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The top Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives says it is now up to President Barack Obama to work with the Senates leader on a plan to avert a year-end crisis that analysts say could plunge the economy into recession.美国国会众议院共和党领袖贝纳议长说,现在取决于奥巴马总统是否与参议院领袖展开合作,研究避免年底出现财政悬崖危机的计划。分析人士说,财政悬崖有可能让美国经济陷入衰退。House Speaker John Boehner issued the statement late Thursday, shortly after House Republican leaders abruptly put off a vote on his proposal that would have let tax rates rise for those earning million or more. Boehner said he did not have enough support to pass the measure, although earlier in the day he had predicted victory.星期四晚间,在众议院共和党领导人突然推迟就议长贝纳提出的税收案进行的表决后不久,贝纳议长发表声明。按照贝纳的方案,收00万美元以上的家庭税率将提高。贝纳说,他没有得到足够的持以通过这一方案。而早些时候他曾预计方案能够得到通过。A vote would have been largely symbolic. Leaders in the Democratic-controlled Senate said Boehners plan had no chance of passing in that chamber.投票表决主要具有的是象征意义。民主党主控的参议院领导人说,贝纳的方案没有任何可能性能够在参议院过关。Also, President Barack Obama, who wants a tax break extended only up to the 0,000 income level, had vowed to veto the measure even if both houses of Congress passed it.而奥巴马总统则誓言,即使参众两院均通过贝纳的方案,他也将否决此方案。奥巴马希望,减税只适用于家庭收入达40万美元以下的人。Senate Democrats have aly passed a bill that raises taxes on income higher than 0,000. They have said this is the plan they want from Boehner in the House.参议院的民主党人已经通过一项议案,将收入高5万美元的家庭税率提高。他们表示,这是他们希望众议院议长贝纳拿出的方案。It is unlikely that there will be any more House action until lawmakers return from their break for the December 25 Christmas holiday.国会议员们将25日开始圣诞节休假。直到他们归来之前,众议院不大可能采取任何其他行动。Earlier in the week, the president said he and Boehner were relatively close to an agreement on a compromise to avert what Washington is calling a ;fiscal cliff; -- 0 billion in mandated spending cuts and tax increases that would affect almost all American workers starting January 1.本星期早些时候,奥巴马总统曾说,他和贝纳已经相对接近达成协议。如果双方无法达成妥协,美国日就要跌入所谓“财政悬崖”,也就是自动削000亿美元的政府开,并使几乎所有工作的美国人都要多缴税。来 /201212/216167A: Welcome to Lincoln Bank. Which service do you require today?欢迎光临Lincoln您今天需要什么务呢?B: Im here to ask about a loan.我来这里询问一下有关贷款的事情A: We have many loans on offer. May I ask what the purpose of the loan is?我们提供多种贷款我能问问您贷款的目的是什么吗?B: I got married not long ago and we are expecting our first child. Id like to buy a car the family.我不久前刚刚结了婚,我们的第一个孩子将要出生我想给家里买辆车A: I see. What you need is one of our Petty Consumer Loans.我明白了您所需要的是一份我们的小额消费贷款B: Could you tell me what the requirements are that, please?请你告诉我申请这种贷款有什么要求,好吗?A: Certainly. It quite simple really. Do you hold a resident permit?当然可以这还真挺简单的你有居住吗?B: Yes, I do. I was born and bred here.是的,我有我是在这儿土生土长的A: That great. Well also need details of your occupation.太好了我们还将需要您的工作的详细情况B: I have all of that with me. Ive also banked here a number of years.我把所有的东西都带来了我而且以经在这里落户好多年了 8第一句:I need to go somewhere.我需要去趙洗手间A: Would you mind I leave a moment? I need to go somewhere.您介意我离开一会儿吗?我需要去趟洗手间B: Go ahead.请便!第二句:I want to wash my hands.我想去趟洗手间A: Excuse me. I want to wash my hands. 对不起,我想去趟洗手间B: As you like.请便!其他表达法:Where can I wash my hands?请问洗手间在哪里? Could you tell me where I can wash my hands?请问洗手间怎么走? 538

