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Huang Jian, a young man in Shenzhen, recently spent 1 million RMB on plastic surgery in South Korea.近日,来自深圳市的一位名叫黄建的年轻人,在韩国花了0万元人民币,做了一次整容手术The surgeries are designed to make him look like Jack Ma, one of China richest men and the founder of Alibaba Group.该手术的目的是让他看起来像马云--阿里巴巴的创始人、同时也是中国最富有的人之一Huang said he is a big fan of Jack Ma, and he is undergoing surgery in the hopes of meeting Ma in person.黄建表示,他是马云的铁粉,他目前正在做手术,希望能和马云见面As a salesman himself, Huang hopes to one day meet Ma at Hupan College, a school that Ma and several other entrepreneurs opened business start-ups in the city of Hangzhou.作为一个销售员,黄建希望有一天能和马云在湖畔大学见面湖畔大学是马云和其他几位企业家在杭州为创业者开办的一所学校Some netizens commented that Huang must be an excellent salesman, as spending 1 million RMB on plastic surgery proves his abilities.一些网友称,黄建一定是一个非常优秀的销售员,因为花0万元人民币做整容手术明了他的实力Others said it is crazy to go under the knife because of admiration another person; to do so is not worth the money.不过其他一些人则表示,因为崇拜另一个人就自愿“挨刀子”,这实在是太疯狂了,并且不值得花一大笔钱这样做 8759

Loading period 装船期限A: When can you ship the goods?你方何时能装运货物?B: In December.十二月A: Is there any possibility you to ensure prompt shipment?你方有无可能即期装运?B: Im afraid not. Our manufactures are fully committed at the moment. I cant give you a check that I know will bounce.恐怕不能我们厂家目前大量承约,我们不敢超出生产能力我不能给你一张肯定被退票的票A: That will be too late. You know, Christmas is coming; we want the goods on the market bee the ends of November to catch up with Christmas sales. Anyway, can you do anything to advance the shipment to November? You know, a timely delivery means a lot to us.那太晚了你知道圣诞节就要到了,我们希望货物月底前上市,以便赶上圣诞节销售旺季无论怎么说,能否把装船提前到月份时交货对我们来说太重要了B: The best we can do is to effect shipment at the end of November.我们能做的就是月底装运A: Let me put it this way. Weve agreed to conclude the deal on a FOB basis. Even if you deliver the goods at the end of November, we still have to go through the customs and this will take us about weeks. If you manage to deliver the goods two or three weeks earlier, everything will be fine and we will be able to make it.我这样说吧,我方同意船上交货价达成交易,即使你方月底交货,我方还需过关,这将花两个星期的时间如果你方提前两至三周交货,一切都会好的,我方将能赶上销售旺季B: Well, as this is the first transaction, I think we can make a deal. Ill get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them to try their best to advance the shipment to middle of November. Perhaps some other orders will be canceled. Well keep you inmed.好吧,因为这是第一笔生意,我希望我们能达成交易我将与厂家取得联系,请他们尽最大努力于月中旬交货也许一些其它的订单将被取消我们将与你方保持联系A: That very kind of you. Im looking ward to receiving your advice of shipment as early as possible.你太好了期待早日收到你方的装船通知;be fully committed;是;完全致力于,从事于某事;的意思;;catch up with;意为;赶上;;;,例如:I want to catch up with him in English. (我希望在英语方面赶上他的水平);;Put it this way;是;换句话说;的意思;FOB:Free On Board 即;船上交货;的意思 65

Shocking footage has emerged of a company canteen staff slaughtering a huge whale in front of the cafeteria.近日,一段令人震惊的视频片段显示,一家公司的食堂员工在餐厅前屠杀了一只巨型鲸鱼The eight-tonne mammal was allegedly gutted and cut in the company in Xinyu, China Jiangxi province, on January 5, reports the People Daily Online.据人民网报道,这只八吨重的哺乳动物在中国江西省新余市的一家公司遭到解剖、身体也被分割According to the report, the company bought the whale and asked chefs to butcher the animal.报道称,这家公司购买了这头鲸鱼,并安排厨师将其屠杀Whales are a protected species in China and the local agricultural bureau has stepped in to investigate the case.