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Its capital, here in Poitiers, the home of troubadours and courtly love.首府普瓦捷 是吟游诗人和古典爱情的胜地No wonder then, Eleanor grew up, as her contemporaries put it.welcoming, vivacious,埃莉诺在这里成长 与她的同龄人一样 热情大方 活泼动人her head perhaps turned by all those lovelorn lyrics of knights enslaved by beauties and bent on besieging their virtue.聆听骑士们表达倾慕的诗词 她会怦然心动 而年轻的骑士 也会为其美貌所俘获 为其贞洁而折腰So this is what Eleanor brought to match.所以他们一拍即合Grandeur, territory, wealth a lot of wealth and the glamour of Aquitaine.门庭 领土 财富 大笔的财富 以及阿基坦的魅力No wonder Henry thought that with this marriage hed got,well, pretty much everything.无怪乎亨利认为这样的婚姻 可称得上完美Everything that is, except the crown of England.除了一点 英格兰的王冠In 1153, Henry Plantagenet crossed the Channel.1153年 亨利二世渡过了英吉利海峡His father, Geoffrey, had aly taken Normandy from Stephen,so now it was up to Henry to take England.他父亲杰弗里已从斯蒂芬手中夺取诺曼底 现在轮到亨利来夺回英格兰Faced with an exhausted nation and defecting barons, Stephen caved in.国力耗尽 贵族叛逃 面临内忧外患的处境 斯蒂芬只有投降A deal was struck. Stephen would be allowed to die on the throne on condition he named Henry as his heir.在协议中 斯蒂芬有权在死前保持王位 条件是他任命亨利为继承人Within a year, Stephen was dead and Eleanor and Henry were crowned at Westminster Abbey,King and Queen of England.不到一年 斯蒂芬就死了 埃莉诺和亨利在威斯敏斯特教堂加冕 成为英格兰的国王与王后 /201609/464372Its an immense plant-eater. Its perhaps 80 to 100 metric tonnes.它是庞大无比的植食恐龙,可能有80~100吨重Its the size of a herd of elephants.换句话说,相当于一群大象It may be that there are dinosaurs even bigger than Argentinosaurus.可能还有比阿根廷龙更大的恐龙,只是还没有被发现But at present, thats as big as we know any land-living creature has ever been.但是目前而言,它是我们迄今所见生物史上最大的陆地动物This replica of Argentinosaurus is being built for the town square in Plaza Huincul.这只阿根廷龙模型将竖立在普拉萨乌因库尔镇中心广场When its finished, it will stand as tall as a five-storey building.完成后它将有5层楼那么高It wasnt just this dinosaurs size that was out of the ordinary.这种恐龙的特别之处不仅只是体型When scientists analyzed the layers of rock in which the skeleton was found, they discovered something.当科学家们分析骨骼所在的岩层时,他们又有了新的发现Argentinosaurus, along with many smaller South American long-necks, had been living at the wrong time.阿根廷龙,连同许多较小的南美洲蜥脚类恐龙都生活在错误的年代This fact was to prove crucial.这一事实极为重要Layers of fossil-bearing rock have shown that dinosaurs roamed the planet for 180 million years.化石岩层显示这种恐龙生活在地球上的年代是1亿8千万年前Over the course of this time, hundreds of different species evolved and died out.在这个时代,有数百种恐龙进化和消亡By the middle of their time on Earth, the Jurassic Period,这个时代的中期是著名的侏罗纪the land was dominated by massive plant-eating dinosaurs, the long-necks.陆地上的统治者成了巨型植食恐龙--蜥脚类恐龙201611/479051