宴会费用请你把费用情况也传给我,好吗?A:Yes, I think that a good idea. And could you give me details of costs? I was hoping to pay about ¥ 0 a head. Will that be possible? 好的,这主意不错请你把费用情況也传给我,好吗?我打算每人0元左右,可以吗?B:I think so, sir. Ill fax a proposal to you bee the end of the day. Can you give me your fax number, please, sir? 我想可以,先生,今天下班之前我会把提案传真给您请把传真号码告诉我好吗,先生?同类问句:What the charge? 请问费用是多少?The minimum charge a 0-person dinner party is ,000 Yuan, excluding drinks.0人的宴会最低收费是000元,不包括酒水Then the minimum charge is two hundred and thirty dollars per head, excluding drinks, with a minimum one hundred and fifty people.那么最低消费是每人30元,不包括饮品,最少要有0人Then how do you charge the drinks? 那饮品怎样计算?We either charge the organizer all the drinks ordered or we agree a fixed price with the organizer and let the guests drink freely within the limit. —是喝的瓶数计算,二是我们跟主办者议定一个价钱,客人可以在限额内随意饮用租东西我来预定一下必要的设备和人员A:Were going to have a congress next Monday. Id like to book some facilities and personnel it.我们下星期一要举行一个会议,我来预定一些必要的设备和人员B:No problem, sir. Here is the rate list.没问题,先生这儿有一份价格表同类问句:Yes. We need an auditorium 0 people, a projector and a -camera. 对我们要一间能容纳0人的礼堂、一个投影机和一部摄像机0 people…suggest you to rent a small auditorium, that’ll be enough. 0人的礼堂……我建议您租一间小礼堂,那就足够了 39Former Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiromu Nonaka said he felt sorry for the Chinese people in a recent interview with Chinese media in Japan, criticizing certain politicians in his country for wrong decisions made over the Diaoyu Islands issue.前日本内阁官房长官野中广务最近在接受接受中国媒体采访时说他觉得对不起中国人民,并指责日本某些政客在钓鱼岛问题上做出的错误决定。Nonaka, 87, also former member of House of Representatives and ex-Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, had planned to visit China late September to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Japan. But the trip was forced to put off due to the soaring tensions between the two neighbors over a chain of islands claimed by both in the East China Sea.87岁的野中广务也是前众议院议员和自由民主党前副秘书长,原计划九月下旬访问中国以纪念中日邦交正常0周年。但由于两国在中国东海的钓鱼岛等岛屿的主权问题上不断激化的紧张局势,行程被迫延期。Nonaka, who has long been dedicated to building Sino-Japan friendship and relationship, said the recent row is a pity.野中广务长期以来一直致力于建立中日友好关系,他说近期的争端令人遗憾;As Japanese, I feel disgraced. I feel terribly bad for the Chinese people and I want to express my sincere apologies to them, ;he said in the interview.“作为日本人,我感到羞耻。我觉得非常对不起中国人民,我想向他们表示诚挚的歉意,”他在采访中说道。The senior politician said Japans ;purchase; of parts of the Islands has undermined the two countries mutual trust and consensus which has lasted for several decades.这位政治元老说,日本部分“购买”钓鱼岛的行为破坏了两国已经持续了几十年的互信和共识。He also rapped the Japanese governments improper ways in tackling the recent diplomatic crisis, which ignited the anger of the Chinese public who have staged widesp protests in many Chinese cities this week.他还指责了日本政府在处理最近外交危机中的不当行为,这点燃了中国人民的愤怒,这周他们在中国的许多城市举行了大规模的抗议;The current political parties in Japan do not seem to be working in the interests of Japan and the Japanese people. They do not have the countrys future direction in mind, and havent realized the importance of maintaining friendly relations with neighboring countries. All of these are important missions for Japans young politicians. Unfortunately, they only care about the election and votes. Its very sad, and I feel very disappointed.;“目前日本政党似乎不致力于日本和日本人民的利益。