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2018年11月20日 19:38:10 | 作者:度排名快问 | 来源:新华社
Matt Lauer: Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist and / Today contributor and Money Magazine's Jean Chatzky is Today's financial editor. Ladies, good morning to both of you. Both: Good morning, Matt. Matt Lauer: So you, you look at this statistics, you say, Ok, 25 percent of marriages right now, the woman earn, earns more than the man. Great for women, great strides. But if you also look at the fact that in those marriages the divorce rate is higher than in marriages where the man makes more, you realize you have a problem here. Jean Chatzky: You absolutely have a problem. It's making people on both sides of the equation uncomfortable, women just as much as men. Matt Lauer: Men are uncomfortable because cut to the chase, money is power. Gail Saltz: Money is power and money, and power is masculinity. This has so much to do with what your view of it means to be masculine and feminine. It for both, it's very important for both because if you don't feel like your man as masculine, right? Then what does that say about your femininity?Matt Lauer: OK, just wait a second, we understand why the men get freaked out. Just, coz' they've been taught to say I am the provider (Right! ) I am the protector. But why exactly then are the women also (It's guilt.) uneasy with this guilt? Jean Chatzky: It's guilt, it's guilt for leaving the household, going out, out-earning your spouse, depriving him of that masculinity. Gail Saltz: I think it's that exactly that. Depriving him of that... it's, it's imagined women could get to, what am I really guilty about. They think they are robbing their husband/ of his masculinity. Matt Lauer: And at some point, don't they start to question whether their husband's really trying as hard as he should be, and, and is he a slacker in some cases? Gail Saltz: I think that's defensively somewhat to relieve their guilt. Well maybe he's been a slacker, it's not me robbing him a bit. But of course there is a wish to have an equal partner and feel provided for too on the part of the woman. Matt Lauer: Let me get to some of the tips that you both come up with for how to make this work in an inner relationship. Think outside the box and I think what, what you mean there is redefine what it means to the terms: masculine and feminine. Gail Saltz: Very much so. It's that and it's also come look for other ways to make each other feel masculine and feminine. So it doesn't have to be only about money, being power. There is time commitment, there is organization, there is nurturing. What else do you provide in ways you can make each other feel those masculine and feminine roles. Matt Lauer: Control, contribute something else a value to the relationship. Gail Saltz: Exactly. Jean Chatzky: That's right. Matt Lauer: Don't feel guilty. That's the other one. Jean Chatzky: Well, and it's what that guilt makes you do, that's the problem. We've seen with women who out-earn their spouses, they come home and they take on a vast majority of the household chores which causes much more stress in the relationship and they hand their paychecks over , there is a new book out that shows women who out-earn their spouse just give the money to the guys and let them manage. That's no good for anybody. Matt Lauer: So that they can have something that makes them feel masculine again. They, they are running the household finance, so even if they are not bringing in tho(se), that money. Jean Chatzky: Right. Gail Saltz: That's true. And that, and that might not be a bad thing to say . You could manage as long as the woman still knows where the money is and she has access to the money. Matt Lauer: And by the way, you very rarely hear women who make a lot of money talking about the fact they make a lot of money. You hear men talking about that all the time. They avoid the subject, women? Jean Chatzky: Right! We heard in the tape that women talking about the fact that she actually hides this. This, this couple goes out to dinner. She lets him pay the checks so he feels better. Gail Saltz: You know, Matt, what matters so much is the roles of your family-of-origin. So a woman might not feel comfortable talking about the money she's making if her mother never would have done that and that wasn't the dynamic at home. Matt Lauer: By the way, this subject gets very