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IF SHAKIRA, a Colombian pop star, marries her boyfriend, the Spanish national footballer Gerard Piqué, the only unusual things about it would be that she is even more famous than he is and ten years older. Otherwise, theirs would be just a celebrity example of one of the world’s biggest social trends: the rise of international marriages—that is, involving couples of different nationalities. A hundred years ago, such alliances were confined to the elite of the elite. When Randolph Churchill married Jennie Jerome of New York, it seemed as if they had stepped from the pages of a Henry James novel: brash, spirited American heiress peps up the declining fortunes of Britain’s aristocracy. Now, such alliances have become almost commonplace. To confine examples to politicians only: the French president Nicolas Sarkozy is married to the Italian-born Carla Bruni and his prime minister Franois Fillon has a Welsh wife, Penelope Clarke. Nelson Mandela is married to Graa Machel (from Mozambique). Denmark’s newprime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is married to a Briton, Stephen Kinnock. And two leading ladies of Asian countries, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and India’s Sonia Gandhi, are both widows from international marriages. In rich countries alone such unions number at least 10m.试想哥伦比亚流行明星夏奇拉和她的男朋友西班牙国脚Gerard Piqué结婚了,唯一引人关注之事就只是她比她丈夫更有名气,她丈夫比他小十岁这两件事。他们的结合其实只是一个当今社会最大趋势之一的名人案例。什么趋势呢?那就是跨国婚姻的崛起,既包含了两个不同国籍的夫妇的婚姻。一百年前,这样的婚姻只限定在精英与精英之间的联姻。Randolph Churchill 和 Jennie Jerome的婚姻,就像是从Henry James的小说走出的现实故事:自以为是、年轻气盛的美国年轻女继承人让英国没落的贵族在资产财富上重新振兴。现在这样的婚姻已经是司空见惯的事了。单单就政治家而言,就有很多例子:法国总统萨科奇,他的夫人Carla Bruni就是意大利生的,法国总理Franois Fillon有一个威尔士夫人Penelope Clarke,纳尔逊曼德拉娶了来自莫桑比克的夫人Graa Machel,丹麦新的总理Helle Thorning-Schmidt也娶了外籍的英国的妻子Stephen Kinnock,还有两个亚洲国家女领导人缅甸的昂山素季和印度的索尼娅甘地,她们都是跨国婚姻的遗孀。就只发达国家,跨国结婚的夫妇至少有一千万。International marriages matter partly because they reflect—and result from—globalisation. As people holiday or study abroad, or migrate to live and work, the visitors meet and marry locals. Their unions are symbols of cultural integration, and battlefields for conflicts over integration. Few things help immigrants come to terms with their new country more than becoming part of a local family. Though the offspring of such unions may struggle with the barriers of prejudice, at their best international marriages reduce intolerance directly themselves, and indirectly through their progeny.跨国婚姻之所以重要,部分原因是因为它不仅符合并且就是全球化浪潮的产物。人们在国外度假,到异域留学,在别国生活或工作,这些拜访的客人遇见了心上人,然后和当地人喜结连理。他们的结合象征着文化的融合,也充满了文化融合过程中的擦。比起成为当地家庭的一分子,他们更多的感触是接受移民国家时的无助无奈。也许他们的后代会与由于偏见产生的隔阂抗争,但这些跨国情侣会以最佳的方式宽容忍让,或是直接通过自身的努力,或是通过他们的后代。 /201304/234369The World Health Organization says those exposed to the worst levels of radiation during the Japanese nuclear disaster have a higher risk for developing certain types of cancer.世界卫生组织表示,在日本核灾难中那些受到核辐射最严重的人更容易患某种癌症。In a report Thursday, the U.N. agency said the most affected were those near the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Around 110,000 people in the area were evacuated in March 2011 after a massive earthquake and tsunami caused a meltdown in the plant#39;s nuclear reactors and sent radiation spewing into the surrounding area.世界卫生组织星期四在一份报告中说,受核辐射最严重的是福岛第一核电厂附近的居民。2011年3月大地震和海啸导致福岛核电厂的核反应堆出现核泄漏,使其周围地区受到核污染后,大约有11万人被撤离该地区。The WHO report says there is little to no risk of increased cancer rates among those outside the Fukushima area.世界卫生组织的报道说,福岛以外地区的居民患癌症的可能性并没有增加。But the agency estimates there is up to a 70 percent increased risk of thyroid cancer among females exposed as infants in the most contaminated area. The risk of leukemia increased by 7 percent for males exposed as infants.但是该组织估计,核污染最严重地区的女婴,成人后患甲状腺癌的可能性增加了百分之七十,受到同样核辐射的男婴,患白血病的可能性增加了百分之七。 /201303/227727

