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How To Bounce Back From A Bad First ImpressionWe all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when you've made a bad first impression? VideoJug will show you how to bounce back from that bad first impression in style.Step 1: Don't beat yourself up(不要打击自己)It's important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and says things they wish they hadn't. Don't magnify the situation in your head. Most people will give you a chance to redeem yourself and show them the person you really are. We'll show you how.Step 2: The failed joke(冷笑话)It sounded hilarious in your head - but for some reason no-one else seems to agree. The failed joke might seem like social suicide, but it is redeemable. The simple trick here is to not let it bother you. It is important to recognise that your joke was not funny. If a mirthless silence descends, close it with a self-debasing phrase such as "It sounded funny in my head"; or "Wow, that wasn't funny at all". Then quickly move on to something else. Don't let a tumbleweed moment linger. Don't try too hard to make up for it and convince people you really are funny. Instead, relax, keep quiet and wait a while before trying to make another crack. In a very short space of time, people will completely forget your failed joke and their impression of you will be formed on who you are rather than what you said.Step 3: Inadvertent offence(不小心冒犯)It may be that your well-intentioned comment has done more than fail; it may even have offended a new acquaintance. If this is the case there are several steps you can follow to bounce back.Step 4: Stop digging(更正口误)At the moment the words have left your mouth, the damage is done. A common mistake is to immediately try and justify what's been said. This invariably results in creating even more of a problem for yourself. Don't dig your way into a giant hole of social disapproval. Instead, once you've realised your mistake, stop. Apologise immediately and sincerely. But keep it brief and then move on. Walk away, talk to someone else, or offer to get a drink.Step 5: Give them space(不要过于打扰别人)Accept that you have offended that person, and hounding them for the rest of the evening isn't going to earn you a place in their good books. Leave them alone, and get to know some other people. After a suitable period - towards the end of the party, for example - approach them again.This time, speak to them one-to-one. Don't try to over-explain anything, but offer a sincere and considered apology for your thoughtless comment. Hopefully your sincere apology will have convinced the offended party that you aren't a horrible person, and in future they will be willing to give you a second chance.201003/97473。

Steps步骤 Step 1 Schedule时间表Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.婚礼前计划安排单身聚会,聚会最好安排在婚礼前一周,婚礼前夜举办单身聚会并不明智。Step 2 Invite friends and family邀请朋友和家人Invite the grooms male friends and relatives.邀请新郎的朋友和家人。Step 3 Set up a budget预算资金Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.计划聚会预算,并估计宾客愿意付的数额。Tip: Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.小贴士:预记出比收入高以确保宾客的出都能派上用场。Step 4 Pick the location选择地点Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.为聚会选择地点。从洛杉矶到地方小酒吧,有名的单身聚会酒吧各种各样。Tip: Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.小贴士:租赁汽车务,如果聚会上大家会喝酒,可能就没有可以开车的人了。Step 5 Plan activities策划活动Plan the evening so that theres never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.为聚会策划活动,这样就不会有尴尬的空白时刻出现。考虑考虑去场所,如高尔夫,或露营。Step 6 Have fun玩得愉快Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but dont let it get too out of control.玩的愉快。单身聚会是每一个人度过美好时光的好机会,但也别玩得太过了。Step 7 Take pictures照相留念Take lots of pictures at the party, but dont take pictures of anything too incriminating.聚会中照相留念,但别照那些不雅的行为。Fact: Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.小常识:单身聚会起源于15世纪的斯巴达斯巴达(希腊南部的古代城邦)。You Will Need你需要Schedule时间表Guest list客人名单Budget预算Location地点Entertainment,消遣Camera照相机Car service (optional)汽车务201209/199714。

Sheepcostumesare easy to make, and can be used for childrens or adults fancy dress parties. In this step by step guide Jenny Jones, arts and crafts expert, shows you how to make one.绵羊装是一种制作简单的饰,既可以是小孩子的玩物也可以成为大人们的装情趣装饰。本期节目中,我们的手工艺术达人珍妮琼斯将会亲自上阵,手把手地教大家如何做绵羊装You Will Need需要的材料400 cotton balls400个羊毛球black card黑色硬纸板black leggings黑色打底裤black long sleeved shirt黑色长袖卫衣fabric glue织物胶水black face paint黑色脸部涂料ruler and pencil笔和尺子whitehoodedjacket白色连帽夹克scissors剪刀Top Tips高级技巧Cover the whole of the jacket with cotton wool balls, leaving two gaps for the ears on the hood.用织物胶水将羊毛球粘在夹克上,只留下连帽上预备做耳朵的两个空白部分。Cut out the ears quite roughly so they are not too triangular in shape.用剪刀在留出的空白部分剪出耳朵形状,注意不要剪出三角形的耳朵。Dont use your best hooded jacket, as the process is notreversible!不要使用你最好的夹克衫,因为这个过程之后夹克也就毁了。Thanks for watching How To Make A Sheep Costume.谢谢观看本期“自制绵羊装”节目,下期再见。words to learn:生词句型1.costume装,装束(本期节目中引申为装饰性饰)2.hood兜帽,头巾(故事小红帽即是,非单个帽子)3.cover A with B用B材料覆盖A(表面)4.reversible可逆的,可撤销的,源自 reverse adj ; n201207/191434。

