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Osama bin Laden奥萨马本拉登Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist, died on May 2nd, aged 54 奥萨马本拉登,世界头号通缉恐怖分子,于5月2日被击毙,终年54岁May 5th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN he gave interviews to foreign journalists, which he did rarely, Osama bin Laden had a way of looking down at his hands. This, and his soft, slightly raspy voice, and his gentle eyes—as well as the fact that he allowed no instantaneous translation—helped conceal what he was saying: that it was the duty of all Muslims to kill unbelievers, especially Americans, and that when he had seen the bodies of the infidels flying “like dust motes” on September 11th 2001, his heart had filled with joy. 他很少接受采访,但是每次接受外国记者采访时,他总以特有的方式俯视着自己的双手,此外,他声音柔和,略微有些刺耳,眼神安详,而且他从不允许马上翻译他的话。所有这一切掩盖了他所传递的信息:消灭异教徒,尤其是美国人,是所有穆斯林共同的责任;2001年9月11日,当他目睹这些异教徒的尸骨如“灰尘草芥般”四处横飞时,他的内心洋溢着喜悦。His mien was that of the sage, not the killer. He seldom shed blood himself, though his treasured Kalashnikov, which he carried everywhere, was said to have been wrested in single combat from a Russian soldier in Afghanistan. As a rule he observed from afar as “his boys” blew up the American base at Khobar in Saudi Arabia, or the USS Cole in Yemen (he wrote a poem about that, the little dinghy bobbing on the waves) or the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, where in 1998 more than 200 died. Terrorism could be commendable or reprehensible, he smoothly agreed, but this was “blessed terror”, in defence of Islam. At first he denied any part in the 9/11 attacks, but at last pride got the better of him: yes, it was he who had guided his 19 brothers towards their “easy” targets.他有着圣人般的风范,毫无杀手的暴戾之气。虽然不管到哪,他都随身带着自己所珍爱的卡拉希尼科夫式冲锋(据说是在阿富汗一次战斗中从一名俄罗斯士兵手里夺来的),但是他自己很少动手杀人。通常,当“他的孩子们”炸飞美国在沙特亚科巴的军事基地,或者炸沉美国科尔号军舰(他还曾经为此占诗一首:《那沉浮于浪花中的小船》),或者袭击美国在肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚的大使馆,他只是远远地观战。1998年这两起爆炸事件导致200多人死亡。若说恐怖主义可褒可贬,他是欣然同意的。但是他认为他所从事的是“神圣的恐怖主义”,旨在捍卫伊斯兰。起初,他否认自己参与911袭击事件,但是最后,他抑制不住内心的自豪感:是的,正是他,指使他19个弟兄“毫不费力”地袭击了他们的目标。201105/135083Divorce insurance离婚保险I do (conditions apply)我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged. With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm. From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge. Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk. But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law (Scotland’s legal system is separate). Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律(苏格兰法律除外)面前是几乎没有法律效力的。传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。201108/149162Political Experts Say Obama Faces Major Challenges奥巴马新政府将面临重大外交挑战 The celebration of Barack Obama's election to the US presidency has died down and now the president-elect and his team begin to face the many choices that confront them as they prepare to assume office in January. Political experts and foreign policy analysts say the new president will face some difficult challenges right from the start. 奥巴马当选美国总统的各种庆祝活动已经平息。现在,这位新总统和他的团队为明年1月入主白宫作准备的同时,也开始面临许多的选择。政治专家和对外政策分析人士说,新总统上任伊始将面临诸多艰难挑战。One of the most obvious problems for President-elect Obama is that he will enter office facing problems left over by outgoing President George Bush. Those problems include a financial crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospect of Iran developing a nuclear weapon and a number of other situations all of which demand immediate attention. 当选总统奥巴马面临的一个最明显问题之一就是即将离任的布什总统留下的种种问题。这些问题包括金融危机、伊拉克和阿富汗战争、伊朗可能在研制核武器的问题以及其他需要马上应对的一系列问题。