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5.Living All By Yourself5.独居People living alone are more likely to die early compared to those who are living together with their families or partners. Thankfully, this only applies to elderly people, specifically those aged 5 and above.相比于与家人或伴侣一起生活的人,那些独自居住的人更容易出现过早死亡谢天谢地的是,这一情况只适用于老年人,特别是那些年龄在5岁及以上的独居者This finding was based on a British study that involved 6,500 participants and which lasted seven years. According to this study, people who live alone, without considering their pre-existing conditions, are 6 percent more likely to die than those who live together with other people. When pre-existing illnesses are taken into , elderly people who are socially isolated are 8 percent more likely to experience premature death. Previous studies show that aside from dying prematurely, those who live alone, whether they prefer it or not, are also at higher risk of developing dementia and heart disease. tunately, the risk of dying early can be easily reduced if elderly people are given the emotional and social support they need. Just by socializing with other people and engaging them in activities that decrease their loneliness, elderly individuals who live alone can significantly extend their life expectancy.这一发现是基于一项6500人参与,历时七年的英国研究做出的根据这项研究,在不考虑被调查者调查前情况的条件下,独居者比那些生活在一起的人死亡的可能性要高6%在考虑先前存在的疾病时,独居的老年人有8%可能更容易经历过早死亡而以往的研究表明,独居的人除了有过早死亡的风险以外,不管是否愿意,他们还有更高的患痴呆症和心脏病的风险比较幸运的是,如果老年人得到他们需要的情感和社会持,提前死亡的可能性很容易降低独居的老人可以仅仅通过与其他人进行社会交流以及从事减少他们的孤独的活动,就可以显著延长他们的寿命.Sitting Too Much.坐得太久If youre sitting right now, then youd better stand up. Studies show that sitting long periods of time can cause numerous serious health conditions and even premature death. A research conducted in the University of Leicester showed that people who spent most of their time sitting down, whether at work or at home, increased their risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, this research, which had 800,000 participants, discovered that even if people exercise regularly, their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and even obesity will not decrease if they spend most of their time sitting on an office chair or couch.如果你现在正坐着,你最好站起来研究表明,长时间坐着会引发许多严重的健康问题,甚至会过早死亡莱斯特大学的一位研究员表示:无论是在工作还是在家,人们大把的时间都是坐着的正是如此,这也大大加剧了他们患心脏病和糖尿病的风险此外,这项调查有800万人参与其中调查表明:如果人们长时间坐在办公椅或者沙发上,即便他们运动规律,依然会有引发糖尿病和心脏病的风险,甚而至于肥胖不会消减In addition, what more alarming is the fact that sitting can cause premature death. An Australian study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that adults aged 5 and above increased their risk of dying prematurely by as much as 0% just by sitting or more hours everyday. There a scientific reason why sitting long hours is unhealthy and deadly us. Sitting down is interpreted by our ;intelligent; bodies as signal our systems to go into storage mode. When this happens, a lot of unhealthy things can occur. instance, the glucose levels in our bodies spike up, good cholesterols are reduced while the unhealthy ones increase, and we become resistant to insulin. In other words, the more we sit down, the unhealthier we become.除此之外,更让人担忧的是:长时间坐着会导致过早死亡一位澳大利亚研究员在网络医学档案上发表过文章,表明5岁以及5岁以上的成年人每天坐的时间超过个小时,他们过早死亡的概率会增加0% 有这样一个科学的原因:解释为什么对于我们来说长时间坐着是不健康并且致命的坐下这一举动会被我们智能的身体系统理解为我们的身体系统进入存储模式例如,在体内的葡糖糖含量大幅度攀升,以及良性胆固醇减少、恶性的上升时,我们开始对胰岛素产生抗性换句话说,坐得越久就会变得越坏3.Breathing Air3.