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上海岳阳医院激光去胎记多少钱奉贤区奉城医院打瘦腿针价格费用Even at 55, Madonna’s still got it! The superstar posted yet another photo of her fit physique on her Instagram on Wednesday showing off she is just as flexible as her Danceteria days.美国流行乐坛天后麦当娜55岁不老,星期三在图片分享应用Instagram上上传一张在健身中心的劈叉照片,展示自己的柔韧性不减当年Posing in black workout wear, Madonna told fans: ‘Today I made like a banana and split! #flexible #hardcandyfitness’. Displaying her pert derriere front and centre in the photo, it’s no surprise to find that Madonna’s favourite part of the body to exercise is her butt.照片中麦当娜身着黑色练功,轻松摆出一字马造型,豪放地展示了自己的臀部,可想而知这是她最引以为傲的锻炼成果她还给粉丝留言:“今天成功劈叉,姿势完爆香蕉皮”Madonna is known her strict macrobiotic diet and intense fitness regime, working out at least six days a week, to maintain her bod her energetic live permances.麦当娜的养生食谱和健身计划可谓惨绝人寰,每星期至少要练功六天,确保现场表演活力昂扬The mother of four shows no signs of slowing down either, telling the media in January: ‘Im not going to slow down, get off this ride, stay home and get fat!’ ‘There is no easy way. If you want to know how I look like I do, it diet and exercise and constantly being careful.’ Madge went on to admit.麦当娜已经是四个孩子的母亲了,在连功上却没有松懈分毫今年一月份,她对媒体说:“我不会停止练功,懈怠地呆在家里,把自己养成一个胖子!”接下来她向媒体坦白了自己保持身材的秘诀:“所有事都不可能有捷径,如果你们想知道我是怎样保持身材的,我能告诉你们的就是节食、锻炼、时刻保持警惕The photo of Madge doing the splits is the latest image of the superstar showing off her enviable figure and fitness levels to promote her gym, Hard Candy Fitness.麦当娜晒劈叉照片一方面是展示自己令人艳羡的身材和柔韧性,另一方面也是为了宣传她在多伦多开设健身中心“硬糖健身中心”Last week the pop icon shared another photo, taken at her latest gym opening in Toronto.上星期,这位流行巨星又分享了另外一张照片,也是拍摄于多伦多的“硬糖健身中心”Madonna wrote: ‘Check out my dance workout from Toronto HC gym opening!’ She added: ‘I dare you to watch and not sweat! @hardcandyfitness #gohardorgohome’麦当娜还在社交网络上写道:“多伦多HC健身中心开张时,我会为大家献舞哦!”并且艾特了她的健身中心 78浦东新区人民中医院整形美容科 Much to Apple’s dismay, the nude-celebs-on-the-iCloud story has legs like a supermodel.让苹果(Apple)十分沮丧的是,iCloud名流裸照泄露事件就像长了超模的长腿一样传得飞快Tech reporters are filing dispatches from the “crazy, obsessive subculture of celebrity nudes and revenge porn” where such photos are exchanged. British tabloids are in hot pursuit of “Original Guy,” the hacker who took credit posting the current crop. And the Web equivalent of Fleet Street is trotting out any story — no matter how irrelevant — that can be filed under the “Apple security” slug. The latest from Gawker: Eva Longoria Says Star-Struck Apple Employees Stole Her Inmation.科技记者正在从交易这些照片的“疯狂地沉迷于名流裸照和色情报复的亚文化群”中寻找蛛丝马迹英国小报正在积极地探寻“始作俑者”,即发布这些照片的黑客而与伦敦新闻界类似的网络界,也在炮制各种能够归为“苹果安全问题”的报道——无论它们到底有多不相干最新的一篇相关报道来自明星八卦网站Gawker:《伊娃o朗格利亚称苹果“追星族”员工盗窃了她的个人信息(Eva Longoria Says Star-Struck Apple Employees Stole Her Inmation)Meanwhile, the carefully crafted media advisory Apple issued Tuesday is being scrutinized by privacy experts what it did and didn’t say.