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青岛市妇科疾病青岛医院人流那家比较好青岛市北区哪家人流医院好 Brits the length and bth of the country are currently gripped by London 2012 Olympic fever.如今,英国四处洋溢着2012伦敦奥运会的狂热气息。While many of us are hugely inspired by the phenomenal achievements of the athletes, the sad reality is that only a minority of us share the same enthusiasm for being active.当我们许多人因为运动员的杰出成就受到极大鼓舞时,残酷的现实却是:仅有少数人与他们一样拥有运动的热情。Scientific journal The Lancet has carried out a global study, including results from 122 countries, to establish which nations are the laziest.科学期刊《柳叶刀》进行了一项全球研究,其中包括来自122个国家的调查结果,列出了世界上最不爱运动国家的排行榜。The UK, it found was one of the most inactive countries, with a staggering 63.3% of the population being inactive. It was ranked eighth laziest country in the world.研究发现,英国是最不爱运动的国家之一,居然有63.3%的人口不爱运动,位列排行榜第八。The UK was put to shame when compared with its US friends. The study found just over 40 per cent of those in North America were inactive, putting it in the 46th spot.当与他的好朋友美国比较时,英国应当感到羞愧。调查显示只有40%多的北美居民不爱运动,处于第46位。Meanwhile, Greece was labelled the least lazy nation in the study. Only 15% of the population of the balmy Mediterranean country, which also boasts one of the world#39;s healthiest diets, was classed as inactive.同时,希腊是研究中最爱运动的国家。这个气候宜人的地中海国家只有15%的人口被归为不爱运动,他们同时也享受着世界上最健康的饮食。Overall, women rated lower than men in the study. The highest percentage of inactive women was found in countries where they find it difficult to find employment due to social constraints, such as Saudi Arabia, which ranked third least active country.总的来说,此项研究中,女人比男人更缺乏活力。不爱运动女人的最高比率出现在妇女失业率高的国家,比如位列第三的沙特阿拉伯。Of the countries surveyed almost one third of their population is considered inactive.调查的国家中基本上都有三分之一的人群不爱运动。And 80 per cent of adolescents rated as below the standards.而且80%的青少年低于标准。The results of the study, the researchers said, are being release to coincide with the Olympic Games to help spur lazy members of the public to choose to lead more active lives.研究者说,公布调查的结果是为了与奥运会相呼应,帮助激励群众中的懒惰分子选择更有活力的生活。The researchers point out that lack of exercise is now a leading cause of death and a third of people across the world do not meet the minimum activity recommendations, which is generally about 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week.研究者指出,现在缺乏锻炼是死亡的主要原因,世界上三分之一的人口没有达到最低运动量推荐标准,也就是每星期一共适度运动2.5个小时。They hope that the timing of the series, along with Olympic excitement, will give people a push into more physical action.他们在奥运会四溢之时推出这个榜单,希望能促使人们参与到更多的体育运动中去。 /201208/193801Dean Potter's most recent solo walk at Taft Point in Yosemite by Photographer Jeff Cunningham. 迪安·波特最近一次在加州约塞米蒂公园的塔夫脱点的独立行走,由摄影师杰夫·坎宁安拍摄。 /201006/105180青岛市中心医院是那里人开的

山东省青岛市一院四维彩超价格There is turmoil in the strange world of citizenship tests. The UK is planning to revise its test for would-be Britons, adding questions on crucial issues such as the life of the poet Robert Browning. In France#39;s test, introduced this month, applicants must obviously know about Brigitte Bardot. Meanwhile a recent survey by Xavier University found that more than one-third of Americans would fail their own country#39;s naturalisation test. Only 8 per cent could name even one author of the Federalist Papers. And Denmark is quietly scrapping its test. No wonder that no country seems quite happy with its citizenship test. Being a citizen has little to do with what#39;s in your head. 千奇百怪的公民入籍考试领域目前出现了动荡。英国正计划修订针对入籍申请者的考试,增加一些关键的问题,如诗人罗伯特#8226;勃朗宁(Robert Browning)的生平。在本月推出的法国公民入籍考试中,申请者显然必须了解碧姬·巴铎(Brigitte Bardot)。与此同时,泽维尔大学(Xavier University)最近的一项调查显示,超过三分之一的美国人可能通不过本国的入籍考试。只有8%的人能够说出《联邦党人文集》(Federalist Papers)的任何一名作者。同时丹麦正在悄悄放弃该国的入籍考试。难怪没有哪个国家似乎对其公民入籍考试非常满意。成为一个国家的公民与头脑里装了什么没有太大关系。 