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A:Hello, Id like to open an . 你好,我想开个帐户B:Which would you like to open?您想开什么样的帐户?A:Id like to open a savings . What the interest rate now? 我想开个存款帐户现在的利率是多少?B:It is 3.%. You may earn a little interest on money.是3.%您可以赚一点利息A:Is there any minimum deposit the first time?第一次存款有最低额度限制吗?B:Yes, the opening minimum deposit is 1,000 Yuan. 是的,第一次存款的最低额度是00元A:What about the later deposits? 那以后的额度呢?B: the later deposits, you can deposit any you want. Even one Yuan is OK.然后您可以任意存存一元也行A:OK, that good.好的B:Your ID, please.把您的身份给我A:Here you are, a thousand Yuan and my ID.给你,00元钱和我的身份B:Wait a moment, please. Here is your bankbook. Keep it well please.请稍等这是您的存折请好好保存A:Thanks. I will.谢谢,我会的。

第一句:How long does the tour take?这趟旅游要花多长时间?A: Excuse me. How long does the tour take?打扰一下,这趟旅游要花多长时间?B: It takes a whole day.需要一整天第二句:What time does the tour leave?旅游团什么时候出发?A: What time does the tour leave?旅游团什么时候出发?B: The bus leaves at the Xinghai Square at 8:00 a.m.观光车将于上午八点离开星海广场 有关询问一趟路线旅行所用时间及出发时间、地点等类似的表达法还有:From where does the bus leave?车从哪儿出发呢?How long do we stop here?我们在这儿停多长时间?What time should we be back to the bus?我们要什么时间回到车上来? 1870。

Tax registration 税务登记A: My company is a eign investment group, and I would like to make tax registration.我们是一家外国投资集团公司,我们要进行税务登记B: No problem. Could you please pass me your business license? 没问题啊请出示一下营业执照A: Sure, here it is.好的,请看B: First I have a question, in what field or fields is your company engaged?首先请回答我一个问题贵公司是从事哪些领域的?A: Our enterprise is engaged in advertising field is your company engaged? 我们公司是从事广告方面的业务这和税务登记有什么关系吗?B: Please fill out this Registration m over there, the green one.请填写一下那边的表格,那个绿色的A: Excuse me; I have done with the m. What should I do next? 打扰一下,我已经填写完这份表格了,接下来我要怎么做呢?B: Go to the next window with this registration m and the staff members there will tell you what other materials you will have to hand in.带着这份表格到下一个窗口,那里的工作人员会告诉你还需要提供哪些材料A: OK, thank you. By the way, how much fee should I pay the registration? 好的,非常感谢对了,顺便问一下,税务登记需要交多少钱?B: It free of charge.是免费的;be engaged in;意思是;忙于,从事于;,例如:Can the import-export company be engaged in domestic business? 进出口公司可以做国内贸易吗? 5818。

Visit a showroom参观展示室A: Where can we see your complete line?什么地方可以看到你们全部的生产线?B: We have a showroom in this city.我们在本市设有一个展示中心A: Id like to see it.我想看一看B: Drop by anytime.随时欢迎参观(Three days later)(三天后)B: Welcome to our showroom.欢迎参观我们的展示室A: Thank you, Im glad to be here.谢谢,我很高兴到这里来B: Is there anything I can show you?有什么要我展示给您看的吗?A: I think Id like to just look around.我只是看看而已B: Is this your first visit to our showroom?您是第一次来到我们展示室吧?A: Yes, it is.是啊B: Can I show you around?我带您四处看看好吗?A: That would be nice of you.那太好了B: This is our lastest product.这是我们的最新产品A: When is it going to be on the market?什么时候上市啊?B: It will be out next month.下个月即可推出A: Could I have this sample free of charge?这个样品可以免费给我吗?B: No problem.没问题A: How is the product selling?这产品卖得怎么样?B: It selling well.卖得很不错A: What are the selling points of your product?你们的销售重点是什么?B: Compared with competing products, ours is smaller and lighter.比起其他竞争产品,我们的产品更小更轻A: Im not sure how this works.我不懂这是如何操作的B: Would you like me to demonstrate it you?要不要我来为您演示一下?A: Can you?可以吗?B: Sure. No problem at all.当然,没问题(After a while)(过了一会儿)B: We hope you enjoyed the visit to the showroom.希望您还喜欢我们的展示室A: Yes, it helped me out a lot.嗯,收获不少B: Would you be kind enough to sign our visitors book?请在来宾薄上签名好吗?A: Id happy to.很乐意B: Anything particular youre interested in?有什么您特别感兴趣的吗?A: Im very much interested in your personal computers.我对你们的个人电脑很感兴趣B: Well, this is our lastest catalog.嗯,这是我们最新的产品目录A: Well order after we see the sample.我们要看过样品后才会下订单B: Were having a special showing next week in our showroom.下周我们的展示室将有一个特别的展示会A: What do you mean by special?怎么特别呢?B: It will be by special invitation only.我们只邀请特殊的客户A: Please make sure I get an invitation.请一定要寄张请帖给我哦 1956。

How to buy things online 网上购物A:I have been thinking about buying things online a long time.我一直想在网上购物,但是我不是很熟悉网购的流程B:That is just a piece of cake. First of all, you should find a good ecommerce site.那很容易的首先,你要找到一个好的网址A:Such as...?例如……B:Such as Amazon com., Ebay.com, etc.例如亚马逊在线,易趣等A:Then?然后呢?B:Then, use the search engine and scan the category to find what you are interested in and confirm what you want to buy through inmation presenting and exchanging. Next, place an order if the price is OK. After completing electonic payment, you just wait the delivery of goods or service as required.然后,你应该用搜索引擎查找你想要的商品目录,找到你感兴趣的产品,并通过信息的传递与交换加以确认接下来,如果价格合理你就可以订货了在你完成电子付款之后,就只是等待有人照你的要求送货上门了A:Is it so simple?这么简单吗?B:As far as I know, it is.据我所知是这样的A:Is that time-consuming?费时间吗?B:It hard to say. Usually, it is quite easy since it is unnecessary you to go the real market. The only thing to do is to send you request and exchange your inmation with the seller.这个很难说一般情况下,很简单因为你不需要去市场唯一要做的就是发出要求,并与卖方交换信息A:Great. Maybe from now on, I should try to buy goods online.太好了,我也应该尝试着在网上购物了B:It really a good idea.真是个不错的主意 1818。