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Loving Yourself Unconditionally全心全意爱自己Welcome to Faith Radio Online—Simply to Relax, Im Faith. Here is our latest program, a humble eft offered to you in the hopes that youll find something here that is worth your while, something that moves or inspires or motivates you in very positive ways. 欢迎收听Faith轻松电台,我是Faith这里是我们最新的一期节目,希望你能在这里找到有价值,并能以积极的方式感动你,或启发或激励你的东西It not easy... loving yourself unconditionally, because weve learned to judge ourselves... 全心全意爱自己,这并不容易,因为我们对自己总是很挑剔We seem to be driven to find what we perceive as ;the missing piece; in our lives as if we are flawed, or not good enough. Somehow enough never seems like enough and we live our lives in a constant and never ending search which leaves us exhausted. 我们就像被驱使着要去寻找我们生活中“缺失的那部分”,似乎我们总有一些缺陷,或者总是做得不够好然而,足够永远不会真正地足够,我们一直在不停地索取苛求,于是令我们自己身心疲惫不堪What we get are the sweet moments of being present with ourselves like we are when watching a sunset. 我们忘却了那些当我们与心灵交汇时的美好时光,比如说当我们观望着日落时的那份美丽和宁静This is Faith at Faith Radio Online—Simply to Relax. Today, Im inviting you to take time to be present within yourself, dwell in your heart space, and give yourself a well deserved break from striving and struggling... 您正在收听到的是Faith轻松电台,我是Faith现在我要邀请你抽些时间和你自己独处,回到你内心深处的那片宁静,从日常的纷繁琐中摆脱出来好好放松一下Just be in the present moment and allow yourself to stop searching more and to notice how much you aly have inside. 沉静在现在这个时刻,让自己停止索求更多,只是关注于你内心的丰富Everyday were preoccupied with obligations and responsibilities under great pre ssures from others and from ourselves, and what we truly ignore or get are ourselves. From today on, let start to love ourselves, unconditionally!每天我们被责任与义务包围着,并承受着来自别人和自己众多的压力,而我们真正忽视或忘记的却是我们自己从今天开始,让我们去全心全意地爱自己 95Lorraine: Hi, this is a surprise. To what do I owe this pleasure?洛林:嗨,好意外啊什么风把你给吹来了?Terrance: Can’t I just drop in on my little sister unannounced to see how she is? I was just in this neck of the woods and thought I would pay you a visit.特伦斯:我顺便看看我的过得怎么样,不行吗?我就住在这附近,我应该来看看你Lorraine: Sure you were. Of course, I’m glad to see you, but this is just a little out of the blue.洛林:你当然可以来当然了,我也很高兴见到你,只是有点意外罢了Terrance: What do you mean?特伦斯:你什么意思?Lorraine: I haven’t seen you in over five months, and you just happened to be in the neighborhood?洛林:我五个多月没见过你了,你真地就住在我附近吗?Terrance: Well, I wasn’t exactly in the neighborhood, but I wanted to see my favorite sister.特伦斯:是这样,我并不是就住在这儿,但我想看看我最亲爱的Lorraine: Your only sister. Okay, out with it. What are you doing here?洛林:还是你唯一的好吧,说吧你来这里做什么?Terrance: Uh, well, I was thinking of taking a year off from school to pursue my art. I really feel I need to devote some time to my painting to see if I can make it as an artist.特伦斯:嗯,是这样,我想休学一年,然后专心追求我的艺术我觉得我真地需要花一些时间在我的绘画上了,看看我到底是否可以成为一个艺术家Lorraine: Mom and Dad are not going to like that.洛林:爸爸和妈妈不会同意的Terrance: I know and that’s where you come in.特伦斯:我知道,所以来这儿找你出马Lorraine: You want me to run interference you with Mom and Dad.洛林:你想让我替你在爸爸妈妈面前说话Terrance: Yeah, they would take it a lot better coming from you, don’t you think?特伦斯:是的,你说的话他们比较爱听,不是吗?Lorraine: No, I don’t.洛林:不,我不这么认为Terrance: You’ve always been the responsible one...I’m just saying...特伦斯:你一直是个负责的人啊……我的意思是……Lorraine: And I’m just saying that I’m not going to do your dirty work you!洛林:我的意思是,我不会替你做这个苦差事! 7365Patrick: Hey, congratulations! I just heard that you're expecting. How far along are you?Cindy: Thanks. I'm four and a half months pregnant. It feels like it! I feel huge.Patrick: You don't look it. I bet Carlos is excited. Do you know yet if it's a boy or a girl?Cindy: No, we don#818;Auml;ocirc;t. Not yet. We should be able to find out at my next ultrasound. I don't care what sex the baby is as long as it's healthy. Carlos is really excited about the baby. He has been going with me to every prenatal appointment and we'll be taking a Lamaze class together soon.Patrick: How was your first trimester? When my wife had our daughter, she had a lot of morning sickness . Cindy: Oh, it was horrible! I was nauseous all the time, but I'm better now. Did your wife have a natural delivery or a cesarean ? Patrick: She had a natural delivery, but she was in labor hours! I was in the delivery room the entire time and wish I had an epidural, too.Cindy: Twelve hours! I can't imagine doing that. Patrick: Don't think about it. I'm sure you'll have an easy delivery. Let me know when the baby shower will be.Cindy: Thanks. I will. 背景链接: 6

