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赣州中心医院有药流吗赣州市中心医院有几个主任For centuries, Mid-Autumn Festival has meant Chinese family reunions, big feasts and the enjoyment of a beautiful full moon. At a traditional Mid-Autumn banquet, the mooncake, a treat shaped like a round moon, is an essential snack.几个世纪以来,中秋节意味着中国家庭团聚,盛宴,赏月。在传统中秋节盛宴上,月饼形似一轮明月,是最重要的中秋美食。In recent years, Chinese consumers have become more concerned about healthy lifestyles and innovative flavors, driving the market shift to more natural food products or new ingredients.近几年,中国消费者越来越关注健康的生活方式以及创意味道,这使得市场转向更天然食品和新型配料。Although traditional mooncake fillings like Wuren (a mixture of five different nuts), red bean paste and lotus seed paste with egg yolk still occupy an important place in Chinese market, more and more shops are launching innovative moon cakes this year to attract young consumers. Some of them focus on health concepts and some introduce novel flavors, while others make present the mooncakes in a more fashionable way.尽管像五仁(五种坚果混合馅),红豆沙,蛋黄莲蓉传统月饼馅依旧在中国市场具有重要位置,但是,今年越来越多的商店推出创意月饼来吸引年轻顾客。他们有些关注健康理念,有的引入新奇口味,但有的以一种更加时尚的方式推出自己的月饼。In a traditional Hong Kong mooncake, the filling is made with a whole egg yolk, lotus seed paste and granulated sugar. However, young people complain that it is too greasy. So Wing Wah replaced granulated sugar with maltitol, and mixed mixed egg yolk with lotus seed paste this year, to keep it tasty but with fewer calories.传统港式月饼馅一般是整个蛋黄,莲蓉和白砂糖。然而,年轻人抱怨这种太腻。所以今年香港荣华(一家香港食品公司)用麦芽糖替代白砂糖并混合蛋黄莲蓉,好吃且低卡。Xylitol has expanded its territory from chewing gum to the mooncake industry. Many mooncake suppliers in different cities in the country promote their sales of mooncakes made with xylitol.木糖醇也从口香糖领域进军了月饼业。中国各地月饼供应商在促销木糖醇月饼。The sweetness of xylitol is the same as in sucrose, but it has only 60 percent of the calories in sucrose. It can effectively reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, and is very suitable for diabetics.木糖醇的馨香和蔗糖一样,但其卡路里却只是蔗糖的60%,木糖醇还可以有效地减少体内堆积的脂肪,非常适合糖尿病患者食用。A hotel in Shenzhen sells improved Wuren mooncakes with hypoglycemic effects this year. According to local media, the chefs in the hotel made the mooncake filling according to an ancient recipe.今年,一家深圳酒店销售具有降血糖作用的改良版五仁月饼 。据当地媒体报道,该酒店的厨师根据一本古老食谱制作的这种月饼馅。They powdered balsam pear seeds, black sesame and parched soybean, then mixed them together with glutinous rice flour and honey. Throughout the whole process, they did not use sucrose.他们将苦瓜种子,黑芝麻和烘干的大豆打成粉,与糯米粉和蜂蜜混合,整个制作过程都不使用蔗糖。To please young people, some pastry shops in China#39;s large cities fashion special festival treats, such as ;courtship mooncakes;. Chefs print a ;declaration of love; on the surface of each moon cake, which are shaped like dolls.为了取悦年轻人,中国大城市的一些糕点店推出节日特供食品,如“表白月饼”。厨师在每个娃娃形状的月饼上印上“爱情宣言”。Some shops make smaller sized ;chess mooncakes;. Consumers can play chess with friends on Mid-Autumn night while eating them.有些商店制作了小型 “象棋月饼”,顾客可以在中秋夜边吃月饼边和朋友下象棋。 /201509/400488章贡区人民医院有学生套餐 After consolidating the sovereignty, Qi and the nobles began to enslave and exploit the people, and indulge in extravagant lives.当夏王朝的统治基本稳定之后,以启为首的贵族统治者肆意奴役和剥削广大庶民群众,过着骄奢淫逸的生活。When Qi died, Tai Kang succeeded to the throne. Like his father, Tai Kang sought ease and comfort, and did not care for state affairs, therefore the internal conflicts intensified and the rebellions occurred continuously.启死后,由其子太康继位,太康像其父 一样也沉湎于声色酒食之中,政事不修,促使内部矛盾日趋尖锐,外部四夷背叛。Initially, it was the rebellion of the king^ five brothers, then the insurgence of commoners.先有“五子”(太康的兄弟五人)争立,接着又有武观叛乱,百姓就借此展开了强烈的反抗斗争。Hou Yi, known as a good archer from the Youqiong clan of the Eastern Yi, witnessed the multiple conflicts. When Tai Kang went hunting for several months, he took the opportunity to command his troops and capture the capital Anyi ( the present-day Anyi County in Shanxi).