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Hong Kong is the destination of choice for most mainland travelers this Christmas, a new survey has found.Forty-four percent of the 2,000 people polled, all of whom have an annual income of more than 60,000 yuan, said they were planning to visit the region over the festive period.Other popular destinations included Shanghai (10 percent), Sanya in Hainan Province (9 percent), Lijiang in Yunnan Province, Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand and Harbin in Heilongjiang Province.Conducted by the online travel firm ctrip.com, the survey found people were most interested in places with a "strong holiday atmosphere", "good shopping environment" and "excellent hotels and beaches" when choosing a destination for their Christmas getaway.Tang Yibo, director of Ctrip.com's holiday department, said: "Embodying both Eastern and Western cultures, Hong Kong stands out because it has not only a vibrant Christmas atmosphere, but also offers lots of shopping and entertainment facilities, and big discounts at this time of year."The convenience of traveling between the mainland and Hong Kong is also an important factor, Tang said.Lin Kang, deputy general manager of theoutbound tourismdepartment of the China International Travel Service Head Office, said tour packages to Hong Kong are always bestsellers at Christmas.He said the reason was that Chinese do not have much time off work at Christmas and the New Year so they cannot travel too far."When it comes to the week long Spring Festival holiday, destinations like Europe will be more popular," he said.Packages for the Spring Festival are now available, he said, with some of them to Australia and New Zealand aly sold out.Some travel experts have said the high volume of holiday bookings for this year's Spring Festival is due to the cancellation of the May Day holiday. 圣诞在即,一项最新调查显示,香港成为很多内地游客“圣诞游”的首选目的地。此次调查共有两千人参加,他们的年收入均超过6万元人民币。其中44%的调查对象称,他们打算去香港过圣诞。其它一些热门目的地包括上海(10%)、海南的三亚(9%)、云南的丽江、印尼的巴厘岛、泰国的普吉岛和黑龙江的哈尔滨。该项由携程旅行网(www.ctrip.com)开展的调查发现,人们在选择圣诞出游地时,更青睐“节日气氛浓厚”、“购物环境好”、“酒店舒适、有沙滩”的地方。携程旅行网的度假部主任唐一波说:“香港之所以受到青睐,是因为香港是东西方文化的交汇地,那里不仅节日气氛浓厚、购物和设施齐全,还有很多岁末大打折活动。”唐主任说,现在去香港更加方便也是一个重要因素。中国国际旅行社总部出境游部的副总经理林康说,圣诞“香港游”套餐总是很火爆。他说,这主要是因为中国人的圣诞和元旦假期较短,所以不能选择太远的出游地。他说:“春节假期有一周的时间,所以欧洲等较远的出游地更受欢迎。”他说,“春节游”套餐现在可以预订了,一些去澳大利亚和新西兰的度假产品现已售空。一些业内人士称,今年春节的旅游产品预订旺盛主要是因为明年的“五一”黄金周将被取消。 /200803/29702In the southern ed States, snakes can be vibrant and bright. In the North, they tend to be dark and drab. A dark coat may seem a bit depressing. It may, however, help northern snakes soak up heat from the sun more quickly than their southern kin, a teen finds. And a quick solar heating could prove an advantage in colder climes.在美国南部,那里的蛇能够发出响声,而且很颜色鲜艳。在北方,这些蛇会倾向于变成黑色或者浅褐色。黑色的蛇皮或会看起来有点了无生气。但是,一名青少年发现,与南方的同类蛇相比,黑色皮肤能帮助北方的蛇更快地吸收太阳的温度。在较为寒冷的气候下,快速吸收太阳的热量,对蛇比较有利。Gianna Fantell, 15, presented the results of her serpentine research, here, at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.15岁的吉安娜·范泰尔,在英特尔国际科学与工程览会上,展示了自己对蛇纹石的研究结果。Snake fan Gianna Fantell showed that more northerly snakes tend to be darker than those in the South. Darker colors might help snakes soak up the sun’s warmth.吉安娜·范泰尔对蛇非常感兴趣,她发现蛇所处的地点越是往北,它们的颜色比南方的蛇就越深。更深的颜色或许可以帮助蛇更好地获取太阳的温度。