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Todd: So, how was your trip to Thailand?托德:你的泰国之行怎么样?Gloria: Oh, I spent about six weeks in Thailand and had a really, really great time. I spent three weeks in Northern Thailand and then three weeks on the beach in the southern part of Thailand but my last night I was packing up and I had a suitcase in the corner with the warm clothes from Northern Thailand and I saw something dark in the corner, and Im thinking,; Oh, its just some clothes that fell out of my suitcase so I reach out to grab the clothes and something dark rose up and sp out and it was the weirdest feeling because at the same time I felt like a hand grab me from behind and yanked me out of the cabin and I didnt feel any fear until I was in the middle of the clearing and I screamed twice, and got everybodys attention, ;What? What? What?; and I said ;snake; and of course a few people started laughing, thinking,;Oh, well, this little bitty green, harmless snake; Ah, no big deal. So one of the little bitty Thai girls, walks into my cabin and she comes running out, ;Ah, snake!; and so it was a black king cobra, which is the most poisonous snake in the world, and this is really kind of scary because my little brother had been killed by a snake and so its frightening to me to think how close I came. After I left Thailand, two things happened: I found some photographs in which in the photographs that I took of my cabin you could see the snake crawling into my cabin and the other one is an e-mail from the owners of the resort that they found two more cobras underneath my bed.格洛里亚:嗯,我在泰国旅行了六周的时间,过得非常愉快。我在泰国北部游览了三周的时间,剩下三周是在泰国南部的一个海滩上度过的,最后一晚我收拾行李,我有一个放在角落的行李箱,那里装着从泰国北部买的暖和衣,我在角落那里看见一个黑色的东西,当时我想“哦,那可能是从我行李箱掉下去的衣”,于是我伸手去捡那些衣,但是有个黑色的东西不断伸长,当时那种感觉很怪异,因为同时我感到有只手从后面抓住了我,把我拉出了房间,直到我站在空地中央的时候我才感到害怕,我大叫了两次,这引起了所有的人注意,“怎么了?怎么了?怎么了?”我说,“有蛇”,当然一些人开始笑,他们想,“哦,这种小草坪,不会有毒蛇”,所以,没什么大不了的事。一个泰国小女孩走进我的房间,然后她跑了出来,大叫“有蛇!”那是一条黑色的眼镜王蛇,是世界上最毒的毒蛇之一,这真的令人害怕了,因为我弟弟就是被蛇咬死的,所以我被吓坏了,我当时想,我差点也要被蛇咬到了。后来我们离开泰国以后,发生了两件事:我发现了一些照片,那是我在房间里照的照片,你能看到那只蛇爬进我的房间,另一件事就是那个度假村的老板给我发了封邮件,邮件里说他们在我床下又发现了两条眼镜蛇。Todd: Wow, oh man! So normally do they have king cobras on that part of the island?托德:哇,天哪!那一般在那部分岛上有眼镜王蛇吗?Gloria: No, they dont. They say they may come in when they transport, the building, theyre making a lot of new buildings so they brought in wood from Northern Thailand and maybe it came in there. Also the envirorments being upset and theyre chopping down a lot of trees, and theyre finding more and more snakes that they didnt know were there.格洛里亚:不,没有。他们说,这些蛇可能是他们运送物材时跟过来的,他们建造了许多新楼,所以他们要从泰国北部运送木材,可能那些蛇就是从那儿来的。环境被破坏了,他们砍倒了许多树,然后他们发现了更多他们都不知道存在于那里的蛇。Todd: Wow, well, youre very lucky.托德:哇,嗯,你真的非常幸运。Gloria: Yeah, Ive been told that!格洛里亚:是啊,他们也是这么跟我说的! /201401/273722