Rice University Political Science professor Earl Black, co-author of the book Divided America, says new presidents have often had to deal with the problems left behind by their predecessor."He will face the situation, for example, that faced Ronald Reagan when he became the Republican president in January, 1981," said Earl Black. "He will have inherited all the problems associated with the previous administration." “例如他将面临里根总统1981年1月作为共和党总统上台时所面临的问题。他将继承前任政府遗留下的所有问题。”Black says another problem for President-elect Obama may be the high expectations he has raised among the people who supported him. 布莱克说,新总统奥巴马面临的另一个问题可能是他使持者对他的期望太高。"Since a lot of Obama's message emphasized hope and change and, to a large degree he was somewhat general about those, he has attracted, obviously, millions of supporters not all of whom probably agree on what change they want and what hopes they are hoping to be satisfied," he said. “因为奥巴马的很多信息都强调希望和变革。他的许诺在很大程度上有些宽泛。很明显,他吸引了上千万的持者,但这些人在希望什么样的变革,以及希望实现哪些目标方面,并不一定都持相同意见。”Some of the biggest and most frightful challenges facing the new president will be in foreign affairs. Peter Zeihan, Vice President of Analysis for Stratfor, a Texas-based private intelligence and analysis company, says all presidents entering the White House find their options are limited. But, he says, President Obama will have some special problems to address. 新总统面临的一些最大,也是最难以处理的挑战来自外交事务。德克萨斯一家私营情报分析公司(Stratfor)副总裁彼德.泽汗说,所有入主白宫的新总统都会发现,其实,他们的选择有限。但是,泽汗说,奥巴马需要解决一些特别的问题。"First, you have Iraq," he said. "He has promised his supporters that he will pull out as soon and as quickly as possible. However, unless he wants to turn around and re-deploy and go to war with Iran a year or two later, he has to be careful in how he does that. There needs to be some sort of agreement with Iran over the future of Iraq. Barring that, if you just have a naked pullout, there is really absolutely nothing that would stop the Iranians from taking over, whether directly or indirectly." “首先是伊拉克问题。他向持者承诺将尽快从速从伊拉克撤军。不过,除非他改变立场,并进行重新部署,在一两年后与伊朗打一场仗,否则,他必须小心从事。在伊拉克问题上,他需要与伊朗达成某种协议。如若不然,仅仅是纯粹地撤离,绝对不可能阻止伊朗人占领伊拉克,不管是通过直接的,还是间接的方式。”Such a move by Iran, Zeihan says, would endanger the Persian Gulf oil supplies and force a US response. Zeihan says the situation in Afghanistan and the refuge Taliban fighters have in nearby Pakistan will also challenge President Obama. 泽汗说,一旦伊朗采取这样的举措,就将危及波斯湾的石油供应,迫使美国不得不对此作出回应。泽汗说,阿富汗局势以及躲藏在邻国巴基斯坦的塔利班残余势力同样对奥巴马构成挑战。"The way that Obama has outlined that he will make a difference in this conflict is by tapping Europeans and calling on NATO allies to do more," he said. "Well, as the Bush administration has discovered, much to its chagrin, the Europeans don't have the forces in the first place to deploy, second, are not willing, as a general rule, to deploy them in combat situations and third, because of the global finance crisis, most of them are pulling their forces home from Afghanistan." 他说:“奥巴马提出的规划是,他在处理这个冲突上会有所不同,那就是,他会召集欧洲人,呼吁北约盟友采取更多的行动。但是,正如布什政府已经发现的,令他们十分苦恼的是,第一,欧洲人没有部队可以部署;第二,欧洲人一般不愿意把他们的部队部署在战斗地区;第三,受全球金融危机的影响,欧洲大多数国家都在把自己的军队从阿富汗撤军。”Zeihan says the new US president would risk provoking conflict with Pakistan if he sends US forces across the border from Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban and Al Qaeda. 泽汗说,如果新总统派遣美国部队越过阿富汗边境进入巴基斯坦,追剿塔利班和基地分子,有可能引发与巴基斯坦的冲突。He says the third security problem the Obama administration will face internationally is the increasing boldness of Russia, which is aggressively countering US attempts to expand NATO in eastern Europe. Zeihan says these are just some of the challenges for the new president. 泽汗说,奥巴马政府面临的第三个安全问题是,俄罗斯在国际上变得越来越无所顾忌。美国试图把北约扩大到东欧地区的计划,遭到俄罗斯的强势对抗。泽汗说,这些只是新总统面临的部分问题。"These are just the three security challenges, all of which, honestly, are more than enough to keep any president busy independently," said Zeihan. "All three together-Whew! I do not envy Obama. I would not have envied McCain, either." “这些仅仅是三个安全问题而已。老实说,这其中的任何一个问题就足以让新总统忙得团团转了。如果三个问题一起出现,怎么办!我不羡慕奥巴马。即使是麦凯恩,我也不会羡慕他。”Zeihan says US options will be limited in the years ahead because the country is over extended militarily and financially. 泽汗表示,由于美国近年来在军事和财政上的过度出,美国的选择其实有限。200811/55348

