There is nothing wrong with this: why shouldn’t they speak their own language in their own country? The few foreigners present had simultaneous translation headsets.圣保罗的那场会议开始用的是英语,但大部分巴西的演讲者都改说葡萄牙语了。这倒也天经地义:在自己的国家为什么不能说自己的语言?少数与会的外国人可以戴同声传译耳机。The problem is that Portuguese is, as one of the Brazilian panellists said, spoken “only in Macau and some places in Africa” (she seemed to disregard Portugal). It is striking how few people in S#227;o Paulo, even in luxury hotels and shops, speak any other language, and how few foreign publications are on its newsstands.但正如一位巴西与会者所说,只有“和非洲一些地方使用”葡萄牙语(她似乎有点看不起葡萄牙语),这是个问题。令人吃惊的是,在圣保罗很少有人说葡萄牙语以外的其他语言,即使是在豪华酒店或高档商店也是如此,报摊上也很少有外语出版物。Even though Brazil’s growth has slowed, its rich natural and agricultural resources suggest it has brighter prospects than the UK. In manufacturing, Brazil, unlike Britain, makes complete civil aircraft. That is perhaps why its citizens feel less need to look further afield. S#227;o Paulo talks about Brazil. London talks about the world.尽管巴西的增长有所放缓,其丰富的自然资源和农业资源表明,它的未来比英国更加光明。在制造业方面,与英国不同的是,巴西制造的都是民用飞机。巴西民众相对而言更关心身边的事情,原因或许就在这里。在圣保罗,人们谈论巴西,而在伦敦,人们谈论世界。 /201306/244953

As Hollywood#39;s best-known “cougar”, Demi Moore has become the envy of millions。作为好莱坞最著名的“吃嫩草”熟女,黛米·尔成为万千女性羡慕的对象。But while British women may wish for the 47-year-old#39;s youthful, toned figure, it seems they do not hanker after her toyboy husband, 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher。尽管英国女性也许渴望拥有像这个47岁的女星那样年轻、健美的身材,但她们似乎对她的小老公——31岁的阿什顿·库彻并不感兴趣。New research has found that 71 percent of women over the age of 35 said they would not date a man who was more than three years younger than them。一项最新调查发现,年龄在35岁以上的女性中有71%的人表示她们不会与比她们小三岁以上的男性约会。Two-thirds of the women told a poll they believed shared values and interests were more important than looks。三分之二的女性认为在择偶方面,共同的价值观和兴趣爱好比相貌更重要。The survey#39;s findings go against the recent publicity surrounding so-called cougars, middle-aged women who date considerably younger men。这一调查结果与近来流行的“熟女”一说似乎并不相符。“熟女”指的是和与比自己年轻很多的男性约会的中年女性。Demi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood are all in relationships with younger men, and the trend has even sparked a hit television series, Cougar Town。黛米·尔、麦当娜和英国艺术家萨姆·泰勒-伍德都有过“弟恋”,这一潮流甚至还催生了一部热门电视连续剧——《熟女镇》。But the research, by dating website matchaffinity.com, found that three-quarters of British women wanted relationships with men their own age。然而,这项由约会网站matchaffinity.com开展的调查发现,四分之三的英国女性希望与和自己年龄相仿的男性发展恋情。Psychologist Dr Cecilia d#39;Felice said: #39;For British women, the key to a successful relationship is finding someone on the same wavelength, a person whom they genuinely resonate with。心理学家塞西莉亚·德·费莉丝士说:“对于英国女性而言,一段成功恋情的关键在于找到志趣相投的人,也就是能够与她们真正产生共鸣的人。;While some couples successfully transcend conventional age barriers, many people find it more satisfying to relate to someone their own age because their experiences and outlook on life are more likely to be similar。;”尽管有些伴侣超越了传统的年龄障碍,但很多人认为找一个与自己年龄相仿的伴侣会更美满,因为这样两个人在人生经历和人生观上都有更多的共同点。“Clearing up after a twenty-something who doesn#39;t know how to use the washing machine, however gorgeous, is not most women#39;s idea of fun。”“不管人长得有多帅,整天要跟在一个连洗衣机都不会用的毛头小伙后面收拾残局,想必不是多数女性希望的生活乐趣。 /201307/247820日本推出能和主人聊天的机器人手机For those who feel a bit lonely just talking on the phone, a Japanese company is offering a cellphone that turns into a robot buddy y to chat.Softbank Mobile Corp.'s new mobile line looks like a small humanoid with attachable arms and legs, with the screen showing various faces.The PhoneBraver will be released in April after a character in an upcoming television drama series entitled "Cellphone Investigator 7."The telephone comes with enough artificial intelligence to learn the user's habits.If the user calls a particular person many times, a text phrase such as "You're calling her often these days, aren't you?" might appear coming out of the face's mouth, according to Softbank Mobile spokesman Katsuhide Furuya.The user could carry on conversations with the phone by responding "yes" or "no" or with other simple replies."We haven't decided on specifics yet on the communication between the user and mobile, but your mobile would grow into a buddy different from others that is unique in the world," he said.The PhoneBraver does not move by itself but can strike a pose with movable joints. The price is not disclosed yet.Japan is known for its fondness for humanoids, which have been put to use as security guards, receptionists and for other functions in a country with a declining birth rate.Japan also has cutthroat competition in mobile telephones, with three main companies constantly trying to find new incentives to snare users.The number of cellphone subscriptions topped 100 million in Japan at the end of December against the nation's total population of 127 million, according to industry data. 觉得一个人打手机有点孤单的人现在不用发愁了,日本一家公司将推出一款能陪主人“聊天”的机器人手机。软银移动公司推出的这款新型手机外形像个小机器人,有胳膊有腿,屏幕上还能显示各种不同的面部表情。这款“PhoneBraver”手机将于四月份面世,它得名于即将播出的电视连续剧《手机调查者7号》中的一个角色。这款手机应用了大量的人工智能,能够了解用户的习惯。据软银移动公司发言人本木诚章介绍,如果用户多次呼叫某一特定对象,“机器人”的嘴里(显示在屏幕上)可能就会冒出“最近你是不是老给她打电话?”此类的话语。用户可以用“是”、“否”或其他一些简单的回答与手机交流。他说:“用户与手机交流的一些细节问题还未确定,但这款手机的与众不同之处在于,它可以成为你的伙伴,这在世界上是独一无二的。”PhoneBraver手机自己不能移动,但由于它的关节可以活动,所以能够摆出各种不同的姿势。目前,这款手机的价格还未公布。日本一直以对机器人情有独钟而闻名。日本的出生率持续下降,机器人已被应用于保安、接待及其他一些岗位。日本手机行业的竞争也很激烈,国内三大运营商为了吸引用户一直在努力寻求新的策略。日本共有1.27亿人口。据业内统计数据显示,截至去年12月底,日本的手机用户数量已超过1亿。 /200803/30366

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