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Wash Your Hands洗手Wash your hands. Wash your hands often. Wash your hands ten times a day. Clean hands fight germs. Clean hands look good. Clean hands smell good. Everything you touch has germs. Money has germs. Germs live on money days. Paper money is dirty. Metal money is dirty. Folding money is dirty. Coins are dirty. Everyone touches money. Sick people touch money. Wash your hands after you touch money. Door handles are dirty. Germs live on door handles weeks. Germs love door handles. Everyone touches door handles. Sick people touch door handles. Wash your hands after you touch door handles. People are dirty. People have germs. Germs love people. Germs live on people months. Wash your hands after you touch other people. Wash your hands after you hug other people. Wash your hands after you shake hands with other people. Wash your hands, and wash some more. You cant wash your hands too often.洗手要经常洗手每天要洗手十次干净的手细菌较少干净的手很好看干净的手很好闻你摸的每样东西都有细菌钱上面有细菌细菌能够在钱币上存活几天纸质钱币很脏金属货币很脏现款很脏硬币很脏每个人都会接触到钱病人会触摸钱摸完钱以后要洗手门把手很脏细菌能在门把手上存活几周细菌喜欢待在门把手上每个人都会碰到门把手病人会碰到门把手碰完门把手后要洗手人们很脏人们携带细菌细菌喜欢人类细菌能在人的身体上存活几个月碰到别人后要洗手跟别人拥抱完后要洗手和别人握完手后要洗手洗手,要经常洗洗手再多都没有坏处译文属原创,,不得转载 6359

Ask an American: Online money management; dont worry versus dont bother; not only; to moveget past a feeling; pronouncing wool versus wallWords:to calculateto allocateto withdrawto accrue interestinfographicpersonal financesto pay offto partnerlegitimatesavvyconnecteddont worrydont bothernot onlyto moveget past a feeling 3681

US Says Chemical Weapons Used In Syria叙利亚现化学武器Hundreds of people reportedly died in a chemical attack on a Damascus suburb last Wednesday, and many more were badly injured. Following a UN investigation, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State said there is little doubt that the Syrian government is behind the gas attack. The US has also accused the Syrian regime of covering up the attack. ed Nations investigators had been trying to access the area where the attack took place, but had come under fire. The Syrian government finally allowed UN investigators into the area on Sunday after it had been largely destroyed. US Navy ships are reportedly moving into place a possible military response.据报道称,大马士革郊区于上周三遭化学武器袭击,致数百人死亡联合国已介入调查,美国务卿约翰·克里表示称,叙政府军使用毒气,这一点毫无疑问美方指责叙政府掩盖事实真相联合国调查人员试图进入战区,但遭政府军阻拦周日,叙政府军最终“放行”,但该地区已遭大面积摧毁有报道称,为应对有可能发生的军事行动,美海军舰艇已进入该区域译文属原创,,不得转载 375

parrot鹦鹉,beak(鸟类的)嘴,trim修剪,apt易于I Won’t Hurt YouOne day, a man brought in an African Grey Parrot to have its beak and wings trimmed. The owner warned that the bird disliked these procedures and was apt to bite. I donned thick gloves and cautiously opened the cage. The parrot stepped out and, looking up at me, said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”我不会伤害你的有一天,一个男子带着一只非洲灰鹦鹉来修剪它的嘴和翅膀他警告说,这只鸟不喜欢这个过程,会咬人我戴上厚厚的手套,小心翼翼地打开鸟笼子的门这只鹦鹉走出来,抬头看看我说:“别担心,我不会伤害你的”1.parrot鹦鹉It is not a writer's job to play the parrot.作家绝不可鹦鹉学舌 .trim修剪/削减The gardener trimmed the hedge.那位园林工人修剪了树篱You must trim your costs if you want to make bigger profits.如果你想获得更大的利润, 就必须削减开3.procedure过程There is a set procedure making mal complaints.要正式提出投诉是有固定程序的也可以指“手续”:The procedure is standard.这一手续是正常的 .apt易于也可以指“适合”:The words are very apt to my case.这些话非常切合我的情况“天姿聪颖的人”: He is the most apt of all pupils.他是所有学生中最聪明的一个5.don披上,穿上He quickly donned a welcoming smile as his guests arrived.客人一到, 他立刻笑脸相迎6.cautious小心的,谨慎的 7769

the pedophiles are using this technology and the fact that they can hide behind anonymity and pretend they are another child to lure our children in ways that we are not yet prepared to teach our children to avoid.One of the goals of UNESCO is to make sure all children have access to the Internet, and yet in doing this, you want to make sure they have access safely.It sounds like a huge task to get companies and countries involved in doing this.It is a huge task. I do agree with you. It is a worldwide problem and that is the reason why action has to be global and international. I think even though it a very big task, we are little by little going to get there, with everybody help.What are some of other dangers, I mean, weve talked about a little bit or alluded to child pornography. How does that impact children?Often the pedophiles use child pornography to desensitize our children. So if theyre setting a conversation up, and they send a photo to a ten-year-old of another ten-year-old engaged in sexual activity, that the ten-year-old now thinks that perhaps it not so unusual and it not so contraband them to engage in sexual activity as well. And that typically how it used.And is...is there one other aspect regarding hate email or hate websites?I think the dangerous, the biggest danger obviously is not from inmation, but from people who want to hurt children.Un, but there are hate sites and bigotry and intolerance, there are sites where children can order guns and poison and drugs and tobacco and alcohol,there are sites that teach our children how to build bombs and untunately they are building bombs with this inmation.And there is a lot of misinmation and cults, and that is quite dangerous,I mean, in addition, we...our children may be exposed to inmation that parents would prefer theyre not exposed to.Because of this, what we need to do is to arm parents with the tools they need to educate their children and keep them safe, and make sure that law encement does what they can to clean up the criminal activities online.What are your specific tasks in the ed States?Three prongs are making sure that children are safe from predators: that we try to do what we can to control child pornography, we work closely with law encement, we get all of the Internet service providers and all of the Internet industry on board.And I should tell you that most of them are there aly as part of...as committed members of the National Action Committee.We are also committed to helping schools and teachers and libraries to get the most out of the Internet by learning how to use it and developing safety programs and education programs parentsso that parents will let their children be on the Internet and help them deal with the risks theyll face day to day from predators, and from kooks and crackpots and misinmation and hate that they will face,so that were here to empower the parents to help keep the children safe. 501991

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