Tests for wannabe immigrants or citizens came into vogue in the era after September 11 2001. Most seemed designed to weed out Muslim fundamentalists. The Netherlands made this most explicit: along with its test, it released an integratiefilm featuring a gay wedding and topless Dutchwomen. These images were presumably meant to shock Muslims out of coming to the Netherlands, just as they would have shocked most Dutch people of a generation ago. The idea was so brilliant that the anti-immigrant Danish People#39;s Party proposed sticking breasts into Denmark#39;s film. However, the Dutch soon had to offer a breast-free version of their film, after discovering that diligent, aspirant Dutchmen caught with the hardcore version in, say, Afghanistan, might get into difficulty. 针对移民或公民申请者的考试,是在2011年9月11日之后流行起来的。多数此类考试似乎意在淘汰穆斯林原教旨主义者。荷兰的态度最为明确:除了实行考试制度外,还发行一部带有同性恋婚礼和无上装妇女镜头的荷兰生活宣传片。这些画面想必是为了吓走穆斯林,使他们不敢来荷兰(一代人以前,这些画面也会吓着大部分荷兰人)。这个创意如此;高超;,以至于反对移民的丹麦人民党(Danish People#39;s Party)也提议在该国电影中加入乳房画面。然而,荷兰很快发现,有志成为荷兰人的勤奋的、有上进心的外国人如果在阿富汗这样的地方被发现带着这种片子,可能会遇到麻烦。于是,荷兰不得不删除宣传片中的乳房镜头。 The Iraqi refugee Rodaan al Galidi, who wrote a prizewinning novel in Dutch, failed the Netherlands#39; integration test. He explained afterwards: ;I don#39;t know when a woman gets her period after a miscarriage, because I have never been pregnant. I can prove that.; 曾经用荷兰语写了一部获奖作品的伊拉克难民卢达恩#8729;阿尔#8729;加里迪(Rodaan al Galidi)没能通过入籍考试。后来他解释说:;我不知道女士在流产之后什么时候会再来例假,因为我从未怀过。我可以明。; Other countries took the high road. The UK felt that prospective Britons should have some familiarity with the Magna Carta. At a debate on the matter in London, someone asked who in the room had actually the Magna Carta. Of the several hundred overeducated Londoners present, only two or three raised their hands. 其他国家选择比较阳春白雪的内容。英国认为准英国人应该熟悉《大宪章》(Magna Carta)。在伦敦关于这个话题的一场辩论中,有人问在场的人中谁真正读过《大宪章》,在场的几百位受过高等教育的伦敦人中只有两三个人举手。 Every country has made much the same discovery: few natives can answer basic constitutional questions. The German Green politician Volker Beck said Germany#39;s citizenship test ;expects knowledge that Germans only have after they#39;ve studied law for a semester;. 每个国家都得出了同样的结论:土生土长的人中很少有人能够回答基本的宪法问题。德国绿党政界人士富克尔#8226;贝克(Volker Beck)表示,德国的公民入籍考试;要求掌握德国人需要学过一学期的法律才能具备的知识。; Immigrants memorise the answers, and generally pass, though it#39;s doubtful how much knowledge sticks. A Filipina I know recently attended her day-long ;citizenship course; in Paris. That evening I asked her what she#39;d learnt. There was this European organisation, she said, which excluded Turkey. Or maybe, she added, it included Turkey. What had most impressed her that day were the constant meal breaks, which may indeed be the best introduction to Frenchness. 移民们通过死记硬背,一般能够通过考试,尽管他们真正消化吸收了多少知识令人怀疑。我认识的一个菲律宾女士最近参加了巴黎一个全天的;公民课程;。当天晚上我问她都学到了什么。她说,有一个什么欧洲的组织,不包括土耳其,后来她又补充说,可能也包括土耳其在内。那天给她印象最深刻的是接二连三的进餐休息时间,这或许的确是引导她熟悉法国生活方式的最好方式。 The most famous story about citizenship tests points up their essential wrongness. In 1947, the great Austrian logician Kurt Gouml;del went to a hearing in Trenton, New Jersey, to acquire American citizenship. His friends Albert Einstein and the economist Oskar Morgenstern came along. The story has long been shrouded in myth, but ;the lost Morgenstern document;, containing Morgenstern#39;s 1971 memories of the affair, surfaced some years ago. We now know what happened. 有个关于公民资格考试的最著名故事,让我们看出此类考试的根本缺陷。1947年,伟大的奥地利逻辑学家库尔特#8226;哥德尔(Kurt Gouml;del)前往美国新泽西州特伦顿(Trenton)参加听会,以获得美国国籍。他的朋友阿尔伯特#8226;爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein)和经济学家奥斯卡#8226;根斯坦(Oskar Morgenstern)也陪他前往。这个故事长期被披上传奇外衣,但丢失的;根斯坦文档;(记载着根斯坦1971年对那次考试的回忆)前些年又找到了。现在我们知道当时发生了什么。 Gouml;del had taken the hearing seriously. ;Since he is a very thorough man,; recorded Morgenstern, ;he started informing himself about the history of the settlement of North America by human beings. That led gradually to the study of the History of American Indians, their various tribes, etc.; 哥德尔很重视那次听会。