据美国媒体报道,美国前民主党总统候选人约翰·爱德华兹5月3日表示,目前调查人员正在就他的竞选资金出进行调查。而这一调查很可能会将他的婚外情事件曝光度升级,搬上法庭。 Well, there is more bad news, if you can believe it, from former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards with his political career virtually not existing at this point, his marriage and personal life clearly in turmoil. The former North Carolina Senator made headlines yesterday when he admitted that he is now cooperating with federal investigators that are looking into how he's spent his campaign funds. They are looking into why this woman Rielle hunter was paid more than 100,000 dollars from his political election committee. Hunter was a producer; she worked through the campaign for Edwards and admitted later to having an affair with John Edwards. Now investigators are looking into whether or not money that was shuttled to her was actually harsh money for her to keep quite about the affair or whether there was legitimate compensation to back up the work that she did for the campaign. So what is the case against Edwards and what will the political fallout be? If he is guilty, not to mention the fact that he could actually go to prison for these charges. Let’s bring in today's panel Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for the Washington Examiner. She's got the political side of this story for us and Janet, Janet Pennisi is a trial attorney chief. Janet ,you made some excellent points a moment ago. You know, we are looking at how, how good a case is this appears to be? You have services, that were paid for and you have the question whether or not there are appropriate amounts for what she did, right?That's correct, the question is whether or not the campaign funds that went to Rielle Hunter were appropriate payments for the context that what she was giving, was is good or accurate fair payment for the services she provided to the campaign. If she provided services that would worth 100,000 dollars then, you know, the case is over. You know, it does make a difference that he had affair with her. You can cheat on your wife.Well, he is looking at civil and criminal penalty, that's why the will from the survey is important. It also depended upon how much money was used for personal purposes. If it goes into a higher number then it could go to three years. I mean it can go to civil penalties that margin how much money was in the pretax column.Pretty incredible situation, when you look at this man talk about, Chris Stirewalt,talk about fall from grace. I mean John Edwards ran twice for presidential office as vice presidential candidate. We are now looking at a man who was a former senator from North Carolina who literally, things have just crumbled around him.背景资料:爱德华兹为北卡罗来纳州民主党参议员,曾两次参与总统竞选的角逐,去年8月承认自己与42岁的制片人赖莉·亨特有婚外情,今年3月他向患有癌症的妻子承认有私生女。据报道称,爱德华兹的竞选团队曾向亨特的公司付了10万美元的视频制作费。爱德华兹发表声明称:“我自认我的竞选资金没有用于其他不当用途。但我知道政府有责任确保竞选资金用途的合理合法,所以我已经向政府提供相关的人和信息以方便其迅速地解决问题。”据悉,一些由爱德华兹筹措资金的组织也在受调查的范围之内,其中包括两个非营利组织,和他母校的一个贫困捐助中心。05/69115