东夷族有穷氏首领后羿看到夏王朝内部矛盾重重,藉太康外出狩猎数月不归之时,率兵夺取了都城安邑(今山西夏县西北)。TaiKang was unexpected to the accident, and couldn,t return home, so he had to exile and finally died in the foreign land.太康猝不及防,无法回归,只得流亡,最终死在异地他乡。After the victory, Hou Yi dared not to take the throne immediately. He made Zhong Kang, the younger brother of Tai Kang the King.后羿逐走太康取得胜利后,不敢马上取而代之,于是扶持太康的兄弟仲康继位。Zhong Kang was weak and became the puppet of Hou Yi.仲康懦弱,当了傀儡。When Zhong Kang died, his Son, Hou Xiang was on the run.仲康死后,其子相继位。Hou Yi thought it was the right time, then he drove Hou Xiang away and became the King.羿认为时机已到,遂把相赶走,自己登上王位。This is the so-called the lost of country by Tai Kang and the replacement of Xia by Hou Yi in history books.这就是史书上称作“太康失国”和 “后羿代夏”的故事。Shao Kang9s Restoration of Xia: Hou Yi was a fatuous ruler, too. The minister Hanzhuo took over power and killed him as well as his family members. Then, Hanzhuo ordered his son Jiao to kill Hou Xiang, who was taking refuge with the Zhenguan and Zhenxun clans.少康中兴:后羿也是昏君,大臣寒浞夺取王位,杀死后羿及其家人,并且下令他的儿子浇追杀相。被逐后的相投靠了斟灌氏、斟寻氏部族。Jiao defeated Zhenguan and Zhenxun clans and killed Hou Xiang.浇率兵打败了斟灌氏部族,杀死了相。Xiang#39;s wife, aly pregnant, avoided Jiao#39;searching and arrest, climbed through a hole in the wall and escaped to her parents, home of the Youreng tribe, where she later bore her son Shao Kang.此时,相的妻子已身怀有。她避开浇的搜捕,从墙洞中偷偷爬出去,投奔到娘家仍氏,并在那里生下儿子少康。Growing up in a hard condition, Shao Kang studied diligently and aspired to revenge.Eventually, with the help of his grandfather and the loyal tribes, he expelled the treacherous court official and his son, restoring the country.少康在艰苦的环境中长大,奋发努力学习,立志复仇雪耻。最终在外祖父的帮助以及忠心夏朝的部落持下,少 康驱逐杀死大逆不道的奸臣以及他的儿子,中兴夏朝。With the renaissance, Shao Kang was at pains to handle government affairs, sending army to beat off insurgent troops of minorities, expanding the territory, improving the political system and laying foundation for the prosperity of the Xia Dynasty.少康完成复国大业后,勤于政务,派遣军队打退少数民族叛军的侵扰,扩大疆土,进一步完善政治制度,奠定了 夏朝盛兴的基础。It was about 40 years from Taikang to Shao Kang.由太康到少康,经历了大约40年。The tortuous and complicated struggle illustrated that there were not only class struggles but also fights inside the ruling group as well when a state was founded.这一曲折而复杂的斗争事实说明,当国家开始建立的时候,就已存在着激烈的阶级斗争和统治集团内部的斗争。The Xia Dynasty could restore its dominion and gain further development, only because it had relatively solid social foundation.夏王朝因为拥有比较深厚的社会基础,才能恢复它的统治,并取得进一步的发展。 /201510/407414赣州人民医院新院四维彩超预约

兴国县人民医院看妇科好不好For nearly four decades, a giant neon cow suspended above a steakhouse in Hong Kong’s Western District was a neighborhood landmark. It was where, if you were giving directions, you told someone to get off the bus or to take the next left. A glowing bovine beacon nearly 10 feet long and 8 feet tall, cantilevered over the street, you couldn’t miss it.香港——四十年来,香港西区一家牛排餐厅上挂着的巨型霓虹灯奶牛已经成了地标。如果你给人指路,告诉别人在哪儿下车,在哪儿左拐,都会提到它。这头闪闪发光的牛将近10英尺长,8英尺高,悬挂在街头,肯定不会错过。It was supposed to be an Angus, said Iry Yip, the manager of Sammy’s Kitchen. The sign was designed in 1978 by her father, Sammy Yip, the restaurant’s founder, who at 84 still sits behind the cash register.森美餐厅的经理叶凤仪(Iry Yip)说,它是一头安格斯牛(Angus),是她的父亲、餐厅创始人叶联(Sammy Yip)在1978年设计的。他老人家今年84岁,仍然坐在餐厅的收银台后面。But the sign maker decided that longer legs would look better, hence the world’s only known long-legged, bluish-white Angus, with “Sammy’s Kitchen Ltd.” emblazoned across its flank in green in English and in red in Chinese.但是制作这个霓虹招牌的师傅觉得牛的腿还是长一点好看,于是它就成了世界上唯一一只长着四条长腿,呈蓝白色的安格斯牛,它的腹部装点着绿色的“Sammy’s Kitchen Ltd.”与红色的“森美餐厅”字样。But in 2011, the city’s Buildings Department decided the sign was unsafe and ordered it removed. After an unsuccessful campaign to save it, the sign came down in August.