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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a military operation launched Wednesday in northern Syria targeted Islamic State fighters and Syrian Kurds in an effort to put an end to terror threats at the border.土耳其总统埃尔多安表示,土耳其星期三在叙利亚北部针对伊斯兰国和叙利亚库尔德人发动进攻,争取消除边界的恐怖威胁。Turkey considers the U.S.-backed Kurds in Syria aligned with Kurds in southeastern Turkey who have waged a decades-long insurgency against the government. Wednesdays operation included artillery fire and Turkish jets conducting airstrikes backed by other warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition that has been targeting Islamic State for about two years. A number of Turkish tanks were also seen taking part in the fighting on the Syrian side of the border as they tried to push the militants out of the town of Jarablus.土耳其认为美国持的叙利亚库尔德人与土耳其东南部的库尔德人结盟。这些人几十年来一直进行叛乱。土耳其星期三的军事行动包括炮击和空袭,发动空袭的土耳其战机得到以美国为首联军战机的援。联军打击伊斯兰国组织的行动已经大约两年。土耳其还派遣许多坦克在边界的叙利亚一侧参加战斗,试图将激进分子赶出边界城镇贾拉布鲁斯。Syrias Foreign Ministry condemned Turkeys actions as a violation of its sovereignty.叙利亚外交部对土耳其的行动提出谴责,称其侵犯了叙利亚主权。The operation comes a day after Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey would give ;every kind; of support to fighting Islamic State in the area around Jarablus. On Monday, the government vowed to ;cleanse; Islamic State following a suicide bombing in nearby Gaziantep.一天前,土耳其外长恰武什奥卢说,土耳其将为打击该镇周围地区的伊斯兰国组织的目标提供一切援。星期一,在附近的加济安泰普市发生自杀炸弹袭击之后,土耳其政府表示一定要肃清那里的伊斯兰国组织。来 /201608/462606More than 60 years after the end of the Korean war, the remains of 36 Chinese soldiers who died fighting against South Korea are being returned home.时隔60多年,在朝鲜战争中因与韩国奋战而牺牲的36名中国志愿军的遗体终于踏上了回家的旅途。The remains were excavated from graves in Paju, near the North Korean border, last year.这些遗骸原本被安葬在朝鲜边境的坡州市,去年被挖掘出来。It is the third repatriation since a 2014 agreement between the two countries, as relations improve.随着中韩两国关系的不断改善,这是双方根据2014年签订的协议而进行的第三次遗骸交接。The war drew in China and the Soviet Union on the Norths side, and UN forces, led by the US, on the Souths.朝鲜战争涉及到两方:一方为中国和苏联代表的北部朝鲜,另一方是以美国为首的联合国军队代表的南部韩国。A ceremony attended by South Korean and Chinese defence officials was held at Seouls Incheon airport before the remains were flown to the north-eastern Chinese city of Shenyang, where China has a cemetery for its war dead.在将战士遗骸送回中国东北沈阳的朝鲜战争烈士墓地之前,中韩双方的国防部官员出席了在首尔仁川机场举行的交接仪式。The 505 sets of remains flown back since the 2014 deal, have all been sent ahead of the annual Chinese Qingming, or tomb-sweeping festival.自从2014年协议签订以来,前两次已经有505具烈士遗骸被送回中国,本次赶在了中国一年一度的清明节前夕。Up to 1.5 million communist forces are thought to have died in the 1950-1953 Korean War. About 30,000 US, 400,000 South Korean, and 1,000 UK troops, among others, also died, as well as at least two million civilian.据统计,多达150万的共产主义战士死于1950年到1953年的朝鲜战争。而美军死万人,韩0万人,英千人,至少有200万的民众遇难。Tens of thousands more are listed as missing and both Koreas still conduct searches for soldiers remains, periodically returning the foreign soldiers remains.成千上万的人被列入失踪人员名单。目前,朝鲜和韩国仍然在进行战士遗骸的搜寻工作,并定期将战士遗骸归还给他囀?来 /201604/436015

Moscow is out to change the world order, according to General Philip Breedlove, Nato’s military commander. The entire American military establishment has designated Russia the biggest threat to the US. In response, the Pentagon is beefing up its troops, armour and artillery in eastern Europe, and wants an additional .4bn to pay for it. 北约(Nato)军事指挥官菲利普#8226;布里德洛Philip Breedlove)将军表示,俄罗斯决心改变世界秩序。整个美国军方把俄罗斯列为美国的最大威胁。因应这种威胁,美国五角大楼(Pentagon)正在扩充驻东欧的部队、装甲力量和炮兵力量,并希望在这方面增加34亿美元军费Meanwhile Barack Obama, the US president, says Russia is “overextended and bleedingin Syria, and its economy is shrinking “drastically The nation is dismissed by others as “a hollow superpowerwith no real strategy behind its overseas adventures. 另一方面,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)表示,俄罗斯在叙利亚“手伸得过长,正在流血”,俄罗斯经济“大幅度”萎缩。其他人认为,俄罗斯不过是“一个空心的超级大国”,其海外冒险背后并无真实战略的撑So which picture is accurate? Both. The economy is shrinking. Poverty is on the rise. Without deep, wide-ranging reforms which few expect on Vladimir Putin’s watch its prospects are bleak. The president could legally remain in the Kremlin for many years to come, presiding over stagnation at home and, by way of compensation, a confrontational posture abroad. 那么,哪种描述是准确的?都对。经济在萎缩。贫困在加剧。若不进行深层次的全面改革——没几个人预期普京会在任内推行这种改革——俄罗斯的前景是暗淡的。在未来许多年内,普京可能继续合法地执掌克里姆林宫,目睹国内经济停滞,同时作为补偿,在国外采取一种对抗姿态With an economy and defence budget both a fraction of those of the US, the Russian leader has done rather well. He has held on to power for the best part of two decades. He has held the line against Nato in the former Soviet Union. And he has positioned himself as a dealmaker in the Middle East. 在国内经济表现和国防预算都远逊于美国的情况下,这位俄罗斯领导人干得相当漂亮。在过去20年的大部分时间里,他一直掌握着权力。他延续了前苏联与北约作对的立场。他把自己定位为中东的“交易撮合人”His handling of Syria shows ruthlessness, skill, determination and judgment. Ignoring the brutality of President Bashar al-Assad, and with neither the US nor Europe willing to intervene in the civil war, he stepped into the vacuum and deploying air power changed the course of the conflict. Then he announced he was quitting the scene but left the door open to a return. 对叙利亚的干预展示出了他的无情、手腕、决心和判断力。他无视叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的残暴行径,在美国和欧洲都不愿卷入叙利亚内战的情况下,进入了权力真空地带,通过部署空军力量改变了冲突走向。接着,他宣布将离开这个舞台,但为重返留了一扇门Mission accomplished, then. Mr Assad has been saved and all parties to the civil war have been disabused of the idea that a military victory is possible. In a bizarre twist, Mr Putin’s intervention paved the way for the first serious ceasefire in the war and possibly real peace talks on his own terms. 