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广州白云无痛人流手术费天河体检比较好广州宫外孕费用多少钱 3 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth为了牙齿健康,不应该吃的三种食物It is said that you are what you eat. This means that the food or drink intake plays a significant role in achieving healthy teeth and overall health. When eating, your teeth and gums are greatly impacted because you are not only feeding your body, but also the bacteria responsible in developing plaque or stains on your teeth.有人说,吃什么就是什么。这就是说你所摄入的食物和饮料对你的牙齿健康和整体健康扮演着十分重要的角色。吃东西的时候,你的牙齿和牙龈会受到很大的影响,因为你不仅在为自己的身体提供营养,同时也会滋养导致牙齿斑块和污渍的细菌。Plaque buildup may cover the entire surfaces of your teeth. The enamel of your teeth will deteriorate when starches or sugar mixed with the plaque, thus results to acid formation.斑块的积累可能会覆盖住牙齿的整个表面。当淀粉与糖混合到斑块中,牙釉质会恶化,从而导致酸的形成。Aside from the possibility of tooth decay, there are other dental issues that may occur such as breaking down of the gums and other structure of the teeth. To get healthy teeth, the best thing to do is to avoid the harmful foods that can ruin your dental structures.除了蛀牙的可能性,还有可能出现其它的牙齿问题,例如:牙龈和牙齿其它构造的损坏。为了使牙齿健康,最应该做的就是避免有损牙齿结构的有害食物。1. Sodas (and diet sodas)1. 苏打水(和无糖汽水)There is a valid reason why you should avoid drinks that contain soda. The sugary soft drink can satisfy your craving for something sweet, but the truth is that it can damage your dental health.对于为什么你应该避免含有苏打的饮料这一问题是有充分理由的。含糖软饮料可以满足你对甜食的渴望,但事实上,它有损牙齿健康。Likewise, the intense flavor of sodas can confuse your body to the natural sweet of fruits. Since sodas contain artificial sweeteners, it does not only cause tooth decay, but also encourages weight gain.同样的,苏打水的强烈味道能够迷惑你的身体,认为这是水果的自然甜味。既然苏打水含有人造甜味剂,它不仅会引起蛀牙,还会使你增重。2. Alcohol2. 酒Excessive intake of alcohol is not only bad for the liver, but also for the teeth and gums. Alcohol can cause dehydration, thus a person may feel that their mouth is dry due to reduced flow of saliva. This may result in tooth decay, and worse, oral infections like gum disease. Continuous intake of alcohol is one of the main culprits for mouth cancer.过量饮酒不仅对肝脏有害,而且也对牙齿和牙龈有害。酒会导致脱水,因此由于唾液流量的减少,饮酒之人会觉得口干。这可能会导致蛀牙,更甚者会导致像牙龈疾病之类的口腔感染。不断饮酒是口腔癌的主要原因之一。3. Sweet candy3. 甜甜的糖果It is not bad to eat candies as long as it is in moderation. However, eating too many will make your teeth expose to sugar that is harmful. The problem may aggravate if you eat hard candies that have higher content of sugar.只要吃糖果的量适中,那么就没有什么不好的影响。但是,过量吃糖会使你的牙齿暴露在有害的糖中。如果你吃的糖果是含有大量糖份的硬糖果时,那么问题可能会更加严重。译文属 /201607/452156Tsai Ing-wen has officially apologised to the island#39;s indigenous population for centuries of mistreatment, the first time a leader has done so.日前,蔡英文已正式向岛上数百年来遭受虐待的土著人口道歉,这是台湾领导人第一次这么做。Speaking to representatives from 16 recognised native tribes, she said Taiwan had to face ;the truth; to move forward.在和来自16个公认的土著部落的代表举行交谈时,她表示,台湾必须要正视“真相”,从而向前发展。Immigrants from mainland China arrived in Taiwan about 400 years ago. Indigenous people lost ancestral land rights and had their traditional lifestyles, languages and cultures restricted under harsh policies of assimilation.大陆移民大约在400年前登陆台湾。在严苛的同化政策的限制下,土著居民们失去了祖宗传下来的土地、传统的生活方式、语言和文化。They remain disadvantaged compared to other Taiwanese, with higher levels of unemployment and lower average wages. They now make up about two percent of Taiwan#39;s more than 23 million people.和其他台湾人比起来,这些土著居民处于劣势地位--他们的失业率更高,平均工资更低。在台湾2300多万人口里,土著居民数量占比大约2%。;For the past 400 years, each regime that came to Taiwan has brutally violated indigenous people#39;s existing rights through military might and land looting,; Ms Tsai said, adding that a ;simple verbal apology; was not enough.蔡英文表示:“在过去的400年里,每一个来到台湾的政权,都用军事力量和土地掠夺等方式粗暴地侵犯了土著居民现有的权利。”她还补充说道,“简单的口头道歉”是不够的。She promised the government would give indigenous communities greater autonomy, improve their land rights and work to preserve native languages, AFP news agency reported.据法新社报道,蔡英文承诺政府将给与土著群体更大的自主权、提高他们的土地权益、努力保护土著语言。Capen Nganen, an 80-year-old representative of the Yami people, said he hoped the government ;will truly deliver on the promises made in this apology;. Other indigenous activists said they had expected more in terms of policy.Capen Nganen是一名80岁的雅美族代表,他表示,希望政府“能够真正兑现在这次道歉中所作出的承诺”。其他土著人士则表示,他们在政策方面的期望更大。 /201608/459538广州治疗多囊卵巢综合症需要多少钱

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广州做人工流产哪个医院比较好 Laozi#39;s Theory toward Diet老子的饮食观Laozi#39;s theory of a healthy diet has three main principles.老子的健康饮食之道主要有三个原则。The first is that of eating to please the stomach rather than the eyes. One fills the stomach in order to live, but the stomach has a limit and the eyes do not. Wanting whatever delicacies they see,they engender desire and greed.第一个原则是“为腹不为目”。一个人填饱肚子是为了生存,但是肚子吃的东西是有限的,而眼睛没有。眼睛想要看到的所有精致的食物,这就会引起欲望和贪念。Eating according to the dictates of the eyes is hence detrimental to the stomach and to the health in general.根据眼睛看到的精美食物而食通常对胃和身体是有害的。Laozi said that those who eat to satisfy the stomach intend to nourish their body, while those that eat whatever that pleases their eyes are bound to do it harm.老子说以饱腹而食的人会使身体得到滋养,而以满足眼睛而食的人免不了会伤害自己的身体。 /201607/445326广州长安医院做试管怎么样好不好广州天河哪里流产较好



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