初中生早现象严重Thousands of teenage girls in Beijing have abortions each year, according to teenage sex clinics.Sources with Beijing Tian'an Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine , the first in the capital to open a hotline for pregnant teenagers, said more than 100 teenage girls received abortions during the first three months of the year.Of nearly 5,000 phone calls from teenagers, seven to eight percent are from unmarried girls asking about abortion. The proportion was only about five percent last year, said Deng Jun, a doctor with the teenager counseling service of Beijing No.2 Hospital.The total number of teenage abortions in the capital is not known."Girls who have abortions are considerably younger. Most of them are junior middle school students aged 14 to 15," said Deng, adding the youngest patient to come for an abortion was a 13-year-old and some girls had abortions many times."Two years ago, teenage pregnancy mainly happened to college and senior high school students," he said.The number of abortions peaks during the Spring Festival, May Day or National Day holidays and in the final term of the academic year, Deng said, adding that sex education at school and in the family is wholly inadequate with young people nowadays having their first sexual experiences at a much earlier age.Sex education has always been a low priority in schools, and parents are often reluctant to talk about the still-taboo issue.A survey conducted by Professor Huo Jinzhi from the medical school of Suzhou University showed 4.6 percent of junior middle school students had had sex compared with 4.2 percent in senior high schools.In September 2004, the country for the first time included sex and reproduction knowledge in the formal school curriculum. 据青少年性生理门诊介绍,北京每年有数千名少女堕胎。据首家开通早青少年热线的北京天安中医院的有关人士介绍,今年第一个季度有100多名未成年少女来医院堕胎。在近5000个青少年打来的热线电话中,7%至8%是未婚女孩咨询堕胎事宜的。北京市第二医院青少年咨询中心的医生邓俊说,去年的这一比例仅为5%。但目前北京市青少年堕胎的总数还未统计出来。邓医生说:“如今堕胎的女孩年纪比以往要小得多。其中大多数还是十四五岁的中学生。”他说最小的只有13岁,还有一些女孩已经多次堕胎。“两年前,早主要集中在大学生和高中生这两大人群。”邓医生说,每年的春节,五一、国庆长假和每学年的下半学期是堕胎的高峰期。他说,学校和家庭的性教育严重不足,现在的年轻人发生第一次性行为的年龄提前了很多。性教育一直是学校的一个薄弱环节,家长们也常常羞于与孩子们讨论这个仍被视为禁忌的话题。苏州大学医学院的霍金之教授开展的一项调查显示,4.6%的初中生有过性行为,而高中生的这一比例为4.2%。2004年9月,我国首次将性常识和生殖知识纳入学校课程范围。 /200803/32580

In the supermarket was a man pushing a cart which contained a screaming, bellowing baby. The gentleman kept repeating softly, ;Don#39;t get excited, Albert; don#39;t scream, Albert; don#39;t yell, Albert; keep calm, Albert.;一个人在超市里推着购物车,一个小孩子在车里不停的大吵大叫。推车的男人一直温柔地念叨着:”别激动,阿尔伯特,别嚷出来,阿尔伯特,别叫,阿尔伯特,冷静,阿尔伯特。;A woman standing next to him said, ;You certainly are to be commended for trying to soothe your son, Albert.;The man looked at her and said, ;Lady, I#39;m Albert.;站在他旁边的一位女士对他说道:“您能这样安慰您的儿子阿尔伯特真的让我们感到很不容易。”男人看着那位女士说:“太太,我是阿尔伯特。 /201307/247689

  Dmitry Itskov德米特里#8226;伊茨科夫 Russian billionaire and media mogul Dmitry Itskov made a big splash last year when he created the 2045 Initiative, which brought 30 top Russian scientists on board to create an international research center to study immortality. The 31-year-old president of New Media Stars, a Russian company that runs several online news outlets, has implored other billionaires to start funding ;cybernetic immortality and the artificial body.; His plan: transfer the human consciousness to a remotely controlled avatar, or a synthetic brain -- what he sees as the next step in human evolution. 俄罗斯亿万富豪、媒体大亨德米特里#8226;伊茨科夫去年发起了“2045行动”,引起了外界的轰动。这个组织邀请了30位顶尖的俄罗斯科学家,成立了国际研究中心对人类永生进行研究。31岁的德米特里#8226;伊茨科夫是新传媒星(New Media Stars)的总裁,这家俄罗斯公司经营着几家网络新闻媒体。他号召其他亿万富豪开始为“控制论的永生和人工躯体”提供资助。他的计划是把人类意识转移到远程控制的化身,或者说合成大脑——他把这个阶段看做人类进化的下一步。 /201304/234108

  Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin tied the knot on Friday in a world-record-breaking ceremony.斯里兰卡的一对情侣Nisansala和Nalin于本周五举行了婚礼,而这场婚礼还创造了新的世界纪录。The pair beat the previous Guinness World Record holder for most number of bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony with a whopping 126 #39;maids. According to Reuters, the previous record was 96 bridesmaids at a wedding in Thailand.他们婚礼上的伴娘团队多达126人,打破前吉尼斯世界纪录,成为伴娘最多的婚礼。据路透社报道,之前的纪录由一场在泰国举办的婚礼创造,当时的伴娘人数为96人。Champi Siriwardana -- one of Sri Lanka#39;s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala#39;s sister-in-law) -- came up with the idea to try to break the world record.Champi Siriwardana是斯里兰卡首席婚礼策划人兼婚纱设计师,她也是新郎Nisansala的嫂子,就是她想出了要破世界纪录的主意。Twenty-five groomsmen, 20 page boys and and 23 flower girls and even First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa were in attendance at Nisansala and Nalin#39;s Big Day.除了126位伴娘外,他们还有25位伴郎、20个男侍童、23个女花童,甚至连斯里兰卡的第一夫人都出席了两人的婚礼。 /201311/264933。

  The frail, dark-eyed young woman was vying for the greatest accolade in music—the hotly contested Prix de Rome for the year 1913. The field had been narrowed to five composers whose cantatas were to be evaluated by a vote of 36 members of the Academie des Beaux-Arts. One critic attending the final judging of the cantatas contrasted contestant Lili Boulanger with the rest of the competitors:Perched over the piano like jockeys over the necks and withers of their horses, the intrepid composers spurred on their accompanists and desperately flailed away at the performers. Then the superiority of the eternal feminine became apparent to the audience. Compared to her hot-blooded colleagues—who apparently believed that “their hour had come”—the young girl, who had just as much reason to be nervous and impatient, showed the most perfect poise. She had a modest and unaffected attitude, her eyes lowered to the score.Another witness reported that the three singers with the composer#39;s sister Nadia at the piano, were directed by Lili Boulanger, standing nearby, “a slender shadow in a white dress, so simple, calm, serious and smiling as to be unforgettable.”But as far as the judging was concerned, the outcome was by no means a sure thing. On the previous day, the preliminary vote by a panel of eight had given Lili Boulanger#39;s cantata a scant majority of five votes. Now it was up to the 36 to decide. After considering the merits of the candidates and other prizes they had won, the members voted. Of the 36, 31 voted in favor of Lili Boulanger and her cantata on the basis of intelligence of subject, correctness of performance, sensitivity and warmth, poetic feeling, and intelligent, colorful orchestration.With her personality, her poise, and her cantata, Lili Boulanger had set a precedent. In the 110-year history of the Prix de Rome, she was the first woman to win.这位身体虚弱、深色眼眼睛的年轻女子,正在竞争1913年度“普里克斯罗马奖”。这项最伟大的音乐奖项竞争进入了白热化阶段。最后五位作曲家的康塔塔曲将由来自美术艺术研究院的36位成员评估。有一位参加最终评判的家将莉莉·布朗热和其他作曲家做了如下对比:如同骑士置身于马脖和马肩胛骨之上,无畏的作曲家们栖息于钢琴旁,鼓舞着他们的伴奏者,竭力鞭策着表演家们。然后,一种永恒的女性的优势向观众展现出来。和她的激动不已的同台竞技者(他们显然认为“他们的时刻来到了”)相比,这位本来有足够理由兴奋和不耐烦的年轻姑娘,却平静如水。她谦逊而超脱,眼睛低垂,看着乐谱。另一个目击者说,有三个歌唱家,作曲家(莉莉)的娜迪亚坐钢琴旁,莉莉·布朗热领着他们,她站在一旁,“一条细长的影子,穿着白色的装,简单,安静,肃穆,微笑着,令人难以忘怀。”但就评判本身而论,结果绝不是一帆风顺的事情。在前一天,一个八人小组的最初投票中,有五票给了莉莉·布朗热,这只是简单多数。现在轮到36人投票了,在充分考虑选手们的优势和他们已经获得的奖项后,评委成员们开始投票了。结果31票持莉莉?布朗热,认为她的康塔塔曲题材睿智,诠释准确,细腻热情,有着诗一样的情感和丰富多的编曲方式。凭借她的人格魅力、她的镇静、她的康塔塔舞曲,莉莉布朗热开创了一个先例——在“普里克斯罗马奖”110年的历史中,她是第一位获此殊荣的女性。