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460643



  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481031

  However, that doesnt mean he isnt aware of the nuances...of cultural division and hierarchies.这不是说,他看不出这些文化和社会层次之间的差别。He just treats it all the same.他只是对所有人都是平等的。He really is the person who, whether youre a bicycle messenger, a woman whos breaking the glass ceiling on Wall Street, a socialite in New York...whos an up-and-comer and part of nouvelle society, or an old Dutch or German family...that is still in the last phases of its denouement in Newport...He doesnt care.他是这样的人不管你是自行车店的经历亦或是砸破华尔街天花板的女人,还是纽约的交际花像小说中那样受欢迎的人物,或是还活在Newport阶段的古老的丹麦或德国人他都不在意。Its all, for him, the huge variety of life in New York City.对他来说,这些全部是形形色色的纽约生活。When was the first time Bill photographed you?Bill第一次给你拍照是什么时候?In 1986, and the Times said...He came to me the next week and he said, ;Im so disappointed. The Times said we cant put you in because youre wearing a dress.;1986年过了一周他来找我,说;我很失望;。《纽约时报》说你穿着一条裙子,他们不会把你的照片登出来。(译者注:Kenny是个异装癖)And he said, ;But Im going to keep trying to get you in.;他说他会继续争取把我的照片放出来。And I was like, ;What the hell? Im wearing a pair of workmans boots with that dress.;我很诧异 ;这是为什么?;我穿了一双workman的靴子配这条裙子呢。”And he said, ;I know Kenny, but they wont put you in, but Im trying.;他说;我明白的,Kenny,我还在努力,让他们把你的照片放进去;。And now, they put everything in.现在,他们什么都敢登了。Hes such a maverick. Really a maverick.Bill非常特立独行。He means so much to people like us. Really.他对我们这样的人来说很重要。Hes an artist.他是个艺术家。Well talk.我们改天再聊。201609/460744You talk about, everyone always talks about failing你谈到……每个人都会谈到失败and you talk about being scared of failing to who and I love that.而你讲的是害怕在某人面前失败,我很喜欢这个话题Cause that really gets to the essence of it. Yeah, thats been—因为这很有意义。当然,它一直都是...And hairdressers have a lot of fear when theyre getting into the job.当美发师开始工作时,他们会有很多恐惧Got it. That was a big one.明白了 这很重要Im in a funny place where Im just not scared,因为我不会感到害怕 我的处境很有趣Im just not worried about, I have this weird,我就是不担心 这很奇怪I could care less what anybody thinks and I genuinely care what everybody thinks.我不在意个别人想什么 我只在意所有人的看法You know, its the kind of this really Ying and Yang and so你知道,这像是某种阴阳互补I just realized that so many of you are scared to fail because我意识到大多数情况下 你害怕失败是因为your dads gonna make you feel bad about it.你父亲会让你感觉到失败很糟糕I have empathy for that. That sucks.我体验过这种感觉 糟糕透了Or your husband is going to say I told you so.或者你的丈夫会说 我早就告诉过你了吧Im very fascinated by negative energy within our ecosystem that is not cut out-able. Hmmm.我惊讶于我们生态系统中的负面能量是是无法被消除的。嗯You can get rid of your acquaintance thats a dick face.你可以不管那些讨厌的泛泛之交Right? But when your moms the dick face, youre in trouble. Yeah.对吧?到当你的妈妈也在乎你的失败时 那就糟糕了 对And so Ive been trying to have this conversation of who因此我尝试与那些你害怕在他们面前失败的人are you scared to fail in front of and I gotta tell you in谈话 我想告诉你的是one-on-ones or meet-ups where the content has come from,一对一或者面对面交流的内容people are scared. You look up to your older sister会让人害怕 你找到你的寻求建议whos straight lined and her opinion matters to you.她说话很直 她的观点对你很重要But youre an artist and you want to do this.但是你是个艺术家 你想和你的讨论这个话题And if you fail, you dont want to fail in front of her.如果你失败了 你却不想在她面前失败Yeah. Thats tough.对,这很难受Thats stopping a lot of us.这种感觉会阻止我们做很多事情I dont have the answer to what you have to do about it我不会告诉你应该如何应对这种情况other than I do believe that communication solves all things.或者说我相信交流可以解决所有问题But great, how do I push you to have that real talk with your mom?但是 我又怎么能逼你去和你妈进行真正的交流呢?Hard, so, yeah man. I love that.这很困难伙计 我喜欢这个观点Its a real one. Yeah.因为这很现实 没错But its not so easy to unwind.但是真正落实却很难201706/512138

