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重庆去眼袋那家好泸州做双眼皮哪家好南充隆鼻整形价格 英语口语每天说上半小时0(1) -- ::8 来源: 高速下载 1. Like Dislike1. Don’t you like meeting people?. Do you care this color?3. May I ask if you’ve found the feature films?. I’m very keen on outdoor sports.5. There’s nothing I enjoy more than attending a party.6. I fancy that dress.7. I’m crazy about skating.8. What I most enjoy is painting.9. I really hate gossiping.. I can’t say smoking appeals to me very much.Dialogue 1W: You don’t look like enjoying this workout.M: I’m not crazy about it at all.W: You don’t like this sort of exercise?M: I’m not interested in it. Are you keen on it?W: Yes, that’s funny. I thought you liked it.M: I hate it.W: Never mind. It’ll be over in minutes.M: It’s the worst thing I’ve ever tried.Dialogue M 1: I love slim girls, don’t you?M: Not particularly. I like fat girls.M1: And I like a girl with good skin, do you?M: I can’t say I do. What I like a girl with good manners.M1: Oh, yes. But surely you like a girl with a nice figure.M: Yes. But I like a girl with a nice personality.M1: But you like a girl to be rich, surely?M: Not particularly. I like a girl to be good.M1: What about you, Henry? You haven’t said a thing.H: I don’t like girls. I think they’re awful.Dialogue 3M: Oh, hi, Lily. When did you get back from Canada?W: Just last week.M: How was it?W: Oh, I loved it. I only visited a couple of cities, you know. But I had a great time.M: Well, tell me. What are they like?W: They’re nice.Dialogue W: Do you like chocolates?M: It depends.W: Do you like coffee?M: Um. It’s delicious.W: And do you like English food?M: Not all of it.Dialogue 5M: Hi, what’re you ing?W: Oh, it’s Death on the Nile. Have you it?M: No, not that one. But I saw the movie. Could I borrow it when you finished?W: Sure. I didn’t know you like mysteries. M: Oh, I’m crazy about them.Dialogue 6M: Kate, what do you like to do tonight? Do you often go to the movies?W: Of course. I often go to the movies.M: There’s a good movie called Summer in Beijing.W: I heard it’s a very good movie.M: Let’s find out what time it starts.W: Let’s look at the newspaper.M: Here it is. It starts at 8:00.W: Wonderful. I’m so excited.What I like most I suppose is the fact that is so unusual. I mean, when I tell people what I do, they just look at me usually as if I’m a mad. I get up at about 6: every morning. I leave my wife in bed because she is not as mad as me. And I put my trunks on and my track suit and drive down to the park with my cloths and case. It only takes about 5 minutes because there’s no traffic of course at that time in the morning. So when I get there, I leave the car and the car park and run around a bit. