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Former US president Jimmy Carter, 90, appears relaxed and smiling at a press conference in Atlanta yesterday to announce that cancer he revealed earlier this month had sp to his brain.现年90岁的美国前总统吉米愠祓(Jimmy Carter)昨日在亚特兰大举行的一个新闻发布会上宣布,他本月早些时候透露的癌症病情已经扩散至大脑。他看起来自在放松,面带笑容。Despite initial hopes that liver surgery had removed the cancer, tests revealed four cancerous spots on his brain for which he would immediately begin radiation treatment, he told reporters.卡特告诉记者,尽管最初希望肝脏手术能够去除癌症,但检查结果显示他的大脑中个癌病灶,为此他将立即开始接受放射性治疗。“I’ve had a wonderful life,he said. “It’s in God’s hands. I’ll be prepared for anything that comes.He added he was cutting back his work for the humanitarian Carter Center, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. But he was set to teach Sunday school at his local church this weekend as usual.“我已经过了美好的一生,”他称,“现在一切在上帝掌握之中。我将为接下来的无论什么事情做好准备。”他补充称,将减少在人道主义组织——卡特中Carter Center)的工作,他曾因为这项工作而在2002年获得诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)。但是,本周末他将像往常一样去当地教堂的主日学校授课。来 /201508/394365Irans President Hassan Rouhani will depart New York for Tehran on Monday, cutting short his visit for the U.N. General Assembly meetings so that he can take part in a ceremony for the Iranians killed in a stampede during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.伊朗总统鲁哈尼缩短他出席联大会议的行程,周一将离开纽约返回德黑兰,以便参加一年一度朝拜期间死于踩踏的伊朗人的悼念仪式。Some 169 Iranians have been confirmed dead among the 769 killed last week outside the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. More than 300 Iranians remain missing.大约169名伊朗人已经确认死亡,他们是上星期在沙特阿拉伯圣地麦加城外死亡的769人当中的一部分人仍然00多名伊朗人下落不明。Rouhani is scheduled to give a speech before the General Assembly on Monday morning. Irans mission to the U.N. says Rouhani has canceled some of his sideline meetings at the event in order to depart for home in the afternoon.鲁哈尼定于周一上午在联合国大会上发表讲话。伊朗驻联合国代表说,鲁哈尼已经取消了他在联大会议期间的一些场外活动,以便当天下午启程回国。On Sunday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei demanded Saudi Arabia apologize for the stampede.星期天,伊朗最高领袖哈梅内伊要求沙特阿拉伯就踩踏事件道歉。Iranians protested Sunday outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran for a third straight day.一些伊朗人星期天连续第三天在德黑兰的沙特大使馆外抗议。Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir accused Iran of politically exploiting the tragedy.沙特外交大臣艾哈迈德·阿尔 朱拜尔指责伊朗对这起悲剧事件在政治加以利用。来 /201509/401278As voters the world over know, political campaign promises can fly out the window when they hit cold hard reality. So it is in Greece: Just look at the major port of Pireaus, which has served as Athensshipping harbor since the ancient Greeks ruled the seas 2,500 years ago.全世界的选民都知道,政客在竞选时的承诺是没法当真的,一旦碰上残酷的现实,那些甜言蜜语就飞到九宵云外去了。希腊就是这样:只要看看比雷埃夫斯港的命运就可以了。早500年前,当古希腊统治海洋的时候,它就是雅典的主要货运港口。Sadly, the glorious Greek Empire is long gone. And now its descendants in power in Athens are close to selling off Pireaus Port to a current-day imperial giant: China.悲哀的是,辉煌灿烂的古希腊早已湮没在历史的长河中。如今的雅典执政者正打算把比雷埃夫斯港卖给当今世界的强国之一——中囀?The sale, if it goes through as expected, would be a stunning political about-face. It would reverse one of the key promises of Prime Minister Alexis Tsiprasleft-wing Syriza party, which won the Greek elections back in January, partly by vowing to halt the sale of Greece’s strategic assets—one of the biggest being Piraeus Port—as part of his party’s defiance against austerity demands from international creditors. For months since, Greek officials have been loath to admit that their campaign promise will be impossible to keep; Economy Minister George Stathakistold reporters in late February that the port would “remain permanently under state majority holding…as we made clear from the first day.”