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德阳眼妆哪家好四川圆脸眉毛的画法B地道英语口语:Jet Lag飞机时差Helen: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Helen.ZOEuml;: 大家好,欢迎收听今天的地道英语,我是刘佳。Helen: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.ZOEuml;: 要掌握地道的英语,重要的就是要不断学习英语中最新出现的新词和新用法。Helen: New words and expressions enter the English language all the time, so you need to stay up to date.ZOEuml;: 在今天的节目里,我们要来说的是什么新词呢?HelenHelen: Today’s new expression is ‘jet lag’ – jet and another word lag – jet lag.ZOEuml;: Jet lag..这是什么意思呢?Helen: Well, jet lag has only existed since people started to fly long distances regularly.ZOEuml;: Jet lag是专门用在那些坐了长距离飞机的人身上?为什么呢?HelenHelen: I’ll explain – jet lag means being tired and confused after a long plane journey, particularly when there is a big difference in time between the two countries.ZOEuml;: 哦,原来jet lag就是我们经常说的因为时差而导致的疲惫,倒时差的过程可是很痛苦的,长时间的飞行,再加上两个国家的不同时间,人们经常会被弄得颠三倒四。要想恢复精神,可得花上几天时间。Helen: So, you could say ‘when I went to Japan, I had jet lag for 2 days.’ZOEuml;: 是啊,我上次回中国,也倒了至少有3天的时差。Insert A: Hi John – you’re a bit late. I was expecting you at 9 o’clock. B: Sorry – I’ve got jet lag, I’m so tired I slept through my alarm clock. ZOEuml;: Have you ever had jet lag, Helen?Helen: Oh yes. I always have terrible jet lag for one or two days after a long flight.ZOEuml;: Really? What do you do to get better?Helen: Sleep! It’s the only answer for jet lag.ZOEuml;: Really?Helen: Yes, but some people aren’t affected by jet lag.ZOEuml;: They are lucky then. Helen: I suppose anyway, let’s recap – jet lag – ZOEuml;: 就是在长时间飞行之后,因为时差而导致疲惫不堪。这也就是我们通常所说的倒时差。 Helen: Well it’s time to go. You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.ZOEuml;: See you next time. /200711/19800四川省果冻唇水晶唇梦幻炫唇嘟嘟唇 Larry跟李华一起去逛商店。李华今天要学两个常用语,burn a hole in one's pocket和burned. LL: Wow, Li Hua - check out this new flat-screen TV! Too bad it's so expensive! LH: 是啊,现在物价这么贵,美元又一个劲儿贬值,真不知道还有什么人愿意买这么贵的电视。 LL: You're right, Li Hua. Spending money on things like that can really burn a hole in your pocket. LH: 什么?把我的口袋烧个洞!这可太危险了。你说It can burn a hole in my pocket肯定还有别的意思吧? LL: You guessed it! The phrase means that an item or expenses such as bills consume a lot of a person's earnings. LH: 那跟在口袋里烧个洞有什么关系呢? LL: Since money is traditionally carried in our pockets, the saying 'burn a hole in your pocket' symbolizes such high expenses. LH: 要这么说,living in the big city can burn a hole in your pocket. 除了电视,还有房租、电费和食物,光是日常花销就能在“我的口袋里烧个大洞”。 LL: Well said, Li Hua! If you have the same salary but move to a more expensive city, the daily cost of living can burn a much bigger hole in your pocket than before. LH: 这就是为什么花钱要有计划,不能想买什么买什么,否则肯定入不敷出。 LL: Gas prices have climbed to new highs. I only drive to work twice a week to save money, because it was really beginning to burn a serious hole in my pocket. LH: 最近油价确实贵得吓人,还好我坐地铁上班,既省钱又环保。 LL: There are so many things that can potentially burn a hole in your pocket. Expensive habits can really hurt you, which is why I'm glad that I quit smoking. LH: 是啊,你戒烟一年省的钱够加好几箱油的! LL: Soaring gas prices and cigarette taxes were burning such a big hole in my pocket that I basically gave up driving and smoking! LH: 你知道还有什么花销最多吗? LL: Let' me guess. Going out to eat! LH: 没错!跟朋友、同事、家人出去吃饭也是一笔不小的开销。 ****** LH: 说起现在的开销。我前两天出去看房子,才发现这里的房价原来这么贵! LL: It really is! Didn't you want to continue renting? LH: 我本来也是要继续租公寓住的,可是,说来话长。 LL: What happened? Did you get burned? LH: Get burned? 被烧伤? LL: 'Getting burned' is when you commit to something or personally invest in something with your emotions or money and you basically get nothing in return. LH: 噢,getting burned是吃亏的意思啊。那真让你说着了。我跟另外两个人一起签了约,结果她们最后一刻反悔了。 LL: Did you put down a deposit? LH: 我交了两个月的租金,其中一半是押金,结果因为违约,押金没要回来? I definitely got burned! LL: That's terrible! Did the two other roommates have another option, or did they end up getting burned, too? LH: 那两个人的押金也没要回来。但是她们决定一起到另外一个地方去租房子,起码她们还有个伴儿。 LL: So, they kind of burned themselves on violating the terms of the contract, but you were burned worse because what happened was a result of their actions and not yours. LH: 没错。她们自己反悔,押金被扣还说得过去,我可是被她们连累的。 LL: It sounds like you know what 'getting burned' means. Now the next step is ensuring that it doesn't happen again! Did you learn any lessons from getting burned? LH: 要说教训,那就是,下次一定不能轻信别人。这就是为什么我在四处看房子,我准备咬咬牙,自己买个公寓。 LL: Well, it looks like you've got it figured out. Hopefully you won't burn a hole in your pocket for a price. LH: (Laughing) 听上来真滑稽。我为了下次不再吃亏上当,宁可准备倾囊而出,自己花钱去买个公寓。 LL: I know. You will probably end up burning a hole in your pocket so that you don't get burned again. How ironic! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是burn a hole in one's pocket, 指价格昂贵。另一个是 burned, 指吃亏上当。 /200811/55633Mary: But the auction is a blast! And I haven't even told you the best part yet!Joe: I don't care what the best part is. Whatever you say won't change my mind. I'm not buying anything!Mary: That stamp you've been looking for is for sale.Joe: The 1879 Large Dragon? Are you serious? How much?Mary: Hey! I thought you weren't interested! Sorry, I've gotta go! I'm going to switch over to eBay and see if my bid is still the highest.Joe: Hey! Don't leave me hanging here! /201104/133578成都纤艺国际纹绣修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉

