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It was almost a decade ago that Nora Ephron famously instructed “anyone young” to go put on a bikini and not take it off until age 34.将近十年前,诺拉·埃夫隆(Nora Ephron)曾著名地建议“所有年轻人”都穿上比基尼,一直穿到34岁。Jessica Knoll, the author of the best-selling novel “Luckiest Girl Alive,” is only 31. But this summer, instead of wearing a bikini poolside, she has chosen a black one-piece with a strappy back.畅销小说《最幸运的女孩》(Luckiest Girl Alive)的作者杰西卡·诺尔(Jessica Knoll)只有31岁。但是今年夏天,她在泳池边穿的不是比基尼,而是背部为细带的黑色连体式泳衣。“In my one-piece, I’m not thinking ‘Am I bloated?’ because most of the time I’m in a bathing suit, I’m drinking and eating,” said Ms. Knoll, who has been vacationing in Sag Harbor, N.Y.“穿着连体泳衣,我不用担心‘自己是不是看起来很臃肿’。因为我穿泳衣的大部分时候都在吃喝,”诺尔说。当时她正在纽约州萨格港度假。Sadie Kadlec, 28, an assistant for the fashion brand Paul Smith, is favoring the company’s striped, belted halter maillot that plunges to the navel; she bought it with her employee discount.28岁的萨迪·卡德莱茨(Sadie Kadlec)是时装品牌保罗·史密斯(Paul Smith)的助理职员。她很喜欢该品牌的挂脖系带式条纹泳衣,前胸开叉至肚脐。她以员工折扣价买了一件。“I have bikinis, but I usually opt for one-pieces because I find them to be more elegant, and they enhance your curves,” she said.“我有很多比基尼,但我往往选择连体泳衣,因为我觉得它们更优雅,能更好地表现身体曲线,”她说。And Katie Kannapell Ryser, 36, a stay-at-home mother, has become a convert from the Pucci string bikini to the one-piece, specifically the “swim dress” by Gottex.36岁的凯蒂·坎纳佩尔·赖瑟(Katie Kannapell Ryser)是一位家庭主妇。她本来喜欢璞琪(Pucci)的细带比基尼,现在转而青睐连体泳衣,尤其是Gottex的“游泳连衣裙”。“I am officially done with two-pieces,” she said, and not because of her age.“我正式告别了分体式泳衣,”她说。不是因为年龄。Since Brigitte Bardot’s heyday the bikini has symbolized glamour, youth and sex appeal. But the one-piece swimsuit, for years relied upon by fashionable women only to cover “mummy tummies” or as a practicality when swimming laps, has of late been gaining ground.从碧姬·芭铎(Brigitte Bardot)的鼎盛时期起,比基尼就象征着魅力、年轻和性感。多年来,时尚女性们选择连体式泳衣只是为了遮掩“干瘪的肚子”或者是为了游泳方便。但是最近,它又重获青睐。The mega-celebrity trifecta of Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Rihanna has been pictured wearing one-pieces lately. So has Amy Schumer, the comedian and star of the hit movie “Trainwreck.” Even this year’s Sports Illustrated cover model, Hannah Davis, said she prefers one-pieces. (“Blasphemy,” bleated The Daily Caller.)前不久,碧昂斯(Beyoncé)、泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)和蕾哈娜(Rihanna)这三位巨星被拍到身穿连体泳衣。还有主演热门影片《生活残骸》(Trainwreck)的喜剧演员埃米·舒默(Amy Schumer)。甚至连今年《体育画报》(Sports Illustrated)的封面模特汉娜·戴维斯(Hannah Davis)也说,她更喜欢连体泳衣(每日来电网站[The Daily Caller]居然斥之为“亵渎”)。The market research firm NPD Group reports that in 2014 sales of one-pieces were up 16 percent, while two-pieces were up 8 percent.市场调研公司NPD集团(NPD Group)报告称,2014年,连体泳衣的销量增长了16%,而分体泳衣只增长了8%。And Lyst, a shopping site with over 12,000 brands, has found that in 2015 searches for one-pieces are up 56 percent from last year. This summer, 45 percent of the 128,000 or so bathing suits featured on Lyst were one-piece styles, compared to 28 percent in the summer of 2014. And of the six top-selling styles over the last month, half were maillots, including a black Robin Piccone crochet V-neck and a white Eres halter, according to the company.