complicated when the wife becomes pregnant. And the baby arrives, now what about the maternity leave. If the wife is the, is the primary bwinner, how comfortable is she gonna be even considering being a stay-at-home mom? Jean Chatzky: Right and because you have to run the numbers in advance and you have to really explore the options. And we are not talking about the good point of this which is that this gives the family overall some additional flexibility (Options. ) to figure out who should be working out which point and if your lines of communication/ are open, then you can really use these to your advantage. Matt Lauer: But again, more of these marriages end in divorce than traditional types of marriages, so there are clearly some issues to be dealt with. Gail and Jean, thanks very much. Jean Chatzky: Sure.200808/46526Obama Claims Victory in US Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Race奥巴马宣布获提名初选历史性胜利  Barack Obama claimed the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Tuesday, after winning a majority of delegates to the party's nominating convention, which will be held in August. Obama claimed victory as the primary election season came to an end, with contests in Montana and South Dakota. 美国联邦参议员奥巴马星期二宣布他本人获得民主党总统候选人资格。此前他赢得了该党8月即将召开的提名党代会中超过半数代表的持。奥巴马宣布胜利是在蒙塔那州和南达科他州这最后两个州初选结束之际,也标志着全国初选季节的结束。Even before the Montana polls had closed, the Illinois senator had gained a clear majority of delegates to the nominating convention as, one by one, uncommitted super delegates - party officials and elected leaders - moved over to his column. 甚至在蒙塔那州的投票站还没有关闭的时候,奥巴马这位来自伊利诺伊州的参议员已经明显地获得了为提名举行的党代表大会中超过半数代表的持。超级代表们,也就是民主党内的官员和民选官员一个又一个地表态持奥巴马。He spoke to supporters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the site of the Republican Party's September convention. 明尼苏达州的圣保罗是共和党9月即将召开党代会的地点,奥巴马在这里对持者讲话时说:"Tonight, we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another, a journey that will bring a new and better day to America," he said. "Because of you, tonight I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for the president of the ed States of America." “今晚,我们结束了一个历史性的旅程,同时我们进入了一个崭新的,将给美国带来一个全新的、更好的日子的旅程。因为有了你们,今晚我可以站在这里说,我将荣幸地成为民主党推选的美国总统候选人。”The 46-year-old first-term senator is the first African American to become the presumptive presidential nominee of a major American party. He fought a bruising campaign against New York Senator Hillary Clinton, through more than 50 primaries and caucuses in U.S. states and territories.  奥巴马现年46岁,他目前担任一生中的第一任参议员。他是第一个预计获得美国主要政党提名为总统候选人的非洲裔美国人。他和来自纽约州的参议员希拉里.克林顿进行了惨烈的竞争,经过了美国各地50个州的党内初选和基层党团选举的磨炼。Senator Clinton, addressing her supporters in New York, did not concede the race. 克林顿参议员在纽约对她的持者说,她在这次竞选中还没有认输。"Now, the question is, where do we go from here? And, given how far we've come and where we need to go as a party, it's a question I don't take lightly," she said. "This has been a long campaign and I will be making no decisions tonight." 她说:“现在的问题是,我们向哪里迈进?作为一个 政党来说,走过这么长的路程以后应该向什么方向前进,我不会轻率处理这个问题。这是一场漫长的竞选,今晚我还不会作出决定。”She says she will consult with supporters and party officials before making her decision.  克林顿说她将咨询持者和党内官员,然后再做决定。There have been harsh words exchanged during the campaign, but Senator Clinton said she was honored to compete against Barack Obama and to call him friend. 在竞选过程中,出现过唇舌剑式的交锋,但是克林顿参议员表示,她很荣幸和奥巴马竞争,也很荣幸地称他为朋友。Senator Obama also had praise for his rival. 奥巴马参议员也赞扬了他的对手。"When we transform our energy policy and lift our children out of poverty, it will be because she worked to help make it happen," he said. "Our party and our country are better off because of her and I am a better candidate for having had the honor to compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton." 他说:“当我们辩论能源政策,探讨解除儿童贫困的议题时,都是因为克林顿的努力才就这些议题进行了讨论。我们的党和我们的国家因为有了她而更出色,我因为有幸和希拉里.克林顿参议员竞争,才得以成为一个更好的候选人。”Each candidate has earned impressive primary and caucus wins in a hard-fought campaign season, and to the end both candidates scored victories. Obama won Tuesday in Montana and Clinton took South Dakota. Some Democrats are hoping for a so-called "dream ticket" that would pair the two, with Obama as presidential nominee and Clinton as vice-presidential running mate. 在激烈的竞选季节当中, 双方在初选和基层党团选举中都获得了令人印象深刻的成绩,初选结束的时候,双方都获得了胜利。星期二奥巴马赢得了蒙塔那州,克林顿则在南达科他州取胜。一些民主党人希望形成一个梦幻组合,让奥巴马和克林顿成为竞选搭档,奥巴马作为总统候选人,克林顿作为副总统候选人。