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西安肠胃医院西安市人民医院胃病胃肠多少钱Secondly, inflation simply never became a threat.第二,通货膨胀单纯来说时不会成为威胁的。As you can see, in the ed States,inflation for most of this period remained below average.正如你所见到的,在美国,这个阶段大部分时间的通货膨胀都低于平均数。It was the same elsewhere.在别的地方也一样。So how does all this relate to aid?那么所有的这一切是怎么和救助这个事儿挂钩的呢?Well, this is where Dorothy and the Mango Tree charity that supports her comes in.这就是桃乐茜和资助她的芒果树慈善机构开始出现。I was at one of their fundraising events earlier this year,and I was inspired to give a one-off donation when I remembered that my firm offers to match the charitable contributions its employees make.在今年年初的时候我在一个募捐活动上,我当时受到了鼓舞,捐了一笔捐款,然后我想起我的公司答应会根据自己员工捐款的数额,再捐同样的数额。So think of this:所以这么想:Instead of just being able to help Dorothy and four of her classmates to go through secondary school for a few years,I was able to double my contribution.我不单能帮助到桃乐茜还有她的四个同学,帮助他们完成中学几年的学业,我能够让我的贡献翻倍。Brilliant.这真是太棒了。So following that conversation with my daughter,and seeing the absence of inflation in the face of money-printing,and knowing that international aid payments were falling at just the wrong time,this made me wonder:Could we match but just on a much grander scale?所以想着我和女儿的对话,看着面临钞票印刷时消失的通货膨胀,以及知道国际救助款项在不恰当的时间被减少了,这让我好奇:我们能否在规模上提高一个等级?Lets call this scheme Print Aid.让我们把这个计划成为印救。And heres how it might work.下面解释一下它的运作。Provided it saw little inflation risk from doing so,the central bank would be mandated to match the governments overseas aid payments up to a certain limit.假设这样做基本没什么通货膨胀的风险,中央需被强制采取措施以达到政府的海外救助款项所设定的一个限度。Governments have been aiming to get aid to 0.7 percent for years,so lets set the limit at half of that,0.35 percent of their income. 政府这几年来都试图让救助款项达到0.7%的数额,那么我们就把限制定在一半吧,就是收入的0.35%。So it would work like this: If in a given year the government gave 0.2 percent of its income to overseas aid,the central bank would simply top it up with a further 0.2 percent.所以它会这样运作:如果在某一年政府把收入的0.2%拨给海外救助,那么中央只要把它的款项提高多0.2%就可以了。So far so good.目前感觉还不错吧。How risky is this?这样做的风险有多大?Well, this involves the creation of money to buy goods, not assets.它其实涉及到制造货币去购买商品,而非资产。It sounds more inflationary aly, doesnt it.听起来有点通货膨胀了,对吧。But there are two important mitigating factors here.但这里有两个重要的缓解因素。The first is that by definition,第一个,就是从定义上说,this money printed would be spent overseas.印制出来的钞票会被投放到海外。So its not obvious how it leads to inflation in the country doing the actual printing unless it leads to a currency depreciation of that country.所以印刷钞票对国内而言,不大可能会导致通货膨胀除非它导致了这个国家的货币贬值。That is unlikely for the second reason:这也不大可能出现,因为有第二个原因:the scale of the money that would be printed under this scheme.取决于在这个计划下印刷钞票的规模。So lets think of an example where Print Aid was in place in the U.S., U.K. and Japan.举个例子,比如印救计划在美国,英国和日本实施。To match the aid payments made by those governments over the last four years,Print Aid would have generated 200 billion dollars worth of extra aid.为了达到政府们在过去四年里在救助款项达到的数目,印救会提供额外的两千亿美金给救助款项。What would that look like in the context of the increase in the money stock that had aly happened in those countries to save the financial system?会出现怎样的情况?当这些国家为了拯救财政系统已提高货币储存量。Are you for this?准备好听了吗?You might struggle to see that at the back,because the gap is quite small.在后面你可能会看不清,因为这个空缺很小。So what were saying here is that we took a 3.7 trillion gamble to save our financial systems,and you know what, it paid off.所以我们这里说的是我们拿了3.7万亿美金孤注一掷去缓解我们的财政系统压力,结果呢,它见成效了。There was no inflation.没有通货膨胀。