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Skip the energy drinks and extra large lattes and follow these simple guidelines to get all the energy you need from your food.避免能量饮料和额外的咖啡,遵循下面简单的指引,从食物中获得你所需的所有能量。You Will Need你需要Breakfast早餐Complex carbohydrates复杂的碳水化合物Good fat and protein好的脂肪和蛋白质Frequent small meals少食多餐Water水Fresh fruit (optional)新鲜的水果(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t skip breakfast1.不要不吃早餐Eat breakfast every day. You need to put fuel in to get energy out, and after a full night#39;s sleep you#39;re running on empty.每天都要吃早餐。要激发出能量,你需要先投入一些燃料,经过一整晚的睡眠后,你醒来肯定肚子空空,没有一点能量。STEP 2 Skip the low-carb diet2.不要吃简单的碳水化合物Make complex carbohydrates the centerpiece of your diet. Carbs supply energy; you should get about half your calories from them. Complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide steady, lasting energy. Simple carbohydrates spike your blood sugar, causing a sugar rush and then a crash.将复杂的碳水化合物作为饮食的重点。碳水化合物可以提供能量。你摄入的所有能量的一半应该来自碳水化合物。来自谷物,水果和蔬菜的复杂碳水化合物可以提供稳定持久的能量。简单的碳水化合物会让你的血糖升高,导致糖分突然升高,然后又剧烈下降。STEP 3 Eat good fat and high-quality protein3.食用好的脂肪和高质量的蛋白质Include unsaturated fat and high-quality protein in your diet. Good fats from such sources as olive oil and nuts are a healthy concentrated energy source. Protein helps the body regulate energy use.饮食中加入不饱和脂肪和高质量的蛋白质。来自橄榄油和坚果的好的脂肪是健康的浓缩能量源泉。蛋白质帮助身体调节能量使用。STEP 4 Eat more often4.少食多餐Eat more often. Frequent small meals -- five or six a day -- keep your metabolism up, your blood sugar stable, and your energy level constant.增加用餐次数。少食多餐——每天吃五餐或六餐——保持旺盛的新陈代谢,稳定的血糖水平,持续的能量状况。STEP 5 Eat less5.少吃Don#39;t eat too much. Overeating can literally weigh you down and start a negative energy spiral. Weight gain from overeating can make you feel sluggish and less like exercising, contributing to even lower energy.不要吃太多。吃得太多会让你更加疲惫,让你的能量水平向下旋转。饮食过度导致的体重增加会让你觉得懒惰,不喜欢运动,导致精神更加萎靡。Eat whole fresh fruit for snacks. The fiber in fruit makes your body burn its sugars slowly, for long-lasting energy.食用新鲜的水果作为零食。水果中的纤维让你的身体更缓慢地燃烧糖分,能够提供更持久的能量。STEP 6 Drink more6.多喝水Drink plenty of water because dehydration leads to fatigue.饮用充足的水,因为脱水会导致疲惫。STEP 7 Drink less7.少喝酒和咖啡Cut back on alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol disrupts sleep, leaving you tired the next day and the temporary boost from caffeine eventually leads to an energy letdown.减少酒精和咖啡的摄入量。酒精会扰乱睡眠,让你第二天疲惫不堪。咖啡因可以暂时提神,但是最终却会让你的精神更加低落。Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion -- the use of potential energy.潜在能量是储存的能量。动能是运动时的能量,也就是潜在能量的使用。 /201412/349585It is thought to improve muscle strength and据说,它能够改善肌肉力量immune function and reduce inflammation.提高免疫功能,以及治疗炎症People at risk for vitamin D deficiency include容易缺乏维生素D的人群breastfed infants, older adults, people包括母乳喂养的婴儿,老人with limited sun exposure, people with dark skin接受日照有限者,深肤色的人and people with fat malabsorption. People age 50以及脂肪吸收不良的人and older are at increased risk of developing50岁以后,缺乏维生素D的几率会增大vitamin D deficiency because as they age因为随着年龄的增长the skin loses its ability to synthesize vitamin D皮肤会失去有效率地合成维生素D的能力as efficiently and the kidneys also convert肾脏向激活型的转化也会减少less to its active form. People living in居住北半球的人们,居家人士the northern latitudes, homebound individuals以及那些因为宗教原因and women who wear long robes and穿长袍,带头巾的妇女head coverings for religious reasons may not也许无法获得来自于阳光的充足的维生素Dobtain adequate levels of vitamin D from sunlight.也许无法获得来自于阳光的充足的维生素DPeople with darker skin have more pigment melanin肤色较深的人们有更多的黑色素which reduces the skin#39;s ability to produce黑色素会降低皮肤在太阳照射下vitamin D after sun exposure.生成维生素D的能力Prolonged inadequate intake of vitamin D长期的维生素D摄入不足will lead to impaired bone metabolism.