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This year, we’ve spent plenty of time writing about the latest trends. But, just as 2016 brought a tirade of political turbulence, so too it has afforded us plenty of styles we would rather see the back of.今年,我们花了很多时间写最新的流行趋势。但是,正如2016年政坛的动荡不堪,过去这一年也带来了很多我们巴不得能早点结束的流行风格。From resilient ’90s throwbacks to thigh-high hooker heels, it’s been a strange and unusual year to get dressed.从倒退到90年代的复古风到站街女穿的过膝高筒靴,今年的穿衣风格独特怪异、非同寻常。Luckily though, with a new year comes a whole new set of trends that we’re y to welcome into the fashion conscious.幸运的是,新的一年即将来临,我们已准备好迎接全新的时尚风潮。All good things, and bad, must thankfully come to an end. Here’s our guide to the trends that 2016 can take with it.无论好与坏,我们都要感谢它终于要结束了。下面我们来回顾一下可以和2016年一起消失的时尚潮流。90s Logos90年代的“标志风”再现The era that hailed shouty branding as its go-to, yet again, the 90s are back with another trend I’d really rather leave in the faux pas pits of 2016.那个年代将设计夸张的品牌标志作为最潮风尚标。如今,这股风又刮回来了,我宁愿它留在屡屡打破时尚禁忌的2016年。Back then, logos were just as important, if not more important than the clothes themselves and for some reason they’ve reached fever pitch again.在90年代,衣的品牌标志很重要,甚至可能比衣本身更重要,但今年不知何故又出现了品牌标志热潮。From Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger, history is repeating itself.无论是Calvin Klein还是Tommy Hilfiger,历史都在重演。This time though, they’re targeting the millennials with super-sexualised, social media-friendly campaigns. Smells like teen desperation to me.不过这次的市场目标是千禧一代,主打超性感风,打着社交媒体友好的旗号。在我看来,这充斥着青少年的颓废感。Puffer Jacket蓬松夹克I once owned a puffa jacket. I was given it as a teenager and I was really chuffed with it.我曾经有一件蓬松夹克。十几岁时别人送给我的,当时我非常喜欢这件衣。Unfortunately it got caught on a door handle on the way into school, and I arrived in the classroom looking like a cheap sofa that had burst.可惜,在我走进学校的时候,这件蓬松夹克不小心被门把手刮了一下。等我走到教室,它看上去就像一个破了的廉价沙发。But that#39;s not the reason I hated the comeback - I hated it because for 12 months people conned themselves into thinking that looking like a human Kong toy was a good idea. It#39;s not.但这并不是我讨厌蓬松夹克重新流行的原因——我讨厌它是因为这一整年人们都在自欺欺人地认为穿得像玩具还挺好看。老实说并不好看。It#39;s unflattering, hard to pair with other items in your wardrobe, and you#39;ll get stuck in revolving doors. Bin it.蓬松夹克不仅难看,而且很难搭配,你还会在旋转门中卡住。扔掉它吧。Athleisure运动休闲装It’s rocked the fashion world for a while but, women are finally losing interest in athleisure – the trend that deems wearing bottom-baring leggings sartorially acceptable; as long as they’re stylish of course.运动休闲风曾风靡时尚界,但女人们最终还是对它失去了兴趣——当然只要运动休闲风还流行,就算下半身搭配露臀连裤袜也没问题。While they’re unquestionably useful when you want to sweat it out at the gym, being subjected to unsolicited knicker-flashing mid-weekly shop is enough to put anyone off. Right?如果你去体育馆运动,大汗淋漓的时候,穿运动休闲装的确很实用,但是如果一周里的某一天去商场购物,穿着这样的衣,短裤若隐若现的,真的很让人讨厌。没错吧?They might be comfortable, but in spite of their purpose, they’re lazy. Put on a pair of trophy trousers and be done with them.运动休闲风或许很舒适,但看上去很懒散。穿上一条大花裤,就此打住吧。Choker项圈/短项链As far as trends go, 2016 was arguably the year of the choker, both on and off the runway. They graced the necks of off-duty models and everyday ‘cool’ girls alike but this is 90s nostalgia at its peak.尽管饱受争议,2016年T台上下的最潮单品当属项圈。不论是走下T台的模特,还是平日里街头见到的酷女孩,脖子上都戴着曾在90年代风靡过的项圈。