与此同时,苹果在周二发布了一篇字斟句酌的媒体公告隐私专家们对其进行了仔细审读,试图从字里行间找出苹果干了却没公之于众的事The operative bits:公告的节选内容如下:After more than 0 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity s were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions… None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone… To protect against this type of attack, we advise all users to always use a strong password and enable two-step verification.” (emphases mine)“在经历了0多个小时的调查后,我们发现,在这次针对性地破解用户名、密码和安全问题的攻击中,某些明星的账户被黑客盗用……目前调查过的此次受影响的账户,无一是因为iCloud或Find my iPhone等苹果系统的漏洞所致……为了保护用户免受类似的攻击,我们建议所有用户设置高强度密码,并激活两步验功能”(我的重点)“Breach” in this context is a term of art. If you think of the iCloud where Jennifer Lawrence stored her photos as a locked vault, someone got into it with the key (her login and password). They didn’t do the computer equivalent of sledgehammering through a wall or dropping in through the ceiling panels.文中的“漏洞”这个词用得很有艺术性如果你将詹妮弗o劳伦斯用来储存照片的iCloud账户看作上锁的保险箱,那么就是有人用钥匙(她的用户名和密码)直接闯了进去他们没有对电脑做类似于大锤破墙或是从天花板吊下来之类的举动What the company saying, in the technical language of Unix security, is that Lawrence got hacked, not Apple.从Unix安全领域的专业术语来看,苹果公司的声明等于是说:劳伦斯的账户被黑客破解了,这不关苹果的事“Protect” is also a little squishy. While Apple’s two-step verification is recommended, it’s not required, not that easy to install and from Apple’s point of view sends the wrong message about iCloud and the Internet: That it’s a dangerous place full of unsavory people.“保护”也有一些站不住脚尽管苹果推荐用户激活两步验功能,但并未就此做出硬性规定,而且安装相关工具也并不方便此外,苹果还传达了关于iCloud和互联网的错误信息:这是一个危险的地方,充满了讨厌的人Moreover, it’s not at all clear that two-step verification would have kept those R- and X-rated selfies from getting out. The dark corners of the Web are filled with guys with police-grade hacking tools who can, given an iCloud login and password, download just about anybody’s photo stream.此外,我们也不能完全肯定两步验能否防止那些R级和X级的自拍照流出网络的阴暗角落中,满是拥有警用级别的黑客工具的人,只要他们拿到了iCloud用户名和密码,就能下载任何人的照片流The issue, at heart, is to what extent Apple is responsible everything that happens on iCloud — not just to Hollywood celebrities, but to any user foolish enough to offer up their passwords to unsolicited e-mails from people they don’t know.问题的关键在于,苹果应当对iCloud上发生的这一切负多大责任——不仅是对这些好莱坞名流,还对所有那些不够聪明,将密码泄露给来路不明的陌生电子邮件的用户By accident or design, the issue has come to a head at the worst possible time Apple — a week bee a major media event at which Apple is expected to unveil a new payment system that depends on customers trusting the company to keep their money safe.不论是巧合还是有意,这一事件可能会让苹果面临最糟糕的时刻——马上苹果就将举行大型的媒体发布会,届时或许将推出新的付系统,但这得建立在顾客相信公司能够保他们财物安全的基础上“Worringly the general public,” s the kicker in typical nude-celebs-on-iCloud story, this one in the Daily Mail, “is how simple the posters make their privacy theft seem — and raises the frightening prospect that Apple’s iCloud used by millions is not safe anyone to store sensitive inmation on.”看看iCloud名流裸照泄露事件中的反对者怎么说吧,这一段来自《每日邮报(Daily Mail):“公众担忧的是自己隐私遭窃的事件被如此轻描淡写地带过了这让人们感到恐惧:拥有数百万用户的iCloud对任何人而言,都不是一个储存敏感信息的安全之处”Apple shares closed Wednesday at .9, down $.36 (.%) following Tuesday’s all-time high of .30.周三收盘时,苹果的股价为98.9美元,较之周二的最高价1.30美元下跌了.36美元 368上海处女膜修补整形

上海祛除眼角皱纹第六人民医院东院韩式隆鼻价格费用 Last Tuesday, in a strange moment of network television-pop culture syzygy, the new A comedy “Selfie” included a scene in which two colleagues, Eliza and Charmonique, were discussing the movie star Renée Zellweger.上周二,在电视与流行文化交汇的一个奇异时刻,A台的新喜剧《自拍(Selfie)中出现了这样一幕:两个同事——伊莉莎(Eliza)和卡莫尼克(Charmonique),聊起影星芮妮·齐薇格(Renée Zellweger)She looks great, Eliza commented. Yes, Charmonique agreed, but she “doesn’t look a damn thing like Miss Renée Zellweger.”