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语新入公司初次见面打招呼寒暄对话 -- :5:58 来源: 新入公司初次见面打招呼寒暄对话 Amber and Ethabella arrive work on Monday morning. Ethabella introduces Amber to a number of co-workers on the way in. Then she introduces him to here department manager. Amber also gets to meet some of the people who will be working him. The following conversation shows how you can use various expressions greeting people. How does Amber handle himself? Will she make a good impression? Ethabella: Good morning, Jim. I'd like you to meet Amber. She's our new Sr. Software Engineer. Amber, Jim is our Personnel Officer. Jim: (shakes hands w Amber) Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you, Amber. Welcome aboard. Amber: Thank you. I'm glad to meet you, too. Ethabella: And this is Frank. He's part of your team. Amber: Hi, Frank, I'm very happy to meet you. Frank: Hello, Amber, I'm glad to meet you. Ethabella: (smiling) Only good things, John. Oh, and here comes Ed Blakely, the department manager. Ed: Hello, you must be Amber. Pleased to meet you. Amber: It's an honor to meet you,sir. I'm looking ward to working you. Ed: From what I've heard, you're going to fit in just fine. I'll see you this afternoon to go over things. Amber: Fine with me. Ethabella: And this is Margot. She's also part of your team. Mira: Hello, Amber. It's good to see you. Amber: Hello, Margot. The pleasure's all mine. Amber和Carl星期一早上去上班Car l把Amber介绍给许多同事,接着又把她介绍给了部门经理Amber还见到了一些她的下属下面的谈话将告诉大家怎样用不同的表达方法去和人们打招呼John自己的表现又如何呢?他能给大家留下一个好的印象吗? Carl: 早上好Jim.我想让你见一见Amber.她是我们新到的软件工程师Amber,Jim是人事部的主管 Jim: (和Amber握手)你好,很荣幸见到你欢迎到这儿来 Amber: 谢谢,很高兴见到你 Carl: 这是Frank,他是你们组的一员 Amber: 你好Frank,见到你很高兴 Frank: 你好Amber,很高兴见到你 Carl: (微笑) Amber,都是有关你的优点的噢,还有,这位是Ed Blakely,部门经理 Ed: 你好,你一定就是Amber了,很高兴见到你 Amber: 认识你很高兴我一直期望能为您工作 Ed: 据我所知,你会非常适合这个职位今天下午我想就有关问题和你谈一谈 Amber: 没问题 Carl: 这是Margot,他也是你们组的一员 Mira: 你好,Amber.见到你真好 Amber: 你好,Margot.这都是我的荣幸四川重庆做颧骨整型价格

重庆三峡中心医院百安分院瘦腿针多少钱看开放的美国人怎么告白,告白得相当含蓄保守哦 -01-7 :: 来源: 美国人尽管喊了多少年的「性开放」,但很多美国人在谈情说爱方面,仍然喜欢采用一些含蓄保守的词句或语句,表现文明和礼貌以下举一些例句,或许能说明一二  to have a crush on (someone);  to feel an instant magnetism;  to catch one's eyes; to hit it off;  to have the hots (someone);  to be attracted to each other.  这些片语,都是描写男女间互相倾慕,两情相悦,有吸引力或一见锺情  例如:  * He (she) has a crush on her (him) (他对她十分爱慕)   * He felt an instant magnetism when their eyes met.(他们见面时,他立即感到磁性般的吸住) 意指女的外表吸引;如果是 she felt …… 那么就是指男的外表吸引  * A nice-looking girl caught his eye.(漂亮的妞儿吸住)注意:不用eyes  * He was introduced to a pretty woman and they seem to hit it offimmediately.(他被介绍给一位漂亮女子後,他们似乎就一见锺情) 或  * They were attracted to each other the moment their eyes met.  * When he met her, he had the hots her.(当他见到她,他就对她爱慕不已)(多半指 sexual attraction)  例如说,女对男的没有兴趣,那么也可以说:  * She did not feel any attraction toward him.(她对他毫无兴趣); 或  * He is the man whom she feels no attraction, catch or nocatch.(不管他的条件好或坏,她对他就是没有兴趣)  这里的 catch,可指财富、地位、名望和外表  to be a lady's man (或 ladies' man);  to be a prince on a white horse;  to be a casanova;  to be a womanizer.  这些都是指男人英俊潇洒,作风奔放,野性旺盛,喜欢在「女人窝」里例如:  * Mr. Lin has been considered a prince on a whitehorse.(林先生被认为是白马王子)  这是中古时代女子对男人的梦中理想,然而现在也有老外认为美男子应该是:全身盔甲灿烂光辉的王子  * He is a prince in a shining armour.(动词时态:shine, shone 或shined)  * Many people think that Mr. Clinton is a real lady‘s man.(或 areal womanizer)(许多人认为柯林顿先生喜欢在女人窝里)  *As a casanova, he has many girlfriends.