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青岛市新阳光妇产做人流好吗市北区做体检多少钱青岛中心医院在周日有上班吗 A decomposing body may not seem like an ideal meditation aid, but at some of Thailand’s tens of thousands of Buddhist temples, it is common to find monks reflecting while seated before a rotting corpse.一具腐烂的尸体或许不像是辅助冥想的理想之物,但在泰国的数万座佛寺中,有些寺里的僧人的确经常坐在腐烂的尸体前沉思。The practice of corpse meditation, largely limited to Thailand today, is an ancient concept in Buddhism, sanctioned by the Buddha himself. 这种尸体冥想是佛教的一种古老观念,由佛陀本人准许,如今基本只在泰国境内存在。There are centuries-old murals and manuscripts depicting scenes of meditation next to different types of cadavers, some infested with worms, others cut in two or being picked at by crows.一些有数百年历史的壁画和手稿描绘了人们在尸体旁边冥想的景象,尸体多种多样,有的布满蛆虫,有的一分为二,还有的被乌鸦啄食。The unpleasant sight and overpowering stench of flesh decaying in tropical heat can impart lessons about important Buddhist precepts, like nonattachment to one’s body and the impermanence of everything, said Justin McDaniel, a professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania.这种令人不快的场面以及肉体在高温下腐烂的难闻臭味可以传达重要的佛教教义,诸如不要执着肉体,一切都是无常,宾夕法尼亚大学宗教学教授贾斯汀#8226;麦克丹尼尔(Justin McDaniel)说。The ritual is viewed as a powerful way to learn selflessness, Professor McDaniel said, and the more selfless you are, the closer you are to nirvana.这种仪式被视为一种学习无我的强大方式,麦克丹尼尔说,你愈是无我,就愈接近涅槃。The corpse is often that of a child or young adult who has died unexpectedly. 尸体通常是意外死亡的孩子或年轻人的。A family will donate the body to a temple, hoping something good can come from the tragedy.家人把尸体捐到寺庙,希望这样的悲剧可以产生一些善果。The monks see the deceased young people as representing the best of humanity, Professor McDaniel said. 僧侣们把这些早逝的年轻人视为人性最美好一面的代表,麦克丹尼尔教授说。They’re innocent — not so selfish and greedy and ambitious. 他们是纯洁的——并没有太多的我执、贪念和野心。If something so beautiful can decay, why are you so proud and vain? You’re even uglier.如果这样美好的东西也会腐朽,为什么你还要如此骄傲自负呢,你更丑陋。The abbots who run Thailand’s temples, or wats, have tremendous leeway in adopting innovative approaches to meditation, and certain practices may be limited to a single sanctuary.泰国寺院的住持有很大的自由度,可以采用各种有创意的冥想方式,有些方式只限于在某一座寺庙进行。At one temple in Nong Bua Lamphu Province, a monk meditates in what appears to be hot oil. 在廊磨喃蒲府(Nong Bua Lamphu Province)的一座寺院里,一个僧侣在似乎是热油的液体里冥想。At another temple, Wat Tham Mangkon Thong, nuns meditate while floating in a pool. 在金龙洞寺(Wat Tham Mangkon Thong),尼姑漂浮在水池中冥想。At Wat Pai Civilsai, meditation has taken place in a box with pythons. 在Pai Civilsai寺,僧侣们在装着蟒蛇的箱子里冥想。Monks also meditate in caves and coffins, where the absolute darkness enhances concentration.僧侣们还会在洞穴和棺材里冥想,里面绝对的黑暗有助于集中精神。So-called forest monks who observe strict ascetic practices known as dhutanga are said to meditate while walking for weeks without ever lying down, even to sleep.所谓的林中僧侣奉行一种严格的苦修,叫做头陀苦行。据说他们在冥想中会一连行走几个星期,不用躺下来休息,甚至不睡觉。It is not only monks who meditate in ways that may seem extreme.不仅仅是僧人会以看似极端的方式进行冥思。Julia Cassaniti, an anthropology professor at Washington State University, was walking in the woods of a Thai monastery when she heard screams coming from a hut. 华盛顿州立大学人类学教授茱莉亚#8226;卡桑尼提(Julia Cassaniti)在泰国一座寺院的森林里行走时,听见一座小屋里传来阵阵尖叫声。The laypeople inside were using meditation to interact with their past lives, a struggle that adherents describe as painful.屋里的俗家修行者正在使用冥想与自己的前世交流,根据信徒的描述,那是一种痛苦的挣扎。A mediation technique that both monks and laypeople practice is a 10-day period of total silence. 有一种僧人和俗家修行者都采取的冥想方式是连续10天保持绝对静默。Some temples offer meditation retreats for tourists and encourage visitors to remain awake for the final three days.