Ubiquitousness gone mad, nowadays, everyone and their sister owns one but really, where is the appeal? They’re like a necklace, only far more uncomfortable and seemingly, inescapable.现在,这种项圈简直被戴疯了,每个人和自己的都人手一条,但说真的,这种项圈到底好看在哪?它们和项链差不多,但是远远不如项链舒适,而且给人一种被禁锢的感觉。Banish them to the clearance aisle, pronto.还是火速地把它丢掉吧。Pyjamas睡衣Suddenly, for men, boxer shorts for bed weren#39;t enough.忽然之间,对于男性而言,睡觉不能仅仅只穿一条大裤衩了。Instead, they decided to dress like a pre-school bed-wetter getting y for Santa#39;s arrival, swaddled up in squishy, fitted pyjamas.男人们决定把自己包裹在湿湿软软的贴身睡衣里,就像一个还会尿床的学龄前孩童等待圣诞老人的到来一般。No man can pull off pyjamas. Even Hugh Hefner - who lives in a gated mansion with porn stars - can#39;t even do it, so what hope does an accountant from Accrington have?没有一个男人愿意脱下这身睡衣。就连和色情明星一起住在大门紧闭的豪宅中的《》创始人休.海夫纳也要坚持穿睡衣,那么居住在英国小镇上的一个小会计怎么还脱得下来呢?Thigh High Boots过膝高筒靴There is, at this point, nothing left for the thigh boot to do except disappear.当前除了希望它快点消失,我们对过膝长筒靴也没有什么期待了。How a shoe veering on high-street hooker ever entered the fashion mainstream is beyond me. But, apparently, looking like you’re about to attend the annual Tarts and Vicars bash will earn you some serious style points. Or not.站街女穿的鞋子竟然成为了时尚界的主流,这让我无法理解。不过,看起来像是去参加“和牧师”年度化妆舞会倒是会给你的衣品加分。但也可能不会。I’m starting to wonder if Kim K has got permanently wedged in hers; U ok hun?我开始好奇金.卡戴珊的过膝长靴是不是长在她脚上了;你还好吗?70s70年代穿衣风重返时尚圈Very little worth celebrating came out of the 1970s. This was a decade of avocado-coloured bathroom suites, the rise of Majorca as an exotic holiday destination, and scouse gravediggers refusing to bury the dead.上世纪70年代几乎没有什么值得庆贺的事情。在这十年里,市面上卖起了颜色像绿便的卫浴洁具,马略卡岛被奉为异国风情的旅游胜地,盗墓贼不肯安葬死人。Try conjuring up any positives from the decade, and you#39;ll tick-off Bagpuss, space hoppers and Curly Wurlies before you#39;re stumped.努力去回想那十年里发生过的好事情,想破脑袋也只能想起巴格普斯猫、弹跳球和Curly Wurly牌巧克力棒。So who on earth decided that the garish, ill-fitting fashion of the era deserved a comeback?那么,究竟是谁决定那个年代既花哨又不合身的穿衣风格可以重返时尚圈?Burberry and Gucci played along, sending their male models down the runway looking like they#39;d inherited a dead relative#39;s wardrobe.巴宝莉和古琦也随波逐流,他们的男模特在T台上穿的装看起来就像是从已故亲戚的衣橱中翻出来的。 /201612/485911While we all have that moment where we realise we need to get back in the gym, what exactly we do when we get there can be more of a struggle to figure out.相比于下决定去健身房,要去健身房做什么是个更困难的问题。We are constantly bombarded with dos, donts and conflicting information. This then leads to people harming their workout progress by following the wrong advice or coming up with their own ideas because of the lack of a general consensus.我们常常看到许多必做或是不能做的建议,这些信息使我们失去判断力,并让健身进展不进反退。Consequently, a lot of us are making the same mistakes when it comes to exercise.因此,许多人在锻炼过程中在不断重复同样的错误。We asked some of London#39;s top fitness and personal trainers on what these common mistakes are:关于有哪些最常见的错误,我们咨询了一部分伦敦最优秀的健身教练。Focusing too much on results太注重结果Christina Howells, a personal trainer at That Girl London says: ;When we start an exercise programme it is natural to have goals, these drive your behaviour, but it is also really important to not become obsessed with results. Instead learn to love the process rather than keeping score, be consistent and you will exceed all of your expectations and gain more satisfaction than any amount of goal achieving. ;伦敦女孩馆的私人教练克里斯蒂娜·豪沃尔斯说:;当我们开始执行健身计划时常常是有目标的,这会促使你进步,但学会轻视结果也同样重要。