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本溪治疗慢性前列腺炎最好的医院本溪妇幼保健医院地址查询Science: Solar Eclipse 科学: 日全食Across Asia many people have just witnessed the natural wonder that is a total solar eclipse.A total solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in such a way that our view of the Sun is totally obscured by the Moon.This weeks total eclipse could be seen in eastern India before slowly moving across Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Japan, and the Pacific Ocean.Yesterday, when it reached eastern China, people flocked into the streets to witness the astronomical wonder.As daylight disappeared and the sky quickly darkened, those watching were left far from disappointed. Cities such as Shanghai were plunged into darkness during what is thought be the longest total eclipse of the 21st century. It lasted 6 minutes and 39 seconds.Total solar eclipses of such a long duration are very rare events, they happen butonce in a lifetime. Shao Zhenyi, an astronomer at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in China explained:;Well have to wait a few hundred years for another opportunity to observe a solar eclipse that lasts this long, so its a very special opportunity.;But while millions celebrate this phenomenon, it should be remembered that total eclipses have not always been such treasured events.Many cultures traditionally believed that a total eclipse was a bad omen or a supernatural event. Some believed that evil gods were eating the Sun. Others believed that the eclipse signified oncoming disasters.Nowadays it appears that these fears and superstitions are long forgotten. As daylight once again flooded Asian cities such as Shanghai, whoops and cheers could be heard among the gathered crowds.Reflecting on what had just happened, one Shanghai resident described the eclipse as ;eerie;, whilst another said ;Its like magic, the day turns into night in such a short period of time. I have no idea where I am right now. It feels like a different world.;单词natural wonder自然奇观total solar eclipse日全食obscured 遮盖, 遮掩flocked 涌入astronomical 天文的far from disappointed 没有觉得失望plunged into darkness陷入黑暗rare 罕见的but once in a lifetime一生一次,形容千载难逢的机会astronomer 天文学家observatory 天文台phenomenon 现象,奇迹bad omen 凶兆supernatural 超自然的evil 邪恶的oncoming 即将来临的fears and superstitions 恐惧和迷信(daylight) flooded日光照亮了whoops and cheers起哄和欢呼声eerie 怪诞的,奇异的注:文章内容选自B UK CHINA,转载请注明出处08/82109本溪哪里做人流 President Barack Obama says lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians must be based on two states, with Israel in its 1967 borders, with conditions. In a major speech on U.S /Mideast policy, the president prodded both sides to return to negotiations.美国总统奥巴马在有关美国中东政策的重要演说中表示,以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的持久和平必须基于巴以两国的存在,而两国边界应当是基于1967年战争前的边界。奥巴马总统敦促双方返回谈判桌。Obama has endorsed a key Palestinian demand that a Palestinian state should be based on borders as they existed before the 1967 Six-Day War.奥巴马总统持巴勒斯坦方面提出的一项关键性要求,那就是未来巴勒斯坦国的边界应当基于1967年六日战争前的边界。“The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”他说:“以色列和巴勒斯坦的边界应当根据1967年的边界线来划定, 有双方都认可的交换,以便为两国建立安全和得到认可的边界。”A statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the U.S. policy shift "indefensible."以色列总理内塔尼亚胡在一份声明中称美国的政策改变是“站不住脚的”。Obama hosts the Israeli leader at the White House on Friday, in what is sure to be a contentious meeting.奥巴马星期五将在白宫接待来访的这位以色列领导人,这次会晤肯定会发生意见争议。The president is also scheduled to speak Sunday to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the nation’s largest pro-Israel lobbying organization.