如果这笔交易成功达成,它将是一次令人震惊的政治大变脸。今月份,总理阿莱克斯o齐普拉斯领衔的希腊左翼同盟之所以成功赢得大选,部分原因就是左翼同盟曾向选民誓称,绝不靠出卖国有战略资产向国际债权人还债(其中最大的一笔资产就是比雷埃夫斯港)。大选后的几个月,希腊官方仍不愿坦承他们不可能遵守当初的承诺。希腊经济部长乔治o斯泰撒基月曾对媒体表示,比雷埃夫斯港“将永远处于国家多数控股下……就像我们一开始就阐明的那样。”But what is much clearer now is that the Greek government’s control over their major port is about to end. As part of Syriza’s deal last month with the IMF, European Commission and the European Central Bank to repay about EUR240 billion (4 billion at the current rate) that Greece borrowed back in 2010, Tsipras was compelled to leave Piraeus Port up for sale.但现如今,局势已变得分外明显:希腊政府对比雷埃夫斯港的控制权即将终结。根据左翼同盟政府上个月与国际货币基金组织、欧盟委员会和欧洲央行达成的协议,希腊政府需偿还它于2010年借贷400亿欧元债款(以当前汇率来算约为2540亿美元)。在这种情况下,齐普拉斯几乎是不得不出售比雷埃夫斯港来筹措债款了。For China, that is excellent news, since its state-run shipping behemoth, COSCO Group, is in pole position to snap up the 67% of Pireaus Port the Greek government controls. Back in 2008, COSCO leased one of two Piraeus terminals in a 35-year operating lease worth about EUR490 million. For Greece, the infusion of money was a godsend. And for China, the deal brought advantages it has sought in Europe for years: A role in operating Europe’s infrastructure as a partner.对于中国来说,这是一个绝好的消息,因为国有航运公司中国远洋运输集团极有可能拿下希腊政府控制的67%的比雷埃夫斯港股权。早008年,中远集团就曾以约4.9亿美元的价格租下了比雷埃夫斯港两个集装箱码头中的一个,租期5年。这笔钱对希腊政府来说不啻于雪中送炭。另一方面,这笔交易也为中国提供了一个它已经苦苦寻找多年的机会,即在欧洲的基础设施领域扮演一个运营伙伴的角色。In fact, Pireaus is key to far bigger plans China has for Europe, including huge new trade with some of the E.U.’s fastest growing markets. “There was speculation that a massive investment in Pireaus might open a whole new entry point into Europe from the South,Alan Murphy, CEO of SeaIntel, a maritime consultancy in Copenhagen, tells FORTUNE. That investment, he says, will be supported by “growth markets in central and Eastern Europe.”事实上,中国有一个更加庞大的欧洲计划,而比雷埃夫斯港正是一枚关键的棋子:中国可以利用这个重要港口,与欧盟的一些经济增长最快的国家开展巨额贸易。哥本哈根航运咨询公司SeaIntel的CEO艾伦o墨菲对《财富》表示:“有一种推测认为,对比雷埃夫斯港的巨额投资,将会打开一个从南方进入欧洲的新大门。”他还表示,这笔投资将会受到“中东欧增长型市场的持。”China’s Greek plans are aly evident: Huawei now runs a logistics center in Pireaus Port, and a Chinese-built rail link is being constructed to connect Pireaus with Central Europe—a route that could trim several days off the regular journey container trucks and freight trains take from Europe’s three major ports of Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Antwerp. “Look at the map: Greece is really strategically placed,says BlankaKoleníková, Senior Analyst for the region’s economy for the consultancy IHS, by phone from London. ”It’s the gateway between Middle East, the Balkans, the E.U., so from the Chinese point of view it’s a really good entry point. To have more leverage in Greece it would be highly desirable for China.”中国布局希腊的计划已经相当明显:华为公司已经在比雷埃夫斯港建立了一个物流中心。此外,中资企业铺设的连接比雷埃夫斯港和中欧地区的铁路目前正在施工,这条铁路将为来自欧洲三大港口(汉堡、鹿特丹、安特卫普)的货车和货运客车节省几天的时间。咨询公司IHS的欧洲经济高级分析师布兰卡o库伦尼科瓦在伦敦接受电话采访时表示:“看看地图就知道,希腊的战略位置非常重要。它是中东、巴尔干和欧盟之间的咽喉。所以从中国的观点看,它是一个极好的进入点。中国要想在希腊取得更大的影响力,比雷埃夫斯港就将是非常重要的。”