但是2011年,香港屋宇署认为这个招牌不安全,要将它拆掉。要求保留招牌的活动没能成功,今年8月,它被拆除了。“It feels like something is missing,” Ms. Yip said. “The street has gotten so empty.”“感觉就像少了什么,”叶凤仪说,“整条街变得空荡荡的。”Since the mid-20th century, endless towers of flashing, throbbing neon have defined Hong Kong’s landscape as much as Victoria Harbor and the skyline of densely packed high-rises.自从20世纪中期,无数跳跃闪烁的霓虹灯便装点着香港的街景、维多利亚湾,以及高楼大厦林立的天际线。“When you think of Hong Kong and visual culture, one of the first things that comes to the fore is neon signs,” said Aric Chen, curator of M+, a museum that is collecting images of Hong Kong’s neon signs online and some of the signs themselves as they are retired, including the neon cow.“一想起香港与它的视觉文化,首先跃入脑海的就会有它的霓虹招牌,”M+物馆的策展人陈伯康(Aric Chen)说,这家物馆专门在线收集香港的霓虹招牌照片,也收集一些被拆除的霓虹招牌,比如森美餐厅的霓虹奶牛。The Hong Kong immortalized in the films of Wong Kar-wai, the director of “In the Mood for Love” and “Chungking Express,” is awash in neon, Mr. Chen said.在《花样年华》与《重庆森林》的导演王家卫的影片中,那个沐浴在霓虹灯中的香港得以永远留存,陈伯康说道。“If his representations of Hong Kong in the popular imaginations are seminal, which I think they are,” he said, “you can’t separate that image from the neon ambient glow.”“我认为他呈现的香港在大众想像中具有深远的影响,”他说,“那个香港的形象与霓虹灯的光辉密不可分。”But the neon of Hong Kong’s streets is dimming.但是如今,香港街头的霓虹灯光愈来愈黯淡。Neon has declined rapidly since the 1990s, sign makers and experts say, as building regulations here have tightened and new signs are made of LEDs, which lack neon’s warmth but are brighter and less expensive to maintain.自从20世纪90年代,霓虹灯开始迅速消失,招牌制作师傅和有关专家们说,香港的建筑规划愈来愈严格,新的标志都是用LED灯制作,它没有霓虹灯的暖意,但是更加明亮,保养费用也较为低廉。The Hong Kong Buildings Department has no record of how many neon signs remain in the city or how many existed at their peak, but the department acknowledges that it removes hundreds of signs a year for failure to meet code. Signs are removed for safety and structural reasons, or when they are abandoned or unauthorized.香港屋宇署没有这个城市目前还剩多少霓虹招牌的统计数字,也没有它在全盛时期的准确数字。但该机构承认,它在一年内拆除了数百个不符合相关规定的霓虹招牌。拆除不是出于安全与建筑结构原因,就是因为安装时未经许可,或者招牌本身已被弃置不用。In a workshop with gray, peeling walls, Lau Wan, one of the last of Hong Kong’s neon sign makers, heated a glass tube on a naked flame, effortlessly bending it into the Chinese character for Polytechnic University.刘稳是香港最后一批霓虹招牌制作师傅之一,在墙皮斑驳脱落的车间里,他用明火给一个玻璃管加热,一边轻松地将它弯曲成“香港理工大学”的中文字样。Mr. Lau, who has been making neon signs by hand since 1957, helped turn Hong Kong nights into blazing, garish days. He created one of the city’s largest and most famous signs, the red-and-white Panasonic billboard that covered an entire building on Nathan Road from 1973 to 1995.1957年入行后一直靠手工制作霓虹灯的刘稳,和其他工匠制作的霓虹光管一起,把香港的夜晚变成了五光十色、令人目眩的白昼。他的作品包括香港最大也最著名的霓虹招牌之一——红白两色的“乐声牌”(Panasonic)广告招牌,从1973年到1995年,它占据了弥敦道上一座大厦的一整面外墙。According to Guinness World Records, another Hong Kong sign, a 210-by-55-foot ad for Marlboro cigarettes, was the world’s largest in the 1980s. It was eclipsed here in 1999 by a giant dragon sign, about 299 feet by 151 feet, Leila Wang, a Guinness spokeswoman, said.根据吉尼斯世界纪录,20世纪80年代,210英尺×55英尺的香港万宝路香烟霓虹广告牌曾是世界上最大的霓虹招牌。吉尼斯女发言人莱拉·王(Leila Wang,音译)说,1999年,它的纪录被香港的另一座霓虹招牌超过,那是一座299英尺×151英尺的巨龙招牌。Now, at 75, Mr. Lau said he feared that his craft was dying.75岁的刘稳说,他担心这门手艺会失传。“I want it preserved, but I probably won’t be able to see it,” he said.“我希望它可以保存下去,但我可能看不到了,”他说。His colleague, Wu Chi-kai, 47, is the second-youngest of the nearly dozen neon sign makers left in the city, and there are no apprentices being trained for the next generation.他的同事、47岁的胡智楷是香港第二年轻的霓虹招牌师傅,但在这里仅存的十来位师傅中,大家都无徒可授。“Just like every other industry, if the business is good, there must be new blood,” Mr. Wu said. “If no one is joining the industry, the reason is the lack of business.”“和所有行业一样,如果生意兴隆,就会有新鲜血液,”胡智楷说,“如果没有人加入这个行业,那就是没有生意做。”