奥巴马总统预计还将在星期天对美国最大的亲以色列的游说组织--美国以色列公共事务委员会发表讲话。201105/137556The decline of marriage婚姻的衰落For richer, for smarter结婚吧,为了更富有、更聪明The traditional family is now the preserve of a minority 传统家庭:少数人的坚持Jun 23rd 2011 | SEATTLE | from The Economist print edition MARRIE, and its many ups and downs, still exercises a powerful hold over newspapers, magazines and the airwaves. Nearly 23m Americans watched Prince William being joined in holy matrimony to Kate Middleton. Millions more have wallowed in the break-up of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage after revelations that he fathered a son with a maid. And the tumescent tweets of congressman Anthony Weiner have stirred up endless speculation about the health of his own year-old marriage and the forbearance of his newly pregnant wife.婚姻、婚姻里的悲欢离合仍然强有力地占据着报纸、杂志的版面和广播电视的节目。近2300万美国人收看了威廉王子迎娶凯特#8226;米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)的神圣婚礼。更有数百万人因阿诺德#8226;施瓦辛格与女管家育有一个私生子被曝光而离婚一事感慨不已。而国会议员安东尼 温纳(Anthony Weiner)在微上上传自己勃起内裤照片后激起无数人猜测他刚刚才一年的婚姻是否良好、他最近怀的妻子是否容忍他的行为。Less titillating are revelations about the sorry state of marriage across the ed States. Data from the Census Bureau show that married couples, for the first time, now make up less than half (45%) of all households.美国人自己婚姻的糟糕状况则不那么令人感到兴奋。人口普查局的数据显示已婚夫妇现在占全部家庭的比例不到一半(45%),这是首次出现这种情况。The iconic American family, with mom, dad and kids under one roof, is fading. In every state the numbers of unmarried couples, childless households and single-person households are growing faster than those comprised of married people with children, finds the 2010 census. The latter accounted for 43% of households in 1950; they now account for just 20%. And the trend has a potent class dimension. Traditional marriage has evolved from a near-universal rite to a luxury for the educated and affluent.典型的美国式家庭是妈妈、爸爸和几个孩子生活在同一屋檐下,现在这种模式正在逐渐消失。在每一个州,未婚伴侣、没有子女的家庭和单人家庭的增长速度都比由有孩子的已婚夫妇组成家庭的增长速度快,2010年人口普查结果如是说。1950年后者占全部家庭的43%;现在只占20%。这种趋势阶级强极具说力。传统婚姻普遍被视为习俗,现在它已经进化为受教育人群和具有经济实力的人群所享有的奢侈品。201107/142839本溪北大男科电话

本溪水洞人民医院做无痛人流要多少钱The vendor is Chinese, the products are Chinese, but the market is here in Almaty, capital of Kazakhstan, the most prosperous of Central Asia's five "stans," or former Soviet Republics.这位摊贩是中国人,卖的也是中国货,但市场却在哈萨克斯坦首都阿拉木图(Alma-ata,不是Almaty)。哈萨克斯坦在中亚五个“斯坦”国家中经济是最繁荣的。In Baraholka, the city's largest bazaar, vendors offer blue jeans, humidifiers, mobile phone chargers, and fresh apples - all from China. The trading language is still largely Russian, a legacy of the old colonial power. But as Alira, a vendor here, says, the products are not.巴拉霍卡(Baraholka)是阿拉木图最大的市场。摊贩们在这里销售蓝色牛仔裤、增湿器、手机充电器和鲜苹果。这些东西都来自中国。市场交流基本用俄语,显示俄罗斯对这里的传统殖民影响。但这位叫作阿利亚(Alira)的摊主说,他卖的货可不是从俄罗斯来的。"Russian products? We have no Russian products," Alira says adamantly.他说:“俄罗斯货?我们没有俄罗斯货。”China is doing more than selling pots and pans to Central Asia's 62 million people. A thirst for energy is behind China's massive oil and gas investments in Central Asia, long the privileged sphere of Russia. 中亚地区人口6千2百万,中国在这里销售的可不仅仅是锅碗瓢盆。Chinese demand for energy edges U.S.The International Energy Agency reports China is displacing the ed States this year as the world's-largest energy consumer. Over the next 25 years, China's energy consumption is expected to double.国际能源署IEA说,中国今年将取代美国,成为世界上最大的能源消耗国。中国的能源消耗未来25年还将增加一倍。But the bulk of China's imported oil and gas passes through vulnerable sea lanes. Hongyi Lai, a professor at the University of Nottingham, studies China's global search for energy.