Since COSCO took control of Piraeus’s Pier II, the company has been massively upgrading the port’s outdated crane system and it has built a new deep-water dock capable of accommodating today’s giant new container ships. As a result, traffic in Piraeus has rocketed to about 3 million containers a year. COSCO says it aims to double that by next year if it wins the bid to operate the rest of the port. If it succeeds, Pireaus could feasibly become as big a container port as Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, all of which sit across the continent.自从中远集团接入比雷埃夫斯港号码头以来,该集团已对该码头老旧的吊装系统进行了大规模升级,并且新修建了一个深水船坞,用来停泊现代化的新型巨轮。因此,比雷埃夫斯港的年吞吐量已经飙升至300万只集装箱。中远集团表示,如果该集团成功收购了比雷埃夫斯港的其它部分,它的吞吐量明年将有望再翻一番。一旦实现这个目标,比雷埃夫斯港的货运能力将不亚于欧洲三大港,而后者均座落于欧洲大陆的另一端。But that is only part of the story. In fact, Piraeus’s bifurcated operation has become a study in contrasts between two worlds: China’s hyper-efficiency and the deep management problems that beset cash-strapped Greece.不过这仅仅是其中的一方面。另一方面,比雷埃夫斯港这几年“一港两制”的经历也展现了两个世界的鲜明对比:中国的效率超高,而缺乏资金的希腊存在严重的管理问题。On the one side of the port stand the two quiet piers, still in Greek government hands. On the other is COSCO’s operation, which has become a magnet for monster ships needing state-of-the-art loading gear to move millions of containers. “We are simply twice as fast,COSCO’s Piraeus chief executive, Chinese Navy captainFu Cheng Qui, told the German magazine Der Spiegelthis week. “We can complete 36 container movements per hour, and time is money. Look, Pier I is almost empty,he told the reporter, looking out the window at the Greek-run side of the port. “That is very sad.”在比雷埃夫斯港的那一边,还有两个静静的码头仍处于希腊政府的控制下。与那边的安静不同,中远集团的码头仿佛是吸引巨型货轮的磁铁一般,每年使用先进的吊装设备忙碌地装卸数百万只集装箱。中远集团比雷埃夫斯港负责人本周对德囀?明镜周刊》表示:“我们的速度是他们的两倍。我们每小时可以装卸36个集装箱。时间就是金钱。你看,1号码头那边差不多是空的。”他隔着窗子,看着希腊控制的那个码头,对记者说:“太可怜了。”Sad indeed, as much of Greece’s dire situation is. Since being elected, Tsipras and his key ministers have been in constant motion in Brussels, Paris, Moscow—and Beijing—attempting to forge agreements, and to plead for enough time to stave off bankruptcy, and so avoid Greece’s exit from the Eurozone. On Thursday Greece repaid a EUR450 million loan to the IMF with just hours to go before defaulting.的确是太可怜了,希腊的总体情况也是一样。自从当选后,齐普拉斯和他的部长们整天在布鲁塞尔、巴黎、莫斯科和北京之间穿梭,试图订立协议,争取更多时间避免破产,同时也避免希腊被欧元区“开除”。上周希腊政府刚刚向IMF偿还了一.5亿美元的贷款,当时离这笔贷款违约只剩下几个小时。But there are far more debts to be paid, and Greece’s public deficit is currently about 175% of its GDP. For Tspiras, warding off total bankruptcy has become a lot more urgent—and doable—than implementing the anti-austerity program that catapulted his Syriza party to power. If that means selling Greece’s prized assets to Beijing, it now seems worth ditching his statement that he would hold on to the country’s strategic assets. He would not be the first politician, nor the last, to break his election promises.当然,等待希腊偿还的债务还要多得多,而希腊的财政赤字目前已经达到了GDP75%。对于齐普拉斯来说,目前更紧迫也更实际的任务,是如何让希腊避免破产,而不是竞选时用来邀买民心的反紧缩政策。如果这意味着希腊不得不把宝贵的资产卖给中国,那么齐普拉斯丢掉“保卫国有资产”的豪言壮语也是值是的。毕竟违背竞选誓词的政客,他不是第一个,也不会是最后一个 /201504/371657

Train drivers and conductors in the GDL trade union are continuing their strike. Along with freight trains, passenger services have been affected by the strike since Thursday. While the media and politicians are doing everything to smear the striking train drivers, they have considerable popular support.德国铁路司机工会组织GDL的火车司机和售票员正在继续他们的罢工。从周四开始,旅客列车和货运列车皆受到其影响。尽管媒体和政府用尽一切办法来诋毁罢工的火车司机,但他们仍受到民众的广泛持。The picket line in Berlin图为在柏林的罢工Deutsche Bahn lodged an application at the labour court in Frankfurt on Thursday in an attempt to force the drivers back to work. The judges issued a compromise in the evening, which remained unpublished. At first it was unclear if the negotiating parties had agreed to the proposal or if the court was still reaching a decision.