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石河子市治疗狐臭多少钱图木舒克市去粉刺多少钱 Todd: So, how do people see these movies? I mean are there movie theaters or is it mainly straight to or whats the main way?托德:人们会选择哪种观影方式?他们是去电影院还是直接看视频?哪种是主要方式?Abidemi: Most of it is actually straight to like you said because now internet and computers are everywhere. So a lot of these movies are produced by companies around in big cities and then theyre sold to local sellers. And because buying DVDs is so cheap, anybody can get them. And through ... they put a lot of posters out when a movie comes out, the producers or the movie company, they put a lot of posters out so everyone knows its out. And if its something thats really good, through word of mouth very quickly, everyone knows that, ;Oh my gosh, have you seen this movie, have you seen so and so movie?; One movie that came out maybe six ... this is a little old but this was Jennifer, its what the movie was called, and it hadnt been out say a month or two, the whole country knew about this movie and if you were anybody you had seen it, so things like that. So usually through DVDs you buy one, you like it, you recommend it to your friend. If you dont have it anymore, if its scratched they go buy one and everyone, quickly everyone sees it.阿比德米:大多数人会直接看视频,因为现在网络和计算机非常普及。大城市的电影公司制作的许多电影都会卖给当地的经销商。因为DVD非常便宜,所有人都买得起。在电影出版以后,制作方或者电影公司会发布许多海报,这样所有人都知道电影要发布了。如果这是一部非常棒的电影,那大家就会迅速口口相传,所有人都会知道这部电影,“哦我的天哪,你看这部电影了吗?你看XXXX电影了吗?”一部电影发布后……这部电影可能有点老了,不过《Jennifer》这部电影在发布一两个月以后,整个国家都知道了这部电影,或者人们会互相询问有没有看过这部电影。通常你买DVD之后,如果你喜欢这部电影,你就会推荐给朋友。如果你买的DVD找不到了或是损坏了,那你的朋友就会去买DVD看,这样很快所有人都会看这部电影。Todd: Wow! So word of mouth?托德:哇哦!口口相传?Abidemi: Word of mouth, I would say.阿比德米:对,口口相传。Todd: Awesome.托德:真不错。Abidemi: Yes.阿比德米:对。Todd: So is this movie industry really big for the whole continent or is it just pretty much just, you know, a Nigerian following?托德:那尼日利亚电影业是在整个非洲大陆都受欢迎,还是就尼日利亚是这样?Abidemi: I would actually say, its big for not just Nigerians. There are lots of Nigerians in the diaspora, in England, in America, in other countries so those people they hear about the movies from ing the internet and they watch on the internet or they buy it when they go home to Nigeria. Other countries, I mentioned earlier that a lot of Nigerian artists are collaborating with artists from Ghana and other neighboring countries. So through that too, a lot of Ghanaians watch Nigerian movies and vice versa. There are Jamaicans who watch Nigerian movies because theres an element to it, it just ... at the beginning, you may not like it but the more you watch of them, they becomes ... they grow on you, so to speak, that you just get sucked in, so Ive heard of people they watch and there are so many of them, you could watch one a day for a whole year and not be done because they just keep producing them, producing them, producing them, so they have a huge following all over, mainly West Africa and for Nigerians in other parts of the world they watch them. And Ive heard of some South Africans watching them as well, so probably over the continent. But Nollywood specifically is known all over the world.阿比德米:不仅是在尼日利亚受欢迎。尼日利亚人非常分散,有很多尼日利亚人生活在英国、美国和其他国家,这些人在网上看到尼日利亚电影的消息后,会在网上观看或是回尼日利亚时买DVD看。我之前提到过,尼日利亚艺人和许多国家进行合作,比如他们会和来自加纳和其他邻国的艺人合作。这样一来,就有许多加纳人会观看尼日利亚电影,有很多尼日利亚人观看加纳电影。