但是中国大部分石油与天然气进口都依赖海运,风险性高。英国诺丁汉大学教授赖洪毅对中国的海外能源开发进行了研究。"The importance of Central Asia for China is in terms of energy security," says Lai. "It provides transport of oil and gas overland, not through sea lanes. So in this form, it is more secure for China."他说:“对中国来说,中亚的重要性在于能源安全。中亚可以通过陆路向中国输送石油和天然气,无需海运。陆路运输对中国来说更安全。”Central Asia has some of the world's largest reserves of oil and gas. Once a dusty stretch of the Silk Road for camel caravans taking Chinese products to Europe, Central Asia is now a destination for Chinese investment - about billion at last count.世界最大的一些石油与天然气蕴藏就在中亚地区。这里曾经是丝绸之路的一部分,骆驼队当年载着中国商品冒着风沙经过这里,向欧洲运送。中亚现在是中国投资的对象,最新统计显示,中国投资额大约是250亿美元。201011/118795南芬医院做无痛人流多少钱 Dear Annie:Annie你好:My daughter allows her 8-year-old son to stay up late at night, watch adult TV and eat lots of sweets. She strongly resents any suggestion that this is not a good thing.我女儿允许她8岁的儿子熬夜到很晚,看成人电视节目,并吃很多糖。她对于任何对这一做法的建议都强烈抵触。The 15-year-old son spends a vast amount of time text messaging, listening to music or watching TV. His conversational skills are poor and his grades are not good. On several occasions, money has disappeared from purses when the boys were present, and I am terrified to think what the money is purchasing.15岁的儿子花很多时间来发短信,听音乐盒看电视。他的对话技能很弱,学习也不好。有时候,孩子们在场时钱就不见了,我很害怕钱会用来买什么。If I try to talk to my daughter, I risk being excluded from her life. But if things dont improve, her family will fall apart. What can I do? - Troubled Grandma我试着和女儿对话,我冒着被排挤出其生活的危险。但是如果这种状况没有改善,她的家庭就要破裂了。我应该怎么做?;;陷入困境的祖母stay up 熬夜conversational adj. 对话的terrified adj. 恐惧的exclude v. 排除fall apart 破裂201111/162472本溪哪里看妇科好

本溪市人民医院下午有看皮肤科吗Key US Senator Warns of Potential for Domestic Terrorism美参议员:当心潜在本土恐怖主义The Chairman of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee says extreme partisan anger on the left and right is increasing the risk of domestic terrorism in the ed States. Senator Joseph Lieberman says there are aly disturbing signs.美国参议院国土安全委员会主席约瑟夫.利伯曼说,左翼和右翼的极端党派愤怒情绪正在增加美国国内的恐怖主义风险。利伯曼说,现在已经出现了令人不安的迹象。The anger is apparent at both ends of the political spectrum - from militias on the right, to anti-globalization demonstrators on the left. It has been mostly talk and little action, but Joseph Lieberman - a Connecticut independent - says there is plenty of reason for concern. 从右翼的民兵组织到左翼的反全球化示威者,政党派别中的极左和极右两派显然都存在这种愤怒的情绪。这种情绪大多表现在言语上,很少有行动,但是康涅狄克州的独立派人士利伯曼说,有足够的理由为此感到担忧。He points to the recent disclosure of an anti-government militia plot in the American Midwest. He says both politicians and commentators in the media need to cool their rhetoric.利伯曼提到了近期披露的美国中西部一个反政府民兵组织策划的阴谋。他说,政界人士和媒体员都应该缓和他们的言辞。"The level of discourse about our politics and about our country are so extreme and so incendiary that if you are dealing with people who may not be clicking on all cylinders and they have vulnerabilities personally, there is a danger that they are going to do what this group of militia - planned to do this week," said Lieberman.利伯曼说:“针对我们的政治和国家的言论过于极端,也过于具有煽动性。如果你遇到那些有精神方面的疾病或是性格上存在缺陷的人,他们有可能做出这个民兵组织这星期计划要做的事。”During an appearance on the N television program Meet the Press, Lieberman said the threat of terrorism emanating from abroad is far greater. But he said the risk of a homegrown attack - like the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 - is escalating.利伯曼在全国广播公司的“会见新闻界”电视节目中说,来自海外的恐怖主义威胁要大得多。但是他说,像1995年俄克拉荷马城爆炸案那样的本土袭击所构成的威胁正在不断升级。201004/100639 本溪南芬医院女子妇科医院怎么样本溪市骨科医院可以治疗妇科吗



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