在中国,鲸鱼是保护物种,当地的农业局已经介入了此事展开调查In the footage posted to -sharing website Miaopai, the chef can be seen sharpening his knife bee starting to cut the animal. Two employees can be seen trying to saw off the tail of the mammal.在这段被上传到视频分享网站秒拍上的视频当中,我们可以看到厨师在开始割分鲸鱼之前将他手中的刀打磨锋利另有两名职员正在努力切掉鲸鱼的尾巴One onlooker told reporters: The smell of blood was thick. I have never seen such a big fish. To be honest it was a little scary.一位旁观者向记者们表示:“血腥味很重我从来没有见过这么大的鱼确实有点吓人”According to Jiangxi Provincial Agriculture Department Fishery Bureau, a staff member surnamed Wei told reporters: Whales belong to two key aquatic wild animal protections. Fishing, trading and transportation is not illegal but it must have the appropriate conditions.江西省农业厅渔业局一名姓魏的工作人员告诉记者:“鲸鱼属于二级重点水生野生保护动物捕捞、买卖及运输并不违法,但必须具备相应的条件”Elisa Allen, Director of PETA UK told MailOnline: eeing a huge animal hacked to pieces to satisfy simple greed should make anyone with the slightest bit of empathy sick.英国善待动物组织主任埃莉莎·艾伦向《每日邮报网表示:“每一个稍有怜悯之心的人在看到巨型动物被切成一块一块以满足简单的欲望之时,都会感到不舒”Whales have to endure many hours of severe suffering after being shot with rifles and harpoons bee finally dying in agony.鲸鱼在被和鱼叉射杀之后需要忍受很长一段时间的剧痛,最后才在痛苦当中死去 9586

5.Pork Ramen Candy5.猪肉拉面味糖果Ahhh, the comt of a nice hot bowl of ramen on a cold winter day. The only problem with ramen is that it not super-portable. One company in Japan has figured out a way to solve this problem. If you are picturing some sort of Thermos soup-on-the-go, sadly, this isnt the solution they came up with. Instead, the company is offering hard candy that tastes like pork ramen.啊,冬天能吃上一碗超赞的热拉面真的好爽啊拉面唯一的缺陷就是不易携带,但是日本一家公司想出了解决办法你脑海中出现的大概是保温杯那样的东西,但是,他们想出的办法有点不太一样——这家公司发明了一种味道像猪肉拉面的硬糖How the heck did this happen? Nissen, a mail-order company in Japan, teamed up with the Pine Co. candy company to sponsor a contest where customers proposed new candy flavors. Out of the approximately 6,000 contest entries, contest judges selected ;tonkatsu ramen; as the winner, apparently because it was ;bold and innovative.; Maybe future judges should assign a lower rating to ;bold; and a higher rating to ;appetizing; in evaluating contest entries going ward? Or maybe the judges knew their audience; the initial run of the candy, which is available through Nissen website about pack, sold out immediately. One possible explanation the candy popularity: the candies look like any other hard candy, so they are ideal pranking anyone expecting their sweets to be…not gross.这是怎么一回事呢?日本一家邮购公司,尼森,与松糖果有限公司一起赞助了一场比赛,比赛内容是让客户提出新的糖果口味在大约6000个参赛作品中,大赛评委选定“猪排拉面”为赢家,因为它“大胆创新”也许以后的评委应该把“创新”的要求设低一些,而“美味”的要求设高一点?或者,也许这些评委很了解他们的观众吧,这种糖刚开始卖的时候,尼森网站上的价格大约每包3美元,刚上架就卖光了而其流行的原因大概是:这种糖看起来和别的硬糖一样,所以非常适合那些爱搞恶作剧的人,毕竟看上去没那么恶心.Chocolate-Covered Squid.巧克力脆皮鱿鱼Hey, we love chocolate as much as anyone (probably more). But it does seem like this zeal dipping everything and anything in chocolate is getting a little out of control. Chocolate-covered liquorice or chocolate-dipped gummy bears wouldnt be among our top choices chocolate consumption vectors, but they have their enthusiasts. And wed be tempted to say, ;To each his own,; but that how the world ends up with chocolate-covered squid.