  Preparing for Dieting and Exercise ProgramIf you are a typical mother of a young child or children you likely find yourself very busy. No matter how much time you spend taking care of the business of being a mother, you likely still want to maintain good health and a nice appearance. You may be interested in losing weight.In this regard there are some tips and pointers that you will want to keep in mind so that you can enjoy healthy weight loss and weight maintenance today and into the future. These are tips that pertain to helping you lay the foundation for a weight loss and companion exercise program. You need to understand that you need to develop a comprehensive program that incorporates both diet and exercise.Stop smoking.If you are a smoker, the first step that you will want to take before you begin a weight loss campaign is to stop smoking. You should break this habit as a prelude to losing weight. Losing weight is difficult enough and you should prepare for the process by eliminating this habit first. Moreover, yous imply will not be able to get the most out of any exercise or fitness program if you remain a smoker.If you drink a lot of alcohol, cut back.A glass of red wine per night is healthy. Any more than that is a buzz and you don’t need it. Never, ever, drink before a workout or exercise session.Increase your water intake.Even though you really don’t need to get 8 glasses per day, increasing you water will help you feel full. Also, if you are beginning a workout program it is essential.Avoid sports drinks.You likely don’t need them unless you are sweating profusely for hours, like a pro athlete. Leave the Gatorade for the pro locker room.Always eat before and after a workout.A half hour before and a half hour to an hour after. And remember your water, too.Only cut out necessary caloriesRemember that eating itself is thermogenic, so you have to eat to lose weight. The key is to consume the appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis.Eat fiber at every opportunity.This helps prevent bowel trouble; it also builds bulk in the stomach whichhelps make you feel full.Fiber is a very important and sometimes overlooked element of a diet and wellness regimen. 如果你是一位带着幼童或一群幼童的典型妈妈,你肯定会觉得自己很忙吧。但是不管你有多忙要尽自己的职责当好一位好母亲,你还是要关注身体,注意形象。可能你对减肥饶有兴趣。在此,为了让你现在以及以后的日子里享受到减肥以及保持身材的乐趣,你需要把这些贴士铭记于心。这些贴士是能帮助你打好减肥的基础加以锻炼计划。你必须明白你需要作出一份节食与锻炼齐头并进的综合计划。如果你是一位烟者,那么你开始减肥前必须要做到的就是戒烟。你必须摒弃这个坏习惯作为你开始减肥的序幕。减肥实在太难所以你必须首先抛弃这个习惯来进入到这个过程。进一步来说,如果你执迷不悟继续抽烟的话,那你节食,锻炼计划的效果就不会显著。如果你大量喝酒,马上戒掉。每晚一杯红酒能让你身体健康。略多一点就会成为浪费因为你根本不用。永远不要在健身或运动课程前喝酒。多喝水即使你不用一天喝8杯水,多喝水会让你有饱胀感。当你开始健身运动前,喝水也是必须的。避免运动功能性饮料除非你长时间过多流汗,否则你根本不需要喝它。例如pro athelete。把佳得乐还是留在个人存储室吧。运动前后都要进食在运动前半小时以及运动后半小时至一小时进食并且记住喝水。仅消耗必要的卡路里记住饮食本身就是产生热量,所以你必须靠吃来减肥。关键在于你要靠吃饭来消耗必须的卡路里。适当吃一些纤维质食物它能够帮助你通便,同时由于它在肚子里囤积,让你觉得有饱胀感。纤维质食物是饮食以及健康养身很重要的元素,但是它却常常被忽视。 /200803/29694Video games, long maligned for promoting violence, may also have a good side: improving eyesight. Gory ;first-person shooter; games, in which players must act quickly to kill their virtual opponents, seem to have lasting effects on a key aspect of vision, a new study shows.长期以来,视频游戏由于助长暴力而声名狼藉。然而,或许视频游戏也有其积极的一面:可以提高视力。一项新研究显示:在血淋淋的“第一人称射击”类游戏中,玩家必须反应迅速才能杀死他们的虚拟对手,这似乎对于视力的一个主要方面有着持续的积极影响。In 2002, Daphne Bavelier, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Rochester in New York state, found that playing action games improved visual attention skills (ScienceNOW, 18 April 2002). This time she compared avid gamers with nongamers on a type of visual perception called contrast sensitivity. It allows people to make out objects in dim lighting and to distinguish objects from a busy background.2002年,纽约州罗彻斯特大学的认知神经科学专家达芙妮·贝弗利尔发现,玩视频战斗游戏可以提高视觉注意力。