她看上去很棒,伊莉莎评价是的,卡莫尼克表示同意,但是她“看上去一丁点也不像芮妮·齐薇格”The episode, which judging from typical television production schedules had most likely been filmed weeks bee, came a day after photographs of a radically different looking Ms. Zellweger flooded news outlets. At Elle magazine’s annual Women in Hollywood celebration last Monday night, Ms. Zellweger’s ehead was as smooth as a packed ski slope, and her eyes as crystal-blue as ever, but they appeared, in some images, wide and round as pennies. In hours, it seemed, every possible news media outlet had a story or a tweet or a blog post decrying the Oscar-winning actress’s new face. Another day passed, and every possible media outlet featured a chat or post or news report defending Ms. Zellweger and her new-looking face. By Friday, we were all ashamed to still be thinking private thoughts about Ms. Zellweger, but we were.照典型的电视剧制作规划来看,这一集多半是在几个星期前拍的,可是就在它播出的前一天,齐薇格的照片正好在新闻中铺天盖地,她在照片中的样子和以前大不相同了上周一晚上,齐薇格出席《Elle杂志主办的年度好莱坞女性庆典,她的额头平滑,像是刚刚填好的滑雪坡,眼睛虽然还是清澈的蓝色,但在某些照片上,显得又圆又大,像硬币一样在小时之内,好像所有沾边的新闻媒体都做了报道,要不就是发推或者客,对这位曾经获得奥斯卡奖的女影星的新面孔表示反感一天之后,所有的媒体又发出了聊天、帖子或者新闻报道,为齐薇格和她的新面孔辩护到了星期五,我们还在私下里想着齐薇格,这让我们都觉得羞愧,但我们确实在想We’ve all seen garish plastic surgery on celebrities. But in the case of Ms. Zellweger, her new appearance set off a battery of intensifying debates. She carved out a career playing accessible characters, wholesome and fallible. In “Dazed and Confused,” as a heartland teenager, and in “Jerry Maguire,” she was winning and approachable. As Bridget Jones, she allowed us to embrace our wine-and-heartache inner insecurities. She made the fat, boozy chain-smokers and job-losers among us feel O.K. about ourselves. She won an Oscar in her role in “Cold Mountain,” in which she played a gritty Southern woman working on a failing farm, unafraid to snap a chicken’s neck. Even her personal life offered a dose of reality women could relate to, enjoying a whirlwind love affair and short marriage to the country singer Kenny Chesney in . Who hasn’t had a sloppy breakup?我们都见过名人脸上醒目的整容痕迹但齐薇格的新面孔却引发了激烈的争论她是靠饰演平易近人、身心健康而又容易犯错的角色而起家的在《年少轻狂(Dazed and Confused)里,她饰演美国中心区域的青少年,在《甜心先生(Jerry Maguire)里,她又迷人又可亲她饰演的布里吉特·琼斯(Bridget Jones)让我们可以欣然接受自己内心深处借酒浇愁的不安全感她让我们当中那些肥胖、酗酒、一根接一根地抽烟、丢掉工作的人感觉自己还不错年,她凭着在《冷山(Cold Mountain)中饰演的角色获得了奥斯卡奖,那是个坚强的南方女人,经营着一家快要倒闭的农场,连拧断小鸡的脖子都害怕就连在个人生活方面,她也提供了一丝真实的痕迹,让女人们可以同自己的经历联系起来——年,她经历了同乡村歌手肯尼·切斯尼(Kenny Chesney)的激烈恋情和短暂婚姻, 谁没有过一段草率的分手往事呢?It’s jarring when suddenly we don’t recognize the person in whom we once saw ourselves.突然之间,我们就认不出这个曾经让我们感觉在她身上看到我们自己的人了,这简直太让人不安了What is new — and plainly shocking to some — is that Ms. Zellweger now looks like someone not even related to the quirkily pretty, Kewpie-doll star who had us at hello. However the method, she has changed herself into someone who looks like the manicured socialite, the moderately successful commercial actress, the benign political wife. Ms. Zellweger looks beautiful but does not look like Ms. Zellweger.与以往不同,让有些人非常震惊的是,齐薇格现在看上去和那个有着古怪的漂亮、好像丘比特娃娃、在问好的那一刻就赢得我们的心的那个人,看上去一点都不一样了不管是用什么方法,她把自己变成了一个做美甲的上流人士,取得小小成功的商业女星,温和的政治家太太齐薇格看上去很漂亮,但完全不是齐薇格了In another surprising turn, the actress defended herself to People magazine soon after the Elle party, in a statement that attributed her new appearance to healthy living, love and lifestyle changes. “I’m glad folks think I look different!” she said. “I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.” As why she addressed the issue, Ms. Zellweger said, “It seems the folks who come digging around some nefarious truth which doesn’t exist won’t get off my porch until I answer the door.”