201505/373816西安中心医院胃病胃肠官网专家在线咨询 Hello! Thank you so much. Thank you! (Applause.)Please, please have a seat. Thank you so much. First of all, can everybody please give Chionque a big round of applause for her great story? (Applause.)We are proud of what she has achieved and the spirit that she represents. When it comes to higher education, we spend a lot of time crunching numbers and statistics. But ultimately what matters – and what has so many of you here today, many of you who have made this your life work – is making sure that bright, motivated young people like Chionque, and all the students who are here, have the chance to go as far as their talents and their work ethic and their dreams can take them. Thats why were here today. In January, we held our first College Opportunity Summit with about 140 higher education leaders and organizations over in the White House. This time, weve got so many folks we had to move to a different building. That is a good sign. (Laughter.)You would have been a fire hazard over in EEOB. (Laughter.) And all we did was ask a simple question: What can we do, collectively, to create more success stories like Chionques? And you, collectively, have responded in a big way, with commitments to give more of our young people that chance. Private and community colleges, philanthropists and business leaders, heads of non-profits and heads of school districts. This did not require a single piece of legislation, a single new stream of funding. What it required was a sense of urgency and a sense of focus – and a recognition this should not be a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. Making sure more of our young people have access to higher education and can succeed and complete their work and get their degree – that has to be an American issue. An American issue.(Applause.) And this is especially important at a time when we face multiple challenges, both internationally and domestically – challenges that are entirely solvable, but so often dont get solved because rather than having a sense of common good we focus on our differences. Rather than having a sense of national purpose, a common sense of opportunity, we give in to those forces that drive us apart. We think about whats happened over the last year, two years, six years – our economy keeps improving. More Americans are working. More Americans have health care. Manufacturing has grown. The deficit has shrunk. Foreign oil is down. Crime is down. Graduation rates are up.(Applause.)Clean energy is up. So, objectively speaking, America is outpacing most of the world. And when I travel overseas, people look at us with envy and are puzzled as to why there seems to be so much anxiety and frustration inside America. And my response is that when it comes to our economy, yes, our economy is growing, but we fine an increasing divergence between those who have the skills that todays jobs require and those who dont. So the economy becomes more stratified. When it comes to the cost of college, theres a frustration in a middle class that feels like folks at the top can afford it, folks at the bottom get help; theres nobody whos looking out for folks in the middle. And given accelerating costs and the recognition that this is going to be the key ticket to the middle class, that elicits great frustration. When it comes, as weve seen, unfortunately, in recent days, to our criminal justice system, too many Americans feel deep unfairness when it comes to the gap between our professed ideals and how laws are applied on a day-to-day basis. (Applause.) I should mention, before I came here I had a chance to speak with Mayor de Blasio in New York, and I commended him for his words yesterday and for the way New Yorkers have been engaging in peaceful protests and being constructive. He was just in the White House with us on Monday, as we started taking some concrete steps to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color, and I intend to take more steps with leaders like him in the months ahead. But beyond the specific issue that has to be addressed – making sure that people have confidence that police and law enforcement and prosecutors are serving everybody equally – theres a larger question of restoring a sense of common purpose. And at the heart of the American ideal is this sense that were in it together, that nobody is guaranteed success but everybody has got access to the possibilities of success, and that we are willing to work not just to make sure our own children have pathways to success but that everybody does; that at some level, everybody is our kid, everybody is our responsibility. (Applause.)We are going to give back to everybody. And we do that because its the right thing to do, and we do it because, selfishly, thats how this country is going to advance and everybody is going to be better off. And big challenges like these should galvanize our country. Big challenges like these should unite us around an opportunity agenda that brings us together, rather than pulling us apart.201506/381510西安交大一附院胃病胃肠属于几级