Neon was a Western import that quickly gained its own vocabulary in China, first in Shanghai, then Hong Kong, combining the ancient Chinese art of calligraphy with modern advertising. 霓虹灯是西方的舶来品,但是很快在中国发展起新的形式,先是在上海,然后是在香港,它把古老的中国书法艺术与现代商业广告结合在一起。Before computer fonts took over, master calligraphers drafted the Chinese characters, making sketches that were traced by sign makers.在电脑字体一统天下之前,霓虹招牌上的中文字由书法大师起草,再由师傅按照这个底稿进行制作。Fung Siu-wa, 66, calls himself the champion of the character outlining game. He still has no computer in his office, where the most advanced piece of technology is a television. Sipping a cup of black tea in his black silk tang suit, he said the work involved spending time learning the shapes of the words, understanding the structures of the characters and catering to the needs of particular industries.66岁的冯兆华(Fung Siu-wa)自称为勾勒字体的冠军。他的办公室里仍然没有电脑,最先进的东西就是一台电视。他身穿黑色丝绸唐装,品着红茶,说自己的工作就是研究中文方块字的形状结构,以便适应不同行业的需要。“Every industry has different preference for typeface,” he said. “Restaurants and hotels like more honest-looking characters, while more artistic businesses like salons, nightclubs and karaoke prefer ethereal-looking ones that give a romantic and relaxing sensation.”“不同的行业喜欢不同的字体,”他说。“饭馆和酒店喜欢看上去更老实的字体,而沙龙、夜店、卡拉OK那些比较艺术化的行业更喜欢浪漫、轻松的感觉。”Certain tropes have developed, such as the badge-shaped sign that every Hong Kong resident knows as the logo for pawn shops. The design resembles a bat holding a coin in its mouth. The Chinese word for bat sounds like the word for fortune, and the coin symbolizes wealth.这个行当还发展出了特定的修辞,比如所有香港人都知道,某种徽章形状的招牌是典当行的标识,上面的图案是一只蝙蝠嘴里叼着一个铜板。在中文里,“蝠”与“富”谐音,而铜板象征着钱财。What the medium itself represents has changed over time. When Hong Kong first fell for neon in the 1920s, it was an indicator of urban sophistication and prosperity.作为媒介,霓虹灯的意义也随着时间的变化而变化。20世纪20年代,香港刚刚迷上霓虹灯的时候,它曾是城市品位与繁荣的象征。By the 1960s and ‘70s, when some neighborhoods here were as chockablock with neon as Times Square, it was considered gaudy, if not headache-inducing. By the 1980s, neon signs were often associated with urban decay and red-light districts.60年代到70年代,香港的一些地方开始像纽约的时报广场一样布满了霓虹灯,人们觉得它们就算不是让人头疼,至少也是过于花哨俗气。80年代,霓虹招牌经常和城市的堕落与红灯区联系在一起。Today, as they grow scarcer, they have become retro-chic artifacts and objects of nostalgia. Old signs are purchased as folk art by collectors and museums, while modern artists incorporate neon in their work.如今,随着霓虹招牌日渐稀少,它们开始成为用于复古与怀旧的东西。收藏家和物馆把老的霓虹招牌当做民间艺术收购,现代艺术家们则把霓虹灯融入自己的作品。Mr. Chen of M+ says the signs should remain in their natural habitat, suspended above Hong Kong’s busy streets. But his museum has acquired signs to save them from the junk heap. M+, which for now has no space of its own, hopes to display them when its building is finished in 2019.M+的陈伯康说,霓虹招牌应该保留在原来的地方,悬挂在香港繁忙街道的上方。不过,他的物馆也在从垃圾堆里抢救它们。M+如今还没有自己的空间,要到2019年场馆落成后,才能公开展示自己收藏的霓虹招牌。Plenty of handmade neon remains in the city for those who notice it. Mr. Chen says most residents do not.香港还是有很多手工制作的霓虹灯,根本无人注意。陈伯康说,大多数居民不会留意身边的霓虹招牌。“Neon signs are so familiar to people in Hong Kong that, of course, they almost don’t need to think about it,” he said. It often takes a foreign eye, he said, to see the beauty.“香港人非常熟悉这些霓虹招牌,所以多数人理所当然地不会多想它们,”他说。大多数时候,异乡人的眼睛才能看到它们的美。The sign makers, however, downplay any artistic pretension. As their work began to blanket the city, art was not the point.不过,霓虹招牌制作师们并不重视艺术化的虚饰。他们的作品遍布全城的时候,艺术根本不重要。“The only requirement at that time was to be able to immediately catch someone’s attention among a street full of signs,” Mr. Wu said. “That was the standard.”“当时满街都是招牌,唯一的要求就是,你的招牌能够立刻吸引人们的注意力,” 胡智楷说,“这是行业的标准。”Most of the work today, Mr. Wu said, consists of indoor decorative signs for boutiques, bars and restaurants.胡智楷说,如今,他们的大多数作品是为精品店、酒吧和饭馆制作室内装饰性的招牌,也包括室内装潢。