成都/纹唇修复1 have:表示“生病”,后常跟表示疾病的名词,是最通俗的说法,多用于口语。例句:As I remember, my brother and sister both had severe asthmatic attacks in the childhood.我记得,我弟弟和小时候都得过严重的哮喘病。 /201001/95197绵阳做化妆造型多少钱 日常生活用语100篇 Lesson6暂时没有对照文本 相关专题:英语口语新东方英语900句 /200809/49964玉溪市做修眉多少钱

西宁市做PCD纹绣多少钱(At the language school)Ethan: Can you believe we're in Hawaii? Studying English and having fun!Sean: I hate it.Ethan: What are you talking about? Sean: I should have signed up to live in the International House, like you did.Ethan: I know, it's fantastic! There are people from Russia, Brazil, Japan... Sean: I don't really want to hear about it.Ethan: ...just walking down the hall is like taking a tour of the world! /201108/148870 B地道英语口语:Big-headed 妄自尊大 Jo: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Jean: And I’m Jean.Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.Jean: 在我们的《地道英语》Real English节目中,我们会学到一些现代英国英语的新词汇和新说法。Jo: Today’s expression is ‘big-headed’. Jean: So what does it mean?Jo: I’ll explain – big-headed is an expression meaning arrogant.Jean: 原来big-headed就是形容某人傲慢自大的意思。So Jo, could you give me an example?Jo: Of course. Big-headed is an adjective. If you know someone who is very arrogant, you might say ‘I don’t like him. He’s really big-headed’.Jean: 就是说他真是特别的妄自尊大。Can you use it all the time, Jo?Jo: Well, you should be careful, because it is a negative thing to say about someone. A person would be very upset, or even angry, if you said ‘You are very big-headed’ to them.Jean: 那看来big-headed可是个贬义词,我们在使用的时候一定要注意分寸。Insert A: You met David Beckham? What was he like? B: Really nice. He wasn’t big-headed like some famous people. He was really normal. Jean: Do you like big-headed people, Jo?Jo: No, of course not. It’s a very unattractive thing, I think. Big-headed people are really boring. They just talk about themselves and tell you how great they are all the time.Jean: Yes, it’s very boring. Fortunately I don’t meet too many people like that.Jo: But do you think people think you’re big-headed?Jean: What? I hope not! You don’t think I’m big-headed, do you?Jo: Of course not, Jean. Don’t be so sensitive. Jean: 嗯好吧,让我们再来复习一下– big-headed – 就是形容某人傲慢自大。Well, it looks like we are out of time. Jo: Yes, that’s all we have time for. You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Jean: See you next time. /200711/19832云南/省做漂唇多少钱成都/玉颜美容医院韩式半永久纹眉多少钱



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