The presumed Republican candidate, Arizona Senator John McCain, set his sights on the general election in remarks to his supporters Tuesday in Louisiana. Noting that Obama has campaigned on the theme of change, McCain said Americans are distressed with many changes they now see, from high energy and food prices to job losses.  共和党预期推选的总统候选人、来自亚利桑纳州的麦凯恩参议员星期二在路易斯安纳州对持者的演说中,将目光放在了总统大选上面。麦凯恩说,奥巴马竞选以改变为主题,不过,美国人已经被他们经历的很多变化搞得烦恼不堪,从能源和食品价格的攀升,到失业不断地增长。"This is indeed a change election. No matter who wins this election, the direction of this country is going to change dramatically," he said. "But the choice is between the right change and the wrong change, between going forward and going backward." 他说:“这次选举的确是变化的选举。不论谁赢得大选,这个国家的方向都会发生明显变化。但是这里有正确和错误的变化,有前进和倒退的变化。”McCain promised sweeping reform of government if he is elected. 麦凯恩承诺,如果当选总统,他将对政府进行全面改革。200806/41195Tom is looking for some his old work but…汤姆正在帮我找一些他曾经做过的项目,但是……Really? ! To be honest, this isn’t Tom’s speciality.是吗?!不过说实话,那可不是汤姆的专长啊。At a time like this I would ask Denise.这种问题我一般都会问丹尼斯。Denise! ? -Yes… she may only be the office assistant but she always has words of wisdom.丹尼斯?-是啊……虽然她只是办公室助理,但有时候她说的话还挺有道理。Right… custard creams or chocolate digestives? What?对了……来点蛋奶巧克力或全麦饼干?什么?Biscuits? Oh… custard creams please.点心?蛋奶饼干吧。Err, Denise, I know you’re busy but could you spare a few minutes of your time please?丹尼斯,我知道你很忙,不过能打扰你几分钟时间吗?Of course Anna, always happy to help you.好啊,安娜,需要帮忙随时找我好了,我很乐意。Well you know the stock management control system?你知道库存管理控制系统吗?The one you’ve now got to work out… well done for getting that!你正在负责的那个嘛……恭喜你得到这个机会!Thanks. It was OK writing it down for Paul but how do I put it in to practice?谢谢。让我给保罗写点建议是没问题,但是我该怎么把它们付诸实践呢?There’s just too much to do!有太多事情要做了!Calm down Anna. You’ll be fine.冷静,安娜。你没问题的。The first thing you need to do is to look at our current system.首先,你要做的第一件事情就是先去看看我们现有的管理系统。Look at our current system. How do I do that?看看我们现在的系统。我该怎么做?Easy! Just take the lift down to the warehouse and speak to Mr Ingle and then write down what you find很容易啊!坐电梯下去到仓库,和英格尔先生聊聊然后写下你了解到的东西,and draw up an action plan of tasks you need to do – like a shopping list – I’m very good at those.再写一份你需要执行的行动计划,就像写购物清单那样,这个我可是很在行。Go and see Mr Ingle? Oh do I have to.去找英格尔先生?天啊,我真的要去吗。He’s ok really Anna.他人不错,安娜。If you approach him in the right way he won’t bite your head off!只要你跟他谈话的方式没错,他是不会无故冲你发火的! /201702/483867India Launches Multiple Satellites Into Space印度宇航技术飞跃一次发射十卫星   India has launched a record number of satellites into space in a single mission. The launch marks a milestone for the country's space program. India wants to emerge as a major player in the global commercial satellite launch market. 印度仅仅通过一次发射行动就发射了创记录数量的卫星。这次发射标志著印度航空计划的一个新的里程碑。印度希望在全球商业卫星的发射市场上成为一个主要的竞争对手。A rocket belonging to India's space agency lifted off from the Sriharikota space station in Andhra Pradesh early Monday, putting a cluster of ten satellites into earth orbit within minutes. 星期一早上,印度宇航局的一枚火箭从安得拉邦的斯里赫里戈达航天发射场发射升空,在几分钟之内把搭载的十颗卫星送入地球运行轨道。Two of the satellites belong to India. These include a mini satellite, and a remote sensing satellite fitted with a high resolution camera for recording images from space. 其中两颗卫星是印度制造的,一颗是微型卫星,另一颗是遥感卫星,它装有高精度摄像机,负责从太空拍摄图像。The data from the remote sensing satellite will be used to map infrastructure and natural resources in the country, and will assist planners in the country.  这颗遥感卫星采集的数据将用来绘制印度基础设施和自然资源的分布图,同时协助策划者工作。The eight other satellites launched are small ones built by research institutions from Europe, Canada and Japan.  其它8颗卫星来自由欧洲、加拿大和日本研究机构研制的小型卫星。The head of the space agency, G. Madhavan Nair, said the mission was successful. 印度航空研究机构的负责人奈尔说,发射使命很成功。"We could not detect even the slightest deviation from the designated trajectory, so that shows the mission was perfect, and spacecrafts were delivered on the dot," Nair said. 他说:“我们在预定的轨道中连最微小的偏差都查不出来,这说明发射使命完美无缺,发射的卫星也都各就各位。”Indian news reports said Monday's launch of ten satellites broke the previous record of eight satellites put into space by a Russian rocket. 印度新闻机构报导说,印度星期一发射十颗卫星,打破了俄罗斯先前保持的一项记录。Indian experts say the launch of a number of satellites in one go demonstrates that the country's space program has made technological advances and can handle multiple payloads.  俄罗斯的一枚火箭曾经搭载八颗卫星升空。印度专家表示,仅通过一次发射使命就把多颗卫星发射升空,显示出印度的太空计划在技术上有了长足进步,而且可以应付多酬载问题。India wants to win a slice of the global commercial satellite launch market, estimated to be worth billions of dollars. So far that market is controlled by countries like the ed States, Russia and China and the European Space Agency. 