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  • In 2004 on the island of St Kitts2004年 在圣基茨岛上people noticed monkeys coming in from the surrounding jungle人们发现旁边丛林里的猴子and stealing cocktails.会来偷鸡尾酒Monkeys wouldve been used to consuming low levels of alcohol猴子食用当地成熟的甘蔗through eating the local ripe sugar cane.因而能够适应少量酒精But now they are onto the distilled stuff.但是现在它们喝的是蒸馏酒And some of them were getting drunk.其中有些猴子喝醉了In the Washington Animal Research Centre在华盛顿动物研究中心scientists like Dr Barr were intrigued.像巴尔士这样科学家对此兴趣甚浓She wanted to find out if there are behavioural traits她想探究人和动物在喝醉后that both monkeys and humans share once they have drunk alcohol.有没有相似的行为特性So they must really want it它们肯定很想喝because its got to be to some extent risky for them to be doing this.否则它们不会冒那么大风险去偷酒You really have to hold onto your drink!你只能拿紧自己的酒杯You really do have to hold onto your drink.不然它们就会偷喝你的酒Look at that! Thats frenzied drinking isnt it?快看 喝得真疯狂啊There can be some competition.还会出现争酒杯的情况Back off from the Mai Tai!别碰我的迈泰酒201506/382408。
  • North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his country’s military to be y to use nuclear weapons at ‘any time’ according the the communist state’s news agency.根据共产主义国家新闻机构,朝鲜领导人金正恩下令国家军队随时准备使用核武器。Kim is reported to have supervised an exercise involving newly developed multiple rocket launchers.据报道,金正恩监督演习,涉及新开发的多管火箭发射器。The KCNA news agency on its website reported that Kim has told his military leaders to update their posture to a iness to launch pre-emptive strikes, claiming that “enemies are threatening the state’s survival.”朝鲜中央通讯社在其网站报道,金正恩告诉军队领导人准备发动先发制人的打击,称“敌人正在威胁国家的生存”。According to the South Korean government the North fired six short-range weapons into the sea on Thursday from Wonsan on the eastern coast. A spokesman said they were unsure if they were rockets or guided missiles据韩国政府,周四朝鲜在东海岸从元山向海域发射了六枚短程武器。一位发言人表示他们不确定是火箭还是制导导弹。This latest development comes after the ed Nations imposed tough new sanctions on North Korea over a recent nuclear test and missile launch.最新的进展是在联合国对朝鲜实施严厉的新制裁后,因其最近进行核试验和导弹发射。The US Defense Department responded to Kim’s nuclear iness order by saying that Pyongyang should refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions.美国国防部回应金正恩核准备就绪,称平壤应该避免加剧紧张局势的挑衅行为。A Pentagon spokesman said the situation on the Korean peninsula is being closely monitored in coordination with regional allies. He added that North Korea should be focusing on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments.五角大厦发言人称,正与地区盟友协作密切监控朝鲜半岛局势。他补充道,朝鲜应该致力于履行国际义务和承诺。译文属。 /201603/429499。
  • 栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201510/400360。
  • So now is a good time to be alive, I think.我认为,现在是个适合生存的好阶段We may only be an advanced breed of monkey我们或许不过是这颗小小行星上living on a small planet,较为高等的猿类but we are able to contemplate the universe as a whole但能够对宇宙整体的思索 which makes us very special.让我们变得与众不同My goal has always been simple.我的目标总是很简单To work out how the universe works and how it exists at all.探索宇宙如何运行,以及它究竟是如何产生的Luckily there are clues everywhere幸运的是,指向的线索众多and the most important one is right above our heads.其中最重要的一个线索就我们的头顶上方Examine any patch of the night sky.仔细观察每一片夜空Even one as small as the head of a pin and this is what you will find.即便是看似针尖大小,你也会有所收获A tiny part of the vast web of galaxies.这只是星系巨网中的一小部分Its less than a millionth of what we can see of the cosmos from our little planet.还不到能从地球上看到的宇宙的百万分之一But even this tiny sample is enough to find a clue,即便如此微小的样本也足以找出一条线索the key to the past, the present, and perhaps the future too.一个了解过去,现在,甚至是未来的关键The clue is that seen from earth,即从地球望向太空all these distant galaxies are slightly red in color.所有遥远的星系都微泛红光They appear almost as if它们的样子与我们透过玫瑰色镜片we were looking through rose-tinted glasses.看物体时非常相似Its this very redness that reveals就是这样的红色向我们揭示了how the universe was born.宇宙是如何诞生的And to show you why,为究其原理I need a straight road and a noisy car.我需要笔直的公路和噪音很大的汽车Listen to the sound as it passes by.请听汽车经过时的声音As the car approaches, the pitch of its engine rises.随着汽车的接近,引擎音调升高As it goes away, the pitch of its engine falls.随着汽车的离开,引擎音调则降低This phenomenon is called a Doppler Shift.这种现象叫做多普勒频移And the exact same thing happens with light.这也同样适用于光If our eyes were most sensitive to color如果肉眼对颜色非常敏感we could see that the car人们便可以看到is actually very slightly blue as it approaches,汽车接近时,实际呈微蓝色and very slightly red as it goes away.而离开时,则呈微红色The same rules apply in space.太空中的一切也同样遵循此规则All distant galaxies are slightly red in color所有遥远的星系,看上去都是红色的So by the exact same piece of basic physics根据这一基本物理规则they must all be moving away too.它们肯定也都在渐行渐远In fact, the whole universe is expanding事实上,整个宇宙都在膨胀in all directions, getting bigger and bigger向着四面八方,越来越大like a balloon inflating.就像一个充气气球201508/393701。
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