;由于他是个特别较真的人,;根斯坦回忆道,;他开始研究人类在北美定居的历史。这慢慢地又让他考察上了美洲印第安人的历史、他们的不同部落等问题。; Eventually Gouml;del got to the American constitution, and made a terrifying discovery: a malevolent president could exploit a loophole and set up as a fascist dictator! Ah, said Einstein and Morgenstern, best not to raise this at the hearing. 最后,哥德尔查阅了美国《宪法》,并得出了一个令人恐怖的发现:一个心存邪念的总统可能利用其中的一个漏洞,让自己成为法西斯主义独裁者!算了吧,爱因斯坦和根斯坦都说,你在听会上最好别提这一点。 Morgenstern drove them all to Trenton. In the car, Einstein teased: ;Now, Gouml;del, are you really well prepared for this examination?; As Einstein had intended, the remark made Gouml;del even more anxious. 根斯坦开车载着大家来到了特伦顿。在车里,爱因斯坦拿哥德尔取乐:;哥德尔,现在你当真对这次考试准备充分了吗?;正如爱因斯坦所料,这话让哥德尔愈发焦虑了。 In Trenton, the judge asked Gouml;del where he came from. ;Where I come from? Austria,; replied Gouml;del in heavy Teutonic tones. The judge asked him about Austria#39;s form of government. Gouml;del explained: ;It was a republic, but the constitution was such that it finally was changed into a dictatorship.; 到了特伦顿,法官问哥德尔从哪里来。哥德尔用浓重的日耳曼口音回答:;我从哪里来?从奥地利来。;法官又问他奥地利是什么政体。哥德尔解释道:;奥地利是共和政体,但宪法是如此的无力,结果变成了一个独裁国家。; ;Oh! This is very bad,; said the judge, and added consolingly: ;This could not happen in this country.; ;Oh yes it can!; shouted Gouml;del, ;I can prove it.; Whereupon Einstein, Morgenstern and the judge hastily shut him up, and the hearing concluded. That#39;s because these tests require only memorised factual answers. Any deeper knowledge creates trouble. 法官表示,;哦,这可太不幸了。;然后如释重负地表示:;这种情况不可能会发生在美国。;;不对,美国有可能发生,;哥德尔喊了出来,;我可以明这一点!;法官、爱因斯坦所和根斯坦都赶紧让他闭嘴,听会就此结束。这是因为,应对这类考试只需要背诵事实型。更深入的知识会招来麻烦。 And even a modest factual test is probably pointless. It would be nice to live in a polis where all citizens have some familiarity with the Magna Carta, but we never will. To be a citizen, it doesn#39;t matter what you know, or what crazy stuff you have in your head. If you believe homosexuals are infidels, that#39;s fine. In a democracy you can believe what you like. You just can#39;t act on certain beliefs. 即便是考察对事实了解程度的难度不大的考试,也很可能毫无意义。要是能生活在每名公民都对《大宪章》有所了解的城邦里,将是一件很理想的事,但我们永远也办不到。要成为一名公民,无论你了解多少知识,或者你心里装了哪些疯狂的想法,这都不要紧。如果你认为同性恋者是异教徒,那也没关系。在民主国家里,你有信仰的自由。你只是不可以依照某些信仰去行事。 Penniless governments could save themselves some cash by ceasing to examine people#39;s minds. 一文不名的政府也可能省下一点钱,别再审查人们心里在想些什么了。 /201207/192263烟台做无痛人流费用 A group of artists, writers and intellectuals has launched a new "university" in London, designed to help those too tied up with work to appreciate the finer things in life, like art, books and travel.The School of Life, operating out of a small shop in the arty district of Bloomsbury describes itself as a "chemist for the mind" that plans to dispense "cultural solutions to everyday ailments". It hopes to inspire those who have got out of the habit of ing decent books, cannot keep conversation flowing at dinner parties, or need to expand their holiday horizons.The philosopher Alain de Botton, author of How Proust Can Change Your Life, and Sophie Howarth, a former curator at the Tate Modern Gallery, are among the faculty members.The founders believe that people with too little time to spare need after-hours instruction in how to use what little they have to live a more fulfilled existence. "Perhaps you have a burning question for a paleontologist. Perhaps you're considering a career change and want to talk first-hand to a photographer or landscape designer. The School of Life has a large freelance faculty who are willing to meet with you for an hour of chat in exchange for a small fee,” the website explains, listing 50 experts.Among courses being offered later this year are instruction in life, love, work, family and politics. A typical course, in love, will explore why relationships are so complicated and why attraction ebbs and flows. "We draw on ideas from philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature and art. We discover what the likes of Plato, Shakespeare, Tolstoy and Freud had to say about compassion, empathy and self-love," the instructors promise.Courses run for six weeks and cost 195 pounds. /200812/58916青岛妇女儿童医院预约