(由於他是美男子,他有许多女友)  (Casanova 是意大利人,据说是顶尖的美男子,他的全名是:Casanova deseingalt Giovanni Giacomo 在此 casanova 被当做普通名词,故 c不必大写  如果形容男人外表魅惑力大,能使女人「如饥似渴」般崇拜他,也可以说:  * He has melted her down and made her kneesbuckle.(他把她溶化了,使她拜倒他的西装裤下)  这句话老外通常不用在男人身上,也许因为男子应该比较坚强些吧!或且说:  * So many women swarmed him like bees to thehoney.(许多女人看到他,就像一群蜜蜂见到蜜那样蜂拥而至)  倘若说:…… like flies to the garbage指像一群苍蝇喜欢垃圾那样,当然就不是恭维了  to be a beauty queen; to be a dream boat;  to be a cutie; to be a babe;  to be a fox.  这些都是形容女人漂亮,曲线玲珑,身材曼妙,挥身性感或散发一种性感的野性  例如:  * She is a beauty queen.( very beautiful)  * She is a cutie.( pretty and attractive)(漂亮迷人)  * She is a dream boat.( ideal type of woman)(理想女人)  * She is a babe.( very beautiful and attractive)  * She is a fox.( She is a foxy lady She issexy.)(她很性感)  注意:如果说: She is as sneaky(或 cunning)as a fox.又是指她像狐狸一样的狡猾  假如女人能使男人拜倒她的石榴裙下或神魂颠倒那么就能说:  * Her beauty (attraction) has caused his knees to shake. (或 toquiver)(她的漂亮迷人使他膝部发抖)或  * She made him feel up there in the clouds.  ( on clouds nine on the top of theworld)(她使他神魂颠倒,飘飘然如仙)  其实,所谓「情人眼里出西施」(Beauty is in the eyes ofbeholder),世上的美或丑,只是主观的看法而已  to fall in love with (someone);  to fall head over heels in love; to love (someone) from head totoe.  都是指男欢女爱,沉溺情海,或是爱得晕头转向  例如:  * They have fallen in love with each other years.(他们相爱多年)(动词时态:fall, fell, fallen)  * He fell head over heels in love with her.  ( He fell her head over heels He is head over-heels inlove withher.)(他与她沉溺情海,爱得晕头转向)多半指很快落入情海  * He loves her from head totoe.(他从头到脚地爱她)多指经过较长时间後才热恋, 或  * He falls madly in love with her.  至於男女热恋时「目中无人」或「形影不离」,也可以说:  * They are two peas in a pod.(他们像豆荚里的两粒豆子--即形影不离)  * They only have eyes each other(and get the entireworld.)(世界上似乎只有他们两个人) 告白 保守 相当 开放铜梁区注射丰太阳穴多少钱 If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view.  如果你觉得心有余力不足,觉得缺乏前进的动力,有时候你只需要改变思维的角度  By training your thoughts to concentrate on the bright side of things, you are more likely to have the incentive to follow through on your goals. You are less likely to be held back by negative ideas that might limit your permance.  试着训练自己的思想朝好的一面看,这样你就会汲取实现目标的动力,而不会因为消极沉沦停滞不前  Your life can be enhanced, and your happiness enriched, when you choose to change your perspective. Don't leave your future to chance, or wait things to get better mysteriously on their own. You must go in the direction of your hopes and aspirations. Begin to build your confidence, and work through problems rather than avoid them. Remember that power is not necessarily control over situations, but the ability to deal with whatever comes your way.  一旦变换看问题的角度,你的生活会豁然开朗,幸福快乐会接踵而来别交出掌握命运的主动权,也别指望局面会不可思议的好转你必须与内心希望与热情步调一致建立自信,敢于与困难短兵相接,而非绕道而行记住,力量不是驾驭局势的法宝,无坚不摧的能力才是最重要的  Always believe that good things are possible, and remember that mistakes can be lessons that lead to discoveries. Take your fear and transm it into trust; learn to rise above anxiety and doubt. Turn your "worry hours" into "productive hours". Take the energy that you have wasted and direct it toward every worthwhile eft that you can be involved in. You will see beautiful things happen when you allow yourself to experience the joys of life. You will find happiness when you addopt positive thinking into your daily routine and make it an important part of your world.  请坚信,美好的降临并非不可能,失误也许是成功的前奏将惶恐化作信任,学会超越担忧和疑虑让“诚惶诚恐”的时光变得“富有成效”不要挥霍浪费精力,将它投到有意义的事情中去当你下意识品尝生命的欢愉时,美好就会出现当你积极地看待生活,并以此作为你的日常准则时,你就会找到快乐的真谛 5重庆涪陵中心医院去除狐臭多少钱