很多人都很喜欢巧克力,但想把所有东西都泡在巧克力里就有点离谱了或许我们不喜欢巧克力甘草和巧克力软糖熊,但是它们还算有市场我们都知道萝卜青菜各有所爱,但巧克力脆皮鱿鱼这种东西真的会毁天灭地啊!Technically, the product, which is offered by Hawaii Big Island Candies isnt actually squid. Dont breathe a sigh of relief just yet, though. It actually ika, a local Hawaiian snack of dried, seasoned cuttlefish strips (basically, really stinky squid jerky), which the company employees painstakingly coat with chocolate. Some candy stores offers windows through which you can watch taffy being pulled or caramel apples being dipped. Big Island Candies offers the chance to watch dried squid go a chocolate bath. A 3 oz. bag of the stuff will cost you .75, plus the inescapable pain of knowing that you voluntary consumed chocolate-covered squid. Proving that some folks will eat anything, the company owner says the product has been ;extremely well-received; and notes ;there are times during the year…where we can barely keep it on the shelf.; Ugh. We can barely keep this one in our imaginations, let alone in our stomachs.从技术上讲,夏威夷的大岛糖果店生产的这款产品用的不是真鱿鱼不过你也别高兴得太早,它用的实际上是ika,这是夏威夷当地的一种干货,调好味的墨鱼条(本质上就是很臭的鱿鱼干),该公司的员工精心地给它涂上了巧克力有些糖果店会提供窗口让顾客观看做太妃糖、焦糖苹果的过程,大岛糖果店也提供这样的务,你可以看他们用巧克力泡鱿鱼干的过程花费8.75美元,你会得到一袋3盎司的巧克力脆皮鱿鱼,还有自愿尝试这种食物所带来的不可避免的痛苦巧克力脆皮鱿鱼明有些人什么都敢吃,该公司的老板说,这款产品“非常受欢迎”,“每年总有些时候我们会对它爱不释手……”额,这种东西我们想都不敢想,别说吃了3.Bubble-Gum Flavored String Cheese3.泡泡糖口味的奶酪条Cheese is pretty delicious as it is. Does cheese really need any more ;innovations; to become more appealing? The folks at the Wisconsin Center Dairy Research seem to think so, but if the ;fun flavors; they are devising string cheese are any indication, we dont want any of the monstrosities this lab of horrors is creating!奶酪本身就很好吃,它还需要什么“创新”来吸引消费者吗?大概威斯康星乳品研究中心的员工觉得,需要但要是他们想在奶酪条的口味上玩出些花样,我们只希望搞出来的东西不要太恐怖The first targets this frankencheese are the young. In an eft to make string cheese more ;kid-friendly; (because apparently there a big group of kids none of us have ever met out there balking at regular ol string cheese), researchers produced string cheese in a range of revolting-sounding flavors, including green apple, banana, cotton candy, and bubble gum. Additionally, colors were added to the milk to make the cheese ;vibrant.; Luckily, this revolutionary string cheese doesnt seem to have made it beyond the testing phase…yet (which is why were unable to track down any actual photographic evidence of it, which is probably by design). One master cheesemaker who has had the opporty to try the string cheese described it as ;quite good,; saying that, ;It combines weet and salty which is a very popular combination in snack foods right now.; Um. No. We hate to be buzzkills, but if your buzz involves cotton candy string cheese, it probably has it coming. Were keeping our fingers crossed that the world at large never needs to know the horrors of vibrant-colored bubble gum-flavored cheese. Think of the children.这种转基因奶酪的目标受众是年轻人为了使奶酪更“适合儿童”(因为小朋友都不太喜欢普通的奶酪条),研究人员制作了一系列不同口味的奶酪条,这些口味听上去很令人作呕,包括青苹果、香蕉、棉花糖、泡泡糖此外,牛奶中还加入了不同颜色的色素,让奶酪“更鲜艳”幸运的是,这项奶酪条的“改革”停在了测试阶段(所以我们没能找到实物图)一位奶酪制作大师品尝过这些奶酪条,他说:“非常好,它融合了甜味和咸味,这是现在很流行的一种口味搭配”额,我们都不想扫你的兴的,但要是你想糟蹋我们心爱的奶酪条,那就保不准了我们祈祷,愿“色鲜艳的泡泡糖口味奶酪条”永远不要出现在这世界上想想孩子们吧.Fried Chicken Nail Polish.炸鸡味指甲油Yes, this is a thing. No, we cant believe it either. Apparently, seeking to underscore how ;finger-lickin good; the company fried chicken is, KFC Hong Kong operation launched nail polish that tastes like KFC fried chicken. Let all let this one sink in a minute. Somehow, somewhere, marketing folks out there thought, ;Hey, you know what will get people to buy our chicken? Nail polish that tastes like our chicken!; And no one stood up and said ;No!; or ;Eww!; or even ;Maybe let just try giving out some samples of the chicken first?;对,确实有这么个东西,我们也不敢相信香港肯德基为了体现自家的炸鸡好吃得让你舔手指,推出了一款指甲油,味道就像肯德基的炸鸡来,我们好好理解一下某时某地,某营销人员想到:“嘿,你知道怎样让大家都来买我们的鸡吗?