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Term and condition on joint venture 合资经营条件A: Nice to meet you.认识你很高兴B: Nice to meet you, too.我也是A: I do have a specific idea in my mind concerning our cooperation; I propose to sign an agreement a project producing toys.我确实有一个与贵方合作的具体计划,即我方建议我们双方签订一个合作生产玩具项目的协议B: That a good idea. Now would you please tell me the total investment of such a project?不错的主意请告诉我这样一个项目的总投资是多少?A: At the beginning, I think this joint venture should be of a moderate size. The total investment would be US$ millon.开始阶段,我想这样一个合资企业规模不要太大,总投资额为00万美元B: Then how much would the registered capital be?那么注册资金是多少?A: It should be US million.应该是500万美元B: Sounds reseasonable, now what the percentage of your contribution?我想可以,那么你方打算出资多少呢?A: 50 percent of the total investment of million. That includes cash, machinery and equipment.总投资00万美元的一半即包括现金、机器和设备B: So we will provide the balance 50 persent, which would include the factory, premises, some machinery and right to use the site.那我方就出剩下的50%了这包括提供厂房、宅基地、部分机器及场地使用权A: That right.好的B: Another question, about the organizational structure, personnel system and wage system. As I understand, it should be discussed and agreed upon by both party consultations.我还有个问题,至于像合资企业的组织结构、人事及工资制度,我想由合资双方共同考虑,并通过协商的方式取得共识后确立A: That right. And whole joint venture is to be put under the guidance of the board of directors.好的,整个合资企业都受到董事会领导;propose to do something;意思是;打算计划做某事情;;例如:I propose to make an early start tomorrow. (我打算明天早早出发);propose;有时还表示;求婚;,;propose to somebody;意为;向某人求婚;,例如:He was trying to decide whether he should propose(to her). (他反复思量是否该向她求婚)又如:He had proposed marriage, unsucceesfully, twice aly. (他已经两次求婚,均未成功) 5865.Napoleon Invading Russia5.拿破仑入侵俄国In June 18, Napoleon invaded Russia with one of the largest armies ever assembled battle, and was so confident of his impending victory he wagered the war wouldnt last more than days. It wasnt Russia Napoleon wanted, necessarily (although Napoleon and Czar Alexander I were at odds over trade with England); it was India. But due to lice infestations and subsequent typhus infections, food shortages, freezing temperatures and, eventually, Russian troops, the Grande Armee wouldnt make it beyond Moscow. More than 600,000 men from Napoleon empire marched toward Russia, but just a few more than 0,000 were left fighting by early September 18, and in the end Napoleon was escorted by Russian troops back to France.18年6月,拿破仑集结起有史以来人数最多的军队入侵俄国,他自信满满,以为胜利唾手可得,扬言称天内就可结束此战由于针对英国的大陆经济封锁行动,拿破仑与俄国沙皇亚历山大一世之间积怨已久,但是,攻下俄国却实非拿破仑的终极目标,其真正的野心是要远征印度然而拿破仑的这大军在行军途中大规模感染虱症,随之爆发斑疹伤寒的瘟疫,再加上食物短缺、极度严寒,法国大军最终在遭遇俄军反击后败走莫斯科挺进莫斯科之初,拿破仑举全国之力募兵超过60万人,然而到了18年9月,军中还具有战斗力的只剩下区区万余人最终,拿破仑带领的法军在俄军的押送下灰溜溜地回到了法国老家.Hitler Invading Russia.希特勒入侵俄国It was a battle of giants, and the largest military invasion of WWII: Nazi Germany against Communist Russia. But the war between Germany and Russia would be the first major land defeat Hitler, and that defeat is considered the beginning of the decline of Nazi Germany. In June 191 Adolf Hitler broke the non-aggression pact signed in 1939 by Germany and the Soviet Union when he invaded Russia with an army of more than 3 million men, 7,000 artillery pieces, 3,000 tanks, and ,500 aircraft. Joseph Stalin, taken by surprise, found his military overwhelmed by the German onslaught. During the first week of the invasion there were 0,000 casualties among Soviet troops, and by October that year, German troops had taken 3 million Soviet prisoners of war. German troops reached Moscow by December 191, but the war was taking longer than anticipated -- clothing, food and medical supplies were wearing thin. When Soviet troops struck back hard to keep Moscow from falling, the Nazis failed to take Moscow.