Asian markets showing strength For some investors, Asian market reaction to Wall Street's tumble is worth watching. CNN's Hugh Riminton reports.Asian markets opened with a predictable plunge and blunt predictions on the streets. I think we are gonna have big financial problems for at least two years.Banks took the early pressure, Australia’s Prime Minister going public to address investors. Australia’s major banks which represent 85% of the Australian banking system, uh, that these are in good order, that they are weathering the financial crisis well. If I will regulate it, and I will capitalize it, that remains its situation.With a late hit to commodity stocks, Australia finished down more than 4%, as did Japan. We investors in Japan think the financial trouble in the US links so strongly to us, we won’t get in a positive mindset until an emergency bailout planned is forth through. But so found some resilience through bank on short selling, and Hong Kong bounced back. In Hong Kong, one seasoned trader says the market is still rating it a 50-50 chance that Congress will still salvage a bailout bill, implication of that is that if they don’t, these markets still have further to fall. But after the Hang Seng index tumbled 5% in the first 5 minutes, Hong Kong’s oldest working trader was seeing up some. Do you think this is a buying opportunity?Very good, the opportunity to buy …The market agreed, recouping all of those lost early losses to close the day ahead, the only market in Asia to do so. So has Asia now shown a fundamental strength? Some believe it has.Asian banking system in the last 12 months have not needed to be supported, nationalized, injected, or privatized or otherwise interfered with either by the central banks or the Asian governments. The Asian banking systems are absolutely sound, alive and kicking. Maybe, but would you put your house …Hugh Riminton, CNN, Hong Kong.200810/54020India's Congress Party Starts Work on Forming a New Government印度国大党开始讨论组建新政府 In India, the ruling Congress Party got down to the job of choosing partners and forming a new government, a day after it beat forecasts to win a better-than-expected victory in general elections. The Congress Party-led alliance has won 261 seats in the 543 member parliament, while its main rival, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party trails with 159 seats. The remaining seats have been won by an array of smaller parties. 在印度,执政的国大党接下来的工作是挑选合作伙伴和组建新政府。一天前,国大党跌破很多观察家的眼镜,在议会人民院选举中赢得出乎意料的胜利。国大党领导的联合进步联盟在543名议员组成的下院中赢得了261个席位,而其主要竞争对手、反对党人民党以159席落后。余下的席位则分别由一系列小党获得。Top leaders of the Congress Party met in New Delhi Sunday to identify small groups and lawmakers who will help the party get a parliamentary majority. 印度国大党最高领导人星期天在新德里会见了一些小团体和议员,他们将有助于国大党获得议会的多数席位。The Congress party-led alliance won what is being hailed as a "spectacular victory" in a country where no party has come close to a parliamentary majority in nearly two decades. 国大党领导的联盟获得了被誉为“壮观的胜利”,这个国家已经有将近20年没有一个党接近赢得议会的多数席位。The Congress-led alliance is less than a dozen seats short of an outright majority in parliament. 国大党领导的联盟离赢得议会人民院的绝对多数还差不到12个席位。Congress Party spokesman, Rajiv Shukla says the party can easily pick up the support it needs to craft a workable coalition. 国大党发言人拉吉夫.舒克拉说,这个党可以轻而易举地获得它所需要的持,组建一个可行的联盟。"Well, we are very close to the magic figure of 272, people have given us a clear mandate, lot many small groups and independents they are available, more than willing to support the government," said Shukla.他说:“嗯,我们已非常接近魔术数字272 ,选民给了我们明确的授权,许多小团体和无党派人士都非常愿意持政府。”Political analysts say although the Congress Party will continue to head a coalition government, its strong showing will give it ample room to implement policies without being hamstrung by regional and leftist parties, as happened during its last term in office. 政治分析人士说,虽然国大党将继续领导一个联合政府,但这个党在选举中的强劲表现将给与这个党在施政方面足够的空间,从而不会受到一些区域政党和左翼政党的钳制,如上届议会所发生的那样。