尝试去爱上健身的过程而不是结果,坚持下去你就一定能达到期望并且获得更多的愉悦。;Following the crowd盲目从众Hollie Grant, owner of the Pilates PT studio, says: ;All too often I see people jumping from one fitness trend to the next in search of the #39;best#39; workout. The problem with this is twofold. Firstly if we jump from one trend to the next we never truly improve at that technique and we are forever a beginner - a fitness jack of all trades. Secondly, we are completely ignoring our bodies important feedback mechanisms that tell us what we really need. For example, if your body is telling you that you are inflexible and uncomfortable - do yoga not HIIT (high-intensity interval training). If you are getting back ache and feel weak in your core, do pilates not boxing. Listen to your body, not the newest, craziest fitness gossip.Pilates PT工作室的业主哈莉·格兰特说:;我常常看到人们在找到所谓;最好;的健身教程后就从一个计划转到另一个上去。这会产生两个问题。第一,如果我们不断改变计划我们就会一直是新手,永远得不到提高。第二,我们会完全无视身体的反馈。比如说,如果你的身体告诉你,你不灵活且不舒,你就应该做瑜伽而不是HIIT(高强度间歇训练)。如果你感到背痛且躯干无力,就去做普拉提而不是练拳击。听从你的身体,而不是那些最新也最疯狂的健身流言。;Eating at the wrong time before and after working out在错误的时间进食Marianne Marston, professional boxer and coach says: ;Good nutrition is always key, make sure you eat right and not too long after exercising. The prime time to eat after exercising is between 20 minutes and one hour, whilst this is essential for pro athletes, it is still extremely important for the general exerciser to achieve the best results.专业拳击教练玛丽安·马斯顿说:;补充营养很重要,要保你在运动后一定时间内正确地进食。运动后进食的黄金时间是在20分钟到1小时内。虽然这主要针对专业运动员,但对于一般的锻炼者也有助于达到最好的锻炼效果。;Measuring progress by sweat以出汗量为准Leo Savage, personal trainer at Third Space gyms says: ;The most common mistake in gyms is people aimlessly approaching each session as a stand-alone workout. Making sure they exercise as hard as they can, working up a sweat, expecting to see instead results. Sweat is not an indication of working hard and most importantly working smart. Making your sessions specific to your own personal goals will be the best thing you can do to kick start your progress. Targeting certain weaknesses you have, or working specific parts of the body to bring about change in the right way.;Third Space健身房的私人教练利奥·萨维奇说:;健身房最常见的错误是人们毫无目的性地单独锻炼各个部位。他们尽可能做得剧烈,出了一身汗,然后期望看到效果。然而出汗并不代表锻炼得多,更不代表锻炼得有效。有目标的锻炼能让你事半功倍。针对你的某些弱点,或者身体的某个部位,这样才会有好的效果。;译文属 /201703/495384Hi, it#39;s Putin, is Obama in?嗨,我是普京,奥巴马在吗?;Hello, can I speak to the president?; is not an off-the-cuff request an operator is ever likely to hear from a world leader.电话接线员不可能从世界领导人那里听到像是“你好,我能和总统讲话吗?”这样冒失的请求的。By the time the initial pleasantries are exchanged between heads of state, the groundwork will have been done behind the scenes by the leaders#39; respective staff.在元首们互相寒暄之前,各方的工作人员要做好准备工作。;When there is an established relationship between two countries, it might be as simple as one situation room calling its counterpoint and saying my head of state wants to speak to yours,; says Stephen Yates, who worked as deputy national security adviser to former US Vice-President Dick Cheney.前美国副总统迪克.切尼的副国家安全顾问史蒂芬.耶茨表示,“如果两国建立了外交关系,那么元首间通电话可能就和战情室的通话一样简单,可以说我国领导人希望和贵国领导人通话。”When countries are in less frequent contact, an ambassador may make the first formal request on their leader#39;s behalf. They will set out the proposed agenda and reasons for the call and, if agreed, the reciprocal team would then work it into busy schedules.