These pieces may be lovely, and may even be art, but they are obscure. The neon signs Mr. Wu and Mr. Lau once made were seen by a city of seven million.这些作品或许很可爱,甚至堪称艺术品,但它们不为人所知。然而胡智楷和刘稳以前制作的那些招牌可以被整个城市的800万人看到。“When foreigners came to Hong Kong, looking at the scenery of the narrow streets, and were stunned by the neon signs, it made us sign makers quite proud,” Mr. Lau said. “We worked so hard for Hong Kong and were actually making contributions.”“外国人来到香港,看到狭窄街头登上的景象,到处都是霓虹招牌,总会让他们惊叹不已,这让我们招牌师傅非常骄傲,”刘稳说。“我们为香港拼命工作,真是做了不少的贡献。” /201510/403777赣州上犹人民医院营业时间 As China prepares for Singles Day, the world’s largest online shopping event, on Thursday, Beijing-based consumer rights lawyer Wang Hai is gearing up for a record volume of cases.在中国准备迎来“光棍节”、即全球最大的网上购物节之际,常驻北京的职业打假人王海也在为迎接创纪录的案件量做着准备。Mr Wang has made a 20-year career of pursuing false advertising cases and complaints over fake merchandise. Singles Day, which last year saw more than bn in total merchandise sold online by the likes of Alibaba and JD.com, is also China’s biggest day for fake goods.王海处理虚假广告和假冒商品投诉案件已有20年时间。去年光棍节,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等电商的线上商品销售总额超过了100亿美元,而这个节日也成了中国最大的“假货节”。Mr Wang pays special attention to Taobao, Alibaba’s eBay-like consumer marketplace that American clothing retailers are trying to have listed on the US government’s anti-piracy blacklist.王海尤其关注淘宝(Taobao)——阿里巴巴旗下类似于eBay的C2C市场。美国装零售商正呼吁美国政府将淘宝列入反盗版黑名单。The number of complaints over fake or shoddy online merchandise registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Chinese regulator, has increased 356 per cent since 2013. The SAIC said in a recent report that four of every 10 products bought online in China are either bad quality or fake.2014年,中国全国工商和市场监管部门受理网络购物投诉数量比上年增长356%。中国国家工商总局(SAIC)在近期一份报告中表示,网购商品非正品率超四成。Alibaba, which accounts for 65-70 per cent of China’s annual ecommerce of roughly 0bn-0bn, insists it is improving its monitoring and refund policies. The company, which also operates Tmall, a website for larger sellers, says it employs 2,000 monitors and has 5,400 volunteer “phantom shoppers” to comb through its websites looking for suspicious goods.2014年全年,中国全国网上零售额大概在4500亿至5000亿美元之间,其中阿里巴巴占比65%到70%。该公司坚称自己正在改善监督和退款政策。阿里巴巴表示自己雇佣了2000名巡查员,还拥有5400名志愿“影子购物者”,共同负责线上巡查打假。阿里巴巴旗下网站还包括为较大商家提供的零售平台“天猫”(Tmall)。Alibaba says the SAIC data on rising complaints are “about our competitors, and not about us”, and that the number of complaints has been “significantly reduced” since last year. It says it now gets fewer than two complaints about counterfeit goods in every 10,000 purchases.阿里巴巴表示,中国国家工商总局所统计的不断增加的投诉数量是“关于我们竞争对手的,不是关于我们的”,并认为自去年以来投诉数量一直“显著减少”。阿里巴巴表示,现在它的平台上与假冒商品有关的投诉占比不到万分之二。But according to Mr Wang and other lawyers, Alibaba and its ecommerce peers prioritise defending large online sellers, which account for most of their revenue in the form of commissions and advertising fees.但根据王海和其他打假人的说法,阿里巴巴及其电商同行会把保护大型线上商家放在首位。电商的佣金和广告费收入大多来自这些商家。“The interests of these large sellers comes before anything else,” says Mr Wang.王海说:“这些大商家的利益优先于其他一切事情。”One perennial complaint from Chinese consumers about Alibaba is that they are often required to provide a certificate that a product is fake before the company will act against the seller. Such certificates are difficult or impossible to come by as many companies do not issue them.中国消费者常年抱怨阿里巴巴的一件事情是,消费者往往需要提供商品为假货的明,阿里巴巴才会对商家采取行动。但这类明很难或无法获得,因为许多公司不提供。Tian Junwei, a consumer rights lawyer who works for Mr Wang’s firm and specialises in suing ecommerce companies over fakes, says such certificates are the single biggest issue for consumers trying to get refunds. “We get a lot of customer complaints but it’s very tricky to act upon, so most of the consumers don’t pursue it,” he says.田军伟也是王海所在机构的一位保护消费者权益的人士,专门负责处理针对电商企业的假货案件。他表示,这类明是消费者想获得退款的最大障碍。