Step 1 Meet in public1.公共场合见面Meet in a public place with plenty of other people around.在公共场合见面,周围有比较多人。Tip Meet during the daytime.小贴士:会面时间安排在白天。Step 2 Drive yourself2.自己前往Drive yourself to the date. Dont rely on the other person to give you a ride.自己前往约会地点,不要让约会对象带你去。Step 3 Tell friends3.告知朋友Tell a friend where youre going to be and for how long, and keep your cell phone with you.告诉朋友你要去哪里,要去多长时间,保持手机通畅。Step 4 Be prepared4.做好准备Be prepared to meet someone who looks different than you expected. If your date misled you about their looks, you might not be able to trust them and should rethink dating them.做好准备,你可能会遇到跟你预料的完全不同的人。如果约会对象的外表误导了你,你或许不应该信任他们,应该重新考虑是否继续约会。Tip Check for a wedding ring tan line, especially on men. Thirty percent of married men use online dating services.小贴士:检查一下有没有戴过结婚戒指的痕迹,尤其是男性。30%的已婚男士仍然参加网上约会节目。Step 5 Refrain from drinking5.克制饮酒Refrain from drinking too much. Getting drunk on your first date makes a bad impression and can be dangerous.不要饮酒太多。第一次约会就喝醉给人造成不好的印象,而且也很危险。Step 6 Be realistic6.现实一点Be realistic. Keep the conversation light, have fun, and dont expect too much from the first date.现实一点。让对话保持比较轻松有趣的氛围。第一次约会不要期望太多。Tip End the date if something about the other person seems out of place and gives you a bad feeling.小贴士:如果对方看上去不合适或给你不好的感觉,结束约会。Step 7 Assess the date7.评估约会Assess the date and decide what your next step should be. If you hit it off, you may want to keep dating. But if you had no chemistry, keep looking for that special someone.评估这次约会,决定下一步应该怎样做。如果你们比较投缘,可以考虑继续约会。但是如果你没有感觉,继续寻找你的意中人。Fact Did you know? According to one survey, 12 percent of engaged or married couples meet online.事实:你知道吗?根据调查,12%已经订婚或结婚的夫妇都是在网上结识的。201212/215879。

How do I let my boss know about my accomplishments without bragging?怎样才能不自夸却让老板知道自己取得的成绩呢?Whats wrong with bragging? Mr. Trumps really great at it. You should take a lesson. You know theres a tasteful way to say,;Hey look. Heres what I did. Heres why I think its a benefit to our company. Heres what it did for us or heres what we accomplished by doing it.; There really isnt anything bad about or negative about letting your boss or your coworkers know about what you are doing if its of benefit to your company. You are working as a team. So whatever you can do to try to increase your teams assets, to increase your standards, to meet a goal, whatever it is. Im trying to generalize with an understanding that we cover a broad spectrum of trades in the professional workplace. Dont be afraid to toot your own horn.Dont be afraid to let people know what you have done because chances are its a big deal to you. Its not such a big deal to them. Theres a tasteful way to approach that and let people know about your accomplishments. Think of it that way.自夸有什么不对呢?Trump先生最擅长了。你应该认真学习一下。你知道,有一种简单的方法,可以说“看一下,我做的多好,我认为这对我们公司非常有益。这就是我们从中获得的好处,或者这就是我们取得的成绩。”如果确实对公司有利的话,让老板和同事知道你们的辛勤工作没有什么不好的。你们是一个团队。所以,无论采取什么行动来增加整个团队的价值,提高自己的标准,来达到一个目标,一定要去做。我的推论是,我们在工作场所有着非常广阔的交际范畴,不要害怕张扬自己的成绩。不要担心让别人知道你的努力,因为这对你来说是好事,对别人来说则不同。可以思考一下用哪种方法让别人知道自己的成绩最合适。Thanks for watching How To Let Your Boss Know About Your Accomplishments Without Bragging.感谢收看“怎样让老板知道自己的成绩”视频节目。201212/217078。