当两国接触不频繁时,一国大使可能会代表本国领导人首先提出正式请求。他们将提出议程安排和通话理由,如果获得同意的话,双方团队就会将通话排进繁忙的日程表。A helping hand for big issues and small talk重大问题和闲谈都需要助手World leaders are typically well briefed before speaking to each other.世界领导人在互相交谈之前通常都详细了解了情况。In the US, the president is given a dossier from the National Security Council (NSC), the principal US advisory body on national security and foreign policy.在美国,为总统提供相关材料的是国家安全委员会,这是美国国家安全和外交政策的主要咨询机构。If it is a simple courtesy call, the information provided may be basic, including details on who initiated contact, and two or three recommended talking points. There may also be some need-to-know personal information, such as a reminder to ask after a sick husband or wife.如果只是简单的问候电话,可能需要提供的基本信息包括通话发起人是谁以及两三个建议的话题。有时也可能要了解一些个人信息,例如,如果对方丈夫或妻子生病了,需要提醒本国元首问候一下。If the topic is sensitive, the NSC will offer the president an additional short briefing, and then listen in on the call.如果通话话题很敏感,国家安全委员会将为总统额外提供一份简报,然后在总统旁边听他们通话。Are we alone now?现在只有我们吗?World leaders usually have various people listening in on their conversations, including aides and interpreters.通常会有很多人在世界领导人对话时在旁边听着,其中包括总统助手和翻译。Even when leaders speak another language fluently, they often choose to conduct official calls in their mother tongue.即使领导人能够流利地说另一种语言,他们也会在正式的通话中使用母语。;Sometimes that is down to national pride, but it#39;s also to avoid misunderstandings and protect nuance,; says Kevin Hendzel, a former White House linguist.前白宫语言专家凯文.亨德尔表示,“这关系到民族自豪感,也是为了避免误解,同时保留语言中的细微差别。”US presidential translators will have passed security clearances, background checks and even sat polygraph tests, before they become privy to sensitive information involved in high-level diplomacy.美国总统的翻译在获准接触高层外交中的敏感信息之前,必须通过安全审查、背景调查,甚至还包括谎言测试。;There are no novices that work at the presidential level,; says Mr Hendzel. ;It takes a great deal of time for an interpreter to reach this stage. They are also experts in the subject matter, and they know getting a form of address wrong can be a deal breaker.;亨德尔称,“为总统工作的没有新手,一名翻译要经过很久才能做到这个级别。他们是这方面的专家,他们很清楚差之毫厘,谬以千里。”#39;I am Hillary Clinton, honestly, I am#39;“我真的是希拉里。”;It#39;s apples and oranges when you are comparing transitional calls by a president-elect to those of a head of state in the Oval Office,; says Mr Yates.耶茨称,“对比过侯任总统在交接期间的通话过程和成为总统后的通话后,你会发现两者完全没有可比性。”Once Mr Trump is in the hot seat, all his calls will be highly secure and heavily vetted.一旦特朗普坐上这个责任重大的位置,他所有的通话都将高度保密、严加审查。;The president will feel like he has just picked up the phone, like any other call, but the call will have been through multiple checks to ensure its fidelity,; says Mr Yates.“总统会觉得他刚接起的电话和所有电话一样,但这通电话的真实性将会得到多次确认。”Sometimes this vetting process can be so tight, the wrong people get cut off. ;I am fighting w[ith] the WH operator who doesn#39;t believe I am who I say,; wrote exasperated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a 2010 email.有时,这个审查程序可能过于严格,以至于会挂错电话。国务卿希拉里曾在2010年的一封电邮中愤怒地写道:“我正在和不相信我是谁的白宫电话接线员吵架。”Presidents get pranked, too总统们也会被整Prank calls to presidents are rare, but not unheard of.总统很少收到恶作剧电话,但也不是没有。Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell victim to hoax in January, when a radio presenter phoned imitating the new separatist leader of Catalonia.西班牙首相马里亚诺.