购物网站Lyst供应超过1.2万个品牌,它发现,今年连体式泳衣的搜索量比去年增长了56%。今年夏天,Lyst上的约12.8万件泳衣中有45%是连体式泳衣;去年夏天,这个比例是28%。该公司称,上个月卖得最好的六个款式中有一半是连体式泳衣,包括罗宾·皮科内(Robin Piccone)的黑色V领钩织连体泳衣和Eres的白色挂脖式连体泳衣。“It’s a fashion backlash to the teeny bikini,” Amahlia Stevens, founder of Vitamin A Swimwear, the manufacturer of Ms. Knoll’s maillot, suggested in an email from Norway.“它是对小巧的比基尼的反击,”维生素A泳装公司(Vitamin A Swimwear)的创始人阿玛莉娅·史蒂文斯(Amahlia Stevens)说。从诺尔从挪威发来的邮件看,她穿的就是这家公司制造的连体泳装。“Bikinis are made for lying perfectly still, not playing with your kids,” Ms. Ryser said on the phone from East Hampton, N.Y., where she is spending August with her two children. Lest there be any doubt, she added: “I’m not trying to cover up my body.”“比基尼是为安静地平躺设计的,不适合在跟孩子们玩耍时穿,”赖瑟在电话采访中说。8月份,她正和两个孩子在纽约州东汉普顿度假。为了免除质疑,她补充说:“我不是为了遮住身体。”Indeed, with a wider range of styles than in the past, many of today’s one-pieces are more revealing than many bikinis, whose bottoms have crept up to navel level recently among vintage-worshipping millennials (notably Katy Perry, who is also mixing it up with a maillot).的确,如今的泳衣款式更多,很多连体式泳衣比很多比基尼还暴露。最近,有些喜欢复古款式的千禧一代所穿的比基尼短裤与肚脐齐平(比较出名的是凯蒂·佩里[Katy Perry],她还喜欢把比基尼跟连体式泳衣混搭起来)。“I think for lack of a better term, there are more ‘sexy’ one-pieces that have cutouts, peekaboo details and crochet that appeal equally to the two-piece wearer,” said Sabra Krock, who owns Everything but Water, a swimwear-focused chain with 95 locations. Ms. Krock said her company, which also sells online, has seen an uptick in one-pieces over the last few years, though she declined to provide sales figures.“由于没有更好的表达方式,我只能说,现在有更多‘性感的’连体式泳衣,它们有更多剪切和若隐若现的细节以及钩织法,看起来和分体式泳衣一样迷人,”泳衣连锁店Everything but Water的老板萨布拉·克罗克(Sabra Krock)说。该公司在美国有95家分店,也在网上销售。克罗克说,在过去几年里,该公司连体式泳衣的销量在上涨,不过她拒绝提供销售数字。Certainly, at a moment when so many are stripping down for the world to see on social media, it can seem more thoughtful and distinctive to show some restraint.当然,在这么多人宽衣解带以得社交媒体的更多关注时,收敛一点会显得更有深度,更独特。“I don’t need to put everything on display,” said Ms. Knoll, who posted a photograph of herself on Instagram in her suit, adding that a bit less exposure is not dowdy. “I don’t feel like I’m wasting my youthful body.”“我不需要把什么都露出来,”诺尔说。她在Instagram上发布了一张自己身穿泳装的照片。她补充说,少露一点,不会显得过时。“我没觉得自己在浪费年轻的身体。”Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves, the founder of Marysia Swimwear in Santa Monica, Calif., is selling more maillots.玛丽西娅·德布赞斯卡·里夫斯(Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves)是加利福尼亚州圣莫尼卡玛丽西娅泳装公司(Marysia Swimwear)的创始人。该公司连体式泳衣的销量正在上涨。“They are no longer just seen for older women who are trying to cover up,” she said.“连体式泳衣不再只是为年龄较大、想把身体遮起来的女人设计的,”她说。Fetneh Blake, who owns a high-end fashion boutique in Laguna Beach, Calif., said that over the last three years she has added a lot of one-pieces, mostly by Eres and Vitamin A, to her own wardrobe — and more for the sake of intrigue than modesty.菲特尼·布莱克(Fetneh Blake)在加州拉古纳比奇拥有一家高档时装精品店。她说,在过去三年里,她给自己的衣橱添了很多连体式泳衣,大多是Eres和维生素A牌的,不是为了低调,而是为了吸引人。“I think sometimes they are more daring,” Ms. Blake said. “There is a sense of mystery there that there isn’t with a bikini.”“我觉得有些连体式泳衣更大胆,”布莱克说,“它们具有比基尼所缺乏的神秘感。” /201508/396145