The freshman at Colonia High School in New Jersey has loved snakes for most of her life. “I remember I was trick-or-treating, and this woman came out [of her house] with an albino corn snake,” she recalls. Gianna instantly became fascinated with the creatures.新泽西州科洛尼亚高中的一名新生在生活中酷爱蛇。她回忆说“我记得有一次我在万圣节捣蛋,一位女士就拿着一条白色的玉米蛇走出了房间。”吉安娜立马对这一生物产生了浓厚的兴趣。When it came time to design a research project for school, snakes were a natural focus. Flipping through a field guide, she noticed a pattern. “Farther north, the pigmentation of snakes is darker.”当学校需要我设计一个研究项目的时候,蛇自然成了我研究的重点。通过研究一份野外工作指南,她发现一个规律。“越是往北,蛇的颜色越深。” /201605/446326

Researchers at the University of Bristol have found a means of creating a battery capable of generating clean electricity for five millennia.英国布里斯托大学的研究人员日前发现了一种可产生够使用5000年的清洁能源电池的制造方法。Scientists found that by heating graphite blocks - used to house uranium rods in nuclear reactors - much of the radioactive carbon is given off as a gas.这一成果是科学家们通过加热石墨块发现的,这种石墨块是核反应堆中用来嵌入铀棒的,其中放射性碳大部分会变成气体释放出来。This can then be gathered and turned into radioactive diamonds using a high-temperature chemical reaction, in which carbon atoms are left on the surface in small, dark-colored diamond crystals.然后这些碳气体被收集起来,利用高温化学反应,可以转化为放射性金刚石,碳原子以小小的黑色金刚石晶体的形式沉积于表面。These man-made diamonds produce a small electrical charge when placed near a radioactive source.当被置于一个放射源附近的时候,这些人造金刚石能够产生一个小电荷。The radioactive diamonds are then encased safely within a layer of non-radioactive diamond. The surface of a complete diamond emits less radiation than a banana.这些放射性金刚石随后被安全地包裹进一个非放射性金刚石层。因此形成的金刚石电池组表面发出的辐射量比香蕉还低。The Bristol scientists have aly created a working diamond battery from nickel-63, a radioactive isotope more stable than carbon-14, which is prevalent in nuclear waste.布里斯托的科学家们用镍-63制造出有效的金刚石电池。镍-63是另一种放射性同位素,比碳-14还稳定,在核废料中十分普遍。They will create their first carbon-14 batteries in the New Year.在新年的时候,科学家们将制作出第一批碳-14电池。;There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation,; said Tom Scott, Professor in Materials at the University of Bristol Interface Analysis Centre.布里斯托大学界面分析中心材料学教授汤姆·斯科特表示:“这种电池没有活动部件,不排放废气,也不需要维护,就是直接发电。”;By encapsulating radioactive material inside diamonds, we turn a long-term problem of nuclear waste into a nuclear-powered battery and a long-term supply of clean energy.;“通过将放射性材料封入金刚石,我们就把核废料这个长期问题变成了核电池,长期提供清洁能源。” /201612/483477

BEIJING —Fresh from school with a degree in hotel management, Luo Haichao left his hometown and moved to Beijing to look for a bigger paycheck. 北京——从学校毕业不久,拿到了酒店管理学位的雒海超离开家乡,来北京寻找更高的工资。He eventually found one in a different sector: driving cars. 他最终在另一个行业找到了一个工作:当司机。China has created its own local versions of Uber and Lyft, and the ride-hailing business is booming.中国已经有了本国版本的Uber和Lyft,网约车业务正在蓬勃发展。But now Mr Luo — and potentially tens of thousands of other drivers — will have to get off the road.但现在,雒海超将不得不停止工作,还有成千上万的其他司机也可能面临这个前景。Citing safety and other issues, the cities of Beijing and Shanghai said on Wednesday that Chinese ride-hailing companies must stop using out-of-town drivers like Mr Luo and hire only local residents to sit behind the wheel.周三,北京和上海这两个城市以安全和其他问题为由宣布,在国内经营网约车业务的公司必须停止使用像雒海超这样的外地司机,只能雇用当地居民来开车。