他说:“我们收到很多客户的投诉,但很难采取行动,所以大多数消费者放弃了追究。”Alibaba insists it puts consumers first. “We take the fight against counterfeiting very seriously and devote significant resources to take on those who seek to harm consumers,” it says, adding that the burden of proof in a dispute is always on the seller.阿里巴巴坚称,公司把消费者摆在第一位。该公司表示,“我们非常重视打击假冒伪劣商品,投入了大量资源打击意图损害消费者利益的人”,并补充道,发生争议时的举责任总是由卖家来承担的。However, several buyers say they have been asked for a certificate of inauthenticity at the start of the refund stage.然而,几名买家表示,退款阶段的第一步就是要求他们提交假货鉴定明。When queried on that point, Alibaba said on Tuesday that while under Taobao’s policy the burden of proof was on the seller, “on Tmall there is a burden of proof on the consumer to prove that the product is fake”.面对这方面的询问,阿里巴巴周二表示,尽管在淘宝的政策下,举责任由卖家承担,但“在天猫上,由消费者承担举责任,明商品是假货”。The Financial Times was shown correspondence between one customer and a Tmall customer service representative after the customer sought a refund in September for an expensive brand of colouring books he believed were fake. He was told by the representative that “as long as you provide a fake goods certificate with test results, and launch a case against knock-off brands, you will get a refund”.一名顾客向英国《金融时报》展示了他与一名天猫代表之间的对话消息。这名顾客认为自己购买的一套价格不菲的品牌涂色书是假货,并于9月要求退款。天猫代表告诉他,“只要您能提供附有检验结果的假货明,并对假冒品牌发起保障维权,您就能获得退款”。An investigation in March by daily newspaper Beijing News found that certificates of inauthenticity were “almost impossible to obtain” in China. Journalists said they had called 50 different government agencies and offices and that they were unable to get one.《新京报》今年3月的一次调查发现,消费者在中国几乎不可能取得假货鉴定明。记者们表示,给50个不同的政府机构和办公室拨打电话后,他们依然没能拿到一张鉴定明。In the colouring book case, the seller ultimately volunteered that the item was fake and agreed to a refund. The buyer, a Suzhou-based stock broker who gave his name as Mr Song, says: “I was lucky that I was dealing with an inexperienced sales representative who admitted that it was fake. If they had denied it, I would have no way of collecting evidence.”在涂色书的案子里,卖家最终主动承认商品是假冒的,并同意退款。买家是苏州的一名股票经纪人,他要求被具名为宋先生,他表示:“我很幸运,遇到了一个没有经验的销售代表,自己承认产品是假的。如果他们否认,我根本没有办法收集据。”The vendor is still selling on Tmall.目前这个商家依然在天猫上销售商品。Alibaba is not alone in the spotlight. JD.com’s direct sales site has received fewer complaints but has still come in for criticism. The company also operates a marketplace-like service with third-party sellers who are harder to police. Last month JD.com was criticised after it stationed employees at the Beijing branch of the SAIC. Mr Wang said the staff were “impersonating” SAIC staff over the phone and handling complaints, although JD.com said its staff were merely a liaison group who “neither handle nor adjudicate customer issues”.阿里巴巴并非唯一备受瞩目的商家。京东的自营业务受到的投诉较少,但是仍然遭到批评。该公司还运营着类似于网上集市的务,上面是更难以监管的第三方卖家。上月京东因向北京工商局派驻员工而受到指责。王海称,该员工在电话中“冒充”工商局公务员处理投诉,尽管京东表示其员工只是“既不处理也不裁决消费者投诉”的联络员。Consumers are not the only ones to have complained about fake goods. Foreign retailers losing sales to counterfeits from China have harsh words for Alibaba.并非只有消费者对假货有所抱怨。被中国的仿冒品抢走销售额的外国零售商对阿里巴巴也多有指责。Juanita Duggan, president and chief executive of the American Apparel amp; Footwear Association, says the procedures retailers must go through to get fakes taken off Taobao are “nightmarish”.美国装和鞋类协会(American Apparel amp; Footwear Association)总裁兼首席执行官朱厄妮塔达根(Juanita Duggan)称,零售商若想让假货从淘宝下架,其必须走的流程犹如“噩梦”一般。First, retailers must register their brands with Alibaba, a process she says is “marked by delays, submissions and resubmissions of brand authenticating documents, and repeated and unexplained rejections”.首先,零售商必须在阿里巴巴上注册其品牌,达根称这一过程“充满拖延,要反复提交、再提交品牌认文件,并遭到原因不明的反复拒绝”。“Assume you succeed in registering. Now, you can submit a request to take down a fake product,” she says.“假设你成功注册了品牌。现在,你可以提交让假冒商品下架的请求,”她称。