他们没有考虑国家未来的发展,没有意识到与周边国家保持友好关系的重要性。所有这些对于日本年轻的政治家来说都是重要的使命。不幸的是,他们只关心选举和投票,这是非常悲哀的,我感到非常失望。”Compared with his generation, Nonaka said the politicians nowadays always put personal careers first, instead of responsibilities and obligations to the whole nation.与他那一代相比,野中说,现在的政客总是把个人仕途放在第一位,而不是对全国人民的责任和义务。Nonaka stressed Sino-Japan relations are of crucial importance. As for the Diaoyu dispute, he suggested the two sides strengthen dialogue and strive for a proper way to solve the problem.野中强调,中日关系至关重要。至于钓鱼岛争端,他建议双方加强对话,争取以适当的方式解决问题。来 /201209/201179

Gunshots brought chaos to a Mothers Day parade in New Orleans on Sunday, leaving at least 19 people injured, authorities said.美国新奥尔良市周日的母亲节游行发生击事件,场面一度陷入混乱。政府有关部门说,此事导致至9人受伤。The shots, fired from multiple guns, started just before 2 p.m. in the Seventh Ward, north of the French Quarter, said Garry Flot, a public-information officer with the New Orleans Police Department.新奥尔良市警察局公共信息官佛罗特(Garry Flot)说,击发生在周日下午接点的时候,地点在新奥尔良法国角(French Quarter)北部的第七区(Seventh Ward),子弹是从多里发出的。There were no known fatalities and most of the injuries werent life-threatening, said police spokeswoman Remi Braden. Ten men, seven women and two 10-year-olds were injured, authorities said.警方发言人布雷登(Remi Braden)说,尚未听说有人在击事件中身亡,事件的大多数受伤者都没有生命危险。政府有关部门说,有10名男子、七名女子和两名10岁儿童受伤。The event was a second-line parade, a traditional celebration in New Orleans in which people listen to music and dance in the streets.击事件发生时新奥尔良正在举行传统庆祝活动“第二列游行second-line parade),人们在这一庆祝活动中会在街上听音乐和跳舞。It wasnt clear how many shooters were involved or what the motive was.目前不清楚开射击者有多少人,也不知道他们的动机是什么。Three alleged suspects were seen fleeing the scene. Authorities were seeking at least one man spotted running away from the site of the shooting. He was described as African-American, 18 to 22 years old and wearing a white T-shirt and blue-jean shorts─a description that could cover many people at the scene.有三名嫌犯被看到从事发现场逃离。有关部门正在对至少一名被看到从击现场逃离的男子展开搜索。据称他是一名非洲裔美国人,年龄82岁之间,身穿白色T恤衫和蓝色牛仔裤,事发现场有许多人都是这身着装。Mr. Flot said a police presence is required at such events and 10 officers had been working at the parade. No police were hit, he added.佛罗特说,这类游行庆祝活动按要求应有警察在现场维持秩序,游行时有10名警察在现场。他说,没有警察遭到击。来 /201305/239598Key Sentences(重点句子)65. What can I do you,Madam!夫人,您要买什么?653. Id like to buy two boxes of Chinese moon cakes.我想买两盒中国月饼65. We have the Guangdong style and the Suzhou style.我们有广式的和苏式的655. Which do you want?您要哪种?656. Sorry,bananas are out of season now.对不起,现在是香蕉淡季657. Ill take these ten oranges.我就买这个桔子658. ty yuan the moon cakes and seven yuan the oranges.月饼0元桔子是7元659.Thatll be ty seven yuan in all.一共是7元660. Id like to buy some Chinese cakes.我要买些中国糕点661. We have cream birthday cakes,ten yuan each. Do youlike it?我们有奶油生日蛋糕,每只元,您喜欢吗?66. Give me a cream birthday cake and two boxes of famous Chinese cakes.请给我一只奶油生日蛋糕,同时还买两盒中国名点663.The skin of the Cantonese style cake is sweet,soft puffy palatable and filled with heavy stuffing.广式糕点的特点是外面的皮甜,软而松,味美,馅儿多66.The skin of Suzhou style cakes is puffy and filled with fragrant nuts.苏式糕点外面的皮子松、馅儿味芳香665. Will you wrap them up separately.请你给我分开包装666. Anything else?还要什么?667. Nothing more.够了668. Please step in again.