另一个惊人的转折是,《Elle的派对之后,这位女星很快在《人物(People)杂志上为自己辩护,她在一份声明中说自己的新样子是来自健康的生活、爱,以及生活方式的改变“人们觉得我看上去不一样了,这让我感到高兴!”她说“我现在过着与从前不同的生活,是快乐、更充实的生活,这或许显示出了成果,让我感到兴奋”至于她为什么要对此作出,齐薇格说:“如果我不去应门,那些在我周围发掘根本不存在的丑陋真相的人们就根本不肯离开我的门廊”Surgeons are quick to offer their opinions about what has taken place. Dr. Michelle Copeland, a plastic surgeon in New York City, said that Ms. Zellweger had probably elected to have a blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid lift, and possibly also a ehead lift, with the addition of injectable fillers that may have widened the planes of her face. She has also likely benefited from laser or ultrasound procedures that tighten the skin.外科医生们很快给出他们的意见纽约市的整容医生米歇尔·科普兰德(Michelle Copeland)医生说,齐薇格或许是做了眼睑成型术,或是上眼睑拉皮术,或许还做了前额拉皮术,此外还注射了拓宽脸型的填充物也许还用激光或超声波收紧了皮肤The issue is that in all that work, Dr. Copeland said, Ms. Zellweger changed too much. “She was known having these slightly squinty, slightly hooded eyes,” Dr. Copeland said. “The problem is they totally eliminated that look, and now she is no longer recognizable. She is beautiful, but who is she? Jennifer Grey?” (Dr. Copeland was referring to the “Dirty Dancing” actress whose nose job drastically altered her appearance.)科普兰德说,在所有这些措施的共同作用下,齐薇格变了太多“人们都知道,她本来有一双微微斜视、微微鼓起的眼睛,”科普兰德医生说“问题是这个特征完全没有了,现在她变得根本认不出来了她很漂亮,但那还是她吗?还是詹妮弗·格雷(Jennifer Grey)?”(科普兰德说的是出演《辣身舞[Dirty Dancing]的女演员,鼻子整形手术完全改变了她的外貌)Nancy Etcoff, an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard and author of “Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty,” said: “We have gotten used to seeing bad plastic surgery. Two big basketballs on the chest, fish lips, blown-up cheeks. But this is a little different. This is about a lot of subtle changes that add up to a person who no longer looks like our memory of them. She looks like a different person.” Instead of aging along with us, she jumped off the path directly into another identity.南希·艾特科夫是哈佛大学一位进化心理学家,著有《最漂亮者生存:美容的科学(Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty)一书,她说:“我们习惯了目睹糟糕的整形手术胸前的两个大篮球、鱼唇、膨胀的双颊但这一次有点不一样这是关于许多细微的改变加在一起,让一个人看上去不再像我们记忆中的样子她看上去完全是另外一个人”她没有和我们一起变老,而是径直跳出这条路,变成了另一个身份Faces are tightly packed with important biological inmation, Dr. Etcoff said. “They tell people who we are, who our relatives are, how we feel,” she said. “We are face virtuosos. We can discern one face from thousands, even millions, of other faces. When someone does something to their face that renders them unrecognizable, when that impacts our ability to their face, it really is a jolt.”一个人的面相中充满重要的生物信息,艾特科夫说“它们告诉人们我们是谁,我们同谁有关系,还有我们的感受,”她说“我们都是面孔的鉴赏大师我们可以把一张脸从上千张脸,甚至是上百万张脸中辨认出来如果有人对自己的脸做了什么事,让自己的脸变得认不出来,当这种效果对我们认脸的能力造成冲击,这确实是一种震撼”What makes the matter particularly upsetting to any woman over age 39, said Debora L. Spar, the president of Barnard College and the author of “Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest Perfection,” is that if Ms. Zellweger, an everyday beauty whose work celebrated the flawed and embraced irregularity, apparently succumbed to such dysmorphia, what are the rest of us supposed to do?