然后,使命完成了。阿萨德获救了,内战各方都不再抱着有可能取得军事胜利的想法。叙利亚局势迎来了一个离奇的转折,普京的干预为首次正式停火以及可能的真正和谈铺平了道路——按照他的条件More broadly, in the Middle East, Russia is back. It is at the centre of a complex web including not only Syria, but all other parties directly and indirectly involved in the larger conflict in the region including the US and the EU. Moscow cannot solve the region’s problems (who can?) but now they cannot be solved without it either. 从更宏观角度看,俄罗斯回到了中东。目前俄罗斯在一个错综复杂的关系网中居于中心位置,这个网络不但包含叙利亚,而且包括直接和间接卷入更大范围的中东冲突的其他所有各方——包括美国和欧盟(EU)。俄罗斯解决不了中东的问题(谁能呢?),但如今,要解决这些问题已离不开俄罗斯Syria shows that Russia, written off in the 1990s as a mere regional power, has a capable military and, given the opportunity, the will to use it. Does it also signal that Moscow has embarked on a new era of military adventurism? No. Mr Putin has walked up to, but not crossed, Nato’s red lines. Wars in Georgia in 2008, and from 2014 in Ukraine, were against nations not covered by Nato’s guarantee; they were fought to prevent them securing that guarantee. In Syria, Russia was confident that the US and its allies would not intervene. 叙利亚的事情表明,在上世0年代被认为不过是一介地区强国的俄罗斯,仍拥有强大军事实力,并且,如果获得机遇,也有使用其军事实力的意愿。这是否也昭示着,莫斯科方面已进入一个新的军事冒险主义的时代?并非如此。普京走到了北约的红线附近,但并未过线008年的格鲁吉亚战争,以及始014年的乌克兰战争,针对的都是未被北约保护伞覆盖的国家;战争的目的正是阻止这些国家进入北约保护伞。在叙利亚,俄罗斯相信,美国及其盟国不会干预What next? Mr Putin will probably challenge Nato in the Baltics but not militarily. He has a different toolkit, intended to undermine the alliance’s cohesion and confidence in its guarantee without triggering an armed response. Cyber operations, economic boycotts and nuclear threats are at his disposal. Those tools are relatively cheap; he can afford them. 接下来会发生什么?普京很可能将在波罗的海国家挑战北约,但不使用军事手段。他有一个不同的工具箱,旨在削弱北约联盟的凝聚力以及对其保护伞的信心,同时又不引发北约的军事回应。他可能采取的措施包括网络战、经济抵制和核威胁。这些工具相对便宜;他能用得起The notion that economic troubles will hinder the Kremlin, that sanctions will force Russia to retreat from Ukraine and adopt a pliant posture, is proving wrong. The image of Russia as weak and withdrawn from the international arena, of its ruling elite focused on economic stability as a means of political survival, is also wrong. That was the 1990s a period many in Russia remember and few care to recall. 有关经济困境将束缚克里姆林宫的手脚、制裁将迫使俄罗斯从乌克兰撤退并采取顺从姿态的想法被明是错误的。有关俄罗斯国力虚弱将退出国际舞台、其执政精英为了在政治上求生存将集中精力维护经济稳定的想法也是错误的。那是上世纪90年代的情况——一个许多俄罗斯人记得、但很少人愿意回忆的年代Moscow today has broader ambitions, greater resources and a willingness when challenged to challenge its adversaries in return. That is what Mr Putin has done in Syria and it is only prudent to expect him to do so again. 如今的莫斯科拥有更宏大的抱负、更多的资源,以及在遭到对手挑战时以牙还牙的意愿。这正是普京在叙利亚所做的事,预计他未来还会这么做才是明智的The writer is an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 本文作者为卡内基国际和平基金会(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)研究员来 /201604/436640

Donald Trump was elected US president on a platform of anti-globalism and, in particular, on a promise to change or withdraw from America’s existing trade agreements and kill the ones in the pipeline.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)以反对全球化、特别是承诺改变或是退出美国现有贸易协定、并且扼杀筹备中贸易协定的竞选纲领,当选了美国总统。The Trans-Pacific Partnership was aly in trouble before the election; Trump’s victory seems to have given it the coup de grace. 在大选开始前,《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)已然处于困境之中;特朗普的获胜似乎给了它致命一击。The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, meanwhile, now looks set to be stillborn.与此同时,《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)如今似乎也将胎死腹中。That is, as far as US participation goes. 准确的说,是如果只考虑美国的参与程度的话。What the American turn inwards means for the rest of the world is an open question. 美国人把重心转向国内对世界其他地区意味着什么,目前不得而知。There are those who think the loss of US leadership on international economic integration will embolden protectionism elsewhere especially as it comes on the heels of the protectionist vandalism that is Brexit and sap the will of those who want to keep their economies open or even open them further. 有人认为,缺少美国对国际经济一体化的领导,将助长各地保护主义——特别是在英国退欧造成保护主义破坏性影响之后——并削弱那些希望保持经济开放、甚至进一步开放经济的人的意愿。They will point to Europe, whose free-trade deal with Canada was passed by a whisker last month, and that only conditionally.他们将以欧洲为例——欧洲与加拿大的自由贸易协定上个月勉强通过,而且是带有条件的。But there is another possibility, which is that victory of anti-globalism in the US and the UK galvanises others to fight harder for the continued lowering of national barriers.但是,还有另一种可能,美国和英国反全球化的胜利,会刺激其他人更加努力地继续降低国家贸易壁垒。Cue John Key, the prime minister of New Zealand. 比如新西兰总理约翰.John Key)。At the Apec (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit in Lima last week, he defiantly vowed to push ahead with trade integration in the Pacific. 在上周于利马召开的亚太经合组APEC)峰会上,他公开发誓要推进太平洋地区的贸易一体化。He suggested tweaking the deal to make it more attractive to the Trump administration including, jokingly, by naming it the Trump-Pacific Partnership but, more importantly, made clear that the other TPP partners should seriously consider going ahead with the deal even without US participation. 他建议,调整协定内容以增加对特朗普政府的吸引力——包括,开玩笑地,把该协定命名为《特朗普太平洋伙伴关系协定Trump-Pacific Partnership)——但更重要的是,他明确表示TPP其他伙伴国应该认真考虑,在没有美国参与的情况下继续推进该协定。Peru’s president, too, warned against protectionism and against giving up on the TPP.秘鲁总统也告诫不要实行保护主义和放弃TPP。Meanwhile, Beijing has responded nimbly to Trump’s election by encouraging America’s likely-to-be-spurned TPP partners to join it in building a free-trade area including China instead. 与此同时,北京方面对特朗普当选美国总统作出机敏的反应——鼓励有可能被特朗普一脚踢开的TPP伙伴国跟中国一道建立一个包括中国在内的自贸区。The world’s second-largest economy is aly involved in several regional trade initiatives that are beginning to be touted as alternatives to TPP. 