请下次再来 5U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking responsibility for a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya last month, saying it is her job to be in charge of security for State Department employees working around the world.美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿为美国驻利比亚领馆上月遭受致命袭击承担责任,并表示驻世界各地美国国务院人员的安全事务属于她的职责范围。Clinton said in television interviews during a visit to Peru Monday that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would not know about specific decisions made by security personnel. 克林顿星期一访问秘鲁期间接受电视采访时说,奥巴马总统和拜登副总统不了解安全人员所做的具体决定。She also said circumstances surrounding attacks like the one on September 11 that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans are not always clear at the time.克林顿还表示,有1号导致美国驻利比亚大使以及其他三名美国人被杀害的袭击情况当时并不清楚。The attack, and the Obama administrations response, have become an issue in the presidential campaign. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has criticized Mr. Obama for not providing more security at the consulate in Benghazi.那次袭击和奥巴马政府对此做出的反应成为总统竞选中的一个议题。共和党总统候选人罗姆尼批评奥巴马没有为美国驻班加西领馆提供更多的安全措施。Clinton said Monday she did not want the attack to be part of a political ;blame game.;克林顿星期一说,她不想让那次袭击成为一场政治责难运动的一部分。来 /201210/204076

Chinas exponential growth over the last decade is admired globally, but could eventually come with a price: social unrest.过去10年里,中国呈几何级数的经济增长让全世界艳羡不已,但这最终可能也会让中国付出一个代价:社会不稳。According to the head of Europes largest aluminum producer Norsk Hydro, Chinas new and still growing middle class is likely to get increasingly frustrated at the restrictions its ruling class impose.Agence France-Presse/Getty Images欧洲最大的铝业生产商挪威海德鲁公司(Norsk Hydro)首席执行长说,对于规模还在壮大的中国新兴中产阶级来说,统治阶层施加的限制很可能会让他们越来越感觉到失望;My concern is the long-term situation in China, when hundreds of millions of people are middle class ─can they accept that the freedom they experience is not of the same degree as in democratic nations in the West?; says Svein Richard Brandtzaeg.布兰采格(Svein Richard Brandtzaeg)说,我担心的是中国的长期形势;当数亿人迈入中产阶级的行列,他们是否能接受这样的事实,即自己所获得的自由在程度上同西方民主国家有所不同;This could increase the temperature of Chinese society, although Im not saying there will be a revolution. But if the government continues to handle its population in the same way, itll find that it is faced with a nation demanding democracy.;布兰采格说,这会让中国社会矛盾加剧,不过我并不是说会爆发革命。但是如果政府继续以同样的方式对待它的人民,它就会发现它所面对的是一个要求民主的国家。China is aly struggling with inflation, Mr. Brandtzaeg says, with Norsk Hydro facing salary increases of 20% a year at its operations there, with the concept of these generous wage hikes backed by the government.中国已经受到通货膨胀的困扰。布兰采格说,海德鲁在中国的工厂面临着每年为其员工加薪20%的压力,而这种大幅提薪的要求也得到了政府的持。While keeping its huge population happy is clearly critical for the country, Mr. Brandtzaeg says that at least one other negative consequence of Chinese growth is aly being seen.很显然,让庞大的人口感到满意对中国来说至关重要。然而布兰采格说,除此之外,至少还有一个由中国经济增长带来的消极后果已经开始显现;Rising costs will influence the appetite for foreign direct investment into China and this investment could start to reverse the other way as a result,; he adds.成本上升将影响外国直接投资进入中国的动力,结果可能导致这类投资开始向相反的方向流动。来 /201202/169751

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