渭南市中心医院肠胃科专家咨询Because at that moment I became the worst scourge on Gods green earth, a rock star with a cause. Krikee. Except it isnt the cause. Seven thousand Africans dying every day of preventable, treatable disease like AIDS? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. And when the disease gets out of control because most of the population live on less than a dollar a day? Thats not a cause, thats an emergency. And when resentment builds because of unfair trade rules and the burden of unfair debt, that are debts by the way that keep Africans poor? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. So--;We Are The World, Live Aid;, start me off. You know, it was an extraordinary thing and really that event was about charity. But 20 years on Im not that interested in charity. Im interested in justice. Theres a difference. Africa needs justice as much as it needs charity.因为那一刻,我成为了这个绿色地球上最痛苦的人,一个肩负使命的摇滚明星。上帝啊,这不是一项事业。每天有7000非洲人死于可预防、可治疗的疾病,比如艾滋病。这不是一项事业——而是燃眉之急。这种疾病失控是因为这里大部分人每天的生活费不足一美元。这不是可以慢慢解决的事情,这是燃眉之急呀。不公平的贸易规则和不平等的债务使非洲无法摆脱贫困,这造成人们的怨恨。这不是一项事业,而是燃眉之急。因此“四海一家,现场援助”等活动使我开始了这段非凡的旅程,而且这些事情完全是慈善性质的。但是,20年之后,我不再对慈善那么感兴趣了,我感兴趣的是公平。慈善和公平是有区别的。非洲对公平的渴求如同慈善一样多。Equality for Africa is a big idea. Its a big expensive idea. I see that the Wharton graduates now getting out the math on the back of their programs. Numbers are intimidating, arent they? But not to you! But the scale--the scale of the suffering and the scope of the commitment, they often numb us into a kind of indifference. Wishing for the end to AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa is like wishing that gravity didnt make things so damn heavy. We can wish it, but what the hell can we do about it?赋予非洲平等是一项伟大而耗资巨大的事业。我看到沃顿商学院的毕业生已经在计算它的成本了。数目大得惊人,不是吗?但对你们来说不是这样的。苦难的沉重和责任的重大往往使我们麻木,漠不关心。对终结非洲的艾滋病和极度贫困的希望,如同希望引力不要让物体那么重一样。我们可以抱有希望,但我们究竟能为此做些什么呢? /201312/268472汉中能治疗胃病吗 西安妇幼保健院胃肠科新地址

铜川市中心医院肠胃科预约Its my pleasure now to introduce this years commencement speaker我很高兴介绍今年的毕业典礼演讲嘉宾Maybe thats enough也许这就够了Scientist科学家engineer工程师comedian喜剧演员author作家inventor发明家he is a man with a mission to help for us to scientifically literate society他是一个带有使命的人帮助我们普及科学知识and to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work帮助任何地方的任何人理解科学是如何让整个世界得以运转的Making science entertaining and accessible is something that Bills been doing for most of his life让科学富于乐趣通俗易懂是比尔这一生所追求的事业He graduated from Cornell with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering他毕业于康奈尔大学 获得机械工程学士学位after which he moved to Seattle to work as an engineer with Boeing之后 他到西雅图为波音公司担任工程师It was there that he began to combine his love of science with this flare for comedy在那里 他开始将对科学的热爱同对喜剧的热情结合了起来Eventually he made the transition from engineer to comedy writer and performer最后 他成功转型由工程师变为了喜剧作家和演员And Bill Nye the Science Guy was born;比尔教科学;节目就此诞生了201509/400768 So how can a hormone ultimately affect the rate of aging?那么,激素到底是怎样影响衰老的速度呢?How could that work?原理是什么呢?Well it turns out that in the daf-2 mutants,原来在daf-2变异体中a whole lot of genes are switched on in the DNA有大量的基因被转变到DNA里面that encode proteins that protect the cells and the tissues,蛋白质编码保护细胞和组织and repair damage.和修复损坏基因的功能And the way that theyre switched on同时基因被转变的途径is by a gene regulator protein called FOXO.是被一个基因调节器的蛋白质叫FOXOSo in a daf-2 mutant --所以在daf 2的变异体中you see that I have the X drawn here through the receptor.你可以看到这个X型绘制图的受体The receptor isnt working as well.