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Most rivers drain into the sea, but some end their journey in vast lakes.大部分河流都汇入大海,可有些河流的终点却是大型湖泊Worldwide, lakes hold 20 times more fresh water than all the rivers.全球湖泊淡水储量比江河多20倍The East African Rift Valley holds three of the worlds largest, Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria.东非大裂谷内有着3个世界上最大的淡水湖,马拉维湖、坦噶尼喀湖以及维多利亚湖。Lake Malawi, the smallest of the three, is still bigger than Wales.马拉维湖是这3个湖泊中最小的,却仍比威尔士还要大Its tropical waters teem with more fish species than any other lake.生活在这个热带湖泊里的鱼类比其它湖泊都要丰富There are 850 different cichlids alone,这里有850多种不同的慈鲷all of which evolved from just one single ancestor isolated here thousands of years ago.它们都是从一个数千年前即被隔绝在此的祖先进化而来的These two-metre wide craters are fish-made.这些2米宽的土丘是鱼儿们的杰作Fastidiously maintained by the males, these bowers are courtship arenas.雄鱼一丝不苟地维护着坑巢,因为这里正是求爱的场所Cichlids are caring parents. Brooding young in the mouth is a very effective way of protecting them.慈鲷是尽心尽职的父母。它们将鱼苗含在嘴里,这是一种保护它们的有效方法。201705/510964

Im Bear Grylls.Ive made it through challenges in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我曾身涉险境 面临生死考验 最终逃出生天 没有生存技巧 我早将魂归西天But this time, Im not alone.但这次我不是孤身作战After a nationwide call-out,20,000 of the shows most hardcore fans were up for the challenge.经过全国范围的召集 两万余名本剧的铁杆粉丝 报名接受挑战Two of them made the cut.其中两人成功入选Now Im gonna show them what it takes to really survive in the wild.今天 我将告诉他们如何 在残酷的荒野寻得生机These two wilderness rookies will have to learn quickly and dig deep这两名新手将 深入浅出地了解体会to make it through this life-changing mission.如何在生存挑战中存活Theres no way he would ask you to do something crazy.他要你做的自会有道理的Oh, boy!It will push them beyond their physical limits.天哪 他们将挑战生理极限Oh, man.teach them to work as a team.Time to go back.天哪 学会团队协作 回岸吧and force them to confront their greatest fears.不得不面对内心深处的恐惧300-foot drop, and I dont like water.这有300英尺的落差 我怕水Together, were gonna be,;Fans vs. Wild.;我们将一同组成 荒野求生组201705/509129

Jackie Chan: martial arts warrior, comedic master and now, Academy Award winner. 成龙,是武术勇士、喜剧大师,现在是奥斯卡奖得主。The 62-year-old actor received an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards on Saturday night. 周六晚上,这位62岁的演员在荣誉奥斯卡颁奖礼上获得终身成就奖。My dad always said, Son, you get so many movie awards in the world, when will you get one of these?Then I just look at my dad ...,Dad, I only make comedy-action movies.我爸爸总是说,儿子,你在这个世界上获得这么多的电影奖项,你什么时候会得到这个?然后我看着我的爸爸,爸爸,我只拍喜剧动作片。Chan might not be the prototypical Oscar winner, but with over 200 films spanning a more than 50-year career, hes certainly left his mark on two important genres. 成龙可能不是典型的奥斯卡奖得主,但在50多年的职业生涯中拍出200多部电影,肯定的是他在两个重要流派上留下了自己的印记。More than awards, though, Chan said his fans are the reason he keeps ;kicking and punching and breaking his bones; to make movies. 除了获得奖项,成龙表示粉丝是他“又踢又打、把自己弄骨折”继续拍电影的原因。译文属。201611/478570

【新闻精讲】An update on AIDSHIVs slow retrenchmentretrenchment n.减少- retrench v. cut down/reduceThe battle against the human immunodeficiency virus continuesimmunodeficiency n.免疫缺陷- immune adj.免疫的- deficiency n.缺陷THE latest dispatch from the war on HIV, the “Global AIDS Update 2016”, just published by UNAIDS, the UN agency responsible for combating the virus, brings qualified good news. Last year, it estimates, there were 1.1m AIDS-related deaths, down from a peak of 2m in 2005 and a figure of 1.2m in 2014. Last year also saw 2.1m new infections, down from a peak of 3.4m in 1998 but up from 2014’s estimate of 2.0m.联合国艾滋病规划署(UNAIDS)——联合国负责对抗艾滋病的机构,近期发布了《全球艾滋病状况报告》。这份最新的战报带来了些好消息,但也很有限。报告估计,去年艾滋病相关死亡有110万例,低于2005年200万的峰值,也少于2014年的120万例。去年新增感染人数为210万人,少于1998年高峰期的340万,但多于2014年200万的估计数字。dispatch n.官方报告- The general sent a dispatch to headquarters.- dispatch v.派遣,快速出发- They were immediately dispatched to the area.qualified adj.有限的(limited)combat v./n.战斗virus n.病毒peak n.高峰infection n.感染- infect v.感染By the end of 2015 some 17m people were taking anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs—2m more than the target number for that year, set by the UN in 2011. This accounts for the falling death rate. Some hoped the drug roll-out might also lead to an increased fall-off in the rate of new infections. That hope was based on the idea, experimentally demonstrated at small scale among cohabiting couples, that taking ARVs makes an infected individual less likely to pass the virus on. There is, though, no sign of such an acceleration in the downward trend of new infections. This year’s uptick aside, it has remained fairly steady since the turn of the century, despite the fraction of infected people on ARVs having risen from 3% in 2000 to 46% in 2015.到2015年底,约有1700万人使用抗逆转录病毒(ARV)药物,比联合国在2011年为该年设定的目标多出200万人。这解释了死亡率的下降。一些人曾希望随着这种药物的推广,新增感染者的出现速度会进一步下降。他们的愿望是基于一个猜测,即用ARV药物可减少感染者将病毒传染给他人的可能。这个猜测已在同居伴侣间的小范围实验中得以实,但并没有迹象表明新增感染者的数量有加速下降的趋势。抛开今年的上升数字不谈,自新世纪以来,新增感染者的速度一直较为稳定,尽管感染者中用ARV药物的比例已从2000年的3%上升到2015年的46%。account for 解释...原因roll-out n.大批量生产fall-off n.减少cohabit v.同居acceleration n.加速- accelerate v.加速downward adj.向下的- downward trenduptick n.上升(small increase)fraction n.部分The next UN target is that, by 2020, 90% of those infected should have been diagnosed and know their status, 90% of those so diagnosed should be on ARVs, and 90% of those on ARVs should have suppressed viral loads. That is ambitious, but history suggests those in the field will rise to the challenge. 联合国的下一个目标是,到2020年,让90%的感染者能够被确诊并知晓自己的状况,其中90%的确诊患者能接受ARV治疗,而90%接受ARV治疗者的病毒载量能得到控制。这个目标很宏伟,但历史表明,在这一领域奋战的人们会迎接这个挑战。diagnose v.诊断suppress v.阻止(to end or stop by force)- She suppressed her anger.ambitious adj.有野心的- ambition n.抱负201702/493080

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