这个世界第二大经济体已经加入了多个区域贸易计划,这些计划正开始被吹捧为TPP的替代品。Australia is showing interest in the move, which would sideline the US.澳大利亚对这一将美国剔除在外的举动表示出了兴趣。It is a strange world when China becomes the champion of global economic openness. 中国成为全球经济开放的领头羊,这着实是个奇怪的世界。But it is an entirely logical one, if the US does indeed decide to abdicate leadership. 但如果美国确实决定放弃领导权,这个世界完全符合逻辑。As the FT’s Shawn Donnan puts it, when outgoing President Barack Obama met his counterparts at the Apec summit, he may have felt he is handing the Chinese leader the keys to the global economy. 正如英国《金融时报》的肖恩.唐南(Shawn Donnan)指出的那样,在即将离任的美国总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)在APEC峰会上与其他领导人会面时,他可能觉得他正在把全球经济的钥匙交给中国领导人。He es the Peterson Institute’s Adam Posen as pointing out that: You can’t beat something with nothing, and the Chinese are offering something.他援引彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute for International Economics)的亚波森(Adam Posen)的话指出:你不能两手空空地打败对方,而中国人在拿出一点东西。To anyone who cares to notice, this brings home the continued importance of global integration but also who, in particular, leads the integration effort. 对于所有对此留心的人来说,这不仅清楚说明了全球一体化的持续重要性,还特别说明了谁在领导一体化努力。The something that China offers is much less ambitious than the TPP in particular, it will not include that deal’s seminal provisions on labour and environmental standards. 中国拿出的那点东西远没有TPP那么有野心——特别是它不会包括TPP在劳动力和环境标准方面具有重大影响的条款。Moreover, trade integration led by Beijing instead of the US will mean trade integration on terms more suitable to China. 此外,由中国代替美国领导的贸易一体化将意味着,这种贸易一体化的条款将更适合中国。That must surely be inferior for the US and its allies to the US-led terms and standards for Asia-Pacific economic integration to which China would eventually have to adapt, which was the big strategic prize of the TPP.对于美国及其盟友来说,这必然不如由美国领导的亚太经济一体化的条款和标准(中国原本最终不得不适应这些条款和标准,这本是TPP的一项重大战略奖品)。That makes Pacific trade one aspect of the bigger picture of America’s interest in the rules-based global order that it has built and maintained since the second world war which has served it and its allies better than the alternatives of international anarchy or an order designed by its big power rivals. 这使得太平洋贸易成了美国在基于规则的全球秩序中的整体利益的一个方面(这个全球秩序由美国自二战后逐渐建立并维持,相比国际无政府状态或由美国的强大对手设计的秩序等其他选择而言,该秩序更有利于美国及其盟友)。America first, in global politics, could quickly reveal itself as America last. 在全球政治中,美国领头可能会很快变成美国最后。And, as Leonard Cohen, the late poet of an imperfect world, said in an interview a few years ago: you will not like what comes after America.同时,正如抒写不完美世界的已故诗人莱昂纳科恩(Leonard Cohen)在多年前接受采访时说的:你不会喜欢失去美国后的样子。America’s choice is ultimately the most consequential. 最终而言美国的选择是影响最重大的。But the more immediate battles between openness and withdrawal from the global economy are taking place in Europe. 但开放与从全球经济中退出之间更直接的斗争正在欧洲上演。Partly, of course, in the process of Brexit, where the fight is on over how much to raise trade barriers between the UK and its biggest trading partner. 当然,斗争部分是因为英国退欧进程,斗争的焦点是,在英国与其最大的贸易伙伴之间应该竖起多高的贸易壁垒。But also because the EU itself is actually contributing to the cause of trade openness through two substantial deals.但斗争也是因为欧盟本身通过两个重要协议推动贸易开放。One is Ceta, the fraught EU-Canada trade and investment agreement that is finally passed, at least conditionally, after a Walloon hold-up. 一个是命运多舛的《综合经济与贸易协定CETA)。该协定是欧盟与加拿大之间的贸易和投资协定,曾因比利时瓦隆地方议会的反对而搁浅,最终得以通过(至少是有条件通过)。That was widely seen as an embarrassment for Europe. 瓦隆插曲被广泛视为欧洲的尴尬。But we should be clear about what the final result involved: that a big trade liberalisation package was exposed to real and messy democratic scrutiny and that it survived the exposure. 但是我们应该明白最终结果的含义:一项重大贸易自由化方案受到真正而且复杂的民主审视,并且经受住了这种审视。In these times, where democracy is seen as antagonistic to economic openness, that is something to celebrate.在当前这个民主被视为与经济开放对立的时代,这一点值得庆贺。The other, much less talked about, effort is the EU-Japan free-trade deal. 另一项很少被谈及的努力是欧盟与日本之间的自由贸易协定。Mysteriously absent from the headlines, negotiations have been taking place for three and a half years and are nearing completion. 有关该协定的谈判已经进行了三年半,目前已接近尾声,但却令人费解地从未登上过头条。Some think that, in pure economic terms, the prospective gains are bigger than could be had from TTIP. 一些人认为,单纯以经济条件来看,该协定的未来好处超过TTIP。The two sides have still to agree on phasing out protection of Europe’s car market against lower barriers in food and agriculture in Japan.双方仍然需要就逐步解除欧洲汽车市场保护以及削减日本食品与农业方面的壁垒达成一致。Brexit focused minds; Trump’s victory must have focused them further. 英国退欧引起人们高度关注;特朗普获胜更是如此。It is in Japan’s and the EU’s narrow self-interest to conclude the deal. 达成该协议符合日本和欧盟的自身利益。But it is also in the broader defence of their values, and the liberal global order, that they do so with confidence and without further delay.但他们满怀信心、不再迟疑地敲定该协议,也是对其价值观以及全球自由秩序的维护。来 /201611/479824