Top Congress Party leaders are also discussing the formation of the Cabinet, which is expected to see the induction of some younger leaders. 国大党领导人还讨论了组阁的问题,一些年轻领袖有希望进入内阁。There is some belief that will include Rahul Gandhi, son of Congress Party President, Sonia Gandhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said he would like him to join the government.据信入阁的青年人包括拉胡尔.甘地,他是国大党主席索尼娅.甘地的儿子。印度总理辛格说,他希望拉胡尔.甘地加入政府。Rahul Gandhi is being toasted as the man who led the party's resurgence, particularly in the key state of Uttar Pradesh, where the party had been decimated in recent decades.拉胡尔.甘地被誉为领导国大党复兴的关键人物。特别是在重镇北方邦,该党近几十年来一直表现不佳。Gandhi's strategy has been to energize younger leaders and voters in a country where most politicians are old, but two thirds of the population is under 35 years old.甘地的竞选战略激励了印度年轻人和这个国家选民。印度的大多数政客是老人,但三分之二的人口在35岁以下。Gandhi says reviving the party remains his main goal.甘地说,恢复他的党仍然是主要目标。"My job is to change the politics of this country, using youngsters," said Gandhi. "My job is to try and empower youngsters in this country."他说:“我的工作就是要改变这个国家的政治,重用年轻人,让年轻人拥有权力。”Rahul Gandhi is the heir apparent of the Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, which has been at the helm of the Congress Party for decades. He is aly being projected as a future prime minister.拉胡尔.甘地显然已经称为尼赫鲁-甘地政治王朝的继承人,甘地家族领导国大党有长达几十年的历史。他已被预测为未来的印度总理人选。Political analysts have called the decisive victory of the Congress Party a vote for stability in a country tired of the enormous influence wielded by regional, leftist and caste based parties in the federal government. Many of these parties - particularly leftist parties fared poorly in the elections.政治分析家把国大党的胜利称为决定性胜利,选举胜利标志着选民投票赞成印度的稳定,在这个国家,一些以地区,左派和种姓为基础的政党试图在联邦政府发挥巨大的影响力。其中许多政党,特别是左派政党,在这次选举中表现差强人意。The main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party is also discussing the reasons which led to its poor performance.主要反对党印度人民党也在讨论其表现不佳的原因。05/70154《老友记》,原文名《Friends》、又译作《六人行》,是美国N电视台从1994年开播、连续播出了10年的一部幽默情景喜剧。由华纳兄弟公司〈Warner Bro.〉出品。整部戏由三男三女共六位俊男美女担纲演出,不时请到明星与设计师等各界名流客串参与,播出以来一直为N电视网的招牌戏之一。全剧共237集,每集大约20分钟左右。曾在1996年创下5,300万的收视记录。故事主要描述了住在纽约的六个好朋友从相识到后来一起经历了10年的生活中发生的一系列的故事,朋友间的生活、友谊、麻烦、欢笑、矛盾、爱情、工作等表现得淋漓尽致!他们六个扮演“朋友们”住在纽约市区的公寓中;他们之间的友情、爱情和事业就是这部电视剧的主线,六个人鲜明的个性、幽默的性格使得《六人行》在欧美国家获得了巨大的成功,它已经成了新一代美国青年人的“必看电视剧”,也多次刷新了美国晚间档节目的收视记录。 Back to Book Segment, tonight the Factor TV Icon. The mega-hit Friends ran from 1994 to 2004. And over that ten-year period, the six actresses actors featured are estimated to have made, y? 100 million dollars each including re-run payment. But what has happened to them since Friends went off the air? A few days ago I spoke with FOX Entertainment reporter Jill Dobson about that.Bill: You are a brutal person. I mean you rank these people in order of success. And the least successful is Matt LeBlanc. But it looked like out of the gate, he was gonna be one of the most successful because he’s got a spin-off from Friends. What happened? Jill: Joey wasn’t a huge success. He got some nominations for his acting. But by 2006 it had been canceled. He hasn’t done much since.Did you break another piece of the wall?It’s just begging to be climbed.B: It’s interesting because Kelsey Grammer, a spot-off from Cheers into Frasier, huge hit. Mr.LeBlanc had the same opportunity but the show went down to drain. Show me your bra, he’s afraid of bras. Can't work them.B: Lisa Kudrow plays a lot of character actress parts, right?J: She does and she’s a great actress. She won an Emmy for her role on Friends. And she had a role, a show called The Come Back, and did very well by critics but not so well with the audiences.Read the card.Congratulations from your favorite gay. Oh…. Mickey. Guy! Favorite guy. Yeah.B: She is a good actress but she’s not gonna carry a film any more?J: Yeah, She's never really gotten that headliner status. Even during Friends, She was always considered kind of the side, where the meat potatoes where Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.05/72001