这次她将贪玩游戏的人和不玩游戏的人进行了对比,比较了一种被称为“对比敏感度”的视觉指标。对比敏感度可以使人们辨认出暗淡光线中的物体,还可以使人们能够从忙乱的背景中区分物体。Male gamers in their late teens and 20s, Bavelier found in a pilot study, performed significantly better than nongamers in the same demographic. To determine whether games explained this difference, she and colleagues designed a game boot camp in which 50 adult volunteers each played 50 hours of games over a 9-week period. Half of the participants played two first-person-shooter action games, Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty 2, in which players must quickly detect and kill enemies to avoid being killed themselves. Meanwhile, the control group played The Sims 2, a ;casual; simulation game that requires a great deal of observation and strategy but at a very leisurely pace. The subjects were tested for contrast sensitivity before and after the training.在一项初步研究中,贝弗利尔发现:十大几岁和20多岁的男性玩家比同一年龄段不玩游戏的男性在对比敏感度方面的表现要好得多。为了确定是否视频游戏造成了这种差别,贝弗利尔和同事设计了一个“视频游戏集中训练营”,训练营里的50个成年志愿者在9周的时间里每人玩50个小时的视频游戏。其中一半参与者玩两种“第一人称射击”类战斗游戏——“虚幻竞技场”和“使命召唤2”,在这两种游戏中,玩家必须迅速地侦查出敌人并将其杀掉,才能避免自己遭到杀害;同时另外一半参与者玩一种叫做“模拟人生2”的游戏,该游戏是一种“随意的”模拟游戏,玩时需要大量的观察,并且需要讲究策略,但是可以以缓慢的速度进行。在训练之前和之后,为参与者测试了对比敏感度。Those who played the action games showed a roughly 50% improvement in performance on the contrast-sensitivity test, whereas the control group showed no significant improvement, the team reports this week in Nature Neuroscience. Later testing of 18 of the subjects showed that the improvement had not disappeared after several months--even though these subjects said they had not changed their game habits. Bavelier chalks up the change to ;neural plasticity ;--the ability of our brains to rewire themselves to more efficiently visually process the life-or-death scenes in action games.研究小组在本周出版的《自然-神经学》(Nature Neuroscience)杂志上报道:在对比敏感度测试中,那些玩视频战斗游戏的人成绩提高了大约50%,而对照组则根本没有明显的提高。后来,对其中18个受试者的进一步测试显示:即使他们声称并没有改变自己的视频游戏习惯,但是对比敏感度的提高在几个月之后仍未消失。贝弗利尔将这种提高归因于“神经可塑性”——大脑神经本身一种重新连接的能力,这种能力可以使人们在视觉上更为高效地处理视频战斗游戏中那些生死攸关的场面。;The results are convincing, ; says Dennis Levi, dean of the School of Optometry at the University of California, Berkeley. ;While we don#39;t yet understand how playing action games enhances visual processing, the very promising aspect of this is that it may provide a new method for treating patients.; People with amblyopia --or ;lazy eye;--suffer a severe loss of contrast sensitivity, and a regimen of action games could complement other treatments, Levi says. The next step will be to test action games that do not involve guns and mayhem.“这些研究结果很令人信,”加州大学伯克利分校视光学院院长丹尼斯·利瓦伊说,“虽说我们还不明白视频战斗游戏是如何提高视觉处理能力的,但该研究非常有前途的一个方面是它可以为病人提供新的治疗方法。”利瓦伊指出:患有弱视的人们,其对比敏感度严重缺失,接受正规的视频战斗游戏训练可以作为其他治疗方案的补充。下一步将要对不涉及和严重伤害的视频打斗游戏进行测试。 /201304/236115

  这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:生活的压力和生命的尊严,哪一个重要?我会改变世界,造福人类……等我有钱以后……译者:koogle

  Suffering from persistently weak economies, governments and central banks are experimenting with ever more aggressive – some say dangerous – monetary treatments. Countries are being enrolled, like it or not, in the economic equivalent of clinical trials.由于患上了长期经济萎靡之症,各国政府和央行都在以前所未有的力度试验激进的货币疗法(有人会称之为危险的疗法)。无论愿意与否,各国纷纷开始了经济“临床试验”。Before embarking on a new course of treatment, the doctors ought to inspect the patients in the wards next door. I found myself last month visiting two countries following diametrically opposite courses of treatment: Portugal, perhaps the least demonstrative sufferer on the eurozone periphery; and Argentina, which has long injected economic drugs not registered elsewhere. Both are instructive – and discouraging.