  Angela Merkel’s deputy has attacked her handling of the migrant crisis, forcing the German chancellor to defend her refugee policy and firing the gun on the campaign for a general election next year.安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)的副手对默克尔处理移民危机的方式展开抨击。此举迫使这位德国总理不得不为自己的难民政策辩护,并对明年的大选选战造成了冲击。Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the left-leaning Social Democrats and Ms Merkel’s junior coalition partner, called for a cap on the number of migrants entering Germany, saying the government had underestimated the challenge of integrating the 1m refugees who arrived in 2015.德国副总理、社会民主党(Social Democrats)领导人西格马#8226;加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel,上图左)呼吁为进入德国的移民人数设置上限,并表示政府低估了015年流入的100万难民融入德国社会所面临的挑战。左倾的社民党是默克尔联合政府中所占分量较轻的合作伙伴。His remarks show how battle lines are being drawn between Germany’s main parties ahead of next year’s election. 加布里尔的话显示出,在明年大选之前,德国主要政党之间正打算在哪些问题上展开对垒。They coincided with a poll showing that half Germans did not want Ms Merkel, who has been chancellor since 2005, to remain in the post after next year’s elections. 与此同时,民调显示,半数德国人不希望默克尔在明年大选后继续担任德国总理。默克尔005年以来一直担任此职。She has refused to confirm whether she will stand again.她迄今拒绝确认自己是否会谋求连任。In a television interview on Sunday, Ms Merkel said much had been achieved in overcoming the refugee crisis, but there remained lots still to do.在上周日的电视访谈中,默克尔表示德国已在战胜难民危机方面取得许多成就,但仍有许多工作要做。She expressed no regrets about her decision last year to throw open Germany’s borders to asylum-seekers, a move that has damaged her CDU party’s prospects in next year’s elections and led to the rise of Alternative for Germany, 她表示不为去年向避难者开放德国边境的决定后悔。这一举措已对她所在的基督教民主联CDU)在明年大选中的前景造成损害,并导致德国新选择Alternative for Germany)的崛起。an insurgent party whose call for strict controls on immigration is resonating with millions of voters.后者是一个反政府的党派、呼吁严格控制难民,这一呼声正引起数百万德国选民的认同。Mr Gabriel has called for a migrant cap based on Germany’s capacity to successfully integrate newcomers, a move Ms Merkel has always ruled out.加布里尔呼吁根据德国成功融合新来者的能力来设定移民人数上限,而默克尔一直认为这种做法不合适。His intervention is significant because it is usually the CDU’s Bavarian sister party, the CSU, that criticises her open-door refugee policy rather than the SPD, which has been much more supportive.加布里尔的此次介入意义重大,原因是批评默克尔向难民敞开大门的政策的,通常是基民盟的巴伐利亚州姊党基督教社会联盟(CSU),而不是对默克尔持力度大得多的社民党。Mr Gabriel said the country needed 25,000 more teachers, for example, for the 300,000 additional schoolchildren who had come into the country. 加布里尔举例称,对于已进入德国的30万学龄儿童,德国需要新.5万名教师。You can’t repeat that every year, he added. 他说:你不可能每年都这样。In her interview, Ms Merkel listed the measures her government had taken to improve the process of integrating foreigners, 默克尔则在访谈中列举了她的政府已采取哪些举措来加快外国人融入德国社会的过程。including hiring thousands more officials to work in the country’s refugee agency, speeding up the deportation of migrants denied asylum and introducing tough new rules to encourage refugees to learn German and attend integration courses or face sanctions.这些举措包括:为德国难民署增聘数千名官员;加快驱逐避难申请被拒的难民;出台了严格的新规定,鼓励难民学习德语和参加与融合有关的课程,否则就要面临制裁。She also rejected Mr Gabriel’s suggestion that the federal government had not provided enough money to Germany’s regions and cities to help tackle the new immigrants.她还否认了加布里尔的另一些说法,后者称联邦政府没有为德国各地区和城市提供足够的资金、以帮助安置新移民。But polls suggest many in Germany are unconvinced about the country’s ability to absorb so many foreigners, many of them Muslims from Iraq and Syria. 然而民调显示,许多德国人并不相信德国能吸收如此多的外国人——其中许多是来自伊拉克和叙利亚的穆斯林。来 /201609/463863

  When it comes to making an impact on the menswear market, newly reinvented British heritage label Kent amp; Curwen has two aces up its (nonchalantly rolled up) sleeve. Firstly, it boasts a lively history going back to 1926 of making ties and sportswear for institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge universities, and secondly, David Beckham is at the helm.说起对男装行业的重大影响力,旧貌换新颜的英国老品牌肯迪文(Kent amp; Curwen)有两大秘招。第一,自己深厚的历史底蕴——早926年就为牛津及剑桥大学(Oxford and Cambridge)学生制作领带及运动装束;第二则是大卫?贝克汉姆(David Beckham)主持设计了专门的时装系列。The former footballer became a business partner in Kent amp; Curwen after retiring from the game three years ago because he wanted to start “owning and building businesses,he explains on the phone from New York. But while there’s no pretence that he’s started sketching sweaters himself, it’s clear that he’s hands on. He helped hire creative director Daniel Kearns, an alumni of Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. “David is involved in all aspects of the business,says Kearns, “from the collection to the packaging.”这位昔日足坛巨星三年前挂靴后成为肯迪文的商业合作伙伴,原因是他想“自己创业打拼”,他从纽约打来电话解释道。他已经开始自己设计毛衣图样了,除此之外,很显然他也有一线工作经验。他帮助聘请了丹尼埃卡恩Daniel Kearns)担任创意总监。对方是亚历山大?麦奎(Alexander McQueen)、路易威Louis Vuitton)以及罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)的校友。“大卫全面参与公司各项业务。”卡恩斯说,“从装设计到包装风格。”The details of Kent amp; Curwen’s ownership aren’t exactly simple: Beckham and his business partner Simon Fuller share a 50-50 stake in a partnership called Seven Global with the Hong Kong-listed Global Brands Group. In 2015 Seven signed a five-year deal with Kent amp; Curwen, owned by Trinity Ltd, which retails luxury menswear in Greater China and Europe.肯迪文的产权关系详情实际上并不简单:贝克汉姆与商业合作伙伴西富勒(Simon Fuller)在与香港上市的环球品牌集Global Brands Group)合创的品牌Seven Global中各0%股权015年,Seven Global与肯迪文签定了一份五年合同,肯迪文是大中华区及欧洲区主打奢侈男装的利邦公Trinity Ltd)旗下品牌。Beckham has also put himself forward as the face of the brand’s campaign. Click on Kent amp; Curwen’s new website and you’ll find a black and white of him sitting on a bench by the river Thames wearing a military coat with brass buttons, chunky lace-up boots and his trademark mild and moody knitted brow. Did it feel strange to be in the imagery for his own brand? “I didn’t think I wanted to be in the campaign,says Beckham, “but then working so closely with Daniel and seeing what he has produced I’m now really happy about it. I love the clothing and it’s what I would wear day in day out anyway, so, I just thought, why not?”贝克汉姆还自任品牌形象代言人。点击肯迪文新网址,诸位会发现这样一段黑白视频:贝克汉姆端坐在泰晤士河畔的长凳上——身穿黄铜扣军大衣、脚穿厚实系带靴,标志性的眉头紧蹙,显出些许忧郁神情。充当自家品牌形象代言人是否有些怪异?“我当初并不希望出现在广告片中。”贝克汉姆说,“然而与丹尼埃尔亲密合作、亲眼目睹其设计的作品后,自己如今对此真的很满意这部广告片。