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2018年11月13日 14:56:33

Single men from northern China are less inclined to be wooed by women than their counterparts from the south of the country, a survey has found. Men from the north generally cannot accept women being more active in expressing love and starting a relationship, according to the survey.一项调查发现,我国北方男性并不喜欢被女性示爱,而南方男性则恰恰相反。该研究表明,北方男性一般不喜欢女方主动表白,不喜欢女方表现的比男方还要主动。Released to coincide with Single#39;s Day on Wednesday and conducted by jiayuan.com, a leading Chinese dating website, the survey polled more than 85,000 single men and women throughout the country.婚恋网站世纪佳缘在光棍节当天对85000位单身男女进行调查测试之后,发布了此项报告。It found the practice of women wooing men was least acceptable in three northern provinces-Heilongjiang, Hebei and Shandong.调查发现,在黑龙江、河北和山东三个北方省份,男性最不能接受主动求爱的女性。In contrast, single men from the south, especially those from Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and Shanghai, are more positive about the practice.相反,在南方,尤其是浙江、江苏和上海,男性对此则更积极一些,更能接受女追男。Zhang Jiarui, a senior consultant on romantic relationships at jiayuan.com, said the concept of women being inferior to men has predominated in China for a long time and is reflected in aspects of social life including romantic relationships and marriage.张佳瑞是佳缘网的恋爱顾问。她认为,很长时间以来,中国女性都受男性配。这种历史会影响到社会生活的各个方面,包括恋爱和婚姻。;Influenced by such thinking, Chinese tend to feel that men should take the initiative in doing many things, including wooing women, rather than the other way around,; Zhang said.“受到这种想法的影响,在中国,人们普遍认为男性应该更加主动一些,包括示爱等,而非女性主动。”张说。;Although the inferiority concept is dying out and Chinese women are more open and proactive in modern society, in some parts of China as mentioned in the survey men still believe that they should be the first to ask about starting a relationship.;“尽管这种男尊女卑的思想已经不复存在,女性在现代社会也更加开放和主动。但是在中国某些地区,男性还是认为自己应该去主动展开恋爱。” /201511/409560太仓市浏河人民医院中药科双凤镇人民妇幼中心医院有微创手术吗太仓做人流手术的妇科医院

