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涪陵区微创丰胸的价格重庆治疗眼部松弛多少钱重庆四院是几甲 APPLE Inc used ;loopholes; to avoid paying US billion in US taxes in 2012, US Senator Carl Levin said yesterday at a hearing that brought the company#39;s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to Washington to defend the strategies.2012年苹果公司用“漏洞”来逃脱付90亿美元的美国税款,美国参议员Carl Levin在昨天举行的听会上说,从而导致公司的首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克来到华盛顿采取捍卫策略。;Apple executives want the public to focus on the US taxes the company has paid, but the real issue is the billions in taxes it has not paid,; said Levin, a Michigan Democrat. Apple employs ;offshore tax strategies whose purpose is tax avoidance, pure and simple,; he said.“苹果高管希望公众关注该公司付的美国税收,但真正的问题是数十亿美元的税收他们还没有付,”密歇根州民主党人莱文说。苹果公司雇佣“离岸税务策略,其目的是避税,单纯而简单,”他说。Apple, in written testimony, denied any wrongdoing and said the company was one of the largest taxpayers in the US, having paid US billion last year.苹果,在书面词中,否认有任何不当行为,并表示该公司是美国最大的纳税人,在去年付了60亿美元税收。Cook and two other executives - including Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer - appeared before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. The panel, led by Levin, in a report on Monday said Apple#39;s subsidiaries include three entities that have no home country for tax purposes.库克和其他两名高管——包括首席财务官彼得#8226;奥本海默——在常务调查委员会之前出现。这个小组由莱文领导,在周一的一份报告说苹果公司的子公司包括三家分公司不属于任何国家,也没有纳税。In the last four years, Apple has avoided paying taxes on US billion in income, said Senator John McCain of Arizona, the panel#39;s top Republican. He called the company ;one of the biggest tax avoiders in America.;在过去的四年里,苹果公司逃了440亿美元的税收,亚利桑那州参议员约翰#8226;麦凯恩说,该委员会的共和党领袖。他称该公司是美国最大的避税者。Three entities set up in Ireland hold 60 percent of Apple#39;s profits and claim to be tax residents ;nowhere in the world,; McCain said. ;It#39;s completely outrageous.;在爱尔兰设立的三个子公司持有60%的苹果利润,宣称自己不是“世界上任何地方”的税收居民,麦凯恩说。“这完全是荒唐。”Not all lawmakers supported summoning Apple executives to the hearing. Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said Apple was dealing with an ;awful; tax code.并不是所有的议员都持召唤苹果高管听。参议员兰德#8226;保罗,一位肯塔基州共和党议员表示,苹果在处理一项“可怕”的税法。Apple also said it supports a broader overhaul of the US tax system.苹果还说它持全面改革美国的税收系统。 /201305/240892重庆市第三人民医院是私人医院吗

重庆市星宸美容医院早上几点开门Google will double its investment in a data centre it is building in Taiwan as internet use in Asia rockets beyond what the US internet group predicted a few years ago when it first planned the site, one of its first two Asia data centres.谷歌(Google)将对其在台湾建造的一个数据中心追加一倍投资。该数据中心是谷歌在亚洲设立的首批两个数据中心之一。亚洲互联网使用的迅猛增长,超越了这家美国互联网集团几年前最初规划该数据中心时的预期。The search company aly invested 0m in the massive centre on a flat plain outside a city in central Taiwan, and says it will double that in the next stages of the data centre’s development.该数据中心规模庞大,位于台湾中部一个城市郊外的平原地带。这家搜索公司已在该数据中心投资3亿美元,并表示将在下一阶段的建设中追加一倍投资。“Between July and September this year, more than 60m people in Asia got on to mobile internet for the first time; about as many people as live in all the ed Kingdom,” said Scott Beaumont, Google’s managing director of greater China. The growth is “really quite staggering and we’re really just beginning”, he said.谷歌大中华区董事总经理斯科特#8226;蒙特(Scott Beaumont)说:“今年7-9月,亚洲有逾6000万人首次使用移动互联网,这大约相当于整个英国的人口。”他说,这种增长速度“真的令人震惊,而我们其实才刚刚开始”。Referring to the recent popularity of YouTube s like those of South Korean pop star Psy, he said: “We’ve barely got started with .”在提到前不久YouTube上类似韩国流行歌星朴载相(Psy)的视频非常火爆时,他说:“我们在视频方面才刚刚起步。”Part of the reason Google will be increasing its investment in Taiwan is that a third planned site, in northern Hong Kong, fell through due to a shortage of usable land in the small territory.谷歌之所以增加对台湾数据中心的投资,部分原因还在于,在香港北部设立第三个数据中心的计划泡汤了,因为香港的可用土地短缺。Google engineers said that the company needed more room to grow into than it could find in mostly urban Hong Kong.谷歌的工程师表示,香港绝大部分地区已城市化,谷歌无法找到足够满足其发展需要的空间。 /201312/268303重庆第二附属医院做微创整形手术要多少钱 重庆市第九医院去痣多少钱