会导致骨骼新陈代谢受损In children under mineralization of bone causes对于处于骨骼矿化时期的孩子soft and deformed bones and can lead to维生素D摄入不足会导致软骨和畸形骨骼the condition known as rickets. Rickets is rare可能会发展成为佝偻病in the US today but was fairly common佝偻病在今天的美国是很少见到的as recently as 100 years ago. When children developed但是在100年前,这一疾病在美国是很常见的rickets their legs were too weak to hold their weight当儿童患有佝偻病时,他们的腿会疲软无力resulting in bowed legs which often persisted不能够撑起他们的体重,最后导致双腿的弯曲into adulthood. Osteomalacia is the adult form这种情况会一直持续到成年时期of rickets and leads to impaired mobility软骨病是佝偻病成年化的形式and bone fractures. And osteoporosis is the condition会导致活动障碍和骨折that leads to weak and porous bones.软骨病会导致脆弱和疏松骨质Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.钙是人体最为丰富的矿物质There are two major roles for calcium.它有两个主要用途By far the majority of calcium found in the body到目前为止,研究发现is stored in the bones and teeth providing身体里大部分钙都贮藏在骨骼和牙齿中structural support. However there is a very small起到撑身体结构的作用and tightly controlled amount of calcium that然而,还有一小部分钙在血液里循环circulates in the blood. This calcium is required for血液钙含量得到严格的控制muscles to contract, blood vessels to expand血液里的钙质帮助肌肉收缩and contract, secretion of hormones and enzymes帮助血管扩张和收缩and transmission of impulses throughout促进荷尔蒙和酶的分泌the nervous system. All these functions are supported并且帮助传播神经系统里的脉冲with less than 1% of the total body calcium.所有这些功能只用到了人体中全部钙质的1%A wide range of people may be at risk for许多人也许会因为缺钙calcium deficiency. Children and youth require而威胁身体健康adequate amounts of calcium to ensure proper儿童和青少年需要充足的钙量bone development. Consumption of dairy products,来保正常的骨骼发育,在骨骼发育的时期particularly milk, during these developmental years乳制品,尤其是牛奶的摄入是非常重要的is of great importance. As adults bone mineral loss在衰老过程中,成年人骨骼中矿物质的流失begins to exceed accumulation in the natural超过了它的积累aging process. Post-menopausal women and绝经后的妇女以及老年人the elderly can become at risk of calcium deficiency会出现钙缺乏associated with bone loss. People with poor diets,并伴随着骨质疏松,这会给健康带来威胁particularly lacking in dairy foods due to膳食质量差的人,尤其是因乳糖不耐症lactose intolerance or vegetarianism may also be而缺乏乳制品摄入的人,或者素食主义at risk for calcium deficiency. If dairy foods可能会因为钙缺乏而对健康造成隐患are not tolerated calcium supplements如果无法食用乳制品should be considered at any age.那么很早的年纪就应该考虑食用钙补充剂 Article/201508/391408TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373009

When it comes to household versatility, baking soda is king. Here are just some of the many cleaning uses for sodium bicarbonate.在家居用途方面,小苏打就是王者。下面是小苏打的几种清洁用途。You Will Need你需要Baking soda小苏打Water水A sponge海绵A vacuum吸尘器Salt盐White vinegar白醋Laundry detergent洗衣粉A cotton swab棉花棒A toothbrush牙刷A bowl碗Steps步骤STEP 1 Remove stains1.去污Get rid of stains on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and any nonporous surface you can think of with a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply the paste to a damp sponge, scrub away, and rinse.三份小苏打和一份水混合制成膏体,清除厨房工作台面,水槽,浴缸和任何你能想到的无孔的表面的污渍。把膏体涂在湿润的海绵上,擦拭,清洗。Baking soda works well on metallic surfaces, like chrome or stainless steel. It won’t scratch the surface, but it’s abrasive enough to remove residue and leave the metal shining.小苏打用在金属表面效果也很好,比如铬合金和不锈钢。不会刮花表面,但是其研磨作用足以清除污垢残余,散发出金属的光。STEP 2 Reduce odors2.除异味An open box of baking soda in the refrigerator or a cupboard will absorb odors and excess moisture. A sprinkle in shoes and socks helps reduce foot odor. To combat a stinky carpet, drizzle with dry baking soda and vacuum it up after 15 minutes.在冰箱或衣柜中放一盒开盖的小苏打可以吸收异味和潮湿。在鞋袜里洒一点小苏打可以除脚臭。如果地毯有异味,可以先撒一些小苏打,15分钟后用吸尘器清洁。Using a bowl instead of an open container is more effective because more baking soda is exposed.用碗比用开口的容器更有效果,因为碗的开口比较大,容易使更多小苏打暴露在空气中。STEP 3 Deter ants3.防蚂蚁Ant infestation? Sprinkling equal parts baking soda and salt near high-traffic ant areas will keep them in their place.蚂蚁横行?在蚂蚁出没的通道上撒等量的小苏打和盐,会让他们不敢前来。STEP 4 Unclog drains4.疏通下水道Pour half a cup of baking soda into a clogged drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the solution bubble for a few minutes, and then flush it down with plenty of hot water. This method won’t clear heavy-duty clogs, but it works well for minor ones.