有些寺院为游客提供冥想体验场所,鼓励游客在最后三天一直保持清醒。The sleep deprivation is seen as worth it to get to the first stages of enlightenment, said Brooke Schedneck, a lecturer in Buddhist studies at the Institute of South East Asian Affairs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.为了达到觉醒的初级阶段,睡眠剥夺被认为是值得的,泰国清迈东南亚事务研究所的佛学讲师布鲁克#8226;施德尼克(Brooke Schedneck)说。The goal of meditation for all Buddhists is to gain insights into spiritual truths. 所有佛教徒冥想的目标都是为了获得对灵性真相的认识。These more extreme practices, Professor Cassaniti said, can heighten the access, so you get there a little faster or more intensely.卡桑尼提说,这些更加极端的修行方式可以增强接近真相的机会,帮助你更快,或是更强烈地体验那种境界。 /201609/464403莱西市妇女儿童医院怎么预约

青岛市儿童医院预约电话Beijing is planning to build a web of ventilation corridors to facilitate air flow and blow away smog and pollutants, municipal authorities said on Saturday. The five primary ventilation corridors are designed to be more than 500 meters in width. Some secondary corridors will be over 80 meters wide, said Wang Fei, deputy head of Beijing#39;s urban planning committee.北京市市政府周六表示,北京市正在计划修建一座通风廊道以促进空气流通,并吹散雾霾和污染物。北京城市规划委员会副主任王飞称,计划在建的五个主要的通风廊道宽度达到500多米。二级通风廊道宽度达到80多米。The corridors will be created by connecting the city#39;s parks, rivers and lakes, highways along with their green belts, as well as low building blocks.据悉,该通风廊道将通过连接城市的公园、河流湖泊、绿化带沿线的高速公路和低矮的建筑群来建设。The five major ventilation corridors largely run from the northern suburban areas to the south. One corridor will run through the central axis of Beijing from Taiping Suburban Park in the north, via the Olympic Park, the Temple of Heaven, all the way to the Beijing-Shanghai Highway in the southern end of the city.这五大主要通风廊道将会横贯城市的南北部。其中一个通风廊道将横穿北京中轴线,自北部的太平郊野公园起,经过奥林匹克公园、天坛,一路直达城市南部的京沪高速路。In addition to the planned primary and secondary ventilation corridors, other smaller corridors will also be added to the system. Construction in these zones will be strictly controlled, and obstacles along the way will be gradually removed, Wang said.王飞表示,除了规划主要和次级通风廊道外,这个系统还将包括其他小一点儿的通风廊道。这些区域的建设将被严格控制,路边的障碍物也会被逐渐移除。Air pollution has become a major concern of residents in Beijing as the city saw the heaviest smogs of years in November and December, 2015, partly due to winter heating.2015年11月和12月,北京遭遇了有史以来最严重的雾霾,空气污染已经成为北京居民的忧中之忧,原因部分归结于冬季取暖。 /201602/427704青岛普通人流价格 This piece addresses the challenge: Donald Trump was not an accident but the logical culmination of long-term trends in politics and society. 本篇回答的问题是:唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)的崛起并非偶然,而是政治、社会长期趋势的必然结果。Discuss.请就这一说法进行论述。Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election at first seemed a definitive rejection not only of Mr Trump but of the very notion of Trumpism. (本文有关2016美国大选结果的描述,为作者的虚构情境,编者注)唐纳德.特朗普在2016年总统选举中落败,最初看起来不仅是对特朗普的明确否决,而且还是对特朗普主义这个概念的明确否决。He lost the black vote by 94 points, the Hispanic vote by 66 points and the female vote by 16 points — 他以94个百分点的差距输掉黑人选票,66个百分点的差距输掉西裔美国人选票,16个百分点的差距输掉女性选票。and the demographic and cultural trends pointed to an ever larger non-white population and an increasingly empowered female population.美国的人口和文化呈现出这样的趋势:非白人人口越来越多,女性人口的力量越来越强大。No matter how angry white male voters became, simple maths implied that they had blown their last chance to take their country back.无论白人男性选民多么愤怒,简单的加减法表明,他们失去了夺回自己国家的最后机会。The future, according to one disappointed Trump supporter, belongs to some Hispanic lesbian with a plan for more inclusive bathrooms and a visceral hatred of red meat.一名失望的特朗普持者表示:未来属于某个西裔女同,她计划推广中性厕所、并发自内心地憎恶红肉。