医生们在采取新疗法之前,不妨看一下隔壁病房患者的病情。上个月,我去了两个所用疗法截然相反的国家:一个是葡萄牙,这可能是受困的欧元区最死气沉沉的国家;另一个是阿根廷,该国长期以来都在注射其他地区不敢用的经济“药物”。这两个例子都有启示意义,也都令人沮丧。Portugal belongs to a strong currency bloc – its money functions as a real store of value, and convertibility is not in question. But the place is stony broke, and these advantages, so dear in the abstract to business people, have little appeal to residents with no money at all. The new roads built with EU funds are deserted, since they carry a toll; traffic has been displaced on to the roads they were designed to relieve. People prefer double-parking their ageing cars in the narrow streets to paying a euro or two at the shiny new car park. The receptionist in the empty hotel arrives, after a long wait, to serve you a drink in the bar; he later turns up as a waiter in the restaurant. Though they have the gentlest manners in Europe, the Portuguese have begun to express their frustration in a frank and vivid style of graffiti. Everything is on sale and no one is buying.葡萄牙属于一个强势货币区,其货币可充当真正的保值物,可兑换性也不成问题。但葡萄牙一贫如洗,商务人士非常看重的那些抽象优势,对于口袋空空的当地居民根本没有吸引力。用欧盟(EU)资金建造的新公路无人问津,因为那是收费公路;新路本希望分流交通流量的老路,却引来了许多车辆。人们喜欢把自家老旧的轿车并排停放在狭窄的街道上,而不愿花上一两欧元把车开进明亮的新停车场。酒店里空荡荡的,等上好久后前台接待才珊珊到来,到酒吧间给顾客端上一杯饮料;后来,此人又成了餐厅的侍者。尽管葡萄牙人的温文尔雅当属欧洲之最,但他们已开始用直白、生动的涂鸦来表达内心的沮丧。各种商品都在打折销售,但买者寥寥无几。So poor Patient Fado, placed on an austerity-plus regime, is semi-comatose. The state spends as little as it can, and tries to extract ever more from its citizens, who seem to spend most of their time working out how to avoid paying. Fado’s ratios of indebtedness remain stubbornly high but the expensive foreign doctors believe a higher dose of the present medicine will, in the end, prove to be the right answer.也就是说,在极度紧缩政策的作用下,可怜的病人法多(Patient Fado,指葡萄牙)已陷入“半昏迷”状态。政府尽可能减少开,并努力从国民身上榨取越来越多的财富,而国民似乎把大部分时间用于算计如何避免花钱。法多的债务比率仍居高不下,但收费高的外国医生认为,只要加大当前用药的剂量,最终可以治好法多的病。In Argentina, by contrast, the currency is on a managed slide. There is plenty of it, though, and since it is fast losing its internal value – the government says inflation is at roughly 10 per cent a year; everyone else tells you it is more than 25 per cent – people are in a hurry to spend it. It is rather like Britain in the 1970s: you can buy air tickets and holiday packages in your own currency at the official exchange rate but you have no foreign currency to use once you arrive abroad. There are no new money flows coming into the country (though companies reinvest the profits they make there), Argentina has few external assets earning foreign currency, and it has no access to the credit markets, following a default still fuelling lawsuits 10 years later. So minor fluctuations in the trade account, which the government is obliged to micromanage, are all-determining. Banks are required to lend a substantial proportion of their deposit base at 15 per cent for “productive investment”: no pussy-footing about with persuasion here.与此形成反差的是,阿根廷货币一直处于有管理的贬值中。不过货币量很充足,而且随着货币快速失去内在价值(政府表示,每年的通胀率大概为10%;但其他人都会告诉你,通胀率高于25%),大家都急匆匆地把钱花掉。这跟上世纪70年代的英国很相似:你可以按官方汇率使用本国货币购买飞机票和度假套餐,但出国之后没有外币可用。没有新的资金流入阿根廷(尽管企业把在那里赚到的利润进行再投资),也几乎没有能赚取外汇的外部资产,同时由于10年前违约引发的官司至今未了结,该国被信贷市场拒之门外。所以,即使贸易账户(政府不得不对其实施微观管理)发生细微的波动,也能产生决定性的影响。必须把很大一部分存款以15%的利率贷给“生产性投资”项目;这里可没有循循善诱的劝说。