青岛城阳区私密整形哪个好我们经常可以在偶像剧中看到,纤瘦的女主角在飘雪的冬天,穿着一件肥肥大大的长毛衣外套,一副楚楚可怜的样子,真是好美!如何复刻韩剧女主角的长毛衣LOOK呢?让我们来看看编辑精选的几款超纯情的长毛衣搭配吧。淡蓝色长款毛衫温暖而柔美Long light blue sweater——warm and soft /200911/88303 Based on the intrinsic complexity of personal feelings, there are an endless number of reasons why relationships fail. However, I believe there are 3 primary factors that form the basis for which every other problem stems. When a relationship turns sour you can be sure that at least 1 of these 3 factors is to blame.  基于每个人感受天生的复杂性,有无数的原因会导致情侣分手。然而,我认为有3条主要的因素是导致其他所有问题的根源。如果一段感情开始变坏,那么可以肯定这3条因素里面至少有一条是罪魁祸首。  1. Do I really like her, or just her gestures? – Everyone loves attention. When a member of the opposite sex goes out of their way to make you aware of it, it feels good. If they repeat the action a few more times and you return the favor, a shallow relationship forms. The true measure of compatibility occurs shortly there after. Once the initial excitement of this attention wears thin, what are you left with? Do you really like who this person is, or did you just enjoy their gestures? On occasion people you like will take actions you dislike. Likewise, people you dislike will get your attention by taking actions you do like. It’s important to understand both sides and be capable of distinguishing between the two.  我真的喜欢她这个人?还是说你只是喜欢她表现出的姿态?——每个人都喜欢受人瞩目。如果一大堆异性特意地去引起你的注意,你会感到很棒。如果他(她)们这样再来几次,而你也给以相应的回报,那么一段浅层的感情就建立起来了。而能否和睦相处的真正考验在不久后就会来临。一旦最初对于这种关注的兴奋慢慢退去,你们还剩下什么?你真的喜欢那个人吗,还是你只是喜欢他(她)们表现出的姿态?你喜欢的人有时会表现出你不喜欢的行为,同样你不喜欢的人有时也会表现出你喜欢的行为从而引起你的注意。要理解并能够分辨出这两者之间的区别是非常重要的。  2. We have stability and reliability, but I’m bored. – Once a relationship gets serious this is one of the top killers. We all want excitement in our lives. One of the most exciting things in life is discovering the unknown. Curiosity is what keeps us moving forward, but one must learn to properly hone curiosity. The first part of a serious relationship is primarily about the discovery of your partner’s entire aura. But once you know everything about them, where do you turn for a source of excitement? The answer is quite simple. Discover new things and create new experiences together. The only thing more fulfilling than a new experience is the act of sharing that same experience with someone else.  我们之间的关系很稳定而且也很可靠,但是我有点厌倦了。——一旦要认真起来对待一段感情,这是头号杀手。我们都希望生活中充满兴奋刺激。而生活最让人兴奋的事情之一就是去探索未知的事物。好奇心是推动我们发展的动力,但是一个人要学会适当的把握自己的好奇心。在一段认真地感情中首要的第一件事情恐怕就是探索对方整个的个性。但是一旦你了解了对方的一切,你再到哪里去寻找兴奋的来源呢?很简单,探索新的事物并且一起去创造新的体验。比新的体验更让人满足的就是与别人一同分享共同的体验。  3. She has wonderful qualities, but I get stuck on her flaws. - It’s always easier to destroy than to create. Likewise, it’s easier to be negative than it is to be positive. Many relationships fail because both parties concentrate their attention on their partner’s flaws instead of the qualities they love about them. You learn the most about somebody by figuring out their strong points, rather than disputing their weak points. Over time both partners can work on their weak points collectively, so long as each person keeps a positive attitude and an honest line of communication. Keep in mind that it is impossible work on the weak points of a relationship if you are incapable of seeing your partner’s strong qualities.  她有很多的优点,但我就是忍受不了她的缺点。——破坏总是比创造来的更容易。同样,否定也比肯定更容易。很多情侣最终分手就是因为双方都只注意到对方身上的缺点而忽视了他们所喜欢的优点。通过指出别人的优点能更好的了解他,而不是争论他的弱点。只要双方都能保持积极的态度并且真诚的沟通,久而久之就能一起来解决各自的弱点了。要记住如果在恋爱中你不能看到对方的优点,那也不可能解决对方的缺点。 /201106/139894青岛哪家妇科医院体检好青岛哪家看妇科最权威




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