It makes me feel sad, said Mr Luo, 29, who works for the ride-hailing companies Didi Chuxing and Yidao Yongche and had just spent about ,000 on a new Volkswagen Passat to give his passengers a more reliable ride. 这让我感到难过,29岁的雒海超说,他为网约车公司滴滴出行和易到用车工作,为了让自己的乘客能更可靠地乘车,他刚花25万元买了一辆新的大众帕萨特。Without people who come from the outside, Beijing wouldn’t have developed so fast.没有外地人,北京不会发展得这么快。The new rules could deal a significant blow to Didi Chuxing, China’s ride-hailing giant, and smaller rivals that must now find new — and probably more expensive — drivers in two major markets. 新规则可能会给中国最大的网约车公司滴滴出行及其更小的竞争对手造成重大打击,这些公司现在必须在这两个主要市场寻找新司机,而且也许要付出更高的工资。Didi Chuxing had just defeated Uber in an expensive battle for dominance in the world’s largest ride-hailing market, and it enjoys such a high global profile that it counts Apple and other big names among its investors.滴滴出行为了在这个世界上最大的网约车市场中占据主导地位,刚在一场代价昂贵的竞争中击败了Uber。 滴滴在全球享有如此高的名声,以至于其投资者中有包括苹果(Apple)这样的大牌公司。In a statement, Didi said the rules represented a significant step toward a more sensible and liberal framework, and were less limiting on pricing, cars and driver restrictions than earlier drafts. 滴滴在一份声明中说,这些规则代表了向着宽松和更合理的方向做了修改,在定价、汽车和驾驶员方面的限制比以前草案版本中的要少。A spokeswoman declined to comment on how the Beijing and Shanghai residency requirements for drivers would affect its business.公司发言人对北京和上海有关司机户籍的要求会如何影响公司业务拒绝发表。China’s technology boom has put the country on the innovation map and transformed the lives of many of its nearly 1.4 billion people. 中国技术行业的蓬勃发展已让该国在创新领域占有一席之地,改变了中国近14亿人口中许多人的生活。But even the new parts of the Chinese economy depend in part on the same old fuel that powered the country’s rise for decades: cheap labor from the countryside.但是,即使在中国经济的新领域,也部分地依赖于几十年来驱动经济发展的旧要素:来自农村的廉价劳动力。Those workers — now totaling nearly 280 million, including Mr Luo — leave their farms, villages and smaller cities to seek factory jobs and better lives in the big cities. 这种劳动力目前的总人数已近2.8亿,其中包括雒海超,他们从农场、农村和小城镇走出来,到大城市寻找工厂的工作和更好的生活。Their hands, low wages and willingness to work helped make China the world’s factory floor.他们的劳动、低工资和什么活都愿意干的态度帮助中国成为世界工厂。Increasingly, many of those workers do the grunt work behind China’s internet success stories. 这些工人正越来越多地干着中国互联网成功案例背后的苦活。They drive cars for Didi Chuxing and Yidao Yongche, deliver packages for Alibaba Group and JD.com, and fetch takeout meals for Koubei and Eleme. 他们为滴滴和易到开车,为阿里巴巴和京东(JD.com)投递包裹,也为口碑和饿了么送外卖餐。Without them, China’s thriving e-commerce industry could take a significant hit.没有他们,中国蓬勃发展的电子商务行业可能会受到重大打击。But the new ride-share regulations show that the technology industry in China is coming up against long-held concerns in the country about overcrowding, a widening wealth gap and access to education, health care and other services.但是,新的网约车规则表明,中国的技术行业正面临着人们长期以来的担忧,包括人口过多、贫富差距扩大,以及外来人口获得教育、医疗保健及其他务的问题。At the bottom of the conflict is tension between powerful vested interests and a new rising class, said Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology. 北京理工大学经济学教授胡兴东说:矛盾的根本是强大的既得利益与上升的新兴阶层之间的紧张关系。The political power of China’s taxi services — which see ride-hailing companies as dangerous rivals — presents a particularly strong challenge, he said.他说,中国出租车行业的政治力量是一个尤其强大的挑战,出租车公司把网约车公司视为危险的竞争对手。It is not clear how many drivers would be affected, but the numbers could be significant. 