Lunchtime in the garden 8

Three Little Pigs 8965Jasinda: Was that your friend Mitch? Thomas: Yeah, he and I had lunch today to talk about some business opporties. Jasinda: What line of work is he in? Thomas: Well, I guess you could say he’s in the importexport business. Jasinda: Hmm…Why are you being so shifty? Isn’t his business on the up and up? He doesn’t deal in the black market, does he? Thomas: Let’s just say that he takes full advantage of a free market and there’s nothing wrong with the gray market. Jasinda: You’re not telling me he deals in stolen goods, are you? Thomas: No, no, nothing like that. Don’t be so naive. There is an entire underground economy in this country, which serves an important purpose. It gets people what they want. Jasinda: Is he a smuggler? Does he deal in counterfeit or pirated goods? Is that it? Thomas: I’m not saying another word. Jasinda: You did say that you were having lunch to talk about business opporties. You’re not thinking of going into business with him, are you? Thomas: It was just talk. Nothing is set in stone – yet. 938

me, things never go very smoothly at my local post office. I've learned that if you want to mail a letter, you'll have no problems. But if things get more complicated than that, well, watch out! Yesterday I went there to mail a small package and to pick up a book of stamps. I waited my turn in line, and when I get up to the window, the clerk asks me, "What can I do you?" "Well," I said, "I need a book#818;Auml;icirc;no, make that a roll of stamps. And I need to send this package priority to San Francisco." "You want insurance with that?" he asked me. "Uh, I don't know, what do you recommend?" "Well," he said, "you can send it priority with tracking if you want to see when it gets there, you can send it insured if the contents are valuable, or you can do both." "Okay, I'll take the insurance." "Then step aside to fill out the insurance m," he said, "and bring it back up to me when you're finished." With that, I was waved aside to fill out my m. "Next in line!" the clerk called. When I finished filling out the m, I waited patiently until the gentleman being waited on in front of me was finished, and then stepped back up to the window. "Sorry," the clerk said, "I'm on break now. She can help you at the next window." Maybe it would be quicker just to drive my package to San Francisco.Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 01969Dinosaurs 31

6 From Place to Place[00:.88]Part I Warming up[00:.75]A:key words:[00:.1]call fight passenger[00:.6]depart board[00:6.93]Vocabulary:[00:3.39]depart board due[00:39.]shuttle check in[00:.]Albania Frankfurt Karachi Edinburgh[00:53.58]Nairobi Madrid Hamburg[01:00.63]Muscat Kuala Lumpur Dublin[01:.7]Here are some announcements broadcast at some airports.[01:.83]Listen carefully to each announcement[01:.96]and pay special attention to flight numbers,[01:1.68]departure times and boarding gate numbers.[01:6.86]Write them in the correct spaces.[:.3]B:key words:[:9.60]chief steward buffet car on sale[:57.5]Vocabulary:[:01.90]steward buffet toast[:.98]ham cress licensed[:.93]Here is an announcement made by the Chief Steward about the buffet car on a train.[:3.]Listen carefully and write a check()next to the things you can buy in the buffet car.[:.55]Part II[:1.73]Villa Rentals[:6.88]Key words:[:31.7]Villa Rentals holiday villa bedroom bathroom[:1.19]kitchen sitting-room terrace car[:50.] rent fishing village[:57.31]Vocabulary:[:.77]villa facilities terrace grand[:.70]inclusive advert whereabouts[:1.73]convertible divan agency[:.58]Naples Metro Renault d Fiesta[:37.93]the Mediterranean Minorca Gatwick[:5.30]A:In this part you are going to hear two telephone conversations[:53.]between a travel agent and two different customers[:58.1]who want to rent holiday homes.[:.5]Listen carefully and complete the following chart with key words[:.1]according to the inmation you hear on the tape.[:.99]B:Now listen again.[:.]Decide which two of the pictures of holiday homes the travel agent is talking about.[:.]Give reasons your choice. 7768

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