我酷爱这些装,它们正是我每天会穿的行头,所以嘛,我就想,为何不自己代言一把呢?”Clearly, it would have been an own-goal for the label not to make the most of the footballer’s appeal. Beckham’s charisma was in full effect at the Fashion Awards in London at the start of December when he presented an award to Ralph Lauren and only had to walk on stage in black tie to elicit enthusiastic whooping (and some swooning) from the audience. He rocks a suit, but after 20-odd years in the limelight (with some entertaining sartorial experiments along the way), he’s honed a strong off-duty look. It’s this casual style that Kent amp; Curwen has taken as inspiration for the new collection, so if you want to dress like Beckham you won’t get closer than this.很显然,肯迪文如若不最大程度利用这位昔日球星的巨大影响力,就好比是球场自摆乌龙(自毁长城)。在去年12月初举行的伦敦时尚大奖颁奖典Fashion Awards in London)上,贝克汉姆大放异:他当时身穿晚礼款款走上舞台给拉尔劳伦(Ralph Lauren)颁奖时,引发观众席一片点赞声(甚至迷倒了有些人)。他的西有些摆动,但经过近20多年明星生涯(曾愉快地试水过时装设计)后,他早已练就一副闲适神情。肯迪文正是从这闲致风格中获取了设计新系列的灵感。诸位若想穿出贝克汉姆的那种感觉,穿肯迪文的西装就合适得很。This isn’t edgy fashion it’s a contemporary take on daywear; where a military greatcoat with brass buttons and epaulettes costs ,200, a Shetland wool lumberjack-style jacket is ,000, and rugby shirts in thick cotton with subtle distressing around the collar are 00. Pricewise it sits alongside brands such as Acne or Kingsman, and British materials and manufacturing are used where possible. “We wanted to create a masculine aesthetic which felt contemporarysays Kearns, “like a rugby shirt worn with a skinny jean and a boot, or a tailored coat with a distressed T-shirt. We wanted it to chime with David’s personal style rather than fall into associations with the regatta and the traditional preppy college look.”这并非潮装——这只是当前的寻常装束:一件肩章式铜扣军大衣销200英镑,一件伐木工人款的雪兰羊毛夹克售000英镑,而一件领口有意仿旧的厚棉质橄榄球衫售价为200英镑。其售价与艾克妮(Acne)及Kingsman等品牌不相上下,而且优先采用英国本国面料及生产商。“我们希望打造与时俱进的男性时尚。”卡恩斯说,“比方说与紧身牛仔衣裤以及靴子搭配的橄榄球衫或是用仿旧款T恤搭配的定制外套。我们希望契合贝克汉姆个人时尚风格、而不是落入那些赛艇会以及传统私立学校装束的俗套。”Kent amp; Curwen was started in 1926, two years after Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen met on Savile Row, where the brand still has its headquarters. It became known for neck wear, supplying ties to Oxford and Cambridge universities, and by 1930 the brand was producing ties for smart London clubs such as the Embassy Club, Eton amp; Harrow and British regiments around the world. Colour combinations were often inspired by the flower market Eric Kent would pass on the way to work. He would pick up bright bunches of blooms and throw them on to the table to create arresting juxtapositions. His personal flair allowed him access to some rarefied circles (the Duke of Windsor was a friend) and informed his business. “That whole idea of reappropriation was something he pioneered,says Kearns. “He would wear a cricket sweater into Mayfair. He took elements of traditional sports and brought them into different lifestyle concepts.His cricket outfits were also worn by members of the Hollywood Cricket Club in the 1930s, including Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, and C Aubrey Smith. Now the cricket sweater has been updated, and it epitomises Kearnsapproach of “reinvigorating iconic menswear staples into a contemporary wardrobe1924年,艾里肯特(Eric Kent)与多萝西?柯温(Dorothy)结识于伦敦的萨维尔街(公司如今的总部仍在此)926年,肯迪文创立。它以领饰著称于世:为牛津及剑桥大学生制作领带(结);到1930年,公司为Embassy Club等伦敦高档会所、伊顿与哈罗公学(Eton amp; Harrow)以及大英帝国在世界各地的军队供应领带。领带颜色搭配的灵感来自艾里克每天上班途中经过的花市。他经常把随意采摘鲜艳的花束随意扔在办公桌上,打造出别具一格的混搭造型。他才华横溢,因此能出入某些达官贵人圈子(温莎公Duke of Windsor)是其好友),也让其生意如虎添翼。“他是混搭理reappropriation)的始作俑者。”卡恩斯说,“他经常穿板球毛衣出入伦敦梅菲尔上流社会(Mayfair);他汲取传统体育精华、并应用在不同生活装束中。”他设计的板球装也成为上世纪30年代好莱坞板球俱乐部成员的常备行头(包括了埃罗尔?弗林(Errol Flynn)、劳伦斯?奥利Laurence Olivier)以及奥布史密C Aubrey Smith))。如今这款板球装已有了升级版,这集中体现了卡恩斯“再造顺应当代时尚的经典男装”的理念。Beckham’s eye meanwhile was caught by another piece of the brand’s heritage, the three lions insignia, which appears on plain and striped long-sleeved rugby shirts and was taken from the heraldry of Eric Kent’s family crest. “The brand is known in China as the three lions, and over the years this emblem has been a huge factor in my life,explains Beckham, who also introduced another heritage motif from the archive; the English rose.与此同时,贝克汉姆高度关注肯迪文另一项富贵遗产:长袖素色条纹橄榄球衫上的三狮标志,它源自艾里肯特家族徽章的纹章图案。“肯迪文的三狮图案在中国家喻户晓,这个标记多年来一直是我生活的重要组成部分(他多年来代表三狮军团英格兰队比赛)。”贝克汉姆解释道,他还在设计的时装中引入了英国另一历史悠久主题——玫瑰。Kent amp; Curwen aly has a strong retail business in Greater China with more than 130 stores in Asia. The challenge now is to bring the brand back to Europe. “It’s a 0m business in China,adds Beckham, “so we wanted to reboot that in Europe, especially in London.”肯迪文已在大中华区开设了大量零售门店,在整个亚洲开30多家门店。如今面临的挑战是品牌重回欧洲市场。“我们在中国的年销售额亿美元。”贝克汉姆补充道,“因此我们希望能在欧洲、尤其是伦敦市场东山再起。”Following the launch of Kent amp; Curwen on Mr Porter at the end of November, and an e-commerce site, 50 new points of sale are planned by autumn 2017. “To grow this business it has to be wearable clothes,says Beckham, “Us men are very simple my wife tells me that every day we like to see clothes that go together. All ages can wear the collection. My 17-year-old son Brooklyn was coming down for breakfast in one of the rugby shirts the other day.”肯迪文自去1月底在Mr Porter网店上架以及开通自己的网店后,计划017年秋季开0家门店。“业务量要稳步增长,装就必须经久耐穿。”贝克汉姆说,“我们男人穿着崇尚简单至上(我妻子也每天不厌其烦地这样说),我们喜欢互搭型装。各个年龄段都适合穿。我7岁的大儿子布鲁克Brooklyn)有一天就穿着橄榄球衫下楼吃早餐。”Beckham’s personal style is not only at the heart of the brand it will be key to its success. “Menswear is about that fine balance between something that makes a statement but isn’t too much, and David is perfect at achieving that,says Kearns.贝克汉姆的个人着装风格不仅是肯迪文品牌的首要关注点——更是成功与否的关键。“男装的关键就是如何把握含蓄展现流行时尚的‘度’。贝克汉姆是这方面的完美典范。”卡恩斯说。Beckham believes his dress sense is more “maturenow. “When you get to a certain age there are things that you should stay away from,he says. “At 41 I definitely wouldn’t wear the matching leather outfits I wore with Victoria 15 years ago. It was all right back then and it looked kind of cool at the time but when I look back now I think, ‘Yep, maybe that was an interesting decision.I might have a midlife crisis and pull on the leather outfit, but I don’t think so, maybe for Halloween. My dress sense is probably going to be classic from now on.Classic, casual, and now easier to emulate.贝克汉姆认为自己如今的着装风格属“成熟男人”范畴。“人到一定岁数后,有些事就得规避。”他说,“如1岁的我肯定不会再5年前与维多利Victoria)互搭的那些皮草行头。当时穿象模象样,也挺酷,但如今回过头看我觉得:‘没错,当时决定这么穿或许是为了引人关注。’假如现在有了中年危机,我或许会穿皮草装,但我没有中年危机;或许万圣节那天我会穿皮草。从今往后,我的着装很可能秉持传统风格。”传统、休闲,而且更易于仿效。来 /201701/489799。