目前还不清楚将有多少司机会受影响,但人数可能会不少。In Shanghai, for instance, fewer than 10,000 of the 410,000 active drivers registered to Didi Chuxing have permanent residency papers, according to Didi. 例如,根据滴滴的数据,在滴滴上海注册的41万名活跃司机中,只有不到1万拥有本地户籍。Also on Wednesday, the southern boomtown of Guangzhou joined cities that had previously instituted less-restrictive residency requirements. 同在周三,南方繁荣城市广州则加入到了户籍要求不那么严格的城市的行列之中。In its statement, Didi said the city of Beijing had given it five months to implement the rules.滴滴在其声明中说,北京市给公司五个月的时间来实施规则。Officials in Beijing did not respond to requests for comment. 北京的官员没有回应置评请求。But they were ed by local news outlets citing safety concerns and a need to track drivers, as in the case a year ago, when a 28-year-old Beijing ride-share driver made headlines when he punched a drunk passenger, breaking an eye socket. 但当地新闻媒体引用官员的话说,主要是出于安全考虑,以及能跟踪司机的需要,比如一年前发生过这样的新闻,北京一名28岁的网约车司机动手打了一名醉酒乘客,将其眼眶打破。The officials were also mentioned as citing local regulations aly in place that require taxi drivers to be residents of the city where they work.新闻报道还提到,官员称现有地方法规已经要求出租车司机在他们工作的城市有户籍。At issue is China’s unique household registration — or hukou — system, which was intended to keep rural workers from flooding into more populous regions. 问题的关键是中国独特的户籍制度,又称户口,其目的是防止外来民工涌入人口更稠密的地区。The larger cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, need a steady influx of people like Mr Luo to function.北京和上海这样的大城市需要有像雒海超这样的源源不断的劳动力。But residents or officials often push back, worried that migrants could swamp schools, hospitals and other services. 但这些城市的居民或官员常常产生反弹,担心农民工可能会让学校、医院和其他务应接不暇。Chinese cities have long struggled with how to square the need for migrant labor with the hukou system, and the country is slowly moving toward making it easier for migrants to establish residency.中国城市长期以来一直未能解决户籍制度与外来劳动力需求之间的矛盾,现在中国正在慢慢地向让外来者更容易得到户口的方向发展。The ride-hailing business poses especially tricky concerns for local governments. 网约车务业给地方政府带来了特别棘手的问题。Taxi drivers, who are required to be local residents, feel threatened and have flexed their political muscle. 出租车司机需要有当地户口,这些司机感觉受到威胁,并开始动用他们的政治力量。In some cities, taxi drivers have gone on strike, sometimes harassing ride-share drivers.有些城市的出租车司机采取了罢工行动,有时还骚扰网约车司机。That has discouraged some ride-share drivers. 这让一些网约车司机感到泄气。There are fewer and fewer rewards, said Wen Zhenjiang, 37, who worked for Didi and Uber in Beijing for nearly two years and is now looking for work driving trucks.37岁的温振江曾在北京为滴滴和Uber工作了近两年,目前正在寻找驾驶卡车的工作,他说,(开网约车)的回报已越来越少。There are other reasons to leave. 也有人因为其他原因离开了网约车行业。Driving full-time often means 14- to 15-hour shifts each day, sometimes overnight if there is strong demand. 全职开车常常意味着每天工作14到15个小时,如果需求特别强劲,有时还需要在夜间工作。Most drivers rent vehicles, but some — like Mr Luo — bought their own after they started to make good money. 大多数司机用租赁车,但也有些人,比如雒海超,在他们开始赚钱后买了自己的车。To save on rent, many share apartments in the suburbs.为了节省房租,许多人在郊区合租公寓。Their employers don’t keep tabs on how often the drivers work or require them to reach driving as. 网约车司机的雇主不管司机工作多长时间,或者对他们有工作的配额要求。However, if they get bad ratings from passengers, they risk losing bonus payments.但是,如果乘客给他们的评分不高的话,他们就有可能失去奖金。