The Republican party’s famous report on its 2016 election loss, Autopsy 2: The History of a Dead Horse, appeared to acknowledge this harsh reality. 共和党发表的关于其2016年败选的著名报告《剖析2:一匹死马的历史》(Autopsy 2: The History of a Dead Horse)似乎承认了这一严峻的现实。Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, noted that the party had not sold its soul to Mr Trump. 美国共和党全国委员会(Republican National Committee)主席雷恩斯.普里巴斯(Reince Priebus)指出,共和党没有将灵魂出卖给特朗普。It was merely rented, Mr Priebus insisted, and it was returned with hardly any visible damage at all. 普里巴斯坚称:只是出借了一下,而且几乎没有造成任何明显的损害。Reform was in the air.改革呼之欲出。In a vicious counter-revolution, the Republican elite purged the Trumpian elements from its ranks. 在一场恶性的反革命行动中,共和党精英将特朗普主义元素从体系里清除了出去。Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani all abandoned politics and took jobs as commentators with Trump’s TV Huge#8482;, his cable news network (all were fired within six months). 克里斯.克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)、纽特.金里奇(Newt Gingrich)和鲁迪.朱利亚尼(Rudy Giuliani)全都退出政界,在特朗普的有线新闻台TV Huge#8482;担任员(而且全都在6个月里被炒了鱿鱼)。The party also cartelised its donors, cutting off the insurgent candidates from life-giving soft money. 共和党也垄断了捐赠者,切断了叛逆候选人赖以维持竞选的软钱。They seized control of the primary system, appointing hundreds of super-delegates, closing the state primaries and establishing a system for equal television time for candidates not aly blessed with celebrity.他们控制了初选体系,任命了数百名超级代表,搞定了各州的初选并创建了让尚不知名的候选人也能获得同等上电视时间的制度。The reform process worked. 这种改革进程取得了成效,At least, it worked for a while and to a degree. 至少在一段时间内、在某种程度上取得了成效。The Republican primary voters seemed dispirited but chastened. 共和党初选选民似乎积极性受挫,但也学乖了。In the next four primary elections, the party nominated a Bush and three Romney boys, whom no one could tell apart. 在接下来4场大选的初选中,共和党分别提名了一个来自布什家族的候选人和三个罗姆尼家的小伙子(这三个没人能分得清)。They were firmly from the Republican establishment. 他们绝对属于共和党建制派,They all made an earnest effort to attract minority and female voters.而且全都竭尽全力吸引少数族裔和女性选民。But they did not get elected. 但他们没有当选。Minority voters were unimpressed with what became known as the Wonder B candidates. 少数族裔选民对这些后来被形容为奇妙面包(Wonder B)的候选人不感冒。The Trumpian Republican base lacked enthusiasm for their platform of tax cuts and strong defence, while swing voters were more inspired by exotic Democratic candidates. 曾经坚定持特朗普的那些共和党选民对他们提出的减税和巩固国防纲领缺乏热情,而摇摆选民对那些充满新鲜元素的民主党候选人更有共鸣。The Republicans lost in rapid succession to the first female president, the first Hispanic president and the first gay president. 共和党迷失在美国首位女性总统、首位西裔总统以及首位同性恋总统的快速更替中。Julian Castro’s vice-president was a transgender Iraqi war veteran, referred to in official functions by the gender neutral pronoun ne.朱利安.卡斯特罗(Julian Castro)的副总统是一个曾参加伊拉克战争的跨性别者,在官方场合中用中性代词ne来指代。The Republican base grew more restless and angry as the inaugural parade evolved into a multicultural showcase for alternative lifestyles. 随着总统就职典礼游行演变为另类生活方式的多文化展览场,共和党的基础选民越来越焦躁和愤怒。The court-ordered legalisation of polygamy in 2030 was the rightwing’s final, bitter defeat in the culture wars. 法庭在2030年裁定一夫多妻合法,标志着这场文化战争以右翼的惨败告终。The electorate was clearly waiting for a leader who could both respond to their cultural fears but also charm the mass of apathetic voters brainwashed by political correctness.所有选民显然都在等待这样一个领导人,即既能回应他们在文化方面的担忧,又能争取大量被政治正确性洗脑的麻木的选民。In 2036, that candidate emerged from the most obvious of places: the Trump family. 在2036年,这样一个候选人在最显而易见的地方出现了:特朗普家族。Building on the example of French president Marine Le Pen, Ivanka Trump set out to present the old Trumpism with a human face. 