从今天起我们要讲由account这个词发展而来的习惯用语。Account有好多不同的意思,而且既可以作名词也可以当动词。我们要学的第一个习惯用语是:bring somebody to account。 Account作名词的时候可以解释说明,bring sb. to account意思就是;要求某人说明;,或者;唯某人是问;,带有要某人负责,或者怪罪批评某人的意思。有时候我们可以用call这个词来代替bring somebody to account中的bring,成为call somebody to account,意义不变。我们来听个例子,说的是美国情报机构内一件间谍丑闻。例句-1:Why cant theybringthe responsible officersto accountfor the spy case? Something must be terribly wrong if they let one of their own people spy on them for eight years!他说:他们为什么不追究那批负责官员在那起间谍案中的罪责呢?他们任凭一名内奸刺探他们的秘密情报达八年之久居然浑然不觉。这之间一定有很大失误!这里bring the responsible officers to account意思就是追究负责官员的罪责。我们再听一个例子。它说的是海外发生的一起恶性事故夺取了许多无辜生命。例句-2:The opposition parties asked that the new mayorbe called to accountfor the falling of a bridge. They say he paid no attention to a report warning that the bridge might not be safe.他说:反对党认为新市长要为那起桥梁倒塌事故担当罪责。他们说他无视一份说桥梁可能不安全的报告。这里the new mayor be called to account意思是新市长得担当罪责。******我们接著学第二个习惯用语:square an account with someone。Square在这里是动词。意思是结清。Square an account with someone意思显然是和某人算清帐目。换句话说是把该偿付的钱付清。这个习惯用语常用作比喻意义。我们来听个例子。他说的是和有线电视公司了结一宗纠纷的事。例句-3:Im trying tosquare my account withthe cable TV company. I believe they billed a wrong monthly charge. Instead of .75, they want me to pay .75 a month for six months.他说:我正设法解决和有线电视公司的纠纷。我肯定他们收错了月费,有六个月他们要我每月付三十三美元七毛五,而不是十六美元七毛五。所以square my account with the cable TV company意思是解决和有线电视公司的纠纷。我们再听个例子。人们说美国的特殊现象之一是业务交易效率高。消费者可能对此体会更深。例如跟信用卡公司算清帐目十分简单便利。例句-4:Its unbelievable how easy it is tosquare an account witha credit card company in America once you present a receipt. It certainly wouldnt be like that back home!他说:在美国你只要拿出收据,你和信用卡公司结一笔账方便得令人难以置信。在我们国家里可绝不那样简单。这里square an account with a credit card company意思就是和信用卡公司结清一笔账。这很可能是发生在用信用卡购物,随后又退还的情况中。 /201204/177210

5. What do I need to bring if I want to remit some money?如果我要汇款的话,需要什么件吗?还能这样说:As for remitting money what should I show?What shall I bring if I remit money?应用:bring to pass 使发生;做到,实现;bring together 使和解;bring under 制;把……控制住;bring up 养育;提出;教养;提升;bring up against 使面对6. Please fill out the amount of remittance.请填写汇款金额。还能这样说:Fill in the amount of remittance, please.You should fill out the amount of remittance clearly.谚语:More words will not fill a bushel.空言无补。7. Telegraphic transfer is the quickest way.电汇是最快的。还能这样说:The best way to remit is by telegraphic transfer.Telegraphic transfer is fastest.应用:transfer on exchange settlement account 外汇清算账户转账;transfer on current account 本期账户转账;transfer of mortgage 抵押品转让;transfer of names 过户8. It takes seven days to remit money to abroad by mail transfer.通过邮汇汇款到国外需要7天。还能这样说:If you take mail transfer, it will take 7 days for your foreign friend to receive the money.A mail transfer needs seven days to send money to foreign countries.应用:be all abroad 茫然不解,感到莫名其妙,离题太远;from abroad 从国外,从海外;at home and abroad 在国内外 /201308/250607

Donny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的:窜红。Donny: Wuqiong,你看什么杂志呢, and whos the girl on the cover?WQ: 这是最新一期的时尚周刊。这个女生现在可红了。你肯定猜不到,她是我高中时的好朋友! 拍了一部电影,一下就窜红了!Donny: No kidding! Introduce her to me! 对了,你说她“窜红”,什么意思啊?WQ: 就是红得很快,suddenly 她就 famous了!Donny: I got it. She became famous overnight.WQ: overnight,我知道,o-v-e-r-n-i-g-h-t, overnight 就是一夜之间。To become famous overnight 就是“一夜成名”!Donny: Thats right. You can also say ;shes an instant hit;. Instant is spelled i-n-s-t-a-n-t, hit is spelled h-i-t.WQ: 哦,说一个人火速窜红还可以用 an instant hit.Donny: Yeah. In the case of this old friend of yours, you can say ;her exceptional performance in the new movie made her an instant hit.;WQ: 对,我这个同学特别会演戏,电影一出来,她马上就窜红了。Donny: WQ, I just thought of another way to put it---She catapulted to fame with her first movie!WQ: cata 什么?怎么拼?Donny: catapult, c-a-t-a-p-u-l-t, catapult, 有“弹弓”的意思,as a verb, it means to launch.WQ: 我明白了,catapult 是弹弓,所以 catapult to fame, 就是“一炮而红”! 我这个朋友演了一部电影就红了,所以说 She catapulted to fame with her first movie.Donny: Thats right! Now, WQ, tell me what youve learned today!WQ: 第一,to become famous overnight,一夜成名;第二,to be an instant hit, 火速窜红;第三:to catapult to fame, 就是“一炮而红”! /201303/232612