But she says such requests usually go unanswered. And if a retailer pursues claims, that hurts the brand’s “classification with Alibaba as a ‘good faith reporter’, reducing its ability in the future to bust counterfeiters”.但她表示,这类请求通常都会石沉大海。同时,如果零售商要求索赔,这将损害该品牌“在阿里巴巴的‘诚信报告者’分类,削弱其未来戳穿造假者的能力”。Ms Duggan says that even if the fake product is removed from the site, “the next day, the same item with the same picture will be for sale again but with a black bar covering the logo showing that the item is a counterfeit.达根称,即使假冒商品从网站上删除,“隔天也会有带有同样照片的相同商品再次销售,不过会带有遮住品牌标识的黑条,表明该商品是仿冒品”。“But Alibaba says it cannot take down this counterfeit item because it can’t be proven to be a branded product.”“但是阿里巴巴称不能将该仿冒品下架,因为不能明它是品牌商品。”Alibaba says it is committed to improving how it tackles counterfeit goods. “We continue to successfully work with many AAFA clients to protect their intellectual property rights. We remain committed to the protection of intellectual property rights as we continue the long-running battle to eradicate counterfeit merchandise that may appear on our marketplaces.”阿里巴巴称,其正致力于改进处理假冒商品的方式。“我们继续与来自美国装和鞋类协会的很多客户成功合作,保护其知识产权。我们仍致力于保护知识产权,继续为根除可能出现在我们集市上的假冒产品打持久战。”Mr Wang, however, says that as long as there is a market for them, there will be fake goods.然而,王海表示,只要假货还有市场,就会有假货。 /201511/409340蓉江新区医院医生在线咨询

赣州赣县人民医院可以做NT检查吗5.Crocea Mors5.黄之死亡According to a medieval legend, Crocea Mors was wielded by Julius Caesar, the most famous of Roman emperors. The sword was believed to have shone brightly in the Sun and was said to kill anyone it managed to damage. Hence its name, meaning ;yellow death; in Latin. Said to be a gift from the gods#39; smith Vulcan himself, it was originally the property of the Trojan prince Aeneas, who received it from his mother, the goddess Venus. It was said to have fallen from the sky and landed on the future site of Rome, with Aeneas hearing the words ;with this, conquer; in his mind.根据中世纪的传说所讲,黄之死亡是赫赫有名的罗马帝王凯撒大帝的兵器。相传它在阳光下熠熠生辉,能够摧毁一切。因此在拉丁语中它的名字意为;黄之死亡;。此剑据说由铁匠之神伏尔甘亲自打造,它最初的主人是特洛伊王子艾尼阿斯,是他的母亲,也就是爱神维纳斯送给他的礼物。宝剑从天而降,恰好落在后来的罗马建城之地,艾尼阿斯发现它时心中有个声音在说;用它去征世界;。Caesar had it with him during his conquest of Britain, and the British prince Nennius was said to have taken it in battle. For a brief period, Nennius could not be harmed, but he later died from a wound sustained by the sword. When Nennius finally succumbed to his injury, the sword was buried with him.凯撒在进军不列颠时佩戴的正是这把宝剑,在战场上,英国王子内尼厄斯将其夺走。内尼厄斯得到宝剑后,一时间任何兵器也无法伤害到他。可是没多久,他就因长时间受伤而死。他死之后,这把宝剑也跟随他一起长眠地下。4.Tyrfing4.提尔锋Another magical Norse weapon, Tyrfing was a sword forged by a pair of dwarves named Dvalinn and Durin. The dwarves were captured by Odin#39;s grandson Svafrlami after they left their home. They would be turned to stone if they didn#39;t return before the sunrise. The king forced them to create the weapon, so they decided to curse it: Whenever it was removed from its sheath, it would kill someone. In addition, it would commit three foul deeds and be the cause of Svafrlami#39;s death. A berserker named Arngrim ended up fulfilling the last part of the prophecy by cutting off Svafrlami#39;s hand and killing him with Tyrfing.提尔锋是北欧神话中的另一件神兵,由两个分别叫做杜华林和杜林的矮人打造而成。奥丁的后裔斯瓦弗尔拉梅在两个矮人离家后把他们捉走,在天黑之前,他们如果没回到家就会变成石头。他们在国王的强迫下打造兵器,因此在兵器上下了诅咒:只要宝剑出鞘,必有人丧命。此外,它还会造成三个悲剧并且使斯瓦弗尔拉梅走向灭亡。一个名叫亚伦格林的狂战士使诅咒的最后一句话得以应验,他砍掉斯瓦弗尔拉梅的一只手,然后用提尔锋杀死了他。Eventually, Arngrim#39;s granddaughter Hervor, vowing to be a Viking, set out to retrieve Tyrfing. It had been buried with her father, and his grave was on a haunted island. Unable to find reliable companions, Hervor ventured on her own, binding and summoning her father#39;s spirit until it gave her the sword. The spirit spoke of a prophecy that Hervor ignored: Tyrfing would cause the death of everyone close to her. Eventually, Hervor#39;s son Angantyr was killed by his brother Heidrek.