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高原明珠泸沽湖英文导游词 -- :35:9 来源: 高原明珠泸沽湖英文导游词泸沽湖离丽江市中心0公里,位于四川省盐源县与云南省宁蒗彝族自治县之间泸沽湖就像一颗闪耀着云南西北高原上的漂亮明珠  Lugu Lake lies 0 kilometers (approximately miles) from the center of Lijiang City, on the border between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province. The lake is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan.  The lake is in the shape of a horse’s hoof - long from north to south, and narrower from east to west. The vista of the lake changes constantly throughout the day. The morning mist mixed with the light of the rising sun gives the lake an orange glow covered by mist. When the light of sun causes the hills to throw their shadows onto the water, the lake has a jade green color. The lake is calm and dark green in the evening when the sun sinks, and is peaceful when night comes. Gentle wind blows and water ripples.  On the lake there are five islands. They are different sizes and are like green boats floating on the water. Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island, and Lige Island are most notable. Heiwawu Island is in the center of the lake and has a variety of birds living on it. The smallest island on the lake is Nixi Island - an oblong rock covered with shrubs and moss. Besides the five islands, there are also three peninsulas and an island which is linked to a seawall on the shore by a path paved with small stones.  Mystery and charm surround the lake, partly because it was once an unspoiled place and still retains much of its totally natural beauty, but mostly because the Mosuo people who live there m a matriarchal society. There is no marriage. Men stay in the women’s home as mates called ’Axia’ and the intimate relationship lasts as long as they like. Children are brought up by women, and use the surname of their mothers. Families are composed of the members of the matrilineal kin. Women operate production and management, and hold the principal position in the society, ming a modern day ’woman’s kingdom’, which adds mystique to this place.  The lake is encircled with hills. The water is clean and inviting, with fish swimming in it. The est around is dense and the air is fresh. This is a place that is little tainted by modern industry - the natural beauty is retained. The weather is pleasant - it is cool in summer and warm in winter. All the seasons are as comtable as spring, but the best seasons to come here are spring and summer when the hills are emerald green, the flowers are in bloom and the birds are sing happily. 高原明珠泸沽湖英文导游词旅游天地—荔枝湾古今大不同 -- ::9 来源: 旅游天地—荔枝湾古今大不同这里曾经是广州的历史区,如果你想出价邀请优雅的女伴,这里曾经是最理想的地方;这个地方曾经红灯绿酒,漂亮姑娘斜靠在一楼的栏杆处引得无数散步的年轻的有钱男子侧目,这个地方曾经聚集着颓废的嗜酒者、女人和歌手——这就是曾经的荔枝湾九十年后,荔枝湾已经成为人民怀旧和追求美食的地方It was a historical district in Guangzhou known as the place to go if you wanted elegant female company a price. Nine decades later, it is better known nostalgia and food. It was a place of "red lights and green wine", where pretty girls leaned over first floor balustrades trying to catch the eyes of rich young men strolling below. It was a place where decadent pleasures of wine, women and song congregated.After the physical pleasures were sated, the stomach still needed to be fed.That was why this area with a river running through it also became known its tonics, its comt food and its sweet endings.Fish intestines cleaned, poached and steamed in savory custard would revive prowess, as would a bowl of steaming hot bamboo-kneaded noodles accompanied by dumplings stuffed with pork and sweet prawns.All manners of tonic soups steamed gently to extract every atom of flavor and nutrition were served alongside claypot rice topped with minced beef and a coddled egg, or tiny slivers of salted fish added to a silky smooth meat patty. a lighter repast, there were egg tarts with flaky crusts and a wobbling custard center, or pieces of water-chestnut pudding either cut into squares or served from little pudding pots.The influence of nearby dairy-producing Shunde was also felt, and double-skinned milk puddings or gingered milk were available at specialist dessert shops. All were very nourishing and essential a strong body and good skin.These sweet shops also sold "little chicken biscuits" made with lard and flavored with fermented red beancurd - savory, crisp and very addictive, good whiling away stray hours and waiting the next customer.These stories I heard when I was just knee-high, had made me imagine Lychee Bay as the Chinese child's version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, full of delicious treats. I was not yet old enough to fantasize about other pleasures.It was all oddly familiar when we finally saw Lychee Bay recently.It is indeed full of red and green, but the colors come from neon lights lining the river and twinkling fairy lights decorating the roadside trees. If the ghosts of those rich young men and pretty ladies of the street still lingered, we did not see them. 旅游天地—荔枝湾古今大不同让我们帮助她(lets help her) -- :00: 来源: 让我们帮助她(lets help her)  li mei is a new comer to our class. she is short and thin. she looks quite and unhappy. and then we know her story.  li mei has no mother, and her father is ill in bed. she also has a 70-year-old grandmother. they are living a poor life.  as soon as we knew about it, we all quickly started to do something her. at first, mr ma, our english teacher, gave her 300 yuan. then gao wen gave her some new clothes. at last, we decided that everyone will save 5 yuan her family every month. we often visit her father and help her do the housework. there is a smile on her face now.    李梅是刚到我班的新生她个子矮矮的,瘦瘦的,看起来寡言少语很不开心后来我们知道了她的经历  李梅没有母亲,她父亲因病卧床不起,家里还有七十岁的老奶奶他们的生活很艰苦  我们一知道这件事后便马上开始为她做些事,开始我们英语老师马老师给了她300元,后来高雯送了她一些新衣最后我们决定每人每月给她家节省5元钱我们常去看她爸爸,并帮她做些家务活现在她的脸上出现笑容了

圣诞节 My Christmas Day -- :3: 来源: Today is ChristmasDay. It’s a western holiday, but it’s popular in our country, too. Today, our Englishteacher buys chocolates to us. They are very sweet. And then, she teaches us asong, Jingle Bell. It’s a lovely song and easy to sing. We learn it quickly. Atnight, my mother cooks some delicious western food. I love this Christmas Day.

How To Say Good-Bye(会话篇)-- :6:6 Section A  Steven: Well. I have an appointment now.  Lily: I'm in quite a hurry too.  Steven: Good to see you. Goodbye.  Lily: Goodbye. Take care of yourself.  Section B  Lily: I guess I'd better go now.  Steven: I've got to be going now too.  Lily: In that case, I'll be seeing you.  Steven: So long. See you later.  Section C  Steven: It's getting late, and I have to go now.  Lily: We're sorry you have to leave.  Steven: Please excuse me, won't you?  Lily: Certainly. Come back soon.  Section D  Lily: I'm glad to have met you.  Steven: Thank you. It was nice to have seen you.  Lily: I hope we can get together again.  Steven: Yes. I'll be looking ward to it.  Section E  Steven: I think I have to leave now.  Lily: Must you go soon?  Steven: I'm afraid I really have to.  Lily: Well, it was wonderful to get together again.

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