  During the annual Two Sessions, top Chinese leaders always join a panel discussion with deputies to the National People’s Congress (NPC).每年;两会;,高层领导人都会参加人大各地方代表团的讨论。During each of the meetings, Chinese President Xi Jinping participated in the panel discussions with deputies to the NPC from Shanghai in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. There were three key words in his speeches at these panel discussions.013年以来,国家主席习近平已经连续四年参加了上海代表团的讨论。下面这三个关键词,习近平这几年在上海团多次提到.Innovation1.创新;More efforts should put into enhancing innovation and injecting it with dynamism and vitality,; said Xi at the panel discussion during the Two Sessions in 2013. In the official press release of fewer than 1,000 words on that same day, ;innovation; appeared five times.2013年两会,习近平在参加上海代表团讨论时指出;要不断为创新发展注入新的动力和活力;上海团当天发布的不到1000字的媒体文件中,;创新;一词出现了5次。During the same period in 2014, Xi discussed ;adhering to core system innovation; and stressed ;strengthening and innovating social governance.;2014年两会,习近平要求上海坚;以制度创新为核心;;努力走出一条社会治理新路子;。In last year’s speech, Xi also talked about innovation, saying, ;Innovation is the driving force behind development. We must get rid of structural and institutional obstacles and push innovation as a productive force.;2015年在对上海团的讲话中,习近平也提到创新,他表示:;创新是发展的驱动力。必须破除体制机制障碍,使创新成果更快转化为现实生产力;Xi Jinping said Shanghai should continue to serve as a vanguard and pioneer in reform and opening-up and innovation at the panel discussion during the Two Sessions in 2016. Shanghai should use its courageous, pioneering spirit and youthful vigor to be innovative in the way it advances reform, Xi said.2016年两会,习近平在参加上海团讨论时称,上海要继续当好全国改革开放排头兵、创新发展的先行者,保持锐意创新的勇气、敢为人先的锐气、蓬勃向上的朝气.Grassroots2.群众President Xi put emphasis on grassroots during the panel discussion of 2013. ;To focus more on challenges facing the masses; ensure that people live happy and peaceful lives; and ensure social harmony and stability.;2013年在上海团,习近平表示要牢固树立群众观点;解决群众反映的突出问题,确保群众安居乐业,确保社会和谐稳定;;We must designate resources, services and management for the grassroots and provide accurate, more effective management for them,; said Xi in 2014.2014年,习近平表示,;要尽可能把资源、务、管理放到基层,更好为群众提供精准有效的务和管理;In 2015, Xi specified the requirements of innovating social governance, saying: ;We must take the fundamental interests of the majority as coordinates, starting with the interests people are concerned about most - those that are closely related to and practical for the people.;2015年,习近平表示,要创新社会治理,;以最广大人民根本利益为根本坐标,从人民群众最关心最直接最现实的利益问题入手;;Grassroots is the foundation of all work. Social governance must focus on the communities of urban and rural areas,; said Xi at the panel discussion in 2016.2016年在上海团,习近平称;基层是一切工作的落脚点,社会治理的重心必须落实到城乡、社区;3.Managing officials3.干部管理During the Two Sessions in 2013, Xi mentioned at least twice that officials at all levels should ;transform their working styles.;2013年两会,习近平在上海团至少两次提到,;各级干部要转变工作作;。In 2014, Xi said: ;We should focus on improving the quality of cadres and train expert urban management officials. Building and managing cities must be done with a scientific attitude, advanced concepts, and true expertise.2014年,习近平说;要着力提高干部素质,把培养一批专家型的城市管理干部作为重要任务,用科学态度、先进理念、专业知识去建设和管理城市;In 2015, Xi Jinping stated that ;tightening Party discipline is a fundamental guarantee for the Party when struggling in new situations.;2015年两会,习近平在上海团说;全面从严治党,是党在新形势下不断前进的根本保;;We must further streamline administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments, improve oversight over the whole process of business operations, and develop new ways of governance,; said Xi at the panel discussion in 2016.2016年,习近平在上海团说;要推进简政放权,强化事中事后监管,探索新的政府管理体制; /201603/430245

  Ecuadors president says rebuilding from Saturdays powerful earthquake that killed at least 413 people will cost billions of dollars.厄瓜多尔总统说,上周六强地震后的重建将耗资数十亿美元,至少413人在地震中丧生。Rafael Correa visited the northeastern town of Portoviejo Monday for a firsthand look at the devastation caused by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Portoviejo, along with the nearby cities of Manta and Pedernales, were among the worst affected, although damage was widesp throughout the country.科雷亚星期一视察了东北部城镇波托维耶霍,现场了解这.8级强震造成的破坏。波托维耶霍以及附近城市曼塔和佩德纳莱斯的灾情最重,不过地震给厄瓜多尔全国各地都造成了不同程度的破坏。Three people were pulled out alive from the rubble of a shopping center in Manta after being trapped for 32 hours.厄瓜多尔救援人员从一个被地震摧毁的购物中心的瓦砾中救人,他们已经被困超过32小时。The quake, Ecuadors worst natural disaster in more than half a century, injured more than 2,500 people and left thousands homeless. The death toll includes three Cuban doctors, a Catholic missionary nun from Northern Ireland, two Canadians and one U.S. national.这次地震是厄瓜多尔半个多世纪以来最严重的一次自然灾害。地震造成2500多人受伤,成千上万人无家可归。遇难者包括三名古巴医生,一个来自北爱尔兰的天主教传教修女,两个加拿大人和一个美国人。Thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed throughout Ecuador to provide emergency relief, including temporary shelters and food. In addition, scores of aid workers from dozens of nations, including Spain, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela, have arrived to assist in the relief efforts, and the ed Nations said it is preparing to airlift tons of emergency supplies.数以千计的士兵和警察被派往厄瓜多尔各地,展开紧急救援,包括提供临时避难所和食物。此外,来自西班牙,秘鲁,古巴,玻利维亚和委内瑞拉等很多国家的几十名救援工作者也陆续抵达,提供救援。联合国表示,准备空投大量紧急救援物资。来 /201604/438157