向堵塞的下水道中倒入一杯小苏打,然后倒入一杯白醋。让溶液反应几分钟,然后用足够的热水冲洗。这种方法不能清理堵塞严重的下水道,但是对于轻微的堵塞非常有效。STEP 5 Keep laundry bright5.保持衣物鲜亮Add a half-cup of baking soda to a load of wash along with your regular detergent. It helps keep clothes brighter, longer.向衣中倒入半杯小苏打和普通洗衣粉。可以让衣物更长时间保持鲜亮。STEP 6 Wash brushes and combs6.清洗刷子和梳子To remove oil and dirt from hairbrushes and combs, first remove excess hair; then soak in a tall container of warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda.要清洁发刷和梳子上的油和污垢,首先除掉脱落的头发,然后浸泡在装有温水和一茶匙小苏打的较高的容器中。STEP 7 Reduce bug-bite itch7.缓解蚊虫叮咬瘙痒To reduce itching, mix baking soda with just enough water to make a paste, and apply it with a cotton swab to the bug bite. The paste can also help relieve a painful sunburn.要缓解瘙痒,将小苏打和足够的水混合制成膏体,然后用棉花棒涂在叮咬处。膏体还可以缓解阳光晒伤。STEP 8 Whiten your teeth8.美白牙齿Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda onto a wet toothbrush to clean and whiten your teeth naturally. Practice this method sparingly, as it will wear down your enamel if used too often.向湿润的牙刷上撒少量小苏打,可以天然清洁和美白牙齿。偶尔使用这种方法,经常使用会损坏牙釉质。In 2007, a company unveiled a process that converts harmful carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks into consumer-grade baking soda.2007年,一家公司披露了一种程序,可以将烟窗中的有害二氧化碳转化为消费者使用级别的小苏打。 视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/366993

Here we will learn true facts about Sloths-es.The three-toed sloth is different from the two-toed sloth in that it has one more finger.Yes,that#39;s confusing.今天我们要来讲讲关于树懒的真相。三趾树懒和二趾树懒的区别是它要多一根脚趾。是的,这很令人费解。Regardless,if you#39;re named after the number of toes or fingers that you have,you know you haven#39;t done all that much to stand out.The sloth has razor sharp claws on its fingers and it would be the world#39;s most deadly predator,but only if the world slowed way the fuck down.如果你的名字是按照你的手指或脚趾的数量来命名,或许你永远也没机会鹤立鸡群。树懒手指上的爪子如剃须刀般锋利 它一定会是世界上最致命的铁血战士 如果这个世界的脚步能TM的放慢一点。As it is,the sloth mainly eats leaves because they tend not to run away.The only drawback being,they taste like leaves on average,the sloth can move around 3 feet per minute,which is an impressive 3 feet per minute faster than a dead sloth.The sloth spends most of its time in the trees.Although it will climb down once every seven days to urinate and defecate.就像这样树懒基本只吃树叶,因为树叶大都不会逃跑。唯一的缺点就是:它们尝起来就像树叶,树懒的平均行进时速能达到每分钟3英尺左右,这可要比一只死树懒每分钟快逆天的3英尺啊。树懒的大部分时间都在树上度过。但每过七天它也要爬下树来撒个尿拉个粑粑。To the insects living below,this is the worst day of the week,Like a tiny insect armageddon with a flood consisting of seven days of sloth urine,Most likely the sloth does not urinate when it#39;s in the tree,because it#39;s hanging upside down.Think about it.That would be messy.Now stop thinking about it.Why are still thinking about it? Seriously.You#39;re disgusting.对于树下生活的昆虫来说这是每周最崩溃的一天。就像是遭遇了一场被树懒积蓄了七天的尿液崩堤的末日浩劫。这可能是因为树懒在树上都不怎么解手,因为它们都是倒挂着的。想想吧。肯定尿的一塌糊涂。现在不要再想了。你干嘛还一直在想?说真的。你真恶心。Some sloths appear green because they have algae growing on their fur which provides them with camouflage.Which is the same excuse I would give if I moved so slow that algae grew on me.;It#39;s camouflage,mother fuck!;;Mind your own business.;The sloth is a relative of the anteater and the aardvark.有些树懒看起来是绿色的因为它们的毛上长有藻类植物,这给它们提供了伪装保护。这同样也是我为自己动作太慢身上长满水藻而经常找的借口。我这是伪装,你懂个屁!“管好你自己吧”,树懒也是食蚁兽和土豚的亲戚。Science isn#39;t sure how they became relatives,but they#39;re sure that it involved a kinky night with an elephant.and a rattlesnake,if you#39;re having a stressed out day,remember the sloth.They don#39;t do shit and they haven#39;t gone extinct.I#39;m sure you can afford to take a nap.Just don#39;t pee if you#39;re lying on your back.I know you were still thinking about it.科学界也无法解释它们是怎么勾搭上的。但他们相信月黑风高的那一夜大象一定脱不了干系,还有响尾蛇,如果你这一天过的很辛苦,想想树懒同学。它们鸟事不做一件都TM没灭绝。我觉得你起码能做到去睡个小觉。只要别在躺着的时候撒尿就行了。我知道你还在想那事。 Article/201503/361698

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