另外,牙买加人也会看尼日利亚电影,因为尼日利亚的电影有这种特色,一开始你可能不喜欢,但是你看的越多,你就会越感兴趣,可以说你会被吸引,我听说尼日利亚的电影非常多,如果你一天看一部电影,那一整年都看不完,因为他们在不断地制作电影,所以可以说尼日利亚电影在西非很受欢迎,世界其他地区的尼日利亚人也看这些电影。我听说一些南非国家也会看尼日利亚电影,所以可能在整个非洲大陆都受欢迎。奈莱坞在全世界都很出名。Todd: Oh, thats so cool. So can you recommend some movies? I totally want to see them, Im going to be like searching YouTube. I really want to see one.托德:哦,这真酷。你能推荐几部电影吗?我很想看尼日利亚电影,我要去优兔网上搜索一下。我想看。Abidemi: So first time, when you want to get started, I would say Google or check YouTube for Jennifer. Its an interesting movie about a girl that goes from the village, so I think it shows Nigerian history, human relationships and also our values. Its about a girl that goes from the village by chance, shes able to go to a top university and she completely changes. Instead of keeping her family value of humility, she starts chasing rich men and like her friends that she meets in the big city, just to get more money, so she focuses less on her studies and more on getting money. But unfortunately she chases the wrong people, she gets AIDS and that leads to her downfall. So these movies, although theyre very high in entertainment value they also have very good educational lessons or messages behind them too. So I would definitely recommend, Jennifer to start off with.阿比德米:如果你第一次看尼日利亚电影,我建议你在谷歌或优兔网上找《Jennifer》这部电影。这是一部有意思的电影,讲述了一个来自农村的女孩的故事,我认为这部电影展现了尼日利亚的历史、人际关系和价值观。一个来自农村的女孩偶然进入了一所顶级大学,然后她完全改变了。她没有保持她家谦虚的价值观,她开始为了有更多钱而追逐有钱人,就像她在大城市遇到的那些朋友一样,她的注意力不再放在学业上,而是将更多精力放在挣钱上。但是不幸的是,她追错了人,她感染了艾滋病,这最终导致了她的崩溃。这些电影虽然具有非常高的价值,但同时也具备非常好的教育意义。如果你刚接触尼日利亚电影,我一定要推荐你看《Jennifer》。Todd: Oh, Id definitely check it out. Thanks.托德:哦,我一定会看的。谢谢。 译文属 /201702/490736石河子麦格假体隆胸多少钱

乌鲁木齐市第三医院隆鼻多少钱7. A Busy Professor 7.一个繁忙的教授A: Hey, Professor Hill.A:嘿,希尔教授。B: What is it?B:怎么了?A: Ive been having trouble with derivatives.A:我的衍生工具一直有麻烦。B: Thats not good. Theres a test on derivatives next week.B:那不太好。下周有一个对衍生工具的测试。A: I know. Can I make an appointment with you for some help?A:我知道。我能和你预约个时间来获得你的帮助吗?B: Im a busy man.B:我是个很忙的人。A: You didnt even check your schedule yet!A:你甚至没有检查你的时间表!B: I know Im busy, because many people aly made appointments.B:我知道我很忙,因为很多人已经有了预约。A: So Im hopeless?A:那么我是没希望了吗?B: Of course not! Theres the tutoring center.B:当然不是!有辅导中心。A: But the tutors are not professors. Theyre just students.A:但是助教不是教授。他们只是学生。B: They might surprise you. B:他们会令你吃惊的。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/399036 2. Greeting the Neighbor (2) 2.欢迎邻居(2)A: Greetings, neighbor. Hows it going?A:你好,邻居。一切都顺利吗?B: Hello to you! Its going just fine. Welcome to the neighborhood.B:你好!进展很顺利。欢迎来这。A: Thank you. How long have you been living here?A:谢谢你。你在这住了多久了?B: Its going to be my tenth year next month.B:下个月就满10年了。A: Thats quite some time. Where did you move in from?A:那是一段很长的时间。你是从哪搬来的?B: I was living in San Diego before I moved here.B:在我搬来这里以前我住在圣地亚哥。A: Thats interesting. Why did you decide to leave San Diego?A:真有趣。你为什么决定离开圣地亚哥?B: I simply felt that it was time for a change.B:我只是觉得是时候有所改变了。A: I see. Ive had that feeling before.A:我明白了。我以前也曾有这种感觉。B: why are you moving here?B:你为什么搬来这里?A: Because my new job is in the area.A:因为我的新工作在这。B: Well, Ill be seeing you around, my new neighbor.B:好吧,我会来看你的,我的新邻居。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411805乌鲁木齐黑脸娃娃图木舒克市做疤痕修复多少钱



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