德国联邦铁路公司(德国最大的铁路运输公司)在周四向法兰克福的劳动法庭提出申请,以期迫使罢工中的司机回到工作岗位上。法官在综合考虑各个方面后给出了还未公布的折中方案。而现在谈判双方是否已经同意这个方案还是仍需要法院来做出判决尚不清楚On public television ARDs Morgenmagazin on Thursday, GDL leader Claus Weselsky declared that a precondition for any agreement was the recognition of the GDL as a negotiating partner for the conductors it represented. “Deutsche Bahn has to stop violating the fundamental rights of train drivers and conductors,said Weselsky. Thus far, management has refused to negotiate separate comprehensive agreements with the GDL.在周四德国电视一台的《晨间杂志》节目中,德国铁路司机工会组织(GDL)主席魏塞斯基宣称承认GDL是代表售票员和司机来作为谈判的一方是达成任何协议的前提条件。魏塞斯基说:“德国联邦铁路公司必须停止侵犯火车司机和售票员的基本权益。”迄今为止,管理方已经拒绝了单独同GDL达成综合协议的谈判。Strikers in Berlin柏林罢工者Deutsche Bahns judicial action was accompanied by a raging media campaign against the train drivers. Representatives of all parties attacked the strikers and demanded an end to the action. By contrast, the population has met the strike with sympathy.与此同时,媒体也开始向铁路司机发起讨伐。各方代表开始攻击罢工者,要求他们结束行动。与之形成对比的是,民众对罢工持同情态度。At Ostbahnhof in Berlin, dozens of strikers gathered to inform passengers about their demands.在柏林火车东站,许多罢工者聚集在一起向乘客阐述他们的要求。JürgenJürgen, a train driver, explained the connection between privatisation and the deterioration in working conditions. “Deutsche Bahn is always cutting back. Nothing is accepted that costs money. Care and waiting have been neglected, workshop staff laid off. As a driver, I now take on the responsibilities of a train driver, head conductor, of preparing the train, and a lot more. All for the same pay.;于尔根是一名火车司机,他解释了私有化和工作条件恶化之间的关系。“德国联邦铁路公司一直都在削减。只要是花钱的项目一律不予考虑。火车养护和等待都被忽略掉了,车间工人都被解雇了。作为一名司机,我现在不仅要做好一名火车司机,还要做乘务长,做好火车的准备工作和其它很多工作。但工资却没有增长。”Train driver Axel stated that working conditions had gotten progressively worse in recent years, and that the only direction pursued was more layoffs. “Shifts are increasingly directed towards being effective. Breaks have been reduced so much that it cant go on. Train drivers are sent across the country, have to stay overnight in hotels and are in this way separated from their families. Co-workers call this a denial of their freedom. Deutsche Bahn operates so many trains. Why cant it be organised differently?”火车司机艾克斯尔称最近几年工作条件变得尤为恶劣,并且公司唯一能做的便是解雇员工。“倒班越来越多。休假一直在减少,以至于无法继续下去。火车司机被派往全国各地,不得不在旅馆过夜,并且因此与家人分开。工友们认为这剥夺了他们的自由。巴恩公司经营着这么多的列车,为何不能在运营组织方面做出改变呢?”The workers no longer matter, only efficiency. ;All times are almost measured in seconds,; he said. The result of this burden is that workers are laid off, while those who remain have to do more overtime. ;Thats why we want to improve the conditions for all rail staff.;工人们无关紧要,只顾追求效率。“时间几乎都以秒来计算,”他说道。这种高压造成的后果是很多人离职,而剩下的必须进一步加班加点。“这就是为何我们要求改善所有铁路职工工作条件的原因。”The strike was also about organising in an independent trade union and being allowed to strike, Axel noted. “The basic principle of a large trade union is actually good, because it is strong,he said. ;But the question has to be asked, why are the DGB (German trade union confederation) unions losing so many members? Why does the Margburger Bund (doctors union) in some areas organise more staff in hospitals than Verdi? Workers dont feel they are represented by the trade unions any more.;这次罢工还涉及到独立工会的组织问题以及工人拥有罢工的权利问题。艾克斯尔提到“一个大型工会的基本原则是好的,因为这样的工会很强大。”