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Bills always believed theres a prime cause of ageing比尔相信衰老是由某种主要原因导致的and that if you look for it, youll find it.如果你试图寻找 也许会找到它I knew since I was in high school that theres从高中起我就知道got to be some kind of clock thats ticking inside of us.我们体内应该存在着像钟一样的东西And it really frustrated me that nobody knew what this clock was.我十分沮丧 目前没有人知道这个钟是什么But there had to be a clock and不过这个钟一定是存在的 I just knew that some day we were going to find out what that was.我确信某一天我们会发现它是什么And he thinks he has.他认为他已经找到了Bill believes that the ticking clock is our telomeres.比尔觉得 这个时钟是端粒This theory says that every time our cells divide,这个学说指出每次细胞分裂时the tips of our chromosomes - called telomeres - become shorter.我们染色体的的尖端 叫做端粒 会变短Eventually they become so short, they stop our cells dividing.最终端粒变得太短 以至于细胞不能再分裂We cant produce new cells and so we age.我们无法再产生新的细胞 因此衰老Telomere-shortening is an absolute problem that we have端粒变短是个无法改变的问题and every time our cells divide, our telomeres get short.每次细胞分裂 我们的端粒变短Theres nothing we can do about it.对此我们束手无策No matter how well we eat,不管我们吃得多健康no matter how much we exercise,运动多少时间no matter how much we do everything our doctor tells us to do,多么地遵医嘱our telomeres still shorten.我们的端粒依然会变短201303/232260As a lively city, Shenzhen is also a paradise for recreation. Whatever you desire, Shenzhen has an offer. All standards of kursaals, ice rinks, golf courses, racket courts, bowling alleys, KTV, cinemas and theatres and other common recreational centers, makes Shenzhen a city that never sleeps.Shenzhen is also a window to view the fashion goods of the world. For it neighbors the taxless ports of Hong Kong and Macau, the merchandise here is not only varied but also pretty economical. The extravagant Renmin Nan (International Trade Center), economical Huaqing Bei, traditional East Gate Pedestrian Street, and fashionable Fudian Shopping Center are the four most famous spots for shopping here. The Sino-British Street in Shatoujiao Town, 'a street with two social systems', is also often brimming with all kinds of visitors. The landmark in the center of the street is the border line between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.As a nucleus of Guangdong Province, the food here mainly focuses on Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine. However, thanks to the frequent immigrants from other areas of China, all kinds of dishes can be savored here. In addition, various foreign dishes, such as Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and occidental snacks are all available. In Shenzhen, it is easy to find a restaurant, cafe or teahouse to satisfy your appetite. 201009/114306

You Will Need你会用到A measuring tapeA variety of beltsA selection of outfitsA mens tie (optional)Velcro (optional)卷尺各种腰带精选饰男士腰带(可选)尼龙搭扣(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Try outfit firstTry on the outfit and decide where you want the belt to sit – hips or waist. Use a measuring tape to determine the proper belt lengthTip: Belts generally come with five holes; a comfortable fit will use the third hole. Tightening further can cause an unattractive ;muffin top; effect.先选衣先选好今天穿的衣,然后再选择是将腰带系在跨上还是腰上。使用卷尺来决定你腰带的长度。小贴士:腰带通常有5个孔,通常系到第三孔是看着最和谐的位置。系得太紧会给人一种“玛芬松糕”的感觉。Step 2 Determine widthDetermine the width you need. A belt worn over a dress or shirt can be any width. If youre wearing it around your hips, use a belt that is narrow at the top and follows the contour of your hips.选好腰带宽度选好腰带的宽度。如果是搭配裙装或系在衬衫外侧的腰带,宽窄细带都可以。如果是系在臀部的腰带,则要用细腰带,这样使腰带贴合臀部曲线最好。Step 3 Choose a colorSelect a belt that is the same color as your outfit. Or, if you choose a belt for contrast, make sure it complements colors or design elsewhere in the outfit.选择颜色选择和你衣一样的颜色。如果你想用腰带和衣做个对比,一定要选择在颜色上或款式上能够补充你衣设计的腰带。Step 4 Enhance but dont clashEnhance your outfit with a fancy-cut or textured belt, but avoid clashing. For a conservative ensemble the belt should be less noticeable.Tip: Create a belt using a mens tie, fastening it with three-inch strips of adhesive Velcro. 强调但不冲突用有剪裁设计的腰带或编织腰带来强调你的着装,但要避免腰带与衣冲突。一个保守的穿法就是,弱化腰带在整体造型中的地位。小贴士:试试用男士领带来做腰带,在一头的3英寸处用背胶魔术贴固定。Step 5 Highlight your waistHighlight your waist when wearing separates by tucking your shirt in. Add a belt that best fits the belt loop width.强调腰部把衬衫放进裤子中,这样分体装扮时要强调腰部。选择腰带和腰带环一样宽的腰带最好。Step 6 Try fun alternativesWear metal belts with segments, Indian beads and leather, fancy fabric weaves, even scarves, for a fun look when going casual.Fact: Did you know? Belt buckles date back to the Bronze Age.选择多样休闲装扮时佩带金属质感腰带,印度珠带,皮带,有个性的编织腰带,甚至是围巾做的腰带,这样看上去活泼有趣。小常识:你知道吗?腰带扣的起源要追溯到铜器时代。201208/194313

It is an Expo for the 21st Century and the UK have designed and built a Pavilion that reflects the splendour of the Expo2010.Our Pavilion is a striking, visual demonstration of the UK as a creative and innovative nation; exactly as Crystal Palace was in the very first Expo in London in 1851.Developed by one of the UK’s leading creative talents, Thomas Heatherwick, the centrepiece of the UK pavilion is a six storey high object formed from some 60,000 slender transparent rods, which extend from the structure and quiver in the breeze. During the day, each of the 7.5m long rods act like fibre-optic filaments, drawing on daylight to illuminate the interior, thereby creating a contemplative awe-inspiring space. At night, light sources at the interior end of each rod allow the whole structure to glow. The pavilion sits on a landscape looking like paper that once wrapped the building and that now lies unfolded on the site.201009/113339

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