Patient Tango receives repeated stimulation. She is economically hyperactive, rushing to get her constantly increasing wages in the hospital shop (she is rarely allowed to go out). Her doctors say her ratios are wonderfully improved since her debt restructuring. Rather like Britain’s Patient Morris – now in a seedy hospital after a spell in the casualty department – she had been living way beyond her means. In the eurozone, Fado has been forced to stop and seems barely to be living at all. Tango has tried a different response, deciding those to whom she owes money are vultures, and it would be outrageous to pay them back, which has done wonders for her debt-to-gross domestic product number. They, in turn, do not seem that keen to pay for her treatment.病人探戈(Tango,指阿根廷)不断接受刺激疗法。现在她患上了经济“多动症”,虽然薪水不断升高,但一拿到手就往医院的商店跑(她几乎不能离开医院)。她的医生表示,自从实施债务重组以来,她的债务比率已神奇地大幅降低。与英国病人莫里斯(Patient Morris)很相像的是,探戈以前花钱如流水,过着入不敷出的生活;莫里斯经急救科诊疗一段时间后,已被转到一家破旧的医院。在欧元区,法多被迫停止,看上去毫无生气。探戈则尝试了不同的诊治思路,她认定自己的债权人是趁火打劫的家伙,还债给他们是没有道理的,于是,其债务对国内生产总值(GDP)比率奇迹般地降低。反过来,债权人似乎也不愿意为她付治疗费用。Morris has been for many years a patient under Dr King, an old-fashioned GP who used to tell him he was in fair health while warning him not to eat and drink so much. Now, after his heart attack, Dr King says he had been urging him to lose weight for years. Dr King is retiring and Dr Carney, new to the practice, is considering electroconvulsive therapy. He believes patients feel better if they are told they will be flat on their back for a long time. From time to time the saturnine registrar, a Mr Osborne, drops in and discusses amputation.多年来,莫里斯一直在接受金医生(Dr King)的诊治。金医生总是一边告诉莫里斯他的身体非常健康,一边又警告他不要暴饮暴食。如今,在莫里斯心脏病发作之后,金医生说,自己多年来一直在敦促他减肥。金医生就要退休了,即将上任的卡尼医生(Dr Carney)正在考虑施用电休克疗法。卡尼医生相信,如果告诉病人们他们需要卧床很长时间,他们会感觉好一些。每隔一段时间,脸色阴郁的专科住院医生奥斯本(Osborne)会过来查房,讨论是否要截肢。Dear old Morris was put on a version of Fado’s regime, but with a much lower dose. Unlike Fado, he is not in a near-comatose state but he is not getting much stronger either. The temptation to switch to something more like Tango therapy, though without the un-British excess of default, is clearly growing.吃尽了苦头的老莫里斯被迫接受了法多那样的疗法,但用药剂量要低得多。与法多不同的是,莫里斯还没到接近昏迷的状态,但他也没有变得更有气力。对莫里斯来说,探戈式疗法(剔除违约这种英国人不齿的过激行为之后)的诱惑力显然在不断增长。In Portugal, the quantity and velocity of money in circulation are both down; in Argentina, both are rising rapidly. Neither presents an attractive example. In Britain the Bank of England has prevented the quantity from falling too far, but seems unable to get the money moving. A little well-targeted fiscal relaxation feels less risky at this stage than more monetary experimentation. Doctors are enjoined, above all, to do no harm.在葡萄牙,货币流通量和流通速度都在下降;在阿根廷,两者都在快速上升。这两种状况都不令人向往。在英国,英国央行已采取措施阻止货币流通量下降太多,但似乎无力加快货币流通速度。现阶段实施少量有针对性的财政宽松政策,比更多货币政策试验的风险要低一些。毕竟,医生的使命首先是不加重病情。 /201303/231748

  That flashy Fendi bag you see a woman carrying on a date might be more than just an expensive accessory.那些五花八门的名牌包包除了被看做奢侈品,居然还有新的功能.According to a new study out of the University of Minnesota, that designer bag may actually be a way to keep men from cheating.根据美国明尼苏达大学的最新研究,名牌包包居然可以防止男人偷腥。Researchers conducted a series of five experiments with 649 women of varied ages and relationship statuses and concluded that women use luxury products to signal to other women that they are in a committed relationship with their husbands or boyfriends.这个研究调查了649名不同年龄,不同恋爱(或婚姻)阶段的女性。结论是名牌包包其实是给别的女人一个信号——本人和男友(老公)关系良好。;It might seem irrational that each year Americans spend over 0 billion on women#39;s luxury products with an average woman acquiring three new handbags a year, but conspicuous consumption is actually smart for women who want to protect their relationship,; said Vladas Griskevicius, one of study#39;s authors. ;When a woman is flaunting designer products, it says to other women #39;back off my man.#39;;“美国每年名牌包包的成交额高达两千五百亿,平均下来每个女人一年要消耗掉3个名牌包包。这样的消费看起来是很不理性的,然而名牌包包确实是聪明的女人保护自己恋情的武器。”做这个研究的学者Vladas Griskevicius讲到。“当女人炫耀名牌包包时,其实是对别的女人宣布‘没有谁可以夺走我的男人’。”