拉霍伊今年一月就上当受骗了,当时一个电台主持人模仿加泰罗尼亚的分离主义新领导人打电话给他。In 2003, a US radio station based in Miami scored the double, when it tricked both the then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his close ally, the former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro.2003年,迈阿密的美国电台更加厉害,他们同时骗到了时任委内瑞拉总统乌戈.查韦斯和他的亲密盟友前古巴领导人菲德尔.卡斯特罗。Radio El Zol first called Chavez, pretending to be Castro, and then called Castro masquerading as Chavez. When the Cuban realised he had been tricked, he unleashed a torrent of swearwords.El ZOL电台首先假扮卡斯特罗给查韦斯打电话,然后冒充查维斯打给卡斯特罗。当卡斯特罗意识到自己被骗之后,他破口大骂。The hotline that is not a phone热线电话不是一部电话The Moscow-Washington hotline, often referred to the ;red telephone;, is a special, highly secure system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the ed States and Russia.莫斯科-华盛顿热线通常被称为“红色电话”,它是允许美俄领导人直接沟通的高度安全的特殊系统。;Contrary to the myths, it#39;s not actually a phone,; explains Kevin Hendzel, who worked as senior technical linguist on the project in the 1980s.上世纪80年代曾担任高级技术语言专家的凯文.亨德尔解释道,“与传说不同,实际上热线电话不是一部电话。”The line, used to send text and images (maps, diagrams etc), was developed after the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when the two countries came close to a nuclear war.1962年古巴导弹危机让美俄两国走向了核战争的边缘,此后,两国开通了这条用于发送文字和图像(地图,图表等)的专线。It remains an open channel, allowing instant communication if needed. ;Because when it comes to nuclear missiles, everything is measured in minutes,; says Mr Hendzel.“热线电话”是在必要情况下可以进行即时通信的开放渠道。 亨德尔说:“因为涉及到核导弹时,一切都是按分钟计算的。” /201612/482640What Are the Best Daily Routines of Highly Productive People?高效的人都有哪些好的日常行为?Plan for the next day before bed.睡觉前计划好明天的一切。Wake up early.早起。Get enough sleep.睡足。Frame your emotional state in the morning before everything else.在早上一切还没开始之前,整理好情绪。Do nothing. Spend 10 to 15 minutes a day every morning to breath.什么都不做。每天早上花上10到15分钟呼吸训练。Make a to-do list with maximum 6 tasks待办事项不超过六项。Take a nap. 中午小憩一会。Reflect the day in the evening.在晚上回想当天一切。Embrace the morning.拥抱早晨。Eat your breakfast.吃早餐。Exercise.做运动。Habit 1: They take breaks throughout the day.习惯一:一整天工作中,他们都会适当的休息。Habit 2: They work backwards from the future.习惯二:他们的工作眼光长远。Habit 3: They create to-do list sub-deadlines the night before.习惯三:他们会在前一晚制定待办事项的最后期限。Habit 4: They leverage tools to prevent internal distractions.习惯四:运用工具避免内部干扰。Habit 5: They keep a separate to-do list for daily distractions.习惯五:使待办事项避免日常干扰。Habit 6: They use email tools / systems to optimize their inbox.习惯六:使用邮箱工具或者系统来优化他们的收信信箱。Habit 7: They build exercise and healthy eating into their daily routines to increase mental energy.习惯七:把锻炼、良好的饮食习惯放入它们的日常,来增加他们的精力。Habit 8: They optimize their computer skills for speed.习惯八:优化个人电脑技术以此提高速度。Habit 9: They view failure as learning opportunities.习惯九:视失败为学习的机会。Habit 10: They say no (nicely).习惯十:友好地拒绝他人 /201701/488734

China is mulling over a ban on the installation of security cameras in public places where they could infringe on the public#39;s privacy, such as hotel rooms, dormitories, public bathrooms, locker rooms and toilets, according to a draft regulation released by the Ministry of Public Security.根据公安部日前公布的一份条例草案,我国正在考虑禁止在旅馆客房、集体宿舍、公共浴室、更衣室、卫生间等可能侵犯公众隐私的公共场所安装监控录像头。The draft ordinance requires a reasonable distance between a camera or equipment and a household residence, and signs be put up to make the public aware of the presence of cameras in public places.