指甲油啊,尝起来和我们的炸鸡味道一样的指甲油!”然后竟然没人站起来说“不!”“恶心!”或者“也许我们应该先让人们试吃我们的样品?”Launching fried-chicken flavored nail polish wasnt just a whimsical spur-of-the-moment thing—it was a serious process. KFC ad agency, Ogilvy amp; Mather, worked with the McCormick spice company, which supplies KFC secret recipe of herbs and spices, to get the polish to taste and smell just right. That right. Some poor food scientist at McCormick was ced to concoct chicken-flavored nail polish. The mula is made of all-natural ingredients, so you can lick the polish, which is available in ;Original; and ;Hot and Spicy; flavors, to your heart content. John Koay, who heads up KFC Hong Kong marketing, described the impulse behind the campaign, saying, ;It made total sense to be at the end of everyone fingertips.; To which we say: Not like this, KFC. NOT. LIKE. THIS.推出炸鸡味的指甲油可不是一个异想天开、一时冲动的事,这是一个很严肃的过程肯德基的广告代理商奥美集团,与味可美香料公司,提供肯德基的草药香料秘方)合作,将指甲油的味道和气味调得刚刚好味可美公司一些可怜的食品科学家被迫调制炸鸡味的指甲油该配方用的全是天然成分,所以这种指甲油可食用,有原味和香辣两种口味供你选择肯德基的香港区负责人John Koay说,这个创意是想“让所有感觉流连于指尖”我们只想说:别这样,肯德基,别,这,样1.Doritos Mountain Dew1.多力多滋味的激浪Since PepsiCo owns a number of food and beverage brands, it was only a matter of time bee they started looking at crossover opporties. And the link between the target audience Doritos and Mountain Dew is pretty clear—both target young men who are seeking ; extreme; (meaning highly artificial and unhealthy) flavor experiences. And if you look carefully at the growing relationship between the two brands, you can see signs of the horrors to come. In , the company offered Doritos Quest, Doritos chips coated with a sweet mystery flavor that was later revealed to be Mountain Dew. And in early , the brands collaborated on a promotion tied into the release of a game in the Call of Duty series.百事旗下有多个餐饮品牌,所以跨界合作也不算个奇怪的事多力多滋(调味墨西哥玉米片)和激浪(柠檬可乐口味的碳酸饮料)之间的联系很明确——受众都是寻求“极端”味觉体验(通常是人造不健康食品)的年轻人仔细观察,你就能发现这两个品牌之间的关系越来越密切,也就能预见“恐怖”的到来年,公司提出“多力多滋新探索”,推出的多力多滋味道甜美而神秘,后来实其实就是激浪的味道年初,两品牌又合作,一起出现在《使命召唤系列游戏中But even with these signals, the world still wasnt y when the company began testing Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew on US college campuses. Because while Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos were unappealing, some reason, Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew amps up the gross factor to a whole new level. One guinea pig said the soda, ;wasnt that disgusting…It tasted like orange with a Doritos aftertaste.; With that kind of ringing endorsement, we can see why Pepsi apparently didnt take this combo past the test stage. But dont be lulled into a false sense of security—the risk that soda that tastes like Doritos could one day invade grocery shelves everywhere is a threat as long as these brands remain under the same corporate umbrella.但即使已经有了这些预兆,多力多滋味的激浪作为试验品出现在美国大学校园里时,整个世界还是震惊了之前激浪味的多力多滋没什么吸引力,而这多力多滋味的激浪……达到了一个全新的境界尝过的人说:“也不是那么糟糕……尝上去像橘子,回味又是多力多滋的味道”得到这样的评价,我们也能理解为什么百事没让这项产品通过测试阶段但别陷入一种虚假的安全感,只要这些品牌还在同一家公司的保护伞下,可能某一天,多力多滋味的苏打水就出现在各地杂货店的货架上 5587

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