效仿法国总统马琳.勒庞(Marine Le Pen)的榜样,伊万卡.特朗普(Ivanka Trump)开始以人性化的面孔重新呈现老的特朗普主义。Her political programme was explicitly Trumpian in that it focused on ending immigration and restoring American greatness. 她的政治计划带有明显的特朗普色——着重于结束移民并恢复美国的伟大。In carefully chosen words, she signalled to her father’s core demographic that she was his political heir.她以谨慎的措辞向父亲的核心持者暗示,她是父亲的政治继承人。But she avoided the bluster that had obscured her father’s message. 但她从无狂言妄语,当年她父亲就是发表了太多狂言妄语,导致人们听不清他真正想要传达的意思。When her 90-year old father awkwardly tried to campaign for her, her staff sp the rumour that he was impotent. 当她90岁的老父亲颤悠悠试图为她助选时,她的工作人员散布消息说他阳痿。When he was found dead of a Viagra overdose, sympathy for Ivanka’s family travails only increased. 当他被发现死于过量用伟哥时,人们对伊万卡家中的不幸遭遇更是平添同情。Even the Republican establishment was charmed by her combination of flawless grace and steely nativism.甚至连共和党建制派也折于她完美无瑕的风度和强硬的本土主义。She was much better prepared for the general election than her father had been in 2016. 比起父亲在2016年参加大选时,伊万卡对参选要有准备得多。She was calm where he had been angry; inclusive where he had been racist; attractive where he had been ugly. 她在当年让父亲怒气冲冲的问题上心平气和,在父亲曾发表种族主义言论的问题上立场包容,在他失态的地方展示魅力。Her kinder, gentler Trumpism reinvigorated Trump Snr’s dispirited white working-class base. 伊万卡更友好、更温和的特朗普主义,让垂头丧气的老特朗普的白人劳动阶层持者恢复了活力。Her patriotic appeal to restore American greatness and finally end the wars in Iraq and post-Saudi Arabia won over independents tired of the Democrats’ missionary zeal. 她让美国再次变得伟大并最终结束伊拉克和后沙特战争的爱国主义呼吁,赢得了中间派选民的持,后者厌倦了民主党满腔热忱的使命感。And her friendly manner reassured many of those minorities that her father had so frightened.她的友好态度安抚了许多曾被她父亲吓坏的少数族裔。She was also blessed in her opponent. 还有一件幸运的事情是,她的对手不是很强。Chelsea Clinton had enjoyed an impressive career in philanthropy and politics but she was still dogged by numerous nagging scandals, including the decades-old accusation that, in 1993, she had murdered Vince Foster, the deputy White House counsel, in a fit of pubescent pique.切尔西.克林顿(Chelsea Clinton)在慈善机构和政界取得了令人瞩目的成绩,但她仍受到诸多恼人丑闻的困扰,包括一个持续流传了几十年的说法,指控在1993年,正值青春期的她一时火起谋杀了白宫副法律顾问文斯.福斯特(Vince Foster)。Ivanka Trump’s electoral triumph was narrow but solid and she quickly consolidated control. 伊万卡.特朗普以微弱但坚实的优势赢得了选举,她很快掌控了局面。After five terms in office, three suspensions of the constitution and 15 million deportations, it was safe to say that President Trump’s iron rule had ushered in a new age in American politics.特朗普总统在任5个任期、3次暂停宪法并将1500万人驱逐出境,我们完全有理由说,她的铁腕统治为美国政治的一个新时代拉开了帷幕。A decade after Ivanka Trump’s bloody ousting by the Mormon-Trotskyist Romney Underground, it is clear that the political trends behind Trumpism did not culminate in 2016 — they had much further to go. 在伊万卡.特朗普被信奉门教-托洛茨基主义的罗姆尼地下组织(Romney Underground)血腥推翻十年后,可以清楚地看到,撑起特朗普主义的那些政治趋势并未在2016年达到顶峰——它们还会持续长得多的时间。After Donald Trump’s candidacy, they lay dormant, or maybe festered, awaiting the right messenger.在唐纳德.特朗普败选后,它们蛰伏起来,或许腐败溃烂,等待下一个合适的信使到来。Ivanka Trump’s ascension proved what has since become a truism in American politics: if you want to be a fascist president of the ed States, it helps to be friendly and attractive#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and Jewish.伊万卡.特朗普的崛起明了一件事,这件事后来成为了美国政坛的常识:如果你想成为美国的法西斯总统,友善和富有魅力……以及有犹太身份有所帮助。 /201611/476278青岛崂山区男性不育