Griskevicius and co-researcher Yajin Wang found that it did not matter whether the woman bought the expensive accessory for herself or received it from her significant other -- the luxury products still had the same effect.Griskevicius和合作研究员王亚金认为,无论这个包包是女人自己买的还是她的男人赠与的,其效果都一样。;We found that a woman who is wearing luxury items and designer brands is perceived to have a more devoted partner and as a result other women are less likely to flirt with him,; Wang said. ;Regardless of who actually purchased the items, other women inferred that the man had something to do with it and is thus more devoted to her.;“我们的研究发现,用名牌商品的女人会让别的女人觉得她的男人对其恩爱有加,很少有女人会和她们的丈夫调情。”研究员王说到。“无论那些名牌的东西是谁买的,别的女人会推测到这些可能是这个女人的他的男人给予的,是男人挚爱着这个女人的表现。”;The feeling that a relationship is being threatened by another woman automatically triggers women to want to flash Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi to other women,; Wang said. ;A designer handbag or a pair of expensive shoes seems to work like a shield, where wielding a Fendi handbag successfully fends off romantic rivals.;“当女人感受到自己和伴侣的关系受到另一个女人威胁时,女人自然而然的会想在小三面前秀出自己的名牌货。”研究员王讲到“这个时候,一个名牌包包或是一双名牌鞋子就像一个武器一样,击败女人潜在的情敌。”The study also revealed that women are more likely to desire expensive products and spend up to 32 percent more on them when they feel that their romantic relationship is in jeopardy.这个研究显示,当女人呢感觉到自己与爱人的关系处于危险境地时,女人用于买名牌商品的开销会比平时多百分之32.This isn#39;t the first study to look at the connection between material goods and infidelity.这个研究是第一个对名牌商品和两性关系的研究 /201307/250232。

  Every family has special holiday traditions. Whether your holiday is almost fully planned, or you are still working to develop some of your own family traditions, here are 3 fun Christmas activities for everybody in the family.每家每户都有自己的节日风俗。无论你已经把节安排的活动满满,抑或你仍在绞尽脑汁挖掘些只属于你们自己的风俗,这里列举了3个适合家人一起庆祝的圣诞节的活动,希望可以受到你的青睐。1. Stocking Stuffers圣诞节小礼物Exchanging stocking-stuffers is one of most people#39;s favorite Christmas traditions. Everyone in the family is required to buy a small present for every other person in the family and put it in his/her stocking. As an added twist, you can turn this into a game where everyone must guess who they think gave them the various items in their stocking.交换圣诞礼物是许多人最喜欢的圣诞节风俗之一。家族的每个成员都要给其他所有人买一份小礼物然后放到他或她的袜子里。作为附加环节,你可以直接将这个衍生为游戏,让每个人猜猜谁是每个礼物的主人。2. Share Your Favorites分享最爱This is a really fun activity to do while eating dinner or while sitting around the fire drinking homemade gourmet coffee. Simply share some of your Christmas”favorites” – whether memories, gifts, or songs – with family and friends. Take turns, or turn this into a game where people try to guess your favorite in a certain category. This game provides a wonderful opportunity for people to get to know each other better.这个有趣的游戏非常适合在聚餐或者大家围坐在炉火旁喝着自制的美味咖啡一同享受美好时光时进行。只是简单的分享一些你关于圣诞节的“最爱”——无论是记忆、礼物还是歌曲——只要是和家人和朋友一起的一切。轮流分享或者直接作为游戏来进行,给大家某个特定的范围让他们来猜。这个游戏为让你们更好的了解彼此提供了绝佳的机会。3. Go Traditional回归传统Christmas technically starts on Christmas day and is celebrated for the following twelve days. The four weeks prior to Christmas day are known as Advent, a time of expectant waiting for the Nativity of Jesus on Christmas day. Traditionally, Advent is more penitential than celebratory. As a result, some families do not decorate until Christmas actually arrives. Consider taking the more traditional route with your family, and wait to do all of your Christmas decorating until Christmas Eve or Christmas day.传统来说,圣诞节从圣诞节当天开始连续庆祝12天。圣诞节前的四周被成为“降临节”,这段时间用来等待耶稣在圣诞节降临并根据传统人们需要进行忏悔、所以,一些家庭选择直到圣诞节到来才进行装饰。 如果考虑要和家人度过一个更传统的一天,就等到圣诞节前夜或当天再装饰吧。 /201312/268621



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