  Turkey plans to deepen its involvement in Syria by establishing a de facto safe zone that could eventually cover some 4,000 square kilometres of territory where both Isis and Kurdish militias would be kept at bay.土耳其计划深化其在叙利亚的介入,建立一个实际上的安全区,最终可能覆盖约4000平方公里的领土,把伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)和库尔德武装都挡在外面。The plan involves the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army working with rebel groups to consolidate and extend recently captured territory south of the Turkish border.该计划涉及受土耳其持的叙利亚自由Free Syrian Army)与其它反政府组织合作,巩固和扩大最近刚刚在土耳其边境以南占领的地盘。Specifically, the FSA would push from the border town of Jarabulus to join a rebel council about 40km to the south in Manbij, which was recently wrested from Isis control. 具体而言,叙利亚自由军将从边境城镇杰拉布卢斯(Jarabulus)推进,与曼比季(Manbij,最近刚刚脱离ISIS的控制)以南大约40公里处的一个反政府委员会会合。The forces would move south-west towards al-Bab, about 50km from Aleppo, a Turkish official said.一名土耳其官员表示,这些武装力量将向西南方推进,目标是距离阿勒Aleppo)0公里的巴al-Bab)。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president, has asked for the US-led coalition to help create a no-fly zone over this territory, which he hopes to repopulate with refugees who have fled to Turkey in the five years since the Syria conflict began.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)要求以美国为首的盟军帮助在该区域建立一个禁飞区,他希望在此重新安置自叙利亚冲突爆发以来的五年间逃往土耳其的难民。Turkey is also pushing for a 48-hour ceasefire in the disputed city of Aleppo over next weekend’s Eid holiday, and wants at least one of two aid convoys one each for government-held and opposition-held quadrants of the city to depart from Turkey, the official added. 该官员补充称,土耳其还在推动在各方相持不下的城市阿勒颇在下周末的古尔邦节实施48小时停火,并希望两援助车队——一开往阿勒颇的政府控制区,一开往反对派控制区——中至少有一可以从土耳其出发。Negotiations over the convoys stalled at the recent G20 summit in China, where Mr Erdogan met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of the US.有关援助车队的谈判在中国举行0国集G20)峰会期间陷入停滞,埃尔多安在峰会上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)进行了会面。The US has been urging Turkey for some time to orchestrate a campaign to dislodge Isis from the last remaining strip of the border that it still controls.美国一直在敦促土耳其策划一场战役,将ISIS逐出其仍然控制的最后一块边境地带。However, Washington has consistently argued against proposals to set up a formal safe zone in the area, which it fears could involve a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover.然而,华盛顿方面始终反对在边境地区建立正式安全区的提议,美国担心,这会使以美国为首的盟军卷入比单纯提供空中掩护大得多的军事投入。For Mr Erdogan, a Turkey-administered safe zone with international support would position him as a leading figure in a conflict in which he has largely been frustrated.对于埃尔多安来说,在国际持下建立一个由土耳其负责的安全区,将使他成为叙利亚冲突的主导人物。在这场冲突中,他迄今基本上一直受挫。Turkish-backed rebels had, until recently, little battlefield success, prompting his US allies to depend on a Kurdish militia he despises to fight Isis.直到不久以前,土耳其持的反政府军在战场上表现欠佳,促使埃尔多安的美国盟友依赖他所蔑视的库尔德武装来打击ISIS。Meanwhile, Russian and Iranian support has propped up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president whose ousting Mr Erdogan has long sought.与此同时,俄罗斯和伊朗的持一直撑着叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而埃尔多安一直希望将阿萨德赶下台。来 /201609/465580

  In many ways she is the typical Broadway audience member: a woman of a certain age, affluent and highly educated, living in suburban New York.从很多方面来说,她都是典型的百老汇观众:到了一定年龄的女性、富裕、受过很好的教育,生活在纽约郊区。But there’s one big difference: She was almost president of the ed States.但是她和其他观众有一个很大的不同:她差点成为了美国总统。In the weeks since losing the election, Hillary Clinton has gone to four Broadway shows often enough that industry wags joke about making her a Tony voter. And she’s even been spotted at theater district haunts last week, just before seeing a revival of “Sunset Boulevard,she had dinner at Orso with Kate McKinnon, the “Saturday Night Livecast member who memorably portrayed her during the campaign.在败选后的几周时间里,希拉里·克林Hillary Clinton)已经去百老汇看了四场演出——如此频繁,以至于业界有人开玩笑说应该让她成为托尼奖的评委。她甚至还被看到经常光顾剧院区——上周,在观看重排的《日落大道Sunset Boulevard)之前,她在Orso餐厅与演员凯特·麦金农(Kate McKinnon)共进晚餐。麦金农是《星期六夜现场Saturday Night Live)的演员,曾在竞选期间中扮演她,给人留下难忘印象。At each theater appearance, Mrs. Clinton is greeted as a vanquished hero standing ovations, selfies, shouted adulation.每次在剧场露面,克林顿都像失败的英雄一般获得欢迎——人们起立欢呼,跟她一起自拍,大声表达敬仰。The reception, of course, is in striking contrast with that received by Mike Pence, then the vice president-elect, when he attended “Hamiltonin November. He was greeted by a smattering of boos and then addressed from the stage by an actor who said cast members were “alarmed and anxiousabout the incoming administration.当然,这种待遇与去年11月时,候任的副总统迈克·彭斯( Mike Pence)观看《汉密尔顿Hamilton)的待遇形成了鲜明的对比。当时有人冲他发出了嘘声,后来一个演员在舞台上发言说,演员们对新政府感到“震惊和焦虑”。Mrs. Clinton has been attending Broadway shows for years, often when she has had a personal connection to an artist, a producer, or to a show’s subject matter.克林顿多年来常常观看百老汇演出,通常是与某个艺术家、制作人或剧目主题与之有个人关系的作品。In 2003, while a New York senator, she showed up at “Avenue Q.(The show’s director, Jason Moore, is from Arkansas.) In the years since, she has been to “Henry IV,“South Pacific,“The Last Ship,“You Can’t Take It With You,“The King and I,“An American in Parisand “The Audience(the last starring Helen Mirren as another powerful woman, Queen Elizabeth).2003年,她在纽约当参议员的时候,观看了《Q大道》(Avenue Q,该剧的导演杰森·尔[Jason Moore]来自阿肯色州)。从那以后,她看了《亨利四世Henry IV)、《南太平洋South Pacific)、《末世之舟The Last Ship)、《浮生若梦You Can’t Take It With You)、《国王和我The King and I)、《一个美国人在巴黎An American in Paris)和《观众》(The Audience,海伦·米伦[Helen Mirren]在其中扮演了另一个强大的女人——伊丽莎白女王)。