巴纳德学院校长,《奇妙的女人:性、权力与追求完美(Wonder Women: Sex, Power and the Quest Perfection)一书的作者黛拉·L·斯巴尔(Debora L. Spar)说,这件事令年过39岁的女人感到特别不安,因为齐薇格是个家常美女,她的作品歌颂缺陷,接受非正式,这种形象却死于这样的变型,那么我们其他人应该怎么办?“It’s a terrible double bind,” Dr. Spar said, noting the sense of hypocrisy around the situation. “On the one hand, we’re being told don’t worry about how you look, embrace inner goodness and stop judging on external appearance, and yet as a commy we have all done nothing but talk about poor Renée Zellweger’s face all week.”“这是一种可怕的两难困境,”斯巴尔说,她指出,整个事件中充满虚伪的感觉“一方面,我们被告知,不要在意外表,拥抱内心的美好,不要以貌取人,然而作为一个整体,我们整个星期都在聊可怜的芮妮·齐薇格的脸”The Zellweger-bashing needs to end, Dr. Spar said. “But the things that made her unique are now gone, and now she looks like a million other people,” she said. “A million other good-looking people.”应该停止对齐薇格的猛烈抨击了,斯巴尔说“但是那些让她显得独一无二的东西如今已经消失,现在她就和成百万人没什么两样了,就是其他上百万个长相漂亮的人,”她说 33上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院去除狐臭多少钱

长宁区垫鼻子多少钱 5.Wacko Jacko5.怪人杰克In the mid-1980s, around the same time as he began lightening his skin, Michael Jackson became a tabloid phenomenon. He grew to despise his reputation as ;Wacko Jacko,; but this curse was largely of his own making.世纪80年代中期杰克逊开始将他的皮肤弄白之后就成为了大小报的新闻头条他的名声不断败坏,还得了一个;怪人杰克;的绰号,但这一切都是他自导自演的One of the first sensational tales about Michael emerged in 1986, when it was announced that he was spending time in an oxygenated hyperbaric chamber to defy aging. It would later turn out that he himself had actually leaked this untrue story to the press.1986年曝出了一个第一个有关于迈克尔的轰炸性消息据称他为了延缓衰老在高压氧舱度过了一段时间但结果是他自己将这个不真实的故事透露给媒体的Another story emerged that Michael had tried to buy the remains of ;Elephant Man; Joseph Merrick. This, too, was a complete fabrication by Michael and his manager, Frank Dileo.第二次爆料称迈克尔想要买下象人约瑟夫·梅里克的遗骨这也是迈克尔和他的经济人弗兰克·迪里昂一手编造的谎言Later, he would complain to biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli: ;Why not just tell people Im an alien from Mars? Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. Theyll believe anything you say, because youre a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, ‘Im an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight, people would say, ‘Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He cracked up. You cant believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. ;之后,他向传记作家兰迪塔拉波雷利抱怨:;为什么不直接告诉人们我是从火星来的外星人呢?告诉他们我吃活的鸡,在半夜还跳伏都教舞他们会相信你所说的一切,因为你是一名记者但是如果是我,迈克尔杰克逊,说出这些话的话,人们只会说,迈克尔·杰克逊是个疯子他精神崩溃了,从他嘴里说出来每一句话你都不能相信;.Child Abuse.虐待儿童As a child star, Michael suffered hideous abuses at the hands of his father. He was routinely whipped and cursed at, and in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he shed tears and claimed that he was so terrified of his father that he would often vomit upon seeing the man. This likely caused his adulthood childlike behavior and drew him to children such as Macauly Culkin, entertaining them at his Neverland Ranch.迈克尔还是一名童星的时候就遭受了父亲的可怕虐待他父亲经常鞭打和诅咒他,在与奥普拉·温弗瑞的谈话中他还留下了眼泪,称他非常害怕自己的父亲以至于一见到他他就会呕吐这很有可能导致了他成年以后孩子气的行为并且十分喜欢像麦考利克金(《小鬼当家的主角)的小孩,并让他们在自己的梦幻岛里玩耍嬉戏Neverland is a sprawling ,700-acre private amusement park with its own zoo, carnival rides, and two railroads. The ranch takes its name from Peter Pan‘s ;Never Never Land,; where boys never grow up. It seemed at first that Michael was merely trying to recapture the childhood that he had never been able to enjoy. But darker allegations surfaced in 1993, when Evan Chandler accused him of molesting his -year-old-son Jordan. Michael insurance company settled out of court a sum reported to be $ million.