暴露于被污染的空气中Yes, that right. The simple act of breathing can significantly decrease your life expectancy. And if youre living in a major city or in an area that is heavily polluted, then your risk of dying prematurely due to breathing polluted air significantly increases. According to a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 0,000 people every year die prematurely in the U.S. due to air pollution. 53,000 of them die due to health problems caused by car pollution. Another 5,000 of these deaths are caused by the air pollution produced by generating electrical power. Alarmingly, the city which has the most deaths related to breathing polluted air is Baltimore. Other cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta. So just how many years are deducted from those who are constantly exposed to breathing polluted air? Ten years.是的,正如你所想这个简单的呼吸举动足以降低你的平均寿命如果你生活在某个主要城市,又或者在一个受到严重污染的地区,那么你过早死亡的风险会因为呼吸过多的被污染空气而大大提升根据麻省理工学院研究表明:在美国,每年有万人因空气污染而过早死亡;5万3千人因汽车污染所引发的健康问题而死亡另外,有5万千人因发电所产生的空气污染而死亡更让人担忧的是,巴尔的是因呼吸被污染空气而导致死亡人数最多的城市其他城市还包括:落基山、芝加哥、费城、底特律和亚特兰大 所以那些长期暴露于被污染空气中的人们会减寿多少年呢?是十年!.Having an Unfulfilling, Stressful Job.一份令人不满且压力巨大的工作When we hear people say ;My job is killing me;, we obviously dont take that literally. However, new studies show that this common workplace sentiment (which Im sure many of us have blurted out once, twice, or a hundred times) might be literally true. Our jobs can cause us to die prematurely! You dont believe me? Well, here are the facts.当我们听别人说;我的工作简直是要杀死我了!;的时候,往往我们是不会照字面意思去理解它的然而,一些新的调查研究却表明,这句我们经常听到的工作场合的抱怨(我确定这样的抱怨大家至少都说过一两句),可能就其字面意思而言都是真的我们的工作很有可能让我们提前步入死亡!以下几个事实,让你不信都难!According to a study conducted by the University College London in , people with stressful jobs are 3 percent more likely to experience heart attack than those with less demanding occupations. In addition, those with highly stressful jobs, like being the president of the ed States, are more likely to age faster. Not only that but also those who work more than hours a day greatly increase their risk of developing depression. In addition, those with demanding jobs also experience difficulties in their relationships outside of work. The bad news doesnt end there. Women with demanding careers are more likely to develop diabetes too. And to top it off, a study conducted by the Tel Aviv University, which lasted years, showed that people with stressful jobs and whose work environments are hostile are more at risk of experiencing early death compared to those whose workplaces are friendly and positive.根据伦敦大学年的一项调查表明,工作压力大的人比其他人多3%的患心脏病几率除此之外,处于高压力职位的人,例如美国总统,将会老得更快还有,一天工作超过个小时的人极易患焦虑症在对工作关系之外的其他社交关系的处理上,处于高压力职位的人也面临更多的困难然而高压力职位的坏处还不止于此,女性高压力职位者更易患糖尿病最严重的是,根据Tel Aviv大学从二十年前就开始的一项调查表明,有份压力大且工作环境充满敌意的工作的人比工作环境和平积极的人要更加容易过早死亡1.Not Having Enough Sex1.缺乏性生活Yes, that right! Not having enough sex can cause you to die prematurely. In contrast, those who engage in sex regularly are more likely to increase their life expectancy. Numerous studies show that regular sex can increase blood circulation, decrease blood pressure, and enhance cholesterol levels. Aside from that, sex is a good weight loss regimen too. Just 30 minutes of bed play with your partner, and youll burn 0 calories. In addition, sex can also protect you from diseases like colds and coughs since it enhances your immune system.