印度希望在价值约上百亿美元的全球商业卫星发射市场上获取一个份额。迄今为止,这个市场被象美国、俄罗斯和中国这样的国家以及欧洲宇航局所控制。The Indian Space Agency says its satellite launch services are much cheaper than those offered by other space agencies.  印度宇航局表示,它比其它宇航局提供的卫星发射务更加便宜。Last year, India put an Italian satellite in space for a fee of million. Earlier this year, it launched an Israeli spy satellite. 去年,印度以一千一百万美元的价格把一颗意大利卫星送入太空,今年早些时候,它又发射了一颗以色列监测卫星。India's next big leap in space exploration will come later this year, when it plans to launch a lunar mission. 印度计划在今年晚些时候开始对月球的探测使命,从而在太空探索方面迈出一个大的飞跃。200804/36952

探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 8I can see the muscles that make up my face, my skull, and my own brain. So, now I can take you on that journey into my ear in a way that’s never been possible before. This time we can fly straight through my eardrum. We're inside my head and at last I can show you what we’ve come here to see. On the right, it’s my eardrum again, but now we’re looking at it from the back. And attached to the middle of it is what I want to show you. It’s a bone. Though it’s towering above us, it’s actually tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. It’s the first in a chain of three bones which transfer the vibrations of my eardrum to receptors in my cochlea. They are the smallest bones in my body and they are perfectly engineered to perform their task, yet these bones will reveal how evolution has transformed us because they were once something completely different. Let me take you back even before birth, and the bones will tell us their story: a fetus in the womb, just 12 weeks old and it’s only a few centimeters long, it would fit in an eggcup.---Deep inside its head, its ear bones are forming. Now let’s look at younger and younger fetuses: 8 weeks, 7 weeks, 6 weeks. We are actually witnessing something amazing because at certain times in this early development our human embryo betrays the shapes of the embryos of some of our distant prehuman ancestors. In other words, what we are looking at now is like the embryo of a creature we evolved from millions of years ago. It’s just as if we are journeying back in time virtually rewinding evolution to show episodes in the history of life. ---If we use the magnetic scanner, incredible details are revealed. We can see right through the skin of the brain and the spinal cord beginning to form, and the beginnings of an eye behind the emerging hand. Like some of the creatures that preceded us on the evolutionary tree, it has a curved spine and what might be a tail. And those amazing ear bones we saw earlier are taking shape on the outside of the head. The cells that will make them are located here, tiny grooves almost hidden behind that hand.words and expressionstower:tower vi.(常与above, up连用)高耸;屹立cochlea:A spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing.耳蜗:内耳的螺旋形内腔,像蜗壳,有主要用于听的神经末梢fetus: In human beings, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth, as distinguished from the earlier embryo.胎儿:人类从开始怀的第八个星期到出生这一期间的有别于更早期的胚胎的幼儿spinal cord :The thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue that extends from the medulla oblongata down through the spinal column and from which the spinal nerves branch off to various parts of the body.脊髓:从延髓开始沿脊柱延伸的粘稠、白色、索状的神经组织,由脊髓开始脊椎神经分叉伸向身体各个部位200707/16008

"Across the battlefield, I saw the bodies of Jamuqa's(扎木和) men lying together like felled logs in the forest." Following the defeat, Jamuqa fled into the mountains of Tannu(唐努). He hid throughout the winter of 1204. In the spring, he reappeared, escorted by two of his own generals who thought they knew where their best interests lay. They delivered Jamuqa to Temujin(铁木真). "The generals expected a reward for betraying their leader and delivering him into the hands of his enemy. And I saw they got their reward."felled: chopped down (about a tree)200809/49720

to jerk someone around ------ 愚弄(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) To deceive, thwart, or take unfair advantage of someone例句When I arrived at my hotel, the dishonest hotel manager tried to jerk me around by saying that my reservation had been lost and I would have to purchase a more expensive room.当我到达酒店后,阴险的酒店经理想愚弄我,说丢失了我的预订信息,我必须买一间更贵的客房。 /201611/471242

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