太仓做人流那个医院好双凤镇人民妇幼中心医院治疗妇科炎症好吗Mao Dun(1896~1981), originally named Shen Dehong, styled Yanbing, was born in Tongxiang County, Zhejiang Province.茅盾( 1896~1981),原名沈德鸿,字雁冰,浙江桐乡人。He was concerned, heart and soul, with the social reality.他全身心关注社会现实生活。He felt the pulse of the times by presenting the panorama with strong sense of responsibility and mission, and deep and whole-hearted political enthusiasm. He thought in a rational way through the meticulous observation.以高度的责任感和使命感、深沉饱满的政治热情,全景式地把握时代历史脉搏,在精细观察中进行理性思考和社会思考。He initiated the new paradigm of ;social anatomy novel; since the May Fourth Movement.由此开创了五四以来文学创作“社会剖析小说”的新范式。The millions of words of short stories, novelle and full-length novels created by Mao Dun truthfully revealed the political fluctuations and vicissitudes of the times in almost half of the century. They not only reflected the various social problems people were concerned about and the contradictions and conflicts that caused them, but also exposed the social roots of these problems. 创作了数百万言的短、中、长篇小说,真实展示了近半个世纪中国社会政治变幻的风云和时势变迁。Mao Dun wrote The Canker, including three loosely related novelle: Disillusion, Wavering and Search. The three short stories, Spring Silkworms, Autumn Harrest and The Last Days of Winter, were called Trilogy of the Villages. His celebrated full-length novels included Rainbow, Midnight and Corrosion. These works manifested Mao Dun#39;s artistic talent for depicting the complexities of society and historical trends. Thus Mao Dun established his position in modern Chinese literature as an outstanding writer of revolutionary realism.他的代表作有以《幻灭》、《动摇》、《追求》三个中篇构成的《蚀》三部曲,农村三部曲《春蚕》、《秋收》和《残冬》,长篇小说《虹》、《子夜》、《腐蚀》等。Midnight, a milestone in Mao Dun#39;s writing career, was the product of Mao Dun#39;s profound understanding of life and artistic ability.其中《子夜》是茅盾运用社会分析进行创作的典范之作。By making a cogent and penetrating analysis of the misshapen politics, economy and society of the modern city, Mao Dun drew a grandiose scene of the intricate class contradiction of the early 1930#39;s.小说对现代都市畸形的政治、经济、社会作了全面剖析,绘制了一幅30年代初中国社会错综复杂的阶级矛盾的宏大图景。In modern Chinese literary history it became the first epic writing, with the demeanor of modern urban literature, to reflect directly the fundamental conflict in the process of modernization in Chinese history.成为中国现代文学史上第一部正面反映中国历史现代化进程基本矛盾,并具有现代都市文学风采的史诗性作品。Corrosion was written in the form of a diary, a convenient medium for revealing the private thoughts of the heroine, a secret agent. The complexities of her inner world were meticulously described: her pangs of conscience after she had been deceived, her self-confession, self-derision and self-defense, and her painful struggle as she decided to break away with the evil way of life that had ruined her ideals.日记体长篇小说《腐蚀》,通过描写一个女特务由堕落到悔过自新的心理过程,挖掘了这个被污染的灵魂未曾泯灭的人性,更多地转向了人物内心世界的展露。In literary theory, Mao Dun adhered all the time to the stand that revolutionary realism should be in step with Chinese revolution and opposed the trend of formalism and conceptualization. He laid stress on the probe into artistic form and technique.在文艺理论方面,茅盾始终坚持革命现实主义的文艺应与中国的革命取得统一步调,反对公式化、概念化的倾向,注重艺术形式与技巧的探索。He was also one of the pioneers of modern iterary criticism in China. Mao Dun was a literary theorist and critic of sweeping significance after Lu Xun.他还是中国现代文学批评的开创者之一,是继鲁迅之后具有广泛影响的文艺理论家与批评家。 /201602/427864Colon cancer patients who were heavy coffee drinkers had a far lower risk of dying or having their cancer return than those who did not drink coffee, with significant benefits starting at two to three cups a day, a new study found. Patients who drank four cups of caffeinated coffee or more a day had half the rate of recurrence or death than noncoffee drinkers.一项新研究发现,与不喝咖啡的结肠癌患者相比,大量饮用咖啡的患者癌症复发或死亡的风险较低,而且从每天饮用咖啡两到三杯开始这种效益就十分显著。每天至少饮用四杯含咖啡因咖啡的患者的癌症复发或死亡率只有不喝咖啡者的一半。But, the researchers caution, cancer patients should not start ordering extra tall coffees. The study, the first to report such findings, does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between coffee drinking and a lower risk of colon cancer recurrence. As other experts note, there may be differences between heavy coffee drinkers and abstainers that the research was not able to account for.不过,研究人员警告说,癌症患者不应因此就开始点超大杯的咖啡。该研究是对此类发现的首次报道,但未能明饮用咖啡与较低的结肠癌复发风险之间的因果关系。正如其他专家所指出的那样,在大量饮用咖啡者与不喝咖啡者之间可能存在着该研究没有考虑到的差异。In recent years, many studies have pointed to coffee#39;s health benefits, suggesting coffee may protect against Type 2 diabetes, reduce overall deaths and perhaps even help protect against dementia. Other studies have suggested coffee may reduce the risks of certain cancers, including colon cancer. The benefits are generally attributed to coffee#39;s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.近年来,许多研究都指出咖啡具有健康效益,提出咖啡或可预防2型糖尿病,降低总体死亡率,甚至可能有助于防止痴呆症的发生。还有其它研究表明,咖啡可能会降低包括结肠癌在内的某些癌症的风险。这些优点通常都被归因于咖啡的抗氧化和抗炎特性。But as with many studies about diet, proving a link between coffee consumption and protection against cancer recurrence is difficult.然而,关于饮食的研究虽多,要实饮用咖啡与预防癌症复发之间的关联却十分困难。;Think about it: People who drink a lot of coffee tend to be high stress, high pressure, intense and compulsive,; said Dr. Alfred Neugut, a professor of cancer research, medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University and a director of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital#39;s Cancer Prevention Center. ;If they have cancer, they#39;re going to be more obsessive about following all the rules and doing all the things they#39;re supposed to do. So it may be that coffee itself is playing a physiological role, but it may also be a surrogate marker for you being a compulsive health-conscious good behaver.;;想想看:大量喝咖啡的人往往压力比较大、容易紧张或有强迫倾向,;美国哥伦比亚大学的癌症研究、医学和流行病学教授,纽约长老会医院癌症防治中心的主任艾尔弗雷德·纽各特士说。;如果他们患了癌症,肯定会更严格地遵循所有的规则,去做所有他们应该做的事情。因此,或许确实是咖啡本身发挥了什么生理作用,但也有可能爱喝咖啡只是特别注重健康行为的人们的一个替代性标识。;Dr. Charles S. Fuchs, the director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who led the research, acknowledged the limitations of his study and called for interventional studies to replicate and confirm the findings.该研究的负责人,波士顿市丹娜法伯癌症研究院胃肠道癌症中心的查尔斯·S·富克斯士承认自己的研究存在局限性,并呼吁进行干预性研究以重现和实这些结果。;No one has ever done this before in colon cancer patients. It does require confirmation,; he said. Patients should not start drinking coffee based on this study, but, ;If you#39;re a coffee drinker and enjoy your coffee, stick with it,; he said. ;If a patient says, #39;Well I hate coffee,#39; I#39;d say there are other things you can do, like avoid obesity, exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet.;他说:;此前尚无人在结肠癌患者中进行过这样的研究。它确实需要经过确认。;富克斯士还说,患者不宜因为这项研究就开始饮用咖啡,但是,;如果你本身就喝咖啡而且喜欢喝,不妨保持下去。;如果有患者说:#39;我讨厌咖啡#39;,那我就会回答:还有很多其它的事情可以做,比方说避免肥胖、经常锻炼、均衡饮食等等。;The study, published Monday in The Journal of Clinical Oncology, followed 953 patients with Stage 3 colon cancer who had been treated with surgery and chemotherapy.这项研究发表在8月17日的《临床肿瘤学杂志》上,共计随访了953名曾接受手术和化疗的3期结肠癌患者。 /201510/404050太仓友谊妇科医院做流产怎么样好不好太仓人流手术费多少钱

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