重庆脱唇毛一般多少钱Google has taken a 60-year lease on a Nasa airfield next to its Silicon Valley headquarters as it pushes deeper into researching areas like space exploration and vehicles capable of navigating other planets.谷歌(Google)签署了一份租用其硅谷总部旁边一个美国国家航空航天局(Nasa)下属机场60年的合约。谷歌正深入许多研究领域,比如太空探索和能飞行至其他行星的飞行器。The lease includes a commitment to spend 0m on the facilities at the Moffett airfield, including renovating a gigantic, historic airship hangar that has become a prominent local landmark.这份租约的内容包括,承诺对莫菲特(Moffett)机场的设施投资2亿美元,比如要对一个体积巨大、具有历史意义的飞机库进行翻新。该飞机库已成为当地一处著名地标。Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, along with chairman Eric Schmidt, have had an agreement with Nasa for some time to use the airfield as a base for their private jets.谷歌创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)和塞吉#8226;布林(Sergey Brin),以及董事长埃里克#8226;施密特(Eric Schmidt),此前已同Nasa签订了一份协议,在一段时间内使用莫菲特作为他们私人飞机的基地。The space agency rejected an offer to pay for the renovation of Moffett’s Hangar One, which stands some 200 feet high, in return for allowing Google executives to house their planes in the building, opting instead to run a competitive tender for facilities last year.此前Nasa拒绝了谷歌付翻新莫菲特机场一号飞机库的费用的提议,但允许谷歌高管将私人飞机停靠在该机场,并在去年提出对机场设施翻新项目进行招标。Announcing a deal with Google on Monday, Nasa said the Moffett facilities would be used for “research, development, assembly and testing in the areas of space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics and other emerging technologies”.Nasa周一宣布与谷歌达成租约时表示,莫菲特机场设施将被用于“太空探索、航空、月球车/机器人等新兴科技领域的研究、开发、装配和试验。”Google has not disclosed any plans of its own to engage in interplanetary exploration, though it has offered a m prize for any private mission before the end of next year that can land a robot on the moon, travel 500 meters and send back images.谷歌没有披露自己参与星际探索的任何计划,但设立了2000万美元奖项,用于奖励在明年底之前实现机器人登陆月球、行走500米并发回图像的任何民间项目。The lease will bring in .16bn in rents over its 60-year life and save .3m a year in operating costs, Nasa said on Monday. The agency and a Google real estate subsidiary called Planetary Resources first reached a tentative deal for the airfield in February, though terms were not disclosed at the time.Nasa周一表示,这份租约将在60年内带来11.6亿美元租金收入,每年节省运行成本达630万美元。今年2月,Nasa首先与谷歌的房地产业务子公司行星资源(Planetary Resources)达成了一项租用莫菲特机场的初步协议,不过当时没有披露协议条款。Sitting alongside Google’s headquarters, Moffett has aly become a focus of the company’s attention as it outgrows its campus and sps into nearby neighbourhoods in Mountain View and Palo Alto. Besides using it for the private planes of its top executives, Google has aly agreed to lease part of the land to extend its facilities.除了把莫菲特机场作为谷歌顶级高管的私人飞机基地外,谷歌还将租用机场部分土地以扩建其设施。The three hangars and the airstrip covered by the latest lease include 1,000 acres of land alongside San Francisco Bay, part of which is used as a private golf course.最新租约涵盖的三个飞机库和跑道,包括旧金山湾(San Francisco Bay)沿岸的1000英亩土地。其中部分土地上目前坐落着一个私人高尔夫球场。 /201411/341746 重庆激光去痘痘垫江县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好



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