Venezuela opposition demands recount after Maduros tight winOpposition candidate Henrique Capriles says he wont recognize the results until the election board opens all of the boxes and recounts each vote. Deborah Gembara reports.已故总统查韦斯生前“钦点”的候选人马杜罗在总统选举中获胜,成为委内瑞拉“后查韦斯时代”新掌门人。热门竞争对手、反对派候选人恩里克·卡普里莱斯以十分接近的49.07%的得票率落败。Venezuelans woke to the news that Nicholas Maduro, Hugo Chavezs handpicked successor had won the election, albeit by a slim margin - 50.7% to 49.1%.The result was good, transparent. It was won by 300,000 votes, it was not like before.Others were less convinced.If he sends me to jail, ill say it anyway. They are tyrants, tyrants to me, are people who do not love their people. Hugo Chavez died wrongly or not, for his people and for his ideals. These people dont have ideals.The narrow margin and opposition candidate Henrique Capriles stronger-than- expected showing took many Venezuelans by surprise. His campaign has demanded a recount.I want to say to the governments candidate, the loser today is you. I say that firmly, you are the loser, you and your government. I say that with firmness and with all compromise and transparency. We will not recognize the results till each and every Venezuelan vote one by one has been counted.For its part the election board says Moduros win is, e, irreversible and doesnt appear to be considering an audit. /201304/236350。

Learn how to make your body resistant to germs and disease so you can live a longer, healthier life.学习怎样让身体更好地抵抗细菌和疾病,这样你就可以过上更加长寿,更加健康的生活。You Will Need你需要Daily moderate exercise每天适度的运动Something to laugh about让你开怀大笑的事情Optimism乐观的态度Lots of friends许多朋友A healthy diet健康的饮食Seven to nine hours of sleep per night每晚7到9小时的睡眠A bridge group (optional)桥牌小组(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Get moving1.运动Get moving: Just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise will do. You can even split it into three 10-minute bursts of activity.多多运动:每天只要进行30分钟的适度运动就可以了。甚至可以分割成三次短暂的运动,每次10分钟。Step 2 Laugh it off2.开怀大笑Find something to laugh about every day – even force it if you have to. Real or fake, laughter strengthens your immune system by increasing good-for-you hormones and reducing stress ones; lowering your blood pressure; and slowing your resting heart rate.每天找一点可以让自己笑的事情——如果必要的话强迫自己笑。无论是真的还是假的,大笑都可以增加有益荷尔蒙,减少压力荷尔蒙,从而增强免疫系统,还可以减缓心率。Step 3 Look at the bright side3.多看看光明的一面Train yourself to look at the bright side. Optimistic people were two and a half times less likely to develop cancer of any kind than their pessimistic peers, according to one study.训练自己多看看事物光明的一面。根据一项调查,乐观的人比悲观的人患各种癌症的可能性低2.5倍。Step 4 Make time for friends4.多交朋友Make time for the friends you have and cultivate new ones. A study found that seniors with a lot of pals were 22 percent less likely than their less social counterparts to die during the decade when they participated in the study.留点时间和朋友相聚,并结交新的朋友。一项研究发现,在接受调查的十年时间里,有许多朋友的老年人死亡的可能性比社交活动较少的老年人低22%。Start a bridge group. Research shows that bridge boosts the bodys defense against infections and illness.组建一个桥牌小组。研究表明,桥牌可以增强身体对感染和疾病的抵抗力。Step 5 Eat well5.饮食健康Eat a healthy diet: at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day focusing on the antioxidant powerhouses; complex carbs, fatty fish, and a few cups of green tea at least two times a week; a daily handful of nuts; no more than one glass of alcohol per day; and a limited amount of meat and sweets.保健康的饮食:每天至少五份富含抗氧化剂的蔬菜和水果;复杂的碳水化合物,脂肪含量高的鱼类,喝几杯绿茶,每周至少两次;每天吃一把坚果;每天饮酒不要超过一杯;限制肉类和甜食。Eat more mushrooms during cold and flu season: Research shows that when a virus is present, mushrooms may rally the immune system to fight them.寒冷和流感季节多吃蘑菇:研究表明,病毒肆虐的时候,蘑菇可以促使免疫系统予以抵抗。Step 6 Catch your zzzzzs6.睡眠充足Get at least seven hours of sleep every night, more if you can.每晚至少7小时的睡眠时间,如果有条件的话,可以多睡一会儿。The first scientists to prove that the body defends itself against disease through the immune system shared the Nobel Prize in 1908.1908年,明身体可以通过免疫系统抵抗疾病的首批科学家分享了诺贝尔奖。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/232014。