Still, the rewards of getting into the ride-hailing business are clear: Mr Luo has occasionally earned about ,350 in a month, or three times more than the average Beijing office worker.尽管如此,从事网约车务者得到的回报很明显:雒海超有时一个月能挣到3万元,比北京一般上班族挣的高三倍多。On Wednesday, online groups devoted to ride-share drivers were filled with messages of anger and disappointment. 周三,以网约车司机为主的在线社区充满了愤怒和失望的帖子。Many said they would return to driving illegal taxis. 许多人说,他们会重返驾驶非法出租车的工作。That will probably make me more money, wrote a driver named Xiaowei. 一个名叫小伟的司机写道,那可能会让我挣到更多的钱。Another, named Canyue, said, Whatever the rule is, I will keep driving as long as I can still tap ‘start a service’ on my app.另一个名叫残月的人说,无论有什么规则,只要我还能在app上点击‘启动务’,我就要继续开车。Mr Luo has a lot at stake. 新规则对雒海超有很大的利害关系。He is married and has an apartment and a mortgage back home in Chengde County in Hebei Province. 他已结婚,在河北省承德县有一套公寓,需要付抵押贷款。His living is a good one for someone with a rural hukou. 他目前的生活对有农村户口的人来说已很不错。He is still making monthly payments equal to about 0 on his car and paying the same amount on his mortgage.他仍在付每月约2000元的车贷和同样数额的房贷。This is unfair to people from outside Beijing, he said.这对北京以外的人不公平,他说。But his days in the business are probably numbered, he said on Wednesday. 但他在周三说,他当网约车司机的日子可能不多了。If it isn’t allowed, I will stop driving, he said. 他说,如果不让我干了,我将不再开车。What can I do? I can’t put all my eggs in one basket.我能干什么呢?我总不能把所有的鸡蛋都放在一个篮子里吧。 /201612/485422

Online banking customers around the world should be on the lookout for scam emails that allow hackers to steal your passwords - and your money.世界各地的网上客户们都得小心了!黑客可以用诈骗电子邮件盗取你的密码——以及你的钱!Phishing emails which claim to be from reputable financial organisations contain hidden software - designed to exploit a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Word.这些钓鱼电子邮件会声称来自信誉良好的金融机构,但是却隐藏有软件--这种软件利用的是微软Word新发现的一个漏洞。Documents opened with the word processing software may trick users into downloading code that allows cyber criminals to infect their computer and capture banking logins.这种Word文档会欺骗用户下载代码,而网络罪犯可以利用这些代码感染用户的电脑,从而获得登录信息。Cyber security firm Proofpoint warned that the exploit was being used to sp the trojan software - called Dridex.网络安全公司Proofpoint日前警告称,该漏洞被用来传播一种被称为“Dridex”的木马软件。Dridex has previously been used to steal online banking passwords globally, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.Dridex曾经就被用于在全球盗窃网上密码,造成全世界范围内数亿美元失窃。During an outbreak of the virus in 2015, the US was most heavily affected according to computer security firm Symantec.据电脑安全公司赛门铁克表示,在2015年该病毒肆虐期间,美国受灾最严重。This was followed by Japan and Germany, with significant numbers of infections also seen in the UK, Canada, Australia, and a number of other European countries.其次是日本和德国,而英国、加拿大、澳大利亚和多个欧洲国家感染者也为数众多。The latest email campaign started in Australia, but experts are warning this could quickly sp to the rest of the world.而此次通过电子邮件传播病毒的事件起于澳大利亚,但是专家警告称,很可能很快就会蔓延到世界其他地区。The exploit targets a previously undiscovered flaw - known in security circles as a #39;zero-day#39; vulnerability - in the software.该漏洞针对的是Word之前一个未发现的缺陷——在安全界被称为“零日”。This allows hackers to insert malicious code into the body of a document - in this case fake RTF files (Rich Text Format) which are actually disguised HTML code.黑客可以利用该漏洞,将恶意代码插入到一个文档中——这样一来,RTF格式的文件实际上是变相的HTML代码。 /201704/504487

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