这是大国之间的战斗,是二战中规模最大的军事侵略:纳粹德国对抗共产主义苏联但是德国与苏联之间的战争是希特勒的第一次主战场失利,这次战争被认为是纳粹德国衰败的开端191年6月,阿道夫·希特勒打破了1939年德国和苏联之间签订的互不侵犯条约,率领超过300万的士兵,7000门大炮,3000辆坦克,500架飞机侵俄 约瑟夫·斯大林震惊了,发现他的军队在德军的轰炸之下不堪一击在入侵的第一周,苏联军队中有万的人员伤亡当年月,德国军队俘虏了300万苏联战俘德国军队在191年月到达莫斯科,但是战争比预期花费的时间长,衣物、食品和医疗用具都缺乏供应苏联军队浴血奋战保卫莫斯科以防失守,纳粹德国最终也未能占领莫斯科3.Accepting the Trojan Horse3.接受特洛伊木马Legend has it that the Trojan War had been going on a decade when the Greeks, unable to penetrate the walls of the city of Troy, decided to engage in a little subterfuge.相传当时特洛伊战争已经持续了十年之久,但希腊人仍无法攻破特洛伊城,于是他们决定采取一个诡计The Greeks planned to trick the Trojans into letting them behind those closed walls. They would leave a gift the Trojans and pretend to retreat home. On orders from Odysseus, they built a horse, the Trojan Horse, and it was big enough to fit a few dozen soldiers inside. After they wheeled it to the city gates, the Greeks faked their departure, and the Trojans, convinced theyd just won the war, rolled the gift inside their walls. That night, the hidden soldiers opened the gates to additional troops, and Troy fell. Stories of the Trojan War are told by Homer in ;The Iliad; and ;The Odyssey,; and by Virgil in ;The Aeneid,; but is there truth to the Trojan Horse? Evidence suggests ... maybe? Even historians dont agree on whether this war story is truth or tall tale.希腊人计划哄骗特洛伊人将他们带到特洛伊城内,于是他们谋划给特洛伊人留下一个“礼物”,并假装撤退奥德修斯下令做了一个木马,这就是特洛伊木马它大到足以容纳十几个士兵,当木马被推到城门时,希腊人假装撤退,使特洛伊人相信他们已经赢得了战争,推着他们的战利品(木马)到城墙里当晚,藏在木马里的希腊士兵打开了城门让外援部队进入城内,里应外合,最终战败了特洛伊人荷马在《伊利亚特和《奥德赛以及维尔吉(古罗马诗人)在《埃涅伊德中都有提到特洛伊战争的故事但真的有特洛伊木马吗?据表明…也许有甚至史学家对于特洛伊战争是真实发生过还是只是古老传说也莫衷一是.Donner Party hortcut.唐纳之队西行“捷径”In April 186, a group of about 90 pioneers in about wagons followed brothers Jacob and George Donner westward from Illinois to Calinia. The Calinia Gold Rush wouldnt be another two years, and the Donner Party, inexperienced in the wilderness, was headed into uncharted territory. They began their journey on the Calinia Trail, a known wagon-train route west, but decided to try a shorter, alternate route. Because of freezing temperatures and rough, mountainous terrain, the shortcut theyd hoped turned out to be long and deadly. The Donner Party is still well-known today, although we might not all know the specifics of their journey. What theyre best known , though, is the question of whether they engaged in cannibalism survival while trapped in the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains.186年月,大约90名拓荒者驾驶约辆马车组成的队伍在雅库布·唐纳和乔治·唐纳兄弟两人的带领下由伊利诺斯州向加州进发加州的淘金热肯定不会再持续超过两年了,然而没有野外生存经验的唐纳之队,正在驶向一个未知的地域他们从‘加州小径’开始了他们的探索之路,但随后放弃了这条已知的西行马路,取而代之选择了一条路途较短的未知路线山区的崎岖不平以及严寒的天气将使他们心中的‘捷径’变成一条可怕的‘梦魇之路’尽管我们不可能得知他们旅途的所有细节,但是唐纳之队现在依然闻名遐迩他们最出名的是在旅途被困在白雪皑皑的内华达山脉的时候是否出现过食人的情况1.Prohibition1.