你并没有眼花,性生活不够确实是造成人早逝的一个原因相反的,性生活频繁的人更容易延长他们的寿命无数调查研究都曾表明,规律的性生活会加快血液循环,降低血压并维持胆固醇的健康状态除此之外,性也是减肥的有效手段之一,半个小时的性爱可以让你燃烧0卡路里性爱还可以让多种疾病远离你,如感冒、咳嗽等因为它可以增强人体免疫系统的抵抗力If youve been feeling a bit stressed lately, then you better have a long and sensual lovemaking session. Having sex can help you relax and reduce your stress levels by releasing oxytocin which stimulates the production of endorphins, ;the happy hormones;. And Im not done yet. Having sex can make you look and feel younger too since it can help you become more energetic and produce collagen, a substance that keeps your skin glowing and supple. But best of all, having regular intercourse can prolong your life. A study conducted by the Duke University showed that women who engage in regular sex are likely to add eight more years to their lifespan. On the other hand, men who have regular orgasms reduce their likelihood of dying prematurely by as much as 50%. The next time you have sex, think of its many health benefits and how it can prevent you from dying prematurely.若你最近觉得自己压力山大,一场持久而规律的性爱不失为你的一个好选择它会让你得到放松,通过释放催产素来增加内啡肽的释放(即荷尔蒙),借此达到降压的目的性的好处不仅如此,它还可以让你看起来年轻,而且精力充沛,它让你分泌胶原,使得肌肤细腻红润最大的一个益处便是,性爱可以让你的寿命得以增长杜克大学的一项调查表明,经常做爱的女性很可能会增加半年以上的寿命,而男性则会降低50%的早逝几率下一次时,你不妨想想性爱的良多益处,思考一下它如何能让你不早逝吧!翻译:better 来源:前十网 187

Officials in the town of Bodegraven are running trials of new traffic lights which warn pedestrians staring at their mobile phones that they are about the cross the road.为了提醒低头看手机的行人是时候过马路了,德格拉温小镇的政府人员正在尝试一种新的交通灯The new traffic light consists of a led lighting strip in the pavement which officials hope will alert zombies who are looking at the road not at traffic.这种新的交通信号灯由一组安装在路面上的LED灯条构成政府人员认为这样能警告那些盯着手机不抬头的“僵尸”们注意安全ocial media, games, WhatsApp and music are major distractions in traffic, said town alderman Kees Oskam. We may not be able to change this trend, but we can anticipate problems.地区议员基斯·奥斯卡姆表示:“社交媒体、游戏、WhatsApp、音乐等是分散行人注意力的主要因素,我们可能无法轻易扭转趋势,但是可以提前预防”The +Lichtlijn, as the traffic light is officially called, is linked to existing traffic lights and changes colour at the same time.这种信号灯官方称其为+Lichtlijn,与已有的交通信号相连,会同时改变颜色Dutch road safety organisation VVN said it did not think the new lighting would be a solution. What you are doing is rewarding bad behaviour, a spokesman said.荷兰道路安全组织VVN表示,它不认为一种新的信号灯就能解决问题一位发言人称:“这样做只会奖励不良行为”The system has been developed by Bodegraven firm HIG Traffic Systems which hopes to sell it to other local authorities.该系统是由德格拉温的HIG交通公司负责开发的,该公司希望能将该系统推广到其他地区 5369

简介:大学校园不仅是大学生学习的天堂,更是塑造自我,展示自我个性的大舞台当代的中国大学生更是与世界最新潮流最接近的一个特殊群体,他们朝气蓬勃、求知欲强,有自己独特的见解,有着五缤纷的大学生活《大学生校园英语口语专门针对当代大学生的独特性,为他们度身打造了一个练习英语口语的平台,帮助他们快速而快乐地提高英语口语 本书的特点是:新颖、个性化编写的内容几乎都代表了当代大学生生活的各个方面和场景,其中包括校园经典场景: Dormitory(寝室)、Bathroom(浴室)、C1assr oom(教室)、Listening Center(语音室)、 Computer Center(计算机中心)、DingHall(食堂)等等;还有校园经典生活片断:My Sassy Girl(我的野蛮女友) 、 Dormitory Night(寝室夜话)、A Night When PowerFails(停电的晚上)、Letters From Home(家书),等等 作为一名当代大学生,在这个崇尚个性化的年代,用流利的英语表达你心中的校园生活感受,难道不是你的追求之一吗?只要自信加练习,你一定会成功!本书一定能为你五缤纷的大学生活增添英语方面的能力和自信! 18373