这个受体也运转得不怎么好Under those conditions, the FOXO protein in blue在这些条件下,蓝颜色的FOXO蛋白质has gone into the nucleus --已经转移到核心里面了that little compartment there in the middle of the cell --这个小小的隔室在细胞的最中间and its sitting down on a gene binding to it.同时也坐落在基因的粘合物上You see one gene. There are lots of genes actually that bind on FOXO.你看到一个基因。这里有大量的基因实际上捆绑在FOXO上And its just sitting on one of them.并且坐落在它们其中的一个上面So FOXO turns on a lot of genes.所以FOXO开启着大量的基因And the genes it turns on includes antioxidant genes,同时这些基因也开启着抗氧化的基因genes I call carrot-giver genes,这些基因我称呼它为胡萝卜者基因whose protein products这些蛋白质产物actually help other proteins to function well --实际上帮助其他的蛋白质的机能运转顺畅to fold correctly and function correctly.同时也帮助蛋白质融合和运转准确And it can also escort them to the garbage cans of the cell同时也给它们护航到细胞中的垃圾场and recycle them if theyre damaged.并且回收被损坏的蛋白质DNA repair genesDNA修复基因are more active in these animals.在这些动物身上更活跃And the immune system is more active.免疫系统也更活跃And many of these different genes, weve shown,我们展示的许多这些不同基因actually contribute to the long lifespan of the daf-2 mutant.实际上都作用于daf 2变异体的延长寿命So its really interesting.所以这是很有趣的These animals have within them带有这些基因的动物the latent capacity to live much longer than they normally do.比起普通的有活得更久的潜力They have the ability它们有能力to protect themselves from many kinds of damage,保护自身免于很多的伤害which we think makes them live longer.我们认为这使得它们活得更长So what about the normal worm?那关于正常线虫呢Well when the daf-2 receptor is active,当daf-2受体是活跃的then it triggers a series of events它引发了一系列that prevent FOXO来阻止FOXOfrom getting into the nucleus where the DNA is.进入到DNA所处的中心So it cant turn the genes on.所以基因不能激活Thats how it works. Thats why we dont see the long lifespan,这就是运作的方式。也就是我们看不到延长寿命的原因until we have the daf-2 mutant.除非有daf 2变异体But what good is this for the worm?但对线虫来说有什么好处吗Well we think that insulin and IGF-1 hormones胰岛素和IGF-1激素are hormones that are particularly active是特别活跃under favorable conditions -- in the good times --在有利条件下--好的时机下--when food is plentiful and theres not a lot of stress in the environment.当食物是充足的,没有很多压力的环境下Then they promote the uptake of nutrients.然后它们促使营养品的产生You can store the food, use it for energy,可以储存食物,用它来补能量grow, etc.成长等But what we think is that, under conditions of stress,但我们认为在压力条件下the levels of these hormones drop --这些激素水平会下降for example, having limited food supply.例如在有限的食物供给时And that, we think,我们认为那is registered by the animal as a danger signal,对于动物而言是个危险信号a signal that things are not okay预示什么不对头and that it should roll out its protective capacity.它们的保护功能就开启了So it activates FOXO, FOXO goes to the DNA,所以它激活了FOXO,FOXO进入DNAand that triggers the expression of these genes引发这些基因显现that improves the ability of the cell来带动细胞能力to protect itself and repair itself.从而保护和修复自身And thats why we think the animals live longer.这是我们认为动物活长久的原因So you can think of FOXO你可以想象FOXOas being like a building superintendent.为一个大楼的看门人So maybe hes a little bit lazy,或许他有点懒but hes there, hes taking care of the building.但他在那儿掌管着大楼But its deteriorating.但这是不好的And then suddenly, he learns that theres going to be a hurricane.突然,他了解到将有一场飓风So he doesnt actually do anything himself.所以他自己实际不做任何事He gets on the telephone --但他打起电话--just like FOXO gets on the DNA --就像FOXO进入到DNA--and he calls up他打电话给the roofer, the window person,修屋顶的人,修窗户的人the painter, the floor person.油漆工,修地板的人And they all come and they fortify the house.他们都来了,加固了房屋。And then the hurricane comes through,然后飓风穿过and the house is in much better condition than it would normally have been in.房屋比起它原本的要更加稳固And not only that, it can also just last longer,不但如此,它也可以很久矗立不倒even if there isnt a hurricane.甚至不是飓风来临So thats the concept here所以这的概念for how we think this life extension ability exists.就类似我们认为生命延长力的发生情形Now the really cool thing about FOXO关于FOXO真正有趣的is that there are different forms of it.是有不同种的FOXOWe all have FOXO genes,我们大家都有FOXO基因but we dont all have exactly the same form of the FOXO gene.但我们不是完全拥有同一种FOXO基因Just like we all have eyes,如同我们都有眼睛but some of us have blue eyes and some of us have brown eyes.但有些人是蓝色的眼睛,有些是棕色的201508/390792西安治肠炎的医院高陵区胃病科医生在线咨询



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