禁酒令In the 19s, if you were ;going to see a man about a dog,; you werent looking a rescue pup; you were in the mood a tipple or two, preferably whiskey. Why so sly? During Prohibition in America, between January19 when the 18th Amendment was signed until its repeal in 1933, it was illegal to manufacture, transport or sell alcohol (but it wasnt actually illegal to drink it). Prohibition was considered the ;noble experiment.; It was supposed to lower crime levels and reduce the amount of money spent on prisons. It was supposed to clean us up socially, as well as improve our health and hygiene. What resulted instead was an explosion of alcohol-related crime, and eventually a corrupt law encement and political system willing to take bribes or look the other way. Prohibition didnt stop people from drinking; it just changed the what and where of the equation. Because they were illegal, foot juice (slang cheap wine around the speakeasy) and jag juice ( those who like something a little harder) were unregulated, and tainted alcohol killed an average of 1,000 during every dry year. Unexpected negative financial effects also fell on a country expecting an economic windfall. example, states lost revenue previously gained from liquor sales.上世纪年代,,如果你说“”going to see a man about a dog”,你并不是去寻找一只等待营救的小;你只是想去喝一、两杯烈性酒,也许威士忌就很合你意为什么说话如此隐晦呢?在美国的禁酒令时期,自19年一月美国宪法第十八修正案签署到1933年禁酒令废止,制造、运输或者销售酒都是违法行为(但实际上饮酒却不违法)禁酒令被认为是“高贵实验”这项禁令被认为可以降低犯罪率、降低监狱开;净化社会,进而改善人们的健康和卫生状况但实际结果却是与酒相关的犯罪率飙升、政府执法腐败和官场贪污盛行禁酒令并未能成功地阻止人们饮酒,它只是改变了饮酒时间和地点而已因为饮酒是非法的,而脚汁(指非法经营销售便宜白酒的酒吧)和缺口汁(针对于那些喜欢重口味的人的酒吧)并未受到严格监管,并且在禁酒年中平均每年因饮用不洁酒而死亡的人数高达00人美国原想借禁酒令大发横财,却不想招致负面财政问题比如,美国(禁酒令期间)失去了以往从酒销售中所获得的税收审校:郗莉红 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 01

Thailand is raising the fee visa on arrival visitors from 19 countries and regions.泰国将对来自19个国家和地区的游客上调落地签费用From Sept 7, the charge a visa on arrival allowing visitors a -day stay will go up to ,000 baht from 1,000 baht.9月7日起,允许游客在泰国停留天的落地签费用将从00泰铢(约合人民币190元)涨至00泰铢The countries and regions affected by the hike include the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, India, Saudi Arabia and Maldives.受到本次涨价影响的国家和地区包括中国大陆和台湾、印度、沙特阿拉伯以及马尔代夫等China generated 7,95,791 visits in , up by an astounding 71%. This year, it is likely the tally will reach million.在年,中国共计有795万791人次前往泰国,涨幅达到惊人的71%今年这一数字有可能将会达到一千万A Thai government spokesman said the reason the doubling of the fee was due to the fact that many tourists applied visas at immigration checkpoints in Thailand rather than applying at Thai embassies or consular offices overseas.一名泰国政府发言人表示,落地签费用翻倍的原因在于许多游客选择在泰国的入境口岸申请签,而非在泰国驻海外大使馆、领事馆申请签This, the spokesman said, has caused congestion at immigration checkpoints and also compromised immigration checks ;which may pose a security threat and allow undesirable elements to enter the country more easily;.该发言人表示,这导致了入境口岸拥堵,同时也令入境检查效果打了折扣,;可能造成安全威胁,使不法分子更易进入泰国;The fees applying a Thailand visa ahead of travel havent changed.目前,提前办理泰国签的费用并未调整 63