每个人都会犯错。即使曾经是黑社会的成员,即使曾经犯过毒,也都有重新来过的机会。 所以,我们不应该因为自己以前犯过的一些错误而一蹶不振。打起精神来吧!I was the gang member. I was the drug dealer. I turn out the worst of all my brothers, you know, and bared in jail.There was a time these men could not be together on the same Los Angeles street corner. Two years ago, could you have seen yourself working side by side like this?No.Why? We have come from different backgrounds. So …Different gangs? Different gangs. Today, former gang rivals Richard Lious, says a crew at local markets, car pool together to their jobs, and work side by side installing home solar systems. We treat each other like normal human beings.Are you guys gonna to run it all the way up?Albert Thernay learned the trade by taking solar installation classes paid for by Home Boy industries, a community organization that’s been working with parolees and former gang members for more than 20 years. We got Holgage. 05/71629Celebrations in honour of the dead take place in July and August in Japan. Prayers are set and graves are tended during the festival of O-Bon. In Tokushima city around 100 thousand costumed people dance in the streets."This is an incredible scale, there's this whole river, thing going on, there's three blocks on either side of the river. It’s the biggest I've ever seen."There are a number of different theories explaining the origins of Tokushima’ s Awa Odori(阿波踊り) or "our dance festival". But some see it as a form of the wider Japanese custom of Bon Odori (盆踊) or Bon-dance. "Awa Odori began around 450 years ago. It was originally a regional custom performed decent spirits back to the realms of the dead after their brief stay in the living world during the O-Bon season. Now participation isn't limited to the people of Tokushima city or Tokushima prefecture. It has grown into a festival that attracts people from all over Japan."Awa is the former name of the Tokushima prefecture and the dance festival is thought to have gained its local character in 1587 when the feudal lord handed out sake to celebrate the completion of his newly-built castle. Legend says the citizens became so drunk they started to dance with abandon in an unsteady gate. One of Tokushima's most famous dance teams is called the Ahou Ren."The lyrics of one of the festival songs says fool's dance and fool's watch. If both are fools you might as well dance. So I think that this is where our Ren gets its name."For the most part, women wear traditional straw hat, known as amigasa (編み笠) that is shaped like a half moon. A colorful yukada (浴衣)and wooden sandals known as gata(木屐)."Men should dance in a very masculine way. Women should dance in a feminine and graceful way."Onna Odori (女踊り), the female dance style, is distinguished by its upright stance and physical discipline and it's intended to an embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. By contrast, Otoko Odori(男踊り), the male dance style, is distinguished by a lower stance and more fluid vigorous movements and resemble the moves of a drunken fool. "It's extremely fun, you know, Japanese are not known for this spontaneity, but you see people very spontaneous and people are approaching you in the street and asking you where you are from and getting to know you, which is extremely welcoming to visitors."07/78648Some 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico over the past five years as the Latin American country's police and military battle powerful drug cartels that are also fighting with each other over smuggling routes. In spite of the dire headlines, hundreds of thousands of US citizens vacation in Mexico every year and many of them, especially those who are retired, have opted to buy property and live there. The warm weather and the lower cost of living are big draws.  