条例草案要求摄像头或录像设备与居民住宅保持合理距离,应设置标识提醒公众注意公共场所存在的摄像头。Organizations or people are not allowed to use cameras to illegally obtain state and business secrets or infringe on the public#39;s right to privacy, the document added.条例还称,任何单位和个人不得利用摄像头非法获取国家秘密、商业秘密或侵犯公众隐私权。When security surveillance footage is disclosed for public use, personal information, such as individual body features and plate numbers, should be obscured, unless otherwise stipulated by law.安全监控录像用于公共传播时,除法律另有规定外,应当对个体特征、车牌号等个人信息进行遮挡。Those who illegally install surveillance cameras in public places will be fined up to RMB100,000, according to the document.根据条例,在公共场所非法安装监控摄像头的,将面临最高10万元的罚款。 /201612/482264

A funeral service provider in Zhejiang province has come under fire after calling on citizens to transform their deceased loved ones into jewelry.浙江一殡葬务提供部门最近火了,该公司呼吁市民把自己已故亲人做成珠宝首饰。;Ultra-hot temperatures can melt ashes, turning them into tiny crystallized beads. Due to different microelements contained in the ashes, the beads turn out in a variety of colors, making them a good material for creating jewelry,; a Zhejiang funeral worker surnamed Chen told Jinbaonet.com on March 9.3月9日,浙江殡葬业工作人员陈先生在接受《现代金报》采访时表示:“超高温可以融化骨灰,将其变为细小的结晶珠。由于骨灰中含有的不同微量元素,这些珠子会有各种不同的颜色,是制作首饰很好的材料。”According to Chen, the company will offer a free trial of their service to five local residents.据陈先生表示,该部门将免费为5位当地居民提供试用务。Using ashes to make jewelry has become a trend in China in recent years.近来年,用骨灰制作珠宝首饰已经成为了中国的一个趋势。According to Chen, a company in Shanghai has helped over 200 clients turn their family members#39; ashes into beads. As of press time, families from 21 provinces in China had ordered the service to preserve memories of their late relatives.据陈先生表示,上海一家公司已经帮助200多位客户把他们家庭成员的骨灰变成了晶体珠。截止发稿时为止,已经有来自21个省份的多个家庭预定了这项务来寄托他们对已故亲人的追思。Chen noted that the service also saves land that would otherwise be occupied by corpses, and it costs less than a typical funeral ceremony.陈先生还指出,这项务也节省了墓地所需用地,比传统葬礼的成本也要低得多。But not everyone in China is willing to accept the innovative proposal--no surprise, given how rigidly most Chinese people adhere to traditional burial customs.但是鉴于大多数中国人都坚持传统的丧葬习俗,毫无疑问并不是所有中国人都愿意接受这项创新。The hashtag ;TurnYourLovedOnesIntoNecklaces; has garnered over 310,000 page views on Sina Weibo since it was posted on March 10, with most comments criticizing the practice.自从3月10日标签“把你的爱人变成项链”被发到新浪微上之后,浏览量已经达到了31万,大多数都持批评态度。;It gives me goose bumps to even think about this horrible idea. I think the service is blasphemous to the dead and goes against Chinese traditions. Chinese people believe that a proper burial is crucial for the deceased souls, as it allows them to finally rest in peace,; one netizen wrote on Weibo.一名网友在微上写道:“甚至光是想一想这个可怕的念头,我就浑身起鸡皮疙瘩。我认为这项务是对死者的亵渎,也违背了中国的传统。中国人认为对于死者灵魂来说,一场妥当的葬礼非常重要的,因为这样才能让逝者安息。”But others hold a different opinion, noting that the new service is practically a necessity considering the skyrocketing cost of land in China.但是其他人却持不同意见,指出考虑到中国土地成本的暴涨,这项新务是很有必要的。;I think the idea of turning ashes into jewelry is environmentally friendly. We should leave the land for the living, not the dead,; another netizen wrote.另一名网友写道:“我认为把骨灰变成首饰这个想法很环保。我们应该把土地留给生者,而不是死去的人。” /201703/498684

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