Chinese search and online services conglomerate Baidu will shutter its medical consultation service after a string of medicine advertisement scandals bit into the company’s reputation and revenues last year.中国搜索与网络务集团百度(Baidu)将关闭其医疗咨询务。此前,百度曾在去年遭遇一系列医疗广告丑闻,伤及百度的声誉及营收。The online consultation platform, Baidu Yisheng, will begin taking some of its services offline on March 10, with all services halting completely by April 1 as part of corporate restructuring, according to an announcement made on its official WeChat account.根据百度官方微信账号发布的声明,作为百度重组的一部分,名为百度医生(Baidu Yisheng)的在线咨询平台将于3月10日开始将部分务下线,并将所有务在4月1日前关停。Baidu narrowly missed revenue expectations in the final quarter of last year, as the Chinese search engine tried to reassure investors that the worst of its latest advertising scandal was behind it.百度在去年第四季度的营收比预期略低。与此同时,这家中国搜索引擎公司试图让投资者相信,该公司最后一起广告丑闻影响最坏的时期已经过去。In May last year public outcry and regulatory pressure forced Baidu to apologise for seeking to financially exploit medical information bulletin boards and said it would stop the practice on its Tieba, or Post Bar, site.去年5月,在公众的抗议和监管机构的压力下,百度不得不出面为试图从医疗信息论坛攫取财务利益道歉,并表示会停止在百度贴吧(Baidu Tieba)网站的行为。In January the company came under fire for selling the right to moderate its online medical advice forums to for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. That was followed by another scandal sparked in April by the death of a young man who had purchased an experimental cancer treatment advertised on Baidu.com.去年1月,由于将在线医疗咨询论坛的管理权出售给营利性医院和制药公司,百度受到了各方的抨击。而在之后的4月份,一名年轻男子的丧生又引发了另一宗丑闻——该男子曾出资接受百度网站建议的一种试验性癌症疗法。Public outcry prompted regulators to force the company to reduce advertising displayed alongside its search results, in addition to calling for the company vet its advertisers more closely. As a result the company lost 18.6 per cent of its advertising clients in the fourth quarter compared to a year before, with full-year operating profit dropping 13.9 per cent.公众的抗议,令监管机构除了呼吁该公司加强对广告客户的审查以外,还迫使百度减少了与搜索结果一道显示的广告。这导致第四季度百度广告客户同比减少18.6%,全年运营利润下滑13.9%。Baidu’s New York listed shares are down 5.5 per cent since the company announced its earnings in late February.自2月底百度公布其财报以来,百度在纽约上市的股票已下滑5.5%。 /201703/496563

USE ENCRYPTION使用加密功能Much to the FBI#39;s displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.更让联邦调查局头疼的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,默认为全磁盘提供加密功能。That means that the information stored on the phone can#39;t be extracted - by authorities or by hackers - and on another computer.这意味着,无论政府或者黑客,都无法在另一台电脑上读取手机所储存的信息。If the phone isn#39;t unlocked first, any information obtained would be scrambled and unable.如果手机没有被解锁,从中获取的任何信息都是不可读的乱码。With Android, however, you typically have to turn that on in the settings.对于安卓系统,你得在设置中开启加密功能。