在过去5年,墨西哥军警与强大的贩毒集团之间的战斗,以及贩毒集团之间为争夺贩毒路线而进行的内斗造成大约4万人丧生。然而,仍然有几十万美国公民不顾这些可怕的新闻,每年都要去墨西哥度假。其中许多人,特别是那些退休的人,甚至选择在墨西哥购买房子并且住在那里。墨西哥温暖的气候和较低的生活费用是吸引他们在那里买房的最大动力。News from Mexico these days tends to be bad.   近来从墨西哥传来的往往都是坏消息。Shootouts and grisly murders dominate media reports. 媒体报导充斥了战和恶性谋杀之类的新闻。But some Americans are moving to Mexico looking for peace and relaxation. 可是,一些美国人却前往墨西哥寻找平静与休闲。Michael Baldwin and Stephanie Villareal spoke to VOA via Skype from their home near the tip of Mexico's Baja peninsula. “We have been here almost a year now. We came from Houston, Texas. We came down temporarily last summer and made the decision to make it permanent and we actually drove from Houston to Cabo San Lucas,” Baldwin said. 迈克尔.鲍尔温和斯蒂芬尼.比利亚雷尔从位于墨西哥巴扎半岛顶端他们的家里,通过Skype软件对美国之音说,“我们在这里住了将近1年。我们是从德克萨斯州的休斯敦来这里的。去年夏天,我们本来是临时性地来这里玩儿,结果决定要在这里长住下去。实际上,我们是从休斯敦开车到卡波圣卢卡斯来的。”Baldwin says they love the natural beauty and mild climate and that their improved lifestyle has also saved them money. “Houston versus Cabo, our expenses have been reduced by about 30 percent,” Baldwin said. 鲍尔温说,他们很爱那里的自然美景和温和的气候。另外,生活方式的改善也给他们省了钱。他说,“卡波圣卢卡斯与休斯敦相比,我们的生活费用减少了大约30%。”201106/139467

Attractive women overlooked for certain jobs?Too hot to be an engineer or prison guard?Good looks can kill a woman's chances of snaring jobs considered "masculine," according to a study by the University of Colorado Denver Business School.Attractive women faced discrimination when they applied for jobs where appearance was not seen as important. These positions included job titles like manager of research and development, director of finance, mechanical engineer and construction supervisor.They were also overlooked for categories like director of security, hardware salesperson, prison guard and tow-truck driver."In these professions being attractive was highly detrimental to women," researcher Stefanie Johnson said in a statement, adding that attractive women tended to be sorted into positions like receptionist or secretary."In every other kind of job, attractive women were preferred. This wasn't the case with men which shows that there is still a double standard when it comes to gender."The study, published in the Journal of Social Psychology, was based on giving participants a list of jobs and photos of applicants and asking them to sort them according to their suitability for the role. They had a stack of 55 male and 55 female photos.While the researchers found good-looking women were ruled out for certain jobs, they found that attractive men did not face similar discrimination and were always at an advantage.But Johnson said beautiful people still enjoyed a significant edge when it came to the workplace.They tended to get higher salaries, better performance evaluations, higher levels of admission to college, better voter ratings when running for public office, and more favorable judgments in trials."In every other kind of job, attractive women were preferred," said Johnson, who chided those who let stereotypes affect hiring decisions.Vocabulary:every other:所有其它的chide:scold;lecture;blame(责骂;责备)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111153Divorce insurance离婚保险I do (conditions apply)我愿意申请条件Ending a marriage is horrid. Insurance might ease the pain离婚是可怕的,保险可能缓和痛苦DIVORCE, like any other risk, can be priced and packaged. With half of all marriages doomed to fail, even the moderately hardheaded may be interested in ways of mitigating the danger.