他说道“但问题是为何德国工会联盟会丧失如此众多的会员?为何某些地方的医生工会组织到的人比威尔第工会所组织到的人多?工人们感到工会不再代表他们。”MirkoAlong with train drivers, conductors and many other rail workers who had moved from the EVG to the GDL in recent years were also present. A train conductor explained that she had joined the GDL after the head of the EVG predecessor, Norbert Hansen of Transnet, had joined company management and made millions for himself. “I thought then, this is not a trade union that represents my interests.;与火车司机一起出现在现场的还有售票员以及很多其他铁路工作者,近些年他们从铁路工会转到铁路司机工会。一位火车售票员解释说在铁路工会前任负责人Norbert Hansen加入公司管理集团后,她加入了铁路司机工会,而Hansen还获得了百万收入。“从那时起,我便想到这个工会不能代表我的利益。”There were fewer signs of the strike at the central train station in Stuttgart. In southern Germany, the number of train drivers employed as public servants is much higher than in the rest of the country. They are banned from striking. Two co-workers employed as public servants expressed their full solidarity with the strike. They were shocked by the hysteria in the media.在斯图加特中心火车站的罢工迹象更少。在德国南部,受雇成为公务员的火车司机数量比其他地区多。政府禁止他们罢工。但两位公务员同事也表示完全持罢工。媒体歇斯底里的报道令他们感到震惊。Passengers also showed their solidarity and opposed the media campaign. “As an employee I support the strike,a passenger said. ;Even though I have to wait over an hour for my train. A strike is always a means to push for demands that would otherwise be denied.;旅客们也表示持罢工,并且反对媒体的行为。“作为一名被雇佣者,我持罢工。”一位旅客说“尽管我不得不花小时等车,但罢工终归是一种手段,以争取不被接受的需求;;One only has to look at history,; Mirko, a train driver, intervened. ;Then one can say why people are leaving the EVG (the DGB-aligned rail union). The trade union and its predecessor organised the privatisation of the railway with the SPD (Social Democrats).; Since then, he added, everything has been about maximising profits. “The EVG collaborated with everything.;“人只有回顾历史才会明白,”火车司机默克打断道“为何人们要退出铁路工会。工会及其前身同社会民主党一起实施了铁路私有化。”他补充道,“从此,所有工作都为了利益最大化,铁路工会与所有人合作。”Uwe, a train driver from Berlin, also saw the defence of the right to strike as a central issue in the strike action. “Twenty five years ago, we took to the streets for our basic rights. We got rid of the unified trade union (the East German trade union), because as employees we were not represented by it. Now we are to give up these basic rights and be compelled to join a massive union. What do the politicians want from us来自柏林的火车司机尤为也看到了在罢工行动中,捍卫罢工权利是核心问题。5年前,我们走上街头争取自己的基本权利。我们抛弃了统一工会(东德工会),因为工会不再代表作为工人的我们。现在要我们放弃这些基本权利,被迫加入一个大型工会,政治家们想要从我们身上得到什么?”PatriciaAt the train station in Essen we spoke with Patricia, who works in the care sector and comes from Leipzig. She compared the hysteria in the media against the train drivers with war reporting. ;As in war, the first victim is the truth,;she said.在Essen火车站,我们与Patricia进行了交谈。她来自Leipzig,在列车养护部门工作。她把媒体反对罢工、歇斯底里般的报道形容成战争,“正如在战争中,首先牺牲的便是事实。”她说道。The media was portraying it as if all that is involved is a struggle between the trade unions. ;I dont agree with this presentation. The small trade unions are not superfluous.;媒体把罢工描述成仿佛一切都是不同工会间的一场斗争。“我不同意这个观点。小型工会并非没有必要。”She had previously experienced how bad the large trade unions in the care sector were. ;Public service union Verdi is above all concerned with fighting for its own interests, not those of the workers.; The right to have ones own union and independent strikes had to be defended.以前他曾见过在养护部门的大型工会表现极为差劲。“公共务工会Verdi首先关注的是争取自己的利益,而不是工人的利益。”我们必须捍卫拥有自己的工会和举行独立罢工的权利。来 /201411/343109

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