Todd: So, Mitchell, you are Hawaiian, right, and Hawaii is part of the ed States but, what would you say, that most Hawaiians are similar to people in the mainland or quite different to people in the mainland?托德:米切尔,你是夏威夷人,夏威夷是美国的一部分,你认为夏威夷人和美国大陆地区的人相似还是有很大不同呢?Mitchell: Ah, thats a tough question. Theyre the same because they speak English but they look different. Theyre more of a, more darker complexion. They speak in a more pidgin, we call it ;pidgin English.; Its broken English, so its not, if I go to, for example, if my friends, well go to the mainland, lot of them dont really understand them, like, ;Can you repeat what you said, please?;米切尔:嗯,这是个很难回答的问题。他们是一样的,因为他们也说英语,但是他们看起来不同。他们的肤色要更深一些。他们的语言更混杂,我们称之为“洋泾帮英语”。那是不标准的英语,举个例子来说,如果我和朋友们去美国大陆,那里的很多人不明白我们说的话,他们会说“请你再说一遍好吗?”Todd: Right.托德:嗯。Mitchell: But I guess anywhere you go everyones different, so?米切尔:不过我想任何地方都会有不同点,不是吗?Todd: How about, can you say theres a difference in culture in how people are, like in personality, people on Hawaii and people in the mainland?托德:那是不是可以说,夏威夷人和美国大陆的人存在文化差异,所以他们在性格上有区别?Mitchell: I tend to think that people from the mainland talk more.米切尔:我个人认为美国大陆地区的人更健谈。Todd: Right.托德:好。Mitchell: Like, yeah theyll just talk about anything, and Hawaiian culture they dont talk as much. they talk when you have to talk real talk, in general, but.米切尔:比如,他们会谈论任何事情,而夏威夷人的文化则是他们并不会谈论那么多,通常来说,他们会在必须要进行谈话的时候谈话。Todd: Have you ever actually considered moving to the mainland, or would you prefer to live in Hawaii forever.托德:你有考虑过搬去美国大陆吗,还是你更愿意永远生活在夏威夷?Mitchell: Well, yeah, Ive considered it many times. Actually, my middle brother right now is working in New York City. (Oh, wow) and my oldest brother was working in Boston, (uh-huh) but now hes back in Hawaii working, and my middle brother is still in New York working. Yeah, I would like to live in the mainland, but Id like to pick a place with nice weather, you know, a warm culture.米切尔:嗯,其实我考虑过很多次。实际上,我二哥现在就在纽约市工作。(哦,哇)我大哥曾在波士顿工作过,(啊哈)不过现在他已经回到夏威夷工作了,我二哥依然在纽约工作。我很愿意在美国大陆生活,不过我喜欢天气好的地方,你知道,温暖的天气。Todd: Right, right. You cant beat that warm weather in Hawaii. Thats for sure. How about the foods? Whats some food thats really good in Hawaii?托德:好,好的。说到夏威夷,就不得不提起温暖的天气。这是肯定的。那食物怎么样?夏威夷有什么特别好吃的食物吗?Mitchell: Oh, man, dont get me started on food! Since Hawaii has mixed culture, we call it local food, like its called a plate lunch. Like for example, youll pay five bucks, and youll get whatever you want, you just choose, for example, steak, rice, salad, for all five bucks. The food is I think, is way better than mainland because like, its, the food is mixed, so like, you can get anything you want. For example, if you go to a food court in Hawaii, we have every section. Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Philliphino, so you get to choose whatever you want, you know, Mexican, and I think the portions are big too.米切尔:哦,伙计,不要跟我谈到食物话题!夏威夷是混合型文化,我们称当地的食物为盘子午餐。举例来说,你可以花5美元买到你想吃的任何食物,你只要选择就好了,5美元可以买到牛排、米饭和沙拉。我认为那里的食物比美国大陆的食物好得多,因为夏威夷的食物是混合的,你可以吃到任何你想吃的食物。比如,如果你去夏威夷的美食街,那里会有不同的区域,有中餐,韩餐,夏威夷食物和菲律宾食物,所以你可以选择你想吃的任何食物,当然也有墨西哥食物,而且份量也很足。Todd: Oh, wow, sounds good man. I havent had lunch yet. Youre making me hungry.托德:哦,哇,听起来真不错。我现在还没吃午餐呢。你说的我都饿了。Mitchell: Im hungry myself.米切尔:我也饿了。Todd: Thanks Mitchell.托德:谢谢你,米切尔。译文属 /201408/323319

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