离婚,像其他任何冒险投资一样,可以标价与打包。由于所有的婚姻中,一半都注定失败,甚至温和的不感情用事者也可能对减少危险的方法感兴趣。So hopes AR, a German-based insurance firm. From September it will offer a kind of divorce insurance that will pay out if English prenuptial agreements are subject to a legal challenge. Such policies are aly common in some continental European countries such as Germany and Spain, and are offered by some American employers as a perk. But they are so far unknown in Britain, chiefly because prenuptial agreements have had little legal force in English law (Scotland’s legal system is separate). Judges have traditionally given much greater weight to circumstances at the end of the marriage than to any agreements made at the start.所以,像德国保险公司AR所希望的那样。从九月开始,它将提供一种离婚保险,它将为那些受法律挑战配的英国婚前协定付费。像这样的策略在欧洲大陆国家,例如德国和西班牙,已是正常,同样一些美国雇主也会将此作为额外津贴发给员工。然而,到目前为止,这些策略在英国还是不被人知的,主要是因为这些婚前协议在英国法律(苏格兰法律除外)面前是几乎没有法律效力的。传统上,比起婚前的任何协议,法官们对婚姻结束时的事项给予了更多的重视。201108/149162Fifteen years after pulling out because of Sierra Leone’s civil war, Peace Corps volunteers are back in the West African nation. A look at the organization's work as the Peace Corps marks its 50th anniversary this year, March 1st.3月1号是和平队成立50周年纪念日。15年前,由于塞拉利昂发生内战,美国和平队的志愿者们被迫撤出这个西非国家。现在,和平队又重返塞拉利昂。Amanda Pease is one of the first Peace Corps volunteers to work in Sierra Leone in over a decade. She has been teaching science now for six months at St. Joseph’s, a high school in the east of the country.阿曼达·皮斯是10年来在塞拉利昂工作的第一批和平队志愿者之一。过去6个月里,她一直在塞拉利昂东部圣约瑟夫高中教科学课程。For Pease, living in the roadside village of Blama, a day’s drive from the capital, Freetown, is a far cry from her coastal hometown of San Diego, California. It is also her first time to Africa. 皮斯生活在布兰玛这个偏僻的小镇,距离塞拉利昂首都弗里敦有一天的车程。这里的生活和皮斯的家乡加州圣迭哥的生活完全是两回事。Pease decided to sign up for a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer after finishing a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California Los Angeles.这是皮斯第一次到非洲去。皮斯在加州洛杉矶分校毕业拿到化学工程师的学位后,跟和平队签了一个两年的合约。"I was trying to decide between going the academic route and doing a postdoctoral degree and go into industry and then I had been doing some volunteer work and the idea was always kind of floating around," Pease said. "There was kind of an option number three on the side, and as time went on and I thought about it more and more, I was so much more excited about that option. Just the idea of trying to give an opportunity to someone who would not maybe have it."皮斯说:“我对到底是走学术路线,去做士后,还是进入业界找一份工作,一直举棋不定。因为我一直在做一些志愿工作,所以参加和平队这个想法就一直缠绕在我心头。这是我的第三个选择。随着时间流逝,我的这个愿望越来越强烈。每次一想到我可以给别人他们从来没有过的机会,我就激动不已。”There are 37 Peace Corps members serving in rural schools across the country. Joel Wallach, co-director for Peace Corps here, says they have a long history in Sierra Leone. 一共有37名和平队成员在塞拉利昂各地农村学校教书。据塞拉利昂和平队副主任乔·沃勒克介绍,和平队在塞拉利昂的历史很长。"Sierra Leone has traditionally been a very welcoming country to the Peace Corps," said Wallach. "And there have been about 3400 volunteers in a 32-year history, up until 1994. We had been thinking about coming back for a few years, but a combination of the budget allowing us to and the security situation stabilizing made the timing right last year for us to come back."沃勒克说:“塞拉利昂一直非常欢迎和平队。在1962到1994年的32年中,我们一共派3400名志愿者到塞拉利工作。过去几年,我们一直考虑重返塞拉利昂,但是由于资金和安全问题,一直到去年局势稳定了,我们重返塞拉利昂的时机才成熟。”201103/128410

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