Google#39;s policy requires many phones with the latest version of Android, including its own Nexus phones, to offer encryption by default.针对默认加密务,谷歌的政策要求手机安装最新安卓系统,包括谷歌自己的Nexus手机,内附加密升级版软件。But, according to Google, only 2.3 percent of active Android devices currently are running that version.但据谷歌数据统计,目前只有2.3%的安卓活跃用户在使用该版本。SET UP DEVICE FINDERS设置手机寻找功能Find My iPhone isn#39;t just for finding your phone in the couch cushions.“查找我的iPhone”功能并不是在沙发垫上找手机那么简单。If your device disappears, you can put it in Lost Mode. That locks your screen with a passcode, if it isn#39;t aly, and lets you display a custom message with a phone number to help you get it back.如果手机不见了,您可以通过密码将其设置成丢失模式,锁定手机。锁定前,您还可以在自己的iPhone上显示用来取得联系的电话号码,帮助找回手机。The app comes with iPhones, but you need to set it up before you lose your phone. Look for the Find iPhone app in the Extras folder.虽然这项应用程序是iPhone自带的,但是你得在手机丢失前设置好。打开Extras文件夹,即可找到Find iPhone应用。Meanwhile, Activation Lock makes it harder for thieves to sell your device.与此同时,有了激活锁定功能,小偷也很难将赃物卖出。The phone becomes unusable - it can#39;t be reactivated - without knowing its Apple ID. The feature kicks in automatically on phones running at least iOS 7.不知道苹果账户的ID和密码,就无法重新激活使用手机。iOS7系统版本以上的iPhone都自带这项功能。If all else fails, you can remotely wipe the phone#39;s data.如果上述尝试都已失败,那么您只好远程抹掉手机数据。While your information will be lost, at least it won#39;t end up in the hands of a nefarious person.哪怕手机信息全没了,也比落在坏人手里强。There isn#39;t anything comparable built into Android phones, but Google#39;s Android Device Manager app, along with a handful of others made by third parties, can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store.虽然安卓系统目前没有类似功能,但谷歌的“安卓设备管理器”应用和第三方出品的一些其他软件也能发挥一定作用。这些应用可从谷歌官方电子市场免费下载。 /201605/440499

Many black holes and neutron stars are thought to be hidden in the Milky Way. Since they don#39;t emit visible light, or are covered by dust, only X-ray telescopes can find them.许多黑洞和中子星被认为隐藏在系中,由于它们不能发出可见光,或是隐藏在尘埃后面,只有通过X射线太空望远镜才能观测到。China will soon launch its first X-ray space telescope, the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), with the aim of surveying the Milky Way to observe celestial sources of X-rays.中国很快将发射其第一颗X射线太空望远镜--硬X射线调制望远镜,以观察系从而监测天体的X射线源。;Our space telescope has unique capabilities to observe high-energy celestial bodies such as black holes and neutron stars. We hope to use it to resolve mysteries such as the evolution of black holes and the strong magnetic fields of neutron stars,; says Zhang Shuangnan, lead scientist of HXMT and director of the Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).中国科学院粒子天体物理实验室的负责人、HXMT的首席科学家张双南表示:“我们的太空望远镜有独特的能力来观察如黑洞和中子星等高能天体,我们希望用它来解决诸如黑洞的演化和中子星的强磁场等问题。”;We are looking forward to discovering new activities of black holes and studying the state of neutron stars under extreme gravity and density conditions, and the physical laws under extreme magnetic fields. These studies are expected to bring new breakthroughs in physics,; says Zhang.张双南说道:“我们期待着在极端重力和密度条件下发现黑洞的新活动、研究中子星的状态,以及在极端磁场下的物理定律。这些研究有望为物理学带来新的突破。”