“She’s always been a strong supporter of the arts, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d want to spend her time this way,said Heather Hitchens, president of the American Theater Wing. “The theater community is grateful for her presence.”“她一直是艺术的坚定持者,所以她以此为消闲方式并不让我感到惊讶,”美国剧American Theatre Wing)总裁希瑟·希钦Heather Hitchens)说。“戏剧界感激她的捧场。”Some visits have been especially memorable. In 2015, a few days before Mrs. Clinton declared her candidacy for president, she showed up at “Matilda the Musical(about a fierce and smart young girl overcoming considerable obstacles) and was singled out during an audience participation segment. She raised her hand as someone who loves books, and was teased for her passion by an actor singing about the virtues of television.其中一些尤其令人难忘015年,就在克林顿宣布参选总统的前几天,她观看了《玛蒂尔达》(Matilda The Musical,这出戏讲了一个勇敢、聪明的年轻女孩克重重困难的故事),并在一个观众参与环节被选中。她举起手示意自己爱读书,然后一个演员一边歌唱着电视的好处,一边拿她对戏剧的热爱开着玩笑。Mrs. Clinton did not respond to requests for comment, but the theater community has had plenty to say. “I hope I write a play that goes to Broadway so Hillary Clinton can see it,one playwright, Jaclyn Backhaus (“Men on Boats, tweeted.克林顿没有回应置评的请求,但戏剧界有很多话要说。“我希望写一部可以在百老汇上演的戏,希拉里·克林顿就可以看到它了,”剧作家杰克林·巴克哈斯(Jaclyn Backhaus,作品有《船上的男人》[Men on Boats])在Twitter上说。来 /201702/493465。


  Bernie Sanders has won the West Virginia primary, a sign of his enduring support and the apathy for Hillary Clinton among West Virginia voters.伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)赢得了西弗吉尼亚州民主党初选。这一迹象表明,桑德斯仍受到很多选民的持,而希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)却不受西弗吉尼亚州选民的爱戴。While Mrs Clinton carried West Virginia in the 2008 primary and Bill Clinton won the state in the 1992 and 1996 elections Tuesday night’s result demonstrates the extent to which the Clintons have fallen from favour in the state, foreshadowing a big victory for Donald Trump in West Virginia come November.尽管希拉里曾008年的初选中拿下西弗吉尼亚州,而且比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)也曾992年和1996年的选举中赢得该州的持,但周二晚的结果显示出,现在克林顿夫妇在该州是多么的不得宠。这预示着,唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)有望1月份的大选中在西弗吉尼亚州获得大胜。With 42 per cent of the votes counted, Mr Sanders was projected to have taken 50.5 per cent of the Democratic primary vote, and Mrs Clinton 39 per cent, according to Associated Press.据美联社(Associated Press)报道,统计完42%的选票后,预计桑德斯最终的得票率为50.5%,希拉里9%。More significantly, Trump also appears popular among a swath of registered Democratic and Independent voters in the state. According to exit polls compiled by CBS, 44 per cent of supporters of Mr Sanders in West Virginia said they would vote for Mr Trump in the general election, while just 22 per cent said they planned to vote for Mrs Clinton.更为重要的是,特朗普似乎在该州受到大批登记为民主党选民和独立选民的人士的欢迎。CBS汇编的出口民调显示,在西弗吉尼亚州持桑德斯的选民,有44%表示将在大选中把票投给特朗普,而只2%表示打算投给希拉里。Among all Democratic primary voters, a third said they would vote for the eventual Democratic nominee, while 27 per cent said they would instead back Mr Trump, according to N News.N新闻(N News)的数据显示,在所有民主党初选选民中,有三分之一表示将把票投给最终的民主党被提名人,7%表示将转而持特朗普。Mrs Clintons loss will play into Mr Sandersargument that some of the Democratic super delegates the party elite members who cast votes at the Democratic National Convention are not reflecting the will of the voters and should switch allegiances to his side.希拉里的此次失利佐了桑德斯的一个论点:民主党的一些“超级代表”(有权在民主党全国代表大会(Democratic National Convention)上投票的该党精英成员)并没有反映出选民的意愿,他们应当转而持他。Though the outcome will probably do little to shape the outcome of the primary race, where Mr Sanders trails Mrs Clinton by more than 250 pledged delegates, it has given another boost to his underdog campaign, which continues to tick off state victories, despite most media outlets proclaiming Mrs Clinton as the Democratspresumptive nominee.尽管西弗吉尼亚州的结果很可能影响不了民主党初选的最终结果(桑德斯拿到的党代表票数落后希拉里50张),但它对桑德斯处于劣势的竞选活动是又一个提振。尽管多数媒体机构宣称希拉里为民主党的假定被提名人,但桑德斯仍在一个又一个州赢得初选。In West Virginia, which has shifted from Democratic-leaning to Republican-leaning in the past few years, Mrs Clinton faces an uphill battle. Many residents blame the decline of the state’s coal industry on the Environmental Protection Agency under Barack Obama, which has imposed new limits on power plant emissions of carbon dioxide.在西弗吉尼亚州,希拉里面临一场艰难的选战。过去几年,该州已从倾向于民主党变为倾向于共和党。该州很多居民将该州煤炭行业的衰落归咎于巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府的美国环保署(Environmental Protection Agency),该署对发电厂二氧化碳排放施加了新的限制。Voters say she hurt her chances even further after declaring in a town hall earlier this year that under her presidency “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business Confronted about the comment at a meeting in coal country last week, Mrs Clinton attempted to walk the comment back, emphasising her bn plan to diversify coal country and retrain workers, and offering up an apology by way of saying she had misspoken.今年早些时候,希拉里曾在一个市政厅宣称,如果她担任总统,“我们将让大量煤矿工人和煤炭企业破产”。选民们表示,这番话进一步拖累了她的得票率。上周在美国煤炭区的一次会议上,当被问到她的上述说法时,希拉里试图收回这番话,她强调计划拨00亿美元,用于煤炭区的多元化发展和工人的再培训,并道歉称自己当时说错了话。Since Mr Trump became the Republicanspresumptive nominee, Mrs Clinton has tried to turn her attention to the general election. Yet Mr Sanders continues to wage a competitive primary fight thanks to millions of dollars in donations from grass roots supporters and is expected to have a strong showing in upcoming primaries in Kentucky, Oregon, California and North and South Dakota.自特朗普成为共和党的假定被提名人后,希拉里已试图将注意力转向大选。然而,凭借草根持者提供的数百万美元捐款,桑德斯仍在展开有力的初选竞争,预计他将在即将到来的肯塔基州、俄勒冈州、加利福尼亚州、北达科他州和南达科他州初选中有不俗表现。来 /201605/443186


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