Scientists are struggling to understand why a burst of ;scary; warming at the North Pole has pushed Arctic temperatures nearly ℃ higher than normal this time of year.科学家们都难以理解,为何北极突然出现的;可怕;变暖现象,导致北极地区的气温较同期水平高出近摄氏度Experts in the US and Europe say they have been shocked by the soaring temperatures recorded in November, when much of the region is plunged into freezing winter darkness.美国和欧洲的专家表示,今年月记录的不断飙升的气温让他们感到震惊,这个时候北极地区很多地方已经进入了冰冷的严冬Temperatures this month have been as high as almost minus 5℃ when they are normally closer to minus 5℃.北极本月气温最高曾逼近零下5摄氏度,而通常都是在零下5摄氏度左右;Weve been processing this data since 1958 and we havent really seen anything like this at this time of year,; said Rasmus Tonboe, a sea ice expert at the Danish Meteorological Institute.丹麦气象研究所的海冰专家拉斯穆斯·汤波表示:;我们从1958年开始处理这些数据,确实没有在一年的这个时候看到过这么高的气温,;;We are watching the situation and trying to analyse what is going on but it very surprising.;;我们正在关注这一情况,试图分析其中的原因,但这确实非常奇怪;The unusual warmth has come as officials at the UN World Meteorological Organization said they were 95 per cent sure that would be the hottest year since records began in the 19th century.在北极出现不同寻常的变暖之际,联合国世界气象组织的官员称,他们有95%的把握相信,年将是自19世纪有纪录以来最热的一年It would mean that of the warmest years on record have been this century.这将意味着,在有记录以来的个最热年份中,有个出现在本世纪 819

5.Bourbon Virus5.波旁病毒A Kansas farmer recently died from a mysterious tick-borne viral infection. The man symptoms began with nausea, weakness, and diarrhea. Lung and kidney failure followed. Doctors treated him with antibiotics, the standard course of action tick-borne illness. Nothing worked. After days in the hospital, he was dead.最近,一个堪萨斯农民在神秘的蜱媒病毒感染中去世他的症状始于恶心、虚弱和腹泻然后是肺和肾衰竭医生给他用了抗生素,也就是蜱媒疾病的常规疗法天后,他还是在医院去世了With only one confirmed case, doctors are clueless about the disease full spectrum. It might be a killer. Or this might be a rare case in which a mild disease became deadly. The best defense is to avoid tick contact by wearing long pants, using insect repellent, and perming frequent tick-checks.只凭一个确诊病例,医生无从得知该病的全谱它可能是种不治之症,也可能是一个小病致命的罕见病例最好的预防措施是避免接触蜱虫:穿长裤,使用驱虫剂,并经常检查是否有蜱虫叮咬.Siberian Giant Virus.西伯利亚阔口罐病毒A French research team recently unearthed a 30,000-year-old giant virus from the Siberian permafrost—and it still infectious. The virus was discovered in a soil sample from 98 feet beneath the ground. It is wider than other giant viruses, and large enough to be seen through a standard microscope.年,一个法国研究小组在西伯利亚永久冻土中,发现了一个3万年前的巨型病毒,而且它仍然具有传染性该病毒被发现于地下98英尺的土壤样品中它比其他巨型病毒更宽,并且大到标准显微镜就能看到The team fished viruses using amoebas, their target hosts, as bait. The amoeba starting dying, and researchers discovered they were laden with these ancient giants. Unlike most viruses, which attack the nucleus, sibericum sets up replication factories in the host cytoplasm. Although sibericum only targeted amoeba, another giant virus dubbed Marseillesvirus recent infected an -year-old boy in France. It is possible that dangerous viruses also lurk deep underground. More than any other factor, human activities like drilling and mining are likely to unearth these slumbering monsters.该团队用宿主变形虫作为诱饵捕捉病毒变形虫开始死亡,而研究人员发现,它们体内满是这些古老的巨型病毒与大多数攻击细胞核的病毒不同,西伯利亚病毒在宿主的细胞质中复制西伯利亚病毒只入侵变形虫,但另一种被称为马赛病毒的巨型病毒,最近在法国感染了一个岁的男孩地下深处可能还潜伏着危险的病毒比任何其他因素,人类活动——如钻井和采矿——更有可能释放这些沉睡的怪物3.Deep-Sea Virus3.深海病毒Researchers now believe there is more biomass inside earth dark, nutrient-deprived depths than anywhere else. In the ocean depths off Calinia, they recently made a remarkable discovery into that mysterious biomass: a virus that infects methane-eating archaea, small bacteria-like organisms, on the ocean floor. Samples were collected from a deep methane seep by pushing tubes into the ocean sediment. Back in the lab, the sediments were fed methane, which triggered archaea growth—along with their viral parasites.