Compared with X-ray astronomical satellites of other countries, HXMT has larger detection area, broader energy range and wider field of view.与其他国家的x射线天文卫星相比,HXMT具有更大的探测面积、更广泛的能量范围和更广阔的视野。These give it advantages in observing black holes and neutron stars emitting bright X-rays, and it can more efficiently scan the galaxy, Zhang says.张双南称,这使得它在观察黑洞和中子星发射出的x射线方面更有优势,而且它能更有效地扫描星系。 /201706/512685What are some Chinese phrases commonly used online?中国有哪些常用的网络短语?233 means LOL.“233”意思就是大声笑。卧槽 means WTF.“卧槽”意思是他妈的。囧 is a Chinese character which is widely used as an emotion.“囧”是个汉字,经常被用作一个表情。高富帅 describes a male who is tall, rich and handsome.“高富帅”形容个子高、有钱而且长得帅的男人。白富美 describes a female who is white, rich and beautiful.“白富美”形容皮肤白、有钱而且长得漂亮的女性。好基友 means very good friend.“好基友”意思是关系很好的朋友。搞基 means hangout with some good friends.“搞基”意思是和几个好朋友一起出去玩。节操何在 describes someone, something sleazy or nasty but actually it#39;s a positive word with comic relief.“节操何在”形容某人某事低俗下流,但实际上是褒义词,带有喜剧色。这不科学 means it doesn#39;t make sense at all or unbelievable.“这不科学”意思是这根本就讲不通或者难以置信。你为何这么屌 means how did you become such amazing.“你为何这么屌”意思是你为什么这么神奇。I repeat sth. for three times because it is more the important.重要的事情说三遍。The world is so big that I want to have a look.世界那么大,我想去看看。An emotion of not knowing what to say and expressing helplessness.此刻我的内心几乎是崩溃的。Am I the one to blame? This means I am not the one to blame.怪我咯?这句话的意思是不应该怪我。You guys in the city do surprised me, a village girl.你们城里人真会玩。It does not work no matter how useful it is.然而并没有什么卵用。大V (Big V, the verified people who have many followers on Sina Weibo)大V(新浪微上有很多粉丝而且经过认的人)土豪 (literally means ;local tyrant;, a rich guy)土豪(字面意思是“乡下暴发户”,指有钱人)土豪金 (local tyrant gold, refers specifically to the gold model of iPhone 5s)土豪金(特指金色款iPhone 5s)我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了(Me and my buddies shitted our pants! It#39;s a very popular meme in 2013.)我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了(我和我的小伙伴们吓到尿裤子了!这是2013年很流行的文化语言。)女汉子 (He-girl, a girl who acts like man)女汉子(行为举止像男人的女孩)高大上 (a thing of good taste)高大上(品味很棒的东西)喜大普奔 (an abbreviation of four idoms 喜闻乐见, 大快人心, 普天同庆 and 奔走相告, used when you#39;re very happy to hear a thing happened)喜大普奔(喜闻乐见、大快人心、普天同庆以及奔走相告四个成语的缩写,用在当你听到这件事情发生的时候感到非常高兴)不明觉厉 (short for 不明白但觉得很厉害, I don#39;t get it but I think it#39;s terrific)不明觉厉(是“不明白但觉得很厉害”的缩写,虽然我不懂但是觉得很了不起) /201607/453116Google最近两年势头很猛,不断的收购,推出新产品。让我们来看看被这家公司奉为真理的十大信条吧。1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.1.关注使用者,则一切将水到渠成。2. It's best to do one thing really, really well.2.尽力将一件事做到最好。3. Fast is better than slow.3.快比慢好。4. Democracy on the web works.4.网络的民主效应。5. You don't need to be at your desk to need an answer.5.您不一定要在桌子前找。6. You can make money without doing evil.6.不做坏事也能赚钱。7. There's always more information out there.7. “资讯”也无涯。8. The need for information crosses all borders.8.对资讯的需求没有国界。9. You can be serious without a suit.9.不用穿西装也可以很正经。10. Great just isn't good enough.10.精益求精。 /200802/26470

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