巫山县去色斑多少钱Prayer My Mother为我的母亲祈祷Dear God,亲爱的上帝:Now that I am no longer young, I have friends whose mothers have passed away. I have heard these sons and daughters say they never fully appreciated their mothers until it was too late to tell them.如今我已不再年轻,一些朋友的母亲已经去世了我曾听这些子女们说过,他们从没有向母亲充分表示过他们的感激之情,而待到要告诉时为时已晚了I am blessed with the dear mother who is still alive. I appreciate her more each day. My mother does not change, but I do. As I grow older and wiser, I realize what an extraordinary person she is. How sad that I am unable to speak these words in her presence, but they flow easily from my pen. 幸运的是,我亲爱的母亲依然健在我对她的感情与日俱增母亲没有变,而我却变了随着年岁的增长,我越来越懂事了,我认识到她是个非常了不起的人这些话在她面前我难以启齿,但在笔下却可以轻易地写出来,这令我感到多么难过How does a daughter begin to thank her mother life itself? the love, patience and just plain hard work that go into raising a child? running after a toddler, understanding a moody teenager, tolerating a college student who knows everything? waiting the day when a daughter realizes her mother really is? 一个女儿该怎样开口感谢她的母亲所给予的生命?感谢她在抚养孩子时所付出的爱、耐心以及无私的辛勤劳动?感谢她跟在蹒跚学步的孩子身后奔跑,对情绪不定的少女的理解,以及对一个自以为是的大学生的宽容? 感谢她等待女儿认识到她真是一位好母亲的这一天? How does a grown woman thank a mother continuing to be a mother? being y with advice (when asked) or remaining silent when it is most appreciated? not saying “I told you so”, when she could have uttered these words dozens of times? being essentially herself--loving, thoughtful, patient, and giving? 一个成年女子该怎样感谢母亲依然如故的角色?感谢在被问到时她会及时提供良言,而在不需要时她会保持沉默?感谢她没有说:“我告诉过你,”而她本来可以说上许多次?感谢她始终不变的爱心、体贴周到、耐心与宽容厚道?I don’t know how, dear God, except to bless her as richly as she deserves and to help me live up to the example she has set. I pray that I will look as good in the eyes of my children as my mother looks in mine.我不知道该怎样来表达,亲爱的上帝,除了请求你好好地保佑她--那是她该得到的--并帮助我朝她做出的榜样看齐我祈愿在孩子的眼里我会如同母亲在我眼里一般好A daughter一个女儿 83970 It takes two to tango:一个巴掌拍不响 -01-7 00::31 来源: 基本来说,这个短语很容易误导人“It takes two to tango”的字面意思是“探戈舞需要两个人来跳”,照此推理,本应推出个鼓舞人心的“团结才是力量”,可它怎么竟成了贬义词“一个巴掌拍不响”?不急,咱们慢慢来先说tango(探戈)探戈一般要男女对跳,男人粗犷、女人妖冶,构成了探戈舞的巨大张力这种舞蹈源于18世纪的阿根廷,当时被认为是上流社会的色情面具,同时也是草根阶层释放欲望的最好方式Tango的这层“诱惑、情色”意,很容易让人联想到它的同音异形词tangle(纠缠、扭缠在一起)如果看过奥斯卡影片“Scent of a woman”(《闻香识女人),想必您还能记得老上校对tango的经典定义“If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on.” 如果(探戈)跳错了,那就让大家的舞步都混乱好了,这才是探戈说到这儿,想必您也明白了,(It takes two to)tango其实是取了tangle的谐音,而整个短语“It takes two to tango”实质上由英国俗语“It takes two to make a quarrel”(一个巴掌拍不响)发挥创造而来下次如果有朋友向您抱怨,女朋友又跟他闹矛盾了,您就可以这样回敬他:A conflict is not the fault of just one person or the other; they are often both to blame, because it takes two to tango.(矛盾不能只归咎于一方,你们两个人都有错,因为一个巴掌拍不响嘛) 一个 tango takes 如果大足区妇幼保健院中医九龙坡区去除黄褐斑多少钱



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