Cashier Calls to Remind Guest to pay His Bill出纳员打电话提醒客人付款C:Hello?出纳员:喂?C:Good morning.This is Laura Dong from the Finance Department.出纳员:早晨好,我是财务部的Laura Dong,Im calling about your Sundry Fee Bill which was due the sixth.我想和您谈一下本月6日应交杂费的事宜,Did you receive the bill?您收到账单了吗?G:Yes,I did.旅客:是的,收到了C:We were wondering if you had any questions about the bill that出纳员:如果您对账单有疑问,we might be able to answer you.我们可以做解答G:No,I dont have any questions.旅客:不,没有什么问题C:In that case,we hope that you can pay as soon as possible.出纳员:要是这样的话,我们希望您尽快来结账,When would you like to pay your bill?请问您何时来付账?G:Ill come downstairs tonight after work to pay it.旅客:今晚下班后我下楼来付款What time are you open until?你们什么时候下班?C:The cashier counter desk is open until 8:00 p.m..出纳员:前台出纳一直要工作到晚上8:00时G:Okay.Ill see you later,then.旅客:好的,那么,一会儿见C:Thank you,Mr. Green.出纳员:谢谢您,格林先生 3

Something happening at the lowest point on our planet, some 1,388 feet below sea level.在地球上海拔最低的湖泊、海平面以下88英尺的地方,一些事情正在悄然发生The Dead Sea, a salt lake nestled by Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, is shrinking at an alarming rate -- about 3.3 feet per year, according to the environmentalist group EcoPeace Middle East. And human actions are largely to blame.位于以色列和约旦河西岸交界地区的盐水湖死海,正在以令人担忧的速度萎缩--据环保组织“中东生态和平”称,其湖面每年下降3.3英尺,这主要是人为造成的;It not just like one country is punishing the Dead Sea; it more like the whole region,; said photographer Moritz Küstner, who visited the area in February to work on his series ;The Dying Dead Sea.;摄影师莫里茨·屈斯特纳表示:“并非是单个国家在破坏死海,更确切的说,这是整个区域性的行为”他曾在今年月到访死海,以完成他的“正在死去的死海”系列摄影The Dead Sea needs water from the other natural sources surrounding it, such as the Jordan River basin. But around the 1960s, some of the water sources it relied upon were diverted.死海需要从周边其他天然水源,比如约旦河流域等获取水,然而,上世纪60年代,死海赖以生存的部分流域遭到了改道Mineral extraction industries are another main reason the water levels are declining, experts say. The Dead Sea minerals have been hailed their therapeutic properties and can often be found in cosmetics and other consumer products.专家表示,矿物开采是死海水位下降又一主因死海中富含的矿物因其良好的疗效而受到欢迎,常被添加在护肤品以及其它消费品上And then, of course, there the Middle East hot, dry climate, which makes it difficult the lake to replenish itself.此外,中东炎热的天气、干燥的气候,也使得死海很难能够重新积蓄水分Last year, Israel and Jordan signed a 0 million deal in an eft to stabilize the Dead Sea water levels.去年,以色列和约旦签署了一项高达9亿美元的协议,致力于稳定死海的水位It entails building a canal from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea so that both countries would be able to not only supply water to Israel and Jordan but also to pump much needed water -- some 300 million cubic meters annually -- into the Dead Sea.其中包括修建一条由红海通向死海的水道,这样不仅能够同时满足以色列和约旦两国的供水需求,还可以向死海输送其所需要的水--大约每年3亿立方;This is the most important and significant agreement since the peace treaty with Jordan (in 199),; said Silvan Shalom, Israel energy and water resources minister at the time.“自与约旦(在199年)签订和约以来,没有任何协议比这项协议最为重要,更为意义深远,”时任以色列能源及水资源部部长西尔万·沙洛姆说道Whether the canal -- estimated to take three years to complete -- will work out positively and as planned remains to be seen.至于这条水道——预计需要3年才能建成——是否能起到积极的作用以及达成预期的效果,仍需我们拭目以待 838

How are you?您好吗?Fine, thank you.很好,谢谢Im fine. Thank you.我很好,谢谢Fine. Thanks.很好谢谢Have we met somewhere bee?我们以前见过面吗?Yes, we have.是的,我们见过No, I dont think we have.我没想过May I introduce Mr. Brown? He is my boss.让我介绍一下布朗先生好吗?他是我的老板How do you do?您好Im honored to know you.认识您是我的荣幸Im very glad to have the opporty to meet you.很高兴有机会认识您Im glad to meet you, Mr. Brown.很高兴认识您,布朗先生Nice to meet you, Mr Brown. Ive heard a lot about you.很高兴认识您,布朗先生我听到很多关于您的事情Will you introduce me to the new purchasing agent?请替我引荐新来的采购负责人好吗?OK.好的No problem.没问题Ill be glad to do it.很高兴引见Havent you met yet?你们没见过面吗? 1933

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