赫华勒是亚伦格林的孙女,她发誓要成为一名海盗,于是受命找回提尔锋。提尔锋早已成了她父亲的殉葬品,他的坟墓在一个常有鬼魂出没的小岛上。赫华勒没能找到可靠的同伴,只好孤身踏上险程。她不停地召唤父亲的灵魂直到他交出提尔锋。父亲的灵魂警告赫华勒:;提尔锋会让每一个与她关系密切的人丧命。;可是赫华勒没有把诅咒放在心上。最后,赫华勒的儿子安根提尔被他的兄弟所杀。3.Sharur3.沙鲁尔杖Sharur was the mace of the Sumerian god Ninurta and possessed the ability to speak. Not only could Sharur talk, it was also sentient, offering the god advice on powerful enemies, gathering information wherever it could. Sharur was able to do this because it could also fly, leaving Ninurta to deal with other issues. Translated as ;smasher of thousands,; it was extremely powerful in the god#39;s hand and was also capable of flying around the battlefield to spray venom and flame.沙鲁尔杖是苏美尔神话中一把会说话的权杖,它的主人是尼努尔塔。沙鲁尔杖除了会说话之外,还能离开尼努尔塔飞行,为他搜集情报,给他出谋划策对抗劲敌。它在尼努尔塔手中具有强大的威力,译为;千钧之击;,它还能够盘旋在战场上空向敌人喷射毒液和火焰。Sharur features most prominently in Ninurta#39;s battle with Asag, a demon so evil that fish boiled alive in his presence. Born from the union of Heaven and Earth, Asag created stone demons through a union with the mountains and fought against Ninurta. The god triumphed over his enemy, falling in their first battle but ultimately killing the demon. Ninurta succeed after using Sharur to receive council from his father, the god Enlil.沙鲁尔杖在尼努尔塔与阿萨格的战斗中起了关键作用。阿萨格是一个天地结合而生的恶魔,他十分邪恶,甚至用滚烫的水来煮活鱼。在战斗中,他与群山结合变身石魔对抗尼努尔塔。尼努尔塔虽然在第一次战斗中失败了,但是他利用沙鲁尔杖成功收到父亲恩利尔的战略建议,最终赢得胜利杀死了恶魔。2.Xiuhcoatl2.火蛇Xiuhcoatl was a mythological serpent in the Aztec religion. Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, the Sun, and human sacrifice, wielded a weapon that was also named Xiuhcoatl. The weapon was meant to symbolize the rays of the Sun. Huitzilopochtli used Xiuhcoatl to destroy his older sister, the goddess Coyolxauhqui, who was angry at their mother for getting pregnant. The mother was accidentally impregnated while sweeping at Coatepec, where she spotted a ball of feathers and tucked it in her waistband.火蛇来自阿兹特克的宗教神话。享受活人祭祀的威济洛波特利是阿兹特克神话中的战神和太阳神,他使用的兵器也叫做火蛇,象征着太阳的光芒。威济洛波特利的母亲在库杰别克山上清扫圣殿时,发现一个长有羽毛的小球并且把它放进腰带中,没想到竟然因此怀。威济洛波特利的——女神科约夏坞琪对母亲怀一事非常生气,结果却让威济洛波特利用火蛇杀死。Even though pictures illustrate Huitzilopochtli with a spear and a snake in his hand, the snake was most likely a spear-thrower known as an atlatl. (Although the word ;Xiuhcoatl; does translate as ;turquoise serpent.;) When Huitzilopochtli slayed his sister, he pierced her chest, which might demonstrate the mythology behind the practice of Aztec heart sacrifice.虽然画中的威济洛波特利手持长矛和蛇,但是这条蛇更像是一个投矛器,也就是我们所知的投射器。(尽管如此,;Xiuhcoatl; 一词却翻译成了;绿松石蛇;。)威济洛波特利在杀死时刺穿了她的胸膛,或许阿兹特克人用人心祭祀的传统正是由此而来。1.Green Dragon Crescent Blade1.青龙偃月刀Wielded by the legendary general Guan Yu in the second and third centuries A.D., the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was said to be a guandao, a traditional Chinese weapon that resembles a halberd. A giant of a man, Guan Yu asked his blacksmiths to make a polearm that combined the chopping power of a saber with the length of a spear. Believed to weigh as much as 45 kilograms (100 lb)—although some sources say it was no more than 18 kilograms (40 lb)—no normal human would have been able to use it effectively.青龙偃月刀是公元二三世纪的传奇将领关羽所用的兵器,它是一把中国传统兵器,外形酷似戟,人们称之为关刀。关羽长得高大威猛,他要求铁匠为他打造一把削铁如泥的长柄宝刀。据记载此刀重45公斤(100磅),也有资料认为青龙偃月刀最多不过18公斤(40磅),即便如此普通人也无法将其挥舞起来。Luckily, that wasn#39;t an issue for the general. Guan Yu wielded the Green Dragon Crescent Blade while defending Liu Bei, the first ruler of Shu Han. Deified after his death as a sort of Chinese god of war, Guan Yu blesses those who show loyalty and brotherhood, traits which defined him in his life.幸好这对关大将军来说并不成问题。关羽用青龙偃月刀保护刘备建立蜀汉王朝。人们在关羽死后将其奉为中国的战神,保佑那些像他本人一样的忠肝义胆之士。翻译:刘安琪 来源:前十网 /201512/417604 于都县铁山垅钨矿职工医院农保能报销吗赣县中医院早上几点开门



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