  When the bishops complained, the king declared,当大主教表示不满时 国王宣布;I shall find a way to do my business without you.;我会摆脱你们的控制的The protesting bishops were locked up in the Tower.反抗的大主教们被关进了伦敦塔Jamess timing was disastrous.詹姆斯选择的时机是致命的For he was doing all this when Louis XIV,因为与此同时 路易十四the militantly Catholic King of France,was threatening Europe.手掌兵权的法国天主教国王 正对欧洲虎视眈眈By January, 1688,James had managed to alienate all his natural allies到了1688年1月 詹姆斯成功地疏离了他所有的盟友and turn himself into a even more dangerous version of his father, Charles I.这样他就成为了一个 比他父亲查理一世更加危险的人物 He was even filling the officer ranks of the army with Irish Catholics.他甚至让爱尔兰的天主教徒 担任军官The only consolation was that,at 52 he had no son.人们唯一的慰藉就是 他已过不惑之年仍膝下无子Next in line to the throne was his daughter Mary, a staunch Protestant,而王位的继承人 是他的女儿玛丽 一名忠实的新教徒whod married the Dutch prince, William of Orange,她与荷兰王子威廉·奥兰治结为夫妻hero of the resistance to Louis XIV.威廉是抵抗路易十四的英雄On June 10th, 1688,all this changed.在1688年6月10日 所有这一切都变了Jamess wife, Mary of Modena,gave birth to a boy,詹姆斯的妻子 德纳的玛丽 诞下了一名男婴who was duly baptised with Roman rites.他理所当然地按照罗马天主教受洗Now, not only was the king Catholic,so was his dynasty.现在 不仅国王是天主教徒 他的王朝也如此 /201704/506525For the pupils and teachers of the Chinese school,对于中式学校的学生和老师们来说these four weeks have been a challenge of endurance...这四周是一场耐力战Tested by cultural differences.经受了文化差异的考验Excuse me, you two!哎哎哎,你们俩You didnt show me your manners.你们很没礼貌I never seen a student like you.从来没见过像你这样的学生You embarrassed the Bohunt.你丢了航特中学的脸And the occasional lost-in-translation moment.还有偶尔的沟通不畅问题Who can tell me what ;Pp; Means?谁能告诉我PP是什么意思You said pee-pee!你刚刚说;尿尿;There was time lost to discipline problems.纪律问题一度无法控制Listen to me, to teacher!听我讲,听老师上课And time spent forming new relationships.还有花在建立新恋情上的时间Too young for it, in my book. Too young.太早了,在我看来,太早了The big question now is, has the Chinese school managed to overcome all the disruption to triumph in the test?最重要的问题是,中式学校有没有克所有的混乱,在考试中获胜呢The results are in,结果出来了and the Chinese teachers will soon know how their students have done.中国老师马上会知道他们的学生成绩如何Luca. Thank you.卢卡,谢谢Angelina.安吉丽娜At Bohunt, the kids are used to grades,在航特中学,孩子们通常会拿到得分but theyve never been ranked against each other.但他们从未排出过名次高低I got 100% in maths!我数学拿了满分Yes. Oh, my God!没错,我的天My academic ability has definitely improved during this experiment.我的学术能力在这次试验中绝对提高了Its all about hard work and not really chatting or messing around.重点是努力学习,不要聊天和打闹And a lot of its getting on with work by yourself,而且在很大程度上需要自主学习and I think Im often quite good at working on my own.我觉得我一直都很擅长自主学习I dont know if this is good or not, Im not sure.我不知道这是好还是坏,我不确定For maths, this is 51%. I can tell you...数学得了51分,我可以告诉你...Is that good or bad?那是好还是坏In our small class group, youre the best. OK?在我们的补习小组里,你是第一,好吗Are you happy? Yeah.你开心吗?开心But you can be much, much better, as I told you, right?但你还可以做得更好,我跟你说过的,是吗This isnt really that bad.并没那么糟糕Well, for me, its not that bad.对我来说,并不糟糕Do you feel happy? Im not that pleased.你开心吗?我不那么开心Why not? Tell me.为什么呢,跟我说说I came nineteenth in Mandarin.我的普通话考了第19名23rd in English, 34th in maths,英语第23名,数学第34名and 32nd in science.So its not what you expected, right?科学32名,不符合你的期望,是吗Im annoyed with myself.我生自己的气I only just passed Mandarin.我普通话才刚刚及格But to be honest, Chinese education isnt the most encouraging thing.说实话,中式教学法不够鼓舞人心OK. Why? Cos theyre always just...好的,为什么,因为他们总是...its just all expectations that maybe you cant always reach.会给你也许没办法实现的期望But if you try hard and you keep, you know, trying hard,但如果你努力,并且持续努力no matter where you go to work, or you go to school,不论你去哪儿工作,或者上学you try your best, then that wont hurt you. You can just...尽力而为,排名就无所谓了,你就...I did try my best!我确实尽力了And youre just telling me my best isnt good enough.而你刚刚告诉我,我尽了全力还是不够好Yeah, Im happy with them.我对这个成绩挺满意的Cos I didnt pay attention, like, do that well in the first two weeks of the Chinese thing.因为对于中式教学法,最开始两个星期的时候我压根没注意听讲So I think I did all right, like, considering I concentrated for two weeks.所以我觉得我表现还不错,毕竟我只听了两个星期201606/451470


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/449310。



  The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck central Italy on Wednesday has reached over 160 and is expected to climb higher. Hundreds more have been injured in the disaster.周三,意大利中部遭遇大地震袭击,死亡人数已超过160人而且预计还会攀升。数百人在地震中受伤。The 6.2 magnitude quake and its aftershocks demolished several small towns in a remote, mountainous region of Italy near Rome and Perugia.在罗马和佩鲁贾附近,6.2级地震及其余震摧毁了偏远山区的几个小城镇。Rescue workers are still trying to dig through the rubble to rescue any survivors. But the regions steep terrain and narrow, winding roads are making it tough for officials to move rescue equipment around.救援人员仍在努力挖掘碎石,以挽救任何幸存者。但该地区陡峭的地形和狭窄蜿蜒的道路使官员难以移动救援设备。Italy is accustomed to massive earthquakes, since its located atop two fault lines and has invested in quakeproof infrastructure to compensate. A writer for CNN points out many small, remote towns have neglected that earthquake-proofing.意大利因位于两个断层线之上,因此经常发生大地震,国家投资了防震基础设施。一位CNN作家指出,许多小的偏远城镇忽视了抗震。译文属。201608/462777

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