青岛去哪个医院带环Song Yinghui, a professor at Beijing Normal University, estimated at a seminar in Tianjin on Saturday that over 60 million children are left in rural areas while their parents work in cities and 36 million children are unregistered floating population, meaning they are left living in one city by parents who work in another.上周六,北京师范大学教授宋颖慧在天津某研讨会上表示,中国农村有六千万名留守儿童,其父母在城市工作,还有3600名儿童是没有户籍登记的浮动人群。Song concluded that some 100 million ;left-behind children; now exist in China, ;posing a great challenge to social management.; The number greatly surpasses the previous estimate of 61 million.宋教授表示,中国留守儿童目前已经达到1亿人,给社会管理带来了巨大挑战。留守儿童的数字已经远远超过了先前预期的6100万人。Ni Chunxia, an official from the Ministry of Civil Affairs who also attended Saturday#39;s seminar, did not immediately endorse the number, but said the country will conduct its very first comprehensive survey on ;left-behind children; this year to find out the exact number and how big a problem the government needs to tackle.中国民政部官员倪春夏也出席了周六的研讨会,他当时没有赞同这个数字,但是他表示,中国将针对留守儿童做一次全面的调查,来弄清楚真正的数量,并且规划出政府应该怎样去应对这个严重的问题。In the last decade, the phenomenon has become much more prevalent. China has become increasingly urbanized as a result of the reform and opening-up process. People often leave their children behind with parents or other relatives either due to high living costs or household registration restrictions that limit their children from enrolling in urban schools or seeing a doctor.十多年前,这个现象就已经变得普遍起来。随着中国改革开放的进程,中国城市化的程度更高。由于高额的生活成本以及城市对户籍的限制,使得孩子无法在当地入学或者看医生,很多人不得不把孩子留给自己的父母或者其他亲属照料。Multiple surveys conducted by scholars and NGOs in China have shown that ;left-behind children; are more at risk of being physically or sexually abused and of committing suicide. They tend to underperform in school and lag behind in emotional development. Evidence has also suggested that they are more likely to exhibit criminal behavior as they grow up.中国的一些学者和非政府组织进行了大量的调查,调查显示,留守儿童很容易遭受身体虐待,性骚扰甚至自杀。留守儿童一般在学校表现不佳,心理成长落后于他人。据显示,留守儿童长大成人后很可能实施犯罪行为。In February, China#39;s State Council released a circular that said that the government aims to significantly reduce the number of such children by 2020. The document has for the first time appointed the Ministry of Civil Affairs to lead the effort.二月,中国国务院发表文章表示,政府将于2020年前大幅度降低留守儿童的数量。该文件首次指明让民政部领导指导此事。Qi Xuesen, director general of China Social Welfare Foundation, said the 2020 target is in line with China#39;s poverty alleviation target in the 13th Five-Year Plan.中国社会福利基金会局长齐学森表示,降低留守儿童的2020年计划和十三五规划期间中国的脱贫计划相辅相成。But other experts have warned that the ;left-behind children; problem should not be confused with poverty.但是其他专家警告称,留守儿童的问题不应该和贫困问题有什么冲突。;#39;Left-behind children#39; don#39;t necessarily suffer economic woes but rather psychological ones. The poorest families we encounter are those whose parents are not migrant workers and who choose to stay in the villages,; Liu Xinyu, founder of On the Road to School, an NGO which provides financial and psychological help to ;left-behind children,; told the Global Times.“留守儿童不一定遭受经济的困窘,但是一定受到了心理方面的创伤。反而在最贫困的家庭,那些父母是留在农村陪孩子,而没有去城市务工,”非政府组织“上学的路上”的创始人刘欣雨说道。他们的组织负责为留守儿童提供经济上和心理上的帮助。Liu hailed the growing government effort but said that treating the issue needs sustained levels of social resources and support. ;It#39;s like treating diabetes. You have to control the insulin level on a daily basis and accept the fact that it cannot be immediately cured. The #39;left-behind children#39; phenomenon exists due to deeper economic and social reasons,; Liu said.刘女士高度赞扬了政府为解决留守儿童做出的努力,并且说道解决留守儿童问题需要持续的社会资源以及帮助。她说:“解决留守儿童问题就像治疗糖尿病一样。你需要把胰岛素控制在一个有限的日均水准,并且接受糖尿病不会立即被医治好的事实。留守儿童问题根源在于更深层次的经济和社会因素。” /201604/435158 城阳区妇幼保健医院门诊电话青岛做无痛人流哪家医院最好




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