研究人员现在认为,黑暗而贫瘠的地球深处,比其他任何地方都富有生物质在加利福尼亚的海洋深处,他们对这种神秘的生物质有了惊人的发现:一种病毒它在海底感染以甲烷为食的古细菌,这种古细菌是一种小型的细菌样生物研究人员将管推入海洋沉积物收集深层甲烷冷泉样品回到实验室后,向沉积物输入甲烷,激活了古生菌的生长,以及寄生它们的病毒The virus selectively targets one of its own genes mutation. So do the archaea. The target of the mutations are the tips of the virus, which come into contact with their host. It is a countermeasure against tarchaea own selective mutation defenses. This has led to a deep-sea arms race. Partial genetic matches between the Calinia deep-sea viruses and ones discovered around Norway suggest global distribution.病毒选择自身基因中的一个用于突变古细菌也是如此突变的目标在病毒的末端,使其与宿主接触这是针对古细菌选择性突变防御的对策,导致了深海军备竞赛加利福尼亚和挪威深海病毒的部分遗传互相匹配,说明了这种病毒的全球分布.Mysterious Paralysis.神秘瘫痪In , a wave of American children suffered from acute flaccid paralysis. The outbreak coincided with the flaring up of another respiratory disease caused by the enterovirus EV-D68, a relative of poliovirus. Many suspected a correlation. However, EV-D68 is not known causing systemic problems like paralysis, and it was only found in percent of the cases. A case from Virginia led some to believe that the cause might be from another virus called C1.年,很多美国儿童患上了急性软瘫瘫痪与另一种由肠病毒EV-D68(脊髓灰质炎病毒的近亲)引起的呼吸道疾病同时爆发,使很多人怀疑它们有相关性然而没有据显示,EV-D68会导致瘫痪之类的神经问题,而且仅在%的病例中发现了这种病毒一个弗吉尼亚的病例让一些人相信,原因可能是一种名为C1的病毒Bee the Virginia case, C1 had only been identified in Peru and the Republic of Congo. The disease is associated with respiratory problems. However, a few African cases were linked with paralysis. The C1 theory could explain why 80 percent of the patients tested negative EV-D68. Yet none of the patients were found to have enterovirus in their spinal fluid, which would the neurological symptoms. The cause of the outbreak remains a mystery.在弗吉尼亚病例之前,C1只在秘鲁和刚果共和国被发现,会导致呼吸道疾病不过,少数非洲病例也与瘫痪有关 C1理论可以解释,为什么80%的患者是EV-D68阴性然而,没有患者的脊髓液中发现了肠病毒,无法解释神经症状爆发的原因仍然是一个谜1.Undiagnosed Hemorrhagic Fever Syndrome1.未确诊的出血热综合症South Sudan is plagued by violence, hunger, and now a mysterious viral outbreak. So far, people have died from Ebola-like symptoms of bleeding, fever, and vomiting. However, Ebola is not the culprit. Doctors have dubbed the disease ;undiagnosed hemorrhagic fever syndrome.; Last year, Darfur in Sudan had 9 fatalities from an unidentified illness. It is not yet known whether they are the same disease.南苏丹饱受暴力和饥饿困扰,现在还要加上一种神秘病毒的爆发到目前为止,有人死于类似埃拉感染的出血、发热和呕吐然而,埃拉不是罪魁祸首医生们称之为“未诊断的出血热综合征”去年,苏丹达尔富尔有9人死于不明原因的疾病目前还不知道是否是同一种疾病Blood samples infected patients have revealed a host of viruses: onyong-nyong, chikungunya, and dengue fever. However, none explain the deaths, and none contained Ebola. Most believe this is a virus sp by ticks or mosquitoes, but some are not ruling out the possibility of a bacteria or parasitic origin. So far, there is no evidence of person-to-person transmission, and 75 percent of the victims are under . Violent civil war and underdevelopment in the region prevent effective research into the disease origins.感染者的血样中含有大量病毒:阿尼昂尼昂、基孔肯雅和登革热然而,它们都不能解释这人的死因,埃拉病毒也不能大多数人认为,这是一种由蜱或蚊子传播的病毒,但一些人也不排除来源于细菌或寄生虫的可能性到目前为止,没有据显示该病会在人与人之间传播,而75%的受害者不到岁该地区的暴力内战和不发达妨碍了对病源的有效研究 5876

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