梦幻岛是一个占地700英亩的私人游乐园,里面有动物园,嘉年华游乐场和两条铁路梦幻岛取名自彼得潘的永无岛,在那里小男孩们永远不会长大乍眼一看这似乎是迈克尔想要弥补他毫无快乐的童年但是1993年更加黑暗的指控浮出水面,埃文·钱德勒控告杰克逊性骚扰他岁的儿子乔丹迈克尔的保险公司花费了00万美金将此事私了Later, Evan Chandler would emerge as something of an odd duck himself, becoming both a part-time screenwriter and a dentist. Carrie Fisher, in her book Shockaholic, claimed that Chandler would perm unnecessary dental procedures on her in the 1980s just so she could get morphine. She called him ;this freak; and said he made her skin crawl.之后,埃文·钱德勒变成了一个丑小鸭式的人物,成为了牙医并兼职编剧家凯瑞·费雪在她的《震惊的狂想一书中称钱德勒在世纪80年代为了让她注射吗啡给她进行了不必要的牙科手术她称他为;怪胎;,弄得她的皮肤满是皱纹After the settlement, Chandler claimed Michael Jackson fans were stalking him, and he underwent plastic surgery to disguise his appearance. In , Evan reportedly attacked his son Jordan with a barbell and mace. In , five months after Michael died, Evan Chandler committed suicide via gunshot to the head.事情私了之后,钱德勒称迈克尔杰克逊的粉丝跟踪他,为了掩饰自己的容貌他进行了整容手术年,据报道埃文携带狼牙棒和杠铃袭击自己的儿子乔丹年,迈克尔去世之后五个月,埃文·钱德勒朝自己的脑袋开了一,自杀而死Jackson again faced child sexual abuse charges in December . Police raided Neverland Ranch, and Michael left the property, never to come back, claiming that it no longer felt like home. A trial began on January 31, , and Jordan Chandler left the country to avoid having to testify. Hed previously filed emancipation from his parents, horrified by what they had ced him to say about Jackson. A jury found Michael not guilty of all charges on June , .年月,杰克逊再次面临性侵害儿童的指控警察突袭了梦幻岛,之后迈克尔就离开了这里再也没有回来,称这里没有一点家的味道年1月31号初审开始,乔丹·钱德勒为了避开出庭作离开了美国之前他申请脱离父母的监护,害怕他们逼迫他说一些陷害杰克逊的话年6月号,法庭宣判迈克尔无罪In , choreographer Wade Robson (who had testified in the trial that Michael had never touched him inappropriately) filed a suit against the Jackson estate, claiming that he had in fact been abused by Michael as a child. In May , a hearing will review if the lawsuit is viable.年,编舞家瓦德·罗伯逊(曾在年审判时出庭作迈克尔没有对他动手动脚)却对杰克逊提出控诉,称事实上在他小时候他曾遭受过迈克尔的性虐待年5月,如果诉讼通过的话就会召开听会进行复审Certainly, Michael relationships with children were unorthodox, and allowing them to sleep in his bed was inappropriate, but a retrospective of all the evidence points to his innocence in ever sexually abusing a child. Dozens of kids who spent time with Jackson were questioned during the investigations, and all of them swore that hed never done anything sexual in their presence. Asked to describe Michael penis, Jordan Chandler had asserted that the man was circumcised, a fact which was his autopsy revealed as false. Likely, several parties thought their relationships with Jackson were the ticket to a quick payday, a horrible fate a man who was otherwise charitable and kind to a fault.当然,迈克尔和小孩的关系只是谣言,让他们睡在他的床上是不适当的行为,但所有据都指出他没有性侵害小孩调查期间警察审讯了许多和杰克逊在一起过的小孩,他们都发誓他并没有性虐待他们当警察让乔丹·钱德勒描述下迈克尔的;弟弟;时,他坚持说他受过割礼,但杰克逊的尸检表明这纯属谎言一些人认为他们与杰克逊的关系很可能是他们一夜致富的门票,但对于慈善和不计较过错的杰克逊来说真是可怕的命运啊3.Escape Plans3.