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Lession8—Here comes my secretary. She is an extremely good-looking young woman, don't you think? —Yes, but she isn't very good at her work. —Perhaps you are right. But I like her all the same. —Good evening, and how have you spent the day? —I serviced and cleaned the car till lunch time. —And what did you do after lunch? —I took the family into the country a picnic. —Hello, Tony, where have you been? —Swimming. —Who did you go with? —I went with Mark and Elizabeth. —Hello, why haven't you lit your cigar? —I haven't brought my lighter. —I would lend you mine, if you like. —Thank you. That's very kind of you. —Good evening. Can I help you? —Yes. I have injured my ankle. —What happened? —I fell off a ladder last night. —What are those trays made of? —They are made of plastic. —Are trays always made of plastic? —No. They are sometimes made of wood or metal. —What's wrong? —I'm very thirsty. —Why not buy a cup of coffee, then? —Yes. That's a good idea. I will. —Excuse me. But is it half past four yet? —I'm sorry, but I haven't got a watch. Try the man with the walking stick. He has one. —Thank you. I will. —I'm going to buy a new carpet. —But you can't do that. —Why can't I? —We haven't got enough money. —What are you going to do this afternoon? —I'm going to weed the garden. —Are you going to weed the garden tomorrow afternoon, too? —No. I'm going to paint the front door. —I'm going to sit on this chair. —But you mustn't. —Why not? —Because it's broken. —Do you like roast chicken? —Yes. I love it. Thank you. —Do you prefer brown meat or white meat? —I really don't mind. Thank you. —Did you buy anything when you went to Paris? —Yes. I bought a briefcase. —What's it like? —It's a large, leather one. —Did you take a bus to the meeting place? —No. I went in Richard's car. —Did Susan go in Richard's car, too? —No. She took a taxi. —Excuse me, sir, is this your cigarette lighter? —I beg your pardon? —I said "Is this your cigarette lighter". —Oh, yes, it is. Thank you so much. —Not at all. It's a pleasure. —Are you engaged, Margaret? —Of course I'm not. Why do you ask, Nicholett? —I only wanted to practice my English. —Oh, I see. You want to make use of me. Listen to these people talking about things they like, things they don't like and things they sometimes like. Kurt is talking to Georgina. Male: Do you like chocolates? Female: It depends. Instructor: Here is the question: Does she like chocolates? "Sometimes" is the correct answer. Now listen to the next example and do the same. Male: Would you like a chocolate? Female: Not at the moment. Thanks. Instructor: Here is the question: Does she like chocolates? "Don't know" is the correct answer. Here are more conversations. (a) Female: Do you like pop music? Male: It depends. Instructor: Does he like pop music? (b) Male: Would you like to come to a concert tonight? Female: Sorry. I'm afraid I can't. Instructor: Does she like pop concerts? (c) Male: Do you like good coffee? Female: Mmmm. It's delicious. Instructor: Does she like good coffee? (d) Female: Do you like English food? Male: Not all of it. Instructor: Does he like English food? (e) Male: Would you like a cup of tea? Female: I'd rather have a cool drink, please. Instructor: Does she like tea? (f) Female: Would you like an ice cream? Male: Well ... I never eat ice cream. Instructor: Does he like ice cream? (g) Male: Would you like to come to a football match tomorrow? Female: Football matches are usually awful. Instructor: Does she like football matches? (h) Male: Would you like to come to the cinema this evening? Female: That would be lovely. Instructor: Does she like the cinema? Bob and Angela are window-shopping. The shop is closed, but they are talking about the sales next week. They are planning to buy a lot of things. Bob: Look at that, Angela. True-Value are going to sell hi-fi's 7.6 pounds. I'm going to buy one. We can save at least twenty pounds. Angela: Yes, and look at the washing machines. They're going to sell some washing machines 98.95 pounds. So we can save twenty-two pounds. A washing machine is more important than a hi-fi. Bob: By the way, Angela. Do you know how much money we've got? About two hundred pounds, I hope. Angela: Here's the bank statement. I didn't want to open it. Oh, dear. Bob: What's the matter? Angela: We haven't got two hundred pounds, I'm afraid. Bob: Well, come on. How much have we got? Angela: Only 0. pounds. Susan is talking to Christine. Susan: I hear you and James are engaged at last. Christine: Yes, we are. Susan: When are you getting married? Christine: In the spring. Susan: Oh, lovely. Where's the wedding going to be? Christine: Well ... We're not sure yet, probably in St. Albans. Susan: Oh, yes, your parents live there, don't they? Christine: Yes, that's right. Susan: Where are you going to live? Christine: We're going to buy a flat or a small house somewhere in South London. Susan: Are you going to give up your job? Christine: Yes, probably, but I may look another one when we've settled in. I have a watch. It is a Swiss watch. It is not new and my friends are sometimes a little rude about it. They tell me to buy a new one. But I do not want a new one. I am very happy with my old watch. Last week it stopped. So I took it to the shop. I did not ask an estimate. Today I went to get it. Do you know how much I had to pay? Five pounds. Five pounds just cleaning a watch. Have you ever thought what it is like to be one of those beautiful girls that you see on the front of fashion magazines? They meet interesting people, they travel to exciting places, and sometimes they make a lot of money. But they have to work hard. They often have to get up very early in the morning, and of course they have to be very careful about what they eat. 150Or I shall live your epitaph to make,如你先我而逝我当写下你的祭文,Or you survive when I in earth am rotten;如我不幸早衰便安然自朽于墓茔From hence your memory death cannot take,你纵然仙逝英名会长在人口,Although in me each part will be gotten.我名贱身微当被人忘个干净Your name from hence immortal life shall have,你身虽殁有我的诗章使你长生,Though I, once gone, to all the world must die我一旦辞别当永世化作微尘The earth can yield me but a common grave,地阔天长,只赐我孤坟一处,When you entombed in men eyes shall lie.人心为家,你在千万人眼里葬身Your monument shall be my gentle verse,我笔下诗行化作你坟前墓碑,Which eyes not yet created shall oer-,来日方长,自有人细读碑铭And tongues to be your being shall rehearse纵当今世界万众皆成厉鬼,When all the breathers of this world are dead;有千口万舌对后世缕述你生平,You still shall live—such virtue hath my pen凡有活人处你便活在人口,Where breath most breathes, even in the mouths of men.你与天齐寿,全仗我笔力千钧 586

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