逃跑计划Your typical prison is populated with a motley crew of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. These men have done unconscionable things, but even they retain some code of honor. Those serving time victimizing children wear targets on their backs and are subjected to beatings and worse. Should Michael Jackson have been convicted and sent to prison, this danger, along with his fame, would have required him to be separated from the general population in virtual solitary confinement the duration of his sentence.一般的监狱里充斥着各种各样的杀人犯,强奸犯和走私犯他们干了丧尽天良的事情,但却还留有几分良知因迫害儿童而刑的囚犯背上背着靶子,会遭受暴打,有时甚至更糟如果迈克尔杰克逊被定罪送进监狱的话,这种危险再加上他的名声,警察会要求在他刑期间把他和一般人隔绝开来进行单独监禁However, Jackson family had no intention of allowing him to suffer the indignities of prison. When the trial wound down, Jermaine Jackson arranged to have a private jet on standby to take Michael to Bahrain. The tiny Middle-Eastern island nation has no extradition treaty with the US. According to Jermaine, Michael was not aware of the plan.然而,杰克逊的家人却不打算让他遭受这种入狱的侮辱初审结束后,杰梅恩杰克逊就安排了一架私人飞机,随时待命把迈克尔送往巴林岛这个微小的中东岛国和美国没有签署引渡条约据杰梅恩所说,迈克尔对于这个计划一无所知.His Patented Shoes.他的专利鞋Michael Jackson was one of the best dancers of his or any generation. Though he did not invent the moonwalk, he certainly perfected it. However, even Michael wasnt capable of defying gravity—in the music ;Smooth Criminal,; he is seen standing at a 5-degree angle, far beyond any human capability.迈克尔杰克逊在他的时代或者任何时代都是最好的舞者之一尽管他并没有发明太空步,但他却将他发挥到了极致但是,甚至是迈克尔也不能违背地球引力,在音乐视频《犯罪高手中,人们看见他以5度角站立,远远超出了常人的能力This was accomplished by way of US Patent No. 5,55,5, granted to Michael and two partners their ;Method and Means Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion.; This method was a pair of shoes, footwear with slot in the heels to hook onto retractable pegs in the floor. Michael patented the device not to generate income but to keep others from using the effect. tunately imitators, the patent expired in after its owners missed a payment.这主要是通过美国专业号5555来完成的,它被授予给迈克尔和两名合伙人,理由是他们创造反引力的奇思妙想和方法方法是一双鞋,鞋子里安装着狭槽,可以勾住地板上的可伸缩挂钩迈克尔申请此专利不是为了赚钱,只是不想让别人表演出同样的效果对于效仿者来说,幸运的是,专利拥有人没有付费用所以年这项专利就到期了1.Giant Robot1.巨型机器人Bee the ill-fated ;This Is It; concert series, Michael Jackson had planned a massive Las Vegas comeback in . This would be no bland, tired regurgitation of the classics—Michael had a grand vision which included solar-powered costumes that would change color with the stage lights. The show would be promoted by a massive, -meter (50 ft) tall robot version of Michael, which would roam through the Nevada desert within view of McCarran airport. When this did not prove feasible, another plan was hatched to build a Michael Jackson–themed hotel and casino, which would feature a laser-blasting android at the entrance.在厄运般的;天王终点;系列演唱会开始之前,年迈克尔·杰克逊计划在举行一场盛大的复出演唱会这将不是一场平淡无奇,让人百无聊赖,让经典倒退的演唱会迈克尔有着宏伟的目标,包括由太阳能发电随着舞台灯光变幻颜色的装演出将会通过巨型的米高的机器人版迈克尔进行宣传,它在内华达沙漠行走就能看见麦卡伦机场当这个计划被实不可行以后,他又想出了另外一个点子——建造以迈克尔杰克逊为主题的旅店和,以入口处发出激光束的机器人为特色Untunately, he was fresh off his child molestation trial, and his star had fallen considerably. Despite meeting with high-powered casino moguls like Steve Wynn, he failed to secure the necessary funding this ambitious venture. The robot ended up a fantasy Michael took to his grave.不幸的是,他的娈童初审才刚刚结束,他的星路变得黯淡无光尽管迈克尔和高层的大亨们(比如说史蒂夫)会面,但是他并没能说他们为他的宏伟计划注资最后,机器人成了泡影,和迈克尔一起进了坟墓翻译:高陈影 来源:前十网 3959第九医院光子嫩肤手术价格费用上海玫瑰整形整形美容



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